Developers EOS will soon reveal a new roadmap of the project

The developers of the EOS network is preparing to publish an extended road map of the project. As stated by the CEO behind the project Block.One Brendan Blumer, from July of last year, the team managed to achieve most of the tasks and now it’s time to determine the longer-term objectives.

For more information, he promised to reveal soon.

In response to criticism that the primary network EOS not involved in the recently launched social network Voice, bloomer urged not to jump to conclusions.

«EOS remains a key component of our long-term plans, but, as in any decentralized system, our plans depend on the evolution of the EOS, which is not yet defined», — he wrote.

The Head Of The Block.One is also assured that the progress of future development of the network project will focus on improving the performance of token EOS.

In June, researchers Outlier Ventures reported that over the past year, the ecosystem of EOS is gone 85% of developers, and the number of updates to the code base the project on GitHub decreased by 94%.

Previously, the EOS ICO investors filed a class action lawsuit against, accusing them of spreading misleading statements in the course of licensee.


The number of active bitcoin addresses reached two-year high

On 24 July, the number of active bitcoin addresses has updated a maximum for two years — 1 081 981. Such data results in Arcane Research.

Higher rates were recorded only in late 2017 and early 2018 for 29 days.

Under the active address refers to a unique address, or host performing the transaction during the day.

On 24 July, the average Commission in the network of bitcoin is made up of $1.97, which is significantly lower than the end of 2017, added in Arcane Research.

Also decreased the number of bitcoins in the wallets of big exchanges. Now it is 2.6 million BTC that BTC 227 532 is smaller than 1 January 2020. The net outflow of coins from the exchanges from March 15 to July 27 amounted to 278 395 BTC.

The last time such figures were recorded in may 2019. Then began a rally of bitcoin from $7094 $13 648.

Against the background of overcoming the level of $10 000 and $11 000 the influx of bitcoins on centralized exchanges peaked in the three months, but the miners, according Glassnode, continue to hold mined coins in no hurry to sell.


More than 90% of investors managed to make the growth of BTC. Analysts expect the continuation of the rally

93% of bitcoins in circulation, were bought cheaper than the current rate, according to the analytical service Glassnode posted on Twitter. In other words, almost all holders of a cryptocurrency can take profit if you now sell your coins. This became possible due to price increase of BTC. Yesterday, on July 28, she for the first time since August has climbed above $11 000 and is now at the same level, RBC Crypto.

Perhaps in the near time the position of investors will be even better. Analyst Amsterdam stock exchange Michael van de Poppe predicted the imminent rise in price of bitcoin to $15,000. But for growth to 35% the price has to overcome the resistance zone formed in the range of $11 200-11 700.

Plans with a drop, warned Poppe. If the asset price cannot break the resistance, a correction is likely to $10 700. This level of support needs to prevent further decline to $10 100-10 300, but it cannot be ruled out.

Analyst portal Livebitcoinnews Ayash Jindal supported a scenario with a rise in price of bitcoin. His rate will remain in an uptrend until it drops below $10 300. It makes possible the continuation of growth of cost of coins to $11 400-11 500. Key resistance has formed at $12 000.

At the moment bitcoin is trading at around $11 000, in 24 hours it rose 1.3%. The daily trading volume coin dropped by 36%, to $26 billion, the Share of BTC on the market fell to 62.5%.

Due to the rapid price growth of the cryptocurrency exchanges have held massive short positions liquidity traders. Trading platform closed in forced manner the contracts of users with $522 million in the cryptocurrency.


From Ledger has leaked user data

Manufacturer of hardware wallets Ledger today reported a security breach of its marketing and commercial databases.

The result of the intervention of the attackers was disclosed contact information of customers and details of their orders. Payment information and capabalities assets has not been affected, says Ledger. Affected customers have been notified.

About the problem, the company became known after her July 14 contacted the specialist, who participated in the program to find bugs. Ledger immediately eliminated the vulnerability, but found that it was used for a few weeks before. 25, unknown person connected to the database by using an API key, which to date has been deactivated.

The leak has affected about one million customers in the first place the addresses of their e-mails. Also, in certain cases, the attackers obtained information about the real user names, mailing addresses, telephone numbers, and the ordered products. No payment data, tools, purses and Ledger Live in this database did not contain, said the company.

