Yahoo Finance: investors believe that Bitcoin is overvalued

Yahoo Finance shared the results of a survey designed to find out how investors treat Bitcoin.

In the survey participated 6300 readers. First, they were asked to answer whether they bought bitcoins. Then they were asked what they think about this cryptocurrency.

23% of the surveyed investors said that they bought bitcoins, and 20% of them still own them. More than half of those who bought BTC, started buying them from 2017.

71% of buyers of Bitcoin, said that it earned, and 8% said that they lost their money. The median profit was $3,000, loss $500.

Approximately 25% of the buyers of Bitcoin said that this investment changed their lives. They have become richer and have more money for spending. About 12% of the respondents from this group said that they earned enough money to quit your job.

56% of those who already own bitcoins, and plans to buy more BTC. 15% believe that have acquired enough.

Of those respondents who do not have bitcoins, 11% plan to buy cryptocurrency, and 38% – think about it.

Overall, 56% of investors believe that bitcoin is overvalued. Moreover, among those who are just planning to buy cryptocurrency, this opinion is shared by only 15%, and among those who do not plan to purchase bitcoins is 56%.

As for Bitcoin, only 4% of buyers of BTC said that they use them mainly for shopping. 53% consider their acquired bitcoins only as an investment, and 37% believe bitcoin and investment, and means of payment.

While investors are not sure bitcoin will survive. Only 36% of respondents believe that Bitcoin will exist in 10 years. 34% of respondents do not believe that bitcoin will last as long and one third were undecided on this question.


The number of requests to Google on the topic of bitcoin has increased by 450%

According to the study, SEMRush, from April 2017, the number of search queries to Google on the topic of bitcoin has grown 450% in comparison year-on-year.

Another interesting point: June 2017, the number of search queries related to Ethereum, the second largest cryptocurrency in the world – almost on par with the same period for bitcoin.

In SEMRush also found that the current price of Bitcoin is correlated to the level of 91% with a volume of requests to Google related to this cryptocurrency.

During the year the users have addressed 51.4 million Google queries that mentioned bitcoin. The graph below shows that the price of Bitcoin in US dollars rose and fell in tandem with the number of search queries with these words and phrases as «bitcoin», «bitcoin price» and «bitcoin value»:

Presents data based on analysis of 120 million search queries on the topic of cryptocurrency in the United States.

The results of the study, on the one hand, only confirm the obvious: increasing the price of a Bitcoin, more and more people looking for information about it. On the other hand, it is interesting to observe, as statistics confirm these assumptions.

While the study does not cover this aspect, as the effect of search volume on the Bitcoin exchange rate. In particular, whether it predicts future changes in prices and influence on movement.

According to Coinmarketcap, as of 11:25 (Kyiv/Moscow) Bitcoin was trading at the rate of $3938 per coin.

Recall that in the second half of 2017, Google has recorded the biggest surge of interest of Russians to the cryptocurrency for the entire period of their existence. From January to June, the number of queries about the industry as a whole has increased by more than 250%. The number of requests about the Bitcoin has increased more than 220%.


McAfee said that recommendations for buying altcoins in his Twitter published hackers

John McAfee (John McAfee) said that it is officially a verified profile on Twitter with an audience of 535 thousand people were hacked, and he has no relationship to the price forecasts on a little-known cryptocurrency, which were published in microcooling on his behalf.

McAfee had previously published his thoughts on “the tokens of the day”, but then decided to stop this activity until January 1, 2018. And the next day in his profile appeared several such messages:

McAfee does not believe that the hacking profile occurred by his negligence, though admits that could be compromised by the smartphone, a hacker can intercept the authentication code with the passage of the two-factor authentication to sign in to your profile:

Although I’m an expert on cyber security, I have no control over the security of Twitter. I have enemies and I was their target…

In addition, he referred to the multitude of fake accounts, publishing information allegedly on his behalf, and briefly told how to distinguish the real profiles from the fake.

Yesterday, McAfee stated that bitcoin remains the best long-term investment, and in November it raised its forecast for prices of bitcoin to $1 million by the end of 2020.

