Gram: cryptocurrency ecosystem Telegram

In the second round of the ICO closed the Telegram project was able to raise over $1.7 billion investment. At a given level of demand, the organizers may well abandon the public stage and to attract the necessary funds in a closed round of placement of tokens Gram. What services within the ecosystem will use Telegram Gram and how it will operate, the cryptocurrency’s most ambitious project in 2018.

About the ecosystem Telegram

According to the white paper, the idea of launching the project belongs to Nikolai and Pavel Durov, the purpose of which is to provide bulk to the holders of the cryptocurrency easy, scalable and fast platform to work with their assets. To do this, the project will be launched ecosystem Telegram that integrates with the messenger and consists of the blockchain, cryptocurrencies internal Gram, crypto-wallet and a list of available services.

The basis of the ecosystem is a multi-blockchain Telegram Open Network (TON), the architecture of which provides PoS (Proof-of-Stake) of the consensus algorithm, as well as mastercan and related blockchain networks. This approach avoids problems of scalability: blackany TON can automatically split up and come together to ease the load on the entire network. The lack of long queues of transactions into the block will contribute to the low fees. Moreover, any block of the blockchain may be an independent network, and a clever routing system ensure instant information exchange between all blockchains TON. This decision will allow the network to handle up to a million transactions per second.

In addition, the ecosystem Telegram users will have such services as:

 TON DNS — domain name system;

 TON Storage — decentralized file storage

 TON Services is a platform for third-party services, which provides an intuitive interface for decentralized applications and smart contracts.

 TON Payments — micropayments platform and a network of micropayment channels.

About cryptocurrency Gram

Internal cryptocurrency ecosystem Telegram was the token Gram. The overall weight is 5 Gram of billions of tokens. Platform users can use tokens Gram for payment or use any physical or digital assets provided by individual sellers in the ecosystem Telegram. Also Gram tokens can be used for:

Fees for the work TON gcd (validators) upon confirmation of the transactions and smart contracts.

In the form of steaks validators network TON, which will approve the transaction and create new units;

Transfer debt validators in exchange for a share of the Commission;

The right to vote to support, or, conversely, to speak out against the innovations in the Protocol of the network;

Payment services provided by the application platform (THANK Services).

Payment data storage (TON of Storage);

Payment domain name registration (DNS TON) and hosting TON (TON WWW);

Pay for the anonymity and shelter IP addresses (TON Proxy);

Payment for bypass the censorship of local Internet service providers (TON Proxy).

For the startup ecosystem Telegram in mid-February, project organizers held their first indoor round of licensee Gram, who brought the project $850 million. The investors were offered a «simple agreement for future tokens» (SAFT), in which the tokens themselves will be presented only after the launch of the blockchain TON, scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2018. Each agreement will be converted into tokens Gram in 1:1 ratio.

After starting TON the annual rate of inflation, provided the fundamental network parameters TON, will be 2%. This inflation will be secured by payments that make all members of the community in the form of a payment validators that support the performance of the network TON.

For developers provides 4% (200 million Gram) of all issued tokens with the period of use restrictions in 4 years. 52% of all tokens will freeze within TON Reserve to avoid speculative trading, and to maintain a certain level of flexibility in the early stages of the startup ecosystem. The remaining 44% of the tokens (2.2 billion Gram) will go on sale, and their price will be formed according to the following formula:

pn: = 0.1 × (1 + 10 − 9)n USD

Assuming that the first token was sold at a price of $0.1, each additional token will cost one billion more than the previous one. As a result, extra tokens listed from TON Reserve, there will always be more expensive than those that were already bought by the participants tocancel events. This structure makes it easy to determine the fair value of the trade tokens.

To work with the token to the platform users will be given a «light wallet» that will allow you to store cryptocurrency without having to download the whole blockchain TON. These wallets will be integrated into the ecosystem Telegram, which will allow holders to Gram to work with all applications and services. Also will include desktop and mobile versions of the lightweight wallet.

Why Gram may waive the public round

Given the popularity of the project and have already raised funds, many experts believe that the project may waive holding a public round of investment.

So, in the February report of the Commission on securities and exchange Commission (SEC), the organizers of licensee indicated that the project drew $850 million from 81 major investor. According to different sources, the minimum amount for participation in the presales were $10 million, and even before the fundraiser, the order book was full. In the second round, the report of which came in SEC on March 29, attracted another $850 million from 94 investors, after which the total investment in the project amounted to $1.7 billion.

The General partner of Morgan Creek Capital Blockchain Anthony Pompliano said:

«The goal of each event to raise funds to obtain sufficient funds to run the project or company. Obviously, Telegram this purpose has already achieved, it makes no sense to hold public round.»


Fear, hatred, and opportunities: as capturadora survive the current drop

For 2018 was not more losing weeks for the stock market than the previous one. Sunday, November 25, bitcoin exchange rate has updated its 12-month low, dropping to $3838, and losing a week over 26%. For bitcoin was followed by other coins: ether dropped to $115, losing their place in the market. The second capitalization of the coin was the ripple, which is trading at $0.37. And the total capitalization of caporino dropped by $57 billion. In the current situation, many market players started to panic, while others have found in it opportunities for earnings. DeCenter found out what they are doing during the current drop traders and large investors, and what is the forecast by leading analysts.

