Bitrefill presented Lightning-SERVIS Thor

Service mobile accounts Bitrefill introduced a service for opening a blank channel in the Lightning Network from its node startup. This will allow any person to obtain bitcoins through the Lightning channels, with only a link and a application wallet.

The company intends to open channels for up to 30 days with a capacity from 300 000 to 16 000 000 Satoshi.

Thus, all the technical work on the opening and support of the channel will occur on the side Bitrefill.

Note that the service can be paid with bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, DASH or through the Lightning-payment.

Previously CEO Bitrefill Sergey Kotlyar said that the Lightning Network can help the network of bitcoin grow 10-100 times, however it still cannot be considered a final solution to the problem of scaling.

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Almost $5.5 billion in illegal income in Europe is washed using cryptocurrency

Only in the European Union by cryptocurrency washed 3-4 billion pounds (us$4.1-$5.5 billion) of income obtained by illegal means. About this informed the head of the EU police service (Europol) Rob Wainwright (Rob Wainwright) in an interview with the BBC.

According to him, the total annual illegal income in Europe is estimated at 100 billion pounds, so about 3-4% of this money is «laundered» with the help of cryptocurrency.

He also noted that the police had difficulty tracking such criminals, and that even when they manage to set of participants of the transaction, the assets are very difficult to remove:

«This is not happening in banks governed by the Central authority, so the tracking of transactions is extremely difficult. But even when it is possible to establish that the transaction is committed by criminals, freezing or seizure of assets, as is usually done in the framework of the financial system, impossible.»

Most criminals convert illegal profits bitcoin, then bitcoins are transferred to people who, at first glance, have nothing to do with the criminal world. Next these people change bitcoins to cash and return them to the criminals.

He added that police are also aware of the fact that billions of dollars in revenues from the sale of drugs in the EU are converted into the cryptocurrency and encouraged by those who provide services for cryptocurrency to Fiat, to cooperate with the police.

That among all bitcoin transactions about 1% is used for the laundering of illegal funds, referred to in the report prepared by the American organization Foundation for Defense of Democracies jointly with the analytical company Elliptic. However, the report noted that the vast majority of the illegal transactions carried out in Europe, while in North America — 5 times less.



The founder of Xiaomi denied the link with the largest manufacturer of bitcoin miners

Founder and CEO of Xiaomi lei Jun (Lei Jun) promptly denied reports in the media that he is associated with the world’s largest producer of miners. This reports the South China Morning Post.

Lei Jun made his fortune of $7 billion on the production of smartphones under the Xiaomi brand. It is often called “Chinese Steve jobs” for its emphasis on design and rapid success in a crowded global smartphone market.

The web portal Quartz, citing data from the International consortium of investigative journalists (ICIJ) via the “heavenly records” (Paradise Papers), considered the founder of Xiaomi can increase their wealth through profitable business of bitcoin mining. The owner of a technology company has never publicly shown interest in the cryptocurrency.

On the basis of the database “heavenly records” in Quartz made up the scheme of participation of the founder of Xiaomi company Bitmain — will be released, according to her, about 70% of the bitcoin miners in the world:

  • two of the company lei Jun associated with Beijing Changtong Wuxian Consulting Company;
  • with this last company is also connected to four companies controlled by the founders Bitmain JI Han At (Jihan Wu) and the Micra Ganem (Micre Zhan);
  • according to Quartz, these four companies incorporated in the holding , under the auspices of Beijing Changtong.

“This is fake! Still I am not invested in bitcoin and not invested in any of the manufacturers of machines for bitcoin mining”, has refuted the findings of the Quartz lei Jun on the day after publication.

The representative of Bitmain later said that Beijing Changtong is not a shareholder Bitmain:

“These assertions are incorrect. We had the same lawyer, and lei Jun. Maybe this caused a misunderstanding”.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that Bitmain will deliver a California Corporation Riot Blockchain 1200 devices for mining.


