Craig Wright gave the court a list of its own bitcoin addresses

Australian businessman Craig Wright in the current trial with the family of Kleimenov according to the order of the court has prepared a list of bitcoin addresses to confirm that he was hiding under the pseudonym of the Creator of bitcoin Satoshi Nakamoto.

From the publicly available version of the document all information about the addresses Wright was excluded, however, the company WizSec on the basis of discussion with the Bitcoin Core developer Greg Maxwell and metadata of the original PDF file that includes links to 45 address from the list, came to the conclusion that Wright is attempting to enter a court error.

«Looks like Wright just collected the data from the blockchain about the recipients of the first awards for the units and stated that it was his address. Their list is entirely consistent with that provided Wright. We can even substitute these addresses into the document to discover that they completely fit into the format edited lines – writes WizSec. – Providing Wright, like prepared effortlessly by copying and pasting a list of addresses from the blockchain, not backed up by any evidence to prove their affiliation».

In documents protection says:

«Bitcoin addresses are not intended to be memorized for nearly a decade. However, Dr. Wright knows what he’s added to the blockchain N blocks, and can identify the associated public address which is given below. Dr. Wright does not track the blocks of the bitcoin extracted. Other public addresses Dr. Wright unknown».

As noted WizSec, in a similar way Wright could do when the court asked him to prepare a list of addresses belonging to a trust company whose assets were the subject of the hearing Lamanai. Wright allegedly gathered information about the largest holders of bitcoin and handed it to the court, not bothering to provide any cryptographic evidence.


Analyst: Bitcoin could soon rise to $7200

Well-known analyst and Twitter regular Trading Room expressed the opinion that in the near future the price of the first cryptocurrency can reach the $6700-7200.

However, before cause irritation to the skeptics, the bitcoin price should break through the 100-week moving average (MA) passing above $6000.

100 MA, the analyst believes «strongest» level of resistance. If the bulls fail to push price beyond this line, the bitcoin, says the analyst, «slowly and surely» down to a 7 EMA and 20 MA.

Another trader — @filbfilb — I am sure that the next target will be the range of $6450-6750. After that it is possible to achieve $7500.

CoinDesk Markets, analysts found that the ratio of long and short positions on Bitfinex has reached record low values:

Also, according to them, during April-may, the total trading volume of bitcoin is significantly higher than in previous months.


EOS 34 million were withdrawn from circulation in the framework of inflation on the network

May 8 in the network of EOS was carried out the transaction associated with the transfer 34 171 037,4625 token EOS ($167 million) from the account eosio.saving the address eosio for their complete withdrawal from circulation.

The measure was adopted in accordance with proposal furnished by the manufacturer of the blocks EOS Nation on April 22 in the framework of the program on reducing the level of inflation in the network and subsequently endorsed by other manufacturers blocks.

EOS the current inflation rate is 5%, and 1% of which is distributed to manufacturers units, and 4% goes to the system working offers (WPS) and associated account eosio.saving. The creation of the WPS was envisaged in the white paper EOS to Finance various initiatives of the community due to excessive inflation. However, most of the participants in the voting on this issue agreed that the formation of public development Fund EOS with the tools in the WPS will entail predominantly negative consequences.

EOS Creator Dan Larimer previously negative perception about the use of additional inflation as the reserve funds:

«I strongly recommend to remove the 4% savings. Inflation should rise only if it increases the cost of services manufacturers of power».

Answering the question about why these 34 million tokens, it was impossible to translate on the newly launched EOS, the resource exchange (REX), EOS CEO Yves La Nation rose wrote:

«Such a measure would be useful only for a very limited number of network members, while the decision about burning is unilateral and is not aimed at any particular group of individuals. with regard to resources for decentralised applications, currently their cost is extremely small».


