Trading is the main goal. As FINTECH generates a vector of development of cryptocurrency

Given the rapidly increasing value of bitcoin in 2017, the last year we can consider it a honeymoon with the stock exchange, while the current year can be described as a period of crisis, a young couple, and other cryptocurrencies, many of which have lost more than half its market value.

Adaptation and control

Nevertheless, over the past six months, the crypt of seriously and permanently entrenched in the financial ecosystem. However, the necessary steps for the deployment and adaptation among other financial mechanisms occur with difficulty. Major brokers and government agencies still discussing about the mechanisms of integration of something so new for them in their existing framework.

Vice President, Greenwich Associates, Richard Johnson, specializing in markets and technologies, said that large amounts of capital are still rather reserved attitude towards investments in the crypt, exactly as in the case of innovations that are promoted in this direction to technical developers.

«For most financial institutions the adaptation of cryptocurrency is not the main priority. Still there is a feeling that the market is not Mature enough for mass adoption, and all innovations occur in the space of cryptocurrency, FINTECH. Regulatory uncertainty also leads to a desire to wait on the sidelines and watch it,» he said.

Such caution towards cryptocurrencies is due to the nervous reaction piatogo market imminent state control over what was conceived as a fully decentralized independent financial system. The consequences of this trend have not yet been addressed neither investors nor public institutions.

However, Johnson is still optimistic about the fate of cryptocurrency. «Government regulation in the short term — it’s just a headwind, a period of lull and uncertainty, but in the long run we will have a robust regulatory framework, providing a tailwind of innovation and adaptation», — concluded the expert.

It is noteworthy that many FINTECH companies are very interested in creating ways for direct access to cryptocurrencies.

«You can go for cryptocurrency, but one thing is undeniable — it is already a huge market, said Dennis Globa, CEO and co-founder of the graphics platform TradingView, explaining the purpose of the integration of the exchange Poloniex in their project. The volume of trading in the cryptosystem is already significant, but the platform still far from being as advanced as platforms for regular assets. So we decided that we simply must create a space».

Poloniex, launched in 2014 at the same time as the platform and BTCC is one of the few kryptomere, which became quite popular in cryptosuite.

Safety first

Ordinary users lack a convenient and practical shopping venues. «The inclusion of crypts in our platform due to the high demand from users looking for a way to better integrate the crypt to its financial research and trading habits», — said Konstantin Ivanov, CTO and co-founder of second TradingView.

«Kryptering demonstrate high volatility, which many consider an excellent opportunity easy to earn, — said Ivanov. — Trade (despite the name of our project) have never been our only goal since we are always focused on the analytical tools and social aspect. We want to be sure that people make informed, backed up by credible information for the decision, concluding a particular bargain. In addition, integration with Poloniex TradingView is designed to provide easy access to the crypt and to provide traders with a reliable trading channels. But anyway, trade is the main goal.»

Despite the experimental nature of their first steps in the field of exchange of cryptocurrency, the company has rather ambitious plans for the future, including connecting major traditional stock brokers.

«We pay great attention to security, so all our trading integration works via a direct connection from the browser to the broker without affecting our servers,» said technical Director. The fact that the broker is very important to have a modern WEB API / REST, eliminating any additional security threats. «So this is the only type of integration that we receive», — said Konstantin Ivanov.


Andrew Gurr: «Community-managers can be divided into two groups: they are either very expensive or they are very stupid»

Have you ever thought about who responds to your messages in the crypto-chats or chats ICO projects? All communications in the network doing the community managers. We asked the industry professional Andrew Gurara from Karma on how specialists build their working day, cope with the negativity from users and how to earn.

Before you start the conversation, let’s define the concept. Who are community Manager?

Community Manager — multi-role fighter without a clear functionality, which knows how to talk, understand the whole method of communication. This man wants to develop in any field. It is desirable to have skills in pr, social-media marketing, to know how to place and to make beautiful publications. In addition, community Manager — the referee crypto industry, which can resolve any disputes and issues.

It turns out that the community Manager blockchain startups does not differ from community Manager classic project?

In fact, Yes. Between the functional managers have a lot in common, only startup in the field of blockchain — this is a dual-startup: blockchain itself-the industry and your project. The area is so alive that every day there is something new. Therefore, all workers need the endurance and adaptability to changes.

Is it possible to do without a community Manager?

If crypto-project team of community managers, to explain the essence and the company will need by the founders that would take time away from more important tasks.

What are the qualities of a professional community Manager?

It should have all the qualities of the consultant in the store. A good consultant may discuss the choice of a product and, like a good psychologist may also ask about your Affairs, to discuss the weather and other stuff. Community Manager similarly must be able to communicate with third-party themes and need to understand crypto-industry and specialization of the project. For example, Finance, car, medicine and so on.

