Tezos announced the launch date of the core network

Swiss blockchain project Tezos announced the completion of testing the test network and the fact that next Monday will be the start of the main Protocol.

The official launch of the core network is more formal . A working and viable version of the blockchain Tezos was launched at the end of June, providing the transfer and circulation of tokens XTZ. So far, the network was in beta testing, and its work for technical reasons could be suspended at any time.

Since its launch, the network only once failed when in the middle of July for hours is not carried out correct validation blocks. The problem was solved, and since disruption of the system were observed.

Initially, when you start the network function for the validation of transactions carried out Tezos Foundation, but on 20 July the network was open to third-party validators.

In the light of recent news a course of XTZ rushed up and for a day rose by more than 27%. According to Coinmarketcap, the volume of trading Tezos close to $8 million:

Recall that in late July, the blockchain-the project Tezos, who a year ago raised $232 million investment during the ICO commissioned an external audit of financial and operational information from PricewaterhouseCoopers Switzerland. Tezos Foundation has taken such step to ensure the «highest degree of integrity in the performance of the mission support Protocol, ecosystems and communities Tezos».


The member countries of the EU signed a partnership agreement in development blockchain

A group of 22 EU member States signed a Declaration on establishing the European partnership in the field of blockchain technology.

The cooperation is aimed to avoid the “fragmented approach” to technology by sharing technical and regulatory knowledge between the member States. Also purpose is to create ways to promote the use of blockchain for all European digital single market.

The European Commissioner for the digital economy Gabriel Mariya (Mariya Gabriel) stated that in the future, public service will use the blockchain technology. The partnership of the EU will help to transform “the huge potential of the blockchain to improve services,” she added.

Apart from the fact that member States can cooperate with each other, the partnership also aims to promote interoperability and deployment of services on the basis of the blockchain.

“The blockchain is a great opportunity for Europe and member countries to rethink their information systems, increase the confidence of users and to protect personal data to help create new business opportunities and establish new areas of leadership, assist citizens, civil services and companies,” — said Gabriel.

We will remind that earlier the Vice-President of the Commission Andrus Ansip (Andrus Ansip) called on the EU to commit themselves in the development of blockchain technology, which, according to him, steps out of the lab and into the mainstream.


Purse Blockchain.info will add support SegWit

The team of the popular bitcoin wallet Blockchain.info has announced the addition of support for Segregated Witness Protocol (SegWit). It will be implemented in the first quarter of 2018.

“In 2018 in our wallets will be added support SegWit. This will be a major and comprehensive update of our code base for several platforms and devices, which can have significant implications for the privacy of transactions the volume of which amounts to billions of dollars. We will do this carefully and with the growing commissions miners within the Bitcoin ecosystem. We are inspired by the opportunities offered by the SegWit, and plan to make it available in our wallets as early as possible in 2018, focusing on the first quarter,” reads the company blog.

In the wallet Blockchain.info also will support Bitcoin Cash. October 11 will be implemented partial support BCH, and the total will appear first in the web version (by the end of 2017), and then for all platforms (by the end of the first quarter of 2018).


The holders of Ethereum can become owners of the tokens in the blockchain-the video platform Viuly

The project Viuly, Creator of the decentralized exchange platform online video campaign to increase the number of users of the platform due to the Ethereum community. Starting from November 10, every holder of Ethereum can get tokens VIU is based 20VIU 1 ETH available in the account.

As reported in the official press release, the developers Viuly planned distribution 500.000.000 VIU 1.000.000 tokens for holders of Ethereum cryptocurrency. At the time of writing, before the end of the distribution of tokens remains two days.

To get tokens VIU, the owners of Ethereum does not need anything special, it is sufficient to have a minimum of 0,10 and a maximum ETH ETH 3000 on your ERC-20 wallet. After the distribution, the tokens VIU will be available to be traded on exchanges as well as owners will be able to use them on a decentralized platform for sharing videos Viuly.io to:

  • pay for advertising on the platform
  • promote any authors video
  • payment of premium content
  • subscribe to video services

Blockchain Viuly video platform built on a Protocol IPFS, which allows you to store files in a distributed network without a common control centre. Anyone can use the extra space on your hard disk to store the videos uploaded to Viuly. Viuly provides authors receive up to 65% of ad revenue, and users – 25%.