International system of money transfers and the blockchain: when the payment giant will begin to translate the cryptocurrency


The international system of remittances show great interest in the blockchain and cryptocurrency, moving from testing and research for the full crypto-translation, for an audience of millions. So, in early April, the largest money transfer system in the world, Western Union has entered into cooperation with cross-border payment network Thunes blockchain and the Philippine startup Together, they will launch a service that will allow customers to transfer money to mobile wallets of other users around the world. In addition to Western Union, blockchain test MoneyGram, PayPal and other payment systems. Figured out what caused their interest in advanced technology and how soon they can start the transfer of cryptocurrency.

Western Union is experimenting with bloccano and cryptocurrency

The Western Union company has long kept an eye on the blockchain and cryptocurrencies, but until recently on this front has not been significant progress. In 2018, the service announced the beginning of cooperation with Ripple «to check whether to send payments via the blockchain faster and cheaper,» traditional translations. Then the company is not found in the blockchain is nothing revolutionary. Moreover, in June 2018, the Director General of Western Union, Hikmet Ersek said that support cryptocurrencies in the coming years will not be added. According to him, users do not pay their account — transactions in Fiat currency will always dominate the cryptocurrency.

However, by the end of last year, the situation began to change. So, in December 2018 President of Western Union’s Odilon Almeida said that the company is potentially ready to accept any currency, including crypto, because there is a big difference between digital coins and other payment instruments handled by the company. The service was ready for such a step at any time, but will do it only when you decide that it is right. Now Western Union is invested in the search for financial apps that would fit the company. «Cryptocurrency can become another option for the exchange of assets between people and countries. If this happens, we will be ready to launch,» said Almeida.

In February 2019, the General Manager of Western Union in the Asia-Pacific region Molly Shi said that customers expect from the company’s seamless service, which will be as fast as other digital applications that they already have. According to her, the company continues to test a set of payment solutions the Ripple — for example, the transaction currency pair dollar/pesos — as well as exploring opportunities xRapid (payment platform from Ripple). Shi added that the options that they choose should be legitimate and widely acceptable for mass.

«Cryptocurrency is a lot of hype. Well, that we transfer money into a digital format for almost two decades».

When Western Union started using the blockchain for international transfers

In March 2019, the Western Union company has announced the cooperation with the project Thunes — cross-border payment network focused on emerging markets. Now customers of Western Union can transfer money to mobile wallets of users around the world. This should stimulate the introduction of cryptocurrencies in the regions devoid of the traditional financial services, and provide access to them for those who, for one reason or another did not use them previously.

In April, 2019 Western Union has entered into cooperation with the Philippine blockchain startup — one of the leading providers of e-wallets in the Philippines and in Thailand, which has 5 million customers and obtained the license of the Philippine Central Bank as Issuer of the digital currency and electronic money. Together, they will launch service for the implementation of domestic and international transfers directly into cryptocurrency wallets According to the world Bank, the Philippines is one of the largest recipient countries of remittances in the world. Up to 10 million Filipinos working abroad, they do not have Bank accounts, but they regularly send money to their family. Only in 2018, they transferred $32 billion.

Send money to the purse of using Western Union is very simple. The client passes verification and receives the ability to send every month up to 100,000 Philippine pesos (approximately $1907). The sender transfers money through Western Union and reports to the recipient the reference number and the transfer amount, and the recipient enters them in the app So, the money credited to the account.

Interface when you transfer via Western Union. Source.The procedure for money transaction from Western Union. Source.

The trend in the blockchain — nobody wants to lag behind in the race

The Western Union company is not alone in its quest to implement blockchain — the system only follows the General trend. In 2018, the Ripple has started cooperation with the Mexican translation service Cuallix. In 2019, the company’s CFO Nicolas Palacios said that «xRapid provides great benefits to recipients of cross-border payments in Mexico».

In January 2018 on cooperation with the Ripple reported second popular after Western Union money transfer service — MoneyGram. The company tested XRP international transfers within its network. It was originally planned that this cryptocurrency will increase transaction speed and reduce costs.

The latest news about the test was in November — the service announced that is testing Ripple xRapid for international processes within the country, not intended for users. Source.

