Moscow school programmers transferred certificates on the blockchain

Moscow school programmers (MSHP), a resident of Technopark, have introduced the technology of the blockchain to publish the graduation certificates. The world’s first case of the transition to smart contracts in the segment of school education. In the opinion of management of the school, so it is possible to solve the problem of fake diploma or its individual parts.

The system consists of the smart contract, Ethereum site to send transactions and check their status, publishing systems inside EduApp (corporate system of School programmers) and page validation certificate on the website.

The advantage of the new system is the fact that unlike paper documents, certificate stored in the network, the Blockchain, in fact, impossible to forge, and to verify the information on them in the public blockchain Ethereum, for example, through the website, or the website of MSHP. It is enough to know the surname, name and patronymic of the graduate address, a smart contract from the website of MSHP and the private key is printed in the original certificate and obtained a graduate in electronic form.

Moscow school of programmers for 16 years provides additional IT education for students 3 – 11 years. From February 2018 to MSHP for the first time in Russia the course on blockchain technology for students in which they will learn not only basic principles but also to learn to solve practical problems using technology, through practice on the basis of the accelerator start-UPS in Technopark.

«We are convinced that in parallel with the implementation of advanced it solutions in education need to develop courses on them and do actively developing region in it closer to the younger generation. It is important that our graduates have become professionals, possessing both fundamental knowledge and advanced applied technologies», – said the Director of the MSHP Sergei Shedov.

Recall that in September the members of the working group of the Economic Council under the President of the Russian Federation proposed in the framework of the objectives of the government programme «Digital economy» to store information about diplomas and work records of the Russians using blockchain technology. At the moment the idea is being discussed with representatives of the Ministry of education and science.


In the Bulgarian Blagoevgrad stole mining equipment for 150 thousand euros

In Bulgaria in Blagoevgrad, the three owners of mining equipment for mining bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies stole 21 pieces of equipment for a total amount of 300 million leva (about 150 thousand euros).

Equipment was stolen from the premises on the fifth floor of an industrial building in the day to cool the operating equipment it left behind an open door with a closed iron bars and alarm included. It is also known that for portability from room devices, each weighing about 10 pounds, the kidnappers had 2 hours.

We will remind that the Prosecutor’s office of Bulgaria started cooperation with the security forces of Germany and representatives of Eurojust and Europol to neutralize large-scale fraudulent pyramid OneCoin, the center of which is, presumably Sofia.


Dan Larimer can develop MonerEOS

Technical Director blockchain startup of the main developer of software for network EOS, Dan Larimer said that in the development process EOS has thought of creating a token, which would be invulnerable, non-programmable and performed a monetary role. Preliminary project title MonerEOS.

Some media speculated that this could mean the exit of Larimer of project EOS in the near future, however, he hastened to assure the community that will continue to work on the platform that considers the future of the blockchain.

Note that in the past Larimer has left the BitShares projects and Steemit.

He also stressed that the hypothetical token MonerEOS will be characterized by compromise solutions that may not please the community.

At the moment EOS the price returned to values of the beginning of December last year, and in recent days, the drop was more than 12%.

Data TradingView

We will remind, earlier in a network the EOS canceled confirmed transactions.


The block producer EOS has offered owners of cryptocurrency to share the award for their voices

Starteos, one of the 21 units producer network the EOS, invited users to share their income from mining of blocks if they delegate him the powers of the proxy server.

Starteos said that if users vote for it, they will receive a «continuous and stable income in the form of EOS» and a chance to win additional funds in the lottery game Lucky Fruit slot Machine. In a blog on Medium Starteos issued instructions on how to vote for him. According to the publication, thus Starteos wants to help users cope with cryptocurrency in the winter.

The post of unit producer once again questioned the decentralization EOS.

Meanwhile, the cryptocurrency EOS showed a drop of 12% in just a few hours. At the moment the asset is trading around us $2.6.


