Proxy service to access the Tor performs the substitution addresses of bitcoin wallets

Proxy service, allowing you to access the Tor network from a standard web browser, is spoofing addresses of bitcoin wallets on the websites of ransomware.

The experts of Proofpoint have detected that the service secretly analyzes uploaded through the portal web pages for strings that look like addresses of bitcoin wallets, and then replaces them one of the wallets operators. Similar behavior was seen at the sites of the ransomware LockeR, Sigma and GlobeImposter.

During the analysis, the experts also found that in the service there are various «rules of replacement» bitcoin wallets, indicating that the operators have manually set up addresses for each individual site. In total there have been two addresses of bitcoin wallets belonging to the operators of the Total purses not stored for more than 2 bitcoins (about $22 million).

The operators of rent-seeking BY took note of what is happening and removed the links to all proxy services from their programs, encouraging victims to make payments only through the Tor browser. And some, like the owners of the ransomware LockeR, took extra precautions, directly warning victims not to use the service the

Recall that, according to the company FireEye, cyber criminals are increasingly direct attacks on the holders of bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange in the Asia-Pacific region. The experts of Group-IB also believe that the hackers will switch attention from banks in the cryptocurrency market — a successful attack on it brings in more money.


Agency Weiss explained why bitcoin has assigned a rating of C+.

In January, the independent rating Agency Weiss Ratings introduced the report with some of the leading cryptocurrency. It contained ratings of the 74th virtual currencies. Highest rating – «A», lower «D». Bitcoin in this rating has got the stability of C+. However, many members of the crypto community did not agree with this assessment.

In response to a wave of criticism Weiss Ratings founder Martin Weiss (Martin D. Weiss) explained why bitcoin has received a rating of «C+» and not «A».

«For investors cryptocurrency with a rating of «A» is the one that rarely survives the fall, and at the moment there is no such example. But we understand from what come the developers. They told us that they are not disturbed by fluctuations in the market. They believe our ratings should reflect strictly the quality of their work and its relative success in the real world,» explained Weiss.

To meet the needs of investors, developers, Weiss model combines a number of submodules: Risk (Risk), Reward («Reward»), Fundamentals («fundamentals») and Technology («Technology»).

Below is the results of bitcoin on these models:

  • Risk and Reward. Bitcoin investors have recently earned less than investors in altcoins, and they continue to endure the risks of extreme volatility.
  • Fundamentals. Despite the positive points, rated for the breadth of use and security, bitcoin lost points due to slow processing of transactions (4 transactions per second) and high fees (around $10 per transaction). Another disadvantage was the fact that about 70% of Hasrat network controlled by the top 5 miners.
  • Technology. Bitcoin lacks the control needed for rapid modernization, and it lags behind other projects in this fast growing industry.

The Weiss report also criticized for the fact that the Agency gave too much weight to such factors as price volatility. However, Weiss has denied the allegations:

«It is not. Our model accurately reflects the ugly truth about extreme market fluctuations. But our ratings are constantly updated. If prices stabiliziruemost or will be successfully implemented improvements in speed upgrades».

Recall that Ethereum rating Weiss received a higher rating than bitcoin.

Note also that according to experts interviewed by CNBC, this year bitcoin will continue to grow. According to forecasts, by the end of this year the price of BTC could reach $50 thousand, and the total cryptocurrency market capitalization of $1 trillion.


Moses: in the law of the crypto currency not agreed on only one item

In the Russian “Law on digital of financial assets” remained unresolved one point — criteria for the selection of exchanges for the trading of cryptocurrencies. This was on the sidelines of the state Duma, told reporters Deputy Finance Minister Alexei Moiseev.

“The principle [of the selection of exchanges] as controversial. In fact it is only the last position which is not coherent”, he said.

Earlier Moses stated that the Agency supported the legalization of trade cryptocurrencies on the official exchanges. It is the determination of the list of these sites became the subject of intense discussions in the Department, he said.

