Ethereum and Ripple can accept unregistered securities

Gary Gensler (Gary Gensler), who previously worked at Goldman Sachs and headed the Commission on urgent exchange trade of the USA (CFTC), and now teaches MIT students the use of blockchain technology in Finance, believes that Ethereum and Ripple may constitute unregistered securities.

In confirmation of his ideas, he cites the fact that the Ether tokens began to be traded in 2014 before Ethereum Foundation launched the main network. However, the issue of tokens of saviti from the miners, and the development of the network is more decentralized.

According to Gensler, a startup Ripple will be more difficult to prove that the XRP tokens are not securities because the company controls a large portion of them and the development of the project.

The expert believes that in the next ten years, the blockchain technology will significantly affect financial system, but in this market will have to change the players.

We will remind that the Commission on securities and stock exchanges of the USA (SEC) conducts a large-scale trial in respect of ICO. It is known that the agenda was sent to divisions of the SEC from new York, Boston, and San Francisco at least 80 people, including crypto currency exchange and hedge funds. The head of the SEC , Jay Clayton (Jay Clayton) believes that the ICO must comply with regulatory requirements as the offering of the securities.

At the same time, the attorney General of the state of new York Eric Schneiderman (Eric T. Schneiderman) in the framework of initiatives dedicated to the integrity of virtual markets, sent 13th largest cryptocurrency exchanges of the requirement to disclose information about their activities on 34 points, including the system of internal control, operations, and measures to ensure the safety of asset users.


Brazil’s Central Bank created a blockchain-based platform for data exchange between controllers

Banco Central do Brasil (BCB) to build a blockchain-based platform for secure information sharing among public financial institutions.

The platform, named Pier, is used to exchange data between BCB and other financial regulators of the country. Including Supervisory authorities of the insurance markets, securities and pension office of the country.

Introducing the Pier, the BCB emphasized that the blockchain technology has provided the opportunity to build a horizontal information network, preserving the immutability of the data.

Pier eliminates the hierarchical nature of the model used traditionally regulators can exchange information without the mediation of Central authority. Additionally, the platform prevents intervention of third parties in information, because each request for data stored using cryptographic signatures, said in a release the Central Bank.

Despite the fact that the head of the Banco Central do Brasil Goldfine Ilan (Ilan Goldfajn) previously compared the bitcoin a pyramid scheme, it separates bitcoin from blockchain technology. Last year the regulator has returned to participate in the testing blockchain platform Corda R3, and it happened a few months after the cessation of work with her. The reason was the improvement of technology, which the BCB had earlier considered immature.


Poll: 41% of Americans are not going to invest in scriptactive

According to a survey conducted in June by Harris analytical Insights and CryptoStream Gem, 50% of Americans are willing to try a new asset class.

At the moment, any number of cryptocurrencies has 8% of Americans. The most popular for investment are bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Litecoin (LTC).

It is noteworthy that investment in cryptocurrency more popular among people with low incomes. Based on survey data, only 6% of those with annual income greater than $100 thousand, are owners of the cryptocurrency. Among earning between $50K to $74.9 thousand, the figure is 11%. And even among those less than $50 thousand a year, owners of digital assets was 7%.

Be alerted supporters of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have another number obtained as the result of the survey: 41% of respondents stated that nothing would encourage them to invest in digital assets.

However, 50% of respondents are willing in the future to try investing in cryptocurrency, and 20% of them said that this can stimulate additional information about the new asset class.

Recall that according to the survey, conducted in may by the companies Wells Fargo and Gallup, among us investors, only 2% have investments in bitcoin, and 26% are interested in this.


Tocancel BitTorrent will launch on the platform bitcoin exchange Binance

The largest trading volume bitcoin exchange Binance will restart the platform for tomenselo Launchpad.

So, initially Launchpad was launched in August 2017. Based on it for just a second was held tocancel BREAD ($6 million) and GIFTO ($3.4 million).

Note that residents of the USA, China and South Korea will not be able to participate in tokentalk due to limitations and regulatory constraints.

In Binance promise in 2019 to spend at least one tocancel monthly, and the first steel project — BitTorrent and Fetch.AI. Authorized users will be able to purchase tokens for Binance Coin, bitcoin, Ethereum, and probably other cryptocurrencies.

Previously CEO of leading bitcoin exchange Binance, Chanpen Zhao summarized the results of the outgoing year and shared their expectations for the future.


Pornhub hooked service PumaPay for accepting cryptocurrency payments

Popular service video adult Pornhub has started a partnership with payment blockchain startup PumaPay.

