The tax authority ordered the exchange Bits of Gold to report large traders

Cryptocurrency exchange Bits of Gold based in tel Aviv, agreed to report the large traders in the Tax administration of Israel.

Bits of Gold will transmit the controller data about all users who have made transactions in the amount of $50 thousand for the last 12 months. The exchange has agreed to comply with the requirements of the tax after the authorities have inspected the company’s offices.

Cryptocurrency exchanges work in Israel are now required to report large transactions to the Commission on the prevention of money laundering and financing of terrorism. However, the Tax administration is not easy to get this information because of laws protecting the privacy of citizens. Moreover, the regulator has no legal right to demand from companies information about their customers without their consent.

According to industry experts, the agreement between the IRS and Bits of Gold is a sign that the Agency plans to engage more local kryptomere and companies.

We will remind that in February, the Tax authority introduced new rules regarding distributed means of payment. Now virtual currencies are assets, and their sale is the taxable event (tax on capital gains).


In Saudi Arabia banned the cryptocurrency trading

Saudi Arabia’s permanent Committee for raising awareness of transactions in unregistered securities, which included representatives from five financial regulators: the country has officially stated that cryptocurrency trading in the Kingdom is outside the law, and traders that conduct transactions with such assets without government oversight, can face negative consequences and considerable risks.

The Committee argues that virtual currencies, such as bitcoin, and not only they, within the state are considered illegal and no company or individual not licensed to work with them.

Government authority also recommended that the citizens and residents of the country to refrain from participating in the midst of profitable schemes and transfer of funds to unknown persons on fictitious contracts. However, the Committee is ready to provide information about the companies who are authorized to work with investments in the financial market, stakeholders.

Recall that a month ago, the municipality of Riyadh, capital of Saudi Arabia, has selected IBM as a strategic partner to support the implementation of a blockchain technology in public services and transactions. And in February of this year, blockchain startup Ripple and the Agency of circulation of money of Saudi Arabia (SAMA) has signed an agreement to run a pilot program on the use of cryptocurrency to carry out Bank payments.


WSJ: Telegram will not hold public round of ICO

The messenger Telegram rejected the idea of holding public round ICO. According to The Wall Street Journal, citing an anonymous source familiar with the situation.

According to another source, the WSJ, the decision is partly linked with the proposals for tighter regulation of the Commission securities and exchange Commission (SEC), Commission on trade in commodity futures and other bodies that have been put forward since then, as the Telegram began to plan ICO.

Another reason could be the fact that the Telegram just have already collected enough money within the invitation rounds for large investors.

In February, the company TON Issuer and Telegram Group under the management of Pavel and Nikolai Durov reported raising $850 million from 81 investors. In March, they announced it has raised another $850 million from 94 investors. In total Telegram has managed to raise $1.7 billion All funds raised will be used to develop a blockchain project Telegram Open Network (TON).

Among the investors in the Telegram are the founder of Qiwi Sergey Solonin and billionaire Roman Abramovich.

In case of failure of the launch platform TON and its cryptocurrency until 31 October 2019 Telegram is going to return money to investors.


A 5% tax on transactions with cryptocurrencies can bring Ukraine 1.27 billion UAH annually

The authors of the new bill proposing changes to the Tax code of Ukraine concerning the taxation of operations with virtual currencies, suggest that the introduction of the corresponding 5% tax for individuals will bring to the state not less than 1,27 billion annually in the period up to 2024. These figures are given in the explanatory note to the document, which was registered in the Verkhovna Rada and today went for review to the Committee on taxation and customs policy.

The authors of bill number 9083 began more than 20 deputies from different factions, aiming to withdraw from the shadow market operations held by the Ukrainians scriptactive 98.7 billion, to replenish the state budget by raising taxes radically new form of income of natural and legal persons and to stimulate the development of the market of virtual assets in the country.

“Ukraine finally became seriously engaged in competition for status comfortable crypts of the country. Was the long-awaited law (while the tax part of it) has already been developed, calibrated, taking into account our realities. Ukraine is positioned not as CryptoAPI, but has all chances to become one of the most understandable for cryptoeconomy jurisdictions.

Briefly about the provisions of the act – 5% on transactions in the crypto-Fiat and crypto-commodity. And for that any business opens a Bank account and work in peace. In the current heavily regulated world it is very tasty!

