Bithumb resumes input and output 10 cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrency exchange Bithumb announced the completion of the system upgrade, security and the resumption of input and output 10 cryptocurrency. Operations 25 asset will be available later.

August 4 at 05:00 Moscow time will resume I/o on Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Ethereum Classic, Qtum, Litecoin, Cash, Bitcoin, Monero, and zcash for Mithrill.

However, the company warned that Deposit addresses have been changed and sending funds to the old addresses will lead to their loss.

As for another 25 cryptocurrencies, then it was recorded suspicious activity Bithumb. In particular, their quotes by about 10% differ from the prices on other sites. Because after the return exchange to normal state according to the asset may experience a sharp rise in prices, the resumption of operations would be postponed.

Among these crypto-currencies are the following: Cardano, Dash, NEM, Bitcoin Gold, OmiseGO, Monaco, VeChain, Augur, 0x, Steem, Golem, Hshare, ICON, Aeternity, Stratis, Network Status, aelf, Loopring, WAX, Kyber Network, Power Ledger, TenX, Gifto, Ethos and Zilliqa.

Full-time job with TRON and EOS will be restored at the end of the migration of these projects to major networks.

We will remind that in June the exchange Bithumb was under attack, during which it was stolen ~$16.9 million.


Walmart patented solution for cargo delivery drones using the technology of the blockchain

American retail chain Walmart has decided to patent another solution in the field of automated delivery products to enhance the security and credibility of the innovation. This time we are talking about using a distributed registry and drones that pass each other the goods passed at the meeting autentifici with “blockchain-keys”.

In the order issued by the Bureau on registration of patents and trademarks U.S., States that the signals for the identification of “Autonomous electronic devices” can be RFID-codes, QR codes, and ultrasound, and in addition, drones can be recognized by specific characteristics. The blockchain system is required to generate evidence of data integrity and sequence of operations.

Earlier, Walmart has filed a patent application describing solutions for the delivery of goods Autonomous vehicles, connected through the blockchain, and with the ability to track the delivery of goods to a certain buyer.


What is the primary of the exchange offer and how it differs from the ICO?


What is the primary of the exchange offer?

In 2018 there is an alternative ICO — initial exchange of proposals (Initial Exchange Offerings, IEO). The main difference between these methods of attracting investments lies in the key role of the exchange, which is engaged in the selection of promising and viable, in her opinion, projects.

ICO when listing tokens on the exchange can be carried out immediately, but a few months after the completion of licensee. In the case of IEO, the exchange initially is a key partner of the organizer of alternative licensee. So, the last produces the tokens and sends them to the exchange. That, in turn, distributes digital assets among interested investors that are verified users of the trading platform.

Instead of the usual ICO investor sending funds to the smart contract, the participant IEO must register (and typically verified) on the stock exchange, to transfer funds to the account after the start of licensee to purchase coins from the exchange directly.

The agreement between the exchange and the organizer of the IEO may contain different terms: the maximum amount of sales of tokens for one investor, a predetermined price of an asset hardcap and softcap, the percentage of sales and a fixed amount of funds to the trading floor, the distribution of marketing expenses, etc.


Why you need IEO if there is ICO?

The primary sentences of coins (ICO) has developed rapidly over the past few years, however, by the end of 2018 almost exhausted. The reasons for this legal uncertainty, the emergence of numerous projects of shell, the fraud of the organizers of tokentalk, the absence of mechanisms for the protection of investors and the crackdown from financial regulators.

It is not excluded that an improved method of raising funds will be a natural result of evolution of primary offerings of coins, repeat their success, restoring the credibility of takesall.


IEO than attractive for investors?

The exchange undertakes due diligence projects, evaluating their investment attractiveness, the viability of the developed products, risks, financial condition, market position, etc. the fact that the marketplace takes care of reputational risks, increases the confidence of investors.

Increasingly, the ICO began to replace private offerings of coins, mostly available only to large investors. IEO democratizing the process of investing in digital assets, making it accessible to a wide range of participants.