Recall that in August, the Finance Ministry has proposed to allow trade in cryptocurrencies in Russia solely on Masuria under control of Rosfinmonitoring and only for qualified investors.

In the middle of January, authorized under the RF President on protection of entrepreneurs ‘ rights Boris Titov criticized the work on the legislation on the regulation of cryptocurrencies, calling it sporadic and uncoordinated.


Bitcoin Black Friday will be held with the participation of altcoins

The upcoming Bitcoin Black Friday, traditionally arranged in the fourth Friday of November as world day of the sale, but only with payment in bitcoins, this year will take place with other cryptocurrencies.

As reported on the website of the project, this allowed Bitcoin Black Friday deals in altonah – in the application form for participation it is necessary to specify what crypto-currencies are accepted for payment.

Bitcoin Black Friday was first held in 2012 and is quite a significant event for the bitcoin community. The initial goal of the project was the opportunity to demonstrate to the world the existence of an honest cryptocurrency market, where bitcoin is not only used for sales of drugs and other prohibited items. Its founder, the American John Holmqvist (Jon Holmquist) wanted to show how convenient to use BTC for international settlements at the conclusion of all types of contracts.

Today, there are few who doubt the value of bitcoin, on the contrary, from January to November 2017 its rate has increased eight-fold, from about $950 to $8 thousand per coin. This sharp upward movement forced the Holmqvist to question the wisdom of the traditional bitcoin sales this year. However, according to numerous requests from community representatives, it was decided that Bitcoin Black Friday will take place at the same time, the calculations can be carried out in any cryptocurrency, not just in the traditional BTC.

To participate in Bitcoin Black Friday, anyone who is willing to offer discounts and special offers to members of the crypto community, and to accept bitcoins or any other cryptocurrency. You just have to fill in a special form, and on 24 November his offer during the day will be displayed on the website Bitcoin Black Friday.



Juscutum: the fall of bitcoin exchange rate makes it unprofitable «zakoshmarivaniye» cryptobytes in Ukraine

Despite the fact that law enforcement bodies of Ukraine have weakened the pressure on cryptocurrency businesses, the introduction of martial law in several areas of the country may initiate a new wave of raids on suspicion of cryptomery still outside the legal field, the financing of terrorism. This was stated by the lawyer, project Manager, Practice business security UK Juscutum Alexander Gorobets.

According to him, the surge of interest in cryptocurrencies in 2017 resulted in a huge number of searches on everyone who was interested in this market.

«If mid-2018 IT-companies were less likely to apply to us for legal protection, at the end of the year, we again observe the growth of such communications. This, in particular, by the several searches conducted in companies operating in the fields of cryptobytes», — said Gorobets.

And yet, objectively, the overall degree of tension has decreased due to the falling exchange rate of bitcoin, the lawyer says. The miners had either suspended their activities or continue to maintain the operation of the equipment. The crypto currency exchange continues its work, however, ascertain the decrease of customers increase.

«In our view, the attention of law enforcement to companies in the field of cryptobytes also decreased due to the decrease in total profitability of this business», — stated Alexander Gorobets.

In 2018 the «guests» were more likely to come to the developers of software and tech support websites and databases. Active development of payment systems puts at risk the banks and financial companies.

According to the UK Juscutum in 2017 and 2018 in the investigation of economic crimes in Ukraine was held for 120 thousand searches (for comparison, in 2014, to 67 thousand).

«On average, each of the 24 regional administrations of Ukraine, excluding Kyiv, is 15 searches per month. Is 4320 per year. Kiev — 2376 per year», — said the lawyers.

According to the lawyer, managing partner of law Juscutum Artem Afian, in the period of martial law was the biggest problem for business can be a reluctance of counterparties to meet their obligations, citing force majeure.

«Foreign investors now take a wait and see stance at least until the expiration of martial law, and should not expect more investment in December and the first quarter of 2019. However, a sharp drop of capital investment will not happen», — the expert believes.

In addition, Afian warned that military aggression from the Russian Federation may initiate additional actions to limit the relationship with her: perhaps some impact on the billing system or additional control over the cash transfers.