Also in January of last year about testing xRapid announced providers of international payment transfers Mercury FX and IDT Corporation. In February, 2019 Mercury FX on the basis of xRapid has launched a payment corridor between Mexico and the Philippines and plans to launch before the end of the year 10 more of these corridors. Now the transaction volume is tens of thousands of dollars a week. The representatives of IDT Corporation in January 2019, said that the test xRapid exceeded their expectations, and the company is going to create a new product based on the technology. According to them, the average transaction time was 1 minute 53 seconds.

As for the other blockchain platforms, in April this year, PayPal has invested in Cambridge Blockchain startup that provides financial institutions services for storage and verification of sensitive data with the blockchain. The amount of investment is unknown, but, according to information filed with the Commission on securities and exchange Commission (SEC), Cambridge Blockchain has attracted several investors, only about $3.5 million. According to representatives of the company, while it is not a commercial project and the study.

Obviously, payment services follow the General trend in the blockchain to keep up in the technological race and stay afloat.

Why payment systems blockchain

Payment of services there are several reasons to begin to cooperate with the blockchain projects:

 The increase in turnover. Payment services earn a percentage of transfers. No matter what they are expressed in Fiat or cryptocurrency — the more trading volume, the greater the profit.

 Services expansion. For payment services the opportunity to work with cryptocurrencies and bloccano will reduce transaction costs, increase trust among participants in the settlement process and, as a consequence — to expand customer base. «For the payment systems, of course, is a huge advantage in terms of reduction of costs and transparency of operations. Cost reduction can be achieved through full automation of processes and the lack of inspectors and tellers on the steps of the transaction,» said Andrei Bekarev, the founder of the crypto-platform Apatris.

 The blockchain search for the optimal solution. Pay closely to stock market and carefully select the optimal blockchain solution. «While it is impossible to predict what the blockchain-a platform will be crucial in the financial services market. So now the payment services should be most responsible approach to the choice of one or other solution so you do not have to spend money to transition to the new platform. Accordingly, those platforms that are now out payment services for the launch of pilot projects on the blockchain can be considered as the most developed and practically oriented,» — said Valery Petrov, Vice-President of the Russian Association of crypto-industry and the blockchain (RAKIB) for development and regulation of the market.

When payment services will start to convert cryptocurrencies

In the investment environment, there is the hypothesis that cross-border transactions on the blockchain will be much cheaper than traditional. This assumption is now experimentally verified. «The last deal definitely suggests that investors are most interested in blockchain technology, rather than offering it as such — they are familiar to people handling cards or other payment instruments. Ripple due to its speed closer to the ideal, but even it does not correspond to the expectations of users,» said Petr Koziakov, Director of development

Therefore it is difficult to name exact date of the launch of cryptocurrency payment transfers among giants, but there is reason to believe that Western Union and other payment services in the near future will offer its users crypto-transfers. Even those tentative experiments which we see today are the actual recognition of blockchain payment technology and provide a Foundation for development.

Payment services don’t want to fall behind in the technological race, but not in a hurry to rebuild first. It is obvious that investing in crypto-projects and the start-up of transfers in developing countries is negligible for the payment giants, remitting billions of dollars. None of them are not yet ready for large-scale investments in crypto projects, adding them to your functions and restructuring of the payment infrastructure, as the market for crypto-currency transfers are still very narrow, volatile and uncontrolled. And for this small piece of the pie fighting dozens of alternative services, is completely unknown which of them will win in this fight. «In this situation, payment for services, it is now critical that as quickly as possible to take this niche to be among the leaders in a time when the crypto-assets will become a daily need,» said Valery Petrov, Vice-President RAKIB for development and regulation of the market.

Before the payment services will finally accept the cryptocurrency, those should solve the problem with the volatility, lack of regulation and become more reliable and ubiquitous. «As soon as legislators to determine the areas where crypto-assets can legally be used without risks to the monetary system or the possibility of any illegal their use is possible with high probability to predict the explosive growth in the use of blockchain technology in systems of mutual settlements», — summed up Valeri Petrov.


Coinfirm: hackers crushed the stolen bitcoins Binance trying to cover his tracks (updated)

According to experts blockchain company Coinfirm, day 8 of may of stolen from Binance 7000 bitcoins hackers was transferred 1214 BTC ($7.3 million) to a new address.

