A third of all the coins, Ethereum is under the control of 376 people

376 addresses that probably are not exchanges and other service providers, who control 33% of all currently existing coins, Ethereum. However, these whales are only responsible for 7% of all transactions in the network and almost no influence on the quotes, although can temporarily increase the volatility of the massive sales. This is stated in the report of the analytical company Chainalysis.

Note that in 2016 these whales was controlled 47% of the total emissions, but then began to lose ground. In 2018 this figure is fallen below 30%. These major players carry out few transactions, and prefer to hold assets over a long period of time.

In Chainalysis found that the average price of Ethereum follow the price of bitcoin — if the latter increased by 1%, then a day later ETH will show a growth of 1.1%. The first cryptocurrency does not affect intraday volatility ETH.

It is noteworthy that the translations of the whales in exchange for not exerting pressure on the quotes of Ethereum, but only spurring the growth of intra-day volatility.

If the kit transfers the funds from the stock exchange to a private wallet, it has no effect no matter the price of ETH, nor the volatility.

So, analysts concluded that the impact of large players on price movements is overrated.

Ethereum, meanwhile, has demonstrated steady growth in the neighborhood of $240-$250.

ETH/USD data TradingView

We will remind, according to estimates Chainalysis, in the early autumn of last year the whales were controlled about 30% of the total emission of bitcoins, but at the moment, this figure dropped to 20%.

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Average transaction fees in the bitcoin network reached a 14-month high

Wednesday, may 15, and average Commission per transaction in the bitcoin network reached $2,32. The last time these values were recorded on 24 February 2018.

Due to a significant increase in the number of unconfirmed transactions in bitcoin manule. At the time of writing in manule, according Blockchain.com hung about 67 thousand transactions.

The number of transactions in manule

On the chart the total cost of day transaction fees for the miners can be seen that the increase began on may 6 when the price of bitcoin has not yet crossed the mark of $6000.

The aggregate value of the commissions in US dollars

Recall that the income of miners of bitcoin from the commissions for April rose more than three times, from $3.9 million to $13.7 million.


Bitcoin price started the correction to $7600

Thursday, may 16, quotes bitcoin reached a ten-month high at around $8390 [Bitstamp], but then began a sharp correction, the purpose of which may be $7619, CoinDesk Markets analyst Omkar Godbole.

To cancel the corrective movement, the bulls need to raise the price above $8000. However, over the last 48 hours bitcoin had twice failed to consolidate above the mentioned psychological mark and the RSI speaks in favor of significant a summary.

On 4-hour chart from the point of view of technical analysis, the situation is not rosy. If bitcoin will reach $7619, this will confirm the bearish double top chart.

The 4-hour chart of BTC/USD

This scenario supports the RSI which has formed lower highs as a result the price has reached a new record — which suggests a bearish divergence. Simultaneously, the RSI has broken the descending triangle down.

Drop below the «neck» ($7619) will open the way to $6900.

On the daily chart the situation is better: at the beginning of the visible RSI bearish divergence, but the 10-day MA still speaks in favor of growth, so the drop to $7000, if it can be short-lived, says Godbole.

the daily chart of BTC/USD

The trend changes to bearish, according to the schedule will be drop below 30-day MA at around $5923. To change the situation the bulls need to get back to $8300, however it is quite difficult when RSI is above 70.

It is worth noting that last night on a bitcoin exchange Bitfinex recorded the closing of short positions on bitcoin to more than 10 thousand BTC. Not such a drastic decline can be observed on the chart long positions.

BTC/USD Shorts, the data TradingView

BTC/USD Longs, data TradingView

At the time of writing bitcoin is trading around $7850.


Sales Ledger purses has increased dramatically after the attack on Binance

The recent hacker attack on a cryptocurrency exchange Binance a positive impact on the sales of hardware wallets Ledger. This was stated by CEO Pascal Gauthier during the conference, Atomic Swap, according to The Block.

So, the corresponding figures were doubled immediately after the break-in.

According to Gauthier, the attack on Binance is a direct Testament of how even young technology, ensuring the safety of participants of the cryptocurrency market.

«We are in the Ledger are convinced that the current level of security sufficient to protect the cryptocurrency funds. We believe that this is great technology, but it has one weakness — safety finite elements and private keys,» said, CEO of Ledger.

After the break, the exchange implemented an upgrade of the security system, which will also add support for YubiKey hardware wallets and other similar devices.

We will remind, on the eve of the exchange resumed trading and partially opened withdrawal.


The outflow of funds from kryptomere exceeded $622 million over the last few days

The outflow of capital from bitcoin exchanges, including Bitfinex, Kraken and BitMEX, for the past five days have exceeded inflows by $622 million, writes Bloomberg with reference to data of analytical company TokenAnalyst.

While the price of bitcoin continues to trade near their local maxima, Bloomberg suggests that the recent rise could be caused by the desire of investors to withdraw from caught in the middle of a trial stablon Tether into the leading cryptocurrency.

According to TokenAnalyst, from April 26 – the date when it became aware of an extended new York district attorney charges – wallets exchange Bitfinex has left more than $1.7 billion in bitcoin and Ethereum.

Bloomberg also drew attention to the fact that after the appearance of these news on the Bitfinex bitcoin was trading at 6% above, than at other sites, however, with the success message involving the exchange of $1 billion, the discrepancy disappeared.