«Banks may be under the influence of martial law. However, while specific measures are not expected», — he stressed.

Recall, 15 December 2017 the investigators of the security Service of Ukraine conducted searches in the office of the journal ForkLog and a rented apartment of its founder Anatoly Kaplan.

26 December 2017 in Kiev was kidnapped blockchain expert and a senior analyst at cryptocurrency exchange EXMO Paul Lerner. A group of kidnappers consisted of six armed men in dark clothes and masks, who were presented by employees of power structures. Within a few days Lerner was kept in a cellar, where he «was put under psychological pressure».

The kidnappers released expert 29 December, allegedly after payment of ransom, the amount of which, according to some, was from 77 BTC ($1 million) to 160 BTC ($2 million at the time).

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What you should know about the last weeks of the existence ETCDEV

Last week it became known about the sudden closure of ETCDEV, key team Ethereum Classic. The project suffered greatly from a prolonged bear market. ETCDEV kept their money in the cryptocurrency. Due to the fall of the market, the group capacity was limited so that in recent weeks they could not pay staff salaries.

But this story can stand something more. Various sources related to Ethereum Classic, told interesting details about the last weeks of the existence ETCDEV. However, the version expressed by various interlocutors of the ETC community, diverge up to a direct contradiction: someone says that the company and its employees have been thrown a lifeline, and someone that she was subjected to hostile takeovers.

The problem of financing ETCDEV

The story begins in early October when the leaders ETCDEV, which include CEO Igor Artamonov, Manager, business development Donald MacIntyre and Darcy Reno project Manager, realized that the funds to support the activities of the group coming to an end. The money was needed by the company to continue developing products and services for which it was responsible, and pay salaries to employees.

They appealed for help to James Waugh, Chairman, Digital Finance Group (DFG), one of the main sponsors of the network. According to MacIntyre, In the proposed ETCDEV in the form of a grant for $ 300,000. Also, allegedly, asked them not to seek financial assistance from anyone else. According to the leaders of ETCDEV, in the second half of October, they received from DFG grant for $ 40,000, but and Artamonov, a and McIntyre, expects to receive a larger amount in mid-November.

From this point the testimony of different participants and witnesses of the story begin to diverge. Darcy Reno, which was hailed as one of the leaders ETCDEV, in mid-November, went to Hong Kong to meet with Terry CULVER, Director General of the DFG, and discuss the financing options of the project. According to Artamonov and Mclntyre, in this trip, Reno moved to the side of the opponents of the project, since a few days after his return, on November 19, he announced his intention to leave ETCDEV and go to work in the Labs ETC. At that moment ETCDEV have enough money for another week of work.

Elizabeth Kukka, program Director of the ETC Lab, those who disagree with this version of events. She explained on the phone that they had discussed ways and means by which the development team ETCDEV could continue working on Ethereum Classic. Kukka said that with the management team of the project was reached a preliminary agreement, however, Artamonov it is not staged.

ETC Labs is an incubator and accelerator project, which is a subsidiary of DFG created this year. James In a post of the Chairman of the Board, and CULVER is the CEO.

About the «poaching» team ETCDEV

According to Artamonov and Mclntyre, after the breakdown of negotiations in the second half of November, ETC Labs and, in particular, Renault launched a coordinated effort «to entice» to itself of developers ETCDEV. McIntyre says that at the meeting held on November 23 – Black Friday – all the developers said that they were asked to work in Labs ETC.

According to MacIntyre, it was a classic poaching employees, and in the worst form. Artamonov in your email address agreed that «by any possible definition, the command was captured and is overbought in the course of «normal work» period. In his post on Medium Artamonov compared Reno with the «Trojan horse».

However, this is quite a controversial point: for example, Kukka has called this statement is completely unfounded. A source in ETCDEV on condition of anonymity, said when the ETC Labs began to offer them a job, ETCDEV was already in front of them the arrears of wages. According to the same source, Reno in recent weeks gave them great help, apparently trying to save to work on the ecosystem as much as possible ETC.

