Health Wizz: a review on the app for monitoring data about the health status

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Health Wizz — decentralized application for aggregation and storing data that relate to human health. The program allows the user to monitor the physical condition, find nearest hospitals, pharmacies and even to participate in scientific research. In global terms, the project Wizz Health plans to collect patient information in one place — on the blockchain, these data will only be available to the patient and his doctor. And no one else.

Health Wizz App

App to track the physical condition and health

In 2017, it tells the Executive Director of the Health Wizz Raj Sharma, the statistics of the Ministry of health and social services, the United States showed that in the system security of patient information were found more than 250 violations. This has compromised data loss of about 4.4 million people.

Modern medicine needs to eliminate the intermediaries who may have access to the database of hospitals. Otherwise, when the leak unscrupulous distributors and representatives of companies that make drugs, will use it for their own selfish business goals.

So the translation of medical information into one common digital repository — the blockchain — is what you should strive for state social services and private medical companies, believe in Health Wizz. The project has created applications for iOS and Android that will help organize information and make it so that the patient always had to hand his card with the disease and was able to obtain for the information provided rewards in the form of token OMP.

To enroll in the Health app Wizz, you need to enter email, password, date of birth, gender, place of residence, zip-code (postcode), select the application language (English or Spanish) and to adopt a policy of preservation and processing of the data that is presented in two documents. This will open the start page.

Top left, next to the name of the user who submitted the section where you want to record daily information about the status, nutrition, exercise, Smoking (if a smoker), the number of hours of sleep, blood pressure levels, heartbeat. For positive settings (exercise, healthy food, sleep) will be awarded a green rating (measured in points). Failure to comply with the regime points taken away, and the indicators become red. For the «average» indicators, which can harm or improve health status, are awarded the yellow points.

In the section Med Records you can find and add information about the clinic, genetic laboratory, the pharmacy record data using photos, connect additional devices — smartphone and device type smart watches. For added points as well as bonus points.

However, the function of Med Records is for residents of the United States, because search, despite the displayed map of Russia and concrete of the city, shows us the doctors, pharmaceutical representatives and USA lab: LabCorp, Quest Diagnostics, 23andMe, The only thing we managed to do is find the nearest hospital and pharmacy.

In My Circles submitted by the community user. They record data on interests or social circle. So, you can create a community for My family to save all medical records of their relatives to monitor their condition. Community is private and only available for members who belong to these groups. Users can see other indicators and thus, for example, to motivate themselves to improve their health.

Token OMP, or OmPoints, Health Wizz can buy — 250 OMR cost $25. For each fill of data per day is charged for 1 OMR. The coin can be transferred to another user or to spend on certificates from Starbucks — $5, or Amazon — $50.

Health Wizz: review

Health app Wizz suitable for users that want daily to monitor its health and to fix the physical condition. Also it is possible to track the well-being of relatives and friends, if they install the app. Compared with centralized counterparts, which also record activity, nutrition, sleep and other Health Wizz will ensure the safety of data and prevent information leakage. However, users from Russia will not be able to use all functions of the program — the ability to see the doctor in a certain clinic is only for US citizens.


The difference between the futures the CBOE and the CME


Yesterday, together with Denis Cerkovskis — stock trader, author of the popular course on derivatives we figured out what futures, and what feature of futures on bitcoin, and today learn the features of the existing futures contracts on the bitcoin exchanges CBOE and CME. For this study the specifications for both contracts published on the websites of the stock exchanges.

The most important difference — the size of the contract. On the CBOE stock exchange single futures is equal to one bitcoin on the exchange CME one contract is equal to the value of five bitcoins.

Definitely, small traders difficult to trade in such «expensive» futures. But it is expected that in the future exchange CME will launch the so-called E-mini contract, which is five times less than the main contract, that is equal to one bitcoin.

The most popular by trading volume futures contract on the CME exchange is the E-mini futures on stock index S&P 500. Its daily turnover is more than 1 million contracts. For comparison, the futures on the S&P 500, whose size is five times larger E-mini, has a daily turnover of at least 5,000 contracts.

Therefore, when exchange CME will launch E-mini contract on bitcoin, it will become the most popular tool among the main mass of traders.