For the second consecutive week, the cryptocurrency market is in a state of collapse. November 19 presenter Cryptotrader on the CNBC Ran Neuner said extremely pessimistic mood among the players of the stock market:

Today for the first time since the beginning of this bear market I have seen people surrender, admit defeat, ridiculing the community and technology, and promising never to touch the cryptocurrency. Even the bravest has been silenced…

Proved him and other members of cryptodira, who lost an impressive investment over the last week. Thus, according to the news portal one of the English-speaking users of the anonymous web forum 4chan got rid of all my crypto investments and encouraged others to do likewise: «This is the end, I sold everything. And I’m free. I got out of that damn hell Scam… at First it was fun, but now it’s more like a cruel joke. I bought bitcoin at $15,000. Not one person can easily observe how his money evaporate right before his eyes. You all know that it goes to $3000, right?… Let’s stop pretending that the market is anything but bearish trend until 2020».

Mass selling of digital assets traders also had an impact on the long-term holders of bitcoin who invested in the first cryptocurrency in early 2017. This is evidenced by cryptocurrency trading firm Genesis. The head of the company Michael Moreau notes that the investors who bought the bitcoin at the beginning of last year for the first time began to sell their assets, approaching its base value when buying. So, investors who in the first quarter of 2017 bought a bitcoin for $900−$1300, saw its explosive growth, which at the peak of noted historical high of $19,783. However, the current situation on the market gives them hope that soon something will change a lot.

In an interview with the American Forbes cryptotriton and investor in the digital currency known as Aldon, Tero (Altcoin Thoreau), also noted that there is no indication that the bear market coming to an end: «the Price indicates that the trend was on the decline after 2017, when the cryptocurrency was at its peak. Despite the fact that the current state of the market largely differs from the parabolic pattern of bitcoin, which we saw in 2013, we can safely say that the trend reversal will take some time. Last bear market lasted more than 600 days, and the current, at the time of writing this article is only 344 at the bottom.»

This is evidenced by the well-known crypto-analyst and founder Willie Wu, according to which currently bottom of bitcoin is only beginning and the end the bear market will not come until the second quarter of 2019: «Recent data obtained from our blockchain and macro-market indicators, are still relevant. Changed the indicator NVTS, which broke its support, which is a signal to sell. All our blockchain indicators point to bearish trend. NVT, NVTS, MVRV, BNM, NVM. Of course, they are experimental, but they still gave very accurate predictions, even when the traditional stock indicators said otherwise. While some catalyst will not affect the change in trend, we will see a bear market until mid-2019».

According to Wu, until the end of the bearish trend of bitcoin either capitulate, or will trade sideways. As for altcoins, market players will be their pumpit. A large part profits from trading Althingi will be sent to the bitcoin, which by that time will reach its bottom and be ready to start an uptrend that will last until the next lower rewards per block in 2020.

At what level to wait for the bottom?

The head of the American Civic startups and well-known counselor in the crypto industry Winnie Lingam gives a conservative estimate for the stock market. Like many other players, the expert does not think that bitcoin will breach the level of $6000 before the end of 2018. According to the analysis of crypto-analyst Murad Makhmudov, bitcoin is in a long term descending triangle.

So, if current market trends continue, the first cryptocurrency strikes the bottom, having gone below $3000 before the end of 2018.

The lower limit at $3000 not beyond probability, provided that a pattern of descending triangle comes to end.

About the possible level of support for bitcoin at $3000 and says chief analyst social trading platform, eToro’s Mati Greenspan: «we can’t say for sure. Now bitcoin has broken the key psychological level of $5000, which means that the next logical support level which we will see in the graphs will be $3000. However, it is not necessary, and if now a reversal takes place, it will definitely be the signal for a bullish trend.»

Specialist in technical analysis from the company Cracked the Market Yani Sedins also sees the lower limit of the exchange rate of bitcoin at $3500, after which the market will begin to rehabilitate himself: «it is possible that a rebound will occur in the neighborhood of $3500 and return rate of up to $5,000. Of course, now it doesn’t sound like a big change, given the current fall in prices, but the return from $3,500 to $5,000 — almost a 50% return within a few days of work.»

Traditionally with follow bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. So, last week the majority of cryptocurrencies, with the exception of tablconv, including the ether, bitcoin, cash, litecoin and ripple have lost from 10% to 40% of the last value.

It is noteworthy that the data kollebaniya not very concerned institutional investors. It says the head of Department on work with digital assets VanECK gábor Gurbax. In an interview with the American Forbes Gurbax said that large investors are not afraid of the exchange rate of bitcoin to $3000, however, as in $10,000. They are more interested in infrastructure and growth rates that make this sector highly attractive for investment: «Large financial institutions focus more on the proper structure of the market than on short-term price kolebaniyakh. How to calculate the cost of a digital asset? How to ensure safe storage? Will they available crypto-ETF with a correct structure of the market and how to protect their investments? For the most part, large financial institutions don’t care if bitcoin will finish 2019 at around $3000 or $10,000. I see that the structure of the market is improving every day and becomes more like a commodity market or stock market».

