Baidu has published a «White paper» of the blockchain Super Chain

Chinese Internet giant Baidu has published a white paper project on the development of blockchain-system Super Chain.

The document presents the concept of commercializing cloud-based blockchain platform Baidu and six applications based on Super Chain: Totem, Degree Universe, Baidu Association, Treasure Chest, Online Encyclopedia and Hubert.

According to the white paper, network Super Chain more efficient than traditional baccani, due to the intensive use of computing equipment. The network nodes use Super Chain multi-core parallel computing to maximize capacity utilization of the CPU and increase throughput, said the company in the document.

Blockchain system Baidu supports “parallel lateral network”. The root blockchain Super Chain runs parallel to the chains and work the entire system, supporting the exchange of data between networks.

Super Chain works on the basis of the so-called “plug-in consensus mechanism,” which allows different parallel networks to choose proper algorithm of consensus.

As stated in the document, Baidu plans to focus on the use of new technologies in the areas of food safety, quality control, retail, Finance, supply chains, intellectual property, tourism and social networking.

Recall that in January, Baidu launched open platform of the «blockchain as a service» (Blockchain-as-a-service, BaaS) — Baidu Trust. Later, the company began to use the blockchain to record changes that users make to the materials in
online encyclopedias Baidu Baike — a Chinese equivalent of Wikipedia.


The bitcoin exchange Binance recorded anomalous transactions before the listing of the trading pairs

In the largest volume of trading of the bitcoin exchange Binance lately three times there were major transfers in different tokens. Almost immediately after that on the platform appeared new trade pair with this coin, and its price rose. About this rather strange regularity ForkLog announced Youtube-channel «Penny in purse.»

So, on February 7, the exchange received 500 tokens HOT million ($565 thousand).

And already on February 18 was opened is traded in pairs HOT/BNB and HOT/USDT, which significantly increased the liquidity of the token. According to the data CoinMarketCap, that day the price of a token increased by more than 10%.

The growth was probably triggered by the listing of new pairs, since the bitcoin in the day showed a lateral movement.

On February 14 Binance received 4 million tokens ZRX ($921 thousand).

27 Feb Binance announced that it will open trades in pairs ZRX/BNB and ZRX/USDT. The price also increased by 10%.

On February 22 Binance transferred 5,468 million tokens BAT ($747,9 million).

March 4 on the platform were trading pair: BAT/USDT. From the date of transfer and prior to listing a new pair of the price of a token increased 25%.

The nature of the transaction remains unknown and is not necessarily evidence of insider trading, but ForkLog will continue to monitor the situation.


In the United States is preparing to launch the largest bitcoin hedge Fund

American billionaire Mike Novogratz (Mike Novogratz) is preparing to launch bitcoin hedge Fund with assets of $500 million, according to those close to him sources of Bloomberg. According to them, the Novogratz will invest in the new company and $150 million of its own funds, and another $350 million it hopes to raise up to the end of the year from family offices, wealthy private investors and managers of other hedge funds.

It is expected that the new company will be called Galaxy Digital Assets Fund. It will invest in cryptocurrencies, ICO and blachan startups.

Earlier in an interview with Bloomberg Novogratz said that from the point of view of macroeconomic bitcoin is “the biggest bubble of all time”, but it is not bad because the bubbles formed around groundbreaking technologies, and although some startups fail, while others still succeed.

“Remember, bubbles arise around those things that fundamentally change the world in which we live. The railway was a bubble. Rail really has fundamentally changed our world. The bubble of the Internet has changed our lives, he said.

Recall that in the United States from the Commission on securities and exchange Commission (SEC) expect official encouragement bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs), although some experts believe that the regulator in the near future this step will not go.


Australian authorities shut down two bitcoin exchanges related to drug trafficking

Australian law enforcement authorities have suspended the work of two cryptocurrency exchanges involved in drug trafficking. It is stated in a joint press release reporting analytical centre of the transaction (AUSTRAC) and the Australian Federal police.

According to representatives of the departments, arrested 27-year-old man being «a key participant of the cryptocurrency platforms», whose activities are now suspended. He is accused of «importation, trafficking and possession of 30 kilograms of illicit substances, including MDMA, cocaine, methamphetamine and ketamine».

Law enforcement officers believe that the man coordinated the work of a criminal syndicate who sold the drugs through different sites on the darknet, taking payments with bitcoin.

Recall that last year, Australian regulators have tightened control over the exchanges and ICO.