The use of the system Pull Payment Protocol allows you to change the principle of conventional mechanics of the transactions in the blockchain that allows entrepreneurs to additionally «extract» money from their customers ‘ wallets, but also allows users to set up automatic subscription payments when using specific services and periodic payments.

«C PumaPay the seller avoids the disadvantages of the existing banking systems, such as high transaction costs, unreliability of chargebacks and related fines and the need deanonimizatsii their customers,» explains CEO PumaPay Yoav Dror (Dror Yoav).

In addition PumaPay unblocker Pornhub allows you to pay for the services cryptocurrency Verge, Tron and ZenCash.


Ripple will battle for important levels

By Friday, April 27, Ripple (XRP) is trading at $0,8359. This week, the cryptocurrency fell to $0,4901, but later successfully recovered. The last days XRP is above support at $0.7500 in, that allows to speak about the full restoration and stabilization of the virtual currency, according to a leading analyst RoboForex Dmitry Gurkovsky.

Now, when the price of Ripple is above the intermediate support $of 0.8200, we can talk about the probability of passage of the cryptocurrency to $0,9640 – previous high. Much will depend on market conditions and the General attitude of the market to buy.

It is important now, will Ripple through and gain a foothold above the line of the 100-hour SMA at $0,8550. If the breakout takes place, the short-term picture for cryptocurrency will change course positive.

Key support level for the XRP is $the 0.8080. Key resistance is at $0,8600. The MACD on the daily chart was previously published in positive zone, starting the formation of a buy signal, but its strength is in the moment decreased. Stochastic oscillator remains in positive territory, but began to decline and a buy signal expires.

The fundamental background for Ripple is now more than saturated. First, the company published a report on the work in the first quarter of the current year, which indicates that the total value of tokens is estimated at $160 billion of them (approximately $16.6 million) sold through licensed platforms XRP II. The rest of the tokens, as indicated in the report, were implemented at the software level.

The total market capitalization of all assets in Ripple is estimated to be of the company, $263,5 billion lower than at the beginning of the year, but it is worth considering that Ripple is actively investing in network development. As for the retail value of the token, the Ripple say that the price corresponds to the exchange environment and the global dynamics of the cryptocurrency market.

In addition to the report on the work in the first quarter, recently it became known that the Ripple began collaboration with five companies-money transfer operators. We are talking about Exchange4free, FairFX, MoneyMatch, RationalFX and UniPay. Companies need technology xVia – with its help, transactions and transfers will be accelerated several times with transparency of financial flows and traffic.

The Ripple thus continues a kind of expansion on the market of payments not related to cryptocurrency and virtual assets. The emphasis is on technology xVia, which will attract payments to an increasing number of customers due to better speed and application of new algorithms. These technologies have very little directly to the token XRP, for which the company periodically criticized by users. But this is what has been mentioned: even if cryptocurrencies ever disappear, we will remain technology and methods of their application. And it is very valuable.


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The financial regulator Korea creates the Department of cryptocurrencies

The financial services Commission (FSC) of South Korea will create a Department dedicated entirely to the blockchain industry.

The Department called the Bureau of financial innovation will be a temporary body while it is created for two years. As explained by the financial regulator of Korea, the new Department will help in the development of the FINTECH industry in the country, focusing on cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

“The new Bureau will also be tasked with strategic initiatives, financial innovation such as the introduction of financial services, or fintech using big data, as well as responses to new developments and issues, including crypto-currencies,” — said the representative of the FSC.

As noted by the Korea Times, industry community were enthusiastic about the establishment by the controller of the new Department. A representative of a technology company FANTOM Foundation told the publication:

“I think Korea can become an ideal incubator for testing new virtual coins and blockchain systems. Is high speed Internet that has no analogues in any other country. And the Koreans are very receptive to technology. Now it is the task of the government is to set favourable conditions for virtual coins and blockchains”.

We will remind that last autumn Korea after China banned the ICO in the country. At the beginning of this year appeared the information about a possible total ban cryptocurrency trading, but the authorities did not go. Instead, the FSC began to tighten the rules regulating kriptoloji, particularly in relation to measures to prevent money-laundering (AML).

In January, I had not allowed anonymous cryptocurrency trading. Later the largest banks in the country were checked for compliance with the AML rules in relation to accounts linked to cryptomeria. Last month after a check of the three banks, the FSC adopted additional measures of Bank control over transactions related to the cryptocurrency trade.


