Novel Kumar Vias: In the marketing of ICO better to do something not sure than to regret the lost


To understand the features and mechanics of marketing tools in the ICO can be difficult. Novel Kumar Vias, founder of the Agency Qmarketing, in an interview to DeCenter told about ways to promote the ICO, what to look for when unwinding of the projects and in which locations it is best to build cooperation with investors.

Let’s start with the main infopovod — Telegram lock. What do you think about this? You yourself use this messenger?

Yes, of course, I use Telegram. Those who care about gossipred, I recommend to use Telegram via VPN — click on two buttons and stay connected. In General, it is unknown how the story will develop.

In this case, do the managers who lead your projects to Telegram channels?

To be honest, I don’t think that Telegram will flow a lot of users. Likely to leave 20% of the audience. The most active and relevant people will be left. Those who lead their own channels, I would in any case advised to make additional accounts in other social networks. Still have to do the Analytics: if for a month the audience of Telegram greatly reduced, that is, it will take more than 30% of users, then it makes sense to switch to other instant messengers. If the audience will be, we can safely continue work in the Telegram.

You said you need to create an alternative platform. On which channels, in your opinion, should pay attention to the creators of ICO projects?

For publications good LJ, but I think that few out there will want to come back, this story is for generation X than for young people. Tumblr, Medium can be used as channels of content consumption. I would look at a new marketing DMP, teaser grid. At the moment the cases with bloggers more bad than good way of advertising. Perhaps, someday they will be able to operate normally for ICO. So far, the bloggers put a big enough price tag, and in terms of the amount of money that makes their blog usually invest in is not worth it. The same Facebook or Google is a much higher priority.

What are the options for instant messengers?

If to speak about Russia, then I would advise to use a Signal because it’s safe. WhatsApp, unfortunately, there is no desktop version. Plus, the lion’s share of communications comes through Facebook Messenger. I know I will soon be Join chat — messenger, which will allow you to monetize content and manage the community, especially in the framework of the goals that are pursued ICO. Apparently, the developers Join chat very happy now that their main competitor was blocked.

Whether or not to cooperate with the media? Some believe that media — the last century that this is no big deal, that no one reads.

No, cooperation with the media is necessary for 100%. In the future, most likely, all the traditional forms of the text will take in the video, because the new generation is not accustomed to reading. But I’m sure the media will live for a long time. Perhaps this site creates so much traffic, but through a PR publication you can go on the target audience and the targeted advertisement to configure the ad impressions on Facebook. In addition, to interact with the media well, in terms of partnerships. For example, we had a case when we with one publication in «Kommersant» soared to second place on a fairly high-demand. And another blog in the media with a PR publications can seriously increase conversion by 50% from the current figure. Therefore, PR is a very important thing.

Is the usual marketing startups from marketing, the ICO project? Are there any typical features?

Yes, the marketing of the ICO projects are more aggressive, he of short-term, while at the same time you have to run an advertising campaign all over the world. For conventional product marketing is part of one, maximum of two to three countries. To ICO marketing need to act quickly. And there is an unwritten rule — if the marketing ICO contemplating on whether to do something or not to do, you better do, because otherwise there is a risk that the project won’t go off.

What are the main problems arise from the coverage of a large number of countries?

Any team needs to have Legal Advice — the advice of lawyers to give advice on those or other legal norms, because the laws are in all countries different. Failure to comply with the laws can block advertising office. Therefore, it is necessary to legally verify all information regarding advertising opportunities.

In addition, it is necessary to bother and read the research about how advertising works in every country in which there are patterns of human behavior and so on. It helps us a lot with determining the vector of development of the advertising campaign. So, for example, recently we built the marketing concept in South Korea, where people have quite different attitude to creativity. Koreans love more acid flow and combinations of men and animals. So we had to change all ads, reformat it into a more psychedelic.

It is also necessary to understand that if we advertise for a particular country, it may not be suitable for the whole region, a continent which is the country. Because in Japan, unlike South Korea, the situation is quite different, although this is the Asian contingent. Therefore, before the start of the campaign in another country to increase conversion is to create a psychological portrait of a potential user to explore his creativity, habits, cultural values. This can seriously increase your conversion rate.

How to identify and build your audience that will be interested in the project and will not go away?

Just the proverbial content marketing in this sense is very helpful, especially in a time when Facebook and Google are going to block direct advertising from all businesses related to cryptocurrency. In order to draw a normal community, he needs to sell the idea. Often the crypto sites monotonous in its execution and can’t sell your idea. So you need to find more cunning ways. And content, in particular, the articles written and placed in the media or on the blog, just work for sales of this goal. The only feature that a normal community is much more complex than the community of crypto-investors that only want to get their x on the day of the IPO. We conducted analysis on the cohesion of the community, and 90% of the questions were: «When the project Zolotitsa on the stock market? When the project Zolotitsa on a major stock exchange?». Although it would be much wiser to ask about the product roadmap. It turns out that most of the community is likely not fans of your product or ideas, but simply those who want to earn on speculation.

