Analyst CoinDesk: the Fall of bitcoin may continue

For the past day course coins fell by 5% and its market share of digital money has exceeded 52%, as altcoins fell stronger: EOS and Tron, for example, lost 13% of the price.

On Friday, January 11, the average market price of Bitcoin fell to $3650, and then gradually began to grow. Now the course is the first cryptocurrency is $3685 for the past day it has decreased on 5%. The share of coins in the market of digital money continues to grow, today it has reached at 52.3%, although a few days ago was below 51%.

Over the last 24 hours, altcoins have lost a significant portion of the price: the token XRP fell by 8% to $0.33 in Ethereum by 9%, to $129. Among the largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization hardest hit EOS and Tron, their value decreased by 13%.

CoinDesk analyst Omkar Godbole said that the fall in the value of bitcoin is accompanied by a decrease in the number of long positions on the cryptocurrency. Today, the number of longs in the pair BTC/USD exchange Bitfinex dropped to an eight-day low of 237 in 31, the day it fell by eight per cent — the largest fall in a day since December 19.

According to him, cryptocurrency failed to overcome the important level of $4100, now its price is under pressure, it can lead to serious fall in the price of the asset. In the near future the cost of coins is likely to fall to $3566, says the expert.

If the rate of bitcoin will not be able to hold above, it will fall to a low of $3122. In order to again begin to grow in value, the coin needs to gain a foothold above $4100, in this case, she has the ability to run up to $5,000 for a short period of time, said the analyst.


Analysis of prices of BTC, LTC, ETH (11.01.19)

BTCUSD: Bitcoin fell sharply at the opening of the European session on Thursday, to the end of the day, slipping below support of $3650. The bulls, after three days of consolidation, conceded to the sellers, who in turn brought the pair to the levels of late December. At the end of Thursday BTCUSD fell $370 to $3617. If the end of the week the exchange rate of BTC is not to fixate above $3650, the expected resumption of the downward correction in the direction of $3300. Will resume purchases of $3700, or on the rebound from $3300 to $3400.

LTCUSD: Litecoin failed to continue a good upward trend this week amid the decline in the exchange rate of BTC. LTCUSD pair also fell sharply to $5.65 to $31,70. The bears have upgraded at least from 5 January to $30,33, below the support of $31,40, but to gain a foothold below failed. Today, however, the downward trend continued in the Asian session. Waiting for the correction to $28, there is a plan to resume purchases of $29.

ETHUSD: Ethereum hastened the fall on Thursday, the pair ETHUSD fell $22 and has closed below the support of $128 – $124,90. Grounds for recovery in the near future yet, Alligator indicates a further decline, despite a oversold on MACD on four-hour chart. Rebound from support and have not waited, therefore, waiting for the correction to $112,30 where resume long with the $114 level.


26 April in Moscow will host Russia ICO Show

April 26, the first day of the World the Blockchain Summit – Moscow, Russia will host the ICO Show – the largest Russian Congress of investors and the creators of ICO projects, decentralized organized by the International Association for crypto-currencies and blockchain (IDACB). ICO Show Russia is a Russian stage in the run-up to World ICO Show.

The goal of Russia ICO Show – to enable projects to show himself to large Russian investors, and the investors to give access to tested and high-quality projects.

IDACB guarantees qualified investors, as they all confirmed their assets, some of them are members IDACB and already have an impressive investment portfolio. The Association also guarantees investors the qualification of the ICO themselves. Each project is presented in Russia ICO Show is mandatory for verification.

Team ICO is often considered that the quality of submitted your project, but rarely meet the investment criteria of the assessment of serious backers, but more importantly, have virtually no access to investors and do not enjoy their trust.

«We will use all our resources 64 countries-members of the Association in order to form a pool of major investors, each of whom we know personally. We also personally acquainted with the founders of each of the ICO project, which allowed to participate in Russia ICO Show. We want the overall level of the ICO grew, the team grew and we are ready to help find investors for the projects and for the projects investors,» said international Secretary IDACB Maxim Chereshnev.

ICO Russia Show in Moscow blockchain summit is only the first round, then IDACB organizes sessions throughout Russia, Uzbekistan, Moldova, Malta and other European countries, North America, Middle East, Africa and Asia.

Verified pitchers and investors IDACB provides free entrance for WBCSummit Moscow.


Sergey Brin: mining is one of the main drivers «of the computing boom»

The increasing demand for processing power from the mining industry called “boom calculations,” wrote Google co-founder Sergey Brin in a letter to investors.

According to Brin, mining cryptocurrency is one of the main factors that led Google to speed up its processors in more than 200 thousand times over the last 20 years. Computing power has increased due to “high demand due to advanced graphics in games and, surprisingly, of the GPU algorithms for the verification of “proof of work” incorporated into the infrastructure of some of the modern cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum,” says one of the founders of Google.

