Of Tatarstan maintaining the blockchain archiving

Chairman of the State Committee of Tatarstan on archival Affairs Gulnara Gabdrakhmanova said that in 2018 in its planned test launch of the validation of the transfer and acceptance of scientific and technical documentation stored in the archive using blockchain technology.

According to her, the study of this possibility was carried out in 2017. And earlier the head of Federal archival Agency of the Russian Federation Andrey Artizov said that the new technology can be applied to ensure the transparency and authenticity of stored documents.

We will remind that recently in Saint-Petersburg JSC Unified securities Depository of the results of intellectual activities (EDRID) announced the launch tested in 2017, registering a copyright on the Ethereum blockchain in parallel with the traditional way. Also in Russia in 2019 plan to transfer to a blockchain System for transmitting financial messages (SPFS).


Bittrex introduces two-factor authentication

Founder Bittrex Rami Kavach (Kawach Rami) announced that it is now to sign in on this crypto exchange with new IP must pass two-factor authentication using email. This is done to effectively counteract the increasingly frequent phishing attacks on users of the exchange.

In the text of the letter that was received today by registered users of the exchange, also provides a number of tips on how to protect yourself from scams. For example, it is recommended to save the website address to favourites in your browser and go to the exchange only through the bookmark. Recall, one of the most actively used tricks of swindlers — the substitution of the Latin letters I (i) and l (l) in the address bar.

Bittrex also advises to check carefully the reference translation credentials. The correct address of the exchange — https://www.bittrex.com and technical support — https://support.bittrex.com.

The company claims that never does not apply to users with a request to transfer funds through chats in Slack, social media or email. It is therefore recommended that nothing be sent to the addresses of wallets that can come on behalf of Bittrex on these channels.

As previously reported, in 2017, the fraudsters pocketed around $225 million raised for ICO projects based on Ethereum. The most popular Scam exploits, hacking, phishing, and user involvement in pyramid schemes.


Australians can now buy the cryptocurrency at newsstands

Cryptomnesia in Australia had the opportunity to buy bitcoins (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) in 1200 newsstands.

To buy cryptocurrency, a «$50, e-mail addresses and phone numbers,» according to the publication the Australian Financial Review. By introducing this service, the owners of the newsagents want to make additional income and increase interest in your business amid falling demand for printed publications.

However, not all the industry support this venture. For example, the head of the Australian Lottery and the Association of retailers of periodicals Adam joy (Adam Joy) believes that the owners of newspaper kiosks should be careful. In his opinion, there are many other innovations for implementation, which are more safe and, moreover, are subject to regulation and established rules, in contrast to the cryptocurrency. Besides, cryptocurrencies are often used for illegal purposes.

Recall that in 2017 the Australian Commission for competition and consumer protection has received 1289 complaints of fraud associated with cryptocurrencies. Total losses amounted to $1218206.


The developers of Ethereum chose a block to activate hard forks

Ethereum developers during the next video conference reached an agreement regarding the room block, which will be activated updating of Constantinople. It is reported by CoinDesk.

To activate hard forks was chosen as the unit 7,080,000. Estimated release Manager Parity Africa Sedona it will be produced in the period from 14 to 18 January.

Updates required for upgrade activation code will appear in the next releases. In addition, the head of the security Department of the Ethereum Foundation Martin Svend said that the new version of the client go-ethereum will contain a kind of «emergency switch», which will postpone the upgrade if something goes wrong.

Originally scheduled for November hardwork Constantinople contains a number of changes and code optimizations. In particular, they include the transfer for 18 months so-called «bombs of complexity», which facilitates timely upgrades and also suggested a decrease in awards to miners from 3 to 2 ETH for the extracted block.

The participants also discussed the implementation of the code ProgPoW aimed at combating ASIC miners. Despite the fact that the work in this direction progressively, developers have not yet come to a consensus regarding what do I need to include this code in a new version.

Among other things discussed the ethereum update 1x, implementation of which is scheduled for 2019. Several working groups shared their achievements, stressing that the decision is still in the very early stages of development.


Bitstamp announced a partnership with the payment system Masterpayment

The cryptocurrency exchange Bitstamp has announced a partnership with independent payment processor Masterpayment.

In Bitstamp noted that partnerships not only speed up transactions and make them more convenient for customers, but will cut commissions from 8% to 5%.

Users will still be able to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Ripple with a debit Visa or Mastercard.

«We have always sought to simplify access to digital currencies, maintaining a high level of security. Partnership with Masterpayment will help us achieve these goals», – said the head of business development Bitstamp Miha Grcar.

The partnership will also be implemented standardized security procedures, such as 3D Secure, as well as special mechanisms to prevent fraud.

«We are proud to work with Bitstamp and hope for a long-term partnership in the field of cryptocurrency. Among users, the demand for flexible payment methods and we aim to satisfy,» said managing Director Masterpayment Christian Mangold.


Online encyclopedia Everipedia will be transferred to the blockchain

Co-founder of Wikipedia Larry Sanger (Larry Sanger) announced that it intends to transfer the largest English-language encyclopedic resource Everipedia on the blockchain.

This will help make the encyclopedia available to people all over the world, because the decentralized network it is impossible to censor or ban in a particular country (as is now happening in Turkey). Also, it does not require a fee for hosting, which means that the encyclopedia will get even more independence, because she doesn’t have to attract sponsors and advertisers to pay for the server rental.

