Omkar Godbole: Bitcoin in less than a day added about $1500, but it is not enough

CoinDesk analyst Omkar Godbole convinced that to accelerate the growth of price of BTC need to rise confidently above $12 448, offset by a bearish pattern of lower highs.

Rebounding from a reliable area of support below $10,000, the first cryptocurrency in less than a day rose by about $1500. However, according to the expert, customers will feel more confident, pushing the price slightly above current levels.

Attached to the tweet graph shows that digital gold was able to get out and the downtrend channel. However, the breakdown of its upper boundary was not accompanied by a convincing growth in trading volumes:

Thus, it is possible that having reached one or more moving averages, price will resume its decline.

Currently, the first cryptocurrency was trading around $11 240 on the exchange Bitstamp, showing 12% growth over the past day (according to CoinMarketCap).

Daily and weekly charts

Charts of BTC/USD exchanges are Bitstamp from TradingView

On a smaller timeframe (on the left) passing through $12 448 line marked lowering the maximum that need to be overcome for retesting of the recently reached level of $13 880.

On the same graph is visible breakout of the pattern «falling wedge». However, substantially reduces the effectiveness of this model, the lack of growth in trading volumes at the time of breaking the descending trendline.

On weekly timeframe RSI is still in overbought. Thus, even the most aggressive buyers should be careful as the price could soon resume falling. Trading on the breakout is better to wait for certain breakthrough resistance at $12 500.

Daily chart

Chart BTC/USD exchanges are Bitstamp from TradingView

Tuesday’s daily candle formed a bullish pattern of «Hammer». The lower shadow of this odnoznachnoi model formed a support level at $9615. This level will be many in the spotlight, if the price of bitcoin will not be able to overcome resistance in the form of moving averages periods of 5 and 10.

Earlier, Omkar Godbole correctly predicted the fall of bitcoin below $10 000.


Mike Novogratz: BTC will rise to $20 000 before the end of the fourth quarter of 2019

The founder of cryptocurrency trading Bank Galaxy Digital Mike Novogratz discussed with Bloomberg recent fluctuations of bitcoin and gave a forecast for the near future.

Speaking about the return of the exchange rate of bitcoin to $10 000, Novogratz stressed that the bitcoin rose too fast and made one «parabolic move» from $3 000 to $14 000.

«Investors came to the delight of the Facebook application, due to Uber, MasterCard and Visa. All of a sudden wanted to participate in the life of the world of cryptocurrency. Suddenly found the answer to the question of institutionalization, which moved into the category of questions about the time required to establish appropriate systems. All got a bit carried away and now we are going through consolidation. Some time we will see consolidation between $10 000 and $14 000 before it made another leap upward,» said Novogratz.

In his opinion, this breakthrough may raise the price of bitcoin up to $20 000 and entry into the cryptocurrency space investment banks.

Earlier Novogratz admitted that he sold part of the available bitcoins, when the rate went up to $14 000. In a recent interview he said that next time will be to sell about $14 000, and will wait for a price «closer to $20 000». That will not happen until «the middle or end of the fourth quarter» of the year, he said.

Commenting on the prospects for cryptocurrency new highs, Novogratz said that all holders of bitcoin would be very happy if the price will rise to $20 000 by the end of the year.

«But if we take the $20,000, will open the way to the next goal — $40 000», — he added.


Peter Brandt: the recent correction of bitcoin — a mere trifle

Having examined historical data, legendary trader Peter Brandt came to the conclusion that the recent fall in the price of bitcoin at $3000 was not so deep.

«The recent correction bitcoin 30.5% — insignificant compared with multiple price drops within a parabolic phase 2015-2017»

Thus, Brandt, probably alluding to the fact that growth will soon resume with renewed vigor.

In response to Brandt Twitter account FTraderX attached chart, which shows the current phase of parabolic growth.

«Soon rebound?», — rhetorically asked FTraderX.

Previously Peter Brandt expressed the opinion that the current rally altcoins will not show the «x’s» like in 2017.


In 2019, the blockchain startups raised $822 million

In the first half of 2019 blockchain startups received investments totaling $822 million. this is according to research venture capital firms Outlier Ventures.

The reported amount was obtained from 279 of deals involving venture capital, of which 159 were associated with the provision of seed funding.