Do you have enough specialists on the market?

If that’s not enough, the good are always in demand. Generalists that can do everything, is not enough. Do all community managers can be divided into two groups: they are either very expensive or they are very stupid.

How to become a good specialist?

It’s better to start small: to understand cryptocurrency topics, to understand what the blockchain where this technology is used, how the process ICO. Then you need to come to the employer and to prove how useful you project. Will you try to chat, perhaps on a voluntary basis, to Express themselves, and then you will hear and take command.

You mention a very expensive community managers. How much money are these experts?

This is a tricky question, but not in terms of numbers, and due to the fact that everyone gets different depending on the project you are working with. Plus when the question about salary, you need to consider the country in which the company resides. In India, for example, the fee will be small, and in the US more than decent. A young specialist earns between $100 and professional experience, with own customer base may get along with the developer. Ceiling salary no.

How to build a work schedule?

All depends on the policy, which was adopted in the project. There are companies that have very large coverage, a huge global audience with users from different time zones. In such projects, the community Manager needs to communicate with the audience and answer questions 24/7.

What is the standard working day community Manager?

If we consider the community Manager, who must answer customer questions and promote the project on different channels or conferences, it is quite simple: he comes into the office, working his nine-hour shift and goes like many employees in the employment system. At the same position can work remotely. It is convenient for the employer and the Manager. According to this principle, employees may not work hours of 9 and 12, and parallel to do your household chores.

Which social networks do you recommend to use projects to communicate with their audience?

Many developers use Telegram. Through this messenger you can maintain a channel to organize chats for correspondence. There is still Bitcointalk — a forum where you can see all your records. There is no such quick responses, but people write great posts explaining the reasons for or the narrow issues of the project. Facebook, as a rule, used for personal correspondence, community Manager, and an individual user with a specific problem. Twitter has the opportunity to engage in a correspondence with influential people in the industry, to see the view of the users. Therefore, I advise you to have channels on all these sites.

To date, many projects there are several chat rooms on different topics. How is the removal of a particular subject in a separate group?

Usually it happens like this: you first create one chat for all languages where people speak English. Then there is a large flow of users, after which analysis know that there were a mixed audience from different countries. For the largest linguistic groups are separate chat rooms. At this time in the General chat, for example, began to constantly talk about speculation, to discuss the volatility of tokens. Heated discussions lead to the cluttering of chat, so themes are created for a large private correspondence, and all people who are interested in the subject and send. As a result, one project we receive multiple channels of correspondence with the various needs of the community.

Often, heated discussions escalate into insults. How to deal with the negativity that comes from users?

Volatile the stock market can have a negative impact on the emotional state of traders. If a person writes an angry or evil statements, it is necessary politely to calm down and figure out what it is linked to his discontent. If a user behaves inappropriately, swearing, spamming every three seconds, then you can click «ban» and temporarily bring people out of the public chat. To each person, and the case needs an individual approach.

But many users and community Manager one…

It is not so, he is not alone. There is a main community Manager — let’s call it head of Department, is subordinate linear experts, which are included in the Department. Four such worker can work simultaneously in a chat with 40-50 thousands of users. Each employee has their own role: one answers questions, the other looks for spam, third rewritten in private messages and solves problems, the fourth takes care of the promotion channel. So for one working period, one shift, one ethnic group missing four professionals. For example, 4 community Manager work for Chinese users, 4 on the English-speaking group, and 4 — on the Russian. Guide, focusing on the flow of users, forms chats that are necessary for their project. And then from torrent users change either the managers themselves or their tasks.

Can you tell me about how you struggled with the negative reviews of a specific example?

I have two interesting examples. Once the user has sent money to the project during the ICO, and its payment provider — a middleman who had to smuggle the sum into the project, completed the transaction with a zero. The man swore a long time, asked why we are so bad, stole his money, demanded to return them. About two weeks in broken Portuguese-English all tried to find the problem, which was the provider. We got to the point brotherly explanation, when I said, «Buddy, here’s a link to the blockchain, here’s your transaction, it says zero is a problem in the payment service that you used. Write them in support, because they didn’t send the money.» In the end, his contribution did not come in the round ICO. We gave bonus tokens as a consolation, because the case of zero transaction has been unique. After all that is happening, the man said thank you for what you did, and that was not a Scam.

The second story is linked to the public chat, where sits a large number of people. It was fun to watch a stream of angry messages after crypto-seals spammed radio network, and people have had big problems with transactions. To remove the panic we had to write and post large messages in chat with the message: «Dear, don’t worry, it is a common problem, the whole radio network is, wait a couple of days, soon all will be restored». That is, the community managers, myself included, were saying the same thing to everyone. The only way were able to calm everyone. Without these explanatory monotonous messages people was very angry and thought that the problems lie in the draft.

