Bitcoin exchange rate exceeded the level of $7500

Tonight the rate of BTC on some exchanges exceeded the level of $7500.

Throughout the day the exchange rate of bitcoin initially fell to $7050, but then began a steady growth, first returning to the level above 7300, then breaking the level of $7400, which has long acted as a resistance level.

Although the average rate according to Coinmarketcap has not yet exceeded $7500, but it is obvious that the market direction is clear.

The growth rate of BTC is not accompanied by this fall alithinou, which suggests that growth is not a trading activity, which maneuvering means, and the investments from outside.


The regulator of Hong Kong not see the need for a complete ban of kryptomere

The Commission on securities and futures of Hong Kong believes that a complete ban of cripture is not necessary. This was stated by the head of the Department Chairman Carlson Tong Ka-Shing (Carlson Tong Ka-shing) in the comments to South China Morning Post.

«We don’t think a total ban on these platforms is the right approach,» the official said.

According to him, traders will still find ways around all barriers.

«Even if we banned them, cryptocurrency transactions could easily navigate through the platform to overseas markets,» said Tong.

Instead, the controller seeks to establish a formal regulatory framework for cryptocurrency internal trade, even if this sector goes beyond its competence.

«We need to find out whether it is possible to regulate these platforms according to the standard, comparable licensing trade organizations, while protecting the interests of investors,» explained Tong.

The position of the regulator was welcomed by the operators of stock exchanges in Hong Kong.


Yours social network has launched a Bitcoin payments Cash

Last month, the head of the social network Yours Charles Ryan (Ryan X. Charles) announced the transfer of payments platform with Litecoin (LTC) to Bitcoin Cash (BCH). Now in the service earned a full featured beta version for BCH.

According to the head, as a result, the platform has become more robust, flexible and transparent. But the main thing — with the launch of a Bitcoin Cash with low transaction fees, Charles and co-founder of the network of Ley Clemens (Clemens Ley) got the opportunity to do more by creating payment channels, and to switch to improve the network.

“Bitcoin Cash — the same as bitcoin, only with a low Commission. With the launch of August 1, BCH, whose Commission is less than 1 cent, we were able to move from payment channels for transactions over the network. This reduced the complexity of our software and increased development speed in 10 times,” — said in a press release.

The idea of a decentralized social network Yours is that the user earned content. Authors of qualitative and popular posts, respectively, have the opportunity to earn more. The same idea implemented by a project Steem and its “younger brother” — the Russian Golos. But, the latter is used for payments own tokens, and Yours started with payments in bitcoin, and later moved on to Litecoin now — Cash on Bitcoin.


The Central Bank of Japan is confident bitcoin will not soon displace conventional money

Head of payments Department of the Central Bank of Japan is confident that in the near future digital currencies such as bitcoin will not replace conventional money, according to Reuters.

Speaking at the FinTech forum in Tokyo, a senior official of the Bank of Japan (BOJ) Hiromi Yamaoka (Hiromi Yamaoka) said that he sees that the traditional banking industry would be under any immediate threat from digital currencies. Yamaoka expects that cash will remain unchanged, despite serious breakthrough success related to financial technologies in recent years.

“It’s too far away … It would change the banking system too dramatically,” — said the official of the Japanese Central Bank.

In the past year, the BOJ has created a section responsible for FINTECH to cooperate with banks that are looking for new business opportunities. The Central Bank of Japan has also teamed up with the European Central Bank to explore blockchain technology.

But in September, the BOJ and the ECB said that the results of the research have shown that the technology known for the fact that it is based on bitcoin, while not Mature enough to be involved in the largest payment systems in the world.

“From a practical point of view, I think it’s still being built,” concluded Hiromi Yamaoka.

However, some Japanese banks are more optimistic about the possibilities of the blockchain, actively testing solutions based on this technology. Bitcoin in the country recognized as legal tender, its application is gradually expanding — it even accept utility bills. The regulator has licensed 11 of cryptocurrency exchanges, legalizing a market for the exchange of digital currencies.

We will remind, earlier that cryptocurrencies will never replace Fiat money has expressed the Vice-President of the ECB Vitor constancio (Vitor Constancio) and Deputy head of the Bank of Canada Carolyn Wilkins (Carolyn Wilkins).


