Types of capturadora

In social networks for several years, are popular tests to determine personality, which begin with the words, «Who are you from (insert as appropriate)?». We suggest to familiarize with the psycho behavior on the cryptocurrency market and uncover free of charge without registration and SMS trading your essence: are you a bull or a bear, or maybe an ostrich or flea-bitten dog?

Type: Bull

What it does: Butts with his horns from the bottom up

Characteristics: the Bull is one of the two main participants of the stock and cryptocurrency markets. This alias is for punters appeared in the early 18th century, when financial institutions began to gain its popularity. The bull became the main character of a series of satirical stories of the doctor and author John Arbuthnot’s «History of John bull», where bull, from eng. «bull» — the bull, the collective image of the fat little Englishman who is the antithesis of the American image of the tall, thin uncle Sam.

The player of this character on the stock and cryptocurrency markets always hope for the best: assets purchased at a low price, will increase in value. In the case of digital coins the trader buys the first currency and believe in its consolidation of a leading position, or is invested in bitcoin, ether, litecoin and other popular crypto currencies at the moment of recession and also believes that soon there will be a rollback of the market and the assets will regain its positions.

It turns out that the bulls when buying coins open long positions — a long position (from eng. «long»). this transaction can last an unlimited amount of time. When the value of the coins closing the position will bring to the bulls profit. The majority of players belong to that category of cryptocurrency traders.

Type: Bear

What it does: Beats paw from the top down

Feature: Another main character in cryptocurrency (and not only) trading is considered to be a bear. Traders-bears are the opposite of bulls and sell some of their assets with the hope that their price will decrease in the future. That is bearish objective is to rule «sell high, buy cheaper.» After the sale, which typically occurs in the common mainstream, the price of crypto-assets falls, the demand decreases.

Bears, by entering into a contract for the sale of the asset stock, record its price and wait for the goods will fall in price, close the deal and put revenue in your pocket. They win on what they have. All of the shares and the tokens in this type of trading is taken on bail. After analysing the market and understanding that soon the trend will be downward, and lately he’s exactly what the bear takes the asset (e.g. 100 pieces) from cryptocurrency exchanges one dollar. Some time later, when the exchange rate fell, the bear returns the shares at the current price with a small Commission. It turns out that a hundred pieces of coins at a cost has become, for example, 50 assets past performance. The remaining 50 — earnings.

Experienced players who adhere to this position, given the sharp volatility and the constantly falling rate of bitcoin, get a lot. Clumsy though they like to claim that the cryptocurrency bubble that will soon repeat the history of the Internet …

Type: Kit

What it does: Holds a lot of cryptocurrency. A lot

Feature: Whales are the largest holders of the cryptocurrency. As a rule, those market players who managed to understand cryptocurrency and enter the industry at the very birth of the market. Whales quietly watching the exchange for them of minor-scale games of bulls and bears and not interfere in pursuit of a «penny» into hundreds of dollars. But with personal need and expression of interest the most significant asset holders are able to turn the market upside down.

Selling a few hundred thousand bitcoins may change the trend in the development of cryptocurrency, the whole example scenario with little money in circulation will fail. Therefore, any action of the kit is regarded as a warning to global shifts.

Kit may be forced to play by the rules the whole community, strategic approaches can amaze everyone. For example, if a major holder of assets know about any important upcoming event, or just wants to buy more coins, all you need to do Keith is to sell a large order at a lower price than all the rest. This will force players to succumb to the movement and to reduce the cost, panic in this case is guaranteed. Upon reaching the desired mark, Keith acquires depreciating assets and removes your warrant. This technique is called «wall of sales».

If Keith wants to fictitiously inflate the price of any currency, it applies the pumping rates. When this manipulation is set larger order with a price above the market, then the rest of the users increase the value of the asset — the goal is achieved, the coin becomes expensive. And whales can be combined into dark pools and not publicly to buy a huge number of bitcoins. In General, serious people.

Type: Elk

What it does: «got a moose,» has suffered a loss

Feature: Its name in the Russian interpretation of the elk received from the English word «loss» «loss». This type of personality in the cryptocurrency market always unlucky. Moose makes a bad bargain, invested in questionable assets, incurs permanent losses.