We will remind, in October there appeared information that the block producers EOS can participate in coordinated reciprocal voting. In collusion with the manufacturers of the blocks EOS accused and cryptocurrency exchange Huobi. However, the Huobi has denied this information.

In November, the arbitrator network EOS canceled transactions that have already received confirmation.

Previously, the auditor distributed networks Whiteblock announced that the network EOS manufacturers units have the ability to change data in a distributed network.


On EXMO available instant Deposit Visa and MasterCard

International cryptocurrency exchange EXMO announced a new payment instrument: Visa/MasterCard for instant replenishment of the stock account of Fiat money without verification.

Visa and Mastercard can replenish EUR, USD and PLN.

«We believe that connecting the world-known payment instrument, such as Visa/MasterCard, will greatly simplify the process of buying crypto-currencies,» – said the co-founder of the platform EXMO Ivan Petrovsky.

Informed to Deposit funds via Visa and MasterCard have required passing the mandatory account verification and Bank card. Now the verification of the payment card is only necessary for withdrawal of funds in USD and EUR.

Recall that yesterday the exchange EXMO announced the postponement of the start date of krautsalat EXMO Coin on Sept.


Russia may establish a professional holiday of cryptanalytical

According to TASS, the Ministry of labour and social protection of the Russian Federation intends to consider the proposal for the establishment of a professional holiday the expert on cryptocurrency.

“There is a proposal to make the day such a specialist [on crypto]. There is a proposal, will be considered. This is due to the cryptocurrency who would like to have such a proposal. It’s just drawing attention to this sphere”, — said the Deputy Minister of labor and social protection of the Russian Federation Lyubov eltcova.

According to Eltsova, the proposal will be considered 30 days.

Recall that the business community of the Russian Federation requests the Federation Council and the state Duma legislation to allow circulation in Russia only domestic cryptocurrencies, noting that the anonymous transactions using foreign currencies can pursue unclear objectives and to serve as a source of funding for the shadow economy. And Russian President Vladimir Putin believes that Russia needs a “regulatory environment” for cryptocurrencies


Acne Buterin wished centralized exchanges burn in hell

Ethereum Creator Vitalik Buterin, being a staunch advocate of decentralization, during an interview at TechCrunch Blockchain Sessions expressed their attitude to centralized exchanges:

«I definitely hope that they will burn in hell as much as possible. There is no reason to keep the projects were paid $10-$15 million for the listing to give people the opportunity to trade their tokens».

Buterin explains the existence of centralized exchanges is the fact that those still are the only link between cryptocurrency and fiaty worlds. And fatny the world recognizes while only centralized way of development.

In his speech Buterin also touched on many different topics. He noted that people have different needs, so the world can never be completely centralized or completely decentralized. He also expressed concern about the events in Sichuan, where floods destroyed a major producer of mining cryptocurrency.

Speaking about working on Ethereum, Buterin reported that the developers are doing everything possible to keep the network decentralized, but sometimes they have to face difficulties, especially when it comes to user authentication:

«Of course, you can generate private and public keys, which users will manage themselves. Sending ETH is the signing of the transaction, there is nothing complicated. But what if you lose the keys? What happens if you lose the password? If all methods of authentication of users will be a failure, to achieve mass distribution will be hard.»

That is why Buterin hard is now studying the schemes of multi-user and authorization through social networks. So for example WeChat, if you lose the password, prompts the user to choose from a large list of names the names of their contacts. Either have the ability to come up with some offline confirmation of account ownership.

«If nothing happens, we all will use Coinbase and it’s not very fun,» concluded Buterin.

Recall that in late June, the acne Buterin called in court to deprive research company nChain patent on the technique of deterministic key generation, arguing that there is no innovation in this, and we are talking about the old deterministic wallets on the basis of the public key that was used in 2013.


