The price of Ripple for the first time reached $2 per token

The three cryptocurrency leaders change positions. Ripple (XRP) pushed Ethereum came to $2.1 for the token, showing an increase of almost 36%. At the moment, according to CoinMarketCap, the price of this cryptocurrency is $1.99, and its market capitalization is about $77 billion.

Cryptocurrency received a special popularity in cryptomeria South Korea, which is associated with the intention of the government to ban cryptocurrency transactions anonymous customers.

Recall that the exchange rate of Ripple (XRP) for the first time in its history exceeded a mark in $1 21 Dec.


Nouriel Roubini Getsko criticized the cryptocurrencies and their holders

Well-known economist and financial expert Nouriel Roubini (Nouriel Roubini) at the international conference organized by the analytical center of the Milken Institute, once again criticized on cryptocurrencies and their holders. He called captainvalor “fooling around”, which was fond of “complete nonsense”, and blockchain technology — “surrounded by a halo of glory the Excel table”.

“There is no decentralization, it is all nonsense,” said he, noting who are the holders of cryptocurrencies carry out transactions with their assets through the centralized crypto currency exchange.

Roubini is convinced that the stock market is a “bubble”, and those who last year bought bitcoins at a price of $20 thousand, was stupid.

Earlier, Roubini called bitcoin “the mother of all bubbles” — the biggest bubble in the history of mankind. At the same time, he said that although the technology of the blockchain is overrated, it can be used “in cases where a compromise of speed/verifiability really worth it”.


ECOS has signed with the government of Armenia the agreement on the establishment of the SEZ

JSC “EKOS” (ECOS), which had received the approval of the government of Armenia on the application for the opening of a free economic zone with a data center for mining in Hrazdan is now signed him to a formal contract and was appointed head of the FEZ Carmine, Zeytuntsyan, who earlier held the post of Chairman of the state Committee for tourism of the Ministry of economic development and investment.

“The residents of FEZ ECOS get a zero rate of VAT and will be exempt from income tax for 25 years”, – stated in the message of the company.

Under the agreement, ECOS will deal with the development of organizational structure and management system residents and organizations on the territory of FEZ, as well as create and implement a strategy for its promotion in the world “to attract highly qualified professionals, technology companies and the investment of resources.”

Important issues are the preparation of documents for residents and the SEZ. In addition, the Director of the SEZ needs to create infrastructure for the blockchain and AI projects, to attract investment and new residents, as well as to establish long-term relations with the Armenian Diaspora around the world.

Recall that recently the Armenian concern Multi Group international Tech company Omnia has launched in Yerevan one of the world’s largest mining farms – from 3 thousands of devices for the production of bitcoin and Ethereum. According to the head of Multi Group , Gagik Tsarukyan, investment in the creation of the farm made $50 million.


John McAfee joined the team of Ukrainian startups for hackers Hacken

John McAfee (John McAfee), software engineer and founder of the company-developer of antivirus software McAfe, joined the team of Ukrainian startups for the “white” hackers Hacken as an Advisor and partner for international business development.

I decided to support Hacken, because its business model combines the blockchain and cybersecurity. I was impressed by the intention of the team to create a unique community with its own cryptotokens and the principle of “burning”, which they used to avoid volatility.

I am encouraged by this partnership, so I invest in Ke.

For today the project “ethical hackers” has attracted more than $3 million McAfee, who long ago became a legend in the field of cybersecurity, has decided to support the project as partners, he will receive 10% of the profits of a startup. This became known during the 16 days before the end of the ICO project. The project team hopes that he will bring to a project additional expertise experts in cyber security.

On the same day, Hacken has won another award — the leading international conference on decentralization d10e in Davos, the competition in which have moved out of “curiosity“.

Recall that Hacken creates an ecosystem in which customers can purchase the services of “ethical hackers”, grouped around the conference on cyber security HackIT. The project also presented its own crypto currency — HKN, which will be carried out calculations on the platform HackenProof and accelerator Hacken. The profit from operations will be divided in half: one part detectivereverse and removed from the system, and the second goes on sale in the open market. Results will be released 20 million hagenow.


The Bank of England has warned businesses about the risks of cryptocurrencies Hobbies

The Bank of England (BoE) warned major players in the financial business of the country that participation in trade cryptocurrency assets can carry risks “reputational costs” and fraud.

The Deputy Governor of the BoE Sam woods (Sam Woods) sent a letter to the heads of banks, insurance companies and Fund managers, outlining the risks associated with the cryptocurrency craze.

“In its short history of cryptocurrency assets showed high price volatility and relative illiquidity,” — noted in a letter to BoE.

