The kidnappers of the wife of one of the richest Norwegians require €9 million in Monero

At the end of October was kidnapped the wife of one of the richest entrepreneurs in Norway’s Tom Hagen. The kidnappers demand a ransom of €9 million in cryptocurrency Monero, according to Norway Today.

68-year-old Anna-Elisabeth Falkevik was allegedly abducted from her home, although signs of forced entry, law enforcement agencies have discovered. There was found a note with a ransom demand.

Note that in the investigation of Falkevik participate Interpol and Europol, and the abduction for a long time was kept secret for security reasons.

Today, January 9, the police confirmed that Falkevik was abducted and communications with criminals is only through a kind of «electronic platform.» In addition, in December the kidnappers were not able to provide evidence that she is still alive.

Probably the case Falkevik is the first case in Norway, when a ransom demand in the cryptocurrency equivalent. However, the police recommended no criminals in satisfaction of their claims.

Tom Hagen is the founder of the company Elkraft AS, specializing in the supply of electricity. His fortune is estimated at 1.7 billion Norwegian kroner ( €170 million).

We will remind, earlier the staff of the local Prosecutor’s office of Kiev and the National police of Ukraine detained two suspects accused of kidnapping miner in March of this year and the theft of $50 thousand.

Now they face up to 15 years in prison for the robbery made by a group of persons upon a preliminary collusion, infiltration and theft in especially large sizes.


Opinion: legalization of bitcoin in Ukraine hamper the Supervisory authorities

Ukraine needs to reduce the number of regulatory bodies entrusted with the task of state control over the cryptocurrency business, otherwise the industry will not get proper development. This was stated by the head of Department of strategy and reform of the banking system the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) Michael Vidyakin, writes Cointelegraph.

«Crypto-currencies are not yet regulated by the legislation of Ukraine, but oversight of the industry are already too many regulators,» he said.

In his opinion, the weakening of institutional control and the openness of banks to financial technological solutions must precede the adoption of regulations for the legalization of digital assets.

«Banks need to be open to new channels of delivery of financial services, and the number of controllers is reduced. Only then you can move on to solving the problem of the lack of regulations and legal definitions for financial innovations», — said the representative of the NBU.

We will remind, in October of 2018, the Ministry of economic development and trade of Ukraine has introduced the concept, according to which Ukraine would legalize cryptocurrencies in the next three years. While the legal status of cryptocurrencies needs to be determined in 2019, and the operations of trading platforms and exchange dealing with digital assets, will be settled by 2021.


Bill Miller: Bitcoin can achieve great heights or to collapse to zero

Cryptocurrency is an interesting technological experiment, said the billionaire founder of the Fund Value Partners Miller bill Miller. In an interview with CNBC he compared bitcoin with the game in the casino, because investors in digital money can either get rich or lose everything.

The specialist said that he was not afraid fall in the value of bitcoin in 2018, on the contrary, this is a great buying opportunity. Miller said that it is impressive how the price movement of the cryptocurrency is not correlated with the behavior of indices of wall street and bonds, often, when the classical market went into minus, cryptocurrencies go up.

The investor started to buy bitcoins a few years ago when the coin was at $300. Half of the two billion dollars, which Miller owns Value Partners, was earned on the increase in the cost of this cryptocurrency.


The Roman mansion of the XVII century, put on the blockchain auction

Brokerage company of the Beverly hills Hilton & Hyland and blockchain startup Propy put up for sale at auction city Palace-the mansion of the XVII century in Rome, entered in the UNESCO world heritage list. The cost of the building, designed by the architect Giacomo Della Porta (Giacomo Della Porta), which was inspired by and collaborated with Michelangelo, now stands at $42 million.

Interested persons can apply for participation in the competition until June 28, with the deal expected to be held at the blockchain to minimize the risks for the buyer and the seller, and to ensure transparency of the process.

“The buying process today is non-transparent and unsafe even in the United States. The mechanism of submitting applications blindly is extremely manipulative. It is therefore important not only to automate the execution of payments and (transfer) documents of title,.. but to automate the auction and the mechanics of the contest”, – said the head of Propy NAtala Karanawa.

Recall that the Ukrainian a comprehensive platform for remote Propy online transactions using smart contracts in real estate came to ICO in August last year. And in September startup for the first time in the world held a transatlantic deal to buy the apartment using a smart contract on the basis of Etherеum.


