Binance and OKEx announced support for the upcoming hard forks Ethereum

The two largest in terms of trading bitcoin exchange Binance and OKEx announced support for the Constantinople – an upcoming hard forks Ethereum.

Published January 3 statement Binance says that users are kindly requested to Deposit with the time required for their confirmation. Technical aspects of hard forks, the exchange takes over.

Despite the fact that the upcoming hardwork does not involve the formation of new chains, Binance, apparently, allows for the possibility that the process may be new projects and airdrop. Of the sponsors, the exchange is proposing to dialogue regarding possible support.

Practically identical in their statement on Friday, January 4, made OKEx.

Recall, the consensus about the numbers of the unit to activate hard forks Constantinople was reached in early December. It is expected that the unit 7,080,000 will be found in the period from 14 to 18 January.

Originally planned for November 2018 upgrade contains a number of changes and code optimizations designed to ease the transition Ethereum algorithm Proof-of-Stake. Among other things, they include the transfer for 18 months so-called «bombs of complexity», which facilitates timely upgrades and also suggested a decrease in awards to miners from 3 to 2 ETH for the extracted block.

Meanwhile, ETH, up to the beginning of the year in second place in the CoinMarketCap list by market capitalization, in the last 24 hours have shown fairly good growth, rising at a certain point in the morning hours of Friday more than 5%. At the time of publication ETH is trading around $154.


Trading volumes in the over-the-counter cryptoperthite Circle in 2018 amounted to $24 billion

In 2018 on the OTC platform for buying and selling bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies from the payment company Circle has signed deals totaling $24 billion this is stated in the blog Circle.

According to the company, last year on its OTC platform Circle Trade concluded more than 10 000 deals with 36 different scriptactive, participated by more than 600 users.

Circle Trade runs around the clock, serving customers from USA, Europe and Asia, and as the company says it has become «a key supplier of liquidity for the whole cryptocurrency ecosystem». Among her clients are a venture capital firm, cryptocurrency funds, hedge funds and managing family capital across the world.

Under the OTC trading OTC trading is understood to be carried out directly between clients and market makers — the seller and buyer bargain directly with each other without the participation of intermediaries in the face of exchanges. Long time OTC trading has been an important instrument in traditional financial market, but in 2018, has found wide application in the field of cryptocurrency.

At the end of last year, often said that institutional investors are beginning to give preference to off-exchange platforms. According to experts, large companies prefer the OTC instruments transactions, as can pre-negotiate the price and not worry about the sharp fluctuations that may cause their transaction. In addition, large buyers often go for over-the-counter sites, because cryptocurrency exchanges are not able to offer sufficient liquidity.


In technobabe Barcelona will create the blockchain center

Non-profit organization Barcelona Tech City, which aims to position Barcelona as one of the main international technology centres, in July, plans to open a special center with an area of 400 square meters, where it will develop solutions based on blockchain technology.

According to local media, citing unnamed sources, his needs will be allocated a building close to open in 2016 Pier01 center, where more than a thousand experts from different startups working on the digitalization of the ecosystem of the city. There will be located the office of the blockchain Alastria consortium, which includes more than 150 organizations and companies, including Spanish banks, telekommunikacionnye network and universities.

We will remind, in February it became known that the popular party of the current Prime Minister of Spain Mariano Rajoy (Mariano Rajoy) is preparing legislation that provides tax incentives for companies using blockchain technology. In April a local Bank Santander confirmed the launch of a new international payment service Santander Pay One FX, created on the basis xCurrent — decision submitted blockchain startup Ripple. In addition, one of the largest banks BBVA of Spain the world’s first fully translated the process of obtaining loans for the blockchain.


The Central Bank of Malaysia does not preclude the ban cryptocurrencies

There is a likelihood that Malaysia will be banned the sale of all cryptocurrencies. The decision of the Central Bank of the country will adopt by the end of the year, reports The Malaysian Insight.

The Governor talked with reporters at the International conference on financial crime and terrorism financing 2017 in Kuala Lumpur. In response to the question, not whether to apply Malaysia ban in the Chinese version, the Governor of Bank Negara Malaysia Muhammad Ibrahim (Muhammad Ibrahim) said:

“It [the ban on cryptocurrencies] — what we will make a decision by the end of the year.”

However, further hinted that the decision may not be as radical. But the guidelines for the registration of market participants will be taken based on “data collection and ensure that everything they do is transparent,” — said the head of the regulator. Adding that it will also consider the risks associated with money laundering and the financing of terrorism in the country.