For some indicators should assess the effectiveness of the community Manager?

It is hard to evaluate only one employee. If you imagine one person and the conversion in the form of subscribers, each community Manager, you must assign a UTM tag is a unique link, which you can understand that this person has attracted a subscriber, and for each following you will need to assign an ID. Tools Facebook or Twitter do not give this intelligence. Therefore, the user is either subscribed, and community division is good or not — in this case, it is necessary to change the method of working and move on.

Do you think the Telegram lock in Russia will affect the popularity of this network?

We find ourselves in a situation in China where the firewall blocks the Telegram. The Chinese find ways around using VPN. Russian ordinary Telegram users now feel awkward, have to go back in the days of Jabber and ICQ.

Community managers administer Telegram is much simpler than WhatsApp or WeChat, where there can be only one administrator with very limited functions, for example, it is impossible to delete the message.

What are the alternatives Telegram to the crypto community do you see?

Alternatives to messenger is always. The same Jabber, Discord is a popular chat room in the West for ICO, where it is possible to parallelize all subjects through the channels. I think that all ICO will stick to this format of communication. People reluctantly, but get used to it. Will also be some underground conducting chats in Telegram via VPN or Proxy, it will be not convenient to log into chat from my phone.

Lock Telegram will affect the crypto-market. Information will walk slower and heavier people will have to adapt. But on the other hand, in the chat rooms will be less cheaters, because in the same limbo at the moment there are bots that can take away your money.

How do you see the future of the entire crypto industry? Are there any prospects?

Of course. The same bitcoin will change, evolving from legislation and technological factors. While the entire industry is imperfect, there are holes through which hackers steal coins. But if done in the mind, make friends with the regulators to accommodate the wishes of interested parties, all will be well.


Deceived ICO investors held a strike in front of the Modern Tech office in Ho Chi Minh city — #DeCenterDaily

Bitcoin celebrated as cosmonautics Day.

Cryptolocator is a cryptocurrency marketplace for buying and selling bitcoins and esters directly from traders with zero Commission. Intuitive, safe and decentralized service. For the test phase are telegrams-bot and mobile application.

Police in Vietnam are investigating a case of Modern Tech, suspecting the company in the conduct of fraudulent ICO $660 million.

According to local publication Tuoi Tre News, Ho Chi Minh city-based company Modern Tech under the ICO raised the funds for the development of two cryptocurrency projects: Ifan and Pincoin. Websites and marketing materials both ICO have signs of financial pyramids promising 48% of your monthly income and payback the initial investment within four months. Bonus program encourages early investors and promises 8% reward for attracting new members. It is reported that the imagery used in promotional materials (for example, Lamborghini), also appeals to the idea of getting rich quick. Ifan, promising «riskless activity» positioned as the cryptocurrency of stars and their fans and, according to the organizers, will «grow every day», as the project joined by more and more Vietnamese singers. At the moment it is reported that ICO was organized by the family of the Vietnamese who to attract investors repeatedly have held conferences in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh city and other cities. Victims are 32,000 depositors, the exact amount of damage is still unknown: it is estimated that scammers might get 15 trillion Vietnamese Dong ($660 million). Over the weekend, investors had a strike in front of the office Modern Tech. The Vietnamese authorities reacted by launching a formal investigation. The chief of police of Ho Chi Minh city in a conversation with Reuters said that «all crypto-currencies and crypto-transaction in Vietnam is illegal.» And on Wednesday, the office of the Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Fuca issued a Directive dated 4 April, which obliges the Central Bank and the regulator in the field of securities «to strengthen the control over the activities related to bitcoin and other similar cryptocurrencies».

Chinese search engine Baidu has introduced a service stock photos on the blockchain, which is designed to protect intellectual property rights for images.

Launched on Wednesday a service Totem uses the blockchain for time stamping each original photograph submitted by the user with a verified identity. Also, the blockchain stores all the data associated with the image. Baidu says that the new platform compares images on the Internet with data stored on the blockchain, and thus detects violations of intellectual property. It is reported that some traditional photostocks have already switched to Totem, including partner Getty Images — Visual China Group. Among the recent projects on the protection of copyright on digital images is a joint project of Kodak developer WENN Digital, which will create a «cryptocurrency for photographers» KODAKCoin and corresponding blockchain that enables photographers to control the copyright to their work. And the development team at Blockstream recent «week of Lightning» presented FileBazzar — based application design, which allows artists, photographers and other content creators to get rewarded in bitcoin and take control of their works.

