How to use the crypto crisis on the market in their favor? Company case Stepium

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Statistics show that in the 21st century many areas radically changed in the last 5 years. This is largely due to the rapid development of the Internet. Changes came even to the financial market, which had remained unchanged for many years.

So, ten years ago there was a bitcoin, and we observed a gradual development of the stock market. In such a short period of 10 years, the market has experienced numerous UPS and downs. Now once again we are witnessing the decline of the cryptocurrency market. This high volatility leads to the fact that young companies have to quickly invent how to survive a difficult time. The company Stepium went the other way — used the uncertain times to their advantage.

Stepium appeared in 2016 as a marketing platform, with their product, and mechanics. In two years, the number of unique users exceeded the figure of 86 000 with a turnover of 30 million. The company has achieved its objectives, but also came to a standstill with the question “How to move on?”. So there was a product that could be of interest to all: beginners and professionals in the field of cryptocurrency.

The company Stepium turned their attention to the crypto currency exchange. The fact that there are a great many. Because of this, a normal user has to choose one or two exchanges to trade. There are a few problems. First, the user loses profit, and, secondly, liquidity.

Development Stepium — “Crypto Portfolio Manager” solves the problems of the market. It is an application that allows you to use only one screen for trading on the popular exchanges. So the user saves time and effort, without registering at each exchange.

The product is unique in its essence. First, unified access exchange allows you to forget about the problem of passwords and verifications. Smart router locates and exchanges the assets at the best rates. Another feature is the cross-exchange. Makes it easy to exchange crypto-assets among themselves.

Stepium is still a platform offering its users a variety of products ranging from a unique affiliate program, ending Stepium Academy, which accommodates knowledge about kryptomere and blockchain technology. Despite the market drop, the latest figure investment in the company is 3.5 million dollars. Given the situation in the crypto market — the numbers are impressive!


Dan Morehead predicts future growth rate of the cryptocurrency in 2018

The founder of the cryptocurrency hedge Fund Pantera Capital Dan Morehead (Dan Morehead) said that the General fall in the value of cryptocurrencies for the 65% achieved in the 2017 level in future they can expect growth.

“All crypto currencies now are very cheap… Much cheaper to buy them now and participate in a sharp rise after the fall”, – he said in a live CNBC.

Morehead is confident that in favor of the investors can play the volatility of crypto-currencies on the background of the problems of market regulation. It gives a tip: buy bitcoin when it reaches 230-day average price, wait a year and then sell. Best of all, in his opinion, this scheme will work with bitcoin.

“I have no doubt that you will earn 239%”, – he said.

Recall that in late April, Dan Morehead said that the cryptocurrency market ever will be able to cost $40 trillion. And in February-March, he predicted that bitcoin was supposed to be back to peak levels and continue to grow.


RoboForex connected Bitcoin and Ethereum for trading CFDs

An international group of brokerage companies, RoboForex announced the connection of two of the most liquid critobulus – bitcoin and Ethereum for trading CFD on MT4 and MT5. The list is available to customers trading instruments supplemented pairs BTCUSD and ETHUSD.

The company noted that in addition to traders, cryptocurrency trading also will be interesting to partners of the company, which accrued trade Commission on CFD on warrants involving new tools. All of these tools are available for clients of RoboForex now.

Kirill Kyrychenko, product Manager RoboForex:

«The decision to connect cryptocurrencies for trading on CFD in the first place due to the heightened interest in these assets traders from many countries of the world. Now our customers will be able to profit from the rapidly growing cryptocurrency market without having to purchase them. RoboForex offers the most convenient conditions for the transactions with digital currencies, traders and investors. In the near future we plan to actively develop this area and to qualitatively expand our offer by adding new tools and improving trading conditions».

According to CoinMarketCap, as of 13:55 (Kyiv/Moscow) the average rate of Bitcoin stood at $4584,12 per unit, Ethereum – 304,82.


Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group will open the exchange to support its own cryptocurrency

The largest financial group Japan Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group (MUFG) took the decision to open the new exchange to issue their own virtual currency — “MUFG Coin”.

Controlling exchange where people can trade “MUFG Coin”, the group will be able to dampen sharp fluctuations in prices. The result is a stable virtual currency can be used for payments and remittances. That’s the plan the fourth largest Bank in the world.

In addition, planning to control the price of the virtual currency, the Bank intends to equate the “MUFG Coin” to one yen, so that users could confidently use it in the country.

MUFG expects to open the opportunity to operate their own virtual currency to users in the next year. Using smartphones, they will be able to use the “MUFG Coin” for secure payment of goods and services. The Bank, meanwhile, will work on expanding the number of service providers and retailers for payment platform throughout Japan.