As stressed by the woods, the regulator is concerned about the potential misuse of digital currencies.

“Many of them vulnerable to fraud and manipulation, and to the risks of money laundering and financing of terrorism,” wrote the Deputy Governor of the Bank of England.

Sam woods noted that involvement in the cryptocurrency activity can lead to “the emergence of reputational risks.” Therefore, the policy of remuneration of employees in the companies and funds should not encourage excessive risk taking in this area, he said.

We will remind, earlier the Governor of the Bank of England (BoE) Governor mark Carney (Mark Carney) has said that bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are not considered by the regulator as a threat to financial stability in the country. He later noted that “cryptocurrencies not as money.”


Singapore crypto currency exchange KuCoin will create a joint venture with Bitcoin Australia

Singapore cryptocurrency exchange KuCoin invested $3 million in Australia and the Australian Bitcoin creates a joint venture to enter the local market.

According to the Executive Director of the Bitcoin Australia Rupert Hackett (Hackett Rupert), a joint venture KuCoin and Bitcoin Australia will have a synergy effect because of the crypto currency exchange is focused on different group of investors. KuCoin aimed at experienced cryptocurrency speculators, while the Australian exchange on mass retail investors.

“It will be effective to create a stock exchange for brokers and advanced traders, while we are implementing the mass market approach that makes us quite synergistic. We will create the consumer’s retail experience for people coming to the market, supporting KuCoin for advanced traders”, — said the head of Bitcoin Australia.

In turn, the Australian crypto currency exchange plans to use the funding for its own international expansion. The company is already present in the markets of the Netherlands and Canada in the next two years intends to increase their quantity to 30. According to Rupert Hackett, we are talking mostly about European countries, and the first target is entering the cryptocurrency of the UK market.

Hackett believes that the rules, introduced in April, the Australian reporting and analysis centre transactions (AUSTRAC) for the cryptocurrency exchanges, Bitcoin Australia has good chances of successful business expansion abroad. The company can help that it is a regulated exchange, he said.

It is noteworthy that the rules AUSTRAC aims to prevent the laundering of illegally obtained funds and terrorism financing (AML/CTF). Previously, the research team Blockchain Transparency Institute KuCoin included in the list of exchanges suspected of laundering money.

Recall that the Australian Commission of securities and investments (ASIC) in September announced plans to soon develop a legal framework for the regulation of cryptocurrency exchanges.


Media: Telegram received applications for pre-ICO in the amount of $3.8 billion

The messenger Telegram has finished accepting applications for participation in the pre-ICO that they develop a blockchain platform TON. About this «Vedomosti».

According to the publication, at the stage of pre-sale Telegram plans to raise $850 million At the same time, according to the participant of a syndicate of investors, requests received for amount four times as much.

Another source, the employee venture Fund, said that this amount is close to $3.8 billion, the same number called and another man who tried and failed to invest in the Telegram, and now is in talks with several funds, on redemption of their shares. According to him, the «secondary» share can cost 30-40% more than the amount that sellers paid themselves.

The publication also writes that the early investors will be able to buy tokens Telegram (Gram) for $0.3, but later the price will rise from $1.45 to us $3.5.

Approved by the owners of the Telegram payments for pre-ICO should be conducted before February 1, said the sources.

Earlier, TechCrunch reported that Telegram, plans to attract ICO $1.2 billion – $600 million at the stage of pre-sales and another $600 million during the main round of tocancel. Presales, focused solely on traditional venture capitalists and close to the company people, will be held from January to February. The main stage ICO Telegram scheduled for March.

It is worth noting that the founder and head of Telegram , Pavel Durov still not officially confirmed the information about holding krautsalat project TON. However, the network has already appeared crooks who offer to purchase is not an existing cryptocurrency Telegram.


Swan, cancer and pike — why Russia is delaying the regulation of cryptocurrencies

In the period until June 2018, the Ministry of Finance of Russia together with the Russian Central Bank had to develop a procedure for the regulation of cryptocurrencies and holding of ICO, and to determine the status of such concepts as «technology of distributed registries», «digital credit», «digital mortgage», «cryptocurrency», «token» and «smart contract».

On 22 may, the draft laws «On digital of financial assets (CFA)», «ON amendments in the first, second and fourth Civil code (CC) of the Russian Federation», «About alternative ways of attracting investment (crowdfunding)» was approved in the first reading deputies of the state Duma of the Russian Federation.

