The first batch of El Petro will be implemented at a discount of 60%

Venezuela is actively preparing to host the ICO and to market their own cryptocurrency. As reported by Spanish media, who turned out to be a whitepaper El Petro, the initial placement of the coins will be implemented on the Ethereum platform using tokens ERC20 and smart contracts.

According to the document, the ICO will be carried out in two stages: through closed sales in the amount of 38.4 million Petro in February and public tocancel 44 million Petro starting in March 2018. The rest of the cryptocurrencies (about 100 million Petro) will be divided between the government and the VIBE.

Petro tokens will be sold in limited quantities with a «decreasing discounts to stimulate early investment.» The first batch will reach 3.4 million Petro and will be implemented with a maximum discount of 60% for the next 5 million discount will gradually decrease, and the last batch will be realized at full value.

All tokens that are implemented using the ICO on the Ethereum platform, and later will be transferred to the public blockchain platform created on the basis of the fork cryptocurrency Decred. It will not work with the algorithm Proof-of-Work like Bitcoin, Litecoin or Ethereum, proof of transactions will be carried out by authorised bodies with the help of digital signature. The network also provides for compensation to miners and fees.

We will remind, initially the Venezuelan government has stated that cryptocurrency El Petro will be available for mining. Moreover, there was a special register in which the miners were supposed to register before January 20.

Then the government’s plans have changed, was announced PreMain El Petro, and comments in respect of the registry was also changed. Officials said that the registry is a public list of people involved in mining cryptocurrencies.

Yesterday it became known that Americans were forbidden to invest in Venezuelan cryptocurrency. The U.S. Treasury has warned citizens who wish to purchase El Petro, about the risk of prosecution imposed on Caracas sanctions. The acquisition of this cryptocurrency will be treated by law enforcement as the provision of credit to the Venezuelan authorities.


In the Moscow region farmers abandon the ruble in favor of the cryptocurrency

Already hundreds of farmers and small farms located around Kalinovo, in the Moscow region, used for the calculations in the local trade cryptocurrency Colin instead of the ruble.

Five years ago, former banker and now a farmer Mikhail Shlyapnikov from the village of Kalinovo, needed funds for the development of the economy. The Bank offered him a loan at 12% per annum, which did not suit the entrepreneur.

“I didn’t want I got choked up and made a slave of the banks. So I had to invent my own money. And I invented them. I am my own Bank, government, regulatory authority,” explained hatters.

In 2014, he tried to release the paper colony, but the court banned them a year later. The farmer began to work on the creation of cryptocurrencies, and in April of 2017 spent the ICO, through which managed to raise $500 thousand.

He is not to with mining — you can buy them for other cryptocurrencies or to capitalize on agricultural or construction work. As noted by the farmer, it has changed people’s attitude to village Affairs.

Shlyapnikov managed to persuade about 100 farmers and suppliers to use cryptocurrency in the local trade, making paper money become scarce in the local community.

«Now we have about $2 million in the colony, because after the IPO, their prices have jumped,» said hatters.

According to him, cryptocurrency is also backed by a reserve of 500 bitcoins (about $3.7 million at current prices).

As noted Shlyapnikov, it gave an opportunity “to put real money and link money with real economy”.

We will remind that in Russia there is no regulation of crypto-currencies, but the relevant law is pending in Parliament and could be adopted in the near future. However, the bill does not recognize the cryptocurrency legal tender on the territory of Russia.


Monthly analysis of the market of cryptocurrencies and ICO (November 2017)

Information on 03.12.2017 (results for the period from 01.07.2017)[i]


  • Dmitry Kornilov, doctor of economic Sciences, academician of RANS, senior analyst ICOBox
  • Dmitri Zaitsev, candidate of economic Sciences, head of international public relations and the Department of business analysts ICOBox
  • Nikolay Evdokimov, co-founder of ICOBox
  • Michael raitzin, co-founder of ICOBox
  • Anar Babayev, co-founder of ICOBox
  • Daria Generalova, co-founder of ICOBox

The study presents data on dynamics of changes on cryptocurrency market on the market of the ICO in the third and fourth quarter, but the main emphasis is on the analysis of the changes in November 2017, including over the past week (27.11-03.12.2017)

1. A General analysis of the market of cryptocurrencies and assets (per week, month, quarter). The dynamics of the market.