Mitsubishi UFJ has already notified the financial services Agency of Japan (FSA) about his plans for the production of coins and the opening of the exchange. Preparation of issue will take the Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ plan to organize a March in the competition of ideas for commercial use “MUFG Coin”.

Previously, MUFG has already experimented with its own cryptocurrency, but it was strictly an internal operation. The head of the group Nobuyuki Hirano (Nobuyuki Hirano) has emphasized that such experiments allow to obtain unique data. It should be noted that MUFG has always distanced itself from public cryptocurrency and stressed that the banking cryptocurrencies do not have anything to do with them.


Samsung created a setup for bitcoin mining of the 40 obsolete smartphones

The South Korean tech giant Samsung, through its new initiatives Samsung Upcycling, I created an installation for mining bitcoins of the 40 smartphones Galaxy S5. The novelty was presented at the recent San Francisco conference for developers.

Installation for mining works on a specially modified operating system Ubuntu and 40 smartphones Galaxy S5, released in 2014. If you compare the energy efficiency of desktop computer Core i7 2600 and 8 phones Galaxy S5, the latter will show much better results:

And all this thanks to reduced power consumption of smartphones: one Galaxy S5 consumes only 4 watts, while the specified processor i7 – all 95.

It should be noted that his technology Samsung seeks to capture the mining market, the company just wanted to show that aging gadgets can not only be used for its intended purpose. It is the objective of the initiative is Samsung Upcycling – re-purposing is still working, but outdated mobile devices. The initiative was also presented: a laptop with Ubuntu from the tablet, the camera of Galaxy S3 software for face recognition and other creative finds.


Commonwealth Bank successfully tested the blockchain-a platform for international trade

Australian Bank Commonwealth (Commonwealth Bank of Australia CBA) announced the successful completion of cross-border commercial transaction using the blockchain to track the supply chain.

One of the largest banks of the country reported that the party of almonds (17 tons), shipped from Australia to Germany, were tracked via a private blockchain platform developed by the Bank based on Ethereum.

Nodes in the blockchain networks have become key participants in commercial transactions, including producers of agricultural products Olam Orchards, transport companies, port operator Patrick Terminals and the port of Melbourne.

As specified in the CBA, the system based on the blockchain stores data about the containers, documents, and financial transactions in a distributed network. Thus, partners can simultaneously view and track the shipping information in real time. Moreover, in addition to the data delivery status available to them and other information, including the temperature and humidity in the container.

“The amount of data provided to partners through the supply chain a higher level of transparency and efficiency with respect to location, status, and authentication of goods transported,” — said in a statement, the Bank.

We will remind that earlier in Australia the chamber of Commerce of the country, the local unit of the audit firm PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) and the port of Brisbane began developing their own blockchain-based platform for tracking supply chains — Trade Community System. While the government has allocated for the study of the application of blockchain technology more than $520 thousand.

Tracking supply chains is one of the most popular practical applications of the new technology — according to the forecast of International Data Corporation, the development of blockchain solutions in this region at the end of the year the world will spend $160 million


The crypto currency exchange Bitfinex has added support SegWit

One of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges Bitfinex has announced the addition of Protocol support Segregated Witness (SegWit). According to the company, this innovation will reduce the fee for withdrawal of BTC by about 15% and speed up the processing time of transactions in the Bitcoin network.

According to technical Director Bitfinex Ardoino Paolo (Paolo Ardoino), adding support SegWit will provide several notable improvements:

«SegWit not only provides immediate benefits to users, but also the basis for the future development of bitcoin. By adding support SegWit addresses Bitfinex decides three questions of those that are most concerned about cryptoendoliths: transaction fees, transaction processing and overall network capacity. We are pleased that through this realization we can offer our clients lower fees for bitcoin withdrawals (up to -20%) and faster transaction processing than ever before.»

Recall that in December Bitfinex has suspended new user registrations due to «incredible demand growth for its services». A month later, in January, the company renewed the registration, but not for all.

And in February, Bitfinex announced the launch of an innovative high-performance decentralized exchange EOSfinex created on the basis of a Protocol EOS.IO.


The accused in the exit same bitcoin services Cubits engaged an independent expert to resolve conflict with clients

Based in the UK bitcoin company Cubits announced the appointment of an external management to resolve financial conflict with customers.

Experts in the field of technology, insolvency and forensic accounting, led by Steve Parker and Trevor Binyon of Opus firm’s Business Services Group will work with debtors and creditors, which the company Dooga, owner Cubits, he owed money to.

«Dooga was the victim of a serious crime, organized non-organization individuals that had a critical impact on its business and ultimately forced us to make a difficult decision on the appointment of third party administrators,» reads the company website.