Ledger advises clients to beware of phishing attacks and under any circumstances, not pass phrase to restore wallets. The company is «extremely sorry» about the incident.

«We are very serious about the issue of privacy. We have discovered a vulnerability thanks to its own program for catching bugs and immediately fix it. Despite all the measures we have taken, we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience that might have brought you this situation», – stated in the message.

The company monitors the possible appearance of ads to sell the data of its customers online, but do not find them. She also informed about the incident, the Office for supervision over observance of legislation on protection of personal data from France and was attracted to the investigation of the firm Orange Cyberdefense.


Cryptophony Grayscale Investments hit records, has already attracted more than $5 billion

The amount of funds in cryptocurrency funds managed by Grayscale Investments reached $5.1 billion During the last 11 days, the inflow was $1 billion.

Since the last update 11 days ago the influx of bitcoin trust, was $782 million, Ethereum-Trast — $174 million in trust-based ETC and LTC — $12.7 million and $6.7 million respectively.

From the total amount of $4,31 billion accounts for GBTC, the flagship bitcoin-Trast company. The growth largely can be attributed to the deposition of the cryptocurrency in exchange for shares of the Fund.

Informed analyst Messari Ryan Watkins concluded that «Grayscale» has acquired 31% of the bitcoins mined since halving.

The amount of funds in Grayscale Ethereum Trust is $581.7 million, or 11% of total volume. $80.4 million contained in Grayscale Ethereum Classic Trust.

Small amounts of the company’s customers invested in the trust based on the Horizen (ZEN), XRP, zcash for (ZEC), Stellar Lumens (XLM) and the recently added funds on the basis of the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Litecoin (LTC).

Recall that the current increase in $1.1 trillion in Grayscale Investments was higher than the record inflow of investments in the amount of $905,8 million for the second quarter as a whole.


Launched the second version of the decentralized market predictions of the Augur

The developers of a decentralized market predictions Augur has launched the second version of its platform with new features aimed at improving the experience of user interaction, increase speed and reduce costs.

On July 29, the developers have announced the launch of contracts of the second version of the Protocol in the main Ethereum and their successful verification using Etherscan. Augur is in development in 2015 and is one of the first ICO projects have attracted considerable community interest. However, the first version of the platform complicated to use and slow.

One of the most obvious differences of the second version was the transfer payments in dollar equivalent. In the first version of the denomination was carried out in air, due to which customers were exposed to risk of volatility. In Augur v2 users can use for the calculations stablon DAI.

«Because DAI is tied to the dollar and if it will stay stable, and when people bet, the payout provided to them at the end will correspond to their expectations. So it’s kind of the biggest change in v2 Augur,» said operations Director Peter Augur Vecchiarelli in conversation with The Block.

In addition, users can now run the Augur in the browser, whereas before the interaction with the platform required the installation of specialized software. «We have completely overhauled the user interface. Now it is more like what you will see on Binance or Coinbase Pro,» added Vecchiarelli.

Introduced new mechanisms that will prevent the creation of a «deliberately invalid or inconsistent markets.» It is hoped that this fraudsters will not be able to enjoy the benefits of «invalid» bids. Such rates arise, for example, when the organizer market does not specify an explicit date of its completion, adds a fuzzy description, or includes a grammatical or linguistic errors, from-for what the real meaning of written can be distorted.

Also Augur v2 introduces support for peer-to-peer network for the exchange of warrants 0x Mesh, price of the oracles Uniswap and communication Protocol Interplanetary File System (IPFS).

The REP token holders will need to exchange them for REPv2 to participate in the reporting system Augur. Therefore it is proposed to use the client Augur or custody exchanges, which agreed to support the transition. However, users are not required to exchange the tokens immediately after starting Augur v2, and it will become mandatory only in case if the market starts the process of forking.


Acne Buterin: I can’t recommend ordinary people to invest in DeFi

The Creator of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin in a recent interview for a podcast Unchained noted «the risks of smart contracts» in DeFi-protocols. Buterin recommended that users do not «risk their savings» in DeFi.

Buterin when asked about possible concerns about the DeFi, he replied:

«I think one of them is the fact that many people underestimate the risks of smart contracts.»