1.1.A General analysis of the market of cryptocurrencies and assets (week, month).

Table. 1.1. Dynamics of capitalization of the stock market and the major currencies with 01.10.2017, 03.12.2017 G.

For November 2017 and the first three days of December, the total market capitalization of cryptocurrencies (Total Market Capitalization) increased from 182,65 to 329,1 bln US $ (see table 1.1). Market capitalization with 01.11.2017 the city increased by more than 145 billion U.S. dollars, primarily due to the Bitcoin market capitalization which grew from 107,3 to 185,3 billion USD, i.e. by 78 billion U.S. dollars. In turn, the capitalization of altcoins for the same period increased to 75,4 c 143,8 billion US dollars, i.e. 68 billion U.S. dollars. To increase the capitalization of altcoins affected courses Ethereum, Bitcoin Gold, Cardano, Ripple, Litecoin, IOTA, Dash, Ethereum Classic, Monero, NEO, NEM, etc., thus, for the analyzed period, the capitalization of all cryptocurrencies of the top ten.

November was a productive month for the stock market, which was marked by several successful divisions cryptocurrency (hardforce), as well as positive news, in particular, the CME Group, said the launch of Bitcoin futures. The growth of all of the dominant cryptocurrency in November was 25.3 percent (XRP) to 215,3% (BCH). Courses Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin and Litecoin Cash increased by 58.3%, 45,6%, 215,3% 57.9%, respectively.

From the beginning of November changes in the Bitcoin exchange rate was in the range of $5 519 (12.11.2017) to $ 11 858,70 (03.12.2017 g), i.e. more than $6 300 (table. 1.4.a) at the same time, Ethereum has changed from $281,17 to $522,31, and the fluctuations of Bitcoin Cash amounted to about $2 040. The main causes of changes in the exchange rates of the leading cryptocurrency in a week are presented in table. 1.3 (other events that took place in November and affect the state of the stock market presented in the previous reports).

In connection with the resumption of the growth rate of Bitcoin, the cost of which in the month of November increased from $441 6 to $10 198,60 and 03.12.2017 totaled $11 082,70 there is high activity in the market of altcoins. The share of Bitcoin on the stock market exceeds 55%, but the dominance structure of other cryptocurrencies for the last month has undergone significant adjustment.

So, Cash Bitcoin and Ripple are reversed 02.11.2017 G. moreover, 12.11.2017 g. Bitcoin Cash even a few minutes stayed in second place, surpassing in terms of capitalization of Ethereum. The dominance structure in the top 6 of cryptocurrency by capitalization is presented below.

Over the past two weeks the dominance structure in the top 7 of cryptocurrency by capitalization also constantly changed. Dash and Litecoin moved to the sixth and seventh positions (25.11.2017 g), and the fifth 25.11.2017, took the Bitcoin Gold with a total capitalization of more than 6.1 billion U.S. dollars (see Fig. below). Dash and Litecoin within a month several times changed places. 04.11.2017 G. structure in the top 7 has changed again – IOTA capitalization surpassed Bitcoin Gold, Litecoin and Dash.

The proportion of Altcoins (Altcoin dominance, %) 03.12.2017 was 43.7%.

Information about the dominant cryptocurrency by capitalization at the moment (04.12.2017 g) shown below:

Smith + Crown Index from the beginning of November has grown from 12 to 20 083 456.

To analyze the activity of trading on the crypto currency exchange is calculated the index of ZAK-n Crypto (see Glossary). Indices ZAK-ZAK and Crypto 3-6 Crypto is presented in table. 1.1, 1.2.and, 1.2.b. So, 12.11.2017, trading volume (Volume 24h) for the three dominant cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin and Cash), the first time exceeded 18 billion U.S. dollars per day, reached 18 942 million U.S. dollars (table. 1.2.a). The index value of the ZAK-3 Crypto amounted to a record 12%, which indicates a very high liquidity and dynamism of the market dominant cryptocurrency.