Trading hours and a break for the clearing — another specificity of the futures exchanges. Unlike kryptomere who trade around the clock and seven days a week, regular exchanges are working almost around the clock and don’t work on weekends and public holidays.

The beginning of the trading week starts on Sunday evening at 17.00 Chicago time. At this time, in Tokyo it’s 8 o’clock in the morning. Thus, the American stock exchange begin its work with the opening of the Asian markets.

Every day there is a break for the clearing. During this period, the exchange produces settlements between market participants, and reduces the final balance. On the CBOE clearing is just 15 minutes from 15:15 to 15:30; CME — an hour from 16:00 to 17:00. After clearing starts a new trading session the next day.

Trading week ends on Friday evening, just at the beginning of the next clearing: at 15:15 on the CBOE and at 16:00 on the CME.

Gap on the weekends

On the exchanges there is such a thing as «gap» (eng. gap — the gap). Because markets are closed on weekends, and trading is closed from Friday evening to Sunday evening, in this period the world might see various events and news that can affect futures.

And if over the weekend in the world happened something serious, and this news affect the prices, then the market open after the weekend with the so-called gap, i.e. the gap in the chart: the closing price on Friday and the opening price on Sunday evening can vary significantly.

The futures of bitcoin, too, there are gaps. The reason is the aforementioned fact that the bitcoin is trading at cryptomeria 24/7. And, of course, the price of bitcoin on Sunday evening is sure to be different from the price two days ago, on Friday evening. And futures play is the missing difference with the gap.

Here is the gap the first weekend at the CBOE futures:

Closing on Friday at $18,000 and opening Sunday at the $20,000

How can I make money on this gap? There is a known strategy associated with the purchase of the options before the closing of the exchange on Friday and selling them after the weekend. If the gap was significant, the profit can be many times greater than the amount invested. Often this happens to stock options when a company announces results of the quarterly report. Traders buy the options before announcing the results and sell them the next day after the company published a quarterly report.

The estimated exercise price of the futures

On the basis of which the exchange determines the settlement price of the futures? This is another completely different element of both bitcoin futures.

The execution price of futures on the CBOE stock exchange is calculated based on the auction prices for Gemini for the pair BTC/USD, which is held every day at 16:00 new York time.

Gemini is a small new York-based crypto currency exchange twin brothers Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss who is famous for suing mark Zuckerberg over the rights to the idea of a social network Facebook. In the end Zuckerberg paid off their claims impressive sum of $65 million, and part of the money the brothers had invested in the purchase of bitcoins.

According to media reports, in 2013 they bought 100,000 bitcoins at a price slightly more than $100, making them the world’s first bichenovii billionaires since then, as the price of bitcoin has exceeded $10,000.

Thus, the CBOE stock exchange determines the exercise price of the futures on the basis of data from most major crypto currency exchange (daily turnover in the pair BTC/USD on Gemini is about 10,000 bitcoins), whose founders possess a large amount of bitcoins and can (theoretically) manipulate the quotations in their exchange.

A more democratic approach to determining the strike price of the futures on bitcoin apply at the exchange CME.

It pulls data from multiple «distributed sources» for «reflection of the global trading activity in the most appropriate way». Currently exchange CME uses data from four cripture: Bitstamp, GDAX, itBit, Kraken.

Exchange CME has developed two standardized index, which was used to determine the strike price bitcoin futures: CME CF the Bitcoin Reference Rate & CME CF the Bitcoin Real Time Index.

Bitcoin Reference Rate (BRR) is calculated once a day at 16:00 London time. This is roughly similar to how the Central Bank sets each day, the official exchange rates. Thus, we can say that Bitcoin Reference Rate is the «official» exchange rate of bitcoin from the point of view of the exchange CME. The value of this index determines the exercise price of the futures on the day of expiration.

Bitcoin Real Time Index (BRTI), as its name implies, is an index of bitcoin in real time. This aggregated value of bitcoin prices according from all kryptomere that are used by exchange CME to calculate the price of the futures.

The limits of price changes

Another parameter, which is different from futures XBT and BTC is the minimum price fluctuation or «tick«. On the CBOE tick is $10, CME — $25. Futures can be changed not less than the tick size.

