Wirex launches cryptocurrency debit card in Europe

British operator bitcoin wallet and debit card Wirex launches in Europe cryptocurrency debit cards. The new product offers support for multi-currency accounts in British pounds, euros, us dollars and bitcoin.

Earlier this week, community Manager Wirex Rafael Shalabi confirmed successful completion of internal and external beta testing of the product. According to him, is expected to issue three types of cards: virtual, plastic and pre-paid contactless.

As of March 8, the new VISA is already available to customers Wirex from the UK, and by the end of the month that they are available to residents and other EU countries, this mission is the company’s priority.

We will remind that on January 4 this year, the international payment system VISA sent to the issuing Bank WaveCrest, based in Gibraltar, the order to immediately close all of its issued debit cards. According to a statement by VISA, the reason for the decision was the systematic failure to comply with the requirements of the company from WaveCrest.


The largest venture firm Korea for the first time invested in a blockchain startup

The largest venture company in South Korea Korea Investment Partners (KIP) invested in the first startup from the scope of the blockchain industry.

A new investment partner KIP was the company Temco bent on using blockchain technology to transform the management system of supply chains for small and medium enterprises. The amount of the company’s investments is not called.

“Temco is more than ready to breakthrough in the existing process supply chains. Temco not only superior to existing business solutions and is a shining example of the potential of blockchain technology,” said Council member KIP of investment in FINTECH Jong Hyun Kim (Jong Hyun Kim).

Founded in 1986, the venture capital firm has invested in more than 500 companies, including major Korean projects, such as Naver, the leading Internet search engine in the country, and Kakao, the operator is dominant in the Korean messenger Kakao Talk.

Earlier, the South Korean government has decided next year to double the funding of the projects scope blockchain. The country is still prohibited the holding of ICO, and the authorities are wary of cryptocurrency trading. Thus the Governor of the island province of Jeju appealed to the Central government to make the region a special area for the development of blockchain and cryptocurrency.


Libra startup raised $15 million investment

The new York startup Libra is involved in the development of accounting IN the field of blockchain and cryptocurrency, raised $15 million in funding round series B, thus bringing the total investment in the company to $24.8 million

The received means will go on development of the platform Crypto Libra Office and other products of the company, strengthening the team and expanding client base. In addition, funding will focus on expanding market through cooperation with custodial companies, miners and services lending.

As the head and founder Jake Benson (Jake Benson), the mission of Libra is to provide a recording system data that allows companies engaged in transactions with cryptocurrencies, to meet the demands of managers, investors, auditors and regulators.

Recall that in the fall of 2017 Libra startup has raised $7.8 million investment under the financing series A.


Experts of the stock market are in no hurry to invest in ICO Telegram

The largest venture capital firms interested in participating in ICO Telegram. About his desire to invest in the development of multi-blockchain platform TON said Sequoia Capital, Benchmark Capital and Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers.

At the same time, specialized cryptocurrency funds from this opportunity deliberately refuse. Charles Noyes (Charles Noyes) of the company Pantera Capital involved in bitcoin investments in 2013, reported that the proposal platform TON does not seem so interesting. Excessive demand for this ICO suggests that the sector is overheated because of the draft white paper contains very little convincing specifics.

Bart Stevens (Bart Stephens), managing partner of Blockchain Capital, and abandon investment in ICO Telegram, says that investors who missed the cryptocurrency boom last year, the offer Telegram seems very best, some chance to catch up.

With the experts fully agree and managing the cryptocurrency Fund Solidus Capital Carlos Mosquera (Mosquera Carlos). He also believes that this ICO is too overrated, so refused to participate. According to him, many market participants enter into ridiculous trades today, acquiring tokens, just in case, like chips in a casino.

Fund Vision Softbank, after negotiations with the command Telegram, also refused to buy tokens. Similarly did the part of the company Fortress. Managing cryptocurrency Fund 1confirmation Tomaino Nick (Nick Tomaino) also refused to invest in TON, as doubts that the project team is able to fulfill his promises:

«This is the largest ICO, attracting big investors, but I believe that the implementation of the project requires deep technical knowledge and expert knowledge in cryptoamnesia, mechanisms of consensus, and scalability, they do not have».