Table. 1.2.. Daily index calculation ZAK-3 Crypto (02.11.2017, 03.12.2017)

Trading volumes 24 hour (24h Volume) for the six dominant cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Litecoin and Dash) at the end of last week was 9 767 million U.S. dollars (table. 1.2.b), i.e. 3.5% of their market capitalization. More indexes ZAK-ZAK and Crypto 3-6 Crypto considered in the table. 1.2.and 1.2.b.

Table. 1.2.b. Daily calculation of the index ZAK-6 Crypto (extension table 1.2.a)

In table. 1.3 presents the key events of the last week (27.11-03.12.2017 g) that influenced the course of the dominant cryptocurrency and the stock market in General, indicating the nature and extent of their influence.

Table. 1.3. Key events of the week that influenced the course of cryptocurrency 27 Nov — 3 Dec 2017

High trading activity (Volume 24h) relative to market capitalization contributes to the volatility of the cryptocurrency market, which can lead to sharp changes in their prices.

The following is an analysis of daily changes in exchange rates Bitcoin, Cash Bitcoin and Ethereum with the beginning of the month (tab. 1.4.a,b,C).

Table. 1.4.. Daily dynamics of exchange rate, trading volume (Volume 24h) and capitalization of the Bitcoin (BTC) to US dollar (c 01.11.2017, 03.12.2017)

Table. 1.4.b. Daily dynamics of exchange rate, trading volume (Volume 24h) and capitalization of Ethereum (ETH) in relation to the U.S. dollar (c 01.11.2017, 03.12.2017)

In November, the Bitcoin exchange rate has had a particularly noticeable impact events associated with the abolition of hard forks. This was marked by an increased interest of market participants to alternative currency Bitcoin and Cash the demand for Bitcoin. But after a few days the situation has changed. The increases in Bitcoin amounted to over 80%, his rate rose $6 440,97 to $11 858,70. Course Ethereum grew from $305,76 to $465,85 (table. 1.4.a,b). Thus the highest rate Ethereum ($522,30) was recorded 29.11.2017 g. the Greatest daily fluctuation (Range) of courses Bitcoin and Ethereum $1 916,40 and $97,20, respectively, and were observed 29.11.2017 G.

Courses Bitcoin and Ethereum from the beginning of 2017 increased to 11.34 and 57,02 times, respectively (see table. 1.4.a,b).

Table. Daily dynamics of exchange rate, trading volume (Volume 24h) and capitalization of the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) in relation to the U.S. dollar (c 01.11.2017, 03.12.2017)

The General index of the change Bitcoin to Cash August 1, 2017 amounted to 4.1 (for the base calculation adopted rate of $380 at the end of the day 01.08.2017 g), i.e. for the period after hard forks of Bitcoin and new Bitcoin Cash its rate increased by 310%, while the growth rate occurred in November.

In table. 1.5 presents a list of events, information about which appeared last week and which can affect the certain cryptocurrency and the market in General.

Table. 1.5. Events that can affect the course of cryptocurrencies in the future

1.2 market Dynamics

Weekly dynamics of the market of cryptocurrencies and assets 02.07.2017, 03.12.2017. presented in the form of diagrams (Fig. 1.1-1.5)*.

Table. 1.6. Symbols and characteristics of the charts

In Fig. Figure 1.1 shows the weekly changes in the cryptocurrency market with 02.07.2017, 03.12.2017 During this period, market capitalization grew from 94 to 333 716 820 million U.S. dollars, and relative to the beginning of the year the growth amounted to 1 786%. Over the past week, the total market capitalization increased from 283 044 million U.S. dollars to 333 820 million US dollars (as of 03.12.2017). The increase was mainly due to the increase in the market capitalization of Bitcoin and tens of dominant altcoins.

Despite the substantial increase in the market capitalization of crypto-currencies for the third quarter of 2017 and for the year overall, the market is subject to sharp fluctuations. A significant reduction was observed at week 09-16.07.2017 (-28%) and in the first two weeks of September (03-10.09 and 11-17.09.2017), by 25 203 million U.S. dollars (-15,1%) and 20 817 million USD (-15%) respectively. The highest growth in the third quarter was 39% (16-23.07.2017). Over the past week (27.11-03.12.2017 g) the total market capitalization of crypto-currencies increased by 50 775 million U.S. dollars, or 18%.