The remaining 5786 BTC (~$35 million) for some time were pristine in wallets that coins have been transferred initially. Some time later, the attacker of this amount, sent 1227 BTC to two new addresses. One of them translated 707 BTC, on the other — 520 BTC.

According to the journalist and blockchain analyst Amy castor, thus hackers are trying to cover their tracks.

«The basics of money laundering: break the transaction into smaller amounts, and then track them becomes more difficult,» — shared his opinion of castor.

UPDATE: analysts The Block came to the conclusion that the stolen from the hot wallet Binance 7070 BTC was subsequently distributed across 7 locations, the majority of which format Bech32.

At six of the addresses currently 1060,6 BTC and one BTC 707,1:

  1. bc1q2rdpyt8ed9pm56u9t0zjf94zrdu6gufa47pf62 (1060.6 BTC)
  2. bc1qx3628eh9tdnm0uzculu8k6r2ywfkc5zns2hp0k (1060.6 BTC)
  3. bc1qnf2ja3ffqzc3hskanjse6p8zag52fm6jgmmg9u (1060.6 BTC)
  4. bc1qw7g5uxxl750t0h2fh9xajwuxp4qt634yh3vg5q (1060.6 BTC)
  5. 16SMGihY94H8UjRcxwsLnDtxRt7cRLkvoc (1060.6 BTC)
  6. 1MNwMURYw1LkPnnpda2DQkkUsXXeKL9pmr (1,060.6 BTC)
  7. bc1q3a5hd36jrqeseqa27nm40srkgxy8lk0v0tpjtp (707.1 BTC)

We will remind, soon after hacking Binance the head of the exchange, Chanpen Zhao confirmed plans to launch margin trading.


Poloniex will allow customers to earn tokens stacking Cosmos

Holders of the token ATOM project Cosmos on Poloniex will be able to automatically earn rewards for stacking the asset. The corresponding functionality, the exchange will add this summer.

«In an effort to support the ecosystems of the Cosmos and ensure value for our customers Poloniex will be one of the first kryptomere that support stacking tokens Cosmos. Since the summer of 2019, Poloniex customers will automatically receive the remuneration for stacking of the ATOM, while maintaining the ability to trade», — reads the statement of grounds.

Among other things, the exchange will offer owners a token ATOM the possibility of their redemption from the participants in ICO, margin trading and lending.

The Cosmos project is developing a solution obespechila the compatibility of the various blockchains. Validators private network Cosmos get more tokens for the security of the blockchain by stacking existing tokens.

Also Poloniex implemented support orders, Stop Limit in the mobile app.

We will remind, Poloniex announced the listing of token ATOM in March. Bidding started at the end of April.


John McAfee has offered its assistance Canpany Zhao

Founder of MGT Capital Investments and the candidate in US presidents John McAfee offered the head of the bitcoin exchange Binance Canpany Zhao their decisions in the field of cybersecurity, as well as expert knowledge and experience to address the consequences of recent hacking attacks.

«Canpan Zhao, if I can at least to some degree to help, please let me know. Under my clown suit still lurks one of the most experienced experts in the field of cybersecurity on the planet. I’ve been doing this for 51 years. I am at your service,» wrote a well-known predictor of the rate of bitcoin.

Soon he is called upon by other experts in the field of cybersecurity to rally for support for the popular exchange:

«Hackers are the dark wizards of our age. Now is the time for my colleagues on cybersecurity to prove that they are wizards who work for the good of the people. I call her once formidable and terrible competitor Eugene Kaspersky to join, to help Canpany Zhao»

Then he portrayed the head of the Binance in the form of Superman and himself as Batman.

«Attack on one is an attack on all of us. Let’s find the hackers and bring them to justice»

McAfee also posted a tweet with a screenshot of the answer Zhao that he allegedly interested in the opinion of cyberexperts and send him a personal message.

«The first rule of the cyber-investigations — silence,» said John McAfee.