Hacking account McAfee occurred on the background of suspicions of manipulation of the cryptocurrency market by some opinion leaders. Thus, the founder of the investment Fund Investments Grayscale Barry Silbert (Barry Silbert) can attract the attention of financial regulators: the United States on suspicion of attempting to manipulate the market through distributed them Twitter messages and materials in the media.


Bitcoin mining has led to interference in the network T-Mobile LTE in Brooklyn

The use of mining equipment has led to disruptions in the mobile operator T-Mobile in the most populated area of new York — Brooklyn. This is the conclusion after conducting its own investigation came to the Federal Commission on communications regulation (FCC).

After arrived to the office in November 2017 complaints Commission staff recorded the radiation of radio waves with a frequency of 700 MHz, which runs the network of T-Mobile LTE out of the house in the area of Sheepshead Bay (Sheepshead Bay), 11229.

Further, they found that the interference with a mobile operator caused current bitcoin miner Antminer s5, and its owner Victor Rosario (Victor Rosario), was ordered to unplug the device and do not interfere in the future.

In addition, within 20 days, it must report to the office the data about the purchase, modification and use of the device. Otherwise he faces a fine, criminal liability and seizure of equipment.

Recall that crypto currency miners also create noise in the search for extraterrestrial civilizations. The Institute of search for extraterrestrial intelligence (SETI) has complained that cannot for them to buy necessary for research of the graphics card.


ICO as the tool dies

I now sit inside the six ICO and see fees, well look at a couple of dozen that collect +-20 million and already broke softcap. Based on these observations, make conclusions, who the hell knows how correct.

In short, the ICO as the tool die. Quick ICO are not repeated. Hamsters ceased to carry their coins. I see two reasons:

1. The ICO market has turned into white noise, and to choose something good – it is difficult. If used in the multiplier of the successful ICO in 100x of the 32 projects blindly do not rely on one successful (count, statistics of roulette), now out of 100 projects – hell knows. Portfolio strategy abruptly lost economic sense and hope for the x1000 funny. Even hamsters know it.

2. Superrecovery bitcoin shows a growth that does not make sense to leave it anywhere, except in the Fiat where the nerves pass or need the money.

The market is starting to appreciated the expertise of the investor. Funds have started to collect the ICO, and they do, but most of them are hamsters is not available (yet). They collect the money from the old LP and the owners of cheques from 1000 (some 5,000) esters. Such funds I am only seeing about forty, and they will breathe in the spring. I’m sure you can see only a part, we can assume that by the end of 2018 they will be in the hundreds. Cool, that such funds have not harvested a week or two of money, and 2-4 months. And in the process engage in serious negotiations, that’s just as venture capital funds. And regulation there is already quite different, it is possible to collect on the sly. Looking at two funds that want to raise hamsters – there are 100m+ in the crypt and almost full IPO.
If everything goes well, bitcoin will not collapse, the typical ICO in 2019 will look like a big syndicate: 30 funds 500 esters. And no street.

On bitcoin. I’m about to revise their forecasts for a drawdown in 2018 it 5-10 times, because I saw how there are corporations, private of equity, hedge funds and top Forbes. In a week I will read a little intelligence on this subject, which is written based on the analysis of wallets and finotchetnosti public and not only to public companies over the last couple of quarters.

I think bitcoin is turning into an investment vehicle (rather equivalent of gold, not the dollar), and the place of the settlement currency becomes vacant. And violas for him to be fighting. While the degree of integration in the offline economy, I see the leader of the Dash, which on the model looks great, what determines the right strategy (this is a good team and internal mechanisms work well) and the operational steps they have transcripts. And has already begun to affect the exchange rate. In short, I believe.

I’m still not ready to enter the crypt, but not sure that will last long.

It’s the look of a man who within the ICO five months and understands the magnitude of his misunderstanding of it all. Do not consider the above written nonsense as investment advice.



The player puts $6.7 million that the bitcoin price will rise in 46 times

The unnamed player wants to put 8.5 million Australian dollars ($6.7 million), 2023 bitcoin price will be above the cost of the shares of the company Berkshire Hathaway Warren Buffett (Warren Buffett). The winnings would amount to $ 1.2 billion AUD ($890 million). This was reported on Twitter CEO of William Hill Australia Tom Waterhouse (Tom Waterhouse), noting that we are talking about well-known expert on cryptocurrency.