Bitfury Group has developed a technology deanonimizatsii bitcoin addresses

Provider blockchain and bitcoin solutions Bitfury Group has introduced a new solution aimed at uncovering links between addresses in the bitcoin network. Clustering bitcoin addresses will minimize the error of the analysis of interrelations and enable law enforcement authorities to effectively combat fraud in the blockchain environment.

In its report Bitfury Group reveals a comprehensive approach to the process clustering bitcoin addresses. In addition to analyzing the blockchain technology will be measured and mapped the data outside of the chain, such as, for example, public information on the Internet. This will help to minimize error sources and give the most accurate results. According to the results of the tests conducted by the project team, a new development is significantly superior to all existing solutions.

Valery Vavilov, CEO of Bitfury Group:

«Now users can create multiple addresses, allowing them to hide their identity when committing fraud in the blockchain environment. The ability to find the relationship of addresses, called «clustering» is an important new tool allowing law enforcement to conduct effective investigations.»

Bitfury Group focuses on fraud prevention, but it should be understood that this or any other method deanonimizatsii can be applied to each of the owners of bitcoins.

To the White paper, the new technology clustering bitcoin addresses can be found here.

Recall that in early December last year, the company BitFury Group, announced a partnership with mining company Hut 8 to the project of creating the largest data center to mine bitcoins in North America.


The G20 agreed to regulate cryptocurrency

Participating countries of the Alliance of the «Big twenty» (G20) agreed on the introduction of regulation in the sphere of cryptocurrency in accordance with the standards of the Group of development of financial measures of struggle against money-laundering (FATF). This сообщаетCCN.

The agreement was reached during the G20 summit held last week in Buenos Aires. In particular, there was signed a final Declaration in which the leaders of the countries «the twenty» have agreed on reforming the regulatory framework for scriptaction.

So, according to the document, the regulation of digital currencies will help to create an «open and stable financial system.» It is also stated that countries will use the standards of the FATF to regulate scriptaction in the fight against money laundering and the financing of terrorism.

«In light of the digitalization of the world economy the members of the Alliance recognized the need to develop an international tax system that would be relevant, as well as resistance to internal and external shocks», — stated in the article.

The first development in this area is planned to be presented at the next meeting of the countries participating in the G20 in 2019. The implementation of the project is scheduled for 2020.


  • About the necessity of application of the FATF standards in respect of scriptaction the leaders of the G20 have already expressed repeatedly. Publication of the rules of international regulation of crypto-currencies developed by FATF, now scheduled for summer 2019.


Manufacturer of power EOS offers financial incentives for getting votes

One of the producers of blocks in the network EOS offered to holders of the cryptocurrency financial compensation for those that voted for him as a proxy, according to the Finance Magnates.

Manufacturer of power Starteos one of the official authorized nod, having the right to approve transactions in the network EOS – 27 November, wrote in his blog on Medium:

«Delegating the right to vote proxies, you can get a permanent and stable income of EOS».

Starteos himself has not yet commented on sprinkle on his head the accusation that his approach is contrary to the principles of decentralization and democratic blockchain procedures that are supported by EOS.

«Kryptomere came the «winter». How much do you believe in crypto currencies to be their owner? reads post Starteos. But Starteos still with you, our most important and best friends! We will share the profit with you and go through these difficulties together».

Installing Starteos as a proxy, users can choose one of two options – the «stable income» from the «mining» mode or «casual income», in which the tokens will be drawn with the help of «slot machine».

In a post on Medium also has instructions on how to vote for Starteos in the choice of producers units EOS.

According to the article Financial Magnates, charge users for the strengthening of the nodes leads to a severe centralization of the blockchain network EOS. The network members not for the first time become the object of heated debate about decentralization. For example, in November one of the moderators network canceled already confirmed transactions of account allegedly was subjected to a phishing attack.

Technical project Director Dan Larimer in October stated that decentralization is not the purpose of EOS, and last week announced that it plans to create a new token.

«Cryptomount hate it», – he described his idea in a Telegram.