Poll: nearly 75% of Germans do not support Libra from Facebook

Only 27% of Germans are considering the use of digital currency Libra from Facebook as a means of payment. This is evidenced by data survey, conducted by the market research Institute Toluna to Creditplus Bank AG and the local newspaper WirtschaftsWoche.

73% of those surveyed 2000 people rule out the possibility of using Libra. Almost half of them do not trust the company Facebook, and 31% are skeptical about the currencies that are not controlled by the state.

The greatest support Libra enjoys among Germans aged 22 to 34 years. Nearly 42% of them are willing to consider the use of digital currency.

We will remind, the German government adopted a strategy for the regulation of the blockchain, which prohibits the issue of any parallel digital currencies in the country, including coin Facebook.

Earlier Libra criticized German Finance Minister Olaf Scholz and the head of the Bundesbank Jens Weidmann urged politicians not to restrict innovation.


ACINQ have presented a simple, Lightning-wallet for mobile devices

Startup ACINQ introduced a new neoscopelidae wallet with Protocol support Lightning Network (LN), providing a quick and cheap the bitcoin payments.

The company stressed that Phoenix is LN-wallet of a new generation. Attached to the tweet live representatives ACINQ demonstrate how in less than 3 minutes, the user can set the wallet to receive funds to carry out Onan and Onan transactions, and make a backup of the wallet.

Note that this month ACINQ raised $8 million in a round of A Series funding led by Idinvest Partners. At the end of last year, the startup has received $1.7 million from the co-founder of Talend Bertrand DIARA, Sebastian Lucas, Manager of the Altana Digital Currency Fund Alistair Milne and founder of Snapcar Yves Weiselberger.

Thus, to date, ACINQ attracted nearly $10 million in venture investment.

Lightning Network payment Protocol, allowing for cheap and instant transaction also represents a solution to the problem of scaling bitcoin.

According to the service 1ML, currently in the network, Lightning Network, there are 10 of 186 nodes, connecting 35 126 payment channels. The capacity of the network exceeds 850 BTC (>$6.4 million).

Recall, soon the support of LN will appear in the popular bitcoin wallet Electrum.

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Blockchain Tezos activates the update is Babylon 2.0

Today Tezos will be activated update Protocol Babylon 2.0 proposed Cryptium Labs and Nomadic Labs, according to The Block.

According to the founder Cryptium Labs, on the proposal voted in at 80.1% of the network participants (more than the required quorum at 74.7%), «for» in favor of 86,27%.

The third update of the Protocol of the blockchain Tezos will change the algorithm of consensus networks, the functionality of the smart contracts and control mechanism.

One of the changes is to simplify the development of smart contracts, making the code more simple and clean.

To change the system of remuneration for bakers (validators network), stimulating them to maximum participation in the approval blocks.

In addition, it becomes easier to delegate bakers coins XTZ baking new. Previously users have created special addresses KT1. After updating to delegate funds will be the primary address.

We will remind, in September XTZ added to the listing of the largest cryptocurrency exchange Binance.


Tutorial: Margin trading on the stock exchange Binance

In June, cryptocurrency exchange Binance, presented a new version of its platform with support of margin trading — Binance 2.0.

Margin trading is a form of trading in which traders can borrow funds at the exchange to increase your position size, which can increase potential profits (but also could increase the potential loss). Margin trading is particularly popular in markets with low volatility (for example, in the foreign exchange market). Due to the high volatility of the cryptocurrency market this type of trading involves great risk, therefore, margin trading is not recommended for absolute beginners to cryptotrading.

To open a margin account after you log on to the exchange, hover over your profile. In the drop down menu click on your email to go to the control panel.

See «balance Information» click on «entry Margin», then confirm the agreement to open a margin account.

After the activation of the margin account you can transfer funds from your exchange wallet to wallet for margin trading. To do this, click on the tab «Wallet», select «Margins» and click «Transfer» next to the asset in the bottom of the page. Enter the amount you want to Deposit stock on the margin of the purse and confirm the transfer.

These tools you can use to ensure your margin positions. Your balance determines the amount of money which you can borrow against a fixed leverage (3: 1, 3). For example, if you have 1 bitcoin you can borrow 2 BTC. After selecting the coins and the amount you want to borrow, and confirm your loan.

Then on your margin account will be credited with the amount you borrowed. You will then be able to trade the borrowed funds. You can check the current status of the margin account by going to «Balance» and select «Margin».