It is worth noting that the bill «ABOUT CFA» not reglamentary cryptocurrency transactions and provides their legalization, and the focus of the report focuses on operations on tokens are described using the term «digital rights». In prepared for the second reading of the draft also lacks a definition of mining and turnover of existing cryptocurrencies. In November the Council under the President of Russian Federation for codification and improvement of civil legislation because of the numerous shortcomings of the bill invited him to return to the stage of first reading. Another consideration of package of bills rescheduled for the spring of 2019.

How well drafted laws and what the consequences for the economy of the Russian Federation may have delay acceptance of triptoreline in the country? These questions are specifically for ForkLog said head of information support of the projects of the Russian Association of kryptonyte and blockchain (RAKIB) Nikolay Nemchinov, head of the interagency working group of the state Duma on regulating the risks of cryptocurrency circulation Elina Sidorenko, as well as teachers programs of additional education Blockchain Lawyers: partner of the law firm “Sartin, Jankowski and partners” Roman Jankowski and lawyer of the company “Lamczyk, Krupsky and Partners,” Veronica wolf.

ForkLog: whether to call the document “ABOUT CFA” full?

Nikolay Nemchinov: estimated RAKIB, the version of the bill adopted in first reading by the state Duma of the Russian Federation, precludes the possibility of effective development of kryptonyte in our country. In our opinion, the law should be the definition established in the market and used in the international business relations of the terms «cryptocurrency» and «mining». RAKIB considers it appropriate to accept cryptocurrency payment.

The law must take into account the peculiarities of taxation of profits arising from transactions with cryptocurrency/tokens. When carrying out trading operations RAKIB offers to carry out the procedure of taxation at the point of transfer cryptocurrency to Fiat. Also the law should provide a description of procedures in KYC/AML. The law should not limit the transactions directly between the owners of the tokens and cryptocurrencies the creation of a specialized operator.

Roman Yankovsky: the Question of “usefulness” that must describe the legislation on cryptocurrencies. On the one hand, there is the fight against laundering of criminal money. On the other – to protect inexperienced investors and the fight against fraud on ICO. These risks the government considers significant enough and tries to reduce. But the status of cryptocurrencies themselves is no serious risk does not beget, therefore the hassle associated with their settlement, the state is not necessary. In General, it is, in my view, sensible and appropriate approach, the appropriate political and legal principles: first, to resolve the issues, then of necessity the rest.

ForkLog: On what date assigned following consideration of this and other bills?

Nikolay Nemchinov: the state Duma, according to official current schedule, plans to consider the bills until the end of January 2019. According to our information laws will be considered until the end of the spring session.

ForkLog: will the package all three of bill (THE“CFA”, “ON amendments in the civil code of the Russian Federation”, “crowdfunding”), or something will be removed or amended?

Nikolay Nemchinov: At the moment MPs are planning to consider all three bills. Given the fragmented nature of the bills, with the exception of a list of at least one of the draft laws is almost obessmyslivaet all the work to draft legislation aimed at regulating the entire market as a whole, not its individual segments.

Roman Jankowski: most Likely, the bills one way or another will be unified, first of all the draft laws “On digital of financial assets” and “On amendments to the RF civil code”. However, the changes to the Civil code in any case have to make a separate law is right prescribed in clause 2.1 of article 3 of the civil code. So laws will have some.

ForkLog: whether the Impact of the bearish sentiment of the stock market at the speed of legislation?

Nikolay Nemchinov: No, the two are not related to each other in the process. The adjustment of the exchange rate of the cryptocurrency at the end of 2018, largely led to the reduction of risks for investors. Have the opportunity to plan their investments not only on the speculative horizon, but the strategic perspective. In the market there are investors with long-term plans, they are interested in making the laws.

Veronica wolf: I Think that we should not make decisions on the legal regulation of cryptocurrency with an eye to high market volatility. In addition to the cryptocurrencies, there are also areas of smart contracts, ICO, which also require legal certainty. Part of the package of bills addresses these questions. However, the longer the bills remain under consideration, the less stable situation for all the players of the stock market. In the end, it may seem that the legislator has lost interest in this area. And that in the future will negatively affect the mood of the entire crypto community.

ForkLog: As the postponement of the adoption of legislation impact on business, investment, Russian traders?

Nikolay Nemchinov: Russian President instructed the Government and Central Bank to ensure payment for legislative changes aimed at regulating the cryptocurrency industry and digital technologies in the period up to 1 June 2018. Until now, however, laws are not adopted. Moreover, in case of approval of the bills as proposed, the adopted laws will not help to attract investment capital in Russian startups, small and medium business. The adoption of laws in this form will lead to the migration of the Russian participants of the market in other, more loyal, in terms of legislation, jurisdiction.

