The company BitGo has added support for zcash for

Startup BitGo, a provider of solutions for the storage of scriptaction, announced the addition of support zcash for on their platform.

The users of cryptocurrencies, providing a high confidentiality of your transactions, you will have a service wallet multipoles and other services of the platform, including cold storage.

The platform already provides these services for most major cryptocurrencies, and only last week announced the addition of support 57 tokens based on the Ethereum blockchain.

CTO of BitGo Ben Chan (Ben Chan) noted that the addition of the listing of cryptocurrencies zcash for is a logical step for the company because “they are both aimed at protecting the confidentiality, security and advanced technology”. He also stressed that this step is dictated by demand from institutional clients platform.

The team zcash for noted that support BitGo will allow investors “to freely send and receive cryptocurrency safe and secure manner” through the security standards of the institutional class, which supports the company.

As stated by the technical Director of BitGo, to the end of the year, the company intends to maintain on its platform more than 100 tokens.

The company had previously said it plans to run a regulated custodial service BitGo Trust, but it is unclear when this will happen. This service is Coinbase Custody — has already opened company Coinbase. Recall that Mike Novogratz recently said that the arrival of institutional investors in the cryptocurrency market it is necessary to custodian services, which they can trust.


Japanese e-commerce company Rakuten has launched its own cryptocurrency

Japanese e-commerce giant Rakuten announced its intention to release its own crypto currency based on blockchain technology and loyalty program company Rakuten Super Points.

Called Rakuten Coin crypto currency will be used to promote service loyalty worldwide and assist clients in the purchase of products through a variety of services and markets Rakuten. For running 15 years ago, the loyalty program, customers get one point for every 100 yen (a little less than a US dollar) spent on the website.

CEO of the Japanese company Mikitani Hiroshi (Hiroshi Mikitani), announced the release of the cryptocurrency at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, called Rakuten Coin “infinite currency”.

Rakuten — the world’s fourth largest e-Commerce business, second only to Alibaba, eBay and Amazon. Since 2005, the company began an active expansion outside Japan. In particular, it was acquired by the company in France, Germany, UK and Canada.

In addition Rakuten engaged in venture funding — the company has invested in Pinterest,, AHA Life and Daily Grommet. In 2014, Japanese e-Commerce giant for $900 million Viber bought.


Network Monero scheduled hardwork

Recently it became known that the network Monero scheduled hardwork MoneroV (XMV). It needs to be on the block 1529810. This is expected to occur in the area on 14 March 2018.

The developers of the project say that MoneroV become «the best private digital currency in the world.» Hardwork intended to increase the level of confidentiality and to solve scalability issues network.

«MoneroV fulfills the long overdue commitment to a truly anonymous, decentralized, end peer-to-peer electronic currency. Using MoneroV, individuals and businesses can safely, securely, and anonymously conduct transactions with low fees,» reads the project website.

All holders of Monero will receive a new cryptocurrency in the ratio of 1 to 10 XMR XMV. The total emissions MoneroV will be 256 million coins.

In comments BTCManager the main reason for the fork developers called unlimited emissions XMR:

«We believe in the original White Paper on bitcoin, created by Satoshi Nakamoto, in which he argues that «as soon as the total amount of money reaches a predetermined maximum, the incentive can work on the blocks will be a fee, while free from inflation.» We believe that the decision to issue unlimited coins Monero was a mistake and brought the tax in the form of inflation to all holders of XMR. This is a fundamental flaw, which corrects MoneroV, setting a limit on the total number of coins MoneroV».

With regard to the White Paper MoneroV, a link to the official website of the project leads on the Protocol description, CryptoNote, Monero implemented.

In cryptosuite new fork was perceived critically. This is evidenced by the comments on Reddit. Users note that, in fact, the only difference XMV from the XMR is limited edition coins. Also called a fork MoneroV Scam and I advise you to stay away from that one.

According to BTCManager, MoneroV will not get wide popularity as the method of starting a new blockchain could violate user privacy.

We will remind that in the evening of 18 February hardwork Litecoin Cash.


Bittrex has expressed its position on the hard forks Segwit2x

Bittrex exchange has published its position on the hard forks Segwit2x, which is planned for the middle of this month on the block 494 784.

In his statement, the site said that did not sign the new York agreement and remains neutral towards any the fork.

«Our priority is the safety of customer funds», – stressed in Bittrex.

Since hardwork Segwit2x can lead to separation of the Bitcoin blockchain, Bittrex will take additional measures in order to save money to users in both chains. In this regard, there may be a delay in placing bitcoin deposits and withdrawals.

Hard forks to the symbol «BTC» will be assigned to Bitcoin Core. Within 24-48 hours after finding block 494 784, the exchange will monitor the situation to determine whether there has been a separation of the network.

