Exchange Bitgrail said about the kidnapping of cryptocurrency by $170 million and declared itself bankrupt

Italian cryptocurrency exchange Bitgrail that a few weeks was closed, said about made “unauthorised transactions” with 17 million XRB (Nano/RaiBlocks) for a total of $170 million, the company Management has addressed in law enforcement bodies for details of what happened, but also acknowledged the exchange’s bankruptcy.

Although the operator and owner of the exchange Verano Francesco (Francesco “The Bomber” Firano) believes that there was a break in cryptosuite discusses the hypothesis that so he could withdraw funds from a Scam project. Until December 2017 tokens Nano (RaiBlocks) were traded at a price of $0,20, and after a month reached the level of $35 per unit, to buy the tokens could be on micromerge Bitgrail.

On January 28, the exchange reported on the internal optimization of the site — and banned users from posting and withdrawal.

Two weeks later, on the exchange website message about the token kidnapping Nano/RaiBlocks. Other digital assets of users of the exchange are not affected. Further, as reported by Reddit users, the funds were transferred to the exchange Mercatox.

The project team Nano claims that in the registry on her side not fixed any problems, there are difficulties about which said BitGrail, may be connected with exchange. While Hirano representatives made Nano informed about the missing funds and offered to make changes to the registry to cover the loss.

“We now have sufficient reason to believe that Hirano cheating for a long time the development team Nano and the community in relation to the financial stability of the exchange BitGrail”, — reads the statement of the representatives of Nano.

Recall that the main targets of the hackers are users of bitcoin and crypto currency exchange, experts warn few months. So, Korean cryptocurrency exchange Youbit the result of the second year of a hacker attack was forced to declare bankruptcy. At the end of January hacked the largest Japanese exchange Coincheck — was stolen about $500 million in cryptocurrency NEM. As the analyst believes wall street’s Nick colas (Nick Colas), this large-scale hacking is unlikely to be the last in the industry.


Ancora will release a series of exclusive pens with logo Ethereum

Italian manufacturer of luxury pens Ancora, leading its activities since the early 20th century, announced the upcoming release of limited edition pens with the logo of Ethereum. All will be available 888 88 ballpoint and fountain pens.

Pens will be sold according to the model, reminiscent of tocancel. At the stage of pre customers will be able to buy pens with a 50% discount compared to retail prices. This phase started on 8 April and will run until may 8. During this period, pens will be available at a price of $1000 apiece, and the pen is $1250.

At the production stage, from 12 to 27 may, the price of pens will rise to $1250 apiece, and the pen – up to $1500.

In the retail sale of Ethereum Pens will be available from 1 June and prices at that time will be $2250 and $2500 respectively.

Each pen Ancora has a personal number, confirming its authenticity. Pen with platinum rooms will cost 15 ETH apiece, gold – 10 ETH, and silver – 5 ETH.

Ancora1919 previously released a series of exclusive rokok with the logo of bitcoin. Phase pre started in December 2017, and in the retail sale of Bitcoin Pens will be available in July of this year. As for prices, the ballpoint pen can be purchased for $2250, and the pen – for $2500. Pen with platinum, gold and silver numbers will cost 1 BTC to 0.5 BTC and 0.25 BTC respectively.

A new series of «cryptocurrency» of Ancora pens promises to present June 1.


Celsius Network will attract scriptactive for the implementation of the sustainable development Goals

In the framework adopted at the UN General Assembly in 2000 programs the goals of sustainable development in organizations announced the creation of a Fund aimed at influencing the sustainable development goals (SDG Impact Fund) . It will make a traditional and all kinds of cryptocurrency assets to 17 solutions to global problems such as poverty, inequality, climate change and environmental, etc. – by 2030.

To manage the assets of the Fund will be decentralized platform lending Celsius Network, which is its founding member. It is expected that the Fund will attract hundreds of millions of dollars and place them in Fiat currencies and cipovych on the public blockchain. On the day of the presentation of the SDG Impact Fund several donors have already made donations to him.

“We see a huge opportunity in this technology for more accurate and effective dissemination of values, brought the various organizations in the UN for people and organizations that need them most,” – said the adviser Celsius Stornetta Scott (Scott Stornetta).