«This indicates that entrepreneurial zeal in the ecosystem of the blockchain has not diminished, despite the bear market», — the document says.

Separately it is also noted that more and more companies are developing their full products on the basis of the blockchain. For example, JP Morgan and Target over the past six months has put the codes of their projects in open access.

«Compared with the huge figures of the bull market in 2018 frequency of major venture capital investments in the space of the blockchain has decreased significantly. However, the crypto currency exchange, despite increased regulatory activity remain one of the top favorites for investors — only one Bithumb attracted $ 200 million,» said Lawrence Lundy-Brian, partner and head of research Outlier Ventures.

He also noted that the recently developed direct investment in protocols that are implemented in exchange as tokens and share.

«Stock exchanges in the form of IEO has attracted considerable attention in the first half of the year. They represent a revival of the ICO model with the difference that the exchange offer provides immediate liquidity to the holders of scriptaction through the listing».

We will remind, recently the bitcoin exchange Kraken has raised $13.5 million through crowdfunding.


Four other members of Congress asked to suspend the development of the bitcoin and Facebook

After Maxine waters – Chairwoman of the U.S. house of representatives financial services – called for a moratorium on cryptocurrency project Facebook, several other members of Congress decided to Express support for his colleague. Five members of Congress, including waters, signed a letter to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, asking him to suspend development.

The document States that the Libra system is aimed to compete with the monetary policy of the United States and the dollar:

«This raises serious concerns with privacy, trading, national security and monetary policy not only to more than 2 billion users of Facebook, but for investors, consumers and the broader global economy.»

Legislators also assume that Libra, in the absence of proper control over it, can be a tool to engage in illegal activities and money laundering. This conclusion has pushed them to the information contained in the white paper of the project.

As justification for their doubts the authors of the letter point to the scandal of the Cambridge Analytica. During operation of the proposed moratorium, they intend to hold hearings in which try to find solutions for these risks at the legislative level.

«If the implementation will be carried out before we can do this, there is the risk of a new Swiss financial system – too big to fail,» – warn representatives of the Congress.


The project æternity pay the developers for the completion of the online training course

The project æternity developing blockchain Protocol to create decentralized applications and scalable smart contracts, has launched an educational program on the resource Dacade, after which the developers will receive the equivalent of €100 in AE tokens.

The creation of such a program æternity made existing on the market the problem of shortage of qualified personnel. So, most companies of the Fortune 500 plan to use the blockchain technology, but are faced with difficulties in finding programmers. Developed by aeternity of Dincho Todorov believes that the problem of staff shortages in the industry exists, but it will solve education.

In the words of Todorov, the industry needs developers with a fresh look at creating applications.

«Our team of developers is constantly growing and newcomers are often the initiators of improvements. The more people involved in the project, the easier it is to find and fix errors. A fresh perspective is always valuable,» said the developer.

Programmers are not in a hurry to move on the blockchain-industry largely because of financial risks. In 2018, the attackers stole $1.7 billion because of errors in the smart contracts and the vulnerability of the exchanges. However, the developers aeternity believe that distributed applications can be safe.

«Performance testing and independent expertise allow us to get rid of bugs, add new features and constantly release new versions of the application. The key to a stable and secure soft — more testing,» says Todorov.

In aeternity believe that to attract developers we need to dispel the myths about blockchain programming and to make available online training. The project launched an educational program «learn to earn» on the platform Dacade. Upon completion, developers get tokens AE in the amount of €100. The cost of the course is €50.

To help young developers to join the industry, aeternity will hold an international conference æternity Universe, is dedicated to educating developers and businessmen work with their platform.

In addition, aeternity launched acceleration program Starfleet. The goal of the program is to support the team, ready to solve real problems on the platform æternity.

Forklog previously reported that the former CEO of Telefonica Data Uruguay became part of the Board project aeternity.


The price of bitcoin steadily recovered to $11 500

For the first night, the cryptocurrency has grown to $11 500, although yesterday digital gold fell below the psychological level of $10 000.

Chart BTC/USD exchanges are Bitstamp from TradingView

The bulls still need to break through the resistance area at $12 000. Given the not so high trading volumes and approximation Stochastic to be overbought, it is unlikely to be able to do in the coming hours.