If the network separation takes place, the symbol «BTC» will be saved over the existing Bitcoin chain with blocks of 1 MB as long as the industry and the ecosystem will not define the preferred circuit Bitcoin.

If it is unclear which chain is the preferred and dominant, Bittrex can do the following:

  • Open trade B2X (chain Bitcoin Segwit2x with blocks of 2 MB);
  • To extend the observation period.

In the presence of the BTC in the account at the time hard forks users will receive the equivalent number of tokens of the new network.

Approximately 24 hours before hard forks at block 494 640, Bittrex will suspend the acceptance of deposits and withdrawal of Bitcoin. The wallet will remain closed until the completion Segwit2x. While trading in this period will not be suspended.


Bitcoin still looks weak

Tuesday, December 4, Bitcoin is recovering moderately in price and is trading at USD 4038, according to Dmitry Gurkovsky, senior analyst at RoboForex.

If we consider the dynamics of the Bitcoin on a 4-hour timeframe, we can see the development of a medium-term correction phase. The previous downtrend ended with the convergence and the breakdown of the resistance line, then the trend growth reached an area of 23.6% on the Fibonacci scale. The current short-term downward movement is intermediate wave internal correction. The completion of the local correction wave will break out of the declining channel resistance at 4140. A break of that level could be the beginning of the formation of another pulse of growth to the Fibonacci levels of 38.2% ($4640) and 50.0% ($5003).

On the 1-hour chart of Bitcoin you can take a closer consider the short-term downtrend. The first thing worth noting in the current movement channel is the last pulse failed to achieve the target line of the relevant corridor and $3590. This may indicate a weakening of the force of the downward movement. So you should consider the option of growth to the resistance level at $4140. A break of that level could open the way quotations at the top of the projection corridor. The closest growth target will be local high – $4406,50 and then target resistance at $4555,00.

November this year was probably one of the most problematic months for Bitcoin lately. In November, a key cryptocurrency has lost 57% of value, and since the beginning of the year decreased by 218%. Not to say that BTC played against a certain kind of news or information – rather, the situation developed on the principle of “snowball”, and eventually become an avalanche character. In addition, the market for a long time no fresh ideas, and therefore no new capital inflows. This plays against the capitalization of the entire cryptocurrency market.

According to the latest data, the complexity of the Bitcoin network is reduced. As of 3 December it fell by another 15%, the biggest drop for 7 years. This figure formed the basis of the total computing power of mining hardware is – to put it simply, users simply turn off the equipment because they do not see potential for earnings right now. In such circumstances, the device for mining operating at a loss, and users don’t like it.

Meanwhile, the forecasts concerning the development of Bitcoin in the market vary. A number of investors believes that ahead of kriptonyte another wave of negativity, and it should be ready. On the other hand, it is believed that interest in the sector blockchain is cyclical, and a decline in the demand for money will soon be replaced by “stormy” interest and purchases. So says Jim Breyer (Jim Breyer), which says that cryptocurrencies are preparing to go into a state of “nuclear winter”, but then followed by recovery. Brayer says over bloccano running a huge number of the best scientists and “bright minds”, hence, the fundamental interest in new technologies “just around the corner”.


Forecasts financial markets are private opinion of their authors. The current analysis is not a guide to trade. RoboForex is not responsible for the results that can occur when using trade recommendations submitted reviews.


Bitfury will make available Lightning-payments for the application Paytomat

Blockchain technology company Bitfury Group has entered into a partnership with the payment system Paytomat. In cooperation Bitfury adds the ability to send Lightning-payments via cryptocurrency wallet and app for merchants from Paytomat.

For the technical implementation of the system will be the responsible developers of LightningPeach controlled by Bitfury company.

«Merchants ready to accept bitcoin, and cryptoanalysis to pay for it. We will provide the opportunity to implement both. But the partnership with Bitfury and implementation of network Lightning in our ecosystem, this feature will be very fast and effective», — said CEO Paytomat Yuri Renter.

ForkLog previously reported that payments Lightning Network will be available in Microsoft Excel.


E-the hryvnia vs. cryptography: will have heads two Ukrainian digital coins?

Ukraine, despite the lack of legal regulation of the cryptocurrency market and blockchain technology develops on the basis of the last two digital asset. 2016 national Bank of Azerbaijan has launched a research project on implementing electronic hryvnia (UAH) and cryptocurrency exchange Kuna since August of 2017 has begun to develop a national stablon under the working title «Cryptography». Journal ForkLog understood in a special material, what’s the difference between these assets and is it time for digital experimentation over the economy of Ukraine.

E-the hryvnia from the NBU

The first steps for implementation of e-hryvnia — the national currency of Ukraine in digital form — was made at the end of 2016. Then the national Bank jointly with the leading Ukrainian blockchain experts began to study the international experience, the risks and benefits of available technology solutions to the financial ecosystem of the country.