Earlier, the UN and World Identity Network (WIN) began work on a blockchain solution to combat human trafficking. And the Australian division of Emergency Fund to help children at the UN (UNICEF Australia) has launched a website, which permits users utilizes the computing power of their computers for mining cryptocurrency designed to help needy children. In October last year, the co-founder of the venture capital division of UNICEF, Chris Fabian (Chris Fabian) announced that the organization is considering issuing its own cryptocurrency.


The Central Bank of the UK can launch their own digital currency in 2018

The UK’s Central Bank (Bank of England) in 2018 may issue its own cryptocurrency. This writes with reference to the representative of the financial regulator to British newspaper the Telegraph. At the moment, according to him, the ability to create “linked to sterling” cryptocurrency considering the Bank’s research Department, which must submit its decision within 12 months.

It is expected that national digital currency will allow the British to keep their money in digital form directly in the Central Bank.

Recall that the Bank of England don’t see the cryptocurrency market risk because it is “not the same size as to represent a macroeconomic risk for the world economy” or financial stability. But by may of 2018, the UK should show willingness to implement blockchain technology.


Canadian crypto currency exchange Coinsquare is preparing to enter the EU market

Adjustable canadian cryptocurrency exchange Coinsquare announced before the end of the year to enter the European market and to provide its new customers the opportunity to trade in Bitcoin, Cash Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, XRP, Dogecoin and Dash “on the security level of the platform is famous for in Canada.”

“Out on the impressive market of the EU level is an important step forward in realizing the vision Coinsquare, implying its formation as a global financial institution of the 21st century. We have become the leading crypto exchange in Canada and are wary of the idea of expanding at the international level, with confidence, to offer the same high level of quality and security in any country where activities”, – said the head of Coinsquare Cole diamond (Diamond Cole).

Recall that in mid-July Coinsquare and investment blockchain the Blockchain 21 DLTA Bank Corp announced plans to launch a trading platform in Japan under the name DLTa21X. To this end, the partners intend to use the trading technology Coinsquare and experience on blockchain developers DLTa21X engineering divisions investment Bank.

In February Coinsquare raised $30 million in the next phase of financing, with the expansion of the company’s business has become one of the focus of these investments. The company had previously stated that it aimed at the markets of the USA and the UK and in September plans to launch an IPO on the Toronto Stock exchange to raise $120 million


The court ordered the Brazilian banks to renew the facilities of the exchange Bitcoin Max

A court in Brazil has ordered banks Banco Do Brasil and Banco Santander to recover the account cryptocurrency exchanges Bitcoin Max, closed in September.

As reported by Portal do Bitcoin, both the Bank has already fulfilled the court decision in order to avoid payment penalties. Banco Santander non-execution of court’s verdict would cost 5 thousand reais ($1351), and Banco Do Brasil is 20 thousand reais ($5404) per day.

According to the Director of the Bitcoin Max account has been closed by the banks without warning and official notification. Banco Do Brasil has blocked the $120 thousand exchanges were held on the account.

The company challenged the decisions of banks in a judicial order in September, but the lower courts denied the Bitcoin Max in its requirements to financial institutions. Lawyers exchange managed to obtain a positive verdict only on appeal in the higher courts.

It is noteworthy that Banco do Brasil is the judge obliged to execute the decision within 24 hours.

Recall that in September the competition authority of Brazil has launched an investigation into the six largest banks in the country, including the two listed above, complaints bitcoin brokers whose accounts were closed financial institutions.

Not only Brazilian cryptocurrency exchanges facing problems banking in the country. A similar difficulty was noted, for example, in Chile and Poland. In India to serve the cryptocurrency has restricted the country’s Central Bank — a decision being challenged in the Supreme court of the country, but to no avail.

A radically opposite position before outlined the financial regulator of South Korea. The head of the financial services Commission (FSC) Choi Jong Ku (Choi Jong-ku) said that the crypto currency exchange can easily open a virtual Bank account, subject to the implementation of the rules of KYC and AML. Earlier, the head of the Central Bank of Singapore, Ravi Menon (Ravi Menon) said that the regulator will help cryptocurrency companies with opening of Bank accounts in the country.


Bitfinex will stop trading on 7 January in connection with the migration to the new servers

Popular bitcoin exchange Bitfinex and its subsidiaries platform Ethfinex will suspend as of Monday, January 7, 2019, in connection with the transition to the new servers. It is expected that this process will take from three to seven hours.

In the message iFinex says that the company eventually refuses to use the cloud service AWS and goes on its own infrastructure hosted in the data center in the Swiss Cryptocoryne. Technical support providing company Market Synergy.