In the right part of the screen you will see the level of margins, which reflects the degree of your risk depending on borrowed funds and amounts in your account that acts as collateral. The level of risk varies depending on the market movements and if the price does not coincide with the forecast, your assets may be liquidated. If the price is in line with the forecast, you can sell your assets and repay your debt along with the interest rate. The balance after this transaction will be a profit.

If your margins to fall to 1.3, you will receive a margin call, which is a reminder that you must increase your pledge (to contribute additional funds) or decrease it (to repay the amount you borrowed).

If your margin level drops to 1.1, your position will be liquidated, the exchange will sell your assets at the market price to repay debt.

To use borrowed funds to trade you need to choose the tab «Margins» under «Exchange». You will be offered market, limit and stop-limit orders.

If you want to transfer your funds back from the margin on the usual purse Binance, click «Transfer» and use the button between the wallets to change the direction of translation.


G7: bitcoin has failed as a means of payment and savings

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies were not «robust and attractive» means of payment and savings, but the potential tablconv. This is stated in the report of the “Big seven” (G7).

g7 by ForkLog on Scribd

The group, which includes USA, Japan, Germany, France, UK, Italy and Canada, published a report on stable coins. The authors of the document acknowledged that the global stabilini, although not free from risks, is able to solve the problem of slow and expensive transfers.

At the same time, crypto-currencies cannot serve as an effective decision as «extremely unstable», difficult to use, have limitations on scalability and management issues and regulation.

«Thus, cryptocurrencies are likely highly speculative class of assets for certain investors and those involved in illegal activity, not a means of payments», — the report says.

On the other hand, stabilini do not have global regulation and may be unstable. But, subject to the rules, «stable coins» can be a convenient to use as means of payment and savings, experts say G7.

«None of the global project stablon should not start work until then, until you have properly addressed the legal, regulatory and Supervisory issues, reduced risks by implementing appropriate structures and compliance with clear proportional regulation», — said the authors of the document.

Recall that the G7 have warned about the severe approach to regulation
the project «sustainable coin» Libra from Facebook. Earlier the group published a report on risks to the stability of the world financial system, which carries widespread tablconv.

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Binance Futures increased leverage to 125х

Cryptodermatinae platform exchange Binance increased the maximum available users the leverage from 20x to 125х.

According to the head of Binance Campana Zhao, the decision was made in response to the demand from institucionales who «are looking for the most effective and quick opportunities for trading, both from the point of view of cost and performance.»

In turn, the head of the Binance Futures Aaron Gong promised in the last quarter of this year to tell you about new features on the futures platform.

Note that the trading volume on the new platform ecosystem Binance 15 Oct updated max:

Data: skew

In this respect, however Binance Futures are still far from BitMEX, where the daily turnover exceeds $2 billion. While main rival Binance Futures leverage in a pair XBT/USD is now limited to 100x.

ForkLog previously reported that daily turnover at the Futures Binance is comparable with the real trading volume for 10 largest stock exchanges according to the version of Bitwise.


The exchange Poloniex became independent again and stops serving US residents

Cryptocurrency exchange Poloniex this Friday announced the transformation of its own structure, which will entail a number of changes for its customers.

According to the blog post, Poloniex separated from its parent Circle and will operate as an independent entity under the name Polo Digital Assets, Ltd. backed by a large investment group.

«The office will allow us to focus on the needs of the global crypto-traders with new features, assets and services,» writes the exchange.

As part of a plan to upgrade the platform Poloniex will give customers the ability to trade Commission-free on its spot market from October 21 until the end of the year, and in future promises to provide highly competitive model of collecting commissions. In the future, Poloniex plans to spend more than $100 million for the implementation of the multi-year plan to develop and expand its platform.

However, the exchange notes that will not be able to make these changes while maintaining the support of the American traders. Starting today, U.S. citizens are prohibited to register accounts on Poloniex, and since November they are no longer able to make deals. The withdrawal of assets for them to be available at least until December 15.

In a separate statement, the co-founder of Circle, Jeremy Allaire and Sean Neville announced that they intend to «intensify efforts to create a more open, global and accessible financial system» based on their stablon USD Coin (USDC) and they have purchased before crowdfunding platform SeedInvest.

Circle bought Poloniex in February 2018, presumably, for $400 million Then Allaire and Neville were making plans for the organization of the marketplace licenzirovanie values, including physical commodities, real estate and art objects, on the basis of lost in recent years, the popularity of the exchange of cryptocurrencies.