Company Coinbase has abandoned attempts to patent the term «BUIDL»

The California-based company Coinbase no longer claim to be a patent trademark BUIDL, it follows from the updated status of the application on the website of the Office for patents and trademarks of the United States.

As stated in the accompanying comments, the application was withdrawn at the request of the applicant. As follows from the document, it was withdrawn on December 14th.

The most obvious reason for withdrawal was the criticism to which Coinbase has been on social networks after earlier this month it became known about the company’s plans to trademark the term.

Popular in the cryptocurrency community, the term «buidl» comes from the word «build» (build). This word is formed by analogy with the term «hodl», meaning long-term investment in digital assets. BUIDL involves the creation and development of new blockchain-based products, and not just storage scriptaction.

In the application we explained that the term «BUIDL» refers to the software on the SaaS model (software as a service) that provides tools «to transactions using virtual currency.»

Previously, Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin spoke at the conference Devcon4 in Prague, performing a humorous song about the hard work of the developer. In its chorus spoke of the need BUIDL and that the blockchain is a new kind of world order, and developers should work and not to engage in ICO.

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Bloomberg Intelligence: in 2019, the bitcoin may see a new bottom

Despite the fact that this year bitcoin likely has passed its lowest point, next year the first cryptocurrency may fall to even lower levels. This opinion was expressed by new York-based analyst at Bloomberg Intelligence Mike McGlone.

Bitcoin rises in price for the fifth consecutive trading session, and earlier today for a short time rose in price above $4000. The growth of cryptocurrencies within a few days was observed this year earlier — the last time this happened in September, after which the price again went down.

However, according to the publication, now that the situation may be different and at least to 2018 is the bottom for bitcoin is left behind. With such an assumption agrees and Mike McGlone.

«All the main indicators suggest that the market is oversold, possibly the hardest in the entire history of bitcoin», he said.

However Mike McGlone predicts that in 2019 the crypto currency will fall to even lower levels.

Anyway, at this stage, which came exactly a year after bitcoin went to historical highs in December 2017, markets dominated by a relatively positive mood. Indirectly, this can say that at least one is known to the trader before publicly announced that it has closed its short position, opened a year ago, and ceases to short bitcoin.

During the year, a former IMF economist and now managing a family office in southern California mark DOE were shorter bitcoin, twice the profit. How, then, DOE explained, bitcoin exchange rate rose last year due to high interest random people who do not understand the devices of cryptocurrency and that to stay long at such heights it is a long way.

In fairness it should be noted that DOE did not specify whether it made a decision based on faith in the growth of bitcoin.

We will remind, earlier about the imminent end of the bear market, said Galaxy Digital Mike Novogratz. In his opinion, in the near future bitcoin will be in the hallway between $3000 and $6000.


Coinbase users often complain of problems with access to funds

Financial analysts at Value Penguin has studied the complaints received by the Bureau for financial consumer protection USA (CFPB), Coinbase cryptocurrency exchanges.

According to their observations, 2271 complaints recorded in the CFPB since June 1, 207 year to March 1, 2018, a 40% associated with the lack of customers access to equity, 20.5% of the problems in conducting transactions and 11.7% of attempts of fraud or a Scam. Claims were especially numerous in late 2017 — early 2018. And explanations in response to complaints were given in 42.9% of cases.

It was noted that the complaints became more and more decline bitcoin exchange rate, and on days when his course was minimal, had a peak number of claims. Thus, according to experts, Coinbase cannot support work at a level that customers require, while other exchanges on the background of the volatility of the prices of frozen scriptaction activities.

Recall that in the first days of March against cryptocurrency exchanges Coinbase had filed two lawsuits that affect a large number of users. In February, customers of the exchange had problems with the re-write-off of commissions for previously committed purchases. The exchange has stated that it is not involved in them, and later suggested that the problem of responsible Visa. Payment system, in turn, denied these allegations and said that she did not know about such cases from other merchants. Also recently became aware that a vulnerability in the smart contract exchange give users the ability to manipulate the balance, remitting to him an unlimited number of tokens, Ethereum.


The Tether will move to a new platform for hacking in November

Team Tether that support is tied to the U.S. dollar of the same name token, plans to launch a new platform due to problems with the security system in November of this year.