The Winklevoss brothers patented system that adds security to the transaction.

Company, Winklevoss IP, LLC, owned by Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, received a patent for the creation of a system to increase the security of transactions. The application was filed in November and approved by the patent and trademark office on Tuesday. Authors Andrew Lucus, CEM Paya and Eric Weiner describes «software for secure transaction processing in cloud computing». The new development uses a combination of standard cryptographic techniques, including hash functions and digital signatures. «This invention is an improved technology of computer security. Today’s computer systems are subject to attacks using external data connections, whether the introduction of malicious code or unauthorized access to information. To the extent that, as computing systems are increasingly moving to a distributed architecture such as cloud computing, external data connections are often necessary for computer operation system,» the authors write, noting that the new system significantly reduces the risks associated with external connections. It is assumed that development can also be used for improvements owned by Winklevoss exchange Gemini.

Stablon Carbon raised $2 million in seed stage funding.

Thursday scriptually the Carbon project announced the completion of the investment round, which, among others, was attended by such funds like General Catalyst, Digital Currency Group, FirstMark Capital, Plug and Play Ventures and The Fund. Funds collected will be used to develop pegged to the dollar cryptocurrency on the platform of Hedera Hashgraph. As stated in the white paper of the project, due to the high volatility of cryptocurrency there is a need to stabilize, which can satisfy these «basic economic needs, like paying bills or buying coffee, not to mention more complex needs — loans and insurance». Co-founder of Carbon Connor Lin believes that the most famous stablon Tether, constantly causing suspicion of the community is a problem: «How can you win trust?» — Lin says. Carbon disclaims used in the Tether model reinforcement Fiat, replacing its algorithmic monetary policy. «If we create a mechanism that is now used by the Federal reserve Bank, but make it decentralized, we would not need to trust a Central authority. We can just trust the code,» explained Lin. The Carbon system consists of two tokens: stablein, the price of which must equal $1, and «credit token», which ranges in value, offsetting changes in demand. When the price falls stabilini, an auction is held, during which anyone can give their token, thereby reducing money supply and raising the price, and receive a «credit token». In the future, when the price rises above $1 and offer will increase, the holders of «credit token» will receive a new stabilini and this whole process is entirely performed by the algorithm. «Obviously, it’s an experimental and ambitious idea, but we believe that such an experiment is to hold,» said Lin. Recently about raising $125 million in the format of SAFT announced another project stablon — Basecoin — which also refuses to podkreplennost Fiat and hopes to control the price token with the «underlying shares» and «underlying bonds» within the so-called «algorithmic Central Bank».

Kadena raised $12 million in the framework of SAFT.

Platform smart contracts Kadena will Martino and Stewart Popjoy (formerly the leading developers of blockchain-project JPMorgan) on Thursday announced the completion of the second investment round in which participated Multicoin Capital, Devonshire Investors (a subsidiary of Fidelity Investments), SIG, Asimov Investments and SV Angel. Popjoy said that the funds raised will go to create a technical ecosystem platform Chainweb. Earlier, in January, in a private placement SAFT Kadena attracted to the creation of Chainweb $2.25 million. The developed Protocol uses the model of parallel blockchains, which allows you to distribute tasks without overloading the network. In this circuit are connected on the principle of Merkle tree and thus interact, being in the same blockchain system. «Apps like crypto-kittens can work on their own 5-6 circuits, and more voluminous events such as ICO, — will be held on a different circuit, while not slowing each other,» said Popjoy earlier. Run the test network was scheduled for August, and the release of the core network Chainweb to be held in December. However, as said Popjoy, by this time yet «to settle a number of issues». In particular, Kadena intends to release a number of tools that will be made publicly available and tested by users. For safety Popjoy emphasizes the need of formal verification in which «computer proves mathematically that the network has no vulnerabilities»: «the blockchain regularly turning to formal verification, usually after the major bugs in Ethereum» he said, Recalling the bug Parity, and noting that the smart contracts are often responsible for huge amounts of money.


Not to play: can I mine on equipment that looks like a gaming console?

While the market of digital assets beat the record value of bitcoin over the last 12 months — falling to $5500 — mining companies are optimistic and demonstrate the new achievements in the development of more compact devices for the production of coins. So, the startup for coinmine Wednesday 14 November, presented a mining setting, which is similar to a game console, not on a farm with ASIC devices. Will the new gaming device by replacing the bulky farms and how the project will be profitable for the makers and the miners?

Mining is losing relevance, and mining-equipment — no

Bitcoin and its forks, according to some analysts, will soon become the go to alternative algorithms for consensus, because mining will disappear, as all coins will be mined. However, technology companies do not stop the claim. A new project for coinmine introduced its first product — a hardware device for coinmine One, which is «designed for those who wish to gain income without special technical skills.»