According to CoinMarketCap, currently, Poloniex is in 79th place among cryptocurrencies according to the adjusted daily trading volume with a turnover of $18 million.


Named as the main causes of death cryptocurrency projects

Remember how in 2017 from all sides screaming about the next ICO? And where did they all go? Clear: someone just absconded with the money of naive investors. What about the real ones which today do not hear anything?

Analysts LongHash collected statistics on 700 dead cryptocurrency projects on the basis of the portal Coinopsy for eight years and found the most common reasons why projects die.

The most common reason — abandonment without any further explanation. Investors simply stopped selling tokens, and the volume of transactions fell to zero. These projects total mass was 63.1 per cent.

The next major group — fraudulent projects. They accounted for 29.9 per cent. Most of the projects from this group were launched in 2017 amid the boom of the cryptocurrency market, as compared to the previous year their number has increased more than five times.

Data about the projects and have information about their founders. So, on account of user of the forum Bitcointalk nickname is Crunck and some of Daniel Mendoza was on three different projects that were later deemed fraudulent.

In separate categories of the failed ICO (3.6%), and comic projects (3.2 per cent), such as like AnalCoin, BagCoin and BieberCoin.

It is impossible to say how many cryptoprocta died. To some extent the answer depends on how you define «dead». Currently, the portal lists Cointopsy 705 projects DeadCoins — 1779, and on CoinMarketCap it is possible to count more than 1,000 projects with a daily trading volume less than $1000 that allows you to add them into the category of at least «dying» if not «absolutely dead.»

It is worth noting that all three of the portal is assessed in English projects. Accordingly, a ICO come from non-English speaking countries could not get into the statistics.

How long do doomed projects?

Projects of the categories were abandoned the most durable — the average lifetime of such a project from launch to a complete loss of investor interest is 1.7 years. Following are the failed projects, the average lives for 1.6 years, and the comic projects is 1.4 years. Disappear faster other fraudulent projects, with an average lifespan of 1 year.


ICO-adviser on how to recognize a fake team


ICO-adviser, specialist for marketing and PR in the crypto industry Andrey sergeenkov has published in his blog a guide for selecting the ICO called «the 9 keys to the evaluation team ICO project». In his opinion, the team is one of the main parameters when choosing an investment object. «The investor’s risks are not only that the project may be fraudulent, but that he may never be implemented or might not become popular, and purchased tokens will be useless garbage. Even if you like everything else, but you have serious doubts about the team, I would not advise to invest in such a project,» writes sergeenkov.

There are two main questions: are there members of the team really is and whether they are qualified to achieve the goals. For a reliable answer is required to conduct a full investigation, and sergeenkov gives 9 «interference» approaching a potential investor to the right decision.

1. Locate team members in social media

On the project website in the section «team» each representative must be a reference to its accounts in various social networks, of which LinkedIn is the most preferred: «Look at their pages, read the posts, check the number of friends and followers, personal photos, and information on careers. Does the profile of real?»

2. Find photos of team members in Google

The next step is to upload personal photos of team members and to run a Google search for pictures. Fraudulent projects, which is assigned to the wrong person, as a rule, take images from Google Images and stock photography. «Identity theft» has become a popular Scam list trend. In January, attention was drawn to the ICO site for the adult Fantasy Market, which promised investors the role of «Directors» of pornorolikov, and a token of the platform was to be used to pay the salaries of the actors. However, once the website was never launched and fraud accused not associated with the project man, it became clear that the organizers considered «too dangerous to use real names» and generated the CEO «Jonathan Lucas», borrowing some random person’s name and photo to LinkedIn and even inventing his story. And recently Ryan Gosling «became the face of» crypto-project Miroskii, who posted a photo of Hollywood actor among team members and presented him as «graphic designer Kevin Belanger».

3. Contact the team directly

Sergeenkov does not recommend formal discussion on Bitcointalk or Telegram-channel project on issues related to the ICO: «On these platforms, managers communication with the community, tend to give more or less the standard, pre-made and very vague answers. It is better to contact the team member who is responsible for certain tasks. So you will get more detailed answers and at the same time make sure the reality of this man.» Also sergeenkov advises at least very briefly, but directly talk to the company management: it will help to get rid of doubts and misunderstandings.

4. Note on team size

ICO expert recommends «great caution» to invest in projects that «collect hundreds of millions despite the fact that their team consists of five people: two or three pairs of managers and technical professionals.» Small teams can be decent and effective, but only for startups with a small budget. In respect of major projects sergeenkov sure: «Even if these people are extremely talented and their idea is brilliant, they will not be able to create a viable and successful project. They need a lot of staff members: market specialists, PR-managers, designers, lawyers, accountants, managers communication with the community, project managers and so forth.»

