Worldcore: TOP 10 cryptocurrencies in the world with the most unusual provision

Analysts Worldcore made a rating of TOP 10 cryptocurrencies with the most original provision and concluded on whether it is at all and if so, who is the Creator of the currency or the investors.

At the moment there are over 1600 types of cryptocurrencies, most of which are freely traded on cryptomeria. One of the principles of cryptocurrency is, as you know, in the absence of security for them. However, many companies declare that their bitcoin provided.

Analysts Worldcore has created its own rating of «covered material values» of cryptocurrencies, where the upper lines are located the projects that attracted the most positive response. On the bottom – those of them, the idea which seemed more doubtful.

TOP 10 cryptocurrency with the most unusual software, announced to release in the world:

Stablecoin, backed by gold, hit the top spot for several reasons: the international price of gold remained relatively stable. In the history of trading gold price changed by 30-35%, but it happened gradually, over a long period of time. Token RMG provided by the Royal mint of great Britain.

On the second place – like tool provided with the Israeli diamond exchange, however, he secured the gems by only 25%. A similar project is in Russia.

In Worldcore noted that in order to attract more investors, companies (and even States) are inventing new ways of «ensuring» your digital currency.

So, in February 2018, the President of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro (Nicolás Maduro) has launched a public cryptocurrency «Petro» (El Petro) provided by oil. The currency was launched in a crisis, because the country is under international sanctions, and the issue of currency became polulegitimnoe way to bypass the sanctions and replenish the Treasury.

Another way of ensuring cryptocurrency is a technology, not just technology, but the existing solutions, when the tokens give the right to purchase products. For example, one of such currencies was the Farad is the first currency provided by ultracapacitors.

On the second place of the top Worldcore – providing agricultural products, such as Mexican pepper. It is clear that by itself yields depends largely on weather conditions, insects and other factors that are difficult to predict in advance.

The least promising analysts seem to cryptocurrency secured by the meat or grain. Conversely, the most promising they see the cryptocurrency, will provide a unique (rare) and at the same time highly liquid assets such as gold.

«A conclusion about the cryptocurrency simple: such products need to create a «digital» analogue of Fiat money, when it comes to their provision of U.S. dollars or another currency, about bypass sanctions for countries where required to attract international investment. Or the chance to spend your secured ICO falls business, attracting the promissory note loan: in this case, you can tie this non-equity securities to cryptocurrency asset and to meet the obligations of their property.

In the case of gold, precious metals and raw materials is an additional way to attract investors. And the companies not to undermine their confidence, it is necessary to undergo regular audit. But we all remember the Bank failures, which also made a positive audit report. So really check the security of the assets very difficult. Secured cryptocurrency largely lose interest «independence» and become mostly just a marketing wrapper,» concluded founder and CEO Worldcore Alexey Nasonov.


The Moscow arbitration court refused to include the cryptocurrency in the bankruptcy estate of the debtor

The Moscow arbitration court has considered the petition of the Treasurer of Alexei Leonov and refused his request to include a cryptocurrency of the debtor-bankrupt Ilya Tsarkov in the bankruptcy estate and to convey to him the password of crypto where there are funds.

The cause of the failure is currently unknown. However, according to participants of the hearing, the decision does not preclude the withdrawal of cryptocurrency as repayment, because the issue, for example, may be submitted for consideration to the Supreme court. In addition, the authority financial Advisor to allow Leonov to decide what to include in the bankruptcy estate of the debtor. However, he wants the practice was upheld as a benchmark for future disputes.

“No reason to omit the cryptocurrency is not available, despite the fact that the status of cryptocurrencies in Russia has not enshrined in law…

Obviously, it is an asset, and if not included in the bankruptcy estate, such a precedent would contribute to the outflow of assets in the future…

This question is controversial, so I did not take the decision in this matter,” — said Leonov.

However, at this meeting, the debtor gave the court the notarial Protocol of the inspection site and certified translation of terms of use, as well as a screen shot of balance information. Despite the request of the defence, the representative of the financial adviser asked the debtor to specify the amount and received confirmation that his account is about 0.19 BTC (around $1780).