Limit positions which can gain one party, both exchanges are the same: 1,000 contracts in the current expiration month and 5,000 contracts for all months of expiration. It should be noted that the contract on the CME has a 5 bitcoins to 1 bitcoin on the CBOE.

And most important aspect of futures trading is limits the price changes. If the price of any tool on the stock exchange is increasing or (more often) crashes non-stop, in the market there is a panic. In order to stem panic and to reassure market participants, the exchange have come up with these limits. For each of the instruments limits their own, they are spelled out in the specifications.

On the CBOE stock exchange: if the price of the futures on bitcoin will deviate in any direction by 10%, trading is suspended for two minutes. Then trade resumes, and if the deviation will increase to 20%, trading will be suspended for five minutes. CBOE, the exchange may at any time in its decision to increase the stop period of the auction.

On the stock exchange CME: if the price of the futures on bitcoin will deviate in any direction by 7%, trading is suspended for two minutes. Then trade resumes, and if the deviation will increase to 13%, trading will again be suspended for two minutes. If then the deviation will increase to 20%, trading will be stopped until the end of the current session. In this case, trade will be resumed only after clearing.

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Study: blockchain projects, on average, live less than 15 months

Only 8% of the more than 80 thousand blockchain projects launched in the world for all time, are still actively maintained. The average life expectancy is less than 15 months.

These data led the Director of the research Institute of cloud computing and big data research, Chinese Academy of information and communication technologies (CAICT) , Baohong Ho (He Baohong).

“These projects appear very quickly, but so quickly and die. In these circumstances, governments around the world accelerate their efforts to create common standards to help blockchain projects towards realistic applications,” he said.

Your comments the Director of the Institute CAICT made at the conference China International Big Data Industry Expo 2018 in Guangzhou, where he called on governments to develop common standards for the blockchain.

“We launched in China approved program for the blockchain, and nearly 200 private companies have expressed interest to join. This will help the technology and industry of the blockchain become more transparent and open,” said Khe, Baohong.

The Chinese authorities have shown great interest in research and implementations of solutions based on blockchain technology. For example, it was reported about the intention of the audit Department of the country to transfer to DLT-decision data storage. Attention to the development of new technologies manifests itself at the regional level — informed the authorities of the cities of Hangzhou and Shenzhen organizationally and financially supported the launch of the investment blockchain funds.


The share of VTB in «Evrofinans Mosnarbank the» supposedly associated with El Petro donated to the government

The first Vice-Premier of the Russian Federation Anton Siluanov has approved the transfer of state shares of VTB fell under US sanctions «Evrofinans Mosnarbank the». This was reported «Interfax» with reference to the head of VTB Andrey Kostin.

The share of VTB (25% plus one share), which the Bank owns through foreign structures VTB Bank and ITC Consultants, will be donated to the property of the Agency.

It is expected that the transaction will take place in the coming days after approval from the Federal Antimonopoly service and the Central Bank of the Russian Federation.

«VTB has tried to sell its stake in the Bank on a commercial basis at the beginning of the year there was an arrangement with the government that it will redeem these shares and the Bank will become the state – but this decision has not been implemented», — said Andrey Kostin.

The main shareholder c shares of 49.99% is a Venezuelan national development Fund (FONDEN). Another 25% of shares directly and indirectly controlled Gazprombank.

We will remind, earlier the US Treasury Department imposed sanctions against the «Evrofinans Mosnarbank» because of his links with the Venezuelan state oil company PDVSA and alleged assistance in developing a local national cryptocurrencies El Petro. The Bank has been disconnected from international payment systems Visa and Mastercard.


A former top Manager of the Mozilla Foundation was headed by Stellar

Former chief operating officer of Mozilla’s Denelle Dixon led non-profit organization, the Stellar Development Foundation focused on the promotion of cryptocurrency Stellar Lumens (XML).

In this position, she was replaced by the Stellar Creator jed McCaleb, who took over the post of chief architect, whose responsibilities include Protocol development and the creation of a strategy of mass adoption.

«The combination of technology, product, and goals in a Stellar unique. And I was lucky to encounter this previously at Mozilla, where I have consistently fought for net neutrality» — said Dixon.

