Hidden mining grew by 4000% in the first quarter of 2018 – study

In the first three months of 2018, the number of cases of covert mining of cryptocurrencies increased by 4000% compared with the previous quarter. This is stated in a new report Malwarebytes.

The number of attacks involving malware-ransomware (ransomware) decreased by 35%. More recently, attacks of this type were quite popular in krypterade. Their essence is to distribute malware, which completely blocks access to valuable information, and then hackers demand ransom to resume access. For example, last month, hackers attacked the computers of the municipal authorities of the American of the year Atlanta, demanding ransom in the amount of $51 million in bitcoins to unlock the encrypted using the virus content.

In turn hidden mining, also known as cryptojacking is unresolved using the power of the PC or other Internet connected device by a third party. Although this form of intervention is not as malicious as ransomware infection ON mining can lead to serious consequences, including the threat – capture systems and stealing information.

Despite the rapid growth of the hidden mining, the greatest threat to users carries all the same he did not, and adware (adware). Organizations also often become victims of spyware.

Among cybercriminals also popular methods such as creating fake Twitter accounts and «black» SEO, through which they gain access to the credentials of the wallets of their victims and other confidential information.

The report lists other schemes, but these methods remain the most dangerous at the moment.

Recall that according to Symantec, in 2017 the number of cases of latent mining increased by 8500%.


The Ministry of Finance of Thailand will tell investors about the risks of investing in bitcoin

The Ministry of Finance of Thailand will join other authorities in explaining to citizens the risks associated with investing in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. As reported by the Bangkok Post, the decision was taken after the recent price spikes on BTC, first reached the level of $20 thousand, and then collapsed to around $12 thousand.

The permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Finance of Thailand Somchai Sujjapongse (Somchai Sujjapongse) explained that the Agency is concerned that cryptocurrency trading is similar to investing in a Ponzi scheme. So people should be aware of the high risks of investments in the digital currency, which, moreover, are not regulated, said the official. His communication with the press was held before the meeting of regulators dedicated to the cryptocurrency.

In addition to the Ministry of Finance participated in the Bank of Thailand, the Commission on securities and exchange Commission (SEC) and the Office for combating money laundering (AMLO). The meeting was held after Prime Minister prayuth Chan-OCHA (Prayut Chan-o-cha) has instructed the Ministry to enlighten citizens about the risk of investing in bitcoin after the recent sharp rise in the cost of cryptocurrency.

The Central Bank does not recognize the cryptocurrency legal tender and refuses to regulate them. The Bank of Thailand believe that the use of cryptocurrency in the country spread slightly and they do not threaten the country’s financial system.

The Commission on securities and stock exchanges of Thailand had earlier published a statement by the ICO, which indicated that some tokens can be classified as securities.

We will remind that earlier the Ministry of Finance of India issued a statement warning investors about the risks associated with investments in cryptocurrencies.


Bittrex has opened bidding on a Bitcoin Gold

Cryptocurrency exchange Bittrex start trading Bitcoin Gold, will charge all customers the equivalent number of coins of Bitcoin at the time of the fork 23 October this year.

Course BTG at the time of publication are 0.039 bitcoin. Recall that the calculation of the coins were produced at the ratio of 1:1 to bitcoin. It’s value was starting at the start of trading, but quickly fell.

We will remind that earlier Bittrex has said it will charge users the equivalent amount of Bitcoin to Gold, but the auction will start only after completion of the launch of the network and establishment of a purse on the side of the exchange.

To date, only the Bitfinex team supported the bidding for BTG, will pay for the coins immediately after the fork. The exchange rate of the new currency on Bitfinex currently hovers around 0.02 bitcoins, and probably to this value will tend and rate on Bittrex.


Litecoin is gaining popularity in the darknet

The company’s specialists Recorded Future, presented the results of a study designed to find out what cryptocurrencies by far the most popular on the darknet.

The experts analyzed the 150 most visited shopping sites, sites and fora, is presented on the black market. The obtained data showed that cybercriminals are increasingly refusing to use bitcoin due to slow processing of transactions and their high cost.

