Google has forbidden to post in the Chrome Web Store extensions for mining cryptocurrency

On April 2, Google introduces a ban on adding in the Chrome Web Store extensions designed for cryptocurrency mining, and by the end of June 2018 will delete all that have already become available to users of the service.

According to the company, 90% extension with mining scripts did not satisfy two simple requirements: mining should be the main task of the script, and users should be adequately warned about his work. The idea is that through such extension, the attackers stole customer data and used their computing resources for covert mining.

The ban has not hit the blockchain extensions that do not involve mining cryptocurrency.

Recall that Facebook and Instagram, Google and Twitter have imposed a ban on the advertising of crypto-currencies and ICO. In addition, popular in cryptosuite the social journalism site Medium introduced new requirements to cryptocurrency projects. To promote cryptocurrency and ICO in your service also banned mail marketing service Mailchimp.


New turn: the developers of Ethereum pre-agreed to block ASIC-miners

Leading developers of Ethereum pre-agreed regarding the new updates to the code base of the platform, which will allow you to block network access to ASIC miners. This writes CoinDesk, citing the results of another online meeting key figures in the Ethereum ecosystem.

During the meeting there was a proposal called ProgPoW – if it is accepted, the production of ETH in the future will be exclusively on a more traditional hardware like graphics cards, limiting the influence of ASIC miners.

Ethereum head of security Martin Canvas Svend said that he supports the update code, because it will ultimately help with the transition to the algorithm Proof-of-Stake.

«Today we know that Ethhash has a vulnerability and they exploited. That is why I would like to update the code as soon as possible — thanks to this we could get extra time for the transition to Proof-of-Stake», — said the Svend.

The head on public relations of the Ethereum Foundation Hudson Jameson, in turn, said that the consensus in this issue is really close:

«I think we reached a preliminary agreement on the implementation ProgPoW, if only in the process of testing will not be revealed serious shortcomings or there are other obstacles of a similar nature».

The proposal, barring anything unforeseen, should not be included in the forthcoming upgrade of Ethereum called Constantinople. Work on it, according to developers, will be a few more months.

Constantinople, in turn, must be activated on the unit 7,080,000 .

According to the release Manager Parity Africa Choedon, it will happen «within 10 minutes after 12:00 UTC on Wednesday, January 16.

We will remind, the other day about support for the upcoming hard forks have announced two leading stock exchanges Binance and OKEx.


Sberbank: small businesses can use Bitcoin

Russian entrepreneurs can use in their work with bitcoin. This was stated by the Chairman of the far Eastern Bank of Sberbank Dmitry Sukhoverkhov at a panel discussion in the framework of the Eastern economic forum in 2017.

«There is nothing stopping small businesses to use bitcoin today. Can the Bank be a mediator in this case? It is quite possible. I believe that this is not the distant future, but a reality,» he said.

Sukhoverkhov also noted the rapid growth of the cryptocurrency:

«If 10 years ago one bitcoin could buy a pizza, now two bitcoins to buy a pizza», he added.

Vice-President of Sberbank Andrei Sharov , in turn, believes that the blockchain will reduce the cost of cash transactions:

«The use of the blockchain will lead to a radical reduction in the cost of transactions for small businesses», – said the head.

The Central Bank yesterday issued a statement in which he warned against the use of cryptocurrencies. Bank calls risky exchange operations, financing through the ICO and record the rights to the virtual currency.


Bitfinex again declares attempt a DDoS attack

Cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex on the third day after a DDoS attack has again gone offline. This time, according to representatives of the exchange, the attack even more powerful.

Also in the afternoon due to increased load on the background of the growth of bitcoin prices was forced to stop the registration of new users until December 8, the resource LocalBitcoins, and in the evening a message about the Internal Server Error gave the website

In the case of Bitfinex another interesting point. The leaked report to shareholders says that the project releases a Tether for Bitfinex “the vast majority” of tokens USDT. In exchange informed the shareholders that this issue is not related to the financing of margin trading on the exchange.

Recall, December 4, Bitfinex said that was subjected to a DDoS attack. First, the site went offline due to high load and soon announced that is a deliberate attack by one or several persons and confronts her.

A few days before this Bitfinex clarified its relationship with cryptocurrency project and Tether responded to the accusations in an opaque business, citing the fact that earlier could not answer on all counts due to “the rapidly growing volumes of trading.”


Ledger has released two new applications for Nano’s

Manufacturer of hardware wallets Ledger has released two new applications for Nano devices S – HODL and Recovery Check. The purpose of the launch is to further increase the safety of users.