She added that she has always defended the right of people to control their personal data, and also lined up the cooperation of Mozilla and commercial enterprises so as not to betray the ideals of the organization.

In her opinion, the unique characteristics of Stellar will allow him to change the existing payment infrastructure.

We will remind, earlier it was submitted to new logo for cryptocurrency Stellar.


The draft legislation on cryptocurrencies in Russia there are 2.5 months

Deputy Finance Minister Alexei Moiseev called the exact date of which should be prepared a bill on the regulation of cryptocurrency in the country. It is reported TASS with reference to the TV channel Russia-24.

“We have, if I’m not mistaken, the proposals have to be formulated by February 1, under the orders of the President”, — said Moiseev.

We will remind, on the sidelines of the conference “Legal regulation of financial market: traditions and innovations,” he also said that the government will not provide protection from fraud entities investing in cryptocurrency is not going to introduce licensing of mining cryptocurrency, but will impose its tax.

Russian Association of cryptocurrency and blockchain estimates the losses of the Russian Federation this year from a lack of legislation by the ICO in 18 billion rubles.


Tom Lee again spoke about the growth of bitcoin

In an interview with CNBC Tom Lee made the positive Outlook regarding the future of the blockchain-industry, RBC Crypto. In his opinion, soon the market will be dominated by bullish sentiment. The founder of Fundstrat said that last year the efforts of investors and developers of cryptocurrency projects has laid a good Foundation of industry, so in 2019, «bitcoin will be reborn».

The unstable economic situation in the world markets and the fact that the dollar is almost not growing, have a positive impact on the course of the main cryptocurrency, explained Lee. He noted a great interest of large investors to the industry of digital money. As an example, the analyst cites a JP Morgan and the social network Facebook, which plans to issue its own tokens. Besides, according to him, more and more financial organizations are studying blockchain technology.

«Fidelity launches digital vault. Bakkt is going to open its own platform. Large companies and even pension funds think about investing in digital money,» said Lee.

Note that on 15 March the average market exchange rate of bitcoin has increased by 1%, to $3952.


Publishing The Block accused the exchange Kraken to fraud in trading volumes

13 Mar the us edition of the Block informed about the possible falsification of the trading volume on the bitcoin exchange Kraken, referring to the large trader, who requested anonymity. Kraken CEO accused the authors of the article «Suspicious activity on the Kraken says about the gap between cryptocurrency and traditional infrastructure markets» in the dissemination of false information and called the publication «retribution for the action #DeleteCoinbase».

The Arguments To The Block

The publication reported that a large trader was angry because of low quality service Kraken, which supposedly takes place, despite the capitalization of the exchange of $4 billion and new managers from JPMorgan, Citibank and Credit Suisse. This level, according to anonymous, does not meet the requirements of institutional customers, where the exchange is also focused.

So, the trader showed The Block a situation in which Kraken closed position on Ethereum significantly below the set stop orders. Note that the trading volume at that time amounted to 10 thousand ETH (about $1 million).

Despite the fact that slippage and execution of orders below the stop loss is a disappointing, but natural events, writes The Block, it seems rather strange the fact that the volume of $1 million on a falling candle lowered the price by 4%. Thus, according to the trader, on other platforms stop orders do not work because the price there is not dipped so much.

According to him, 10 thousand ETH with daily volume of $12 million is not enough for such a sharp price movement. Thus, in his opinion, this proves that the trading volume on Kraken is significantly lower than claimed.

He also added that, probably, Kraken used the algorithms hunting «feet» that are forcing some traders to liquidate positions, bringing the price to the level of concentration of stop losses.

«We’re not talking about illiquid token. It is the most liquid token on the planet. We are talking about the lack of liquidity [Kraken] and the neglect of investors, who believe that the exchange offers the best conditions».

In support of the Kraken’s request The Block replied that the incident is the result of the natural volatility of the cryptocurrency market, a disgruntled trader just happened to be on the wrong side of the market.

The Reaction Of The Kraken

The head of Kraken Jesse Powell expressed his outrage at the comments, accusing the founder of The Mike Block Dudas in that article is retaliation per share #DeleteCoinbase after the scandal of the Neutrino startup.