Buterin said that interest rates in DeFi products are much higher than traditional Bank accounts, and this means that they are much more risky. He was not sure that even the most popular protocols can ensure that they not «break» with the stakes so high.

«With the DeFi’s all right, but this is not the place to recommend ordinary people to invest their savings,» said Buterin.

Buterin also concerned about the instability of «profitable farming» (farming yield) in DeFi:

«This is a short term thing. And as tempting offers disappear, you will see that the rate of return fall to near zero marks».


Bitcoin-kit 15,022 transferred BTC in the amount of $166 million, paying a Commission of $0,91

Yesterday, big bitcoin whale emptied one of the thickest available cryptocell. In total it has been listed 15 BTC 022 in the amount of $ 166 137 553,10, while the transaction fee was less than one dollar — at $ 0.91.

A large part of the BTC — 14 BTC 442 worth more than $ 156 million — was transferred to one account.

According to the analytical platform BitInfoCharts, shipping address was the 45th in the list of the «thick» of wallets. It may belong to the exchange, the custodian or repository of any organization. However, as we know, neither of the two addresses is not associated with cryptocaryeae.

Perhaps bitcoin Keith was an early investor, who transfers the BTC to new addresses because of security reasons. Yesterday the tracking account Whale Alert wrote about 15 transfers of bitcoins, at least 1000 BTC.

Five of them seem to have been associated with hacking attack on the Bitfinex team in 2016. Then the criminals stole about 2500 BTC worth more than $ 27 million in nine separate transactions.


The Russians became interested in bitcoin amid rising prices first cryptocurrency

Bitcoin began to rise in price at the end of last week, this has increased the interest of Internet users to the cryptocurrency around the world.

We will remind, in the beginning BTC tested values above $10 000, on the progress of the coin has not stopped. In Tuesday night for the first time since mid-August, the largest digital currency began trading above $11 000.

The strengthening of the exchange rate of bitcoin has led to surge of interest to this cryptocurrency. This is evidenced by Google Trends.

The Russians, as well as users of the world wide web from other countries began to more actively interested in the value of bitcoin.

Peak activity of Russians has reached on the night of 28 July. It was at this time the largest bitcoin stayed above $11 000, but today the correction has begun, and the coin retreated.

If you look at the stats provided by Google Trends, we can see that the greatest number of search queries on bitcoin during the last seven days sent the residents of Khakassia, the Chechen Republic, Lipetsk oblast, Mari El Republic and Adygea. Moscow appeared only on the 27th line.

Note that the regions of the Russian Caucasus periodically included in the list of leaders of the rating scale of interest of Internet users to the cryptocurrency industry.


Analysis of prices BTC, ETH, XRP (29.07.20)


Yesterday sales of around USD 10770.00. Sellers have pierced this level but the price of BTC has rebounded to resistance 11200.00 USD. Despite the high rebound, the bulls were unable to continue the growth to the psychological level 12000.00 USD.

To the end of the day, the pair fell back below $ 11000.00 USD to remain in a fairly narrow sideways. Today, in the first half of the day, the consolidation in the area of eleven thousand dollars will continue.

Buyers will try to organize another bullish breakout of the 50% Fibo (11394.15 USD). If the bears again will attack bulls beat in the area of resistance 11200.00 USD pair retrace to the area of February’s high 10500.00 USD.


Bears yesterday morning slashed support for 310.00 USD, but during the day, buyers managed to recover prices above $ 320.00 USD. However, to continue growth and to update the highs of this week the bulls failed due to strong overheated market.

We believe that today the price held in a sideways consolidation. If sellers increase sales, the price will test the psychological mark of USD 300.00, but will be able to hold above the rising green trend line.


Yesterday morning, the Ripple price decline continued slightly below the weak support 0.220 USD, but buyers were still able to recover a few in the area of resistance is 0.230 USD.

In the Asian session, the bulls made another attempt to break through this resistance level, and in the morning managed to update the July high around 0.244 USD. At the moment the price fell back from the high, but if the bulls can form a strong bullish momentum, the price of XRP can fly directly into the area of resistance 0.280 USD.

On the other hand, on the daily time frame indicators Stoch RSI going through the roof in the overbought zone and is likely that during the day the pair will continue the roll back to the support of 0.230. USD.

* All prices shown are based on data exchange BitStamp