If the exchange on which IEO is centralized, we excluded the probability of occurrence of the so-called «gas wars». We are talking about a situation where the sending Ethereum participants licensee compete with each other, establishing high gas limits. This is done to increase the speed of transactions and the first to get their tokens.


What are the benefits for IEO stock exchanges and organizers?

The main advantage of this approach for organizers — ready database of potential participants of the IEO of the huge number of users of the exchange. This reduces marketing costs.

In addition, marketing does not only exchange, but also the organizers of the IEO. This approach not only saves money, but creates a synergy that enhances the effectiveness of advancement tokens on the market.

The main source of income of stock exchanges — trading commissions. More users and coins in the listing — the more transactions and, therefore, higher income from commissions. The holding of the IEO on its own platform provides the exchange the ability to attract new users and to offer, at times, exclusive coins that are not on other sites. All this increases trading volumes and therefore income.

In the case of ICO listing on the exchange is the next logical step after the completion of licensee. The listing procedure are often very costly and time consuming. When there is no guarantee that the coin will quickly find yourself on a popular exchange and become liquid.

IEO, in fact, optimizes the output token to the marketplace. Asset almost immediately after the campaign gets a little more liquid, because it appears in the listing, as a rule, major stock exchange.

This method of fundraising that is mutually beneficial for both exchanges and issuers of tokens. Despite the seemingly significant costs for the organizers, IEO increase the chances of project success in the long term.


What are the disadvantages of IEO?

Nothing is free — the issuers of tokens in any case have to pay a considerable amount for the listing on different exchanges can vary. Also, the marketplace may require a certain percentage of the total amount of funds raised.

The main marketing costs are borne by the startups that distribute the tokens through the IEO. These costs are considerable, their total amount can easily reach $100 thousand or more.

Exchange staff should consist of qualified and technically-savvy analysts who can competently and systematically evaluate the long-term project potential and viability of their business models. This may imply high costs of labor. In the event of the failure of the campaign, the exchange carries significant reputational risks.

In the IEO can only be the verified owner of the account on the exchange, not anyone. In addition, most exchanges — centralized platform. Users have to trust their own blockchain assets to a third party that is associated with the risk of outages and hacker attacks.

In General, some experts believe that amid widespread legal uncertainty model IEO is only a temporary alternative to ICO.


How to become a participant in the IEO?

First you need to make sure that a project really leads the IEO and not ICO. After that you should find out which exchanges are conducted IEO.

Choosing a suitable exchange, you need to create her account, and the procedures and KYC («Know your customer»).

You also need to know what cryptocurrency adopts IEO project and submit them to your exchange account. Then it only remains to wait for the beginning of licensee and, finally, to acquire new assets directly on the exchange.


What trading platform spend IEO?

Recently it became known that the largest cryptocurrency exchange Binance restarts the platform for tomenselo Launchpad. This platform was originally launched in August 2017. At its base within seconds was conducted IEO-tocancel BREAD ($6 million) and GIFTO ($3.4 million).

Now on the Launchpad preparing to launch tocancel projects BitTorrent and Fetch.AI. In General, in Binance promise in 2019 to conduct at least one monthly IEO.

In addition, plan to spend IEO government of Paraguay jointly with the South Korean company Commons Foundation. The funds for the construction of the «world’s largest» data center for mining cryptocurrency. Commons Foundation promises the investors to pay in tokens MicroBitcoin 30% of the profits from mining and 70% of daily profit from crypto currency exchange.


Kryptonim hit by ShapeShift – legendary bitcoin company has cut a third of staff

Platform for instant cryptocurrency exchange ShapeShift announced on Tuesday, January 8, significant reduction of staff, describing the reasons for the deterioration of the situation on the market.

As stated by the head of the company Eric Works, with «a heavy heart» he had to say goodbye to 37 employees, which is about one third of the total staff of the company.

«It is a deep and painful reductions corresponding to the action of many other cryptocurrency companies during the last cycle of the bear market», — wrote Works.

According to him, cryptobytes is a cruel thing. So, in 2017, the capitalization ShapeShift due to the rise of the market increased by 3000%, however, have changed dramatically in 2018.