«Smart clients will keep their funds on exchanges and withdraw bitcoin in their own wallets. This factor may continue to exert upward pressure on bitcoin, so people prefer to buy it, getting rid of the fake money,» said Professor of Finance the University of Texas at Austin John Griffin.


The owners of the smartphone Finney will be able to pay the purchase bitcoin with credit card

Users of blockchain smartphone Finney from the company Sirin Labs will be able to buy cryptocurrency with a credit card. This was made possible thanks to a partnership with the Simplex processing, according to RBC with reference to the representatives of the project.

Simultaneously, the built-in wallet, Finney had been an improved functionality to read QR codes and added new languages: Turkish, Vietnamese, Hindi, Tagalog, Italian, Romanian, Slovenian and German.

To use the new features of the wallet users need to update the app Finney Wallet through Google Play.

It is necessary to add that the service of the Simplex will charge extremely high fee for the transaction processing with bitcoin up to 10%.

Recall that in 2017 Sirin Labs raised $157 million in the course of the ICO for the development of blockchain-smartphone Finney.

In April 2019, the company fired 15 of the 60 employees, citing unfavorable market conditions and low interest users to your device. It is noteworthy that the company and refused to work on hardware-based solutions in favor of SOFTWARE.


Bank of America has not found applications of the blockchain in financial sector

Corporation Bank of America have not yet found a use blockchain technology in the field of financial services, said chief technology officer Cathy Bessant in an interview with Bloomberg.

Simultaneously, she recognized the potential of the technology and stated that the blockchain definitely has a practical application.

«I am convinced that the use of the [blockchain] are out there, we have yet to find them in the field of financial services. We experiment a lot, we have more patents in the field of blockchain than any other financial institutions, but we have yet to find something that will have value for our customers,» said Bessant.

Note, Bank of America actively patented various solutions based on the technology of the distributed registry. So, just last year, the organization has already filed a patent application for a system of cash handling and the service of storing cryptographic keys.

We will remind, still the same Cathy Bessant in the past year saidthat the digital currency is opaque and this limits the ability of banks to prevent criminal activity, and report to the SEC financial conglomerate has recognizedthat cryptocurrencies threaten its business model.

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Binance is going to convert all tokens in the standard BNB, BEP-2

Leading on volume of trading cryptocurrency exchange Binance converts all tokens Binance Coin (BNB) on the basis of standard ERC-20 in hot and cold storage in native tokens of the standard BEP-2.

So, all Ethereum tokens will be burned, and the equivalent number of native coins will go with the Genesis address in new cold storage. Binance also revealed the address of this wallet to make the process as transparent as possible.

We will remind, earlier Binance updated security system, restored trading operations, the insertion and partial withdrawal of funds, but users still complain of bugs after the upgrade.


Blockstream has provided a platform for security-tokens on the basis of sidechained Liquid

The developer of bitcoin and blockchain solutions to the Blockstream company introduced its first product based on sidechained Liquid, which will allow businesses to launch security token in accordance with regulatory standards.

Soon his Liquid-token-release projects BnkToTheFuture, TokenSoft, Zenus Bank and Pixelmatic. According to the chief strategic Director Blockstream Samson MOU, they will not need any additional knowledge in the field of engineering — required «click» and to prescribe the regulatory requirements.

Additional compliance will be implemented through the API and security token will be provided with smart contracts with multipoles in the network of bitcoin.

The launch of sidechained Liquid was held in October last year. After a month, Blockstream has presented its own browser blocks not only for side chain, but also for the network of bitcoin.

Since then the technology began to use exchange Bitfinex and Huobi, Garage and Crypto startups inacta AG.

We will remind, earlier, the release of the sidechained Lumino, decisions of the third level on top of the bitcoin network-enabled smart contracts, Ethereum and the claimed bandwidth of 5000 Tps.

The developed technology offers the possibility of implementing ofcan transactions through so-called channels of state as long as the user does not appear necessary to fix the calculations in the main bitcoin blockchain.


Blockchain Stellar «off» for two hours

Wednesday, may 15, at Stellar network, it was impossible to reach consensus, since all node-validator Stellar Development Foundation for the unknown reason have simultaneously gone offline, reports The Block.

Note that every validator in the network selects Stellar so-called trusted validator. The majority of participants preferred the Stellar Development Foundation.

So, for two hours there was no consensus, and the transaction was not confirmed. Thus trusted validators from Stellar Development Foundation became the single point of failure, which the blockchain technology is trying to neutralize.


Founder jed McCaleb Stellar said that the Stellar Development Foundation has worked hard with the community, so that participants did not rely solely on validators organization.

«A month ago, the Stellar Development Foundation nodes could go offline and the network would work. However, this means that the network can accommodate, even if all our nodes are working. That’s what happened», — he stressed.

Stellar developers reveal the details of the incident, but the short version from CTO Stellar.org Nicholas Barry says: «the network has become too decentralized in a very short time, therefore, this system behavior is correct.»

If you believe the Stellar Development Foundation, the majority of the validators on the network worked fine, but we could not validate the transaction due to lack of votes in the quorum.

Recall that in 2017, the vulnerability in the Stellar Protocol allowed an attacker to secretly release 2.25 billion XLM, subsequently, most likely, was sold.

Then Stellar Development Foundation had to burn the appropriate number of tokens from the reserves of the community.