The project has received investment support from Coinbase Ventures and Arrington Capital funding was also attended by the technical Director of Coinbase, a former mining entrepreneur Balaji Srinivasan, founder and partner of Morgan Creek Anthony Pompliano, co-founder of Product Hunt Ryan Hoover. Chapter One Ventures Jeff Morris Jr. said that he supported the project for further development of industry and increase opportunities for ordinary people to participate in the support of the crypto-infrastructure.

«For coinmine democratizare and simplify the path to becoming a miner, served the whole process in a fun and accessible way, which is almost similar to playing video games,» said Morris, Jr., in comments to Coindesk.

Equipment how to assure the creators of the project, will be sold from mid-December and will cost $799, which is much cheaper than classic mining farm. In addition, it will be different way of mining coins: in fact, technology will return to the time when a normal PC can freely mine bitcoin

On the console it will be possible mine ETH and ETC at a speed of 29 MN/sec, XMR at a speed of 900 H/h, zcash for over 320 H/h. The following year, after upgrading the system it is expected that the list will be added Litecoin, Dfinity or Filecoin. However, mine on the device can only be one coin with PoW. The console consume your about 120 watts of power, which is comparable to the energy cost of the PlayStation 3 during the game. All the work, unlike ASIC, noisy, the sound range is 40 dB. The developers promise that the system will be automatically updated as you make changes to the Protocol and increase the number of coins. Users will be able to track your income and manage them using the app on Android and iOS.

Home mining-units already sold, and nothing good ever came of it

For coinmine not the first who has developed a compact plant for mining at home. Butterfly Labs, Alpha Technology and GAW Miners are part of the history of those companies that tried to implement similar PC with the function of mining coins.

Companies failed to balance the production process of the Assembly equipment with the requirements of retail customers, which is not consistent with the roadmap. Even those who tried to observe all of the terms, are unable to survive for long periods of time, especially in those moments when the recession began cryptocurrency exchange rate in 2015.

The most famous company among those who decided to release home installations is a Chinese popular firm Bitmain, which has long gained credibility among users. In addition, the organization has access to cheap electricity, so the crypto-community trust Bitmain and use their services of mining. The company still produces equipment budget that can afford the average citizen of the United States or Europe and to put in the garage. However, the noise and heat that are produced during mining are still present.

In any case, all the settings were the smaller replica of the classic Asimov, and for coinmine One similar to a game console that, according to experts of the startup, should attract many new users and expand the use of cryptographic devices.

However, some users fear ran skipovyh tokens that as you add will overload the system. Therefore, further monitoring and updating Sopme One will play an important role in monitoring mining day coins.


The battle for Bitcoin Cash sent the market to find a new bottom

Under the author’s column Paul Shipunov, head of analysis and research ICBF, prepared weekly analysis on bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

To start this review from the verbatim quotation of the thoughts that we «now live in very interesting times». Only after a few months it will be possible to more accurately talk about what happened with the market and what is the impact on crypto-assets had received the news, it is already possible to consider a number of theories.

At the time of writing the weekly crypto-review it is possible to note a number of reasons for becoming familiar to the community of a new collapse of the bitcoin and its other «colleagues». First and foremost it should be noted that nothing unexpected happened, as we predicted in previous reviews, the tendency of the market to continue the decline after the development of consolidation in a tight range of $6000−$6800. And the reason for the decline in the market update more than 12-month lows, most likely, was scheduled for this week hardwork fourth in the capitalization of the cryptocurrencies on coinmarketcap version Bitcoin Cash. Thursday, November 15, the community of this coin is divided into two unequal halves. It is most likely that a victory in the game will win Cash Bitcoin SV (BCHSV), which is calling itself the «real Satoshi» by Craig Wright. It in an involuntary (and maybe by agreement) the allies proved to be one of the largest mining capacity Bitmain and Coingeek, which is switched in the summer from the bitcoin mining in a bitcoin cache. And because of that they were able to collect most of the capacity, and if desired, will be able to attack 51%, which will rollback all transactions other fork and the collapse of its price to zero. Opposed to him is also causing mixed reactions among enthusiasts innovative market Roger Ver for his desire to impose to all promoted them to a coin: whether it’s a simple conference on the prospects of the market, or a simple interview with Bloomerg. He was in favour of creating a Bitcoin Cash ABC, and many of the proponents of the cache is ready to join the «Bitcoin Jesus.» The confrontation began just now switched to a hot stage, and monitor the prospects and the incoming news, as well as to check the market rumors, because they can confidently use the whales. Note that private purses and wallets, linked to the addresses of the stock exchanges, which have accumulated over thousands, tens of thousands and more money, also came in motion, constantly converting bitcoins and other assets. Today we can confidently talk about the possibility of making any changes in the algorithms of cryptocurrencies, especially if you have a large number of supporters ready to go on a suicide attack on opponents, even if their investment portfolios will shrink again at 5-6. So Craig Wright wrote that he will not bother even if bitcoin falls to $1000.