To install these apps to your device through the desktop application Ledger Live.


Upon receipt of the cryptocurrency wallet Nano’s there are times when you need to enter the wallet address from the computer. However, when you enter an address it is easy to make a mistake. App HODL is intended to save users from having to enter the address of any of the purses that are on the Nano S. With HODL it will be entered automatically. To do this:

  • To choose a field in which to enter the address on the PC;
  • To run the application HODL;
  • To use the Ledger Nano S to select the desired wallet;
  • The address will be entered in the specified field.

Recovery Check

In the case of loss, theft, breakage, Ledger Nano’s, and if the user has forgotten the PIN code the device, you must enter a «recovery phrase» to be able to recover balances in a compatible software or hardware wallet. But how to verify that this phrase was written correctly by the user?

To exit the Recovery Check is the only way to check the correctness of the stored phrase would reset the Nano’s and choose the option «Restore Configuration» that takes a lot of time.

New app accelerates and facilitates this check. When using the device’s Nano app allows you to enter each of the 24 words recovery phrases (you do not need to introduce each character). If the phrase matches the expected one, the user will receive a confirmation on the screen hardware wallet: «Recovery phrase matches». Detailed instructions on using the application Recovery Check can be found in the Help center Ledger.

We will remind that in April, the Ledger has released a new version of software for the device’s Nano – Ledger Nano’s firmware 1.4.2.


Discovered a suspected source of an attack on the crypto currency exchange Zaif

Cybersecurity experts from a subsidiary of Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group (MUFG), Japan Digital Design, announced that in collaboration with colleagues from companies L and Plus TokyoWesterns found the data identifying the kidnappers almost $60 million of funds in BTC, MONA and BCH from the Japanese crypto currency exchange Zaif.

Having studied the movement of coins Monacoin since the break-in at the end of October, they analyzed the data for 5 transactions and referred to law enforcement authorities information about their initiator. Message Digital Design Japan, the company was able to identify the IP address of the source of the attack, and the process allowed to evaluate the accuracy and cost of such tracking.

Recall that the Japanese financial services Agency (FSA) considered the first actions of the representatives of the crypto currency exchange Zaif for investigation of burglary and the support of communication with affected individuals is inadequate. The operator of crypto currency exchange, a Tech company Bureau could not produce schemes of compensation funds to victims until late September, and then announced a plan under which compensation undertakes the public investment company Fisco.


Hardwork Monero gave rise to four new projects

6 APR network Monero occurred hardwork, which gave rise to four new projects – two Classic Monero, and Monero, and Monero Original 0. All of them claim to be «original Monero».

Cryptocurrency Monero is a public blockchain, created in April 2014. Unlike Litecoin and many other altcoins, XMR is not a fork of bitcoin and is based on the Cryptonote Protocol and uses the PoW algorithm Cryptonight.

Last month, the largest manufacturer of mining equipment has released Bitmain ASIC miner Antminer X3, designed for cryptocurrency mining, using the Cryptonight Protocol, including XMR. Example Bitmain was followed by several other manufacturers, including Halong Mining and Baikal.

In light of this situation, the Monero developers decided that it would be best to spend hardwork to make the equipment useless. Monero code base planned to upgrade to version 12 to change the rule of consensus and to make the Protocol more secure Cryptonight ASIC technology. Since a significant part of the Monero community has not supported this idea, this has led to its splitting into several subgroups and the emergence of the four projects due on the 11th version of the Monero codebase.

Two of these projects called himself Monero Classic, with one team located in Singapore, and the second is represented by the developer under the pseudonym PZ. Both projects claim that changing the PoW algorithm Monero wasn’t a rational decision, so their leaders feel they have to maintain the source code base.

The third project took the name Monero original (XMO). The codebase of the project can be found on GitHub. Lead developer XMO calls himself Xman.

«Monero has always been about freedom of choice, otherness and a strong community. We provide Monero supporters the opportunity to support an iconic coin and stay in the source network,» reads a press release of the project.

The fourth and last project is Monero 0, which the developers believe that the current strategy XMR is no longer «stable and reasonable». A leading project developer is confident that the separation of the Protocol to enhance protection from ASIC is not a consensus.

At the moment it is not clear how reliable is each of these projects, and how long they will last. Some of these forks has declared the support of the exchanges and mining pools. However, as we see in the case of bitcoin, many of the forks do not last long and only a few show worthy of attention results.