Despite this, bitcoin is the «gold standard» in the darknet. As payment accept 100% of sites.

Litecoin is in second place in popularity. Total payments to LTC take 30% of all studied sites. Followed by Dash (20%), Bitcoin, Cash (13%), Ethereum (13%) and Monero (6%).

Further analysis showed that users from Eastern Europe are more active in the use of alternative payment methods in comparison with the residents of the English regions. Also managed to figure out what cryptocurrency they often choose. So, Russians prefer Litecoin, and their foreign «colleagues» – Monero.

With all the results of the study Recorded Future can be found here (in English).

Recall that in the fall of 2017 Europol released a report on the rapid growth of the private tokens in the criminal world. It says «other crypto currencies like Monero, Ethereum and zcash for gaining popularity in the digital underground.»

In January, analysts noted that many of the darknet sites refuse to accept bitcoins and moving to alternative payment methods. The reason for this is not called technical issues, and the ability of law enforcement to track such transactions.


Peter Brandt: it is not the bull market of bitcoin, $4600 — the «ceiling»

The well-known trader Peter Brandt is sure that it was still too early to talk about the drastic change in trend, but any movement of bitcoin prices above $4000 is nothing more than a «dead cat bounce». About it writes Yahoo Finance.

«I don’t think it [bitcoin] will move elsewhere, possibly $4600», — shares his thoughts 71-year-old trader.

According to him, any move above $4000, most likely short-term and does not mean a radical change of trend. The «bottom» of bitcoin, I’m sure Brandt would be around $1200. It would be relevant if the deep drawdown after a short upward correction will bring the price below $3000. It can happen in the end of the first quarter of next year.

«That’s a likely scenario, because while we have a strong downtrend, said Brandt, noting that $1200 is a peak prices in 2013. — In bear markets there is a tendency to re-test previous highs»

On the other hand, Brandt does not exclude the possibility that bitcoin in the long run will once again get to be December 2017. However, he notes, need to survive the possible upcoming collapse in the price of BTC.

Note that in January 2018 Brandt predicted the collapse in the price of 80% (up to $3933) after the «parabolic arc».

In his tweet he said that it is not a bitcoin hater.

We will remind, earlier ForkLog published an overview of long-term predictions of bitcoin prices is also forecast for Peter Brandt.


The number of bitcoin ATMs in the world has doubled in 2018

In spite of a prolonged bear market the total number of installed in the world cryptomate doubled this year.

According to DataLight, more such machines were installed at the beginning of this year, when prices of many scriptaction was several times higher than it is now. In General, analysts say, in 2018 the business grew rapidly, because every day in the world appeared on average six cryptomate.

In total there are over 4000 cryptomate, the vast majority of which have the opportunity to purchase bitcoin. Many devices are supported and most liquid altcoins, including Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin, Cash, Dash, Monero, Dogecoin and zcash for.

ForkLog earlier reported about the Russian, which for the installation of bitcoin ATMs the office of public Prosecutor of Irkutsk have fined on 50 thousand roubles.


UPS patent the use of blockchain technology for tracking parcels

The American company United Parcel Service (UPS), one of the largest in the world in the field of Express delivery and provision of services of logistics and special transportation, decided to patent the system and method for tracking parcels around the world using blockchain technology. The corresponding application was filed by UPS in February of this year, three months after the entry into the blockchain-the Blockchain consortium in Trucking Alliance (BiTA) and published on the website of the Office for patents and trademarks of the United States.

In a decision that represents an Autonomous system of selection services, and distributed database transport, it is proposed to use several distributed registers and a wide variety of options relating to plans, stages of delivery and destination of parcels. For each type of parcels expected to use the different smart-contracts, which will allow you to track supply chain related packages separately.

