Cyber Threat Alliance: in 2018 identified on 459% more cases of latent mining of cryptocurrencies

Team Cyber Threat Alliance (CTA), which includes reputable security company, the report “Threat of illegal mining of cryptocurrencies” reported that this year they were discovered on 459% more cases of illegal mining cryptocoins on computer equipment of the users.

The organization emphasized that the experts of companies-members of the CTA do not see signs of slowing down rapid growth in this direction, despite the overall downturn in the cryptocurrency market.

“Because this threat is relatively new, many people don’t understand it, its potential value and what to do about it”, – the report says the CTA.

Moreover, with the development of technologies that hackers use increasingly sophisticated solutions, using legal means in order to achieve download and run miners on the technique of the users and also make their detection extremely difficult for the antivirus applications or observers. In the future, CTA predict a continuing trend of positive correlation between the price of bitcoin and Monero and activity cryptogamia.

Earlier, analysts of the company Proofpoint found that the botnet Smominru hidden mines Monero with the help of exploit EternalBlue stolen by hackers in the NSA. In addition, the change that is created in this exploit the virus WannaCry launched a new — WannaMine secretly mining cryptocurrency. And recently, experts from the Chinese company Qihoo 360Netlab discovered a botnet Fbot that seeks and destroys other botnet – com.ufo.miner, malicious version of the miner ADB.Miner for mining Monero on Android devices.


The crypto currency exchange bitFlyer complicates the verification of new users

Leading Japanese cryptocurrency exchange bitFlyer announced its intention to tighten the verification procedure of the customer in response to criticism of its policy of KYC.

From April 26 to users who only have registered, you will not be able to send or withdraw scriptactive Anansie the yen is not yet confirm his identity and address, received in the mail a letter from the crypto currency exchange. Before receiving the letter about the successful completion of the verification, the users will not be able to pay for goods in bitcoins using bitFlyer.

We will remind that earlier in the Japanese media appeared information about what the Agency for financial services of Japan (FSA) has doubts about the reliability of the verification of the user on the platform bitFlyer, if you just need to upload a copy of the documents proving the identity. The financial regulator considers that such a practice could facilitate the laundering of funds obtained by illegal means.

According to the statistical Bulletin of the National police Agency of Japan (NPA) for 2017, as a result of unauthorized access and thefts in the country were lost more than $6.2 million in the cryptocurrency. And from April to December of 2017, the National police Agency of Japan (NPA) has received from local cryptocurrency exchanges 669 reports of alleged money laundering.


The Central Bank of China is looking for ways to restrict the bitcoin mining in the country

After the ban ICO and cessation of work in the country crypto exchanges, the Chinese authorities drew attention to the business of mining bitcoin, says Finance Magnates, citing a local source.

According to the publication, the people’s Bank of China insists on the regulation of the use of electricity, bitcoin miners to reduce production of cryptocurrency.

Since the Bank has no authority to impose such rules, it can request the local authorities to impose restrictions. About the regulator said at a private meeting of the Leading group of Beijing for the prevention of financial risks on the Internet at the end of 2017.

An unnamed source said that the government is concerned that bitcoins are produced using local resources, do not contribute to the country’s economy, as most of the cryptocurrency is sent to other countries.

As the newspaper notes, China hosts almost half of the capacity bitcoin mining. Electricity consumption for extraction and transaction of cryptocurrency is growing. According Digiconomist, today the energy consumption of the Bitcoin network is already 0,17% of the world, and at the end of November, it was 0.14 percent. That already exceeds the energy consumption of such countries as Ireland or Nigeria.

After the ban in early autumn the Chinese authorities conducting the ICO and work cryptocurrency exchanges, the miners began to fear that the following restrictions will apply to have their business. In mid-November, state grid company of Sichuan province, which is one of the centers of mining in the country, sent a circular banning power plants to have a relationship with this business. Later it turned out that the company has exceeded the powers, but it was another signal for bitcoin miners. Many of them began to seriously consider the possibility of transfer of business abroad.