During the time elapsed since the orders of the President, the Russian economy, according to expert estimates, RAKIB, lost about $2 billion Just because of the outflow of Russian miners abroad, including payments to foreign intermediaries (commissions), the Russian budget loses over $300 million a year.

Veronica wolf: Russia is one of the promising markets for cryptobytes. But to attract investments and investors to our territory the important political and legal stability in cryptosphere. You must remember that if the delay in the legislative initiative, capital may flee to another jurisdiction with more lenient rules.

ForkLog: Why did the state Duma of the Russian Federation faced the problem in the issue of cryptocephalinae?

Elina Sidorenko: the Only reason is the lack of a unified vision of this issue at the state level. Each Ministry is trying to solve their problems, and they are not the same. The Central Bank provides the limitation of the cryptocurrency in view of the impossibility of monitoring, the Federal service for financial monitoring, in principle, sees the possibility of a turn provided user identification, and the market is interested in to develop it. And these three completely different directions lead to the fact that developed a different concept — they are already more than seven — and now they are considered by the authorities. Until we come to the solution of fundamental questions: what is cryptocurrency how to control it and are we ready to control all the crypto threads — we from the point will not move.

ForkLog: In September, the Center TSEFI MGIMO, VNESHECONOMBANK and Russian Union of Industrialists and entrepreneurs (RSPP) prepared an alternative draft law “On digital of financial assets”, which, in particular, implies division of the CFA into digital securities, cryptocurrency and digital signs. How are things going with his review?

Elina Sidorenko: He is considered by several expert councils of the RF state Duma and is seen as an alternative, the bill “ABOUT CFA”. In addition, the head of RSPP Alexander Shokhin sent a letter to Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, after which a document was also submitted to the government.

ForkLog: In your opinion, what role in this legislative uncertainty, he can play?

Elina Sidorenko: Our bill is kind of a middle ground between diametrically opposed positions. With one hand he gives a definition of cryptocurrency and the main participants, on the other hand reasonably determines that the user is authenticated. And we hope that in the days of the crossroads of this bill will be able to take its rightful place within the existing discussions.

But in any case there is already the FATF recommendations, according to which every country for 2019 should introduce legislation governing cryptocurrency circulation, and this circulation should be close to turnover of money or payment instruments. That is why in October 2018, the FATF issued a statement that, in the absence of specific legislation into account should be taken of the traditional recommendations of the FATF regarding the control of financial flows. This is a very important result and it shows that bitcoin is getting closer to the money, and if regulated, is it is extremely.


Binance added trading pair NEO/NEO and USDT/BNB

Chinese cryptocurrency exchange Binance announced the launch of two new trading pairs with the NEO: NEO/USDT (Tether) and NEO/BNB (Binance Coin).

The company warned of the risk of investing in cryptocurrencies:

«Please approach the investment with care. Binance will make every effort to choose high-quality coins, but will not be held responsible for your losses from the investment.»

Recall that on 17 November, the NEO rate increased by almost 30 percent. The reason for this was the publication of the advertising poster of the company in Chinese. While nothing in it was written, except that in three days there will be some important news for NEO.

The appearance of the poster was accompanied by rumors, actively propagating in chat Тelegram that on November 20 the Chinese authorities will introduce a new procedure for the regulation of cryptocurrencies in China and NEO, often referred to as «China air», will be chosen as the main Chinese crypto-currencies. Yet they know nothing about it.

Then there are new rumors that were presented as insider Asian Whale Club:

  • Bittrex will add #GAS, and will pay all holders of NEO;
  • Bithumb adds NEO on Tuesday or Thursday;
  • China will allow the ICO only on the basis of the NEO;
  • China banned BTC mine, but mine will allow BCH and NEO;
  • For developers, the NEO would receive a public grant;
  • China will do everything to Korea, too, went off the air on NEO.

Amid these rumors NEO ranked third after Bitcoin and Bitcoin is Cash for the volume of daily trading.

According to Coinmarketcap, at the time of publication of news NEO was trading at $40,19 per unit.


Huawei will individually obtain patent protection of digital property rights through blockchain technology

Huawei, one of the largest Chinese companies in the field of telecommunications, is studying the possibility of applying blockchain technology to protect digital property rights. She filed a corresponding patent application in the State intellectual property office of China.

In the document first submitted for review in August 2016 and published Tuesday, describes a mechanism for providing users with content that has been tested for compliance with digital rights of ownership in the blockchain, through peer-to-peer distribution network. When you try to download the content users will need to reconcile private keys or licenses.

Recall that in November the Russian Association “the national Clearinghouse transaction processing rights and intellectual property” (IPChain) reported the preparations to the blockchain-a platform to control intellectual property.