The specialists of the NBU stated that they developed e-grivna chart allow government and business to minimize costs when you transfer money, and conduct snapshot operations.

A pilot project testing innovative payment solutions in running the Central Bank Cashless Economy project started in June 2017. In addition to the team of the national Bank in it on a voluntary basis were involved relevant stakeholders in the payment market. Were investigated legal aspects, macroeconomic effects and designed optimal business model of the new digital asset.

In January 2018, the Bank said that e-torque will not «crypto-currency from the national Bank», and the usual payment token.

According to the adviser of the head of the Association of Ukrainian banks Alex Kusch, electronic torque will be on the Bank accounts, but the account of the electronic wallet, and the blockchain will protect her from fraud, hackers and illegal withdrawals. He also stressed that e-torque will be the obligation of the national Bank, which can be bought for cash.

In exclusive comments to the journal ForkLog NBU representatives confirmed that they continue to study, as e-torque may Supplement the payment landscape of Ukraine and increase the share of cashless payments and reduce their cost.

«Electronic torque — it FIATA currency in electronic form, which is exchanged for cash in the ratio of 1: 1. Transaction with e-torque can be carried out using a computer or smartphone,» — said the NBU.

Now the national Bank is completing a pilot project on e-local currency: almost finished the technological part, is working on Analytics. According to preliminary estimates, the pilot project on e-local currency should be completed in December 2018.

«We stress that the decision about the feasibility of introducing electronic hryvnia will be taken only after a detailed analysis of the developments and results of the pilot project and assess the interest of the consumers and participants of the payment market in this product,» — noted in the national Bank.

Cryptography from Kuna

In August 2017, the founder of the Ukrainian cryptocurrency exchanges Kuna Michael chobanian proposed an alternative draft of national cryptocurrencies under the working title «cryptography». Then it was reported that open-source project will allow to develop the expertise «to run a national crypto-currencies from the national Bank.»

In November 2018 Kuna fully revised legal model of the token that was previously assumed to provide hryvnia stocks traders in the personal wallets of the exchange.

«From this concept we left, because it’s not scalable and it will not be able to participate legal entities. In addition, we need individuals who can send money from your current banking account, because there is no limitation on the map», — said Mikhail Chobanyan.

As reported by representatives of the Kuna of team magazine ForkLog, cryptography will be the first Ukrainian steilcoom that will neutralize the risk of price volatility. In addition, the influence of the exchange rate of the hryvnia, according to them, will be «more understandable» to the market.

In the first phase, a token will work on the platform Ethereum (standard ERC-20). The mechanism of emission and its volume will be disclosed in the public offer and the whitepaper project during startup.

«Cryptography will have the properties of different types of tokens depending on the transaction in which it will be applied. Payment of fees — the properties of the payment token, the ability to obtain additional services for holders of the coin — utility. In certain transactions, cryptography will be security-token», — said the team exchange.

Unlike e-hryvnia cryptography will get more broad in scope. The new token will have the similarity with the Swiss WIR coin, released in 1934, which gives the possibility to perform settlements, as well as an instrument for the mutual lending and provision of obligations of system participants.

«Criptografo can be used as an alternative to traditional means of payment in online purchases, conditional deposits, loans, thereby reducing the volume of cash payments. Also the token will complete a tool exchange on the stock market and the tool of exchange trading. In addition, cryptography will give the newcomers the opportunity to enter kryptering through which they understand the digital currency, without immediate entry through other altcoins», — said the developers.

Initially, cryptography will be traded on the stock exchange Kuna, then her listing would be possible on any other exchanges and exchange offices.

Representatives of the Kuna stressed that the issue and circulation of token will be implemented in the legal field, and the coin will be able to operate before the adoption of the law on the regulation of cryptocurrencies.

«All service providers in the chain, the activity of which is regulated, have the necessary license», — assured them.

Now the model is in the final stages of development, after which will pass the stress test in law firms.

It is expected that full commercial operation of the token will start in 2019. Within a year after its launch, the Kuna exchange hopes to attract UAH 1 billion.

A positive experiment for the economy of Ukraine

Both projects national digital assets will find their consumers and will be competitive, confident lawyer, managing partner of the Juscutum legal company Artem Afian.

«E-rate and cryptography can be a very different target audience, different scope, different pros and cons. The project is developed by electronic hryvnia the national Bank for a long time. Periodically, he transformered changing technological background, examines the possibility of using the blockchain, cryptocephaline to ensure the sustainability and comfort that money. But, anyway, what makes the Bank – it was originally a variation of the hryvnia, some form of existing money.

What makes Kuna is completely different, a new kind of digital asset.
Before cryptography found concrete shape, I will refrain from assessing the financial side. But this tool does not enter into direct competition with what makes a national Bank, and I think it can completely occupy its separate place in the economy of the country. Cryptography has much less legislative frameworks, but that makes it more flexible and therefore more interesting», — said in comments Afian ForkLog.