The American company is making a film on the blockchain using the blockchain

In the spring of 2018, the American company SingularDTV will release the first documentary about blockchain technology, which will also be filmed using this technology. The film will be called Untitled Film Blockchain.

The film will be directed by Alex winter (Alex Winter), who is interested in cryptography since the 80-ies and already has in the filmography of the work on decentralization and online communities. This time he will travel the world to interview inventors and innovators that play a significant role in the evolution of blockchain technology and decentralization. It also explores how technology solves real problems of the people.

The blockchain technology will not only become the main theme, but also the basis for the entire production of the film. All the data on its production, from financing to distribution issues, will be stored on the platform on the basis of Ethereum.

“We create an ecosystem in which artists and creators in the entertainment industry can do to raise funds, engage in marketing their projects rent equipment — using licenzirovanie system,” — says the President of the SingularDTV Kim Jackson (Kim Jackson).

Winter hopes to dispel some incorrect judgments about blockchain technology and make the film is not a journalistic or entertainment product, and a movie with a well told story.


The price of bitcoin has become more closely correlated with the «fear index» VIX and gold

Cryptocurrency expert by the Wall Street Journal Paul Vigna came to the conclusion that against the background of falling global indices bitcoin has become more closely correlated with gold.

So, based on the data of the analytical company Excalibur Pro, Vigna notes that the correlation coefficient between gold and bitcoin, the last five days was 0.84. This indicates a strong correlation between prices of these two assets. Also, according to experts, bitcoin is increasingly seen as a digital analogue of the precious metal.

Viña sure that his popular bitcoin owes a lot of so-called quantitative softening (Quantitative easing, QE). This policy of Central banks has led to a «flooding global markets with liquidity» and low interest rates and prompted investors to invest in risky assets. At the same time, the expert believes, is «no more risky asset than the rebel bitcoin».

As you know, global indices Dow Jones S&P 500 and Nasdaq in recent months, falling rapidly. Against this background, notes the Vina, the correlation coefficient between bitcoin and the so-called «fear index» VIX is 0.77, which is also quite high.

VIX (Volatility Index, volatility index) is indicative of the tool calculated by the exchange on the CBOE option prices, which reflect market expectations on the future volatility of options on the S&P 500 index.

We will remind, earlier the President of Equity Armor Investments Brian Stutland expressed the opinion that using bitcoins and VIX can effectively hedge risks in the traditional financial markets.

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2018 year was the worst for bitcoin investors

According to the Analytics service Messari, the rate of return on investment (ROI) in bitcoin for the year amounted to -71,52%.

As can be seen from the table, the current ROI is worse than in 2014, when it was similar in nature bear market.

However, long-term investors who bought «digital gold» five years ago, obviously it has paid off — during which time the market value of BTC has increased almost four times (+394%).

Also note that in 2013 the growth of bitcoin prices was much more rapid than in 2017, reaching a historical high (All Time High ATH) from $20 000. In relation to ATH, price BTC, to date, declined by 81%.

We will remind, earlier ForkLog published a review of long-term forecasts of the price of bitcoin from well-known experts of kryptonyte.

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The Creator of Litecoin opposed SegWit2x

The former head of Coinbase and Litecoin Creator Charlie Lee (Charlie Lee) on Twitter expressed concerns about SegWit2x and aspirations of a group of companies to change the bitcoin Protocol without the consensus of the community.

“Miners and business can not change without the consensus of Bitcoin users. So today, to show my disapproval, I add [NO2X] to my name,” wrote Lee.

In may, Digital Currency Group published the proposal, which was signed by 58 companies, with 83% Hasrat of the bitcoin network. It was called the New York Agreement (the“new York Agreement”). They called for activation of the Protocol SegWit, and then, after 90 days, hardwork with the increase of block size to 2 MB (SegWit 2).