We will remind that Ilya Tsarkov declared itself bankrupt in October 2017 for the debt to LLC “Rikas Finans” in excess of 18 million roubles under the contract of guarantee dated 10 April 2006 entered into between the debtor and “Slavinvestbank” to ensure the obligations of the borrower, OOO Automotors. The arbitration Tribunal further found that the bankrupt salary is 100 thousand rubles, and he has no property or money to repay the debt.

Financial Manager Alexei Leonov during the seizure of property found out that the earlier kings opened on crypto and proposed to include it in the bankruptcy estate of the debtor. In his opinion, tokens and cryptocurrencies are types of digital financial asset, which is recognized as assets, according to definitions presented by the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation the draft law “On digital of financial assets”.

However, the kings and his defense did not believe the cryptocurrency property and are outraged by the attempt of confiscation in the framework of the bankruptcy procedure. Prior to the adoption of the Federal law attempts at such classification of cryptocurrency they believe is akin to the idea be considered a property of the scores of “Aeroflot” or game currency. On 2 February the court required to provide more information about the available Tsarkova cryptocurrency.


Citizenship of Antigua and Barbuda can buy 12 bitcoins

The Parliament of Antigua and Barbuda has amended the law on citizenship-by-investment program, allowing to make payments in bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies.

The decision was announced by the Prime Minister Gaston brown (Gaston Browne), who noted that this was done for the convenience of the holders of the cryptocurrency looking for an opportunity to obtain citizenship of the country. This payment method, he said, will attract more investors from around the world.

“The truth is that it expands your market, because there are a number of captainvalor that may take our citizenship, but are willing to pay only in crypto-currencies. If you do not accept crypto-currencies, you literally block the market,” said brown to Parliament.

According to him, cryptocurrency payments will be converted into U.S. dollars to avoid losses due to the volatility of virtual currencies.

The minimum required amount to obtain citizenship according to the Law about the investment program of Antigua and Barbuda is $100 thousand (approximately 12 BTC) — this is the fee enough to contribute to the national development Fund. Or you can invest in the country’s economy from $400 thousand to $1.5 million, which also entitles you to a passport in the Caribbean.

We will remind that earlier the government of Antigua and Barbuda made the decision to open the country cryptocurrency exchange to through its fees to Fund the country’s budget.


The head of the Federal reserve Bank of St. Louis believes that cryptocurrency ICO and cast the U.S. in the past

The head of the Federal reserve Bank of St. Louis , James Bullard (James Bullard) believes that the fascination with wall street digital currencies could lead to chaos in some segments of the U.S. economy, if banks and companies will begin to issue its own cryptocurrency.

According to Ballard, with a similar problem the US faced in the 30-ies of the 19th century, when 90% of us banknotes were issued in private. Then the Federal government has consolidated all funds in U.S. dollars. And cryptocurrency, solving important social problems, now again encourage the population to use non-standardized currency, from which the system has already been refused before.

“People want predictability. The dollar was a dollar…

…Currency must be reliable and have a (real) value. Therefore, their support by the government in conjunction with stable monetary a policy that gives stability and the currency has gained importance in the course of history,” said Bullard at the international conference on cryptocurrency and blockchain technology Consensus-2018.

Describing himself as a supporter of technological innovation for economic development, as well as flattering describing the potential of the blockchain technology for this sector, Ballard criticised the ICO for what they can bring to the state “the Wild West of digital money”, when users have to keep the different tokens and puzzle over which of cryptocurrency to conduct routine operations. If there are more than 1800 cryptocurrency and every minute of their exchange rate against each other in the local market, this may pose a problem, he said. By studying the subject, the FBI is not going to create its bitcoin and warns against this other market participants.

We will remind, the head of the Federal reserve Bank of Philadelphia Patrick Harker believes that bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are unlikely to weaken the influence of Federal reserve on the US economy. However, senior Vice President, Federal reserve Bank of Boston Jim Cunha (Cunha Jim) believe that technology is a distributed registry (DLT) can “radically change” many areas of financial services. And analysts Federal reserve Bank of San Francisco, studying the topic of cryptocurrencies, recently came to the conclusion that launching a bitcoin futures in December last year led to a drop in the rate of the main cryptocurrency.