Recall that Telegram has finished accepting applications for participation in the pre-ICO that they develop a blockchain platform TON another 20 days of January. Pre-sale Telegram plans to raise $850 million, according to the member of the syndicate of investors, requests received for amount four times as much – $3.8 billion



YouTube and Twitter are the main social network traffic source for cryptocurrency exchanges

While about cryptocurrency write a popular media – first because of their rapid growth, and then the fall – out of all information sources in social networks of potential investors prefer YouTube. This is evidenced by the findings of the study BDCenter.

Videohostinga service by a wide margin superior to such popular among cryptocurrency traders platforms for communication, like Twitter and Reddit. This is probably due to a preference for referral links as a way to monetize video content by its authors.

The study also BDCenter provides data on traffic sources various trading platforms. Exchange Binance, for example, 80% rely on direct referrals, and only 2% of its traffic are provided in different types of paid promotion. While in social networks it your ads not to place.

Example ad Binance search engine

Example ad Binance advertising network

Exchange OKEx gets 74% of traffic from direct navigation and less than 2% from advertising. OKEx promotion in social networks engaged its partners, such as Volt Tech.

Example ad OKEx on Facebook

If you examine the Huobi traffic from search engines, it turns out that 99% is organic search in Baidu the Chinese system. About one-third of Huobi traffic comes from social networks. The exchange is actively promoting not only their services but also their own token.

Example ad Huobi on Facebook

Bitfinex gets the lion’s share of traffic from Google search and direct transitions over 99%. In this ad accounts for only 0,03%.

The American stock exchange Coinbase relies on direct referrals and referral links, but 2% ad traffic in her case correspond to 100 000 unique users.

Exchange Bittrex was popular in social networks – 11%, of which 80% is YouTube and Facebook.

Poloniex makes it even more serious emphasis on the social network, with over 1 million monthly users and 2 million users with search traffic.

BDCenter notes that the main sources of traffic for cryptocurrency exchanges are direct and referral transitions. The sources that tend to bring less traffic to work well on mobile devices. «Strange but true,» she writes, adding that the choice of means of attracting users of the exchanges in the first place should focus on geographic data. For example, Japanese stocks are getting traffic from the social network for artists Pixiv

Earlier, netizens speculated that the popular service for tracking market behavior CoinMarketCap cryptocurrency is complicit in unfair exchanges, overestimating their performance in trading volume, to help them attract new users.


The Central Bank of China continues to be negatively disposed to ICO

At an internal meeting held recently, Deputy Chairman of the people’s Bank of China (PBOC) pan Gunsan voiced the position of the regulator in relation to the ICO promoted in China by foreign companies.

The official, who is also the head of the Leading group on addressing the risks in the field of Internet Finance, reiterated that the ICO is banned in the country, and those companies that do not comply with this prohibition and violate the law.

His group was created in April 2016 and is the body that initiated the tightening of regulation of the cryptocurrency industry in the country.

The meeting was attended by representatives of the people’s Bank of China, financial policy Committee, the municipal government and the above-mentioned working group.

The official report States that the Central Committee of the CPC and the Chinese State Council attach great importance to combating the risks associated with Internet Finance.

Gunsan said there are three main challenges facing the government:

  • Contribute to the establishment of a Supervisory system, which adapts to the characteristics of Internet Finance;
  • In all regions of China to introduce administrative and criminal penalties for violations, and to accelerate the withdrawal of illegal business and activities of the country;
  • To play an active role in increasing access to financial services.

«Financial activity must be licensed. Must be clear capital requirements, the qualifications of shareholders, employees, senior management and corporate governance», – said Gunsan.

We will remind, in December the p’an Gunsan stated that the imposition of restrictions on the cryptocurrency market was the right decision, but to observe the collapse of bitcoin better “with the river”.

According to official data, from September 2017, the share of world trade in bitcoin in pairs with the yuan fell below 1%. Before the introduction of the ban on ICO and centralized cryptologon in China, the figure was 90%.


Bitcoin Gold added protection from repeat transactions

Team Bitcoin Gold announced the implementation SIGHASH_FORK_ID, which provides protection against re-play of transactions.