«If workers are not paid wages, it would be called poaching – said an anonymous source in ETCDEV. – Darcy [Reno] threw developers [ETCDEV] lifeline. I unequivocally deny the charges Artamonov address Reno poach employees.»

At the beginning of December in Labs ETC passed only two of the eight developers ETCDEV. Say that another man initially accepted the proposal but later rejected it. Will the rest of the developers in the Labs or ETC will continue to work on the platform of their own, is unclear.

So was there a coup?

From talking with various sources the impression that the management team ETCDEV gradually became more and more closed from the rest of the community and even from their own employees. Anthony Lusardi, Director of the ETC Cooperative, who learned of financial position ETCDEV only the beginning of December, said that the leaders of this team became more and more isolated and kept separately from other projects.

This same view was confirmed by a source inside ETCDEV, which stressed the strong commitment and Artamonov, a and MacIntyre, the fundamental ideas Ethereum Classic: the absolute immutability of the records in the blockchain is self-sufficient. McIntyre publicly criticized the ETC Cooperative for the receipt of funds from the Fund Ethereum (ETH), believing that it compromised their independence.

«This maximalism in respect of immutability were not helpful – said an anonymous source in ETCDEV. – The management of the project itself isolated itself from the rest of the community members. Essentially, it was poor management».

McIntyre said that he and Artamonov, was fully committed to compliance with the fundamental ideological principles Ethereum Classic. He believes that this is also true in relation to other members of the community, including Coop ETC. In his opinion, Labs ETC and DFG before and already had plans to be the leading developers of Ethereum Classic and considered the financial difficulties ETCDEV as an opportunity to entice their developers in Labs ETC.

Kukka, in turn, has expressed disagreement with this statement:

“It’s crazy, says Elizabeth Kukka. – ETCDEV worked as a company. DFG considered the question of providing financial support, but we knew that it could not solve the problem. Their rate of spending was far beyond the boundaries of the proposed us $ 300 000. The company is likely to put back in the same position in three months».

Others suggested that the main reason for the closure ETCDEV boils down to inefficient financial management. As already mentioned, a large part of their assets the company kept in cryptocurrency. And, as a result of market collapse and a prolonged bearish trend, the group’s ability to continue to Fund their activities and pay staff salaries were sharply limited.

“I don’t think that Artamonov was the right man for Treasury,” said Anthony Lusardi.

Artamonov for its part denies this point of view. In the email he said that the rumors about mismanagement of funds are part of a campaign to discredit him personally:

«I know that Darcy [Reno] and Anthony [Lusardi], which also received money from the DFG, I am accused of ineffective management of funds, but none of them had access to my long-term finances, had no idea of exactly how they managed and on the causes of the problem. This is pure speculation and deliberate misinformation, with the aim to damage my reputation.»

The last lesson ETCDEV

ETCDEV the collapse caught everyone by surprise, including the leaders ETC-community. Although we hear a lot about that over the platform employs hundreds of developers, the loss of a dedicated «core» of the team is a big blow to Ethereum Classic, at least in the short term.

But what is agreed, perhaps, all sources interviewed, it’s the fact that, despite the importance of the role ETCDEV, Ethereum Classic will continue its development. Despite this setback, the platform continues to grow and, according to Cookie, next month ETC Labs will add to it another 12 projects.

However, the events of this week show how easy community even operates relatively seamlessly – can be covered by internecine strife. When it comes to solid judgment and high ideals, projects are often too easily be divided into smaller rival factions.

In the end, that is what got Ethereum Classic.


Edge: Lightning Network is Aldon

Manual multi-currency crypto Edge believes that Lightning Network Protocol of the second level that runs on the bitcoin blockchain, which allowed for instant transactions and almost no cost – in fact it is not. According to them, LN is Aldon.

«I believe that Lightning is actually Aldona. This alternative circuit. This is an alternative mechanism of consensus, which is simply tied to bitcoin. However you look at it – he has a different address format, and other wallets, other method of transfer transactions, other restrictions, other servers to which you are connecting is all that matters from the point of view of technology, says that it is a different system,» said Edge co-founder William Swanson (William Swanson) during the live broadcast.