However, over the last two weeks dramatically increased the interest of large investors to bitcoin futures trading platforms, owned by CME and CBOE. Futures allow you to play against bitcoin profit from a falling market cryptocurrency. According to Bloomberg, Monday, November 19, total open positions in futures on bitcoin rose to 22,266 — it is a historical maximum.

The current drop is the time for new opportunities

It is obvious that not all market players see the current situation, only losses. As noted by Mati Greenspan, despite the current collapse, the market of digital assets are not lost its appeal for some investors:

It is definitely a demand!

Now the most interesting for investors have bitcoin and ripple. This is evidenced by eToro, which stipulate that clients trading platforms have increased their contributions to these coins.

Clients @etoro took advantage of the collapse in the price of bitcoin to replenish their stocks. The red circle marks a small but obvious increase in assets, since November 14.

Moreover, Greenspan believes that now the market goes alarmists and weak: «Many capturadora happy to continue hadlich, even at such a low price. I assume that also large financial institutions find the current prices very attractive for buying».

A similar opinion was shared by the founder of the Super Margin Armen Gevorgyan during a panel discussion at the international blockchain Crypto conference Event RIW. The entrepreneur believes that institutional investors now invest in digital assets, but do it gradually and in small portions.


Japan recorded growth of cryptocurrency suspicious transactions

Japanese bitcoin exchange announced on 5 944 suspicious cryptocurrency transactions in the period from January to October 2018 national police Agency (NSA), says JiJi Press.

It is noteworthy that the number of transactions exceeds the same indicators in the period from April to December 2017 by almost 800%.

Activities of bitcoin exchanges in Japan is regulated by the financial services Agency (FSA) and must meet the standards of AML/KYC.

However, according to the national police, cryptocurrency transactions make up only 1.7% of all suspicious transactions in the financial sector.

Earlier, the FSA has required the exchanges to delist anonymous cryptocurrency.


Binance added the option to simultaneously manage multiple accounts

Bitcoin exchange Binance added the function of sub-accounts, allowing VIP users to have multiple trading accounts in one.

Reportedly, users of so-called institutional accounts can create up to 200 sub-accounts in one.

So, the new service allows you to manage orders and assets of all accounts to reset two-factor authentication, and freeze the other accounts.

Representatives Binance also added that the transfer of assets between subaccounts will not be charged the fee.

To access the service only corporate and VIP users, the monthly trading volume which is 4 500 BTC.

Earlier Binance showed the interface of the future decentralized exchange.

Download the app ForkLog for Android smartphones!


Michael Arrington completely switched to cryptocurrency

Venture capitalist and TechCrunch founder Michael Arrington (Michael Arrington) stated that it is launching a $100 million hedge Fund Capital XRP Arrington, who will work actively on the cryptocurrency market.

Arrington wrote in his blog that he first bought bitcoin in July 2013, in the amount of $102,41 with a Commission of $1,17 — and was so fascinated by this topic, then launched a venture Fund, CrunchFund, and last year began to invest in ICO. Now he fully intends to go in this area:

A year ago I was just criptonita. Now I changed my career path to focus on cryptocurrencies and related technologies… This new Fund, I demonstrate the intention to devote my future career to cryptocurrencies.

New hedge Fund will invest in various crypto-currency assets, technology, and ICO, but for the calculations to apply the developed Ripple XRP cryptocurrency.

Some think it’s insanity and we stand on the edge of a huge crisis bursting of the crypto bubble… Others claim that cryptomemetic just beginning. I’m on their side.

Recall that the majority of financial executives in the world, according to the survey of 97 members of the CNBC Global CFO Council, do not trust bitcoin. And chief investment officer at Japan Post Bank , Katsunori Sago (Katsunori Sago) believes that the fair price of bitcoin is $100, and the current fascination with cryptocurrency is worse than the dot-com bubble in the late 1990s.


In Korea discussed the possibility of closing cryptocurrency exchanges

The head of the financial services Commission of the Republic of Korea (FSC) Choi Jong Ku (Choi Jong-ku) confirmed that the government is considering the closure of all cryptocurrency exchanges in the country.

“The government has started to discuss the possibility of closure of the cryptocurrency exchanges or closing only those who are involved in illegal activities,” — said the Chairman of the FSC at the meeting of the National Assembly.

He added that his Agency plans to take action against speculation in the cryptocurrency market. FSC will conduct a thorough check of banks to prevent speculative trading in assets on cryptomeria, said the head of the regulator.

Government officials have already announced a possible termination of work of crypto-currency exchanges in the country. At the end of December adopted emergency measures to regulate their work. However, the full regulatory framework for the cryptocurrency market in the country has not yet been established. Choi Jong Ku said that the interagency work in this direction is:

“We are seriously working on plans to curb the recent craze of cryptocurrency. We are in the stage of consultations between the ministries”.

Earlier, the Deputy head of the FSC Kim Yong-bum (Kim Yong-bum) called for international cooperation to deal with cryptocurrencies. And the head of the regulator said that the Agency deepens cooperation with colleagues from China and Japan in this field.