Recall that Microsoft and the ardent’s company, which develops solutions to track the movement of goods and production in the pharmaceutical industry, has created a platform of ardent’s NovaTrack with the use of blockchain technologies, Microsoft Azure Cloud, artificial intelligence and the Internet of things. And the German software company SAP in may announced the launch of blockchain-initiative “Farm to consumer” for the use of technology to track supply chains in agriculture. And Samsung intends to reduce with the help of blockchain technology logistics costs by 20%.


BNTU has announced a set of specialization «crypto-currencies and derivatives»

The Institute of advanced training and retraining of Belarusian national technical University (BNTU) announced the recruitment for training in a new specialization «crypto-currencies and derivatives.» The relevant information is posted on the page of the institution in Facebook.

Learning invited people with higher education and students of senior courses of universities. Classes will begin March 12, 2018.

The course covers the following topics:

  • Cryptocurrency transactions;
  • Futures transactions of cryptocurrencies;
  • The use of blockchain technology;
  • ICO as an alternative to IPO.

Training will be conducted as part of training on the basis of higher education in the specialty «Operations with securities» with qualification assignment «the Expert-analyst in the securities market». To pass the course will be in absentia and in absentia, remotely. The program is designed for 1.8 years.

According to local editions of Sputnik, the group is almost formed, and the opening of new specialty was planned long before the country was legalized cryptocurrencies and mining.

While at the University do not understand, appeared around the opening of the specialty of hype and are sure to have a number of specialties, which are promising of the newly formed. For example, nuclear energy and nanotechnology.

We will remind that on 21 December the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko signed a decree «On the development of the digital economy». This document provides the favorable conditions for the development of blockchain technology (including mining and cryptocurrency circulation), as well as comprehensive legal regulation in this sphere.


In the state Duma introduced a bill on attracting investment via the ICO

A group of deputies of the state Duma of the Russian Federation headed by the Chairman of the Committee of the lower house Finance Anatoly Aksakov and Senator Nikolai Zhuravlev introduced a bill in Parliament about alternative ways of attracting investments (crowdfunding).

The bill regulates the attraction of investments by organizations and individual entrepreneurs using information technology. It also defines legal bases of activity of Investlesprom on the organization of retail funding (crowd funding), including the ICO. The definition of such concepts as “token” and “smart contract” is to be given in a separate law, the draft of which is also introduced in the state Duma today.

Under the bill, the operator of investmentfirma can be a Russian entity, included by the Bank of Russia in the appropriate register. It will be prohibited to combine the activity of the operator of an investment platform with the activities of the Bank or another as a non-credit organization. With the exception of the organizer of the trade, broker, Depository or regulator.

The minimum size of own capital of the operator of investmentfirma there are no minimum requirements, similar to current for the professional participants of the securities market — 3 million rubles.

The bill also provides for mechanisms for the protection of investors. In particular, the deadline within which the investor can withdraw the invested funds is five working days. Also attracting investment is required to designate a minimum target volume of attracted funds. In case of failure score within the given time provides for the retraction and return of funds to investors.

For platforms already involved in the organization of retail financing, the bill provides for a 6-month transition period to bring their activities into conformity with established requirements.

Earlier, a bill regulation of crowdfunding was developed by the Russian Association of cryptocurrency and blockchain (RAKIB). Association experts believe that the global market for the ICO this year could grow four times compared with last year.


Bitcoin changed the drop on the rapid growth

Bitcoin has replaced new year’s fall on a rapid growth. According to the website Coinmarketcap, in the course of today’s trading, bitcoin broke through $15 thousand.

From 1 January, when there was a maximum fall rate ($13 165), cryptocurrency played almost $2 000:

Recall that bitcoin started the new year with depreciation, which has not been observed for several years. If you compare the cost of bitcoin in the early days of 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018, the fall of bitcoin on 1 January compared to December 31, was recorded only once in 2015. Then, the cryptocurrency has lost 1,855% in value. On the first day of 2018 bitcoin fell by 4.28%.

Meanwhile, the total market capitalization of crypto-currency market has reached a new record, exceeding $669,6 billion Thus, according to some experts, the market is recovering after the correction noted on December 22.