Option BlockTower Capital into bitcoin at $50 000 will expire on December 28

Almost a year ago, hedge Fund Blocktower Capital put $1 million on that until the end of 2018 bitcoin will reach $50 000. Now bitcoin is trading about 1400% below target.

A call option was purchased on the new York derivatives exchange LedgerX. A derivative with expiry 28 December 2018 gives the right hedge Fund Blocktower Capital to buy bitcoins 275 $50 000, if the price of cryptocurrencies will reach that mark.

Thus, to reach the target in the option strike prices, bitcoin should be within the next two weeks to grow more than 14 times. Currently, the weighted average rate of BTC is about $3480.

Note that a year ago bitcoin was trading around $16 000.

We will remind, in the beginning of the year of the cryptocurrency hedge Fund BlockTower raised $140 million from family offices and large venture firms.

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Analysis of prices of BTC, LTC, ETH (11.12.18)

BTCUSD: Bitcoin started the week with a decline of $124 to $3391 on the day. Dynamics took place in favor of reducing mainly towards sellers. Trading ideas for the resumption of purchases of $3300 and $3700 remains the same, expect the downward movement to support $3200 at today’s session.

LTCUSD: Litecoin resumed its decline on Monday, losing half of Sunday growth. Significant changes in the General movement yet, but the expected increase above the resistance of $27 – is open to question. If you can rate LTCUSD to turn up in the short term, what potentially signals a Alligator, chances are the bulls still there. While the forecast remains the same, also on the rebound from support at $20,70 will resume purchases of $21,20.

ETHUSD: the air echoed the dynamics of other cryptocurrency tools, finishing yesterday’s trading lower by $4 to $87,22. While the bears have been unable to resume a downward trend, the pair ETHUSD konsolidiruyutsya near $90 levels. Inside the range of $79,85-$100 to open still not planned, waiting for a breakthrough one of the boundaries of the current channel.


Acne Buterin supported the new voting system for Ethereum

Ethereum Creator Vitalik Buterin announced a collaboration with a scientist-economist Glen Wale (Dr. Glen Weyl). In the course of cooperation, they plan to experiment with a new voting system for users of ETH.

In a joint post, published on Medium, Buterin described how ideas from the last book Wale, «Radical Markets» can help to solve management problems and coordinate resolution of disputes.

According to Wale, the so-called «quadratic voting» is intended to focus participants on those questions which they know well. Instead of equal distribution of votes between parties in the system of quadratic voting, participants will be able to buy additional votes to get more weight on specific topics.

In the post Buterin also noted that existing solutions to the decentralization of decision-making give too much power to those who speak ETH, or in the attempt to reach a larger number of decision makers, vulnerable to attacks from fake accounts and hackers attempting to influence the vote.

Quadratic voting as you think Buterin and wale, is more «moderate alternative» in comparison with other forms of decentralized management.

Clarifying the concept, wale explained that she is part of the overall attempts to introduce economic theory into technological systems. Although the scientist will not be involved in the technical issues of building models of Ethereum, he believes that this is the first step toward a deeper cooperation between his community and the community Baterina.

Regardless of whether the quadratic system of voting implemented in Ethereum, whale hoped that in the future the blockchain will provide a «test ground» for a thorough examination of the effectiveness of quadratic voting, and possible extensions to larger political systems.


Indonesia is preparing to release its own digital currency

Despite the extremely tough stance against the cryptocurrency, Bank Indonesia is considering the release of the digital version rupees.

Assistant to the Executive Director of Bank Indonesia in payment systems Susato Devi (Dewi Susiato) stated that digital rupee will be tested this year. Its launch is intended to improve the efficiency of the payment system.

«The banknotes that we use now, can be converted to digital money. However, no country yet has not released the money,» said Devi.

However, she noted that the digital value of the rupee is tied to «real assets», and this is issued by the Central Bank currency will differ from existing cryptocurrencies. This calculation will also take into account the exchange rate and inflation.