The actions of the authorities of Korea to tighten regulation of the cryptocurrency market in the country has met a negative response of the citizens of the country. A petition against this policy of regulators less than a month collected 215 thousand votes, and now the government during the month should be the official answer.


Blockchain Institute and Waves Platform open laboratory for implementation of blockchain projects

Blockchain Institute in partnership with Waves Platform open in Moscow laboratory dedicated to consultation and the comprehensive development of the blockchain projects.

«Moscow R&D Lab» will support and implementation of technological projects in the field of business and public management in Russia and CIS countries. Considerable experience within the team will allow the lab to focus on creating integrated technology solutions that go far beyond writing smart contracts.

The laboratory will do the full cycle implementation of system development — from planning the internal logic of the system to build its user interface, giving priority to interdisciplinary research and experimentation, which is especially important when designing complex technology solutions for large financial and industrial companies and state institutions.

Alexander Ivanov, founder and CEO of Waves Platform:

«Moscow R&D Lab» is the first laboratory in Russia, capable to quickly and efficiently implement a blockchain-based projects benefits and justification for the use of technology to solve a particular problem. For our platform, it is important to preserve some of the leading position in the world in the field of blockchain technology, and we are confident that the cooperation with the laboratory will accelerate the creation of new and innovative solutions for implementation at both corporate and national level».

Ivanov is confident that a major Russian engineering school and the high level of competence of specialists working in Moscow R&D Lab will allow the lab to become a major research center on the blockchain not only in Russia but also in CIS countries.

We will remind, in August of 2017 Waves Platform in conjunction with the National settlement Depository of Russia (NSD) began working together to create blockchain-platform post-trade service of digital assets.



Weekly market analysis cryptocurrencies and ICO (11-17 Dec 2017)

Information on 17.12.2017 (results for the period from 01.07.2017)[i]


  • Dmitry Kornilov, doctor of economic Sciences, academician of RANS, senior analyst ICOBox
  • Dmitri Zaitsev, candidate of economic Sciences, head of international public relations and the Department of business analysts ICOBox
  • Nikolay Evdokimov, co-founder of ICOBox
  • Michael raitzin, co-founder of ICOBox
  • Anar Babayev, co-founder of ICOBox
  • Daria Generalova, co-founder of ICOBox

The study presents data on dynamics of changes on cryptocurrency market on the market of the ICO in the third and fourth quarter, but the main emphasis is on the analysis of the changes since the beginning of December 2017, including over the past week (11-17.12.2017).

1. A General analysis of the market of cryptocurrencies and assets (per week, month, quarter). Market dynamics

1.1. A General analysis of the market of cryptocurrencies and assets (week, month)

Table. 1.1. Dynamics of capitalization of the stock market and the major currencies with 01.11.2017, 17.12.2017 G.

In the period 1 to 17 December 2017, the total market capitalization of cryptocurrencies (Total Market Capitalization) increased by more than 270 billion U.S. dollars, with 305,1 to 579,5 billion USD (as of 17 Dec 2017 00:00 UTC; see table. 1.1).

In Fig. 1. represented as the expectation of the production market futures Bitcoin affected the change in total market capitalization.

The following is the analysis of changes in the demand for money 10 December 2017 before the start of futures trading on Bitcoin at located in Chicago exchange Cboe.

At 00:00 UTC 10.12.2017 G. capitalization of cryptocurrencies was 416,9 billion USD (see table. 1.1). Over the next four hours, the market capitalization fell by more than 50 billion U.S. dollars and 04:00 UTC amounted to 363,6 billion dollars (see Fig. 1), but during the day the market rebounded, and 00:00 UTC 11.12.2017 G. capitalization came back down to 411 billion U.S. dollars. In the days that followed saw a significant increase to 579,5 billion US dollars (in 17.12.2017 G. 00:00 UTC, see table. 1.1, Fig. 1).

Thus, over the past week (11-17.12.2017) the market capitalization has increased by approximately 160 billion U.S. dollars, with an increase of 70 billion US dollars was due to the Bitcoin market capitalization which grew from to 326,1 of 253.8 billion US dollars. The growth of capitalization altcoins for the week amounted to approximately 90 billion US dollars, it increased with up to 253,4 163,1 billion U.S. dollars.

For the period from 10 to 17 December courses Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin and Litecoin Cash increased by 28.4%, 47,3%, 28.4% and 93,9% respectively.

Last week there was an increase in almost all of the most important altcoins, except IOTA. It should be noted a significant increase in the capitalization of Litecoin and Cardano, who took fifth and sixth places in the list of cryptocurrencies on the level of capitalization. Thus, the course Litecoin in ten days (08-18.12.2017) rose from $98 to $300, i.e., more than three times (Fig. 2). Course Cardano, in turn, in just four days (14 to 18.12.2017) grew 4.5 times, from $0.13 to $0,59 (Fig. 3).