There are many ways a startup’s growth. How to understand what strategy you need it for your project? It became clear that you need to focus on the country. And then what?

If we talk about marketing strategy a normal startup, you first need to study the market, see if there are equivalents. If not, ask yourself a fair question: «why? Why no one in the world thought of such things? Was there any prerequisites for this?». Then you need to correctly study all the competitors using SimilarWeb to find out the structure of their traffic, to analyze the number of orders. Then you define your target audience: what are these people doing, where we hang out, how interested in your project, invest these people in your project. Next you need to position yourself and your product properties in the matrix of competitors, to understand how you’re going to rebuild and that will speak to a specific segment of people. And only then it makes sense to test different channels, to do some tests on the quality of work constantly to optimize, change, creativity and ultimately, after a large number of hypotheses can be found normally operating channels in which your project will be scaled.

How to promote the project after the ICO and maintain the interest of investors? Is there life after ICO?

Of course. For this project to be a good, professional community Manager, who will take over the regulation of relationships within the investment community, raise the temperature of this relationship and be in constant communication. Community managers are the direct translator of company news. These people must be present in the network in order for investors not to arouse suspicion or to question your integrity (applicable for those who want to be honest). Plus, you must correctly set the direction of the grocery roadmap, where it will be possible, for example, to organize a session with the founders to communicate with the community. If you always keep investors informed, will make investors become part of the team and has seen his involvement in the project, your business will live long.


Bitcoin has entered the top 10 most read articles in Wikipedia

Popular online encyclopedia Wikipedia has compiled a ranking of the top 50 most read articles in 2017. Ninth position in this list is Bitcoin.

The authors described the world’s first cryptocurrency like this:

«Bitcoin is as good as gold; more brilliant than lead; more bubble than the Tulip; is deep in the «mines»; and it drives people crazy. Gold enriched the adventurers, and bitcoin was used for the repurchase of hackers. You can drown in a pool of gold, you can lose everything in the war. Oddly enough, while you can still buy gold and forget about it as long as your grandchildren it won’t cash that causes a stir, «the future of money» has become the most speculative intangible asset of all times, is totally unsuitable as a means of payment. However, at least in 2017, bitcoin was a better investment than the shares of Tesla».

In addition to bitcoin the top 10 also includes articles about Donald trump, deaths in 2017, «Game of thrones» and others:

  1. Deaths in 2017(37,387,010)
  2. Donald Trump(29,644,764)
  3. Elizabeth II(19,290,956)
  4. Game of Thrones(season 7)(18,792,746)
  5. Meghan Markle(16,944,130)
  6. Game of Thrones(16,833,302)
  7. List of Bollywood films of 2017(16,391,427)
  8. United States(15,763,915)
  9. Bitcoin(15,026,561)
  10. 13 Reasons Why(14,934,202)

Recall that Bitcoin and mining led the top user requests to the Yandex search in 2017. Bitcoin has also entered the top-3 major Russian words 2017.


Weekly trading volume of bitcoin and broadcast reached the highest level since may 2018

For the week from 17 to 23 December weekly trading volume of bitcoin (BTC) amounted to $46 billion, while for Ethereum (ETH) the same indicator was at the level of $18.5 billion Last time at higher levels of bidding was in may, seven months ago, writes The Block.

At the end of November the total trading volume of bitcoin topped $2 trillion, and is expected by the end of the year this figure will grow to $2.2 trillion. The total growth of trade volumes of the first cryptocurrency so 153% higher than in 2017, when the figure was $870 billion.

With the figure of more than $800 billion Ethereum (ETH) is the second most traded cryptocurrency, and it accounts for about 37% of the trading volumes of bitcoin. As seen in the table below, the levels of BTC and ETH are still significantly correlated.

As of 13:00 UTC Wednesday, 26 December, the average rate of bitcoin stood at $3,812, the trading volume in the last 24 hours was $5,451 billion At the same time, the air cost $130.40 with daily volumes of $2,976 billion.

We will remind, earlier this month reported significantly raised trade volumes have appeared in this year’s new tablconv.


Under reduction can get up to 50% of employees cryptocurrency company Huobi Group

After the hardware manufacturer for mining bitcoin Bitmain information about reduction of staff confirmed cryptocurrency company Huobi Group, 8btc is reported, citing Chinese Internet portal

So, one of the staff Huobi announced that the company is pursuing the so-called qualification exam on the blockchain, which included 2000 issues. The exam must pass all employees of the company, and in case of repeated failure to be fired. Such a test, insist in Huobi necessary to enhance the professionalism and efficiency of staff.