The hackers returned $26 million in Ethereum stolen from investors CoinDash

Hackers who stole more than 43 thousand ETH to potential investors in the CoinDash, returned most of the stolen funds to startups.

The attackers moved to the address CoinDash in the total amount of 30 thousand ETH. The first transaction took place in September and the second on 23 February. At the time of publication of news aggregate value of these tokens was more than $26.5 million

At the disposal of hackers there were about 13 400 stolen tokens (~$11.8 million)

Israeli company CoinDash announced the hacking of the site, which were ICO, July 17. Hackers have placed there a false address to ETH transfer. To detect hacking investors have had to send him more than $7 million in Ethereum. CoinDash immediately appealed to the Israeli law enforcement agencies and several private firms involved in cyber security.

At the time of the theft the stolen tokens were estimated at $10.3 million

Those investors who transferred funds to the closing of the ICO website, have received their tokens, the rest can’t.

Despite a hacker attack, the team CoinDash intends to launch its first product today, February 27. This is a social trading platform integrated with multiple cryptocurrency exchanges including Poloniex, Bittrex and Binance.


In 2019 bitcoin predict the growth dominance over Althingi

Leading consulting firm A. T. Kearney suggests that by the end of 2019 bitcoin will regain its former dominance, in terms of market capitalization, which, among other things, will contribute to the instability of the altcoins.

This forecast is contained in its latest analytical report of the company.

«By the end of 2019 bitcoin will regain two-thirds of the capitalization of the stock market, as altcoins are losing their appeal because of the growing reluctance of investors to take risks», — the report says.

Analysts also noted the growing complexity of the nature of altcoins, which has been demonstrated by the recent «war of Harrachov» in the ecosystem of Bitcoin Cash.

«More hardforce and the continuing lack of consensus among developers in the issues going forward will only widen the gap between bitcoin as the most accessible and widely accepted cryptocurrency and altcoins community», — said in comments to Forbes, the head of the Council on global business policy, A. T. Kearney Courtney Rickert-McCaffrey.

This, however, does not mean that altcoins will go at all, said Vice-President of the company Eclypses Steve Russo.

«Some of them will survive and become powerful businesses with real products and a substantial income. Those that have no real value, will dissolve, will survive and prosper will be the only real products», — he said in comments to Forbes.

According to analysts at A. T. Kearney, despite very bad for bitcoin in 2018, in which he lost 73% of its value and pulled to the bottom of the rest of the market, the situation may change next year.

In particular, in a broader perspective, they believe that financial regulators will soften their approach to this sector. This, in turn, will pave the way to launch a bitcoin ETF will attract a greater number of large investors.

«The irony is that the only viable way for cryptocurrencies is their adoption of the international financial system, to win that bitcoin had once been my aim», — they write.

Note that currently the index of dominance of bitcoin, according to CoinMarketCap, is 54%, while in January 2017, the figure was about 88%. However, in January 2018 the share of bitcoin in the market was less than 33%, then went up again. Somewhat earlier, in July 2017, a situation when bitcoin for this indicator, as it seemed, was willing to work around Ethereum, however, so-called flippening never happened.

The total market capitalization of crypto-currencies today is about $125 billion, of which bitcoin comes to $67.5 billion


Switzerland will amend the legislation to regulate kriptonyte

The Swiss government has no plans to create a separate legal framework for regulating the blockchain and kriptonyte, reports Cointelegraph.

As stated by the Minister of Finance of Switzerland Ueli Maurer, for the regulation of new technologies, the authorities intend to alter the current legislation.

He added that in 2019 the government will amend six pieces of legislation in the civil code and bankruptcy law.