However, the expert stressed that for the first and second draft needed further clarification from the regulator regarding the licensing procedures and their application in the banking sector. Depending on this, it will become clear whether you will need additional regulatory framework for their functioning.

In General, Artem Afian positively assessed the prospects of creating a national digital asset in the country.

«Ukraine’s economy is experiencing a number of depressive factors, that there is no negative effect of these two projects just will not have. Whether they are positive – probably, Yes. The state of consciousness of participants of the market is quite ripe. Moreover, in a growing economy is much easier to introduce new formats of payment instruments», — says Artem Afian.

It is obvious that to speak about practical results of the development of the national token is still too early, however, the successful implementation of at least one digital asset on the basis of DLT technology will allow Ukraine to remain among the world leaders in the introduction of the blockchain.

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Acne Buterin responded to the statement about the coming collapse of Ethereum

2 Sep at TechCrunch published an article entitled «the Collapse of Ethereum is inevitable,» the author of which were made by the Bitcoin Core developer and technical consultant Stellar Jeremy Rubin. Co-founder ETH acne Buterin partially concurred with her arguments.

In the article, Rubin claims that the price of ETH will sharply fall. According to the expert, Ethereum serious problems with scalability and security in smart contracts, which in the future will not allow the project to beat the competition. All this will inevitably lead to the collapse of the way «economic abstraction».

Economic abstraction is a term used to describe the payment of fees related to the transactions or smart contracts, in token that is not native to Ethereum. Instead of paying at ETH the owner of a smart contract pays in its own tokens that are native to his contract.

The concept of economic abstraction is the basic arguments in ruby: if all the owners of smart contracts will be able to pay the fee in tokens ERC-20, but not in ETH, the latter will lose its value.

Acne Buterin responded to statements in ruby Reddit, partially agreeing with them.

«In Ethereum, in the form in which it exists at the moment, it is absolutely true. In fact, if Ethereum has not changed, all the arguments of the author (except for the part about Proof of Stake) would be true.»

However, he said that Ethereum can survive, if will be able to develop and evolve.

According to Buterin, now the community of Ethereum is considering two proposals which, if implemented, will ensure the cryptocurrency with their own Protocol. This means that to pay for gas will be required ETH. So structure will be created, due to which the value of Ethereum will be «much above zero».

Depending on how long the community will consider these proposals, Ethereum will expect weeks or months of uncertainty.


In Iran mining recognized independent industry

Secretary of the Supreme Council of Iran on cyberspace Abolhassan Firuzabadi (Abolhassan Firouzabadi) stated that the national Ministry of information and communication technologies, Central Bank, Ministry of industry, resources and trade, the Ministry of energy and Ministry of economy and Finance acknowledged mining cryptocurrency an independent industry. In addition, according to him, 22 September presentation was developed by the national Center for cybersecurity and the Central Bank of Iran the legal framework for cryptocurrency trading and participating in the blockchain startups.

Firuzabadi also confirmed that the government is considering launching its own cryptocurrency as a tool for calculations with trading partners to bypass the U.S. sanctions.

Recall that in late August a representative of the national cybersecurity Center of Iran said Mahdian (Saeed Mahdiyoun) reported that on behalf of the President of the country Hassan Rouhani (Hassan Rouhani) has prepared a draft document on national currency. And in the spring of this year the country’s Central Bank has banned banks and other financial institutions and to exchange currencies to carry out any operations with cryptocurrencies and promote them.


The analyst warned that bitcoin fall below $5 thousand in July

Well-known analyst and trader at Weiss Tone (Tone Vays) believes that the price of bitcoin will drop in July below $5000. Price movements first cryptocurrency this year he compared to 2014, when during the year they declined from a level of about $800 to nearly $300 per coin.

Weiss on Twitter recalled that a few months ago warned about a bear market bitcoin, and confirmed that he expects BTC below $5 thousand.

“It’s been a long time since I posted such a chart BTCUSD. It’s pretty boring and really eats up time. My most optimistic bearish target for bitcoin remains at $4975 in the first half of July. I will update their expectations with respect to future levels after achieving this,” wrote Tone Weiss.

He did not believe that the fall in the price of bitcoin over the weekend associated with breaking Coinrail and sale on the markets, causing a drop in prices to $6700. Not only price movements but also the relative strength index (RSI), convergence/divergence between moving averages (MACD) and stochastics to confirm a trend similar to that which arose after previous highs of BTC in late 2013, says analyst.

Recall that the co-founder of Fundstrat Global Advisors Tom Lee (Tom Lee) continues to insist on its forecast of a sharp growth of quotations of bitcoin in mid-summer.