Another source claims that last week the company has fired around 100 employees at a number of the staff of 1,000 people and plans to cut another half of the workers.

Simultaneously, the representatives of Huobi, suggesting that the company is constantly looking for new staff and continues to focus on «its core business and emerging markets.»

Note, part of the Group Huobi cryptocurrency exchange Huobi Global is the third largest daily trading volume, second only to OKEx and Binance.

We will remind, recently the network has reported that more than half the staff is going to lay off Bitmain due to financial problems. Representatives of the Chinese company confirmed this information, but declined to give the number of employees who will get under reduction.

«The reduction is a natural cycle in the new, rapidly developing industries, and the blockchain is no exception. It happened with the Internet in the 2000s, but it has served as a basis for growth for the largest companies. I look forward to the emergence of a more efficient blockchain-industry-version 2.0», — said in comments to the South China Morning Post co-founder of Hong Kong investment company Kenetic Capital Cihan Chu.

Earlier it was reported that the blockchain startup ConsenSys can reduce up to 60% of employees.


Global Data: cryptocurrency expensive, slow and non-scalable

Research company Global Data have published a 34-page report designed to debunk the optimistic myths surrounding the cryptocurrency.

In the result of the analysis, the experts came to the conclusion that cryptocurrencies are expensive, slow, largely unprofitable and not able to scale in line with projected demand.

«Many of the core statements of the supporters of the cryptocurrency is simply not true. We say that cryptocurrencies accelerate transactions that help to remove intermediaries and free of costs, however, none of these points is not true,» said a senior analyst at Global Data Gary Barnett (Gary Barnett).

As for operations with cryptocurrencies, they are not free. So, at the peak of growth of fee in the bitcoin network reached $50.

«Although the price per transaction now that the bitcoin network is not loaded, is kept at $1, it is bound to increase when the transaction volume will increase again,» said Barnett.

Furthermore, no cryptocurrency has wide application. The number of retailers and companies that accept cryptocurrency for payment of goods and services, very little.

According to the report, the researchers did not consider the fact that with increasing size of the blocks in the Bitcoin network Cash be real prospects of reducing costs and faster transaction processing. At least in theory. Despite this, experts conclude that cryptocurrencies do not scale.

«Payment network, Visa is able to support 24,000 transactions per second (t/c) at peak load and in average 1500 m/s in normal mode. Meanwhile, the bitcoin committed to achieving the level of 10 m/s, while Bitcoin Cash can handle about 60 t/C. the Only cryptocurrency which is close to the average value of a Visa, is a Ripple – he is capable of 1,500 t/C».

Talking about the value of cryptocurrency, Barnett expressed the opinion that they «represent a classic bubble in which prices are the result of speculation on the likely behaviour of the market, not a clear assessment of the underlying value.»

Moreover, researchers believe that all currencies are «a fraud based on trust.»

«The us dollar, the British pound and the Euro – it all depends on confidence of the market in their values.»

Recall that according to the head of Sberbank Herman Gref, crypto-currencies are a by-product of the development of the blockchain.


Bahrain plans to move into the blockchain registration of vehicles

In the Kingdom of Bahrain is considering the transfer on the blockchain of a system of registration of road transport in the country.

The General motion control of Bahrain (GDT) has announced the search for a technical partner for the development and implementation of appropriate blockchain.

“Such registration will be a vital achievement in reducing the General cost of storing important information about vehicles. It will enhance the effectiveness from the point of view of supply chain management and ensure a high level of transparency for all stakeholders in the ecosystem of registration of vehicles”, — said the head of the GDT Sheikh Abdulrahman bin Abdulwahid El Khalifa (Abdulrahman bin Abdulwahab Al Khalifa).

Declared Agency the project will be part of a wider initiative by the government of Bahrain for the introduction of advanced technology through cooperation with the private sector.

In Bahrain increasingly focused on the development of blockchain technology. Last year, one of the largest financial institutions of the Kingdom — Bank ABC — joined blockchain consortium, R3, and the government began a dialogue with the Monetary authority of Singapore (MAS) for the purpose of receiving recommendations on the deployment of the national DLT pilot project, reported local media.

Recall that in September the Central Bank of Bahrain, said the possibility of the experiment with a wider introduction of cryptocurrencies and the launch of the “regulatory sandboxing”.


The former head of Barclays: the big banks are lagging behind in the implementation of blockchain technology

Anthony Jenkins (Antony Jenkins), the former head of one of the largest global financial conglomerates Barclays, expressed concerns that the major players in the banking industry may fall behind in introducing innovations such as blockchain technology. In his opinion, banks in General are good innovators, but they are not as fast as other players of the market in adoption of innovations for commercial use.

When it comes to transformation of their operations, banks are experiencing difficulties, dominate in this area technology companies and FINTECH start-UPS, says Jenkins.