Ripple has opened an office in Singapore

Blockchain project Ripple has opened an office in Singapore to support their users in the Asia-Pacific region is becoming more.

«Singapore is a leader in the areas relating to currency exchange, money transfer and payment systems. In fact, one of the main themes that were raised… the Prime Minister, was the importance of establishing a digital payments is to create a «smart nation».

Our new office supports the ambitions, however, brings us closer to the consumer base in the Asia-Pacific region, enabling banks, payment service providers and corporations to make direct payments between counterparties within the country and abroad», — commented on the news, managing Director APAC Ripple Dileep RAO (Dilip Rao).

The company also notes in a press release that the trade of Singapore with other countries is 2.7 times more than the GDP of this country. However, she is moving to «become the largest hub for trading stock market assets».

Recall that Ripple has recently opened new offices in India and China. At the same time, more and more blockchain-companies choose the venue of the ICO Singapore, which is attractive for start-up projects due to factors such as favourable tax laws, transparent rules of business and public funding.


Klymenko: «mining is the dream of millions: to do nothing and get money for it»

Advisor to the President of the Russian Federation on issues of the Internet Herman Klimenko is sure that mining, though not banned in Russia, but also to ensure its accessibility «was guaranteed to every citizen, including pensioners», as expressed by Dmitry Marinichev, too far away.

As reported by Klimenko in an interview in order to introduce mining in the legal field, it is necessary first to introduce to the cryptocurrency, and the government refuses to do so.

That the Russian government takes the idea of the blockchain, but negatively related to cryptocurrencies, the EA does not see any contradiction. The blockchain is a conventional technology. The requirement to legalize the blockchain sounds like the requirement to legalize the C++ programming language. It is impossible to legalize the technology – it’s either there or it is not.

According to Klimenko, cryptocurrency in General is just an anonymous wallets. Is WebMoney, and they are not much different from bitcoin from the user’s point of view. WebMoney implements the same encryption, the same principle of secrecy except that they have a client – server solution, and the blockchain is a distributed solution.

«The blockchain officials have no complaints. Another thing – the cryptocurrency. What does it mean to accept bitcoin payment. It means to write in the civil code that the territory of the Russian Federation, in addition to rubles are accepted for payment bitcoins.

Now a logical question arises: why bitcoin is an exception? Why we don’t want to take to the cashier tug and other currencies? The answer is already known: when bitcoin started to be used, it appears the demand.»

As for mining and profitable for them to do now, Klimenko said that he was not a miner. He, of course, there is 400 kW at the cottage, but not like Solovyov. In Tula very cheap electricity connection, there can theoretically mine, but the Advisor did not try.

We will remind, the head of the Center for strategic initiatives, former Russian Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin, believes that cryptocurrencies in Russia will not be legalized for at least another two to three years. That’s how much time it will take the state on the development of new standards of regulation and protection of the citizens.

But the Internet Ombudsman Dmitry Marinichev believes in the future growth of bitcoin and advises Russian citizens to begin to seriously consider keeping their savings in bitcoin.


The launch of private cryptocurrency Beam on the basis of the Protocol MimbleWimble

Thursday, January 3, the day the 10th anniversary of the creation of the Genesis block of the bitcoin ecosystem added another product to ensure the privacy of the users. They became a new cryptocurrency based on the bitcoin blockchain Beam from the startup from Israel.

Presented for the first time in 2016, the project Mimblewimble was originally focused on scaling of bitcoin and increase the privacy of the users. Some time later, the developers Mimblewimble, however, came to the conclusion that its cryptocurrency.

The flagship and most famous project all the time was considered Grin, but the first implementation of the Protocol has successfully implemented Beam – project, which started in the spring of 2018, has successfully attracted venture financing, which was able to beat the Grin starting up.

Blog Beam says that with the launch of the core network are available to users:

  • Desktop application with Noda for mining on the CPU for Linux, Mac, Windows
  • CLI Wallet (Linux, Mac, Windows)
  • Noda Beam (Linux, Mac, Windows)
  • A separate miner OpenCL (Linux and Windows)
  • A separate miner Cuda (Linux and Windows)

The Beam team is also working on two additional projects — Project Lumini and Lightning Beam. The first aims to unite and Ethereum Beam, the second Beam integrates with Lightning Network.

We will remind that in December of 2018 received financial support and the developers Grin is made possible through investments of $2.1 million from PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel and Digital Currency Group is Barry Silbert platform Layer1. The latter is working to create infrastructure, which will provide further growth Grin. The project launch is expected on January 15.