«Old habit» bitcoin pulled him up the rest of the market. In particular, so now looks like the first dozen CoinMarketCap:

However, as shown in the last column of the table, during the last seven days all these scriptactive (except stablon Tether) and didn’t get out of the «red zone».

Total market capitalization — $326 billion, the index of dominance of bitcoin — 62.6 per cent.

Earlier, an analyst Omkar Godbole correctly predicted a correction below $10,000, which should be perceived as a breather before a continuation of the growth of bitcoin prices.


Arthur Hayes entered into a debate with Nouriel Roubini

Chapter cryptodermatinae exchange BitMEX, Arthur Hayes and critic of bitcoin economist Nouriel Roubini fought in a verbal duel during the Asian blockchain summit in Taipei, according to Chepicap.

According to eyewitnesses, one of your opponents categorically defended their point of view. However, Hayes looked more calm and considerate, while «Dr. Doom» behaved in a much less restrained.

The debate covered various issues relating to crypto-currencies and various payment systems, as well as topics related to the verification of users, regulation and paired with new asset risks.

The conversation began with a discussion of cryptocurrency exchanges. Roubini began with the attacks on the business of Hayes:

«BitMEX created for avid gamblers who are going to fail. It’s manipulative platform which is enriched by elimination of the positions of the users.»

Predicted the 2008 crisis, Roubini added that such BitMEX platform must be regulated and available only to accredited investors.

In response, Hayes said that his platform is one of the few trading platforms to effectively trade derivatives on the basis of the first cryptocurrencies:

«People love to speculate, and we’re trying to give them the opportunity to do it safely»

In continuation of the controversy Roubini called platforms like WeChat and Alipay «real innovation», against which the bitcoin not scalable and unsuitable for use.

In response, Hayes said the following:

«If you value privacy, then platforms such as Alipay or Wechat — nonsense. Currently, users are willing to pay for financial privacy and so go to the cryptocurrency».

However, Roubini remained steadfast and continued to mercilessly criticize kriptonyte and all that goes with it:

«The crypt and all these sidoine — the biggest mistake of our era. The solution to the problems of unbanked people, in fact, is a disguised intention to take the money. Neither decentralization nor financial security, nor the deficit, nor privacy. All this is not that other, as the stories of chronically ill simpletons who put money in shitsony. Price manipulations, fake transactions, print Tether and a group of whales, guides the market, the true causes of the imaginary Borana that got us to $14 000. There is no increase in search queries in Google, there is nothing»

Chapter BitMEX and this time I found the answer Roubini:

«The fact that some markets are called regulated, does not mean that they are not being manipulated. The crypt is the only truly free market»

Answering the question about what will be the cryptocurrency market in 5 years, Hayes said with certainty that bitcoin will become a «class a asset in a trillion dollars.»

Roubini in response, quipped that the value of bitcoin tends to zero.

Chapter BitMEX talked about Libra. According to him, the initiative from Facebook «will destroy the commercial and Central banks.»

Among other things, speaking on the eve of Bloomberg, Hayes announced in the coming weeks the first bitcoin-bond with a zero coupon yield. According to him, Bitcoin is a Zero Coupon Bond will allow market participants to earn on investments in the most trusted company of kryptonyte.


Guide: Cryptocurrency OmiseGo

With the advent of cryptocurrencies, traditional financial institutions do not seriously scared, because «digital money» give people new opportunities.

Well Bitcoin solves the problem of transaction from one node to another, but in terms of usability and integration with business BTC – not the best solution. In 2017, was created a decentralized platform OmiseGo, which is trying to compete with banks by combining the ease and convenience of transfers through financial institutions with the cheapness and availability of blockchain technology.

In this article we will talk about the company Omise and its offspring – platform OmiseGo by which the organization will try to solve all the above problems. And, looking ahead, we can say that it has all the chances of success.

What is cryptocurrency OmiseGo

In 2013, Thailand was founded Omise working to develop a cashless payment service for traditional currencies. But in 2017, the project team assessed the potential of cryptocurrencies, especially in the field of international transactions, and decided to develop a decentralized platform and called it OmiseGo.

Since the company already had extensive experience in the payment sector, she decided to take care of the main problems of cryptocurrency, which hamper their development and acceptance in society. The team targeted the decentralization, scale and speed of transactions.