Gavin wood: it is too early to say that hardwork Byzantium was successful

Founder and Director of Parity Technologies Gavin wood (Gavin Wood) told CoinDesk that it is too early to count the last code update in the network Etheruem — hardwork this successful. In his opinion, the dangerous period around the fork can last for several days.

Gavin wood was of the opinion that you need to exercise more forethought in the matter of the willingness of software vendors to work with clients.

“There should be a more conservative approach to specification, development, testing and deployment of major changes to the Protocol, such as Byzantium… Should be set to the maximum possible extent that all the major introductions are in consensus before the block definition hard forks”, — said the head of the Parity Technologies.

As reported in last weeks team of the most popular Ethereum Geth discovered a DoS vulnerability that is associated with one of the new Byzantium-functions. This forced to urgently release the software update. FOR updated and the team is second in popularity Etheruem client Parity to eliminate “consensual bug.”

Issues discovered during the tests was unexpectedly serious. This has led to what some developers Etheruem questioned the process of implementing hard forks. In Parity is even believed that hardwork should be delayed.

Because the errors they were finding, the developers had to make difficult choices. This is one of the reasons why it is not known how smooth will be the deployment, said Gavin wood.

He describes the incident update network and process, when most users of the software had to produce his large-scale renovation in a very short time.

The head of the Parity Technologies believes that it is necessary to make a number of changes to the planning hardforce. Software vendors should be able to defer upgrades of the network, for example, on the basis of smart contracts, says Gavin wood.

Recall that Byzantium — the first phase of a larger Metropolis updates. The test network Etheruem Byzantium was launched on 19 September, and officially hardwork took place on 16 October.


MyBit closes the sale of tokens on MyB ICO

Swiss blockchain company MyBit closes the primary distribution of coins. Blockchain-based platform Ethereum offers users to become owners of the interest packet IoT devices that will generate income, and in return receive a share of the profits.

The focus MyBit — cryptomate, smart home, drones, 3D printers, self-driving cars, renewable energy, etc.

A feature of the investment in tokens MyB, which will be issued in the amount of not more than 5 billion, is that they are able to make a profit almost immediately. Payments will be made on the basis of smart contracts. Internal Commission network MyBit after subtracting the fee Ethereum are automatically distributed among the owners of the tokens in the next block hashing.

In General, the platform MyBit is exploring the possibility of investing in projects in new markets, including the use of solar energy to benefit from such energy-intensive technologies, such as AI and IoT.


Valencia will create a «smart port» with the blockchain and Big Data

The Spanish port of Valencia presented the strategy of creating a “smart port” on the basis of application of the blockchain technology and big data.

At the conference Smart Ports & Supply Chain Technologies in Rotterdam, the representative of the port authority of Valencia (APV) spoke about using the blockchain to ensure the transparency of the logistics chain, even beyond the systems management port. The latter will be provided using cloud technologies, said Jose Garcia de La Guia (Jose Garcia De La Guia).

He also noted that the blockchain technology will help to create a “port without papers”, to optimize the use of resources, reduce time and costs for cargo handling and maintenance.

The conference was attended by the ports of Rotterdam (Netherlands), Antwerp (Belgium), Valencia and Algeciras (Spain), as well as several companies, including SmartPort, the world economic forum (WEF), the Blockchain Labs for Open Collaboration, CargoX and others.

Earlier, the port of Brisbane in cooperation with PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) and Australian chamber of Commerce and began developing blockchain platform for digitization of logistics processes. Major Asian port operator, PSA International from Singapore, with IBM tested the supply chain based on the blockchain.


bitflyer has warned users about the possible freezing of accounts

Japan’s largest cryptocurrency exchange bitflyer can freeze the accounts of users suspected of intentional manipulation of prices on the market. Notifying customers, the company cited a document describing the conditions of use of the site. Overall this is one of the answers of the crypto currency exchange on a previously received instruction to the Agency’s financial services authority (FSA) to undertake improvements in security and governance structure 10 points.

Recall that after receiving pripisany the financial regulator in June, the crypto currency exchange also introduced a time limit for opening of accounts for new users and has suspended the placement and withdrawals for the period of the customers of the KYC procedure.