The total number of types of cryptocurrencies and scriptactive on the stock exchange since July has increased from 881 to 1 273. Only for last week their number has increased to 34, 1 to 239 1 273. At the same time for the analyzed period, the average market capitalization of cryptocurrencies and scriptactive increased from 226,6 to 262,2 million dollars.

Over the past five weeks (29.10-03.12.2017 g) the cryptocurrency market have increased almost twice, from 353 to 333 170 820 million U.S. dollars. Total market capitalization for the first time exceeded 200 billion U.S. dollars November 3, and then 300 billion U.S. dollars on November 27, 2017 the Last month was characterized by increased interest in the stock market that says about the readiness of development of this direction in the financial sector (e.g., futures, Bitcoin). Some experts predicted the further growth of rates of major cryptocurrencies, however, there is a high risk associated with market fluctuations.

2. General market analysis ICO (week, month).

2.1 a Brief review of the market news for the week

Almost Half of ICO Funding Goes to Europe, Report Finds

New Zealand’s Regulator Warns Against Teenager’s NZD$220 Million ICO

Letter From the Supposed Lawyer Promises Confido ICO Investors Refund

Karpeles Coin: Mt. Gox Founder’s ICO Plans Cause Community Outrage

“Securities ICOs Are Absolutely” Says Former SEC Boss Amid Crypto Boom

2.2. Aggregated indicators of the dynamics and efficiency of the market for the last (ending, Сompleted) ICO

To assess the dynamics and efficiency of the market is successfully finished and/or released to the stock exchange ICO offers a set of tools (see table. 2.1).

Table. 2.1. Tools to assess the efficiency of the market is successfully finished and/or released to the stock exchange ICO

Table. 2.2. Aggregated indicators of the dynamics and efficiency of the market the past (completed Completed) ICO4

Data for October and November adjusted the appearance of more complete information on revised ICO. In the end, the total amount of attracted funds amounted to 822,6 million U.S. dollars in October 2017 and 683,5 million U.S. dollars in November 2017 and These amounts are summarized from the results of respectively 72 and 50 completed the most successful ICO October and November. With the biggest amount of fees amounted to 144,3 million dollars (ICO Polkadot, October 2007) and 108.2 million U.S. dollars (ICO QASH, November 2007).

For more details on the 10 largest ICO Nov presented in table. 2.5.

2.3. Aggregated indicators to assess the market for existing and planned (Active, Planned) ICO

Table. 2.3. Aggregated indicators for market assessment of existing and planned (Active, Planned) ICO

The number of projects engaged in (Active) ICO is 03.12.2017 G. 275. At the moment there is information at least about 285 ICO scheduled after 03.12.2017 G.

2.4. Quantitative analysis of the market ICO

1. The amount of attracted funds and the number of ICO

Table. 2.4. The amount of attracted funds and the number of ICO

Table. 2.4 shows that the largest number of funds was drawn by the ICO in June 2017. In the same month, the average number of funds (Average funds collected) one ICO made up of 33.17 million dollars.

Data Nov 2017 may be subject to adjustment as information on fees completed ICO will be revised.

2.Top ICO

In table. 2.5 presents the top 10 successfully completed in November the ICO with the largest amounts of borrowed funds.

Table. 2.5. Top 10 ICO on volume of attracted funds (November 2017)

Leader Nov was a project QASH. Its brief description is given below.

3. Top ICO in separate categories

The ICO list of top categories based on the categories ICO-leaders of the month.

Table. 2.6. Top 10 ICO on volume of attracted funds in category Trading & Investing

In table. 2.6 presents the top 10 ICO in the category of Trading & Investing. All these projects were implemented in 2017. More than half of them carried out on the crypto currency exchange. One of the most successful can be considered the process of going public ICO 0x, since this project against the Current Token to the Token Sale Price is Price of 4.52 x. When considering this indicator should take into account the timing of completion of ICO 0x (16.08.2017 g), i.e. a growth of 4.5 times happened in about 3 months, and market capitalization 0x currently exceeded 109 million U.S. dollars.