In addition, Brin, described as two important factors leading to the increase in computing power. First, it is “a stable background of Moore’s law”, according to which the number of transistors placed on a chip of a chip doubles every 2 years. Secondly, this “profound revolution in machine learning that has occurred over the last decade”.

But, despite the recognition of one of the founders of mining one of the drivers of the computing boom, the company in early April banned the added to Chrome Web Store extensions designed for cryptocurrency mining, and by July will remove all. Previously, Google announced a ban on the advertising of crypto-currencies and ICO in all its services.

Google is one of the most active investors in the blockchain — in the autumn of last year in the corresponding rating of the company took the second place. Earlier it was reported that Google is working on its own blockchain solution for cloud services.


Taiwan will not prohibit activity with cryptocurrency

The head of the Commission for financial control of Taiwan Wellington Ku (Wellington Koo) at the joint session of the Parliament and government officially declared that the regulator does not intend to set a rigid legal framework to apply in the country of technology of the distributed registry and the development of cryptocurrencies.

The statement was made in response to a request from Congressman Jason Hsu (Jason Hsu), advocated deregulation of the financial-technology sector, to clarify the position on the status of kryptonyte in the country.

Ku also confirmed that the blockchain technology represents an enormous opportunity for innovation and economic growth of Taiwan.

Now, according to Congressman Hsu, you can expect a successful adoption of the law on experiments with financial technological innovation and following the path of Japan, which unlike China and South Korea positively accepts cryptocurrency.


Morgan Stanley: repeats the bitcoin dot-com bubble, only much faster

According to a study published by the financial conglomerate Morgan Stanley, bitcoin behaves just like the Nasdaq during the dotcom bubble of 20 years ago. Time only now everything is unfolding much faster.

Price movements of the Nasdaq in 2000, and bitcoins in our day in the most “turbulent” periods reached 250-280% before bear market, said in a note to Morgan Stanley clients.

“Only the bitcoin rally was about 15 times faster,” said a strategist at Bank Sheena Shah (Sheena Shah).

According to her, such price movements and this kind of behavior in trading volume can be an indication that history repeats Nasdaq.

Bearish markets for bitcoin in 2009 was observed four times, falling prices of them ranged from 28% to 92%, recalled Shah. The average price of the cryptocurrency lost on each bearish wave 45-50%, which is very similar to the behavior of the Nasdaq 18 years ago.

“In a bear market the Nasdaq in 2000 had five price reductions, surprisingly, on average the same 44%,” — said strategist at Morgan Stanley.

She drew attention to the fact that at every rally before the bear market showed a drop in trading volumes. But bitcoin does this figure in December, in contrast, jumped by 300%, and she sees this as a favorable signal for cryptocurrency.

“The subsequent rally as bitcoin and Nasdaq has always meant a decline in trade. The growth of trading volumes, thus, is not an indication of raised investors ‘ activity, rather, they are in a hurry to leave,” says Shah.

Historically, to buy bitcoin, there were three main currencies: United States dollar (USD), Chinese yuan (CNY) and Japanese yen (JPY). When the last bear market a greater share of trade absorbed the new digital currency, called Tether (USDT).

“Token USDT is not the main financial unit, but its increasing use is an interesting story. We think that in the coming years, the focus in the market may increasingly be displaced in the cross-trades between the crypto currencies/tokens, and these transactions will be distributed only through registers, not through the banking system”, says Sheena Shah.

We will remind that earlier the Commission on trade commodity futures (CFTC) sent the subpoenas to companies Tether and Bitfinex, which are interconnected. The creators USDT assure that all tokens provided in US dollars in relation to one-to-one. But cryptosuite have long expressed fears that the companies, really there is about $2.2 billion of the necessary funds for it.


Hosted the first atomic transaction with Bitcoin Cash

4 Nov developer under the name DesWurstes successfully made the first atomic transaction with Bitcoin Cash. The exchange has been made between networks of Bitcoin Cash and Decret. The proof of this fact is presented in Decret repository on GitHub.

«The first atomic swap Bitcoin for Cash has taken place!», reads on GitHub.

Now the developer plans to create software that will allow users to more effectively perform atomic exchanges with BCC.

«Atomically swaps is an interesting topic, and there are plenty of exchanges to exchange altcoins for altcoins, but none of them is safe. There is no guarantee that the exchange won’t steal your money,» said DesWurstes in the comments

The developer said that the atomic transaction with Bitcoin Cash was his «dream». Now he was able to successfully implement it.