5. Well-established communication within the project

You need to pay attention to how team members communicate with each other and where geographically they are located. «The more team members working in the same city or the office, the higher the chances of success during and after ICO», notes sergeenkov. If not, increase the probability of a poorly coordinated work: if one team member does not know what the other, this will lead to strategic errors and damage. Despite modern means of communication, large companies tend to accumulate a backlog of tasks and unresolved issues that are difficult to resolve remotely.

6. Is there a team of experts in specific areas

For a startup on a specific topic critically important to have a specialist who is versed in this area, whether it is an oceanographer in the project on deep sea research or trader in a start-up on creation of cryptocurrency exchanges. «Each area has its risks, and if the team is not aware of them, the project may encounter unexpected obstacles and in the end it will.»

7. Not too pay attention to advisors

Writes sergeenkov, himself a ICO-adviser, in most cases such specialists are paid just to post information about their participation on the project site, and the amount of remuneration depends on their «importance and arrogance» — «from thousands of dollars to hundreds of thousands, plus a share of the profits». According to him, the advisors usually do not participate in the project and their «help» is limited to what they give permission to use his photo among the other members of the team. In addition, more advisors forged his experience to better «sell» the ICO project. There are only rare exceptions when some experienced specialists involved in the project, can really help move things along.

8. Experience in the crypto industry

Project management, technical experts and marketers must have a proven track record in the crypto-field. «The rules of this industry are substantially different and even recognized in the traditional market the professionals need time to get used to them», — said the expert.

9. An international team is a good sign

Sergeenkov draws attention to the fact that many new projects are created in Eastern Europe, Asia and Africa, whose residents do not always speak good English, are can complicate international communication: «Such projects it is important to have in our team native English speakers. Mainly, it is necessary for experts in marketing, managers on communications with the community, PR professionals, and staff responsible for communication with investors.»


Cardano back in the game: how was the launch of testnet Shelly


In late September the head of the company Input Output Hong Kong (IOHK) Charles Hoskinson announced the launch of testnet Shelley — updates blockchain platform Cardano. Hoskinson announced this during a meet up community project in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. The statement of the head IOHK marks a new stage in the development of the network, both in technological and in economic terms, which is comparable in its significance for Cardano with the launch of testnet Ethereum Ethereum 2.0. Another important news, which reported Hockinson community, was on the conclusion of a partnership with sports shoes and clothes New Balance. How was the launch of testnet Shelly and what will be integrated blockchain platform Cardano in the work of a famous Shoe brand, talks DeCenter.

To better understand the essence of the new network updates Cardano, it is necessary to remind about the plans and tasks of the team behind the project. Recent media attention to the draft fell slightly. But not so long ago, the internal cryptocurrency ADA was in the top 10 coins by market capitalization. It should be noted that the philosophy of the team Cardano is somewhat different from other blockchain projects is a kind of research laboratory to solve the problems of blockchain networks.

The project Cardano appeared in 2015, and comprises three organizations:

Company Input Output Hong Kong (IOHK) develops and maintains a network of Cardano, as does the Company Electronic Cash with anonymous cryptocurrency zcash for.

Development project Manager Cardano Foundation.

Japanese blockchain Emurgo company is engaged in commercial implementation of technology.

The most famous in cryptocommunist representatives Cardano is the founder and Director of IOHK Charles Hoskinson IOHK and co-founder Jeremy wood. Hoskinson is also the co-founder of the Ethereum Foundation. In 2015, he, along with Jeremy wood founded IOHK in order to create a blockchain of a new generation.

Development plans Cardano

According to the theory of Hockinson, there are three generations of blockchains. Bitcoin and other blackany that supports only transactions that cannot be assigned to additional terms belong to the first generation of distributed registries. Ethereum became bloccano second generation because it allows you to set conditions for sending money. However, Ethereum has a number of disadvantages: complex scripts and the problems of scaling the network. In addition, the ideology of Ethereum Cardano criticized for poor quality control in the case of the case of THE DAO and considered a weakness of the system is its incompatibility with other blockchains.

The purpose of Hoskinson and his team to create a blockchain of the third generation. The main advantages of the blockchain Cardano is its scalability, and interoperability and integrity. The creators of Cardano are proud to use scientific methods and conduct a deep audit of their developments, comparing them not only with other blockchain development, but with earlier software products.