The problems Dooga and controlled companies started in the beginning of the year. According to representatives Dooga, the company lost more than €35 million due to the conspiracy organized by three of its customers are from China and Malta payment service to Pay Secure Online Ltd (PaySec).

In January Cubits clients opened accounts on the platform for buying bitcoins. For the processing of payments was in charge PaySec. However, according to lawyers Dooga, for hacking, carried out thanks to the deliberate leak of the data of the accounts of these clients, the funds were stolen allegedly affiliated with the owners of the PaySec hacker. In turn PaySec denies involvement in the hacking.

«The circumstances of the break vague, but everything points to a conspiracy of three clients and PaySec», — said representatives Dooga in court, denying the fact of hacking their systems.

After treatment of the three «victims» clients Dooga asking them to return the spent on the purchase of bitcoin money, Chinese banks have blocked their funds in the amount of €29 million.

The remaining EUR 6.7 PaySec, according to representatives of the service, holds in accordance with the terms of the agreement between the companies, until an inquiry into fraud on the part of Dooga. In the course of the trial PaySec said Dooga refused the audit.

«Dooga right to receive this money is unconditional on the basis of the terms of the agreement. To this day, PaySec, perhaps because of collusion with hackers, holds an amount equivalent to the passed bitcoin», — stated in court, the lawyers Dooga.

Dooga requires PaySec transferred the money to the independent custodian at the time of the hearing. Immediately after the incident, Dooga has addressed in law enforcement bodies of great Britain, China, Germany and Malta.

«Since February, Dooga is making every effort to return the money. Unfortunately, contrary to our expectations, today they did not bring results», — stated in the message Dooga.

Meanwhile, in recent clients Cubits began to complain about problems with withdrawing funds from the platform. Some of them accused the company of exit same and promised to contact the police for fraud.

10 Dec in Twitter account Cubits, it was reported that the service is temporarily unavailable. Team Cubits promised to restore the platform at the first opportunity. As written by Bitcoinist, these actions Cubits trying to hide their insolvency.

Also, according to the publication, according to a profile in the social network payment coordinator Cubits Eloise Debono, in the past it was the «representative» well-known financial cryptoperthite OneCoin and CEO mark Krupyshev in November left his post on the background of the problems.

ForkLog previously reported that the head of cryptocurrency project AriseBank faces 120 years in prison for fraud.

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Deutsche Telekom, Citi and Alibaba Cloud joined blockchain consortium Hyperledger

Blockchain consortium Hyperledger has added sixteen new members, among which specializing in cloud computing, a unit of China’s giant Alibaba, the banking conglomerate Citigroup and its venture capital branch, and is also a provider of telecommunications solutions Deutsche Telekom. This is stated in the official press release.

Also, the new participants of the consortium joined Guangzhishu Technology, Guangzhou Technology Innovation Space Information Technology, KEB Hana Bank, HealthVerity, MediConCen, Techrock, Xooa, BlockDao and We.Trade.

«A growing community of Hyperledger suggests that there is a demand for opensource technologies and corporate blackany in various industries», — stressed the head of the consortium Brian Behlendorf.

We will remind, earlier Hyperledger announced a strategic partnership with Enterprise Ethereum Alliance with the goal of creating uniform standards.

At the moment the number of participants Hyperledger exceeded 260.

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Stabilin-project Basis ceases to exist

American blockchain startup Basis, one of the most famous stablon projects, closes, and returns most of attracted $133 million to investors. It is reported by The Block with reference to its sources.

According to the publication, Basis faced obstacles from regulators, with the result that it was decided to complete the work and return borrowed funds. Among the project investors include Bain Capital Ventures, GV, Andreessen Horowitz, Lightspeed Ventures and several other firms.

Which Agency has any problems, the sources said. Nobody knows what exactly are not satisfied regulators in the business model or token of the project.

Cryptocurrency startup Basis began its work in 2017. His goal was to create stable coins through automated operations «algorithmic Central Bank», which is based on the blockchain.

The sources of The Block noted that the Basis one of the best teams they have ever worked with, and they are willing to work with them again.

One of the major investors of the project in the comment to the edition stated:

«This is an extremely talented team with an extremely ambitious vision that solves a very difficult problem.»

To comment on rumors about the closure of the project, he refused, but noted that «we respect this team as much as before.»

Despite the bearish sentiment in the cryptocurrency market in 2018, the so-called «stablon» aimed at maintaining fixed values that became favorites this year. According to some experts, such as CEO XBTO Group Bekhazi Philippe (Phillippe Bekhazi), 2019 will also be the year tablconv.