Traders catch the moose lose their assets, grow it and sleep with it — leave an unprofitable position for the next trading session, then the moose grow up and walk in herds — the trader gets a few losing trades in a row. Admit that especially in the beginning of the crypto activities of each user a bit of a moose.

Type: Sheep

What it does: Scared to buy the suddenly cheaper, does not dare to sell, suddenly will rise in price

Feature: the Most timid and irresolute of cryptocurrency traders are called sheep. If you make a hypothetical collective image, this type can be represented in the form of a young man who «knows something, heard somewhere», but is afraid to do wrong, so follow the crowd. The trader-sheep may all day to monitor closely the exchange rate, to analyze the situation, to understand some trends, but did not dare to have any action and manipulation.

If the sheep will buy assets, they may turn into bulls, and if to sell — in of bears. With strong fluctuations (read: almost always) this type of traders lose their investment with nothing. After that, the trader-sheep with a huge disappointment and an even bigger hole in the wallet goes with the cryptocurrency market and advises everyone not to meddle in this «bubble that will soon burst».

Type: Lemmings (the hamster)

What it does: «I invested $100 when my asset appreciates to $100,000,000? Why not tomorrow?»

Characteristics: Traders hamsters are often called traders, the sheep, because these types are very similar and have similarities in the behavior of the stock market Both animals can easily turn into bulls and bears, adapt to the General trend, act on the rule «all, and I, because everything bad will not do.» But if the sheep after the failures come from the market, the hamsters continue to mindlessly convert Fiat to bitcoin and wait for the rapid growth of their investments.

Not to say that these people have more money and fewer opportunities to analyze the market, just hamsters intoxicated with the idea as quick as possible to earn. Cryptocurrency for them is not a promising asset in the future with the right analytical approach can bring x to the starting capital. And especially digital coins are not regarded hamsters as technology for quick calculations.

Lemmings on the market most, they are prone to the herd effect. Due to rashness and frivolity of the behavior of major market players manipulate hamsters, forcing you to invest in need for their activities the asset. Therefore, to avoid becoming a victim of whales and other rich traders need to learn technical analysis to monitor the behavior of the market and not to succumb to the General mood.

Type: Wolf

What it does: Silently analyzes the market and collects the largest revenue

Feature: the Name of this type of traders originated from a legendary film by Martin Scorsese «the Wolf of wall Street», where the main role of the broker Jordan Belfort played by Leonardo DiCaprio. There, according to the scenario, a young man making millions through trading on a well known exchange. To get huge earnings allows concentration and permanent hard work. Therefore, in real life the trader is smart and prudent of players of this type are called wolves.

It is the wolves are the ideal toward which to strive all the decent traders. After all, they are famous for permanent positive result, no matter what they did, what would be the position nor put all of them out with x’s and big profit. Yes, for the sake of wisdom and clear sight had to sit up on the analytical textbooks, constantly monitor the trends and learn to feel the market behavior. But then all the «lost» time into income with numerous zeros.

Type: Pig

What it does: While the bull and bear earn, the pig goes under the knife

Feature: Probably the worst of all must be traders who are called pigs. But they are so keen on the idea quickly and passively earn a lot of money and go on Paradise island that are not paying attention to dissonant nickname. Pigs mindlessly invested in the risky assets do not study the market and often trade against the trend. These traders are the favorite treat for professional traders, because pigs until the end hold a profitable position despite changes course and cryptocurrency trends.

Pigs are the embodiment of greed, so as to lose all their assets due to excessive expectations the best prices and too much hope in their intuitive powers. But don’t confuse a pig with Hodler (distortion from the English. «hold» — «hodl», which means «to hold»). Traders of the first type to store the coin with the growth when it shows the rise and hoping to get more perederzhivat price and end up losing everything. The Hodler just keeps crypto-asset with a low price and hopes for its growth.