The head of CME: we don’t plan any other cryptocurrency futures

CEO of CME Group Terry Duffy (Terry Duffy) said that the operator of the world’s largest futures exchanges in the near future plans to offer new contracts on the basis of any cryptocurrency besides bitcoin.

“In the nearly four decades of trading futures bitcoin may have become the most controversial product launch. I’m not just creating products, to see where they are going to move. I’ll wait and while you watch the bitcoin,” said Duffy.

According to the head of CME Group, the cryptocurrency markets are polarized and rather unpredictable, so his company is moving slowly. He stressed that he personally owns bitcoin, but believes that the cryptocurrency could change the future of Finance.

“We don’t see huge threads and that’s fine. Anyway, it will take some time, and we do it right,” added Terry Duffy.

CME Group launched futures trading in bitcoin in December last year after its rival — the Cboe. Almost immediately there were reports that the two largest exchanges for financial derivatives are preparing to launch futures contracts on Ethereum and Litecoin.

In June, the Commission on securities and exchange Commission (SEC), the United States said it did not believe Ethereum securities. Commenting on the decision of the regulator, Cboe President Chris Concannon (Chris Concannon) said that SEC removed the last obstacle to the launch of futures on Ethereum and confirmed that the exchange had planned this December.


China intends to put an end to bitcoin mining

China intends to put an end to bitcoin mining in the country due to serious concerns about excessive electricity consumption, but also because of the financial risks.

An interdepartmental working group, which includes the people’s Bank of China instructed the provincial authorities to actively promote the cessation of the mining of cryptocurrencies. Reported by the Financial Times, with reference to the text of the document.

Many miners working in remote areas of China without registering a legal entity. They consume cheap electricity in the regions where a lot of coal or hydropower stations, such as Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous region, Inner Mongolia, Sichuan and Yunnan.

Remember, China does not prohibit mining, but intends to gradually eliminate the policy of preferential conditions for this business in the electricity sector, taxes and land use, as well as power demand from miners of the strict reporting. So the authorities of the Chinese province of Xinjiang has issued a document, according to which bitcoin miners must submit to regulators a monthly report on the status of your business.

In this situation, the Chinese miners will seek to transfer operations abroad. The main condition for finding a new place will be cheap electricity and cool climate, which helps to prevent overheating of the computers. The Financial Times indicates that the most attractive areas could be Russia, Canada, Iceland and Eastern Europe.


Bitcoin wallet Blockchain integrates services Indian exchange Unocoin

Team bitcoin wallet Blockchain has announced a strategic partnership with the Indian cryptocurrency exchange Unocoin, the first in the country began to deal with digital currencies and today is India’s largest stock exchange.

Unocoin service for buying and selling bitcoins will be available to users in the web version of wallet. In the near future, we also plan to integrate them into the Blockchain app on Android and iOS.

The advantages of such technological solutions in the Blockchain is called the speed, control and security of payments. Co-founder Nicholas Cary (Nicolas Cary) believes that every day 2.5 thousands of Indians are investing in bitcoin, and through his company, the number of investors will grow even more.

“I hope that the legal difficulties associated with bitcoin in India will be resolved soon and it will be legal tender” — quoted Cary Indian Indian publication Economic Times.

We will remind, about entering the Indian market yesterday said the project Ripple. And earlier, the Polish cryptocurrency exchange BitBay announced that it intends to launch in India trading platform.


Analysis of prices of cryptocurrency: correctional growth has not yet exhausted

On future possible scenarios of the price movement of bitcoin and altcoins multiple popular says a leading analyst RoboForex Dmitry Gurkovskiy.

During the Christmas and new year holidays for the cryptocurrency market has become a time of «stagnation», any special movements in the market were observed. But, first and foremost, it should be noted that the market after the first waves of correctional growth has not rewritten the lows. This means that it continues to develop a medium-term correction phase.