According to Cointelegraph, in the system Terminal Bloomberg added Ripple (XRP), Ethereum (ETH) and Litecoin (LTC), which allows users in real time analyze their financial performance. At the same time, banks of Japan and South Korea reported on the testing of payments based on blockchain technology Ripple (see table. 1.5). In the Ripple (XRP) per week (11-17.12.2017) have increased three times, from $0.25 to $0.75, and the rate of Ethereum (ETH) increased from $450 to $700.

The appearance on the stock market of new mechanisms of hedging risks of futures contracts, had a positive impact on its dynamics. However, the overall futures trading volume on Bitcoin to Сboe last week was insignificant compared to the total capitalization of the cryptocurrencies. In connection with this interest, how will this affect the bitcoin exchange rate is scheduled for 18 December start of futures trading in the world’s largest Mercantile exchange CME Group. In addition, there was news about the possible launch of futures contracts on Ethereum and Litecoin (see table. 1.5).

On the background of the events and the significant growth of the stock market almost unnoticed were two new hard forks: Super Bitcoin and ECIP 1017 (Fig. 4). On the project website Super Bitcoin it is noted that this hardwork is «experimental». Hardwork ECIP 1017 held in Ethereum Classic, and now, as expected, the total supply of cryptocurrency, thanks to the implementation of deflationary model of monetary policy will be reduced by 20 million units to 210 million.

Recall that the last hardwork Bitcoin, which appeared cryptocurrency Bitcoin Diamond, on 24 November.

The main reasons for the movements leading cryptocurrency over the past week are presented in table. 1.3.

Smith + Crown Index for the period increased significantly from 25 to 34 891 989.

To analyze the activity of trading on the crypto currency exchange is calculated the index of ZAK-n Crypto (see Glossary). Indices ZAK-4 Crypto and ZAK-8 Crypto is presented in table. 1.1, 1.2.and, 1.2.b. So, 14.12.2017, trading volume (Volume 24h) for the four dominant cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple) exceeded 26.7 billion U.S. dollars per day (table. 1.2.a). The index value of the ZAK-4 Crypto was 6.9%, which indicates a very high liquidity and dynamism of the market dominant cryptocurrency.

Table. 1.2.. Daily calculation of the index ZAK-4 Crypto (c 01.12.2017, 17.12.2017)

Trading volumes 24 hour (24h Volume) for the eight dominant cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Litecoin, Dash, IOTA, Cardano) at the end of last week amounted to 20.4 bln US $ (see table 1.2.b), i.e. 4.1% of their market capitalization. More indexes ZAK-4 Crypto and ZAK-8 Crypto considered in the table. 1.2.and 1.2.b.

Table. 1.2.b. Daily calculation of the index ZAK-8 Crypto (extension table 1.2.a)

In table. 1.3 presents the key events of the week (11-17.12.2017), influenced the course of the dominant cryptocurrency and the stock market in General, indicating the nature and extent of their influence.

Table. 1.3. Key events of the week that influenced the course of cryptocurrency 11-17 December 2017

High trading activity (Volume 24h) relative to market capitalization contributes to the volatility of the cryptocurrency market, which can lead to sharp changes in their prices.

The following is an analysis of daily changes in exchange rates of Bitcoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash since the beginning of December (table. 1.4.a,b,C).

Table. 1.4.. Daily dynamics of exchange rate, trading volume (Volume 24h) and capitalization of the Bitcoin (BTC) to US dollar (c 01.12.2017, 17.12.2017)

Table. 1.4.b. Daily dynamics of exchange rate, trading volume (Volume 24h) and capitalization of Ethereum (ETH) in relation to the U.S. dollar (c 01.12.2017, 17.12.2017)

17.12.2017, the course of Bitcoin first exceeded $20 000.

Since the beginning of December (01-17.12.2017) the rate of Bitcoin has increased from $10 198,60 to $19 140,80, Ethereum and the price rose from $445,21 to $719,98 (table. 1.4.a,b). Thus the highest rate as Bitcoin ($20 089) and Ethereum ($735,80) was recorded 17.12.2017 g. the Greatest daily fluctuation (Range) of courses Bitcoin ($4 016,50) and Ethereum ($152,80) was observed 08.12.2017 and 12.12.2017, respectively. Thus, courses Bitcoin and Ethereum from the beginning of 2017 grew by 19.17 and 88,12 (see table. 1.4.a,b).

Dynamics of prices of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin and Cash Ripple (top-4 of cryptocurrency by capitalization) to December 2017 are presented in Fig. 5, 6, 7, 8.

According to the data shown in Fig. 5, 6, 7, 8, intensive growth of the Bitcoin exchange rate on December 6-7, was accompanied by lower rates of Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash, and the Bitcoin exchange rate correction that took place on December 8 led to a rise in prices Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash. After 11.12.2017 for 2-4 days was an intensive growth rate of the cryptocurrency is presented, and then its correction.

Table. Daily dynamics of exchange rate, trading volume (Volume 24h) and capitalization of the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) in relation to the U.S. dollar (c 01.12.2017, 17.12.2017)

The General index of the change Bitcoin to Cash August 1, 2017 amounted to 4.9 (the base of the calculation of the adopted rate of $380 at the end of the day 01.08.2017 g), i.e. for the period after hard forks of Bitcoin and new Bitcoin Cash its rate increased by 390%, while the growth rate occurred from the beginning of November. In December, the rate was changed in the range of $1 226,20 to $1 939,90. Now Bitcoin Cash occupies the third position in terms of capitalization, equal to 30.5 billion U.S. dollars.