“We tied him up with a big syndicate — I hope he will succeed!”, — added Waterhouse.

The price of class A shares of Berkshire Hathaway on the new York stock exchange now is $288 thousand. This means that to win the expert will be able, if the first cryptocurrency over the next 4.5 years will rise by approximately 46 times. Provided that securities, Berkshire Hathaway will remain at today’s prices.

Previously forecasts were made about such a significant rise in price of bitcoin in the near future. For example, Tim Draper (Tim Draper) in April of this year stated that BTC by 2022 would cost $250 thousand. He recently confirmed his prognosis and explained why it will happen.

More bold predictions made John McAfee (John McAfee), who last summer wrote on Twitter that bitcoin in 2020 will reach $500 thousand, and promised to eat his penis on national television, if you are wrong. He later raised to $1 million per BTC, and confirmed the promise.

The Australian player may chose as the goal of the company’s shares Buffett — one of the most implacable critics of cryptocurrencies. Legendary investor called bitcoin a “real bubble”, saying that cryptocurrency “will come to a bad end” and they are “objects for speculation, not investment.“ In may, he said that “bitcoin is now probably the rat poison in the square.”


Brother Pablo Escobar launches its own cryptocurrency

The younger brother of a Colombian drug Lord and politician Pablo Escobar (Pablo Escobar) , Roberto Escobar (Roberto Escobar), also known in the world of drug trafficking as El Osito (the Bear), launches its own cryptocurrency Bitcoin Diet (DDX).

He is confident that this hardwork bitcoin is a lightweight and faster version of bitcoin and cryptocurrency exist on the market longer than other projects. According to Roberto Escobar, bitcoin was created by the US authorities in order for the trick to bring investors to bankruptcy, and has a number of disadvantages, which are not Diet Bitcoin.

“I, Roberto de jesús Escobar Gaviria (Roberto De Jesus Escobar Gaviria) is the first person in the world who publicly declared that bitcoin was created by the American government. And I’m not the last who said.

The world wakes up. The world will see that they have created. They also will see it, but it’s too late. The CIA finds out that all the world knows, and the CIA will try to sell all the tokens, and it will destroy the price of bitcoin. So I create my own cryptocurrency called Bitcoin Diet (DDX)” — with this epigraph begins a whitepaper project.

At the moment, with ICO Escobar is trying to attract project investment. Pre-sales for another 53 days to potential investors offer to purchase 300 thousand tokens DDX with a discount of 96% from the stated price of $50 per unit. In the next phase, another 300 million tokens will be available at a price of $100, and the price of the last 400 thousand tokens are already set at $1,000 apiece.

“Everyone needs to hear this news. Go to and Diet buy as much Bitcoin as you can. They will be very expensive, because they are the same as bitcoin, only the price, which is now 4,000 times cheaper,” — said on the website of the project.

Escobar argues that all crypto-currencies completely worthless, but Diet Bitcoin will survive, “because it will be my life’s work”. In its nearest plans — opening of an own trading platform, the development of clients to work with Aldona on the PC, adding it to CoinMarketCap lists and kryptomere, startup of mining and crypto for web and mobile versions.

In addition to the whitepaper and roadmap on the website Diet posted Bitcoin Roberto Escobar on his brother, their family and the emergence of Bitcoin Diet. Those interested can download it free in pdf format.

Recall that the exchange rate of bitcoin this week, after fixing at $8500, continued growth, briefly broke below $9000, reached a value of $9159, then fell slightly and is trading almost unchanged in the hallway $8800-9000.


Exchange Bitgrail said about the kidnapping of cryptocurrency by $170 million and declared itself bankrupt

Italian cryptocurrency exchange Bitgrail that a few weeks was closed, said about made “unauthorised transactions” with 17 million XRB (Nano/RaiBlocks) for a total of $170 million, the company Management has addressed in law enforcement bodies for details of what happened, but also acknowledged the exchange’s bankruptcy.