Suspect in the theft of mining equipment Icelander considers itself legally free

One of the suspects in the theft of 600 mining devices in Iceland , Sindri tor Stefansson (Sindri Þór Stefánsson), a week ago escaped from prison Bend, in a letter to a local newspaper explained that at the time of his escape was legally free.

In his favor, he cites the fact that detained without evidence of his involvement in the crime two and a half months, and a warrant for his arrest expired on 16 April. However, he believes that although the police could extend the term of arrest for another 10 days, it would be possible only by court order, appointed the following day:

Not been provided with any evidence, and threatened me even more prolonged isolation, when she already was.

In the letter Stefansson also added that working with the Icelandic police to go home and not get arrested. In addition, it requires that officials have confirmed that the escape he made, being legally a free man.

Recall that stolen during the four robberies mining equipment is estimated at nearly $2 million, and for information about a reward in the amount of $60 thousand.


Cryptomathic for 2017 «stole» the Australians more than $2.1 million

In 2017 the Australian consumers lost more than $2.1 million due to fraud in the cryptocurrency market. These data led the Australian Commission on competition and consumer protection (AKKP) in the annual report on scamu (Targeting scams report 2017).

In the document the regulator noted that from January to September, the fraud cost the consumers about $100 thousand a month. However, in December, when the cryptocurrency market has reached a peak, the amount of loss exceeded $700 thousand.

In the report of akkp specified that the main methods of deception of consumers in this market were counterfeit ICO, schema cryptocurrency pyramids and payments due to viruses extortionists.

The regulator expects that with cryptocurrency related fraud will continue to spread, and also noted in his report:

“As in the case of another Scam, this is likely the tip of the iceberg.”

In this document AKKP noted that the total losses of the Australians from fraud last year exceeded $340 million, and 64 of them occurred in Scam investment schemes.

Earlier in the automatic transmission. reported that last year the Commission received 1,289 complaints of fraud associated with cryptocurrencies. In April of this year, the IRS Australia has been forced to warn captainvalor about the appearance of the fraudsters are charging fake taxes on cryptocurrency transactions.


Marinichev believes that Russia is simply necessary for the Deputy Prime Minister for the digital economy

The Internet Ombudsman Dmitry Marinichev said about the necessity of the appearance in Russia of Deputy Prime Minister for the digital economy, citing the increasing role of digital technology in the life of the country and its inhabitants.

«Deputy Prime Minister for the digital economy of Russia today, even more than needed, — stated the expert. — The last time the situation is such that digital permeates all industries and stitches them, like a thread following a needle. We can say that the whole economy is today on a digital needle».

He also drew attention to the role of regulation in this sphere by the state, and noted that it is necessary, however, must be exercised within reasonable limits. For this Russia is more than ever necessary competent person, able not only to lead but also to give a new impetus to the development of all branches of industry, who took as the basis of the modern digital solutions.

«Many ministries and departments today face new challenges, and attempts at local regulation usually leads either to negative results for the business participants of the market, or be technologically impracticable a joke — said Marinichev. — Competent person, able to make decisions, not going on about braven shapkozakidatelstva and is able to carefully and deliberately engineering a compromise to make technically sound decisions based on expert knowledge and opinion, is not only able to remove the tensions of recent years, associated with inept regulatory mechanisms, but also to inspire optimism in the professional community.»

We will remind, in December 2017 Dmitry Marinichev expressed with 99.9% confidence that bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies will never be considered as money in Russia. He therefore advocates that bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have been legislatively defined as «other assets». In his opinion, this is the easiest and safest way for their integration into our daily lives.



Yahoo Finance: investors believe that Bitcoin is overvalued

Yahoo Finance shared the results of a survey designed to find out how investors treat Bitcoin.

In the survey participated 6300 readers. First, they were asked to answer whether they bought bitcoins. Then they were asked what they think about this cryptocurrency.