Type: Rabbit

What it does: Makes a lot fast trades

Feature: In the nature of a hare is known for its fast running and agile jumping, so kryptomere supporters of speed and sharp deals are named after this animal. From the point of view of trading strategies hares are scalping is a risky tactic, which involves standing jumps to positions within a price corridor. Traders constantly discover a short-term deal and a jump on the market from one price point to another, trying not to burn on bad assets and avoid being eaten by bulls and bears.

Scalping, or Pipsing, is highly profitable trading method that is considered the top skill of the trader. Because for making quick transactions you need to understand many things: the trading behavior of the tool, the expectations of the market, the basics of technical and fundamental analysis, news and statistical background. From the trader requires a high concentration and discipline. Otherwise, quick and quality running will not work, and the hare will be eaten.

Type: Ostrich

What it does: Hides its head in the sand and not responding to events in the cryptocurrency world

Feature: User-ostrich is the most passive and morally impenetrable trader on the crypto currency exchange. Not only that, he is not interested in politics news constantly updated exchange rates, so also does not respond to the important statements that directly can affect the value of the assets.

Likely to pay attention to the change of cryptocurrencies ostriches will only make the case that bitcoin will drop to $100. Of course, these players almost no on the market. The ostrich effect when investors put their head in the sand and hope for the restoration of positions lost during bearish trends in the state of maximum financial stress.

Type: flea-bitten dog

What it does: Makes a losing trade

Feature: In the lexicon of Fiat traders there is a famous quote from the Oliver stone movie «wall street» (1987) — «This flea-bitten dog, kid.» So shark stock trading Gordon Gekko described unpromising stock young stock broker named Bud Fox. So the dog became a symbol of inefficient investments or assets. Consequently, traders who make mistakes in investing are called dogs.

Also Vietnam trading, there is the strategy «dogs of the Dow» in which the early season trade for a prospect takes the 10 stocks with the highest yield of the Dow Jones (30). Every shopping season portfolio adjusted to market trends, and in the end, the theory for 15 years, the profit would be 13%. While this strategy is not fully applicable to the cryptocurrency, because the digital assets are at least 10 years. So now you can collect the investment portfolio of the promising amount of cryptocoins and look at the x’s in the future.

Type: Chicken

What it does: «Where to click to all by itself was netradios?»

Feature: In English literature a chicken is considered a symbol of cowardice and indecision. So too vigilant and inexperienced investors is called chickens. They are afraid to open position out of cowardice will never take a risk. Enter into a deal too late, when the bulls and the bears have already closed their positions and took profits, because for a long time understood what was happening.

Chicken runs the fear of loss: they are so worried about their failures that are simply afraid to enter the market and are constantly missing the opportunity to open profitable positions. However, this type of trader is not permanent, it is the initial passing position of the novice trader who has not yet learned to control their emotions. The chicken is different from the sheep of his inexperience and youth in trading. Newbie with time or turn into stronger animal world of Finance, or even leaving the market.


IOTA announced the completion of the Hub and listing on Upbit

The project team IOTA Foundation has announced the completion of the Hub – a new software designed for cryptocurrency exchanges and other providers of digital services.

Hub is a standards-based solution with open source code, designed to facilitate the integration of the network IOTA with other platforms through the use of gRPC API in a simplified and proven environment. According to the developers, using the Hub, exchanges will be able to add support for IOTA in a matter of weeks, not months, as it was previously.

In addition, the Hub supports transaction, signed from the outside. The possibility of remote signing allows users to have a separate computer that has funds, but there is no access to the database. He Hub has access to the database, but not to the media. The connection provides a secure egRPC channel that can significantly improve the security and does not allow the attacker to gain complete control over the funds exchanges through hacking the system.

Hub code is published on GitHub «soon».

The first platform using the new add to the listing IOTA, became the largest Korean exchange Upbit.

According to the statement Upbit, listing IOTA was planned this weekend, but due to technical problems the schedule was changed. The new terms of the listing is not specified. It is expected that it will be done soon.

Thanks to the news about Hub and listing on a major stock exchange IOTA managed to play yesterday’s drop rate a bit and add in the price. As of 17:15 on the Kiev/Moscow the average course of bitcoin was $0,92. For the last day of quotation IOTA increased by 3.05%.