Ueli Maurer also drew attention to the fact that between countries there is a fierce competition in the field of FINTECH-technology. According to him, UK has already surpassed in this matter Singapore and Shanghai.

We will remind, earlier in December, the Swiss service for supervision of financial markets (FINMA) announced that c 2019 cryptocurrency startups will be able to accept deposits up to $100 million.

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China has established a pilot area for research in the field of blockchain

The first pilot area in China to study the use of blockchain technology is open in Hainan province in the South of the country, reported state news Agency Xinhua.

The area is located in the high-tech Park, Hainan Resort Software Community (RSC) and includes several projects, including the Institute for blockchain studies and innovation center.

Research Institute is a joint project between the RSC and University College Oxford Blockchain, University of Oxford (UK) and has already begun its work. The innovation centre will be established RSC, in partnership with the Chinese people’s University (Beijing).

The head of the Department of industry and information technology of Hainan province Wang Jing (Wang Jing) said:

“The pilot zone will take on the commitment to attract blockchain talents from around the world and the study of the use of technology in such areas as international trade, global Finance and credit rating”.

The official added that the pilot zone would deepen cooperation with leading research institutions around the world and key players in the blockchain industry.

Recall that in may Chinese President XI Jinping (Xi Jinping) called the blockchain breakthrough technology, first publicly recognizing its potential. The development of new industry podderzhivaetsya not only Central authorities, but also at the municipal level — for example, the innovation funds to Finance the blockchain projects created in Shenzhen ($80 million), Hangzhou ($1.6 billion) and
Nanjing ($1.48 billion).

In August, the Ministry of industry and information technology of China stated that despite the fact that the new technology is widely used in the financial sector, logistics and intelligent manufacturing, blockchain-industry in the country is in its infancy.


CBR: 90% of transactions with cryptocurrencies is due to fraud

The first Deputy Chairman of the Bank of Russia Olga Skorobogatova called cryptocurrency risky assets and stressed that 90% of transactions involve fraud. She stated in a speech at the St. Petersburg economic forum (SPIEF-2018).

“If we talk about the crypt, is a high-risk tool…it’s no secret that 90% of transactions are associated with fraudulent transactions. This does not mean that they should be banned. This means that now there are more questions than answers,” said Olga Skorobogatova.

She noted that in 2018 the investments in the development of the blockchain has grown in 2,2 times and amounted to $2.3 billion, 36% of this amount was accounted for by the financial sector. The first Chairman of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation does not consider these investments “fantastically large”. Besides, she said, “only 10% of organizations believe will have a real effect in the case of the application of this technology.”

In the beginning of the year Olga Skorobogatova, commenting on the development of the transmission system based on the blockchain for financial reports by Central banks of the countries participating in the EEU, he said that technology raises many questions:

“Despite the fact that a lot of States, what a wonderful and almost perfect technology, the blockchain, in fact she has a lot of questions, it does not solve is the question of performance, load, security and so forth.”


South Korean police have arrested 14 miners

In South Korea arrested 14 employees of 13 companies for illegal use of cheap electricity for the purpose of mining cryptocurrency.

Illegal mining was carried out in four different industrial complexes in the city of Gwangju, located in the South-West of the country. Six companies rented space in an industrial complex of Khans, six industrial complexes, Nano and London, and one in the industrial complex Jinhak.

The company, established these sets of mining hardware, pay for electricity, 10% less compared to the companies, the buildings which are located in ordinary areas. In addition, industrial estates rents slightly lower than in the whole country.

Each of these companies have installed in their premises about 100-350 devices for mining, which was carried out by them in may 2017.

We will remind, Inhabitants of South Korea have started to actively buy the processors with high-performance graphics cards such as Nvidia GTX 1080 ti, for mining of minor cryptocurrencies traded on local exchanges.

Korean manufacturers of computer equipment, in turn, began to release a CPU designed specifically for mining. Recently, the company Jooyeon Technology has introduced the Guard Hash processor with four Nvidia GTX 1080 ti, equipped with radial fan with a vaporization chamber to prevent overheating of the CPU.