«Once all exchanges to exchange altcoins for altcoins will use atomic transactions because they are safe, and it will become as familiar as the old types of trading. They have no reason not to use atomic swaps. If they will not do, their users will abandon them», – concluded DesWurstes.

We will remind that on November 13 in the Bitcoin network Cash will be hardwork.


Trading volume on the OTC cryptocurrency platform Genesis Trading increased by 50% over the year

According to the new York OTC dealer Genesis Global Trading, despite a prolonged bear market, the company «grew substantially». It is reported by The Block.

In the letter to customers States that in 2018 the volume of OTC transactions on Genesis increased by 50%. In addition, less than a year the volume of issued institutional clients of crypto-currency loans amounted to $1 billion.

Genesis Global Trading is registered with the SEC and FINRA broker and enters a business Empire Barry silbert of Digital Currency and his Group. In may last year she received the Regulations, allowing to operate in the state of new York.

The company began to issue in bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Bitcoin, Cash and other currencies in March last year. Borrowers, including hedge funds and other financial institutions use these funds at lower prices of digital currencies, and to hedge investment positions.

ForkLog previously reported that for the first time in a long time, the demand for cryptocurrency OTC platform Cumberland has exceeded the offer.


Jeffrey Gundlach: the Price of bitcoin reaches $5000

Despite yesterday’s volatility of the cryptocurrency markets and a significant drop in the prices of bitcoin, a well-known critic of digital currencies Jeffrey Gundlach (Jeffrey Gundlach) said that in the near future the price of the first cryptocurrencies will reach $5 000.

In an interview on CNBC Gundlach, who is head of the company DoubleLine, which manages assets of $200 billion, said that the risk investors can get easy profit, if we turn to trade bitcoin.

«In fact, I don’t recommend anything related to bitcoin, but if you want to speculate, I think the price will go up to $5000. Talking about easy profit 25%,» said Gundlach.

Note that many analysts are inclined to believe that in the near future bitcoin will trade between $3 000 and $5 000, which correlates with the opinion Gundlaha. The main question is, do the bulls strength to reach this level soon.

«If you alienate the prospect, we will see that the price of the coin will be from $3,000 to $5,000, so we’re in the middle of the road,» said Greenspan previously Mati (Mati Greenspan), senior market analyst at eToro.

Previously, the Agency Weiss Ratings issued a forecast that by 2019 heralds the rising popularity of bitcoin. The international rating Agency expects that more people will consider the cryptocurrency as a store of value, and bitcoin will finally strengthened its status as digital gold.


Who will buy criptural?

Trying to understand myself. And who will be the ones that will buy criptural?
To be honest, I dont understand.

What are the main advantages of the same bitcoin or other «normal» currencies?

1. Nobody need to prove anything. Neither the origin of funds. No basis for trades or transactions. Just bought some amount of «error». Just sold. If I wanted to. Simply translated, who wanted all. No one had never asked.

2. In the case of a fully state-controlled crypt, for all of the above theoretically required and to answer all of these, often completely idiotic, questions, and justify and so on. in Short to undergo full KYC procedure. So all we now have to complete the program. 115 FZ will be, apparently, as usually all it takes to lock our funds or not to authorize the transaction.

3. Today, the tax on transactions in the crypt – zero. Tomorrow – we’ll see. If cryptool – will tax. Knowing wisdom and deep knowledge of our zakonotvortsy – they are sure something will come up on this.

4. Exchange controls and crypt – things are absolutely not shared. Will act as a currency control in the case of streptorubin? Don’t understand. But, obviously, will be. And we need it?

5. The risk of hacker attack. In the case of a normal crypt is a constantly present reality. However, this risk is in principle the same for any entity working in this space. No matter if you’re blue collar from China, big shot Wall St, working with the «Uralvagonzavod» or the comrade trump. All are equal. Imagine the theoretical possibility that appeared cryptool. I wonder how soon we will see on the Mitinsky market, the list of happy owners of cryptorama – how to hack.

6. Sanctions. Since the West is now, whether we like it or not, the sanctions against a number of Russian financial institutions and citizens still has not been canceled, and because our «friends» from the United States or the European Union will not be able to check (unless you buy a base on the top crust), it is very likely that ANY lucky owner of cryptorama could theoretically get into the problem area. Something not fun somehow.

7. Who will be the Issuer. State? CB? But this is actually contrary to the spirit of the crypts. Because the Issuer can be anyone.
Full decentralization is a philosophy of blockchain. How to connect will be the hierarchical nature of States and the blockchain? In particular, goscript. Or licenses for mining will receive as usual the authorized banks and other «proper mates» type Rotenberg. As they say – sounds fishy.

In short, I will not go into all possible details, but still.

Please give at least one reason to buy cryptorama. And explain what will be funny.