Last month, the securities Commission of Malaysia issued a statement warning about the potential risks related to ICO. Later, Central Bank Governor Muhammad Ibrahim said that the rules governing the treatment of cryptocurrencies will be adopted before the end of the year.

“Wait, it’s October. Less than three months we will tell you the details”, — assured reporters the head of the Central Bank.


UAE expect next year to introduce the rules of conduct ICO

United Arab Emirates (UAE) announced plans to introduce new rules that will permit the organization of the ICO, as a way of raising funds from local companies.

Rules is scheduled to launch next year, they will allow companies to build up their capital through the sale of tokens as alternatives to the traditional methods, such as the IPO.

About development of norms for conducting the ICO said the head of the regulator of the securities market of the UAE Obaid Saif al-Zaabi (Obaid Saif al-Zaabi).

“The Board of the Emirates Securities & Commodities Authority approved the consideration by the ICO as securities. According to our plan we should have the rules at the Executive level in the first half of 2019,” said the official.

Al-Zaabi added that the ICO rules are being developed jointly with international consultants. Stock markets in Abu Dhabi and Dubai should prepare a trading platform for new digital assets.

Recall that the first country to have introduced regulations for the conduct of the ICO previously was Malta. The island state has adopted the relevant legislation in the first half of this year.


Bitcoin has become the biggest bubble in the history of mankind

Due to a sharp rise in bitcoin has taken the top position on the “bubble chart” compiled by new York-based company Convoy Investments on the basis of the analysis of all the booming and bursting of “bubbles”, known in the history of mankind. If a month ago bitcoin was lost “tulipomania” of the 17th century, now has a strong lead.

Analysts at Howard Wang (Howard Wang) and Robert Wu (Robert Wu), who previously worked in the largest hedge Fund, Bridgewater associates, said that since the beginning of the year the price of bitcoin has increased 17 times, and over the last 3 years is 64%, which significantly exceeds the rate of growth “of tulipomania” in the years 1634-1637.

As Wang explains, the rapid growth of asset prices is often accompanied by an internal struggle between the two types of investors, some of whom are wondering whether the investment is quite expensive, while others are afraid of missing the trend. In this new booming market investor inertia may be stronger than an investor who focuses on the strategy value. In markets where there are no structural assessment principles, fluctuations even more pronounced, as the main indicator of future value is the perception of the latest market prices.

Recall that the signs of a “bubble” in bitcoin see the head of the Agency securities Israel (ISA) Shmuel Hauser (Shmuel Hauser), founder of the cryptocurrency NEO Da Hong FEI (Da Hong Fei), the American billionaire investor Carl Icahn (Carl Icahn), legendary investor Jim Rogers (Jim Rogers), chief investment officer at Japan Post Bank , Katsunori Sago (Katsunori Sago), Ethereum co-founder and CEO of blockchain, the company ConsenSys Joseph Lubin (Lubin Joseph), the head of Credit Suisse Tijan of Tiam (Tidjane Thiam), one of the most famous investors in the world Warren Buffett (Warren Buffett), the billionaire founder of the world’s largest hedge Fund ray Dalio (Ray Dalio), the author of the theory of speculative bubbles Robert Shiller (Robert Shiller), as well as many institutional traders, CFOs and other experts.

At the same time, the idea absolutely does not support programmer John McAfee (John McAfee). And co-founder of Early Investing Adam sharp (Adam Sharp) believes that bankers criticized the cryptocurrencies due to the fact that those are a threat to the existing financial order. Also it has been suggested that bitcoin will burst, provided that all speculators abruptly leave the market.


Goldman Sachs predicts a rise in prices of Bitcoin to $7941

Vice President of investment Bank Goldman Sachs Sheba Jafari (Jafari Sheba) predicts that the price of Bitcoin will continue to grow and will reach $7941.

«The market showed signs of an impulsive rally since the moment he was overcome $6044. Further focus $7941. The price might consolidate at this level before continue its growth,» – said Jafari.

Earlier, in August, Sheba Jafari predicted that the price of bitcoin will rise to $4827, and then adjust to $2221. In early September, the cryptocurrency reached $5013 and about two weeks later dropped to $2951 in the background of tightening regulation of cryptocurrency in China.

In 2017 the price of Bitcoin rose more than 7 times. Saturday, 4 November, the exchange rate of BTC on some exchanges exceeded $7500. Monday, 6 November, bitcoin was trading at $7100-7200, and on Tuesday reached $6930. At the moment, the average rate of BTC on Coinmarketcap is $7206 per unit.