We will remind, earlier this month Indonesian Central Bank officially declared that does not consider bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies legal tender, and prohibits their use in the country. The financial regulator has invoked the law No. list 7/2011 “currency”, which States that the only currency in the country is the Indonesian rupiah.

The regulator was not a surprise: stricter requirements for the use of cryptocurrency in Indonesia was expected in October.


The crypto currency exchange YoBit stated that the «pampite» random cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency exchange YoBit, perhaps to attract more traders to the platform intends to “pump up” the price of one random coins.

The company reported about it on Twitter, writing that will buy a random coin for one bitcoin every 1-2 minutes, 10 times.

Because of this strange message and many Twitter users suggested that the account YoBit messenger has been hacked. However, in a tweet exchange is a link to a page of its official website with a countdown timer to the beginning of the “Pampa”.


Some recalled YoBit that such exchange practice is illegal in many jurisdictions, including the United States. While on the site, the pair traded with the us dollar.

According to CoinMarketCap, the daily trading volume on YoBit 482 trading pairs is $33.8 million In the ranking of kryptomere the company is on a solid 39th place on this indicator.

We will remind that earlier YoBi got the list of stock exchanges, which the research team Blockchain Transparency Institute suspected of laundering money obtained by illegal means.


In India considering a ban on the use of private cryptocurrency

The Indian Cabinet Committee, created late last year to determine the future of the stock market of the country, developing the legal framework to ban the use of private cryptocurrency, such as bitcoin.

The Committee, headed by the Secretary of the Treasury for economic Affairs of Subhash Chandra Garga (Subhash Chandra Garg) initially promised to submit the draft rules for the regulation of cryptocurrencies at the end of March, then the deadline was shifted to July, September and year end.

At the 19th meeting of the Council for financial stability and development (FSDC) of India, headed by the Finance Minister Arun Jaitly (Arun Jaitley), among other things, discussed the issues and problems of krivalya in the country. According to a press release, the meeting was informed by the representative of the government Committee to discuss the ban on the country’s use of private cryptocurrency.

The relevant passage of the press release published on Twitter, a local industry source CryptoKanoon. On the website of the Ministry of economic development the document was not available for download at the time of writing.

“The Council also discussed issues and problems of scriptaction /cryptocurrency and were informed about the discussion in the high-level Committee under the chairmanship of the Secretary for economic development of an appropriate legal framework to ban the use of private cryptocurrencies in India and promoting the use of technologies of the distributed registry, as announced in the budget for 2018-1919 years,” — said in a press release.

Recall that in mid-October, local media reported that the Committee Garga is considering a ban on the possession of Indians as “cryptocurrency is not approved by the government.” In its current form, it is obvious that it is supposed to prohibit the trade, exchange, and use all the private crypto-currencies as means of payment.

Tough position of the Ministry of Finance, and mainly, the ban of the Reserve Bank (RBI) of India for banking service companies in the industry, have lead to the actual termination of trading in cryptocurrencies in the country. One of the largest kryptomere India Zebpay — closed the business and moved the operation abroad. The exchange Unocoin tried to continue installing a bitcoin ATM to allow customers to Deposit/withdraw funds. But the first established in Bangalore, the bitcoin ATM was seized by the police, and the co-founders of crypto currency exchange is arrested for violating the rules of RBI.


Creator TRON bought BitTorrent

Rainberry the company, formerly known as BitTorrent, went to the Creator of the cryptocurrency TRON (TRX) Sana Justin (Justin Sun). The deal to merge was closed last week, and the staff of the company received a notification with a request not to disclose information to the press. The amount of the transaction remains unknown.

Recall that the San is considering the purchase of the operator of the client uTorrent, used by more than 100 million users, it became known in late may. The interest he showed in September last year, but in the process of preparing purchase San BitTorrent sued for breach of an obligation not to consider other proposals after the signing of the Treaty of intent. He then registered the company Rainberry Acquisition Inc. Last week the two companies, Rainberry Acquisition and Rainberry one day to register the changes in their statutes related to the merger.