In a statement published on the website of the Tether are listed the steps taken to recover the system after break-in. It was argued, then the crypto Tether Treasury hackers had stolen tokens in the amount of $30 million Later, the attackers invited the users to buy cryptocurrency, which remained all this time on the platform of the Tether.

Immediately after hacking the Omni Foundation (the vendor based on the bitcoin blockchain for Tether) has updated software. This allowed to “freeze” the stolen funds, and are in their tokens to put in the “black list”.

“Thus, Omni was able to stop to use them at the Protocol level. This action was difficult, but allowed the Tether to be protected from any further potential disruptions in the ecosystem in an attempt to protect all the community,” the statement said.

According to the statement, the team Tether opened users limited access to the wallet. It allows you to remove stored in it tools as required. While the startup advises users to exchange tokens for third-party exchanges.

Tether did not disclose details about the development of the new platform, but the old addresses and wallets will be closed. Registration of new users on the existing platform is not possible.

“To prevent possible loss of funds, users must not attempt to make any money on your old wallets or Deposit addresses,” warned the team Tether in a statement.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that the hack Tether, Bitstamp and Huobi may be involved in one and the same person.


ANZ and IBM are creating a blockchain-solution for the insurance industry

The fourth largest Bank in Australia is developing a blockchain-solution, aimed at increasing the efficiency of the insurance industry.

On creating a blockchain platform in Australia and New Zealand Banking Group (ANZ) is working with technology giant IBM and FINTECH company Suncorp New Zealand. Solution based on DLT technology is intended to facilitate the transfer of data and premium payments between brokers and insurers. This ultimately should make the processes faster and more transparent.

“This technology will work with existing industry solutions to collect relevant information that allows forecasting and making payments without the necessary approval,” said managing Director of ANZ in New Zealand Paul Goodwin (Paul Goodwin).

According to him, harmonization of information policies and payments between the broker and the insurer is a “slow and painful process”, which can be effectively solved by using blockchain technology.

The created solution is based on the proof of concept (PoC), which was conducted on the blockchain the platform Fabric, developed by a consortium of Hyperledger.

“We are always looking for ways to improve the efficiency, and the proof of concept is a fascinating way to check whether a technological solution to expedite the process of approval of payments on insurance premiums and at the same time, to improve the quality of customer service for policyholders and our business partners,” said CFO Suncorp Tim Beckett (Tim Buckett).

We will remind, earlier it was reported that the company Marsh, the largest insurance broker and risk consultant, has announced the introduction of blockchain solutions for the digitalization of certificates of insurance. The project built on the platform of Hyperledger Fabric.


BOX Digital and tZero will launch a regulated exchange to trade security tokens

The operator of the Boston stock exchange and a subsidiary of Overstock tZero announced the creation of a joint venture to launch a regulated exchange of tokens, classified as securities.

The company tZero and BOX Digital Markets LLC (management Boston Stock Exchange) signed an agreement of intent to establish a stock exchange for the listing and public trading security tokens.

The joint venture will be equally owned tZero and Digital BOX, and each of them will have equal representation on the Board of Directors together with one independent Director, by mutual consent.

CEO Digital and BOX President BOX Options Exchange Lisa fall (Lisa Fall) will lead the new platform.

“tZero in recent years has established itself as a pioneer in the development and practical use blockchain technology for capital markets. The successes and achievements of the tZero in this innovative region in combination with the Digital BOX experience in the management of a highly efficient and transparent market of share options made it easy to build partnerships,” said she.

tZero will provide joint venture financing and licenses its own blockchain technology to work market security-token. BOX Digital will provide expertise and personnel to obtain the approval of regulators and market security-tokens. The Commission’s approval of the securities and exchange Commission (SEC), the U.S. will be required after the execution of established by legislation requirements.

“Our partnership with BOX Digital Markets — a significant step which will create the first SEC regulated exchange designed to trade effectively licenzirovanie securities. Lisa is Foul, its leadership, reputation and deep experience in a regulated stock exchange securities industry will become a major advantage in achieving this goal,” said CEO of tZero , Noursalehi Saum (Saum Noursalehi) recently replaced on this post Patrick Byrne (Patrick Byrne).

Recall that in April tZero presented a prototype of its platform for trading tokens, its official launch was scheduled for may.