Earlier, the founder of TRON Foundation Justin San has said it is ready «personally» select the exchange Binance funds for total amount of 7000 BTC.


Administrators Deep Dot Web charged with money laundering

The Prosecutor’s office for the Western district of Pennsylvania indicted in money laundering alleged co-owners and administrators of the information website on darknet Deep Dot Web, reports TechCrunch.

Citizens of Israel Tel Prehar (37) and Michael Fan (34 years) was arrested on the eve: the first in Paris, the second in Israel.

American prosecutors allege that the defendants have placed referral links on the markets of illicit goods on the darknet and earned commissions (2-4%) with respect to the users purchases. So, according to the investigation, from November 2014 to April 2019 8155 BTC they have earned. The profit allegedly was divided in half.

The Agency found that 23% of all transactions carried out on the already non-existent marketplace AlphaBay was made after the transition from Deep Dot Web. The website has also led to about 198 thousand users on the Hansa market.

The Federal police of Brazil, where recently lived Prehar, they arrested another alleged member of the conspiracy and withdrew $200 thousand, as well as undisclosed amount in cryptocurrency equivalent.

«This is the largest single breakthrough in the history of the struggle against darknets», — said the Prosecutor, Scott Brady.

Deep Dot Web by Indictment on Scribd

Recall, a website Deep Dot Web, in the traditional Internet stopped working the day before. Instead, it appeared a notice saying that the resource is closed by the FBI in accordance with the order of the Prosecutor’s office.

Earlier in the international security operation involving Europol, the Federal criminal police of Germany and the prosecution of Germany were confiscated servers darknet-the Wall Street Market marketplace, and arrested its alleged operators of three citizens of Germany from the southern Federal States.

In parallel was closed darknet marketplace Silkkitie (or Valhalla) — its servers were seized in Finland.


Facebook are allowed to publish ads on blockchain technology and educational courses on cryptocurrency

The largest social network Facebook has updated the advertising policy. Now users can post ads related to blockchain solutions and information about the events industry without prior approval from the social network.

However, to advertise cryptocurrencies, users still need to obtain a permit. In addition, there is a complete ban on advertising of primary offerings of coins (ICO), binary options and contracts for difference (CFDs)

We will remind, in the beginning of last year, Facebook and Instagram banned the advertising of crypto-currencies and ICO. However, in June of limitation was somewhat mitigated — the social network were allowed to place associated with the cryptocurrency of the content pre-approved advertisers.


Analysis of prices BTC, ETH, XRP (09.05.19)

The upper boundary of the rising channel may act as strong resistance for the pair BTC/USD and to expand the Bitcoin price is on the pullback.


Yesterday after a brief consolidation at the level of 78.6% Fibo (5811.75 USD) bulls attempted to update an annual maximum and to test the upper border of the rising green channel. On the growing volumes, buyers only last night managed to update the annual maximum level of 6099.00 USD, but to test the upper boundary of the green corridor has not yet happened. (Bitfinex, set the annual maximum at around 6344.00 USD).

Today after a small pullback we can expect continued growth and re-test target level — the upper boundary of the rising channel. We believe that this resistance will bring the price of BTC falls back to the level of 78.6% Fibonacci.


Yesterday, the trading volumes on the airwaves decreased until late at night ETH price has consolidated near the resistance level 61.8% Fibonacci (168.70 USD).

Tonight, the buyers managed to overcome this resistance and gain a foothold above the level of 61.8% Fibonacci, at the same time, significant growth is not observed. If the pair BTC/USD again drags the entire market up, after a short consolidation, the price of Ethereum, the recovery may continue into the more strong resistance for 180.00 USD. If correlation is reduced, then a pair of ETH/USD continues consolidation near the 61.8% Fibo (168.70 USD).


The volatility of the Ripple is quite low and since the beginning of may remains within 6.5%. Yesterday during the day the price of XRP, slowly recovering to the middle line of the yellow corridor. Today the movement is in the yellow range will continue, the pair will try to overcome the level of USD 0.300 and maybe have time to turn around the decline.

* All prices shown are based on data exchange BitStamp