23% of the surveyed investors said that they bought bitcoins, and 20% of them still own them. More than half of those who bought BTC, started buying them from 2017.

71% of buyers of Bitcoin, said that it earned, and 8% said that they lost their money. The median profit was $3,000, loss $500.

Approximately 25% of the buyers of Bitcoin said that this investment changed their lives. They have become richer and have more money for spending. About 12% of the respondents from this group said that they earned enough money to quit your job.

56% of those who already own bitcoins, and plans to buy more BTC. 15% believe that have acquired enough.

Of those respondents who do not have bitcoins, 11% plan to buy cryptocurrency, and 38% – think about it.

Overall, 56% of investors believe that bitcoin is overvalued. Moreover, among those who are just planning to buy cryptocurrency, this opinion is shared by only 15%, and among those who do not plan to purchase bitcoins is 56%.

As for Bitcoin, only 4% of buyers of BTC said that they use them mainly for shopping. 53% consider their acquired bitcoins only as an investment, and 37% believe bitcoin and investment, and means of payment.

While investors are not sure bitcoin will survive. Only 36% of respondents believe that Bitcoin will exist in 10 years. 34% of respondents do not believe that bitcoin will last as long and one third were undecided on this question.


The number of requests to Google on the topic of bitcoin has increased by 450%

According to the study, SEMRush, from April 2017, the number of search queries to Google on the topic of bitcoin has grown 450% in comparison year-on-year.

Another interesting point: June 2017, the number of search queries related to Ethereum, the second largest cryptocurrency in the world – almost on par with the same period for bitcoin.

In SEMRush also found that the current price of Bitcoin is correlated to the level of 91% with a volume of requests to Google related to this cryptocurrency.

During the year the users have addressed 51.4 million Google queries that mentioned bitcoin. The graph below shows that the price of Bitcoin in US dollars rose and fell in tandem with the number of search queries with these words and phrases as «bitcoin», «bitcoin price» and «bitcoin value»:

Presents data based on analysis of 120 million search queries on the topic of cryptocurrency in the United States.

The results of the study, on the one hand, only confirm the obvious: increasing the price of a Bitcoin, more and more people looking for information about it. On the other hand, it is interesting to observe, as statistics confirm these assumptions.

While the study does not cover this aspect, as the effect of search volume on the Bitcoin exchange rate. In particular, whether it predicts future changes in prices and influence on movement.

According to Coinmarketcap, as of 11:25 (Kyiv/Moscow) Bitcoin was trading at the rate of $3938 per coin.

Recall that in the second half of 2017, Google has recorded the biggest surge of interest of Russians to the cryptocurrency for the entire period of their existence. From January to June, the number of queries about the industry as a whole has increased by more than 250%. The number of requests about the Bitcoin has increased more than 220%.


McAfee said that recommendations for buying altcoins in his Twitter published hackers

John McAfee (John McAfee) said that it is officially a verified profile on Twitter with an audience of 535 thousand people were hacked, and he has no relationship to the price forecasts on a little-known cryptocurrency, which were published in microcooling on his behalf.

McAfee had previously published his thoughts on “the tokens of the day”, but then decided to stop this activity until January 1, 2018. And the next day in his profile appeared several such messages:

McAfee does not believe that the hacking profile occurred by his negligence, though admits that could be compromised by the smartphone, a hacker can intercept the authentication code with the passage of the two-factor authentication to sign in to your profile:

Although I’m an expert on cyber security, I have no control over the security of Twitter. I have enemies and I was their target…

In addition, he referred to the multitude of fake accounts, publishing information allegedly on his behalf, and briefly told how to distinguish the real profiles from the fake.

Yesterday, McAfee stated that bitcoin remains the best long-term investment, and in November it raised its forecast for prices of bitcoin to $1 million by the end of 2020.

Hacking account McAfee occurred on the background of suspicions of manipulation of the cryptocurrency market by some opinion leaders. Thus, the founder of the investment Fund Investments Grayscale Barry Silbert (Barry Silbert) can attract the attention of financial regulators: the United States on suspicion of attempting to manipulate the market through distributed them Twitter messages and materials in the media.