The essence of the claim is that Coinbase is a major investor in The Block, so the situation looks like a conflict of interest.

«I understand that you fear for their welfare. But you need to apologize for this garbage.»

Dudas retorted:

«Rhetoric trump we will not be intimidated».

Powell stressed that the only correct answer of Dudas would have to contain an apology for the work of the editors of the material.

«Your «news» publication is some soap Opera on the kindergarten level. Where facts, studies, prudence?».

The Creator of The Block replied that the majority of the industry appreciates the content of the publication.

«If you are doing some «good work» — this allows you to do many bad things?», — asked a rhetorical question Powell.

Later in the review, there were other critics. Known in the community trader Tuur, Demeester wrote that The Block had to request official comments from the authorized representatives of the exchange, not the support.

Another Twitter user added that The Block needs to rethink their standards and raise the bar.

«It’s a blatant napadki. In addition, at the end of the publication had to specify that Coinbase is your investor.»

At the same time he pointed out that the motives of an anonymous trader who has lost money is unclear.

Known user I am Nomad said, if the time period of the transaction is correct, the jump occurred not only in the Kraken.

The Block analyst Ryan Todd later revealed some details and emphasized that the aim of the publication was not baiting the Kraken.

«This institutional trader is sure that they are using the hunt for the feet. In other markets, foot $120, $119,5, $118,5 $117,5 did not work, and the Kraken, the deal closed at $116».

Powell immediately replied:

«If you want to get explained the nature of the markets, we can give a lesson, but it’s absolutely not about that.»


Exchange Gatecoin terminates

Hong Kong crypto exchange Gatecoin is closed and proceeds to the stage of liquidation in accordance with the decree of the court, evidenced by the notice on the website of the company.

«In light of the circumstances we were experiencing financial difficulties for some time, the scale of which does not allow us to continue to conduct its operations, writes the exchange. – March 13, 2019, the court issued a decision on liquidation of the company.»

In 2016 Gatecoin was under attack, losing 185 000 250 Ethereum and bitcoin, or about $2 million Although this incident had a significant impact on the welfare of the exchange, he did not become the reason for which Gatecoin has had to close.

In an official statement Gatecoin connects the forced liquidation of its business with actions of third-party payment providers:

«As you may know, after we started having problems with banking partners in September last year, we began to work with the payment service provider (PSP). PSP not, however, spent most of his payments in a timely manner, which in turn nearly paralyzed our business for several months and caused substantial losses to our side.»

«Even after we managed to avoid further losses by withdrawing from the PSP to a more reliable alternative service, which is engaged in the processing of transfers, the situation has not improved, because a significant portion of our funds remained at the disposal of the PSP. After spending several months in attempts to return these funds, we have filed a lawsuit against the PSP, but got the answer that we are unlikely to be able to return all funds due to us,» added the exchange.

Gatecoin was founded in 2013 and was one of the first regulated bitcoin exchanges. The remaining accounts of its assets, the company intends to distribute to the creditors.


A Japanese court sentenced Mark Karpeles to 2.5 years in prison

The Tokyo district court convicted the former CEO of bitcoin exchange Mt.Gox Mark Karpeles of forgery and sentenced to two years and six months imprisonment. Nevertheless, ahead of Karpeles probation in four years to prove their trustworthiness and to avoid real prison. It is reported by The Block.

Note that the Prosecutor demanded 10 years in prison, but on charges of embezzlement and breach of corporate law Karpeles was found not guilty.

«I am grateful to the court and I am glad that I was found innocent of embezzlement and breach of obligations», — he said.

Karpeles and his lawyers are going to assess the situation and develop a strategy of action in relation to the issued charges.

Earlier, the court of Illinois rejected the petition of lawyers of the former head of Mt.Gox to suspend proceedings against him in the USA. So, American investors, Gregory Greene and Anthony Motto need to recognize personal responsibility Karpeles for the loss of their investment.

Once the largest bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox collapsed in early-2014. This happened after the recent information about its alleged hacking and theft of 800,000 BTC ($480 million at the time). In December last year, Karpeles during the closing speech at the Tokyo trial called himself innocent in the events that led to multimillion losses of customers and the collapse of the company.