The ratings of ICO in the categories of Commerce & Advertising, and Energy & Utilities are presented below.

Table. 2.7. Top 10 ICO on volume of attracted funds in the category Commerce & Advertising

Project Wax, ICO which took place in November, is the category leader by volume of attracted funds. In second place is project Basic Token Attention, which attracted 35 million US dollars, having 1 000 000 000 coins in 30 seconds and costs about $0,036 per token. Currently they are sold on the crypto currency exchange of approximately $0,19. Thus, efficiency is of 5.31 x. The total market capitalization Basic token Attention Token on 04.12.2017 year amounts to 190 million U.S. dollars.

Table. 2.8. Top 4 ICO by volume of attracted funds in the category Energy & Utilities

In table. 2.8 presents the top-4. ICO in the category Energy & Utilities. Two projects presented in this category, has completed the process of going public. In particular, the project SunContract the attitude of the Current Token to the Token Sale Price is Price of 7.47 x.

In November, the ICO has successfully completed 50 projects, each of which attracted more than 100 thousand U.S. dollars, the total amount of attracted funds amounted to no less than 683 million US dollars. Leader Nov was the project QASH (108.2 million dollars).

Since the beginning of the year successfully completed the ICO 308 project, which has collected more than 4 410,6 million dollars.

4. Top ICO from the beginning of 2017

In table. 2.9 presents the top 10 largest ICO in the amount of funds raised, most of which belongs to the category of Infrastructure (Infrastructure) and was conducted in 2017.

Table. 2.9 Top 10 ICO on volume of attracted funds



Key concepts Definition
Initial coin offering, ICO (initial coin offer, initial placement of coins) Form of collective support for innovative technological projects, a variety of sales and attract new supporters through the primary offer coins for future holders in the form of a blockchain-based cryptocurrency (tokens) and scriptaction.
Market capitalization (Rwalking down market capitalization ) The value of the object calculated based on the current market (stock) prices. It is a financial measure used to evaluate total cost of market-based instruments, actors and markets. [Source:].
Cryptocurrency market capitalization as Total market value traded in the cryptocurrency market.
Total cryptocurrency market capitalization as Market capitalization of crypto-currencies and assets, i.e. the total market value of traded cryptocurrencies and assets.
Token reward The effectiveness of token (current token price of / the price of a token at the time of the ICO), i.e. the reward of one dollar invested in the token.
Dominance Market share, i.e. the ratio of the capitalization of cryptocurrencies (the token) to total market capitalization. Expressed as a percentage.
Sale price TokenCurrent token price The price of a token at the time of the ICO.The current price of a token.
Not Mineable The coin is not manitsa (from the English. mining). Refers to a crypto currency (tokens) which have no function hashing or not produced in the mining process.
Premined Remaininga coin. Refers to a crypto currency (tokens) which are produced in the mining process, but a certain amount of coins (tokens) was created and distributed to defined users when the project starts.
The rate of market increase (in % to the beginning of the year) The growth rate of market (% YTD), i.e. how much % of the market capitalization increased relative to the beginning of the year.
The growth rate of the market (in % to the beginning of the year) The market growth rate (% YTD), i.e. how many times has changed the market capitalization relative to the beginning of the year.
Increase in market capitalization (in million USD compared to previous period) The increase rynochnoi capitalization of cryptocurrencies and assets (in millions of U.S. dollars the previous period), i.e., how many million dollars of change in the market capitalization for the period.
The rate of market increase (in % compared to previous period) The growth rate of the market (in % to previous period), i.e. how much % the market capitalization has increased over the period.
The market growth rate (in % compared to previous period) The market growth rate (in % to previous period), i.e. how many times the increased market capitalization relative to previous period.
Number of cryptocurrencies and digital assets The number of crypto-currencies and assets. At the time of formation of the Glossary of the market turned more than 1070 species of crypto-currencies and assets.
Average market capitalization as The average market capitalization, i.e. the ratio of market capitalization of all cryptocurrencies and assets to their number.
Token return Indicator of the effectiveness of funds spent on the purchase of tokens, or the ratio of the current price of the token and the sale price of the token, i.e. the efficiency of investment of one dollar in tokens at the stage of sale of tokens, with their subsequent sale on the crypto currency exchange for US dollars.
ETH reward – current dollar value of $1 spent on buying tokens during the token sale An alternative indicator of the effectiveness of funds spent on the purchase of tokens in the period of the ICO, or the ratio of the current rate of ETH to his course at the beginning of the sale of token-ICO, ie if one dollar were not invested in the ICO and at ETH in his course at the beginning of the sale of tokens, and then sold at the current rate of ETH.
BTC reward– current dollar value of $1 spent on buying tokens during the token sale Similar to the previous: an Alternative indicator of the effectiveness of funds spent on the purchase of tokens in the period of the ICO, if one dollar was invested in BTC at the exchange rate at the beginning of ICO, and then sold at the current rate BTC.
Token/ETH reward The ratio of economic benefits/losses of the market participant in connection with the purchase of tokens at the stage of the ICO to the possible investment in ETH. If the value is > 1, then the market participant has achieved greater effectiveness of investments spent on tokens than if he invested in bitcoin ETH.
Token/BTC reward The ratio of economic benefits/losses of the market participant in connection with the purchase of tokens at the stage of the ICO to the possibility of investing in BTC. If the value is > 1, then the market participant has achieved greater effectiveness of investments spent on tokens than if it invested in cryptocurrency BTC.
ZAK-n Crypto index The index is calculated as a percentage and represents the ratio of the volume of trades (deals) at cryptocurrency exchange per day (24h Volume) at the n dominant cryptocurrency to the sum of their market capitalization.In the calculation of the index ZAK-3 Crypto , there are three dominant cryptocurrency, which was selected as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple, as at the beginning of 2017, the market capitalization was the highest.