«We want to create something more than Wikipedia. To do this, we will do Everipedia decentralized and release the tokens, called the IQ,» explains CEO Everipedia Theodore Forselius (Theodor Forselius).

IQ will become an internal currency encyclopedia that users will receive for writing or updating articles. This will be a way to encourage participants and their further motivation to cooperate with the platform. If someone of the users want to edit the article in Everipedia, he will have to pay IQ. But if the community agrees with the validity of the introduced changes, the tokens are returned to the editor.

The token system will ensure permanent funding of the encyclopedia millions of people from around the world, moving Everipedia to a new level of scientific knowledge.

We will remind, the founder of Wikipedia Jimmy Wales in an interview expressed the opinion that a ICO – a «complete fraud». However, he had no doubt that the underlying ICO technology of the blockchain is «extremely interesting» and promising.

The inventor of the ICO George. R. Willett, also believes that the release of Wikipedia and similar projects of their own tokens. According to him, the tokens can be used for payment of copy editing when writing articles that require special research or moderation.



The altcoins market declined by 90% since the beginning of the year

The current bear market most painfully affected altonah, whose prices sank even stronger than in 2014-2015.

CoinDesk analysts note the fact that during the bear market of 2014-2015 altcoins declined by 85% relative to the maximum. Since the beginning of this year, the market shrank by more than 10 times — drawdown relative to historical maximum in the beginning of the year exceeded 90%.

Researcher company of new York Pension Partners Charlie Bilello in late November poll, the results of which were disappointing.

A third of respondents expressed confidence that within the next 12 months the price of bitcoin will fall below $1000. Another third sure that the first crypto currency will «walk» in the range of $2500-4200.

Charlie Bilello is also known for its Twitter-publications on the yield of some scriptaction:

Given that this tweet was published on 5 December, the rates of return is likely to have changed to the worse.

Bilello also notes that the price of bitcoin for almost a year have not reached a historic high.

During the last three months of last year, a new high was recorded on average every three days.

Recall, today, December 7th, the bitcoin price had a fresh minimum, and the rate dropped to Ethereum marks may 2017.


Cryptocurrency miners have become one of the driving forces of the bear market

As the newspaper notes 8btc, a new generation of miners is less «hoglet» mined coins, preferring hedging by opening short positions.

To survive the notorious «winter of the cryptocurrency», the miners increasingly have to become financial market experts and risk managers using the maximum functionality of trading platforms. Short positions are sometimes hurt by the miners, struggling to maintain profitability.

«All play on the slide. This is done out of self-preservation, but leads to a further reduction in the price of the cryptocurrency. Ceasing to open short positions, we will eventually be out. However, if everyone will continue to do so, it ends in failure. It is very risky», said the Chinese miner Jin Xin.

As noted by Blue, mines cryptocurrency it is partly on the cards. Miner began operations in October 2017. If you believe him, then for the first two months of Jin Xin earned more than in the last three years in other areas.

However, this year the situation has changed dramatically and the miner had to develop its own survival strategy in a bear market. For capacity building he bought on the cheap used GPU-farm for those who wished to withdraw from the game. Immediately after price fell below the breakeven point, Blue off the farm and sold the graphics card to fans of video games. Waiting for some prices to recover, he again bought the video card on the secondary market and sold them to miners.

ForkLog previously published an article on how miners can warm to survive «cryptozoa», not overpaying for communal.


Binance, OKEx, and Coinbase will support the upcoming hardwork Bitcoin Cash

Cryptocurrency exchange Binance stated that it will support the upcoming hardwork Bitcoin Cash, which is scheduled for November 15. This was reported in the company blog.

Binance will make all the BCH-balances 15 November at 16:40 UTC. On the same day, from 15:00, the exchange will suspend accepting deposits and withdrawals in Bitcoin Cash.

After the will
made Binance separately inform users about the terms of renewal
access to the deposits and withdrawals for Bitcoin Cash.

About support for the upcoming
hard forks also said Coinbase and OKEx.

Against the background of these news course BCH for the last three days increased by about 30%. Throughout the week, the cryptocurrency was trading at $420, and after the publication of statements Binance and OKEx its quotes jumped to $584,4 as of 4 November.

Then the rate slightly decreased and at the time of publication of news was $553,29.

Weekly statistics on Bitcoin Cash, source: CoinMarketCap

Recall that the previous hardwork of Bitcoin Cash held in may. In this update, the maximum block size was increased to 32 MB.


Illinois plans to register the newborn in the system based on the blockchain

The American state of Illinois launched a pilot project to digitize metric statements of newborns based on blockchain technology. The initiative is being developed in the framework of the policy for implementation of technology in the Prairie state and beyond providing birth certificates electronically.

It is assumed that the result of the project parents and the doctors present at the birth of children, will be able to register using the new tool name, date of birth, information about the sex of the child, his blood group and other data.

“This information should not be static or written on paper,” — said in comments to CoinDesk Jennifer O’rourke (Jennifer O’rourke), adviser to Illinois on blockchain technology.

Information will be stored in a decentralized index secure distributed registry that guarantees the access to it only with the Express consent of the owner or his guardian. The system will also help to further confirm the identity of the person to the state bodies and companies, which will reduce the time and effort required in other registries and services.

On a tool’s working group, which includes representatives of start-up project on digital identity Evernym, World Wide Web Consortium and Sovrin Foundation.

The use of blockchain technology for identification is becoming a hot topic. Recall that in the European Union are exploring the possibility of applying the technology of distributed registry for digital identification of refugees.