Gasiti in the US and the UK are infected with hidden code for hashing

Sunday February 11, more than a thousand sites in the US and the UK, including government Internet resources, have been infected with code that makes web browsers hidden to mine Monero.

According to The Register, all were infected more than 4,200 sites. Hackers used this widely known tool Browsealoud, Texthelp created which tells the content of the pages to people with vision problems.

The representative Texthelp in comments to The Register stated that the company turned off the Browsealoud, while engineers are investigating this issue.

Later technical Director Texthelp Martin McKay (Martin McKay) also added that the company was ready for this kind of attack.

“In light of recent cyberattacks around the world in the past year we have been preparing for this kind of incident and our plan to protect the data was immediately translated into action,” – said in a statement published on the Texthelp website.

The company assured that no user data was not lost or stolen.

The press service of law enforcement agencies, US and UK journalists ‘ requests for comment have not yet responded.

Recall that earlier this month hidden miner for mining Monero identified in applications on MacUpdate.

Recently hidden mining XMR also found in Google DoubleClick and YouTube. Site owners in early January warned that they must be prepared for the penetration of crypto currency miners. In addition, the hidden miners can hide on WordPress sites and Android applications, as well as on the websites of online stores, in extensions of browsers and messengers.

Overall, the monitoring experts at Recorded Future, there is a trend to transition users from powerful attacks using ransomware to long-term hidden mining.

It is worth noting that the “white” technology is also not standing still. So, in January, the British Davey Max (Max Dovey) have designed a device, which you can use to mine crypto-currency literally out of thin air.


What to consider when compiling cryptocurrency portfolio

To make cryptocurrency investment portfolio — not a matter of minutes, although many investors are attracted by the wave of the ICO and growth of the cryptocurrency market, want to earn as quickly as possible. However, the abundance of opportunities means that it is better to spend time and understand the market.

This is the new Wild West, just changed a little of the scenery, and now the cowboys programmers ride horses-programs in search of digital gold. If you don’t want to miss the chance, it is better to arm themselves.

So, let’s consider the key points that should be considered in compiling cryptocurrency portfolio.

1. Bitcoin — the new standard

The granddaddy of all cryptocurrency earned the title, because bitcoin bull market of the past years was the result of the emergence of a whole new market based on this cryptocurrency.

So it’s not surprising that bitcoin is sometimes referred to as digital gold when investors get nervous, they are traditionally buying gold, but for cryptocurrency investors the role played by bitcoin.

  • It was never hacked.
  • It is widely available and well supported on cryptocurrency exchanges around the world.
  • It is the most liquid cryptocurrency (it is easy to find a buyer or seller).
  • A more modest cryptocurrencies give a lower return than bitcoin, and they are hard to trade. Ask yourself whether to buy a not too well known coin? In many cases, in the long term, enough to buy a bitcoin and wait a few years.

2. It is important to understand what risks you are willing

We are dealing with risks, both in life and on the market. At the same time to invest in cryptocurrency means to deal with huge volatility, and this requires strong nerves.

It is very important to ask yourself a few questions related to cryptocurrency risks, and record the answers:

  • How much to invest?
  • The amount of money you can lose?
  • What are your investment objectives?
  • How far you retire?

There is a convenient system for assessing risk tolerance: check whether you are sleeping at night. If you find that you think all the time about the prices and get up in the night to check the status of the portfolio, you’ve probably invested too much — never invest money that you can afford to lose!

You may want to hire a financial consultant that he did everything for you, but keep in mind that in this young industry accredited specialists almost never occur.

3. You need to understand everything yourself

Probably the worst thing you can do, deciding to invest in cryptocurrencies, is to invest impulsively, on hearing someone else’s advice — it’s your money, not someone else’s!

In our time information is available as never before and, of course, there are both pros and cons. On the Internet a lot of information easy to find, but difficult to interpret. However, a smart investor should do the job.

Each project is trying to put themselves in the best light, and though no perfect companies, many of them are outright frauds. Study expert opinions — Twitter is a great accounts that regularly give out some useful information.

4. Responsibility for your decisions rests with you

Now that you have done this, it’s time to add to the portfolio of selected coins and face the consequences, because you are solely responsible for all his investment decisions, both good and bad. It will make you a good investor.

Don’t be deceived by the speeches of those who say that never loses — bad decisions even the best of the best, the way of the market. By taking responsibility for your mistakes, you learn is the only way to get better.

Not one word of this note cannot be considered as investment advice. You have probably met such a formulation, it is not surprising — nobody wants to give investment advice. Why? Because many investors lost money, want to shift the blame to someone else. Don’t be like them.