According to the developers, SIGHASH_FORK_ID is a two-way protection mechanism. This solution introduces a new algorithm, which computes a hash of the transaction, so that all new Bitcoin transaction will be invalid in the blockchain of Bitcoin to Gold and Vice versa.

The project team also reported on the readiness of the Bitcoin Gold for public testing. Its launch is planned «soon».

Recall that hardwork Bitcoin Gold was held on 24 October. The bitcoin blockchain has been made on the block 491407. According to the road map project, a network was to be launched 1 November. However, this did not happen. Apparently, the launch date has been postponed to a later date.


PANIC HODL: keep the cue ball, soon Bouncing

Saturday collection of memes for the faithful in the crypt…

…and renounced his name.

It would seem that what we have to fear, within just 2018 watching such swings?

But on Friday, December 7, bitcoin gave us another blow, falling in the price of 84,28% compared to a historical high.

A bad example was contagious…

…and on the same day, the market of altcoins declined by 90% since the beginning of the year.

The rule that «if an asset has four legs — it is more sustainable» didn’t work!

the science behind DOGECOIN 🐕 from r/bitcoinmemes

Yeah, pumped up the height of the actuation of peronality. Above 20K no(

Share the catch with a bear:

And really $4000 seems in the current situation, a good compromise:

Charts say to me:

But I don’t find censorship of words to say(

Along with that comes the realization that bitcoin is more about moving money, not about earnings:

now u know huh…sokay not too late yet 🙂 from r/bitcoinmemes

…and that is a reverse of the strategy hodl is Lambo sodl)

How do you severe restrictions in food, captainvalor?

«There is a positive side — I’ve always wanted to try fasting».

But how to decide on the exit from the market?

Difficult it all. Safely get out of this Scam but maybe some Ian balina:

But enough to tear the hair! The market itself has given us a new strategy — PANIC HODL! Eyes fear, the hands hoglet — nothing would be better:

PANIC HODL! At any price:

…and any level of deterioration of the nervous system:

In this strategy we look like madmen, but the keys to the wallets, we do not take away!

The shorter rebound promised…

The approach of Christmas gives an excellent occasion for blackmail Santa) Well, who what of the dragon?

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The crypto currency exchange Binance intends to enter the market of South Korea

One of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges Binance is very close to the exit on the market of South Korea, reports Business Korea.

CEO Binance Chanpen Zhao (Zhao Changpeng) over the weekend took part in the conference Blockchain Partners Summit, held in Seoul. In his speech at the summit, he stressed the importance of South Korean cryptocurrency market, adding that his company will join the community.

According to the Korean edition, Binance this year plans to create three to five local companies. In addition, the exchange has added support for Korean language on its official website and hired several specialists in the country.

In particular, Arim Jeon (Jeon Ah-rim), who previously worked in one of the first blockchain-companies of Korea — Chain Partners, became Director of Binance on marketing in the country, and Hand Over Choi (Choi Hyung-won) from Bain&Company topped the Binance Labs.

As noted by Business Korea, the number of users Binance in the country yet. However, this is one of the popular foreign cryptocurrency exchanges from Korean traders.

The planned release of Binance on the South Korean market comes after launching a new trading platform in Uganda — Uganda Binance. Earlier Binance announced the opening of the adjustable crypto currency exchange on the island of Jersey.

Earlier, the financial regulator of South Korea — financial services Commission (FSC) announced the creation of a new Department that will focus on the cryptocurrency market.


In the Kaliningrad region in the next two years will be mining valley

The Governor of the Kaliningrad region Anton Alikhanov said that in the next two years in the region will be mining valley. The area government carries on negotiations with potential investors, he said, talking to reporters on IPQuorum-2018.

“We are negotiating with potential investors on the establishment of a number of our power stations of a certain mining valley. With Sberbank and Spartakom we are quite advanced negotiations on establishing a data center near to these stations. And of course, mining the subject must continue to implement,” — said the Governor.

According to him, it is about a large mining valley, which appears in the region in the next two years. The authorities of the region there is a draft data Center, and they are waiting for proposals from business, said the chief Executive officer.

We will remind, earlier Vice-Premier of the regional government Alexander Shenderyuk-Zhidkov claimed that the miners in the region provide the opportunity to become residents of a special economic zone (SEZ) for IT business.