Some tools cryptocurrency market have already upgraded the short-term highs, and others may just fall behind, «prolonging the pleasure» and «tickling nerves» traders. In the short term the market of digital assets will continue development of the upward correction.


On 4-hour chart bitcoin can observe the slow upward movement, after rigorous testing the support line of the correction corridor. It is also worth noting that the prices of bitcoin emerged from a short-term consolidation of the «Triangle» up, which may serve as a confirmation of the hypothesis on future growth.

The main support of the current dynamics is $3930. The MACD line moving in the positive region, which may also act as an additional confirmation of the growth. If we consider for further growth, they are still around 38,2% ($4428), 50% ($4832) and 61.8% ($5236,50)..

On the 1 hour timeframe Bitcoin see that after a rapid exit from the «Triangle» the market has slowed momentum for the retracement. At the moment the correction takes place more along the timeline, rather than on price. As confirmation of the fact of development of the correction can be noted divergence on the Stochastic indicator and exit from the overbought zone. Signal completion of the rollback will be the formation of «Golden cross» and rebound from short-term support line. Short-term goal of the next momentum will be around $4200,00.


EOS from the point of view of technical analysis on 4 hour timeframe continues to test the support line of the correction channel, thereby stabilizing the current dynamics. Seeing the movement of the MACD lines in the positive region and the strengthening of the dynamics of a rising medium-term trend, we can assume that the growth target will be 50% on Fibonacci scale (3,69) with a resistance line current feed. In addition, you should pay attention to the current support level of $2,76. Its breakthrough will open the quotations of the path of the support projection the bottom of the channel to the level of $1.99.

On the 1 hour timeframe EOS current short-term dynamics can be characterized as «sideways». Taking into account the basic upward trend, expect a break of the upper boundary at $3,01. A break of that level will allow the pair to rise to $3,36. Local support is at $2,76.


Considering the dynamics Ethereum on 4-hour chart, we note that quotes cryptocurrency rewrote the previous highs, allowing the formed divergence on the indicator MACD. But judging from the price dynamics, divergence was the signal for a short-term pullback, the purpose of which is to support line at $143,87. The main support trend is the level 135,29. After Bouncing off of support one can expect the formation of another pulse of growth, which can be at the levels of 61.8% ($168,73) and 76 ($188,85)..


1-hour timeframe Ethereum demonstrates the development of correctional corridor in the form of a «Flag». On this site it is worth noting the formation of a Golden cross in the Stochastic indicator and the output from the oversold zone. All these circumstances may indicate the onset of wave growth, the primary purpose of which is the resistance line of the current «Flag» — a mark of $158. Its breakdown will allow the pair to rise to the medium-term target of $168,73.


Considering the technical picture of Litecoin on 4-hour chart, immediately it is worth noting that the correctional growth has exceeded the last significant high and reached 50% on Fibonacci scale. While in the MACD there is forming a divergence, which could mean the end of the uptrend. While it is not necessary to exclude the possibility of another price rise to the level of Fibonacci at 61.8% ($Studio 43.30). After this increase, we can expect decrease to the support line at $35,27 and when the break opens prospects to reduce to $of 26.65. At the moment the support located at the level of $33,30.

The 1 hour chart Litecoin are seeing the beginning of a correction period after the divergence of the «Black cross» on the Stochastic. The price has broken through the support line of the previous channel of growth. The purpose of corrective decline will be $36,80.


The 4-hour chart shows a classic XRP prolonged consolidation in the form of a «Triangle,» which went below the support line of the channel growth. The MACD indicator is observed the formation of «Golden cross», which can be a harbinger of the exit from consolidation of up and quotes back into frame channel. The goals of continuation of correctional growth can be levels of 38.2% ($0,4710) and 50% ($0,5310) on a scale Fibonacci.