5. You need to be patient

When we see double-digit growth in a bull market, it’s hard not to zametalsya from one asset to another, but that is just what and not to do — be patient, play out in the long term, and the market anywhere you are not going anywhere.

If you can’t call yourself talented and active intraday trader, better buy and hold is a two — digit loss are better tolerated when you see the chart for a few years.

Remember that no one gives a guarantee. You can look at it this way: patience is one of your many tools. Yes, if the coin depreciates to zero, it does not pay off, but patience is an important value because it makes you a better investor.


Anything but sidony or How to save up for Lamba and dragon

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By the way, I notice that sometimes stretch hand to buy any chichinou?

This feature was noticed and the authors Twitter account cryptograffiti. They invited users to buy anything but sidoine:

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See, how useful! We, by the way, do not buy followers, and methodically on myself write. Join us and start to rest Saturday after all)


The release EOSIO 1.0

Developers announced the release EOSIO 1.0 — c open source to the core network the EOS, which has the task to ensure the rapid establishment and launch of a secure blockchain applications with high performance.

EOSIO can run on two engines based on Web Assembly: Binaryen and WAVM — and support up to 1,000 transactions per second, and the next versions will have tools to facilitate communication in the blockchain, which will allow you to scale your business horizontally.

“EOSIO enables developers to write business logic that is compatible with consensus algorithms requiring deterministic execution. The interaction of your user base with this business logic may occur with the use of the infrastructure public key that will bring to your business-level security, the blockchain, accountability and suitability for audit. The business logic easy to upgrade in accordance with the management structure of your organization.

EOSIO created for environments without token, where system administrators allocate a potentially unlimited resource quota to the user. Otherwise smart contracts can allocate resource quotas in other ways: rates for tokens, market committees or voting. It makes EOSIO perfect choice for both companies and for blockchains managed by the communities,” explained

However, in the introduced a developer portal, Developer Portal EOSIO, where can I find technical documentation, links to the SDK, how to create smart contracts, as well as the production tokens.

The company plans — further development of the platform and service developer support, promotion possibilities EOS and partnerships with educational projects like training a new generation of blockchain-specialists, and to integrate the technology into new areas.

Recall that before starting the core network on the platform of EOS have discovered several critical errors. At the moment, token EOS completing the top five leaders among crypto-currencies and, according СoinMarketCap, traded at a price of $14 per share, which is 16% above yesterday’s average.


Jordan Belfort: stable cryptocurrency will emerge, but it will not be bitcoin

Former stockbroker Jordan Belfort, who became the prototype of the hero of the cult film «the Wolf of wall street», said also considers bitcoin a «Scam».

In an interview with The Street, Belfort said:

«I don’t think it’s a great model. I think it is unlikely that ever he [Bitcoin] can really become sustainable.»

And this will not change as long as this space will not enter the government, says Belfort.

«Sooner or later the Central Bank or the consortium decides to issue its own cryptocurrency, and then she will be strengthened.»

Meanwhile, Belfort is not going to join cryptogra.

«I’m not saying you should or should not buy bitcoin. But I am saying that personally, I would be very careful investing a lot of money that could very quickly disappear».

Former broker also drew attention to the vulnerability of cryptocurrency to hacker attacks. According to him, he knows bitcoin investors who lost «all their money», after their phones were hacked.

It is worth noting that in 1998, Jordan Belfort was convicted of fraud related to manipulation of the securities market and the organization of trade cheap stock, for which he spent 22 months in prison.

We will remind that earlier the head of JP Morgan Jamie Dimon called bitcoin a «hoax».


4 days to access Robinhood Crypto expressed a desire for more than 1 million users

4 days after the us company announced Robinhood users from the States of California, Massachusetts, Missouri, Montana and new Hampshire the opportunity since the beginning of February to trade crypto-currencies with no Commission in the service Robinhood Crypto, it has signed up more than 1 million people.

The number of those interested in the new service is almost one third of the existing client base of the company, 78 percent of the users aged 18-35 years. Robinhood co-founder Vlad Tenev (Vlad Tenev) ‘m sure the company will cope with such demand.

In cryptosuite expect Robinhood Crypto will seriously compete with the largest American cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase.

Recall that in addition to trade, Robinhood will also provide the possibility of instant transfer of cryptocurrency amounting to about $1,000. Customers are also able to add 16 of cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin and Ethereum, in your “watchlist” — a service allowing to follow the market, read news and create alerts about price changes.