Originally appeared confirmed the readiness to carry out reforms in the bitcoin network cache in August of this year, from tweets belonging to the Craig company nChain. The technical heart of this «war» of two charismatic leaders, split all cryptologist in different camps, this review will not understand, because everyone can do it at this link. And you want to continue this subject, in addition to the ongoing decrease in volumes of transactions, like long and short, mark, and preceded the decline in sharp decline in mining due to the beginning of tax audits in the Chinese provinces with the most affordable electricity. Because of this, the network hash rate of bitcoin dropped almost 20% to 42-43 Asahara per second, and at the moment there is no understanding when the back end of October (58 Asahara). It forced the lack of support for Chinese miners carrying because of this loss, could have been one of the reasons for the collapse, which began on Wednesday. So, it can be noted that after the decline of bitcoin below the psychologically important level of $6,000 fell below $200 billion and market capitalization of the entire stock market.

A graph of the dynamics of capitalization of the stock market. Source.

In connection with the prevailing critical situation lasting a few days with the collapse of the market, it is worth Recalling abruptly departed on the second plan, the issue of obtaining approval from a regulator the SEC on the question of launching a crypto-ETF. After all, a key condition was to maintain low volatility and lack of manipulative attacks, with the more successful the market has done since August until this week. The already reduced prices on crypto-assets can swoop down in the framework of the 2nd wave of reduction if the application VanEcK SolidX Bitcoin ETF will be rejected or postponed indefinitely. Speaking of a change in the network, hardwork ether, received the name of Constantinople, the plan was to take place in the fall of 2018, but due to problems with the developers and discussions in the community, it was decided to postpone the launch of the update. New deadline for making changes to the network was scheduled for January 19. In contrast to the drama around Bitcoin Cash, the event can have a positive impact on growth of cost of air.

Ending the week was full also of other interesting events, and should start the story about them with the major supranational financial institutions International monetary Fund. Recall that the head of the IMF Christine Lagarde during performances earlier held prejudiced attitudes towards cryptocurrencies, but now started talking about «the time Central banks to explore the idea of state-backed digital currencies». She noted the positive impact of the new banks assets when used in rural areas or places where there is no circulation of cash.

After consideration of the news background of the market is the time to map out on the charts the purpose of trading.


The bears again won a victory over expecting a sharp rise of cryptocurrency traders and beyond increasingly narrowing the range from $6200 to $6600. Our first targets in the areas of $6115−$6200 was immediately overcome and continued to decline to levels of $6011 $5800. But the sellers turned out to be whales, who love to earn on the feet of ordinary investors, and continued to fall to the level of $5500, where the price halted its decline despite attempts to descend to the next important cluster support at $4900−$5280. If he can’t resist, the collapse can continue until the values of $4300, $4000, $3600 and $3000. You can expect retesting of values $5800−$6000 before you can begin to develop the second wave of decline before the breakout of the support at $5500. And remains a relevant idea for the development of the growing movement to $10,000 and a reversal of the market up, confirmation for which can be met in December of 2018 or early 2019. The current downtrend is a professional game by knocking down prices to the most attractive levels by a very large Bank capital, so panic definitely not worth it. Waiting for a quick recovery and are prepared to buy signals!

Chart BTC/USD daily timeframe. Source.

Altcoins and Ethereum

The second capitalization cryptocurrency surely breaks down the lower boundary of the model the continuation of the downtrend the triangle that leads to a break of support at round $200. The first purpose for the sale of $180 and $190 was confidently achieved and maintained relevance of the forecast for a continued decline to the $150 and $131 in the future, coming weeks after a brief hike to the top. In the long term still remains relevant goal of $250 and $306 under the condition of overcoming the $216. Even more difficult situation occurs with other Althingi, some of which have never cost so little. By the way, Bitcoin Cash in the moment was down more than 30%.

Schedule ETH/USD daily timeframe. Source.

Most importantly, now you need to understand to traders, is the importance of compliance risk management. If you are willing to earn on short positions, it is necessary to do no more than 5% -10% of the Deposit, or to wait for a clear signal about the beginning of a market reversal, it is not far off and may appear at the end of 2018 — beginning of 2019.