Considering the 1-hour chart of XRP, we can take a deeper consider the «Triangle». Current technical picture allows to make a prediction that a breakout of the upper boundary of the quotations will give the chance to rise to the level of $0,4071, and a breakdown lower will open the way to support at $0,3174. There are preconditions to the formation of «Golden cross» on the Stochastic.

Forecasts financial markets are private opinion of their authors. The current analysis is not a guide to trade. RoboForex is not responsible for the results that can occur when using trade recommendations submitted reviews.


Japanese regulator is not considering the approval of bitcoin ETF

The financial services Agency of Japan (FSA) has no plans to approve the bitcoin ETF in the near future. It is reported by Cointelegraph.

The information that the Japanese regulator may give a «green light» cryptocurrency ETF was announced earlier Bloomberg, citing a knowledgeable source.

«We know of no man who could pass such information on to the media. We do not consider the possibility of approval of the ETF, based on the cryptocurrency assets», — says the official statement.

Earlier, the FSA refused to release to the market of cryptocurrency futures, putting their speculative nature.

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Sergey Gorkov: the State needs to prepare for era of digital money.

The Chairman of Vnesheconombank’s management Board Sergey Gorkov said it was clear that the era of paper money is completed and in its place is the era of digital money, and the government needs to prepare and to decide what regulation to apply in relation to cryptocurrencies.

About time Gorkov suggested that instead of «money of the epochs» will take at least 25 years:

«This level of penetration of smartphones and other electronic devices must be close to 100%. I think I’ll make the change of generations».

The head of VEB has approved the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation the draft law on the regulation of the cryptocurrency and noted that he supports the Ministry’s position, which did not make the decision quickly, and took a break to ponder the situation, and considers it wise.

He also noted that the legitimacy that gets cryptocurrency with the bill is, undoubtedly, a positive fact, but emphasized that it is important to clearly define and eliminate discrepancies:

«The term cryptocurrency has several meanings. In addition to the most popular badge, with which you can conduct transactions, this may be a debt instrument, share, and a token for a vote. The current draft law regulates the cryptocurrency in the first value».

Commented on Gorkov and opinion that the cryptocurrency is a bubble:

«Cryptocurrency is a form of money. A soap bubble can be considered as one particular of them, like bitcoin, a situation which should be assessed pragmatically. This crypto currency was greatly overvalued and anything under a had. And from Fiat currency, you cannot expect that she will grow.»

We will remind, Sergey Gorkov and previously called bitcoin a bubble, always stating that bubble is bitcoin, not the blockchain technology.

Today, the head of VTB Andrey Kostin also said that the cryptocurrency market in the coming years, expect strict regulation. In his opinion, only this can considerably reduce the speculative effect of the use of cryptocurrency.



In the US the site is closed, laundered through crypto currency exchange funds from promoting prostitution

In the US operators of the website Backpage, which was used to advertise sexual services, was accused of organizing and abetting of prostitution and the laundering of $500 million obtained by illegal means, including using cryptocurrency.

To 2015 payment for advertising on the resource, created in 2004, was carried out using payment systems VISA and Matercard, however, as some banks they closed the opportunity for operators of illegal services. The site administration has shifted to other ways of receiving payment, and among other things suggested that those wishing to transfer funds via the crypto currency exchange Coinbase and Kraken, and payment instruments GoCoin, Crypto Paxful, and Capital.

At the moment, law enforcement agencies have stopped and completely banned the operation of the web resource. A year ago, the U.S. Supreme court has already examined similar allegations against Backpage, but did not pursue the operators of the resource, as it could infringe on freedom of speech online publishers on the Internet.

Recall that in late March, the Grand jury of the Federal court of the district of Columbia filed charges against the owners of Payza payment operator with which a financial pyramid and sites with child pornography for the period from 2012 were able to launder at least $250 million including 2014, they offered services for the sale and purchase of bitcoins, and the 2017 platform also supported altcoins Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Dash, Monero, zcash for, USDT, Expanse, Steem and Viberate.