In Moldova, the blockchain will help fight child trafficking

The Moldovan authorities consider the possibility of using the blockchain technology to assist in the fight against child trafficking in the country, according to Reuters.

For discussion of possible blockchain solutions to this problem Chisinau was visited by the experts on the digital identity of the UN office for project services (UNOPS).

According to international organizations, each year hundreds of women and girls from 13 years in Moldova, victims of trafficking, getting to Russia, Turkey, UAE, and other countries, mainly becoming sex slaves. This risk particularly affects children from rural areas, who often lack official documents that facilitates the activities of criminals.

“This is an urgent problem and we strive to find effective solutions that will help us to solve it”, — told Reuters the Secretary of state of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Moldova Beregoi Mikhail (Mihail Beregoi).

Special Advisor to UNOPS on the blockchain , Yoshiyuki Yamamoto (Yamamoto Yoshiyuki) believes that this technology can be used to create a digital identity based on biometric data, which cannot be forged:

“If we want to create a reliable identity management system, it must be based on something unchangeable.”

This month UNOPS announced a partnership with World Identity Network (WIN) in the launch of a pilot project blockchain-ID to protect children from human trafficking. As the head of the WIN , Mariana Dahan (Dahan Mariana), Moldova was the first country that expressed a serious interest in the pilot project.

Dahan noted that ensuring the safety of children on the platform based on blockchain technology, will allow to constantly identify them and provide the ability to log attempts of trafficking.

“Of course, the technology [the blockchain] is not a silver bullet that can solve all of these problems, but it can be a catalyst,” — said Mariana Dahan.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that in Canada next year and will work a system of digital identification based on blockchain technology.


The developers Parity prevented hardwork Ethereum

The developers of Parity, one of the two major customers Ethereum, found and fixed a bug that could cause hardwork in the network ETH.

According to the statement of Parity, in version 1.10.6-stable and 1.11.1-beta contained a critical vulnerability that could cause desyncs their client with the other members of the network. Although the vulnerability was related to a test network Ropsten, there was the possibility of its expansion on the main Ethereum network that «could lead to the division of the network.»

According to Ethereum, the bug could affect about a third of all customers because this is the share Parity. However, the problem was solved before was affected functioning Ethereum nodes.

In connection with the elimination of the consensus of the vulnerability of all users of the client Parity version 1.11.1 and below is highly recommended as soon as possible to update the software to version 1.11.3-beta or 1.10.6-stable.

We will remind that in November of 2017 in multisig-purses Parity was discovered a critical vulnerability that led to the freezing of funds of users. In December, the project team called for a hard forks Ethereum to unlock these funds. However, after a few days the developers have abandoned this idea.

And in April, representatives of the community Ethereum voted against the proposal EIP-999, which is due to changes in the Protocol ETH would unblock the funds users.

A solution to this problem and not found.


The bitcoin trading volume has approached the maximum annual values

On Friday, March 15, the daily trading volume in first year exceeded $11 billion In the last time this figure was recorded on April 25 last year, when bitcoin was trading at $8,845, according to CoinDesk Markets analyst Sam Able.

According to him, high trading volumes indicate investor interest in bitcoin. However, he notes, the correlation between trading volumes and price of the first cryptocurrency was lost in November 2018, when the rate did not drop after the quotes.

November 10, before the collapse from $6000 to $3000 daily trading volume was $3.7 billion but Now it is more than two times.

Meanwhile, on the Bitfinex bitcoin price has already touched $4000, but at Bitstamp $3900 is not yet completed.

Bitstamp Data


Bitcoin exchange Poloniex has opened the output Grin and took a share of the commissions team

Cryptocurrency exchange Poloniex owned American startup Circle, opened the cryptocurrency Grin. Simultaneously, the platform made the first contribution to Grin General Fund in the amount of 1.27864 BTC.

Note, in the 12 months Poloniex will allocate a portion of commissions from trading of the Grin team. In the first month the payment was 50% of collected commissions in the future this amount will decrease to 25%.

Funds should go to security audits, bounty campaigns and the development of the Protocol. A year later, the exchange will review the need to support the project.

Recall cryptocurrency Grin is the first and most famous Protocol implementation MimbleWimble. Was its author wished to remain anonymous developer under the pseudonym Ignotus Peverell (the hero’s works of Harry Potter), who published the partial implementation of the Protocol on the Rust language, as well as his vision of the philosophy of the project.

The launch of the core network Grin took place on January 15, and the listing on Poloniex — exactly a month.