Edge CEO Paul Pui (Paul Puey) agreed:

«In fact, it is one of the most unusual altcoins. It is so much different as possible».

Swenson then brought additional arguments in support of its position:

«He is tied to the price of bitcoin at the rate of 1 to 1. If I have bitcoin, and I put it in the Lightning channel, the cost of this Lightning channel rises and falls with the price of bitcoin in the ratio of 1 to 1. In monetary terms are one and the same, technology is a completely different coin».

After the broadcast, many of the leading members of the crypto community have expressed their opinion on this issue. Most of them were extremely surprised by the position of the Edge in relation to LN.

Developer Lightning Network Elizabeth stark (Elizabeth Stark) noted that «different methods of payment do not imply different currency.» Otherwise, we could call Aldona debit card in relation to credit, etc.

Bitcoin entrepreneur Alistair Milne (Alistair Milne) called the view that LN is Aldon, the funniest joke of the week:

Degecoin Creator Jackson Palmer (Jackson Palmer) turned to his Twitter followers:

«Wait, Lightning is now Aldon? When on the moon?».

Pui tried to defend his point of view, but ultimately blamed it on the difference in the definitions:

«The industry is dynamic, new paradigm. Create new words, their value changes, which is to be expected. If in favor of changing the definition, there are good reasons, then so it shall be.»

Recall that in March Lightning Labs has released a beta version of the client lnd for the main bitcoin network, and earlier this month in Google Play appeared first purse for Lightning Network.


Digrate: DreamTeam project carries significant risks to investors

Rating Agency assessment of digital assets DigRate analyzed the DreamTeam project implementing blockchain in the eSports industry. He was assigned a rating of B1: significant risks for investors and high sensitivity to market conditions. Experts note that in spite of the demand in the industry such DreamTeam projects, the necessity and effectiveness of the practical implementation of the blockchain system causing issues.

DreamTeam project is to combine all the tools and functions necessary for the modern eSports team: maintaining contractual and legal procedures without the participation of intermediaries and managing relationships between players, teams, coaches, analysts and sponsors on the basis of trust and transparency smart contracts.

The company States that it intends to change the market of online gaming and eSports. The plan is to integrate the token of the project (DTT) in the global gaming ecosystem, and the ecosystem of eSports. It should apply to both virtual and physical segment.

The team plans to run a number of paid services that will work on the blockchain to ensure the safe management of operations. All payments for all transactions will be carried out in tokens DreamTeam (DTT), which will be a universal currency on the platform.

Thus in DigRate drew attention to the lack of information on the limitation of emissions of tokens DreamTeam, as well as on strategies to sustain the project exchange rate stability token DTT and freeze for a limited period of token commands. Explicit motivation in the possession of the token DTT is also not traceable. All this makes the project less friendly to investors and experts and causes questions among lawyers.

Alarming is the fact that the legal part of the project spelled out poorly. The company is the beneficiary ZeroGraviti ltd is registered in the British virgin Islands. The company is the sole owner being the Manager (Alexander Kokhanovsky). Use escrow intermediaries project is not provided.

The company announces in public documents that investment in the U.S. and Singapore undesirable. However, identification of investors, the company does not hold, as citizens of China, whose investments can cause serious problems for the project, and not mentioned in the White Paper.

However, the project also has strengths: the business of eSports and the presence of significant relevant experience of the company founder. The composition of the Advisory Board is composed of successful executives, professional competence which is confirmed by a large number of publications in the media. The company announced a strategic partnership with ESL (major international gaming network) and StarLadder (social network for gamers and a global eSports League).

To summarize, DigRate notes that if the team will be able to significantly strengthen its marketing and media activity, which is now at a low level, it will attract the attention of investors to the ICO and will allow the project to attract the necessary funds for the implementation of the plan.