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November’s Flash Crash: the reasons for the collapse of the stock market

Mid-week, the market of digital assets is in the red, noting the 12-month minimum. So, from Wednesday to Thursday, the total capitalization of the market of digital assets has decreased by almost 14%, falling from $210 to $180 billion. According to Coinmarketcap, today, the total capitalization of crypto-currencies slightly higher, at $184 billion. However, the lowest figure since the beginning of the year, during which the market never fell below $200 billion. DeCenter understand the possible reasons for such a drastic collapse.

Quotes cryptocurrency

Thursday with the stock market renewed its annual minimum and the first cryptocurrency. From Wednesday to Thursday, bitcoin lost more than 12%, and its rate was $5509. For bitcoin followed almost all other altcoins: ripple fell by 9.5% to us $0.4; aired on 13% — to $175.5; bitcoin cache by 8% to $441; stellar 9% — to $0.2; EOS 13% to $4.4; LTC to 14% — to $42; Cardano 15% to $0.06; and monero 15% to $86.5.

Moreover among the top 100 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization, only five of the coins were in the green, and two of them stabilini: TrueUSD (+0.29%) and USD Coin (+0.83%) and the Paxos cryptocurrency Standard Token (+0.39%), Insight Chain (+2.76%) and record of the week coin Nasdacoin (+300%).

However, by Friday morning the situation has stabilized, and according to Coinmarketcap, the total market capitalization added $4 billion to over $184 billion. Despite the fact that the exchange rate of bitcoin fell another 1.3%, courses altcoins ripple (+2.8%), stellar (+4.7%) and EOS (+0.8%) went up.

Possible reasons for the fall of the stock market: experts ‘ opinions

Among the key events that influenced the immediate collapse of the market of cryptocurrencies in the first place it is worth noting hardwork network of Bitcoin Cash, last November 15. Update network fourth by market capitalization crypto-currencies on the market has caused a split in cryptosuite by running two competing chains — Bitcoin and Bitcoin ABC SV. According to Brian Kelly, the head of investment company BKS, hardwork was the cause of «civil crypto-wars», which some market players have preferred to withdraw their assets, which in turn gave rise to a massive collapse of quotations of the cryptocurrency. Speaking of the hard forks of Bitcoin Cash, it is worth noting that despite the official support of the major mining pools Bitcoin SV, today it is Bitcoin ABC has a significant share of the network hash rate yet — 67%, while Bitcoin SV only 13%. Moreover, the chain Bitcoin Bitcoin ABC outperforms SV on 45 blocks.

Last hardwork is not the only cause of the collapse of bitcoin and the stock market. According to senior analyst cryptocurrency trading platform eToro’s Mati Greenspan, among the factors that influenced the market situation, should also take into account the sale of shares of technology companies and the likelihood that the fall of bitcoin below $6000 provoked automatic execution of stop loss orders on the stock exchanges.

In turn, the founder of blockchain, the company Metal Pay Marshall Heiner believes that the current collapse was caused by the revised short-term expectations for the bullish trend in the market, which, according to forecasts of some players, had to happen at the end of the year. As a result, these players decided to keep their assets and wait until a more prosperous time for trade.

Similar opinion is shared by Donald Bullers from the company of Elastos, who sees the key causes of the collapse in the last hard forks of Bitcoin and Cash forecasts of analysts, who predict a long bear market in 2019. As noted Buller, crypto-investors respond quickly to changes in the market that we saw in the example of the past fall of the market.

Director of strategic development CoinShares Maltem Demirors also believes that the main reason for the sudden collapse was the withdrawal of assets by financial institutions and hardwork network of Bitcoin Cash. But, according to the company, before the end of the year there will be several events that will positively affect the situation on katrinka. So December 12 will start trading cryptocurrency platform Bakkt intended for institutional investors. At the same time, the investment company Fidelity Investments working on the launch of service by working with cryptocurrencies.

Speaking about the future of the stock market, managing Director at SharesPost Rohit Kulkarni noted that he sees three factors that will affect major changes in the next six months: «first of all, there will be more clarity regarding the position of regulators that can promote the positive development of the market. Several promising blockchain startups, which held crudely over the past year, will present its innovative commercial products. And the final factor is the growth of investment from experienced, well-informed market participants, and the accumulation of institutional capital, with the result that investors will mark the bottom of the market».


Token BNB soared in price by 25% after the announcement of the imminent launch of its own blockchain Binance

BNB native token cryptocurrency exchanges Binance showed on Tuesday, December 4, the rapid growth after the head of the company, Chanpen Zhao has announced the imminent launch of its own blockchain platform called Binance Chain.

The corresponding statement he made during the conference “Decrypting the Blockchain for Business”, organized by magazine Forbes Asia.