Now keep the fists on its adoption”, – wrote on his page on Facebook, managing partner of law firm “Yuskutum” Artem Afian.

We will remind, more than a month ago one of the authors of the bill, MP Alex music, said that tax at a concessional rate of 5% on the difference between the sales price of the cryptocurrency and documented the cost of its purchase (cost of mining) is proposed to implement in the period from 2019 to 2025 In addition, for carrying out operations on withdrawal of scriptaction in Fiat and buying with their help of goods and services for individuals also provides for the payment of the military tax in the amount of 1.5%.


Bitcoin-the investor predicts $27 thousand for the BTC in four months

Bitcoin investor and great trace Mayer (Trace Mayer) on Twitter predicted the growth of value of bitcoin to $27 thousand in four months.

Leading podcast about bitcoin based its forecast value 200-day moving average. According to his calculations, the 200 DMA for BTC in February 20018 year will reach $5767. This means that the cost of bitcoin at that time will amount to more than $27 thousand, an increase of nearly 5 times the current level.

“Good month of strengthening BTC.Well the growing importance of the 200-day average. The next six months should be very interesting and fun,” accompanied by Mayer your forecast in a tweet.

Trace Mayer is one of the pioneers of the cryptocurrency community, he began to invest in bitcoin when the cost of $0.25. Mayer also participated in raising funds for crypto currency exchange Kraken, and payment system Bitpay and the bitcoin client Armory.

It is not the first bitcoin investors who had made a forecast about the cost of crypto-currencies on the background of strengthening in recent weeks. Earlier former head of Fortress Investment Group’s Mike Novogratz (Michael Novogratz), said that the price of bitcoin in the next 6-10 months will exceed $10 thousand.


Licenzirovanie shares of Apple, Tesla and Netflix will be available on cryptocurrency exchange DX.Exchange

Estonian adjustable exchange DX.Exchange announced the launch of a trading platform where you will be quoted licenzirovanie shares of top companies from listing on the Nasdaq stock exchange. However, users will be able to purchase them both cryptocurrency and Fiat. In addition, the site will be available to peer-to-peer trade in digital currencies.

DX.Exchange controls the mechanism of information requests and processing transactions on the Nasdaq for trading digital stock and prevent market manipulation. Users will purchase licenzirovanie securities that will give them the right of ownership to real action. The ratio of the value token and the value of the shares is 1:1.

For buying real shares under the control of the Commission on securities and stock exchanges of Cyprus will meet MPS firm Marketplace Securities, Ltd. She will generate the appropriate tokens ERC-20.

Initially the platform will be presented to the action AlphaBet, Apple,, Facebook, Microsoft Corporation, Tesla, Netflix, Baidu, Intel Corporation, and Nvidia.

At the same time DX.Exchange uses the DIX Protocol from Nasdaq to provide electronic communication between the parties to the transaction. We would add that we also signed the partnership agreement with Bloomberg.

The launch of the DX.Exchange is scheduled for January 7.

It should be noted that an open letter to Apple CEO Tim cook on the eve provoked a sharp drop in the company’s stock, knocking it out of the three leaders in terms of capitalization.

Data TradingView

We will remind, in June 2018, it became known that the number of registered users DX.Exchange has exceeded 500 thousand.

Previously Nvidia shares just two months dipped by almost 50%. One reason for this was the sharp decline in demand for graphics cards among cryptocurrency miners.

Also against the company is preparing a class action lawsuit for alleged introduction of the market and the shareholders.


HitBTC has commented on reports about problems in the exchange

Cryptocurrency exchange HitBTC has provided an official comment about the reported problems with the withdrawal and lack of response from the support team and project team.

«We know that users are concerned about the current state of Affairs on our platform and hope that it will clarify the situation for our traders and the entire crypto community», – is spoken in the company message.

In HitBTC explained that in recent years, many of the crypto sites experiencing problems due to the increase in the number of clients. As a result, some exchanges have completely stopped registering new users, and others – have adopted restrictive measures.

HitBTC is also experiencing these problems, but does not limit options available to customers, and proud of it. Due to the increase in the number of users has increased and the number of problems connected with infringements in work of separate functions. Accordingly, the increase in the number of complaints, said the company.

