Bitwala becomes CryptoRandom and launches debit CRYPTOCard

Bitwala the company behind the eponymous bitcoin wallet, announced plans for several months to become the first German CryptoRandom and to develop the blockchain banking.

In this undertaking users promise contactless debit payment card MasterCard and compliance new business requirements IBAN and BIC. According to the company, the statement Bitwala about the launch of the new service is already in the Federal financial Supervisory authority of Germany (Bafin). In the case of a positive response of the financial regulator of its guarantees will cover up to €100 thousand users of the service.

In Bitwala hope to unite in the new solution, all the benefits of traditional banking and priority focus on cryptocurrencies. For example, the balance in crypto Bitwala simultaneously отражатьcz and on account attached to a debit payment card. The company claims that this will reduce the fee and increase the possibility of payment by customers.

We will remind that else in September of 2017 the crypto Bitwala ceased to serve debit card non-EU nationals. But soon the company announced the addition of in Bitwala Wallet a few bitcoin wallets in one account.


In Chile, more than 5 thousand retail outlets will be able to take cryptocurrency

As reported by the Chilean cryptocurrency exchange Crypto MKT, appeared the possibility to pay with cryptocurrencies in more than 5,000 retail outlets in the country.

Partnership Crypto MKT, provider of online payment allowed to add to the sellers an option of payment through cryptocurrency platform

CryptoCompra available in Chile, Argentina, Brazil and Europe. It enables customers to pay in bitcoin, Stellar and Ethereum at the same time sellers can get local currency.

Says the Crypto MKT, it provides a guarantee Fund that compensates for price fluctuations in the cryptocurrency. The volatility of cryptocurrencies prevents the expansion of their use as means of payment. Crypto MKT believes that its guarantee Fund will provide “the peace and security of the client since he will not have surprises in the payment.”

We will remind that in April of the Chilean crypto currency exchange, including the Crypto MKT, were deprived of banking services in the country. Resume they managed to get only after appealing to the courts. For example, Buda made it through the decision of the Antimonopoly court and Orionx — through appeal.


Singapore airlines will transfer loyalty program on the blockchain

The Singapore Airlines transfers to the blockchain the program for frequently flying passengers. In the new crypto KrisFlyer, which is expected to be launched in six months, will implement a system of accumulation of miles, allowing regular customers to use them to pay for goods.

Innovation is part of Digital Innovation Blueprint aimed to make Singapore Airlines the world’s digital leader among airlines.

“Since the inception of the Singapore Airlines innovation has made a major contribution to the success of the company. And we are happy (present) this is the first in the world initiative, which will provide even more benefits to program participants KrisFlyer,” said CEO Goh Choon Phong (Goh Choon Phong).

Recall that the American company Boeing has decided to patent the blockchain system to counteract disturbances that may affect the operation of GPS receivers during flight of the aircraft. Also the possibility of applying blockchain technology in the airline industry have begun to consider Air France, Lufthansa and diversified Corporation General Electric.


Tencent can become the owner of bitcoin exchanges Bitstamp Korbit and

Chinese technology giant Tencent is considering the acquisition of the South Korean company NXC Corp., which owns a legend of the game business Nexon, according to Reuters. This transaction will also affect the cryptocurrency world.

According to informed sources, the founder of NXC Corp Kim Yun Yu plans to sell a controlling stake (98,64%), the cost of which may reach 10 trillion won ($8.9 billion). The publication claims that the sale will be in charge of Deutsche Bank and Morgan Stanley.

It is noteworthy that in the fall of 2017 Nexon acquired 65,19% stake in South Korean cryptocurrency exchange Korbit. Then the transaction value is estimated at $80 million, and investment rating of the trading platform grew to $150 million.

This South Korean giant did not stop and already in October of 2018 took the deal to buy a stake in European exchange Bitstamp through the Belgian division NXMH.

Note that Tencent and NXC refused to comment, however, if the deal goes through, the Chinese company will establish control over the two major bitcoin exchanges.


Support mark Cuban cryptocurrency hedge Fund can raise another $60 million

Cryptocurrency investment firm 1confirmation plans to launch the second cription $60 million, according to The Wall Street Journal.

According to the publication, the new Fund will focus on financing cryptocurrency startups at an early stage of development. It will be available as tokens and shares in companies.

Note, in December 2017 1confirmation raised $26 million from billionaire Mark Cuban, Thiel Capital, Runa Capital and Real Ventures.

Mark Cuban

It is noteworthy that the firm is managed by a former employee of Coinbase Nicholas Tomaino.

It is also known that the portfolio was 1confirmation algorithmic stablon Basis, the development of which was stopped because of pressure from the American authorities.

We will remind, in August it became known that Pantera Capital intends to raise about $175 million under the new cription.


The U.S. government intends to limit financial transactions with El Petro

The administration of Donald trump (Donald Trump) is planning to impose additional sanctions against Venezuela, limiting financial transactions with cryptocurrency El Petro in the USA.