It is noteworthy that in a report publication on the conference that brought together numerous Asian investors, the words of Zhao about the upcoming startup Binance Chain not included. However, they were placed in his Twittet the author Michael del Hermida Castillo:

«Very soon, in about a couple of months, we are launching Binance Chain and you will be able to produce the tokens… I think there are millions of coins and thousands of blockchains», — said the head of the Binance.

That Binance is working on private public bloccano, it became known in March of this year. At the same time the exchange announced that Binance Chain will create decentralized market.

In August, Chanpen Zhao showed a demo version of a future decentralized exchange on Binance. However, during today’s conference about her was not mentioned.

Whatever it was, the President of the Binance has led to a sharp increase in token BNB, which is a few hours rose in price above $6.30, demonstrating growth of more than 25%. Day ago the token was trading around $5.04. Also notes a marked increase in the price of the token relative to BTC.

ForkLog previously reported that in the period December 4 to December 11 Binance in cooperation with the virtual world Decentraland will hold a competition for MANA trades, in which traders will share a prize Fund in 1 875 000 MANA.

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Exchange Bitfinex announced support for all the leading tablconv

Popular bitcoin exchange Bitfinex announced the addition of four new tablconv — USDC, True USD, Paxos, and Gemini USD. Thus, said a Hong Kong company, today it supports all the major stabilini.

In addition to the core platform, support for new tablconv added to the exchange Ethfinex. To this day Bitfinex supported USDT and Dai

Blog Bitfinex says that established in 2014 Tether (USDT) long remained the only available for trading steilcoom, offering the ability to quickly move funds between exchanges with the advantages of stability of the US dollar. However, after the «boom Tether» in 2017, the market tablconv quickly grew, and in March of this year, a notable five alternatives, all of which now are present on the platform.

All stablename bidding will be conducted in tandem with the U.S. dollar, making deposits and withdrawals , however, are only available for verified users.

We will remind, in the end of last month about creating a combined market tablconv announced exchange Binance.


Blockchain-R3 consortium has released the final version 1.0 Corda

Banking blockchain-R3 consortium has released the final version of the Corda platform 1.0. This event was preceded by two years of work, which was attended by more than half of the 100 members of the group. Product development attracted $100 million in funding.

Corda was first introduced in 2016 as a cheap and simple way to make different operations for financial institutions. Using the platform, companies can make transactions directly through the use of smart contracts.

Although the basic platform remains unchanged, the developers R3 will continue to experiment with the code and improve it. In addition to enhanced privacy, version 1.0 also includes a redesigned network map service to facilitate scaling.

In addition, three main API platform is now compatible with older versions of the software.

Recall that in September a group of German banks has announced the successful test transactions on the blockchain the platform Corda.

Despite the achievements of R3, this week the consortium left two top-the Manager: Director of global development Tim Grant and Director of market research Tim Swanson.


The largest holding of India conducted the first operation of trade financing on the blockchain

Reliance Industries, the largest holding company and public company in India, successfully conducted the first transaction for trade Finance through the blockchain-the decision, according to the HSBC India in a press release.

Full end-to-end “live” transaction has been executed on the platform Corda R3, which in a statement described as a single application that does not need “a few isolated Fieldbus systems for different counterparties around the world.”

In the foreign trade operation involved several parties. American company Tricon Energy, a global distributor of chemicals and polymer products were in the transaction importer. The letter of credit it issued to ING Bank in Brussels. Advisorcom Bank for the exporter — Reliance Industries — has become HSBC India.

According to a press release Indian Bank, processing through blockchain platform of digitized letter of credit and Bank documentation took less than a day, despite the fact that the traditional way it happens in 7-10 days.

“This transaction confirms the commercial and operational viability of the blockchain as an alternative to conventional exchanges of paper documents,” — said in a statement.

Director of India HSBC global banking and markets Hitendra Dave (Hitendra Dave) noted the transformational impact of blockchain technology on trade Finance. In his opinion, the effectiveness of which contribute to the financing of trade in blockchain solutions that will facilitate the accelerated turnover of capital and increase liquidity for the business.

“The use of the blockchain in trade financing, increase transparency, security and provides effective joint action by all involved parties,” — said financial Director of Reliance Industries , the He Venkatachari (Srikanth Venkatachari).

Recall that according to the forecast of the analytical company International Data Corporation, head of trade Finance in the coming years one of the main directions of implementation of the blockchain along with cross-border payments and tracking of supply chains. Earlier, Prime Minister of India Narendra modi (Narendra Modi) called the blockchain is a revolutionary technology and called for its speedy implementation. The government is considering a possible ban on the use of all private cryptocurrency.