In the calculation of the index ZAK-5 Crypto takes into account the trading volume and market capitalization of the five cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash. The index on the five currencies with the highest market capitalization at this moment (September 2017) is calculated from August 2017, as it is in August 2017 on a crypto currency exchange appeared cryptocurrency Bitcoin Cash resulting from the separation of bitcoin.


[i] disclaimers and limitation of liability

Despite the fact that the information contained in this document is regarded as authentic, ICOBox makes no representations and gives no warranties, Express or implied, regarding its completeness or accuracy. The information presented in this document may include certain statements, estimates and projections. Such statements, estimates and projections reflect assumptions concerning anticipated ICOBox trends that can be realized or not. ICOBox refrains from making any representations as to the accuracy of such statements, estimates or projections, and actual results may differ materially from those discussed in such statements, estimates or projections.

The expected financial results may be affected by changes in economic and political conditions and other future events that cannot be forecast. ICOBox makes no representations or warranties regarding the feasibility of forecasts or data, information and assumptions contained in the document. Approval and evaluation, constitute our opinion, formed on the date of this report, and are subject to change without prior notice. This document has been prepared for information purposes only and does not constitute an offer to sell securities of cryptocurrencies or tokens, and also does not contain any recommendations or advice on investment in any particular company or assets.

ICOBox is not liable for any statements, Express or implied, contained in this document or excluded from it. ICOBox is a provider of SaaS solutions for companies that want to sell their product through the sale of tokens (ICO). ICOBox cooperates or seeks to do business with companies mentioned in its research reports, and acquires or wishes to acquire their assets.


In Korea sentenced the organizers of the bitcoin pyramid for $20 million

In South Korea sentenced two organizers of a financial bitcoin pyramid, deceived investors a total of 20 billion won ($20 million).

Judge, Incheon district court fined the scams for $15 million and $8 million respectively. It was noted that in 2015, the defendants have created an illegal multi-level marketing scheme, through which attracted the money of investors, ensuring high return on investment in bitcoin.

“Organization scheme based on network marketing, the risk for the socio-economic order with the mass production of a large number of victims,” said the judge.

Significant penalties awarded to the accused were given on the basis of the scale, illegally brought them victims. The head of the company who ran the investment is in the international wanted list through Interpol.