At the FSA has doubts about the compliance of bitflyer requirements on prevention of the laundering of money, obtained illegally, financing of terrorism and unauthorized access to the data. 23 Jul bitflyer with cryptomeria Bitpoint Japan, Bitbank, Btc Box, Quoine and Tech Bureau has provided to FSA their plan to implement the improvements.


IBM introduced the first quantum computer for commercial use

Tech giant IBM unveiled the first quantum computer for commercial purposes Q System One c 20-kubicova system. The invention can be used both for research purposes and to ensure the operation of business applications.

Despite the fact that IBM claims that invention is the first universal system for quantum computing, he doesn’t have enough power for many commercial purposes, writes TechCrunch. IBM added that this is only the first attempt to create a system to solve complex problems and that it is amenable to upgrades.

In addition, the company has created an efficient cooling system for such a massive hardware.

«This system is vital to quantum computation left the walls of the laboratory and finally applied in practice in business and science», — said the head of IBM Research Arvind Krishna.

Simultaneously, the Corporation announced the creation of the IBM Q Network in partnership with the oil giant ExxonMobil, the European organization for nuclear research (CERN) and Fermilab. The original goal of the consortium will be to find the use-cases for quantum computing.

It is noteworthy that the design of the invention worked Studio Map Project Office and Universal Design Studio and Goppion, the company that developed glass caps for the precious regalia of the British Royal family and protective display for a picture of da Vinci’s «Mona Lisa».

Data IBM

Note, many researchers and some members of the community are convinced that quantum computers will be able to crack the bitcoin blockchain in the future. For example, at the end of the 2017 international team of researchers came to the conclusion that it will happen by 2027.

However, with this view agree not all. The representative of the American Institute for economic research Jeffrey Tucker is convinced that the fear of quantum computing based on ignorance and panic.

Interesting position on this question was taken and the preacher of cryptovirology Andreas Antonopoulos:

«I am not worried about what the NSA may have a quantum computer, since the basic law in the field of security says if you have a powerful secret weapon, you do not apply. You need a very significant excuse to use it. Given that using quantum computing to crack the encryption keys for nuclear missiles and communications networks of military intelligence, bitcoin on this background looks a little fish», — he stressed.

Recall that the IBM Corporation is actively developing several blockchain-based platforms: the IBM Food Trust and TradeLens. IBM was also involved in the launch of the platform for cross-border payments.


Revision of crypto-currency regulation in Russia trust working groups

Work on a package of documents dedicated to the digital economy remains a priority for the Russian deputies. However, for final approval of bills it is necessary to involve representatives of scientific and business community. This was stated by Chairman of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Vyacheslav Volodin.

He urged the chairs of the four specialized committees, leading work on a package of documents «On digital of financial assets», «About digital rights,» and «crowdfunding» to coordinate their efforts.

«Our goal is to ensure the transition of our economy to a qualitatively new level. Therefore, working groups should include experts, representatives of business, scientific community», — said the speaker of the state Duma.

Note that in the near future the state Duma will have to consider more than 20 draft laws related to digital economy.

In particular, legislators have to create the legal environment for Big Data, artificial intelligence, blockchain, quantum technologies, Internet of things, robotics components and sensor systems, telecommunications, biometric identification, and LegalTech.

«The main priorities for the implementation of the «Digital economy» is its staff and the creation of a comfortable legal environment. Now a working group under the government of the Russian Federation, SKOLKOVO and the state Duma prepared reviews draft laws on digital economy development. It is very important that in these new groups included experts, practitioners and the government could hear the views of a wide range of people, as a result of this work will affect the quality of the adopted laws», — says the co-founder of BC-Lawyers, the Chairman of the Commission on legal empowerment of the Digital economy of the Moscow branch of Association of lawyers of Russia Alexander Zhuravlev.

He recalled that the speed of adoption of the regulatory framework for the Digital economy will depend on the interest of institutional investors to the Russian jurisdiction.

In turn, teacher of supplementary education programs BC-Lawyers, partner of the legal company «Taxology» Mikhail Uspensky stressed the importance of diversifying expert groups.

«The experience of last year showed that the productivity of expert groups is small. It is therefore critically important diversification specialists. Among them must be not only lawyers and crusty apparatchiks-state structures, but also technical specialists, scientists and lawyers», — he said in comments to the journal ForkLog.

ForkLog previously published detailed material on what the consequences for the economy of the Russian Federation may have delay acceptance of triptoreline in the country.

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