Eric Vorhes notes that in addition to the legal uncertainty faced by industry, ShapeShift cannot cope with all the undertaken initiatives. In particular, he mentioned a tracking service CoinCap and hardware cosalc KeepKey.

It is curious that the head of the ShapeShift also admitted that last year the company’s decision on mandatory verification of customers has led to a significant reduction in user base.

Wishing good luck to all left the company «foxes» (symbol ShapeShift), Eric Works expressed the hope that the company will find the strength and discipline that will help her to overcome all obstacles and to come to win a world without borders and apolitical financial system.


The basic terms of technical analysis

Assessing the prospects of some stocks, can focus on fundamental factors such as revenue and profit. In the case of cryptocurrencies you should use technical indicators. To start technical analysis for a start you need to memorize key terms (terms are listed in alphabetic order).

The double stochastic oscillator

Very suitable for the detection of cyclic highs and lows in liquid markets. Used to locate entry points during consolidation in trending markets and to confirm the divergence between price and momentum.

Chaikin money flow (CMF)

The indicator price range/volume, which measures the influx of institutional money into the market. Great for confirmation of breakouts in volatility and trend strength. CMF also serves as a unique indicator of divergence.

Average directional movement index (DMI)

The indicator is trend confirmation, usually used with ADX (average directional index-see below) to determine the strength of the trend. Crossing lines DMI+ and DMI — can be used as trading signals. The intersection of any of the ADX lines DMI can indicate imminent slowdown/end of the trend.

The relative strength index (RSI)

This oscillator helps to determine the extreme conditions of overbought/oversold on the market and trends and also helps to find points of entry. The RSI (14) above 50 indicates a bullish trend, values below 50 is bearish. The lows of the RSI (2) and RSI (3) during strong trend can serve as a great short-term trading signals.

Commodity channel index (CCI)

This oscillator allows you to find the extreme overbought/oversold markets without trends. CCI is a very sensitive indicator of the divergence between price and momentum. He is the source of many short-term trading signals.

Channels Keltner

These are based on ATR (average true range, see below), regions are used to predict probable levels of support and resistance and confirmation of a divergence of price/time. They are also used to generate signals for buying/selling.


Sustainable bullish/bearish movement. During bullish trends, the growing oscillations exceed a decreasing in scope (for bearish trends, Vice versa). In markets without a long-lasting trend fluctuations do not have a certain direction. A series of linked oscillations helps to confirm the strength of the trend reversal, price variances/pulse.


The trading range with clear boundaries and low volatility. Acts as a «pause» during a powerful trend; you may also have minimums and maximums. Examples of consolidation are such figures as pennants, wedges and rectangles. The longer the consolidation the more powerful the subsequent breakout.

A price control (VPOC)

A key indicator of the volume at each price level. Depicted as a histogram on a chart. VPOC means the level with maximum volume. The higher the peak of the histogram, the greater the level. Strong breakouts level VPOC often point out attractive entry points.

The trend line

Line of support/resistance. Is constructed by connecting at least two significant highs/lows. Subsequent «tests» of the trend line are often used to enter the position. Distinct puncture lines is interpreted as the end/reversal of a trend. The more successful tests of a trend line the stronger it is considered.

The Oscillator StochRSI

Combines the Stochastic oscillator and RSI. Allows you to define the extreme conditions of overbought/oversold on the market and trends; helps to identify entry points in trending markets. Very useful as an indicator of price discrepancies/pulse.

Parabolic stop and reversal (Parabolic SAR)

The combination of technical indicator and trading strategy. In fact is a strategy of following the trend which is always in a long or short position. The use of SAR signals to trade in the direction of the prevailing trend allows to improve the performance of the trader. Can also be used as a separate trailing stop.


The level at which is expected to slow/decrease in the price reversal. Usually the support is the previous highs/lows, trend lines, Keltner channels, Bollinger bands, Fibonacci levels (see below) and the reference price.