«I think we see this in all industries, particularly in the financial services industry, as banks mostly with approval refer to innovation, they spend a lot of resources and then convert them to become very difficult. If you look at all causing interest in the work of transformation, it goes beyond the circle of industry leaders. And they begin to realize it,» said the former CEO of Barclays, Antony Jenkins.

With the opinion of Jenkins is actually solidarity in the World Economic Forum. In his report, published this month, the WEF said that banks are far behind major technological companies in the development of technologies such as cloud computing, artificial intelligence and Big Data.

Jenkins noted the great potential of using blockchain technology in the banking sector. As a result of its introduction, he believes that the reality will be, for example, mortgages and consumer loans to customers in minutes.

Note that some banks are still actively working in the field of new technologies. Bank of America in recent years has applied to the Bureau for registration of patents and trademarks United States a total of more than 40 patent applications that describe a solution based on blockchain technology. In 2014 was registered 10 applications, in 2015 – 5, 2016 – 9.


Mike Novogratz has postponed the launch of cryptocurrency hedge Fund

Billionaire investor and head of Galaxy Investment Partners Mike Novogratz has postponed plans to launch a cryptocurrency hedge Fund, which was to become the largest in the history of the nascent industry. He stated this in an interview with CNBC.

«We had to start December 15, but took a break. I don’t like the current market conditions in terms of a starting point to obtain the money of other investors,» said Novogratz.

However, he noted that it is still optimistic about the cryptocurrency:

«We continue feverishly to build a trading Bank for cryptocurrencies, that is, I’m still very optimistic about this space,» he added.

12 Dec Mike Novogratz at the CNBC live said that he had planned to launch its Fund at the end of last week. Its size was to be $500 million.

22 Dec billionaire, who has recently raised its forecast for the price of bitcoin to $40 000 by the end of 2018, wrote on Twitter that the exchange rate BTC could fall to $8000.

A week ago, the price of Bitcoin for the first time exceeded the record mark of $20,000, but then started to decline on Friday 22 December fell to $10 400 on Coinbase. The weighted average rate of BTC fell to $11 833, but on the same day, recovered to $14 907. Even this morning, bitcoin was trading at $14 400, but at the time of writing the rate dropped to $13 036.

According to Novogratz, his company has «made a lot of money» on the cryptocurrency, but now they are engaged in a reassessment of the situation.

The rapid growth of popularity and prices of cryptocurrency have contributed to the increased interest of investors to this market. According to the latest Autonomous Next in 2017, was launched 120 CryptoRandom, and their total number is at least 175.


Cryptocurrency led the top most talked-about events in Vkontakte 2017

Team Vkontakte decided what topics the users of the social network discussed most often in the public records and the review in 2017. As reported in the official press release, the term «cryptocurrency» is mentioned 2 800 000 times, overtaking the popularity of such traditional topics as football, soap operas and the Olympics.

According to statistics, the monthly audience of Vkontakte is more than 97 million users, and the number of users on mobile devices reaches 80 million people. Active audience embedded messenger Facebook is 82 million monthly.

Recall, the words «bitcoin» and «cryptocurrency» entered the top ten major Russian words 2017 version of the expert Council at the Center for creative development of Russian language.

In addition, requests associated with the crypt, led the top of the search interests of users of Yandex in 2017. The most numerous were the queries that relate to bitcoin and mining. For example, most users of Yandex asked: [bitcoin exchange rate against the ruble today schedule], [how much is one bitcoin in rubles], [how to mine bitcoin on your computer step-by-step instructions], [how to build a farm for mining], [how to earn bitcoin with zero] and [how to earn bitcoins in 2017].



Weekly trading volume of bitcoin and Ethereum are returned to high values

For the week from 17 to 23 December weekly trading volume of bitcoin (BTC) amounted to $46 billion, while for Ethereum (ETH) the same indicator was at the level of $18.5 billion Last time at higher levels of bidding was in may, seven months ago, writes The Block.

At the end of November the total trading volume of bitcoin topped $2 trillion, and is expected by the end of the year this figure will grow to $2.2 trillion. The total growth of trade volumes of the first cryptocurrency so 153% higher than in 2017, when the figure was $870 billion.

With the figure of more than $800 billion Ethereum (ETH) is the second most traded cryptocurrency, and it accounts for about 37% of the trading volumes of bitcoin. As seen in the table below, the levels of BTC and ETH are still significantly correlated.

As of 13:00 UTC Wednesday, 26 December, the average rate of bitcoin stood at $3,812, the trading volume in the last 24 hours was $5,451 billion At the same time, the air cost $130.40 with daily volumes of $2,976 billion.

Earlier this month, became aware of the significantly raised trade volumes have appeared in this year’s new tablconv.