In the last two weeks, the exchange also suffered a number of DDoS-attacks, which further worsened the situation.

Currently, the HitBTC team is working to optimize the system for increasing number of users and keep the number of available markets, which in total reaches almost 500. The company argued that the employees are addressing these issues around the clock and seven days a week.

The company also mentions problems with the software. Often HitBTC among the first to support new coins, and it often starts in beta testing. As a result, the employees of the exchange engaged in the removal of various bugs and vulnerabilities in its work and, if necessary, manually processed transactions. This can lead to the fact that some currencies can in a few days to stay in maintenance mode, and transaction processing to stay.

The company noted that all these factors have led to the fact that in the first three weeks of December the number of calls to support increased 1.5 times compared with the previous three months.

In this situation, HitBTC argues that:

  • «A call to support will get the answer». While the answer did not come, the company recommends that you periodically check whether you fixed the issue. Often, this happens faster than getting a response.
  • «Trading on HitBTC has always been safe and remains so». The company noted that since the launch of the exchange in 2013 was not lost not a single bit of information. Due to increased hacker activity, the exchange’s management considers the protection of customer data a priority.
  • «Our main priorities are the security of our funds and unlimited access to trading». This means that every Deposit will reach the goal, and each withdrawal will be processed.
  • «It gets better». «Our team of experts develops advanced software that can cope with extreme levels of stress,» says HitBTC. The company also noted that the speed of query processing support has already improved.

Recall that the part of the clients HitBTC in about three weeks experiencing a problem with withdrawal from the stock exchange. While to date the company did not comment on the situation but support did not respond to user requests.

Earlier this week HitBTC also introduced the Commission for crediting BTC to the account.


Citigroup is looking for top executives with experience in monitoring cryptocurrency

Financial conglomerate from new York, Citigroup is looking for a Vice President and his Deputy, who would be qualified to deal with the issues of counteraction to laundering of funds obtained by illegal means, by using cryptocurrencies and other new payment technologies.

Among the requirements to new employees at Citigroup pointed out a experience on monitoring the activities associated with cryptocurrencies, and bitcoin in particular. A plus in the selection of candidates will be professional certification program Professional Certification Bitcoin, which can pass after several years of study and proper testing.

Recall that the international payment system Mastercard has also recently started the search for 175 developers, among which are separately identified specializing in blockchain technology.

Currently leading business schools in the world correct MBA programs, adapting them to the needs of the market of virtual currencies. Among them — the graduate school of business, Stanford University, Wharton business school under Pennsylvanian University and the School of business at Georgetown University.


The CFTC fined a company The Entrepreneurs Headquarters for $1.9 million

Trade Commission commodity futures U.S. (CFTC) ordered the company The Entrepreneurs Headquarters (TEH) to pay $1.9 million as a civil monetary penalty as compensation to customers caused by the activities of the company damage. In January of this year, the CFTC accused TEH defrauding captainvalor more than $1.1 million in bitcoins under the guise of investment in binary options and other high-yielding products and came to the decision to appoint penalties on July 9.

In the CFTC believe that the head of TEH Dillon Michael Dean (Michael Dean Dillon) demonstrated on the website, in videos on YouTube and messages on Facebook-page of the project, strong skills of persuasion investors, but his company never engaged in trade on behalf of his clients and falsified financial performance.

The CFTC also warned investors that the defendants may not be able to pay the affected customers with compensation in the amount of $432184,79 because they do not have such funds, but the Commission will continue to protect consumers and ensure that the actions of the persons that caused the damage was under control.

Recall that a week ago the CFTC has published a document with recommendations for investment in ICO and cryptocurrencies. In it the regulator has urged potential buyers to be cautious and thoroughly study the projects and their offers before you make investments.


Two CBS website hidden mainile Monero

Hidden mining, which experts warn on cyber security, not only often used but also often revealing.

Two sites American teleradiosvit CBS — and — had to remove code miner for Monero CoinHive, unauthorized use computing power of visitors. Hidden mining on these sites found and opened Twitter user SkensNet.

It is unknown, whether the sites to the invasion of hackers, or it was a private experiment of the company.

Recall that in Ukraine a hidden mining were identified on the websites,, and And The Pirate Bay have tested hidden mining to support the project. To suspect the use of CoinHive is possible to drastically increase the CPU usage of your computer when you visit a website.