In table. 1.5 presents a list of events, information about which appeared last week and which can affect the certain cryptocurrency and the market in General.

Table. 1.5. Events that can affect the course of cryptocurrencies in the future

1.2. Market dynamics

Weekly dynamics of the market of cryptocurrencies and assets 02.07.2017, 17.12.2017. presented in the form of diagrams (Fig. 1.1-1.5)*.

Table. 1.6. Symbols and characteristics of the charts

In Fig. Figure 1.1 shows the weekly changes in the cryptocurrency market with 02.07.2017, 17.12.2017 During this period, market capitalization grew from 94,7 to 590,2 billion US dollars and in relation to the beginning of the year the growth was 3 234%. Over the past week (11-17.12.2017) total market capitalization increased from 383 billion U.S. dollars to 590,2 billion USD (as of 17.12.2017).

Despite the substantial increase in the market capitalization of crypto-currencies for the third quarter of 2017 and for the year overall, the market is subject to sharp fluctuations. A significant reduction was observed at week 09-16.07.2017 (-28%) and in the first two weeks of September (03-10.09 and 11-17.09.2017), by 25.2 billion US dollars (-15,1%) and 20.8 billion USD (-15%) respectively. The highest growth in the third quarter was 39% (16-23.07.2017).

Three weeks in a row weekly market capitalisation amounted to about 50 billion U.S. dollars (19.11.2017 to 10.12.2017). Over the past week (11-17.12.2017) total market capitalization of cryptocurrencies increased to a record 207,1 billion US dollars or 54% (including average data per day).

The total number of types of cryptocurrencies and scriptactive on the stock exchange since July has increased from 881 to 1 325. Only for last week their number has increased by 51 1 274 1 325. At the same time for the analyzed period, the average market capitalization of cryptocurrencies and scriptactive increased from 300,6 to 445,4 million dollars.

In the four weeks of October (01-29.10.2017) the cryptocurrency market grew by 23 billion dollars, from 147 to 170 billion US dollars over the next four weeks (30.10-.26.11.2017) it reached 283 billion US dollars, i.e. has increased by 113 billion dollars. For the first two weeks of December (27.11-10.12.2017 g), it increased by another 100 billion U.S. dollars, up to 383 billion US dollars (average value on 10.12.2017).

Last week (11-17.12.2017) was characterized by very significant growth of the market of 54%, with most of the increase was due to the altcoins. The share of Bitcoin during this time decreased from 60.9% to 56.3%.

In General, the stock market has grown significantly, its market capitalization since the beginning of the year increased 33%, from 17.7 to 590,2 billion US dollars (17.12.2017).

2. General market analysis ICO (week, month)

2.1. Market overview, news for the week

  • Against the founders of the project Tezos filed another class action
  • Class-Action Suit Targets the ICO Promoted By Floyd Mayweather, Jr.
  • Kik goes on with Ethereum Stellar
  • Kickstarter ICO? Don’t Count On It Says Crowdfunding Leader
  • Mexican Authorities Call ICOs Illegal, Risky Cryptocurrencies
  • On Indiegogo you can now run ICO
  • Your Utility Token ICO Is Probably a Securities Offering: SEC Chairman

2.2. Aggregated indicators of the dynamics and efficiency of the market the past (completed, ompleted) ICO

To assess the dynamics and efficiency of the market is successfully finished and/or released to the stock exchange ICO offers a set of tools (see table. 2.1).

Table. 2.1. Tools to assess the efficiency of the market is successfully finished and/or released to the stock exchange ICO

Table. 2.2. Aggregated indicators of the dynamics and efficiency of the market the past (completed Completed) ICO4

The data from the beginning of December (01-10.12.2017) adjusted to reflect the appearance of more complete information on revised ICO. In the end, the total amount of attracted funds amounted to is 304.2 million US dollars. Last week (11-17.12.2017) the amounts of fees by the ICO amounted 345,9 million dollars. This amount consists of the results of 18 completed the most successful ICO, the greatest amount of fees amounted to approximately 60 million U.S. dollars (ICO Nebulas). Average borrowed funds for one project are equal to 19.2 billion U.S. dollars. More detailed data on 18 major ICO the last week are presented in table. 2.5.

2.3. Aggregated indicators to assess the market for existing and planned (Active, Planned) ICO

Table. 2.3. Aggregated indicators to assess the market for existing and planned (Active, Planned) ICO

The number of projects engaged in (Active) ICO is 17.12.2017 G. 269. At the moment there is information about at least 267 ICO scheduled after 17.12.2017 year, of which next week is planned the beginning of carrying out at least 10 ICO.

2.4. Quantitative analysis of the market ICO

1. The amount of attracted funds and the number of ICO

Table. 2.4. The amount of attracted funds and the number of ICO

Table. 2.4 shows that the largest number of funds was drawn by the ICO in June 2017. In the same month, the average number of funds (Average funds collected) one ICO made up of 33.17 million dollars.