Bollinger bands (BB)

Depends on the size of the standard deviation and allows to determine the oversold/overbought markets without obvious trends. BB is often used by traders, specializing in the breakthroughs, they are also suited to detect divergences between price and momentum. Pattern «Bollinger Band Squeeze» helps to confirm a rapid transition of the market from a state of low to a state with high volatility.


The term describes a powerful price to exit the clearly marked area of consolidation or a price pattern. Also breakouts are considered confirmed punctures trendlines or support levels/resistance.

Simple moving average (SMA)

Calculates the average price over X periods. Usually presented in the form of a smooth line on the chart. Is used to determine the direction and strength of the trend, but also can act as a strong support/resistance. As trading signals, you can use the crossing of several SMA.


Level where rising prices can stop/turn. Usually the resistances are the previous highs/lows, Keltner channels, Bollinger bands, Fibonacci levels and reference prices.

Average directional index (ADX)

Calculates the strength of the market trend for X periods. Typically used together with average directional movement Index (DMI) to improve accuracy. The values of ADX (14) below 10 is often preceded by breakthroughs consolidation area. Values above 60 are unstable and point to the imminent exhaustion of the trend.

Average true range (ATR)

Use of trading signals based on volatility and suggest exhaustion of the trend. Often used to create an automatically adjustable servo stops. Breakthroughs with a range of 2-3 times the value of ATR (14), often indicate the beginning of a powerful new trend.

Stop loss

The order to the broker or exchange to close a long position if the price drops to a certain level (Vice versa for short positions). The purpose of stop loss is to limit losses or to lock in profits.

Convergence/divergence (MACD)

Calculates the 9-period EMA (exponential moving average, see below) from the difference between the 12 — and 26-period EMA. Is used to generate based on time signals on purchase/sale confirmation and divergences between price/momentum. Signals to buy/sell at the zero line of the MACD may be preceded by significant trends. A great indicator of a new trend.


Is defined as a series of gradually increasing peaks and troughs in the case of bullish movement, and as a series of gradually decreasing minimums and maximums in the case of the bear. Often to determine the direction/strength of a trend use EMA or SMA. For the same purpose apply ADX and DMI.

Fibonacci (Fib)

The mathematical formula by which traders highly likely to predict areas of support/resistance in liquid markets. Measures the most likely retracement levels in the developing market movements depending on the size (of the price difference over a period of time) of the previous oscillation. The most common levels— 38,2%, 50%, 61,8%, 78,6%, 100%, 127,2% and 161.8%.


Repeating patterns of purchases/sales. Manifest as oscillation () on all liquid markets. The average duration of a cycle (from minimum to minimum) allows traders to plan in advance of the end zone the movement and/or reversal.

Exponential moving average (EMA)

Calculates the average price for X price bars, with the most recent prices have more weight. Reacts to price moves faster than the SMA. Usually is drawn as a smooth line on the chart. Used primarily to determine the direction and trend strength, but also can act as a strong support/resistance. Crossing several EMA can be used as trading signals.


Ethereum launched a test network of Raiden

For the project scale Ethereum — Raiden — deployed test network. Open on the Raiden page on GitHub, a test version would be an important step to prepare for running the code in Ethereum. This decision should lead to faster transactions and reduce their cost.

In the same way as bitcoin scalability became a problem for the second market capitalization of cryptocurrencies. As you increase the number of transactions increase in traffic can slow the network. The problem is compounded by the fact that many tokens are based on Ethereum, which leads to a sharp increase in traffic when holding the ICO.

Discuss 2015 Network Raiden is one of the possible solutions to this problem. Theoretically, the network can provide more than a million transactions per second. Raiden supports the exchange of tokens and has an API to facilitate interaction with decentralized applications. Raiden technology will also significantly reduce the transaction cost, as it allows for micropayments.

We will remind, earlier the Ethereum network set a new record for the number of transactions per day.


In Moscow, the robbers under torture summon the victim 100 bitcoins

In Moscow, an unknown gang under torture, which lasted several hours in the night, forced captainvalor to transmit to the server 100 bitcoins. About it reports the Russian edition of Nation News, citing its own sources.