Based platform OmiseGo was taken by the Ethereum blockchain and launched bitcoin OMG on the standard ERC-20. In fact the same token, the OMG uses the blockchain «ether», speaking as part of the scaling to be exchanged for any currency.

Cryptocurrency OmiseGo created with one goal – to become a direct competitor to traditional banks and payment systems like Paypal, Venmo or Zelle. The main slogan of the company is «Unbank the Banker,» that is, «Get rid of banks!».

And although the service is not working at full capacity, according to the developers, in the future the platform will provide the ability to complete transactions, even those who is far from the traditional financial infrastructure – need only Internet access.

Cryptocurrency OmiseGo is a distributed network that provides peer-to-peer transactions are not limited only tokens OMG. The platform gives the possibility to make payments, transactions and other transactions in Fiat currencies and cryptocurrency.

History and team

Started the job cryptocurrencies OmiseGo the main founders of the company Omise – Jin Hasegawa (Hasegawa Jun) and Donnie Charinset (Donnie Harinsut). But the team and those who supported the project more impressive.

I should start by saying that cryptocurrency OmiseGo is one of the only (if not the only) token, built on the Ethereum blockchain, which openly supports Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin and co-founder of Ethereum, Gavin wood.

The project will also help lead developer of Ethereum Vlad Zamfir, founder Roger Ver (Roger Ver) and the head of cryptocurrency Golem Julian Zawistowski.

After creating OmiseGo, the team decided to hold the ICO to raise $25 million, with the more successful right – the first $19 million collected even at the stage of pre-ICO. Among the investors were the giants such as SBI Investment, SMBC, Lat Ventures and 500 startups.

In the end, 65% of the tokens OMG sold at ICO, an additional 5% distributed during Airdrop. 20% reserved for the cost of the implementation of the road map, and the last 10% reserved for team members and active participants for 1 year (which has already passed).

The technology of cryptocurrency OmiseGo

As described above, the cryptocurrency OmiseGo provides the opportunity for the exchange of any asset, whether Fitna currency, or digital token, regardless of its type and even the blockchain. In fact, we are talking about the unification of financial systems.

This is done through the official wallet SDK that allows you to easily create new wallets, integrate with different payment systems and even embedded in the online shopping. While inside the platform provide digital assets to traditional currencies.

The other important factor in the work of the platform is a decentralized exchange (DEX) acting as the high liquidity of the market, taking into account the difference in rates between the underlying assets. That is, DEX is responsible for the conversion of one currency to another.

Great opportunity platform OmiseGo opens for business. Suppose you live in Russia, but work with clients from Germany. So they can transfer the money to your account, they must first convert their currency into rubles, and then send the funds or you have to do it on the spot. Anyway, it will have to pay two commissions for the transfer and conversion of one currency to another. OmiseGo will allow your partners to pay in the currency that they use and you can get it right in rubles.

It should also be said that the mining platform is not provided. Token OMG is built on the algorithm Proof-Of-Stake. However, to earn cryptocurrency OmiseGo possible – it is necessary to keep it in the account. And the more coins, the higher the probability of a block from their owner (in this case the minimum number is not installed). Suppose, if a person on account of 1% of all tokens OMG, on average, it will generate about 1% of the new units.

As for the decentralized exchange (DEX), for it is a cryptocurrency OmiseGo has developed a special calculation system, which also contributes to trade various assets. If you do not go into technical details, it would look something like this:

The user And have a Bitcoin, which he intends to sell to the user B by using OMG. For this they turn to a third party – user, which is the design center. With a smart contract, it blocks the means to avoid fraud from any side, and, with it, generates a hash and multipoles.

Next, the user And the sale specifies the hash given to him by user C. In turn, the user also specifies the hash given to him. If a user With all satisfies, it allows you to hold a transaction, and each of them will receive the currency. Otherwise, locked in a smart contract funds will return to the users A and B.

The solution to scalability issues

To improve the scalability and speed of transactions platform OmiseGo uses the notorious technology of Plasma. That is sydeny on smart contracts.

The basics of this technology in «Plasma: automated smart contracts», co-written by Vitalik Butterini and Lightning Network developed by Joseph Punom.

In short, the problem of scalability is solved by subsidiary networks, which take the transaction outside the main blockchain, reducing the load and allowing, in theory, to carry out billions of transactions per second. Sorry, it’s just a theory. But who knows, maybe we will see this in Ethereum 2.0.