To speed up transaction processing team Cardano developed a new algorithm for PoS — Ouroboros. In 2018, Hoskinson said that thanks to the Cardano algorithm will outperform Ethereum, creating a valid PoS-algorithm is much faster team Vitalik Buterin. The advantages of the Ouroboros can be attributed to safety — a new algorithm written in Haskell, which has a complex interface, but exceeds safety major languages of programming and fast prototyping, thanks to an interactive environment.

Also split the blockchain into two layers — this is an important distinction Cardano from other networks, which provides the opportunity to significantly increase its throughput in a single layer place the transaction of coins are stored in another smart contracts. With this technology, a failure in the execution of smart contracts will not be able to stop the transaction and Vice versa.

Current position

The developers Cardano shared the roadmap of the platform for five periods: Byron, Shelley, Goguen, Basho and Voltaire. In the roadmap of the project in 2019 initially envisaged the implementation of two major upgrades: Shelley Goguen and, and in 2020 — Basho and Voltaire.

The first stage in the development of the project, Byron, began in 2017 with the release of ADA and run the core network Cardano. At this stage the project has not yet implemented smart contracts, and in fact the network is in the development stage. All nodes Cardano under the management of developing project organizations: IOHK, Cardano Foundation and Emurgo, they control the network.

And in 2019, the community came to the next stage of development — Shelley. During this stage, the network Cardano should become a decentralized system and activate the algorithm dPoS. This is the aim of starting testnet updates. An important economic aspect from its activation will be the opportunity for holders of ADA to participate in stacking and to profit from delegating their coins. It is expected that this possibility will be community project since November of this year. Holders of coins of the ADA will be able to run a node yourself and to delegate your coins in pools.

By the end of the period, Shelley network Cardano must become more decentralized network than Bitcoin or Ethereum. By estimations of developers, decentralization Cardano will be higher than 50-100 times, and the number of pools running on the network, closer to 1000 (the algorithm of the compensation of the pools laid cash incentives to their number reached 1000). With Bitcoin only a few dozen pools, and blockchain EOS and less. It is no coincidence cryptocracy such as Nouriel Roubini, blame the blockchain platform that is decentralized only in words, but in fact vulnerable to attack by 51%.

Staking ADA

At the moment staking the web is still not activated, now testname Shelly just had the functionality to run it, which so far works a limited number of users. The yield of staking can be calculated on a special calculator Ada Staking Calculator, it will be from 2.1% to 3.5% in coins ADA per year. The developers Cardano promised in November to allow the user testnet Shelly to participate in steninge, delegate to the ADA and to create their pools.

But after that, users will start to receive their share of coins ADA immediately, but only after the developers will make the test network. Then the balance sheets of wallets Yaroi and Daedulus, who work in testenate Shelly, replenish. The owners of the ADA, which keep your coins out of testnet, to participate in staking until I can. Selling coins from testnet will be possible only after the launch of the core network Shelley in the first quarter of 2020.

Plans for the development of the project Cardano

Good news for the community Cardano was the recent statement of Hoskinson on the conclusion of the partnership agreement with the manufacturer of sports shoes and clothes New Balance. Last year the company confiscated 25 million pairs of counterfeit shoes. Now blockchain solutions Cardano will be used to identify the authenticity of products New Balance. According to Charles Hoskinson, that Cardano does not stop: plans to create a marketplace and system identification of luxury brands and luxury goods. All details of the agreement, New Balance will be announced later.

In the next after Shelley stage of project development Goguen plans to launch smart contracts. Also to network Cardano added the second layer, which is responsible for their enforcement, and with them comes the opportunity to create and run a decentralized application. For writing smart contracts Cardano developers have created a special programming language Plutus, which is based on the principles of functional programming. The language is already developed and ready for testing.

The developers Cardano believe that wide scale that is still not enough. So now are in operation Marlow — an even easier programming language for the conclusion of financial contracts and agreements, and Meadow — a more intuitive platform for users without programming experience.

Development Goguen is parallel with Shelley, and had a chance to implement both networks in 2019, but since the launch of the core network Shelley moved to 2020, and run decentralized applications this year can not wait.

There is every reason to believe that in 2020 Cardano will be able to regain leading positions on the market of the blockchain-if the project will be developed within the framework of its roadmap. Because Cardano along with Ethereum 2.0. will work on the PoS algorithm, and hence the demand for ADA will increase. But before you run the main network and activate it as staking to talk about it is premature.