Data over the past week (11-17.12.2017) may be subject to adjustment as information on fees completed ICO will be revised.

2. Top ICO

Table. 2.5. Top 18 ICO on volume of attracted funds (11.12-17.12.2017)

In table. 2.5 presents the top-18 successfully completed ICO for the past week (11-17.12.2017). The leader was a project Nebulas, which is a decentralized search platform for blockchain. ICO built on the principles of value of information, self-development and stimulation, in addition, the project will be implemented and traditional instruments: smart contracts, domain name system, purses, etc.

In Fig. 2.2 ten largest ICO, culminating in last week of December 2017.

3. Top ICO in separate categories

The ICO list of top categories based on the categories of ICO leaders weeks.

Table. 2.6. Top 10 ICO on volume of attracted funds in the category Infrastructure

In table. 2.6 presents the top 10 ICO in the category of Infrastructure. Almost all of these projects were implemented in 2017. The largest value in terms of «Efficiency» (Token Performance), i.e. the best relation Price Current Token to the Token Sale Price is 8,53 x belongs to the ICO and EOS. Its market capitalization currently amounts to more than 4.6 billion U.S. dollars.

The ratings of ICO in the categories of Finance and Gaming & VR are presented below.

Table. 2.7. Top 10 ICO on volume of attracted funds in the category Finance

At the moment in the category Finance in terms of «Efficiency» (Token Performance), all projects of the top 10 have values from 1x to 6.8 X. One of the most successful ICO in terms of attracted funds and the process of going public can be considered KyberNetwork project, because this project has a relationship to the Current Token Price of Token Sale Price is 6.8 x. When considering this indicator should take into account the timing of completion of ICO KyberNetwork (15.09.2017 g), i.e. growth of 6.8% occurred in approximately 3 months, and market capitalization KyberNetwork currently exceeded 370 million US dollars.

Table. 2.8. Top 10 ICO on volume of attracted funds in the category Gaming & VR

In table. 2.8 presents the top 10 ICO in the category Gaming & VR. Half of the presented projects is selling tokens on cryptomeria. The capitalization of the category leader by volume of attracted funds ICO, project, MobileGO is currently 65.5 million US dollars.

During last period (from 11 to 17.12.2017) ICO has successfully completed 18 projects, each of which attracted more than 100 thousand U.S. dollars, the total amount of attracted funds amounted to no less than 345,9 million dollars. Leader of the week was the Nebulas project (60 million USD). The volume of funds for a number of ICO has not reached the level of 100 thousand USD (for individual project details to be confirmed).


Key concepts Definition
Initial coin offering, ICO (initial coin offer, initial placement of coins) Form of collective support for innovative technological projects, a variety of sales and attract new supporters through the primary offer coins for future holders in the form of a blockchain-based cryptocurrency (tokens) and scriptaction.
Market capitalization (Rwalking down market capitalization ) The value of the object calculated based on the current market (stock) prices. It is a financial measure used to evaluate total cost of market-based instruments, actors and markets. [Source:].
Cryptocurrency market capitalization as Total market value traded in the cryptocurrency market.
Total cryptocurrency market capitalization as Market capitalization of crypto-currencies and assets, i.e. the total market value of traded cryptocurrencies and assets.
Token reward The effectiveness of token (current token price of / the price of a token at the time of the ICO), i.e. the reward of one dollar invested in the token.
Dominance Market share, i.e. the ratio of the capitalization of cryptocurrencies (the token) to total market capitalization. Expressed as a percentage.
Token sale price

Current token price

The price of a token at the time of the ICO.

The current price of a token.