Kazakhstan may issue a cryptocurrency that provided paper money

International financial centre “Astana” (AIFC) and the investment company EXANTE announced the agreement on the development of the market of cryptocurrency assets in Kazakhstan. EXANTE starts the platform Stasis, which will be the basis for a new digital asset, the secured paper money.

The parties also agreed to cooperate in developing mechanisms AIFC for regulation of digital assets and support the evolution of the FINTECH ecosystem of the financial center, utilizing the knowledge and experience of EXANTE in the blockchain projects.

“The blockchain and cryptocurrencies enter the mainstream of today’s economic reality. Leading financial regulators of Astana has already begun its work and lay the Foundation for the FINTECH ecosystem of Kazakhstan. We believe that AIFC can become an international centre for blockchain operations, and the development of digital asset market is our key priority for the near future,” said managing International financial centre “Astana” , Kairat Kelimbetov.

Co-founder and CEO of Stasis Grigory Klumov has shared this optimistic Outlook for the market of solutions based on blockchain technology the former head of the Central Bank of Kazakhstan:

“Blockchain technology has several indisputable advantages: transparency, permanence and relatively quick transaction times and reduced cost. These factors are more than sufficient for the bullish trend. The increased global money supply (M2) growing at 6% per year and is currently at approximately $50 trillion (excluding China). The market of digital assets will double every two years, at least until 2021. We work on the basis of the blockchain-a world that will overcome the gap between emerging decentralized Finance and people”.

Earlier, the Minister of communications and mass communications of Russia Nikolay Nikiforov expressed concern that if the country did not launch cryptool, then after 2 months it will make the neighbors in the community. Maybe he was referring to Kazakhstan — one of participants of the economic Union.

We will remind, not so long ago, the official people’s Bank of China called on the authorities to release government cryptocurrency secured by the sovereign creditworthiness.


American users of Coinbase can convert cryptocurrency into gift certificates

The largest American cryptocurrency company Coinbase announced the expansion of its partnership with the London startup WeGift.

Using a Coinbase wallet, the U.S. users will be able to buy gift certificates at dozens of retailers, including Uber, Nike, and Gap.

To do this, users need to visit the website of the service WeGift and link it with your Coinbase wallet. As a bonus when purchasing gift certificates, the users will not have to pay the fee for the withdrawal.

We will remind, earlier the opportunity from Coinbase and WeGift was available only in a few EU countries.


PeckShield: Vulnerabilities in dApps network EOS caused the loss of hundreds of thousands of dollars

Chinese edition Blockchain Truth with reference to the PeckShield company specializing in cyber security in the blockchain sector, reports that through decentralized applications (dApps) on the blockchain EOS for the last five months, hackers stole about $800 thousand. According to them, during the period from July to November in the network of EOS, there were 27 incidents that resulted in the loss of 400 thousand tokens EOS to the amount of 8 million yuan. It is assumed that the problem lies not with the network itself and the vulnerabilities dApps, where the growth in the number of applications found more.

In November PeckShield revealed the vulnerability of the eight gambling the blockchain EOS: EOSBet, EOSCast, FFgame, EOSDice, EOSWin, MyEosVegas, LuckyGo and EOSLelego – which resulted in the loss of thousands 170,503 token EOS ($333 thousand) and amounted to a serious threat to the entire network.

The sources also claim that the network of EOS almost 513 thousand only 37% (about 180 thousand) users are active: 200 to 500 thousand accounts “sleep”, and about 120 thousand are managed collectively.

We will remind, recently the founder and head of TRON Justin San (Jastin Sun) said that his company plans to create a Fund designed to “save” the dApps developers working on the EOS platforms and Ethereum, provided that they outsource their applications to the network TRON.