Own dedicated servers and carefully chosen hardware, the company claims, are designed to ensure uninterrupted trade high volumes.

The final stage of this process will be Babysitting all platforms offline during this period users will not be able to trade and will not have access to their wallets.

According to a statement to Hong Kong stock exchange, new infrastructure at least twice will increase its performance. Professional trading company will be able to use the crosstalk due to which delay will be reduced from 60-100 milliseconds 5-15 milliseconds.

Also declared a higher level of security – new infrastructure Bitfinex will save the company from having to rely on third-party service provider.

We will remind, earlier this week, Bitfinex announced the start of margin trading in the pair USDT/USD.


American student wrote a book about bitcoin for teenagers

High school student from Massachusetts Andrew Khoury (Courey Andrew) for three months, wrote and self-published a 57-page book about bitcoin for adolescents “Early Bird Gets The Bitcoin: The Ultimate Guide To Everything About Bitcoin.”

Year ago 11-year-old student decided to raise $20 million to 14 years to stop going to school, having coordinated this decision with parents. He began to read and watch videos about the miners and early bitcoin investors, and the father told him to gather all known information about the history of cryptocurrencies, and cryptocotyle ICO under one cover.

Curie submitted a theme in a simplified form. For example, the technology of distributed registry, he compared the document to GoogleDocs, access to which is given to all, and editing rights of those who buys or sells bitcoins. And access cryptocotyle he compared with e-mail, which can access all mailboxes, but will get it only those who have the key.

“Everyone can understand the cryptocurrency, if you spend 70-80 hours a study of sources in order to find a couple of sources that convey the sense,” — says the author.

At the same time we will remind that the head of the regulator for the securities of Massachusetts William Galvin (William Galvin) believes that bitcoin does not pass the “smell test”, and the sharp rise of bitcoin is based primarily on speculation.


To prevent fraud in the Russian elections will use the blockchain

The blockchain technology can be applied in the upcoming elections in Russia to prevent fraud. This was at a meeting of the Council on human rights under the President, said the CEC head Ella Pamfilova.

She made use of blockchain technology for early voting in the elections, in order to leave your vote in a single voting day from anywhere in the world.

According to Pamfilova, complaints about the conduct of early voting act, «the two parties»: mandatory citizens who for good reason are unable to sign on the day of voting, complaining about the difficulty of confirmation of the seriousness of the cause, the volunteers, in contrast, complain about the abundance of early voters for the ruling party that suggests violations.

In addition to solving the problems of early voting, the use of blockchain technology in elections will help to eliminate any attempt of fraud.

Sergey Sergienko, CEO of blockchain project Chronobank:

«This is a very good idea, in some countries it is already implemented. From the point of view of the election is perfect. If people can’t come to the polls and cast their vote remotely, it is very difficult to change anyone. A good way to transparent, fair elections. Before the presidential election this technology can be implemented, this is a fairly simple algorithm».

Recall, Vnesheconombank and the uniform electronic trading platform (EETP) have signed a cooperation agreement for the implementation of the project based on blockchain technology. The project aims to create a transparent environment for electronic interaction of business and government, and the development of methods for storage and verification of information will facilitate the process of transition to a digital economy.


In Egypt, the first cryptocurrency exchange

In Egypt, for the opening on August 31 is prepared cryptocurrency exchange Bitcoin Egypt. Co-founder of the exchange Rami Khalil (Khalil Rami) in the comments said if not in full, as an alpha version of exchange will work. He stressed that other registered kryptomere in Egypt at the moment does not exist, all transactions take place on the black market.

At the beginning of the activity, the exchange will only support a few exchange Egyptian pound to bitcoin. The Commission will be charged as a percentage of the transaction volume and amount to less than 0.25%. In the near future, the company plans to start work with Etherium, Althingi, Fiat and next year to implement the payment service.

According to Khalil, the exchange will obtain General information about the contact (full name, ID, address, etc.), not limited to the formal requirements of the KYC policies and AML.

Co-founder of the new exchange argues that, although the cryptocurrency community of Egypt is quite small, a few hundred users conduct daily transactions with bitcoin in online forums.

Recall that a week ago, the head of the Egyptian service of financial-budgetary supervision Samy Sherif (Sherif Sami) confirmed that the digital currency is not permitted and not controlled by the authorities, and the absence of any legal base any operations with them can carry risks.