We will remind that earlier in China have been arrested suspects in the organization of the cryptocurrency pyramid schemes, fraudulently collected $13 million from 13 thousand victims. In early April, in India was arrested the Creator of the bitcoin trading platform GainBitcoin Bharadwaja Amit (Amit Bhardwaj), who is accused of fraud 8 million investors totaling $300 million.


BitGo announced support for Stellar

Cryptomaterials service BitGo this Wednesday announced the addition of one of the largest digital asset on the market Stellar Lumens (XLM).

As the company noted in the blog, she became the first supplier of purse with multipoles and custody solutions for cryptocurrencies, recently published in fourth place in the CoinMarketCap list. Along with this, the number of supported BitGo digital assets reached 115.

«We are constantly adding support for new digital currencies to which our clients are interested, and Stellar became the obvious choice for inclusion in this list. Network Stellar BitGo offers clients access to the financial structure of cross-border transfers, allowing XLM takes on a special significance in the eyes of investors», – said Director of technology, BitGo Ben Chan.

Along with a Stellar addition to the BitGo wallets was implemented to support integrated order of writing addresses, which allows you to create understand a person’s addresses, similar to those used in e-mail.

A separate announcement made today the company Bity – smaller in scale but not in importance for individual users – which deals with the maintenance of the network of crypto-currency terminals in Switzerland. Now in addition to bitcoin and Ethereum using its devices potential investors can buy Monero.

Explaining why as a third supported cryptocurrency was chosen Monero, the company draws attention to its anonymous features, which «provide an extra level of privacy for users that are unattainable in a transparent block chain used by bitcoin and Ethereum», and are of particular importance for «the development of human-oriented digital economy.»

Terminals Bity accept deposits up to 5,000 francs ($5 010) or the equivalent in euros, and situated in the Swiss «Cryptocoryne», located in Zug, also Western Union offices in four different cities of the country.


In Ethereum awards PoW miners will be reduced to 0.6 ETH

The developers of Ethereum has published the specification for the first phase of updates Casper the Friendly Finality Gadget (Casper FFG), which will allow the network to switch to a hybrid mechanism of consensus Proof-of-Work (PoW)/Proof-of-Stake (PoS).

According to the specification upgrade, the reward per block for PoW miners will be reduced by 80% – from 3 to 0.6 ETH.

After the transition to the new mechanism of consensus of all the existing PoW-mechanisms will remain, but they also added a new PoS arrangements.

With regard to the amount of remuneration for stalkerov, this information in the specifications no. It is likely that the reward for a block will remain the same, with a 0.6 ETH will be to the miners, and 2.4 ETH – scenery. However, given the relative cheapness of stacking, this is unlikely. Rather, stakery will receive much less.

In this case, after full implementation of the sharding algorithm and Casper awards for the block is to be reduced to 0.22 ETH. About this acne Buterin said late last month.

However, before that happens, it will take some time because the implementation of these changes will be implemented gradually, in several stages, starting from the first phase of the update Casper.

It is expected that new details of the upcoming updates can be presented at the weekly meeting of developers of Ethereum, scheduled for April 6.


«Chinese Facebook» Renren is planning to go to ICO

Chinese social network Renren have announced their plans to launch of the ICO project called RR Coin. On the background of this news the company’s stock price jumped 19%.

Social network Renren was founded in 2005. It was called «Chinese Facebook» for similar functionality and popularity among students in the first years of its existence. This is one of the most successful SNS companies in China.

With years of Renren started to lose its popularity due to market players such as microblogging service Sina Weibo and Wechat messenger. The company has become increasingly difficult to attract new users. The only solution is constant product innovation, and the social network has turned its attention to the blockchain industry.

According to the White Paper of the ICO project, the company plans to create a blockchain-a platform open source, which will store data about interactions between users. Token Coin RR will be used in several scenarios ranging from the rewards for the publication of content and ending with the payment for the advertising.

Results will be released 1 billion tokens, of which 40% will be used for licensee, 22% will be transferred to Foundation RR Coin, 15% will go to marketing and development, and the remaining 20% on business development. During the ICO, the project team intends to collect 100 thousand ETH.