The cryptocurrency derivatives exchange Huobi announced a $12 billion trade volume in the first month of work

Says Huobi Global, only for the first month included in the structure of derivatives exchanges Huobi DM total volume of trading transactions amounted to $12 billion this is stated in the letter received from ForkLog Huobi Global.

«We are extremely pleased with the rapid growth Huobi DM in December and believe this is an excellent confirmation of the strong interest [of cryptocurrency] by institutional investors and professional traders», — said the CEO of Huobi Global Livio Weng.

The Pro-bitcoin and other cryptocurrency derivatives exchange Huobi DM was launched in beta mode in November 2018. In December it was announced about the Association of DM with Huobi Huobi platform Global.

At the moment Huobi DM supports contracts for BTC, ETH, and EOS, and plans to expand the product line to other cryptocurrencies.

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Venezuela has provided a national cryptocurrency oil field

Venezuela allocates 5 billion barrels of oil to supply the national cryptocurrency Petro. About it on December 27, the TV channel Venezolana de Televisión reported Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro (Nicolas Maduro).

In support of Petro allocated oilfield with reserves of five billion barrels:

«I have in my hand a document officially confirming the Deposit №1 Ayacucho in the area of the oil belt of the Orinoco river as material support cryptocurrency Petro. Field No. 1, has reserves of 5 billion barrels of oil, which is confirmed by international certification», – said the President.

On this basis, will be issued more than 5 billion tokens, based on the estimated number of barrels of oil, which is able to give mine. The release will be produced under the control of the Main Directorate for cryptocurrency created specifically for this purpose in early December. At the current price of oil, the field Ayacucho is estimated at $ 300 billion.

In addition, Maduro said he hopes to attract to the national cryptocurrency of the young population of the country in the framework of the «Working young» (Chamba Juvenil), the start of which was announced in the summer of 2017. The program was already 860 thousand of Venezuelans aged 15 to 35 years, and the President hopes that these young people will assist the state in the production of Petro, creating and maintaining mining farms across the country.

«Now, when we, not so young, have believed in the possibility of the existence of this new world, let us call it a special team that will engage in mining in all States and all municipalities», – said the President.

Maduro also promised that in the future will allocate to support the Petro gold deposits Arko, Minero in the Orinoco belt and also comes with a treasure trove of diamonds.

We will remind, about the launch of Venezuela’s national cryptocurrency Petro became known on 4 December. The government believes that the Venezuelan cryptocurrency secured by the «inventory of Venezuelan natural resources, gold, oil and diamonds», will allow the country to move in the field of «new forms of obtaining international funding.»


EOS is reduced in anticipation of the news

The growth of cryptocurrencies EOS were suspended on Wednesday and Thursday this week due to corporate news. In the afternoon on Thursday, June 7, EOS is trading at $13,7600 declining, according to Dmitry Gurkovsky, analyst at RoboForex.

Now EOS it all hinges on the internal information, so the technical pattern of trading reflects only the fundamental data. Given that positive information is still there – and the market is waiting for it eagerly – EOS may enhance the decline.

Key support in such circumstances is $12,5000, while a key resistance stands at $15,6560. Today, with the breakthrough of the intermediate support $13,4000 will open the way to the bottom of the range.

The MACD on the daily chart goes from negative to positive and generates a signal to buy. The Stochastic oscillator maintains positions in the positive zone, but begins to decline and is ready to signal the sale. In other words, until the driver EOS with high probability will remain within the sideways channel, but the amplitude of fluctuations can be high.

From the point of view of fundamental news with EOS “not going smoothly”. The main problem now is to delay the official launch of the network. It was to be held on June 2, but the company is, “taking a break” until June 6, delayed and the date. It is possible that during the day, the company announced another delay, the launch will not be held. To start the network, you need to constantly fix errors and crashes, and the “slip” to do so, most likely, will not work.

Initially it was said that in the course of testing on cybersecurity network revealed problems with the code. Later EOS stated that bugs are fixed, but the network did not work in full force. Over elimination of shortcomings of work including the professionals involved. It seems that during the day I have some certainty on the timing of the launch.

Let me remind you that during the ICO EOS attracted more than $4 billion, the placement lasted more than a year and drew the attention of a large number of potential investors. They say that ICO was the highest grossing for the last time. EOS say the probable competitor of Ethereum cryptocurrency, but right now to say how and when a newbie wins one of the leaders in the virtual market, hard to say. One thing is clear – the new decentralized operating system will offer options cryptocurrency transfers without fees and show that the scaling (one of the main problems existing codes) could be infinite.


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