Activation SegWit hosted in the network on 24 August, in the result without changing the block size, the throughput increased by about 75%. And the second part of the agreement was the cause of the community, more and more questions and doubts.

Initially, opponents of the implementation of the Protocol SegWit2x was made by the developers of Bitcoin Core. Then it became clear that broad support in the bitcoin community, he has not. In consequence of the support SegWit2x began to refuse even some members of the new York agreement.


Two blockchain-ETFs for the week attracted $240 million investment

Two exchange-traded Fund (ETF), which has expressed its intention to focus on the blockchain sector, has raised about $240 million investment for a week after starting work.

Assets under management Amplify Transformation Data Sharing ETF (BLOK) increased from $2 million to $164,9 million the Success of this ETF experts explain the fact that he is working with the semiconductor manufacturer Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing, causing interest among the miners, and online retailer

Assets under management Reality Shares Nasdaq NexGen Economy ETF rose 9 times — to $86,27 million ETF manages stock corporations IBM and SBI Holdings, also exhibiting high activity in the field of cryptocurrency and application of blockchain technology.

“It is rare when the ETF attract the same amount, but there is pent-up demand for a thematic approach to participate in the blockchain(industry),” says Todd Rosenbluth (Todd Rosenbluth), head of the direction for research funds, ETFs and collective investment in the company CFRA.

We will remind, the Commission on securities and exchange Commission (SEC) has signaled that it will not approve the cryptocurrency ETF as long as not resolved the problems associated with the protection of investors. In addition, the SEC, according to its head of Jay Clayton (Jay Clayton), closely followed by companies that changed their names and business models to take advantage of the growing interest in cryptocurrency and the blockchain. As a whole, the SEC and the Commission on trade commodity futures (CFTC) enhance oversight of the cryptocurrency industry.


USA imposed new sanctions against the national cryptocurrency of Venezuela

The US President Donald trump (Donald Trump) have signed a government decree on new sanctions against Venezuela because of its cryptocurrency El Petro.

Earlier it was reported that trump plans to sign this week a document imposing additional sanctions on the Latin American country for trying to circumvent existing economic constraints. Signed by the President of the United States the order blocks any transaction El Petro in the United States, said in the White house.

Even before the release of El Petro the US Treasury Department warned citizens who wish to invest in Venezuelan currency about the risk of prosecution imposed on the country sanctions. But two influential senators — Marco Rubio(Marco Rubio) and Robert Menendez (Robert Menendez) is concerned about the possibility of circumventing the sanctions by Venezuela with El Petro. In this regard, they wrote an open letter to the Minister of Finance Steven Mnuchin (Steven Mnuchin). Although shortly before he explicitly stated that neither Russia nor Venezuela will not be able to circumvent financial constraints by issuing cryptocurrency.

Presales Venezuelan cryptocurrency provided by oil, was launched on 20 February. The country’s President Nicolas Maduro (Nicolas Maduro) has repeatedly declared high interest to El Petro from investors. Not so long ago he announced that through the sale of cryptocurrency attracted $5 billion.

Immediately after the start of sales of Petro El Maduro announced the imminent release of another cryptocurrency — Petro’oro, backed by gold. Yet this was not followed, but experts Express doubts about the sales figures of the national cryptocurrency of Venezuela, regularly voiced by the head of the country.

Recall that the release of El Petro was declared illegal by the Parliament of Venezuela, and the subsequent events have caused a negative reaction of trade unions of the country.


The crypto currency exchange Poloniex has begun to trade EOS

After yesterday representatives cryptocurrency exchange Poloniex announced the opening for the users the options of placing and withdrawal of funds in EOS, today they announced the official addition of the ability to conduct operations with this cryptocurrency to trade pairs with bitcoin, Ethereum and USDT.

We will remind that two weeks ago, Poloniex has unveiled the official mobile application for Android and iOS devices in which it is possible to trade after generating API key on the exchange website.