According to CNBC, a major factor in the recent growth of the cryptocurrency was the message of the CME Group about the upcoming launch of futures on bitcoin. Also, the demand for BTC from Japanese investors. According to CryptoCompare on BTC-JPY now accounts for about 60% of the total volume of trade cryptocurrencies.


Bitcoin Gold was again under attack

On November 26 the developers of Bitcoin Gold alerted users about a new cyber attack: hackers gained access to the project repository on GitHub and replaced the Windows installation file-wallet to another. At the moment, this issue is now fixed.

To everyone who has downloaded the Windows Wallet from 21 to 25 November, is urged to immediately delete this file. In that case, if the file has already been used, you should carefully test your PC using anti-virus software, and all cryptocurrencies available through him, an urgent need to move to other wallets.

It is assumed that the attackers replaced the file with the goal of stealing cryptocurrency or user information. The antivirus program was not determined, but this does not mean that he was safe, said the developers.

The project team also assured that the enhanced security features of your repository on GitHub to prevent such attacks in the future.

On the background of this news the price of Bitcoin Gold fell by about 8.5%.

Recall that in October was made a powerful DDoS-attack on the website of the Bitcoin Gold.

And earlier this month, crooks have stolen more than $3.3 million, which users have trust Scam project The service asked users to enter a private key or seed key to create a new wallet for Bitcoin Gold. Immediately after providing such data, their funds were transferred to other addresses.


6 Lithgow on promotion ICO via bloggers

Alexander Boyko, General Director of TimeWeb and CEO Buzzweb in your account on Facebook life hacks published on the ICO promotion through bloggers:

1.`Use Twitter and Telegram. It’s the channels that show the maximum ROI. Up to 1000% with a contribution of 0.1-0.2 BTC without regard to whales.

2. Choose micro-bloggers with the target audience, not the celebrities. A well known example with boxer Floyd Mayweater does not work anymore. He adverted ICO Stox and this shocked the public, the media picked up. But that one-time deal. We use crypto-traders, analysts and crypto-brokers.

3. To pay better right tokens. The blogger needs to believe in your ICO. So it is essentially investing that gives him the right to recommend. Otherwise, it is a Scam, which is quickly recognized by the community and the project flood.

4. Blogger should have a good study whitepaper. It to interact with the audience. And if he fails to respond as it should, it will be suspected same. Check his knowledge before publication.

5. Choose the most perfumada bloggers. We have statistics of those who have well comes and who not. The difference in result can be up to 40 times for the same money! The effect depends on different factors, which are not pre-evaluated. On the new campaign, we take the already proven bloggers.

6. Come on bloggers recommendations. You must be sure that the blogger does not merge the information about the transaction community. Then not otmoeshsya.

What are the results? Team Buzzweb helped in the promotion of seven of ICO and re-working with the agencies that promote them. With a minimum campaign of $5K it is possible to provide 500K target audience and ~1000 clicks.


Australian stock exchange go to the blockchain-payment system in 2021

The company ASX Ltd, a leading Australian stock exchange operator, announced plans for a transition in 2021 for a new one, based on blockchain technology system calculations.

Management Australian stock exchange (ASX) company in the framework of the modernization will replace the existing settlement system CHESS. Deputy chief Executive officer ASX Ltd Peter Chi (Peter Hiom) said that he did not see in the new version, nothing radical:

“We’re not here enter into the fourth dimension. This is a database architecture that allows you to do a lot of things much better than you can at the moment”.

Blockchain sinhroniziruete storage of user data, said Chi. But the repository itself is a database which exists today, he added.

Innovation blockchain system that thanks to the remote registry of the client will be able to see the data the ASX, which will simplify the work of back office and increase efficiency, said Chi.

The introduction of new technology in the ASX are considered as upgrades and I don’t see anything revolutionary.

“It’s though very clever, but just a database architecture. It doesn’t sound sexy when you say that, but it is what it is” — said Peter Chi.

ASX technology partner in the development of blockchain solutions for payments is a startup Digital Asset, which is headed by the former head of the division of global commodity markets at JPMorgan Chase , Blythe masters (Blythe Masters). Earlier it was planned that the new system, the exchange will pass this year.

Recall that the Bank of Canada, national clearing house Payments and Canada exchange operator TMX Group will implement the third stage of the project Jasper. During this phase of the research initiatives they are pursuing a proof-of-concept solutions for clearing and settlement for securities on the basis of already created payment blockchain platform.