Litecoin attacked “bears”

Litecoin once again returned to the borders of the downward trading channel. At this time, current channel, originating from 8 July this year. In the afternoon on Thursday, July 12, Litecoin is trading at $75,69, well below the yesterday’s marks, according to a leading analyst RoboForex Dmitry Gurkovsky.

“Bearish” trend in the cryptocurrency visible to the naked eye, and this applies to both short-term trends and the medium. A downtrend can be considered broken when Litecoin back above $92,00. However, the pattern of trade shows that in the region of $102,00-of 107.00 virtual currency can expect tough resistance. At the moment, with high probability, Litecoin will “slide” to $74,00. The goal will become more relevant when the cryptocurrency will be intermediate support at $75,00 and will go down to $74,85.

Key support for Litecoin is now at $75,00. Significant resistance is around $85,00. The MACD on the daily chart remain in negative territory, “slides” along the signal line and maintains a sell signal. The Stochastic oscillator is, in turn, “falling” in the positive area and increases thereby the earlier sell signal.

Among the interesting for Litecoin fundamental news it is worth noting the information on the Swiss platform TokenPay intentions to strategically interact with the Litecoin Foundation. The conglomerate expects to acquire the Bank WEG (Germany), and the information has already been confirmed from both sides. The Bank WEG TokenPay and Litecoin Foundation will own equal shares, and their participation in the Bank’s capital will reach 90% once they have received all necessary approvals of the regulator. Originally TokenPay acquired a 9.9% stake in WEG, and then handed them over to Litecoin Foundation after an agreement on cooperation in the field of marketing and technology. Then TokenPay bought 9.9%. Step acquisition of the shares is associated with the specifics of German law.

Buying a Bank – a long-term strategic solution for Litecoin Foundation. With the technology of the blockchain banking structure will be able to offer more opportunities. In addition, TokenPay say that due to the syncretic interaction effect of the number of Bank debit cards in the near future will grow several times.

It seems that this is the case when the technology is beyond the cryptocurrency segment and begin to work in real financial mechanisms. It was discussed repeatedly, but the exploitation of technological opportunities of crypto-currencies and token until very slowly a part of everyday life. The banking sector for this, perhaps, is the ideal choice.


Forecasts financial markets are private opinion of their authors. The current analysis is not a guide to trade. RoboForex is not responsible for the results that can occur when using trade recommendations submitted reviews.


After receiving $8 million from the community Foundation in the NEM is ready to start the reorganization

Non-profit organization Foundation NEM, on the verge of bankruptcy, received about $8 million and now is preparing for a reorganization.

About the dire financial situation of the company became known in the end of January. Then the NEM Foundation President Alex Tinsman (Alex Tinsman) appealed to the community to Finance the organization of the 160 million tokens XEM. Later, the request was increased to 210 million tokens. At the end of last month, February 20, the community has approved the allocation of funds.

«I think it’s a sign of trust and confidence in the fact that the industry continues to move forward and we are ready to a completely new path of development», – said Tinsman.

NEM President of the Foundation said that if in 2018 the organization worked up to 150 people, in the last month was reduced about 100 employees worldwide. Basically cuts affected consultants, however, was also dismissed and some employees, arranged full-time.

Now NEM Foundation plans to review its structure as the financial difficulties were caused by the mismatch of some key employees, their positions, and insufficient financial reporting and other deficiencies in the organizational structure.

It is reported that will be created and the special group responsible for short-term goals, which, in particular, will assess performance indicators of staff.

In addition, the company is preparing to launch the engine platform Catapult, which you can create both private and open networks. Technical Director NEM Foundation Jeff MacDonald (Jeff McDonald) underlined that «the technology does things that other blackany incapable.»

Recall that in December last year, the company and NEM Ripple announced the creation of the Association «the Blockchain for Europe», which will represent the interests of cryptocurrency and blockchain-companies across the continent.


Colorado excluded cryptocurrency of the securities laws of

The Governor of Colorado Jared Polis signed on March 8 «the Law of digital tokens» that excludes some digital currency of the state law on securities.

Also, the new law under certain circumstances exempts from the licensing of broker-dealers and traders of cryptocurrencies. The rules will become effective on 2 August.

«A great day for blockchain technology» — written by Theresa Szczurek, chief information officer of the government of Colorado.