In the implementation of all stated project features and products he has a chance to be market leaders, as used in the platform DreamTeam technology of the blockchain could indeed be a solution to the problem of security of financial transactions and regulation of the financial ecosystem of the new generation.


The SEC accused the head of investor and former Riot Blockchain fraud

The Commission on securities and exchange Commission (SEC) filed charges against 10 persons, among whom were head of Riot Blockchain John O’rourke (John O’rourke) and once the largest investor Barry Honig (Barry Honig), on suspicion in the organization in 2013-2018 fraudulent schemes in securities by $27 million of Charges also relate to the associated with these individuals companies Alpha Capital Anstalt, ATG Capital, LLC, GRQ Consultants Inc., HS Contrarian Investments LLC, Grander Holdings Inc., Melechdavid Inc., Opko Health Inc., Frost Gamma Investments Trust, Southern Biotech Inc. and Stetson Capital Investments Inc.

In a statement the SEC said that Honig was the main strategist of the group, recommending its members to buy or sell stocks, transactions, and promotional activity etc. at the same time he arranged the purchase of the Issuer’s shares with a significant and unfavorable for the company discount, and then artificially increased their price in the stock market. From implementing schemes of pumping and dumping, according to the SEC, suffered 3 companies and private investors.

We will remind, Riot Blockchain became known as one of the first companies to include in the title the word “blockchain”, which led to a sharp rise in the price of its stock. After the name change from Bioptix Inc on Riot Blockchain stock price from $4.5 rose to a maximum of $38.6. The company then purchased 700 pieces Bitmain AntMiner S9s and 500 pieces AntMiner L3s for the organization of mining business. In addition, Riot Blockchain acquired at the auction held by the US marshals Service, 500 bitcoins, and in March of this year announced that it may launch in the US platform for trading digital currencies and futures.


Dash in the area of strong demand

Cryptocurrency Dash on Wednesday, August 29, continues to grow. Now it is trading at $194,66, the demand is present and “pushes” the Dash aside $200,00. Given that in this case, on the side of the bulls – the most powerful impetus from the fundamental component, it can be assumed that technical signals will be implemented, according to Dmitry Gurkovsky, senior analyst at RoboForex.

A week ago, Dash touched $125,94 in the Wake of the sales, but immediately after this “failure” and is highly volatile day, the cryptocurrency began a moderate recovery. At the current moment “bulls” bitcoin is clearly more than the bears. In that case, if today’s Dash will be able to break through interim resistance at $195,00-195,50, the next attack will be on the line of $200,00. From there, open the way to $250,00.

Does Dash now “overbought”? Rather “no” than “Yes”. For the buyers is the interest in security and the free formation of prices, so while the bulls, there is little danger seriously.

Key support for the Dash is now at $148,00, and significant resistance is around 200,00. The MACD on the daily chart are growing in the negative area and indicates the purchase. The Stochastic oscillator continues to grow in the positive zone and confirms the previously generated buy signals.

Dash drew the attention of the market this week after its price began to grow rapidly on the back of demand for money in Venezuela. It is strange that it only happened now because of obvious reasons.

The national currency of Venezuela, has long lost its credibility, regardless of denomination, and other efforts of the authorities to keep the Bolivar afloat. After the President announced the devaluation of the Bolivar and bind its value to the oil bitcoin El Petro, the amount of users Dash quickly began to expand. But not only Venezuela and its problems with the financial system contribute to the dynamics of the Dash. Investors from China and Russia is also good to buy the cryptocurrency, and for the same reasons.

In General, the year went well for Dash. In January, the company signed a partnership agreement with Piiko, Strike Social and GoCoin. In addition, the contribution in the investment project has made the University of Arizona (USA). Recently became aware of the partnership with Dash smartphone manufacturer Kripto Mobile. This is a very promising direction, given the specificity of the Latin American market, where the technology company plans to expand its presence.

In Kripto Mobile believe that everything should be as easy for the user: applications and wallets, as well as services for depositing will be available immediately after switching on.

The capitalization of the Dash is now estimated at 1.5 billion USD.


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