The circumstances of what happened are specified, but at the moment it is known that the patient with a disfigured face with a knife was thrown into the cold in -20 °C. He was admitted to hospital in Strogino, where he provide medical care.

We will remind that on the night of 22 January on the outskirts of the Russian capital beat and robbed a first-year student of the Moscow College, which was carried in the trunk of a car about 7 million rubles intended for the purchase of bitcoins.


Korean companies are suspected of market manipulation on the topic of cryptocurrency

Financial Supervisory service of South Korea (FSS) is investigating the use of unfair practices in respect of 20 companies associated with crypto-currencies, and listed on the stock exchange Kosdaq.

The financial regulator also warned investors that the stock market was discovered a number of unfair trade deals with “shares of companies related to virtual currency”.

“The stock market is crazy with the shares associated with the virtual currency … Many exchange-traded companies have announced respective business plans, such as the launch of the exchanges of virtual currencies and so-called “topics of virtual currency”. The price of such stocks rose after the announcement of the business plan,” said the journalists of the Korean agent.

Among the used schemes use the interest in cryptocurrency is also called the announcement of the initial proposals of the coins (ICO).

“Many companies have published business plans associated with the virtual currency, disclosure of information and the media, but in fact there are many cases when the business pending or doubtful,” — said the Korean Business Post.

FSS did not disclose the names of the companies in respect of whom the investigation, not wanting, as explained by the regulator, the destabilization of the market — it could directly affect the stock price.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that an American company Long Island Iced Tea Corp, which produces soft drinks, in December changed its name to the Long Blockchain Corporation, causing the value of its shares increased by 432%. However, in February the company’s share price fell from $7 at the peak to $4.


Forbes will be published on the blockchain the platform of Civil

Representatives of the American Forbes stated that the publication was the first of the major that will regularly publish the materials on the blockchain-platform journalism startup Civil Media Company.

Reportedly, Forbes joined the initiative, due to decentralization to protect against changes in the historical data by third parties, as well as to experiment with audience engagement.

Senior Vice President at Forbes products and technologies , Salatino Salah (Salah Zalatino) stressed that both partners Forbes and Civil, loyal to the mission of journalism and will be able to provide readers with an unprecedented level of transparency of content, and over time will expand and find new channels of monetization.

In partnership publishing will receive from Civil CVL and tokens to the first quarter of 2019 will begin to publish on the platform start-up the metadata of the materials division covering kriptonyte. On the newspaper’s website these articles will be marked with a special icon.

After studying the process within 12 months of publication will take all of your content in a distributed network. In addition, in CMS publication, known as Bertie, will be introduced the code Civil, which will be responsible for the publication of materials on the blockchain.

Recall that in late August, Civil has also entered into a cooperation agreement with the Agency Associated Press. Recently, a WSJ journalist has created for his edition of cryptocurrency, but the publication was forbidden to develop it.


ICO outperform venture capital in the amount of investment in blockchain-projects – Crunchbase

In the last 14 months of the cryptocurrency and blockchain startups attracted about $1.3 billion through the traditional venture funding model. The amount of money raised via the ICO, was 3.5 times greater – $4.5 billion this is evidenced by Crunchbase.

For all of 2017 and the first two months of 2018 in the Crunchbase database was recorded in a total of 527 rounds of venture financing and ICO held companies in categories such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, blockchain, cryptocurrency and virtual currency.

The total number of ICO, conducted in the last 14 months, was less than the number of rounds of venture funding, announced blockchain-companies.

However, despite the lower number, taransay on average attracted much more capital than the traditional rounds of funding.

Among the largest of the ICO held in 2017, are the following:

  • Filecoin – $257 million;
  • Tezos – $232 million;
  • Bankor – $shall be 152.3 million;
  • Polkadot – $140 million;
  • Quoine – $105 million

In 2018, will no doubt be larger and ICO. So, now all the attention is turned to the ICO Telegram, the purpose of which, according to sources at TechCrunch, is the amount of $2 billion, and according to others – $3 billion.