Although the operator and owner of the exchange Verano Francesco (Francesco “The Bomber” Firano) believes that there was a break in cryptosuite discusses the hypothesis that so he could withdraw funds from a Scam project. Until December 2017 tokens Nano (RaiBlocks) were traded at a price of $0,20, and after a month reached the level of $35 per unit, to buy the tokens could be on micromerge Bitgrail.

On January 28, the exchange reported on the internal optimization of the site — and banned users from posting and withdrawal.

Two weeks later, on the exchange website message about the token kidnapping Nano/RaiBlocks. Other digital assets of users of the exchange are not affected. Further, as reported by Reddit users, the funds were transferred to the exchange Mercatox.

The project team Nano claims that in the registry on her side not fixed any problems, there are difficulties about which said BitGrail, may be connected with exchange. While Hirano representatives made Nano informed about the missing funds and offered to make changes to the registry to cover the loss.

“We now have sufficient reason to believe that Hirano cheating for a long time the development team Nano and the community in relation to the financial stability of the exchange BitGrail”, — reads the statement of the representatives of Nano.

Recall that the main targets of the hackers are users of bitcoin and crypto currency exchange, experts warn few months. So, Korean cryptocurrency exchange Youbit the result of the second year of a hacker attack was forced to declare bankruptcy. At the end of January hacked the largest Japanese exchange Coincheck — was stolen about $500 million in cryptocurrency NEM. As the analyst believes wall street’s Nick colas (Nick Colas), this large-scale hacking is unlikely to be the last in the industry.


Ancora will release a series of exclusive pens with logo Ethereum

Italian manufacturer of luxury pens Ancora, leading its activities since the early 20th century, announced the upcoming release of limited edition pens with the logo of Ethereum. All will be available 888 88 ballpoint and fountain pens.

Pens will be sold according to the model, reminiscent of tocancel. At the stage of pre customers will be able to buy pens with a 50% discount compared to retail prices. This phase started on 8 April and will run until may 8. During this period, pens will be available at a price of $1000 apiece, and the pen is $1250.

At the production stage, from 12 to 27 may, the price of pens will rise to $1250 apiece, and the pen – up to $1500.

In the retail sale of Ethereum Pens will be available from 1 June and prices at that time will be $2250 and $2500 respectively.

Each pen Ancora has a personal number, confirming its authenticity. Pen with platinum rooms will cost 15 ETH apiece, gold – 10 ETH, and silver – 5 ETH.

Ancora1919 previously released a series of exclusive rokok with the logo of bitcoin. Phase pre started in December 2017, and in the retail sale of Bitcoin Pens will be available in July of this year. As for prices, the ballpoint pen can be purchased for $2250, and the pen – for $2500. Pen with platinum, gold and silver numbers will cost 1 BTC to 0.5 BTC and 0.25 BTC respectively.

A new series of «cryptocurrency» of Ancora pens promises to present June 1.


Celsius Network will attract scriptactive for the implementation of the sustainable development Goals

In the framework adopted at the UN General Assembly in 2000 programs the goals of sustainable development in organizations announced the creation of a Fund aimed at influencing the sustainable development goals (SDG Impact Fund) . It will make a traditional and all kinds of cryptocurrency assets to 17 solutions to global problems such as poverty, inequality, climate change and environmental, etc. – by 2030.

To manage the assets of the Fund will be decentralized platform lending Celsius Network, which is its founding member. It is expected that the Fund will attract hundreds of millions of dollars and place them in Fiat currencies and cipovych on the public blockchain. On the day of the presentation of the SDG Impact Fund several donors have already made donations to him.

“We see a huge opportunity in this technology for more accurate and effective dissemination of values, brought the various organizations in the UN for people and organizations that need them most,” – said the adviser Celsius Stornetta Scott (Scott Stornetta).

Earlier, the UN and World Identity Network (WIN) began work on a blockchain solution to combat human trafficking. And the Australian division of Emergency Fund to help children at the UN (UNICEF Australia) has launched a website, which permits users utilizes the computing power of their computers for mining cryptocurrency designed to help needy children. In October last year, the co-founder of the venture capital division of UNICEF, Chris Fabian (Chris Fabian) announced that the organization is considering issuing its own cryptocurrency.