Not Mineable


The coin is not manitsa (from the English. mining). Refers to a crypto currency (tokens) which have no function hashing or not produced in the mining process.
Premined Remaininga coin. Refers to a crypto currency (tokens) which are produced in the mining process, but a certain amount of coins (tokens) was created and distributed to defined users when the project starts.
The rate of market increase (in % to the beginning of the year) The growth rate of market (% YTD), i.e. how much % of the market capitalization increased relative to the beginning of the year.
The growth rate of the market (in % to the beginning of the year) The market growth rate (% YTD), i.e. how many times has changed the market capitalization relative to the beginning of the year.
Increase in market capitalization (in million USD compared to previous period) The increase rynochnoi capitalization of cryptocurrencies and assets (in millions of U.S. dollars the previous period), i.e., how many million dollars of change in the market capitalization for the period.
The rate of market increase (in % compared to previous period) The growth rate of the market (in % to previous period), i.e. how much % the market capitalization has increased over the period.
The market growth rate (in % compared to previous period) The market growth rate (in % to previous period), i.e. how many times the increased market capitalization relative to previous period.
Number of cryptocurrencies and digital assets The number of crypto-currencies and assets. At the time of formation of the Glossary of the market turned more than 1070 species of crypto-currencies and assets.
Average market capitalization as The average market capitalization, i.e. the ratio of market capitalization of all cryptocurrencies and assets to their number.
Token return Indicator of the effectiveness of funds spent on the purchase of tokens, or the ratio of the current price of the token and the sale price of the token, i.e. the efficiency of investment of one dollar in tokens at the stage of sale of tokens, with their subsequent sale on the crypto currency exchange for US dollars.
ETH reward – current dollar value of $1 spent on buying tokens during the token sale An alternative indicator of the effectiveness of funds spent on the purchase of tokens in the period of the ICO, or the ratio of the current rate of ETH to his course at the beginning of the sale of token-ICO, ie if one dollar were not invested in the ICO and at ETH in his course at the beginning of the sale of tokens, and then sold at the current rate of ETH.
BTC reward– current dollar value of $1 spent on buying tokens during the token sale Similar to the previous: an Alternative indicator of the effectiveness of funds spent on the purchase of tokens in the period of the ICO, if one dollar was invested in BTC at the exchange rate at the beginning of ICO, and then sold at the current rate BTC.
Token/ETH reward The ratio of economic benefits/losses of the market participant in connection with the purchase of tokens at the stage of the ICO to the possible investment in ETH. If the value is > 1, then the market participant has achieved greater effectiveness of investments spent on tokens than if he invested in bitcoin ETH.
Token/BTC reward The ratio of economic benefits/losses of the market participant in connection with the purchase of tokens at the stage of the ICO to the possibility of investing in BTC. If the value is > 1, then the market participant has achieved greater effectiveness of investments spent on tokens than if it invested in cryptocurrency BTC.
ZAK-n Crypto index The index is calculated as a percentage and represents the ratio of the volume of trades (deals) at cryptocurrency exchange per day (24h Volume) at the n dominant cryptocurrency to the sum of their market capitalization.

When calculating the index, ZAK-4 Crypto takes into account four dominant cryptocurrency with the highest market capitalization – Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin and Ripple Cash.

When calculating the index ZAK-8 Crypto takes into account the trading volume and market capitalization of eight of cryptocurrency: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Litecoin, DASH, Cardano and IOTA.

[i] Disclaimer disclaimer

Despite the fact that the information contained in this document is regarded as authentic, ICOBox makes no representations and gives no warranties, Express or implied, regarding its completeness or accuracy. The information presented in this document may include certain statements, estimates and projections. Such statements, estimates and projections reflect assumptions concerning anticipated ICOBox trends that can be realized or not. ICOBox refrains from making any representations as to the accuracy of such statements, estimates or projections, and actual results may differ materially from those discussed in such statements, estimates or projections.

The expected financial results may be affected by changes in economic and political conditions and other future events that cannot be forecast. ICOBox makes no representations or warranties regarding the feasibility of forecasts or data, information and assumptions contained in the document. Approval and evaluation, constitute our opinion, formed on the date of this report, and are subject to change without prior notice. This document has been prepared for information purposes only and does not constitute an offer to sell securities of cryptocurrencies or tokens, and also does not contain any recommendations or advice on investment in any particular company or assets.

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Bittrex has changed the rules of placing orders

Cryptocurrency exchange Bittrex has made changes in rules of placing orders. She announced this on the mailing list for the customers.

Under the new rules, Bittrex will delete all warrants created more than 28 days ago. This change came into force on 25 November.

«As we have said in the past, many of these orders deprived of reasonable expectations that someday they will be fulfilled, and only clog up books of orders,» – said in a statement.

Bittrex will also increase the minimum allowable amount for placing the order with 50 thousand to 100 thousand Satoshi. This change will be launched in the next two weeks.

Another innovation is the increase in the minimum step change in the price value. Currently it is 1 Satoshi. In the coming weeks, minimum tick will be changed by 0.1% from the current price of the asset. For example, Ethereum is trading at a price 0.0577 Bitcoin. Under the new rules, the Bid and Ask prices may be exhibited with a deviation of 0.0001 from the current rate of ETH.

At the end of the message Bittrex stressed that actively prevents any type of manipulation of the market, including Pump group. In accordance with the terms of service, the exchange will suspend and close all accounts involved in this activity and to notify the appropriate authorities.

Recall that earlier this week Bittrex opened trading on Bitcoin Gold.


Berkeley plan by using ICO to solve the problems of the unemployed

Berkeley (CA) are considering the possibility of the ICO to raise funds for solving urgent problems of the city, for example, increasing homelessness and lack of affordable housing. In 2017 there were more than 1 thousand of homeless people, which is 17% more than in 2015, and 43% more than in 2009.

The Deputy of city Council of Berkeley , Ben Bartlett (Ben Bartlett) believes that the creation of a private financial mechanism can play a key role in ensuring the viability of the city in the era of the current President of the United States. The idea of holding ICO was a reaction to endorsed by Donald trump tax reform, which could adversely affect the construction of affordable housing in the country.

Together with the mayor of the city, FINTECH startup Neighborly and blockchain laboratory, University of California, Berkeley, Bartlett has already started work on the ICO strategy for the city. Considering the idea of providing tokens in municipal bonds.

After going through all taps approval the ICO can already take place in may this year. It is assumed that tokens of the city administration can be used for payments in shops and restaurants, as well as payment of rent.

Recall that in 2017 the total amount raised during the ICO funds in the United States exceeded $4 billion.