The project is Yet Another ICO for those who do have not led to the ICO

On the Facebook page of the accelerator FunCubator the information appeared on the site Yet Another ICO, which is to generate ideas for the organization of ICO and creates landing pages ready for projects to raise funds.

Here is everything in order to cause maximum confidence in potential investors all the necessary documentation, and impressive discounts, and great description of the product the efficiency of which is confirmed by pretty graphs:

And a decent person in the team with great professional features:

And at least a decent observers, causing the respect of their occupation:

And the roadmap that accurately and honestly describes touching all the phases of «thorough» preparation and future development of the project – from logo design in February 2017, to paid vacation in January 2018, and the start of the next ICO:

«We hate the scum and I want to highlight this problem the fun way,» – wrote on its website, the creators of the project.

Try to create your own project for ICO, it’s really really fun!


Analysis of prices of cryptocurrencies: correction according to a time parameter

On future possible scenarios of the price movement of bitcoin and altcoins multiple popular says a leading analyst RoboForex Dmitry Gurkovskiy.

Analyzing the cryptocurrency market at the moment, it is worth noting that the market as if frozen in expectation of something. But we are aware that neither the decrease nor the increase may not be permanent and continuous. Therefore, the current state of the market correction, while more temporary option than price. The current correction can be interpreted as “preparing to jump”, the formation of the next downward impulse, completing the medium-term downtrend in the overall trend.


BTC daily timeframe still shows price movements in the downward channel. The goal of reducing are at its support line and one of the core is around $2600. Resistance to long-term trends is in the area of $5925. The current position of the price candles near the support line of the internal corridor tells about the consensus of opinion of the “bulls” and “bears” over the value of BTC. The breakdown of the support line of the main channel may allow the pair to descend to the level of $1250.

On 4-hour chart we can observe development of the wave decrease, the primary goal of which will be relevant at least $3460,10. A test of this level could end up as a breakout and rebound, confirming the factor what may be the upward trend of the MACD lines. Breaking the low, the pulse on the right psychological support of $3000, and later to the core – $2600. The rebound, in turn, may lead to extension of the correction phase. But for that scenario the market to begin to overcome local resistance at $4055. The goals of a possible extension of the correction phase can be the levels of 38.2% (4635) and 50.0% ($5005) on a scale Fibonacci.

1-hour timeframe BTC demonstrates the development of short-term downtrend within a stable corridor. As a local target reduction is to consider it a support line and $3562. Confirming signals for further declines in the short-time errors can be “black cross” on the Stochastic and the red zone on MACD histogram.


If we consider the dynamics of the EOS on the 4 hour timeframe we can see that after a short correction quotes moved to top of the projection channel, and continued development of long-term downward trend. At the moment there is testing support line. The purpose of downward momentum is $2,00. The current price of the EOS may already be regarded by investors as an attractive long-term investment. When developing a downtrend the MACD can also see the formation of convergence, which may indicate the approach of a rollback or reversal.

When looking at a chart EOS on the 1 hour timeframe can see the development of the short-term downtrend, the aim of the movement which can be $1,85. While the Stochastic indicator is observed the formation of a local convergence, which may indicate impending correction. Confirmation of the rollback start point there is a break of the current resistance of $2.50. Breach of this level will open the way to resistance levels of $2.67 and $to 3.08.


Dynamics of Ethereum on 4-hour chart indicates a downward wave to the current low of $to 98.04. This line of MACD indicator is directed upwards, which suggests that the medium-term corrective phase is not over. The possibility of the development of the next wave of growth in the phase correction can be implemented only after the breakdown of local resistance line. The goal of correction is located on levels 23,6% ($127,26), 38,2% ($145,93) and 50.0% ($160,62) on a scale Fibonacci.

On the 1 hour timeframe Ethereum should pay attention to the development of the current pulse in the composition of the downtrend channel. The formation of “black cross” on the Stochastic indicator indicates a potential decline to the main local support $to 98.04. The breakdown of the resistance level of $113,00 may be a signal to developing short-term uptrend.