Plasma: automated smart contracts

If you still do not go into technical details, the Plasma is blackany inside the blockchain, working independently of each other. To the main, they apply only if a transaction is questionable or problematic. So the main blockchain either confirms or rejects.

Where to buy OmiseGo and how to store

Since DEX from OmiseGo is still under development, buy OmiseGo possible in most parts of the cryptocurrency exchanges. Here are the most popular of them:

Exchanges to buy crypto-currencies OmiseGo

Major trading pairs at these sites – OMG/BTC, OMG/ETH and OMG/USDT. As for the storage of cryptocurrency OmiseGo, in the future, for this moment will reply wallet SDK, but it is still in development.

And since the token is built on the standard ERC-20, you can keep it on the Ethereum wallets that support this format, including MyEtherWallet, Exodus, MetaMask and others.

If you can’t find OmiseGo in these purses, the token will have to be added manually. In this menu click «Add token» and in the menu that appears, locate the cryptocurrency OMG.

Course OmiseGo and capitalization

In early 2017 after conducting ICO cryptocurrency OMG entered the market and started trading at a price of $0,53, but 9 months later, in September 2017, its rate went up sharply and reached $12,88.

At the moment capitalization of the cryptocurrencies OMG equal to $337 008 279, and trading volume for the day is $104 174 752. Circulating the proposal according to CoinMarketCap – 140 245 398 OMG. All tokens were distributed once more and the issue will not grow.

The peak of course of bitcoin OmiseGo, like many others, came at the end of 2017 — early 2018. At that moment it jumped up to $28,35, but after that subsided and now the coin is trading at a price of $2,40. In the ranking of CoinMarketCap OMG ranks 33rd.

Prospects for the future

By itself, the platform OmiseGo has great potential, and it remains only for implementation. Currently available as a beta version Wallet SDK and minimally working version of Plasma.

Note that developers strictly follow the «road map», and in the near future is expected to implement Plasma Cash, which is the transformation of a normal token in the «unique», the output of the working version of the Wallet SDK, the launch of the decentralized exchange DEX.

Road map of the platform OmiseGo, where the blue highlighted features currently in development, and blue – which is scheduled Source: RoadMap OmiseGo

Experience and resources of the company allow us to call OmiseGo a very promising project. However, the work of the team is still a lot. And while the platform is under development, OmiseGo definitely one of the most promising. Learn more about the project by reading a road map.

As for the tokens OMG and investment in them, we can say that the coin has already shown a rapid growth, but is now trading at a relatively low price. It can be expected that with the release of a full working platform at the light, cryptocurrency OMG «will go to the moon.» But to say it 100%, of course, impossible.

You should also know that in April 2019 «white» hackers have discovered eight vulnerabilities in the blockchain OmiseGo. According to them, one of them is allowed to redirect users to phishing sites. On the nature of other vulnerability information is not disclosed. However, it is good that problems are found prior to the launch platform.

With all that you need to understand that the token OMG – this is one of the tools in the platform, and the growth rates – not the main goal of the developers. After all, if they really implement all that is planned, it can overturn the entire current banking system on its head.


The British financial regulator has approved the first crypto hedge Fund

The London-based hedge Fund Prime Factor Capital became the first cryptocurrency investment firm, which received the approval of the office of financial supervision of great Britain, according to Bloomberg.

The company will be governed by the British financial regulator as a full-fledged Manager of an alternative investment Fund, as well as to obey the laws of the European Union.

Thus the Prime Factor Capital will be able to keep under control assets worth more than 100 million euros.

«We focusareas in only one asset class, which has allowed us to become leaders in this space and to gain prestige among cryptocurrency investors,» wrote the founders of the company.

Also according to the European regulations Prime Factor Capital needs to hire an independent custodian who will be responsible for monitoring the payment of income to investors and the assets of the Fund.

As mentioned earlier ForkLog, the company in early 2018, was founded by Michael Wong and Adam Grimly , in the past, leading portfolio managers and investment Fund BlackRock Inc. As Executive Director of Prime Factor Capital is a former trader RWE AG on the derivatives market Nick Nearmouse.

Recall, according to the may data of the auditing company PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), against the background of falling of the market in 2018 cryptocurrency hedge funds suffered losses by an average of 46%.