According to the authorities of the state, «the Law of digital tokens» will turn Colorado into a technological hub for the decentralized platforms that are relevant to the concept of Web 3.0. In addition, regulation will make it simpler for you to conduct business associated with bloccano and cryptocurrencies. This, in turn, will create new jobs and make the state attractive to venture capitalists and developers, as well as increase the credibility of local authorities.

According to the document, cryptocurrencies are not subject to state laws on securities if «the primary function of the digital token is a consumer». On the other hand, such assets shall not be used for «speculative and investment purposes.»

«Consumer token function means that first and foremost he used to obtain goods, services, or content,»say the legislators.

We will remind, the bill on digital tokens was submitted to the Senate of the state of Colorado in early January. The document’s authors, Republican Jack Tate and Democrat Steve later in life.


Corporation FedEx joined blockchain consortium Hyperledger

FedEx Corporation, providing postal, courier and other logistics services worldwide, has joined blockchain consortium Hyperledger.

The press release States that the us logistics giant has become one of 14 new members who have joined the growing global community, numbering more than 270 organizations.

Executive Director Hyperledger Brian Behlendorf (Brian Behlendorf) noted that the consortium brings together as a Mature company and startups, and educational institutions.

“We are gaining momentum worldwide in the market segments from Finance to healthcare and government services to logistics. This growth and diversity signal of the increasing recognition of the strategic value of the blockchain-initiative and commitment to the adoption and evolution of structures in open source that lead to new business models,” he added, Behlendorf.

As noted by senior Vice President, IT, FedEx Services Kevin Humphries (Kevin Humphries), the company believes that the blockchain is of great importance for the process of tracking supply chains, transportation and logistics.

Recall that United Parcel Service (UPS), one of the competitors of FedEx, previously filed patent application for system and method for tracking parcels around the world using blockchain technology. And in the Korean Samsung Electronics Corporation believe that the introduction of the blockchain system to track deliveries will reduce logistics costs by 20%.


NEM Foundation will be spent on structural reforms over $8 million

Sponsored by community non-profit organization NEM Foundation has published the plan of financial and structural reorganization.

The implementation plan February 20, the organization decided to allocate from its reserves of 210 million coins XEM (approximately $8.7 million). The first tranche of 25 million XEM (just over $1 million) will focus on «creating processes and structures for the new concept of the NEM Foundation, which will be focused on the product and income». The entire amount will be spent until February 2020.

In addition, the organization will reduce staff, abolishing some economically redundant positions. In the NEM Foundation noted that the financial difficulties the project has arisen due to overstaffing and duplication of functions, inconsistencies in defining the key performance indicators (KPIs), inefficient expenses and low rates of return on investment.

In 2018, the number of employees present in 20 countries, up to 150 people. As part of the restructuring will be laid off 88 employees in the NEM Foundation (69% of total staff).

NEM Foundation will create a «working group on transformation», which will focus on short-term objectives, will review the KPI and will be weekly and monthly report about the work done.

In addition, the organization intends to attract technical specialists to expand the existing set of development tools NEM, and add support for Python, PHP and Unity in addition to Javascript and Java.

In the near future it is planned to launch blockchain-engine Catapult, which is designed for private and public networks.

«Technology allows us to do something that is not capable of any other blockchain», said Jeff McDonald, the acting technical Director of the project.

We will remind, on the serious financial difficulties NEM Foundation became known in January.

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The zcash for the network hosted the first hardwork

Team anonymous cryptocurrency zcash for reported on the successful conduct of its first hard forks Overwinter. The update was activated on the unit 347500, obtained on 26 June at 00:42 UTC.

This hardwork was designed to strengthen the Protocol zcash for to future updates of the network and to prepare the ground for large-scale renovation Sapling, which is scheduled for October of this year. Overwinter includes source control, and protection from re-playing transactions for future updates, performance improvements for transparent transaction, a new function of the expiry of the period transactions other changes.

After hard forks marketing Director zcash for Josh Swihart (Josh Swihart ) explained that the key to the success of Overwinter was the implementation of dvukhurovnevoi management model for such updates.

According to information on the website, upgrading supported 12 exchanges.

After activation Ovewinter zcash for the team has also published the roadmap for the next two years. According to the document, the attention of developers will be primarily focused on «privacy by default», i.e. default to the so-called «z-address», in which the balances and transactions of the users will be hidden from observers of the blockchain. Currently the default is to use the «t-address» and all transactions are publicly visible.

Zcash for also plans to conduct global marketing research to understand the current usage of the cryptocurrency and identify opportunities for improvement.

Recall that the update Overwinter was released in March.