The R3 consortium submitted a payment application-enabled token XRP

Banking blockchain-R3 consortium announced the launch of the app Corda Settler for the international cryptocurrency payments in corporate distributed networks. The first supported the digital asset in the application is a token XRP, reports CoinDesk.

«The launch of Corda Settler and support XRP as the first payment mechanism is an important step that shows how powerful can interact with ecosystems, which are two of the most influential cryptocurrency and blockchain communities in the world», – said the technical Director of R3 Gendal Richard brown.

Corda Settler is a opensource application in the package CorDapp and gives you the opportunity to make payments via the payment obligations on the network Corda through any parallel funds supporting cryptocurrency or other scriptactive or traditional payment mechanisms that can provide cryptographic confirmation of settlement of transactions.

In particular, the application verifies enrollment expected amount to the payee’s account, automatically updating the registry Corda. Also in the plans of developers add support for deferred netting of transactions and calculations for pre-set amounts in real time.

When the Corda system will arise the payment obligation one of the parties can request a payment in XRP tokens. The other party receives notice of such request and that it needs to send the payment to the specified address by the deadline. As soon as the service Oracle will confirm the payment, the parties may consider the obligation fulfilled.

Application support token XRP may seem somewhat surprising, if we recall the recent litigation between R3 and Ripple, but close to the source claims that occurred disagreements have nothing to do with it. The launch of a new payment mechanism, he said, needs to give greater legitimacy to the cryptocurrency.

In September of this year, R3 and Ripple announced the agreement at all had taken place of litigation Ref. 5 billion XRP, of which R3, it was argued, could purchase at a fixed price of $0,0085 at any time before the end of 2019.


Study: Russia took the second place in the world of cryptocurrency traders

The specialists of the Belarusian marketing Agency BDCenter analyzed the 30 most popular cryptocurrency exchanges and came to the conclusion that the largest number of users of these platforms based in the United States, Russia and China. Fourth and fifth place in the number of capturadora occupied Vietnam and Turkey.

Under the scope of the analysts got Binance, Okex, Huobi, Bitfinex, Upbit,, Hitbtc, Coinbase, Kraken,Bitstamp, Bittrex, Gate, Poloniex, Gemini, Coinsbank and other exchanges.

BDCenter data show that the average age of the trader in China is 20-30 years in the US — 30 years. In Russia 50% of traders are in the age of 25-40 years old, and 30% — from 18 to 25 years.

Analysts also cite data Japanese financial services Agency (FSA) in April. FSA statistics shows that in Japan is more than 3.5 million cryptocurrency traders. Most of them men aged 20 to 30 years.

It is noted that 50% of users of exchanges have completed higher education in Economics or mathematics. According to the study of the eToro platform in 2017, 82% of traders are beginners, 11% of traders with an average experience level, and only 7% advanced.

«All exchanges more than 70% of traders are men. The exception on the exchange where the percentage of female audience is higher and 52,67%», — the report says.

Experts also found that the most expensive listing price of amount of cryptocoins on Huobi ($3.5 million), Bibox and Binance ($1 million). Most popular cost of listing is 10 BTC. 13 exchanges of 30 has its own token, the report says.

We will remind, according to the study OK the Blockchain Capital, about 25.47% of investors had suffered «heavy losses» in September.


Because of the «threats SEC» McAfee no longer promotes the ICO projects

Known programmer, entrepreneur and bitcoin enthusiast John McAfee (John McAfee) said that it will no longer publicly support the ICO projects in light of “threats to the SEC.” McAfee claims that the representatives of the regulator demanded that he refuse to cooperate with any ICO projects, including advertising and PR support on Twitter. He also sees the risks of arrests for the organizers of the ICO, which in itself, in his opinion, unfair.

We will remind, earlier positive tweet McAfee was estimated at $105 thousand. While the SEC back in November of last year, said the ICO promotion in social networks “stars” finds it illegal if not disclosed the nature, source and also the size of direct or indirect compensation for support.

At the end of December 2017 McAfee announced that it is officially a verified profile Twitter account was hacked, and he has no relationship to the price forecasts on a little-known cryptocurrency, which were published in microcooling on his behalf. And at the end of may McAfee predicted the bitcoin price in June at $15 bucks apiece, despite the fact that in July she again lowered.