This week the White house will release a new package of sanctions against Venezuela, where it will be exhaustively spelled out the prohibition on the use of El Petro. Limitation of financial operations with cryptocurrency will be one of several measures that will be taken as a sanction. It is known that they affect more than two dozen representatives of the current government of Maduro.

Russ Dallen (Russ Dallen), managing partner of investment Bank Caracas Capital Markets, which tracks oil supplies of Venezuela and advising on these issues, US officials called vnesuelsky cryptocurrency «snake oil» (common expression used to refer to any product with questionable or non-existent use – Wikipedia), so as declared that she was provided with oil, although actually it is not that you should even of superficial acquaintance with the technical documentation and the conditions of the contract.

If on Monday the document will be signed by trump, it’ll be a unique case, when the sanctions of constraints called blocking cryptocurrency. Analysts believe that such measures Washington vs El Petro can signal to other States, also under US sanctions, including Russia, to refrain from promoting its own cryptocurrency.

Recall that the U.S. Treasury back in January, before the start of sales El Petro, warned their nationals wishing to invest in this cryptocurrency, about the risk of prosecution imposed on Caracas sanctions.


Japanese exchange BitFlyer since autumn will start to work in the United States

Japanese bitcoin exchange BitFlyer has received permission to operate in 34 U.S. States in the fall of 2017, it plans to begin serving customers in the United States.

In a statement the company said that initially, the exchange will work with investment funds and professional traders, and then with the public sector. At the initial stage will be offered a trading of bitcoin, and further the company’s goal is to expand support for other cryptocurrencies and products.

Recall that BitFlyer is the largest bitcoin company in Japan, which attracted 4.1 billion yen (about $36 million) in venture capital.


German solarisBank ready to open accounts European blockchain companies

Established in 2016 in Berlin, the Bank solarisBank in the framework of the Blockchain Factory was offered to companies from European economic partnership, whose activities are directly or indirectly related to blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, the ability to open accounts in Fiat currency.

Thus, the financial institution responds to demand, which can not meet a licensed banks of Germany and other European countries that limit the ability of tech companies to maintenance.

In addition to providing “accounts blockchain-companies” in solarisBank also intend to facilitate the buying and selling of Fiat money to cryptocurrency exchanges using automated escrow accounts. And with vPE Bank, the Bank has already begun to assist in the cryptocurrency trading at the institutional level.

Bank representative said that such a move is seen as an opportunity to work with innovative companies for the future of the financial industry and to show confidence as blockchain technology, and developing her companies. At the same time, the Bank intends to get serious about partnerships, and legal and regulatory requirements.

Recall that last month, a Norwegian court upheld the decision of the Bank Nordea, earlier closed accounts cryptocurrency exchanges AS Bitmynt on suspicion of insufficient counteraction to activities associated with the laundering of money obtained by illegal means and financing of terrorism.


Leading technolithic wall street bitcoin heralds the «end game»

Chief technical analyst at Renaissance Macro Research Jeff Degraaf (Jeff deGraaf) in the message to customers that came to CNBC, encouraged them to bet against bitcoin, the leading cryptocurrency if not hold on the level of support this year.

A leading analyst of wall street also added that “holders of short positions infamous parabolic motion”, and when the top, which for months looked like a descending triangle, finish the formation, breaking the support level, the asset may be considered “permanently weakened”, and its “game over”.

Recall that a month ago the head of the company’s digital assets Susquehanna International Group , Bart smit (Bart Smith) said that bitcoin is still the best choice for crypto-currency investors, as people use it functionally. As the founder of the cryptocurrency hedge Fund Pantera Capital Dan Morehead (Dan Morehead) said that investors shouldn’t overreact to negative news around bitcoin and the decisions of the Commission on securities and exchange Commission (SEC) in relation to ETF. At the moment, according to CoinMarketCap, bitcoin is trading at a price of $6421 per unit.


Ranch Wyoming began to use blockchain technology

Startup from Wyoming BeefChain began to apply blockchain technology to track supply chains of meat products. For five months the workers of the company marked more than 1.5 thousand heads of cattle on five ranches and contributed data to the distributed registry.

Co-founder and CEO Wyoming Certified Beef LLC Rob Jennings (Rob Jennings) believes that the pilot program may open the ranchers more opportunities at the international level, and Wyoming will become one of the leaders of the “ethical agriculture”. By 2019, the blockchain-the products will be delivered in the countries of Asia.

“We are applying new modern technology not to change wadelite ranch in Wyoming, and to demonstrate, what do the owners of a ranch in Wyoming. We can clearly show where animals are fed, where they graze, how to care for them, vaticinium. The blockchain technology is not only a tool to increase sales, but also the story of the farmers of Wyoming,” said he.

Recall that in Moscow on January 1, ICO came out BeefCoin project, a joint initiative of the restaurant chain “Hunting meat” and farm company LLC Melbard, but in three months he was unable to attract the required amount and was closed with a refund kriptosistem. In April, the American manufacturer of meat products Oscar Mayer launched a marketing activity under the guise of issuing its own cryptocurrency Bacoin provided by bacon.

However, in may, German software company SAP has announced the launch of blockchain-initiative “Farm to consumer” for the use of technology to track supply chains in agriculture.