On 4-hour chart Litecoin can see that the quotes cryptocurrency after reaching the level of correction 23.6% according to Fibonacci at the beginning of the formation of the local downward trend. The immediate goal of reduction is to consider a current minimum of $26,28. But while the MACD line is directed upwards, the opportunity to continue and expand correction is not exhausted. Signal continuation of the development of the correction phase there is a break local resistance line at $32,90. To further correctional growth may be the level of 38.2% ($37,75).

The 1 hour chart Litecoin see that after the test the support line of the quotes jumped to the top of the projection channel. A new impetus to reduce directed to the support level of $28,40. The emerging “black cross” on the indicator Stochastic can be a confirmation of the desire of the market to achieve the target levels of support. But also does not exclude the formation of the local short-term range. In this case, dynamics of quotations will be clamped between the levels of $29,15 $31,83.


If you evaluate the medium-term dynamics of XRP on 4-hour chart, it is worth noting that the cryptocurrency continues to decline despite the exit at the top of the projection channel. For possible growth will be the current resistance level of $0,4077. But the main scenario remains to the downside. Breaking current minimum 0,3123, quotes will go to storm levels $0,2718 and $0,2365. Confirmatory factor hypotheses about the further decline is the emerging “black cross” on MACD.

When considering the 1-hour timeframe XRP note that after convergence, the quotes have adjusted the previous downward trend and reached the resistance line. Now there is forming another descending impulse in part of short-term downtrend. But to exclude the possibility of growth to the resistance level of $0,3540, and after breakdown to the level of $0,3865, not worth it.

Forecasts financial markets are private opinion of their authors. The current analysis is not a guide to trade. RoboForex is not responsible for the results that can occur when using trade recommendations submitted reviews.


Losses mining company Bitmain in the 3rd quarter 2018 estimated $740 million

A leading manufacturer of hardware for bitcoin mining company Bitmain allegedly suffered in the 3rd quarter of this year the loss of $740 million More, in reality these figures may be even higher, writes Bitcoinist.

Official reports from the Chinese giant about its financial results for the period have not yet been reported, however, that Bitmain has suffered large losses distributed Twitter account BTCKING555, writing mostly about this company.

So, on Tuesday he published a post where you said about «leakage» of financial indicators Bitmain.

«A complete disaster! The company lost $740 million, including losses on working capital and Cash to Bitcoin! And that’s not counting the losses incurred as a result of the war of Harrachov!»

In subsequent tweets on Wednesday BTCKING555 writes that the company has addressed some investor who wants to liquidate its stock, the aggregate value of which at the moment is estimated at $1.5 billion – 90% less compared to August.

He also said that with such huge losses from Bitmain does not have the resources to further support BCH. In the absence of liquidity BCH continues to fall, causing an even greater impact on the financial position of the company.

Painting a possible scenario, BTCKING555 says that vendors will begin to shut down the company’s credit lines, buyers will be reluctant to acquire it equipment and the IPO will be canceled. The only way out could be a large step-down round of financing, in which the control of the firm passed into the hands of venture capitalists.

If this information is confirmed, the future of the company and its plans to raise funding via IPO on the Hong Kong stock exchange, is likely to be under great threat.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that the IPO, Bitmain could mislead potential investors about the participation of firms DST Global and GIC Private Ltd. in the June funding round Series B. the company allegedly raised $400 million, after which it investment evaluation, it was argued, grew to $12 billion.

The application for the IPO Bitmain filed in September, and later entered into a research Department BitMEX, the company, like other members of the cryptocurrency industry remains vulnerable to the General state of the market.


Manufacturer hardware cryptocell Ledger raised $75 million investment to increase production

French manufacturer of hardware cryptocell Ledger drew to Finance part of the series of $75 million to increase production capacity. New investors of the company were venture capital funds Draper Esprit, Firstmark Capital, Cathay Capital and Innovation Korelya, as well as to support its previously Existing investors, Caphorn Invest, and Gdtre Digital Currency Group.

“We originally assumed that the hardware cryptocell Ledger will contribute to blockchain revolution. But three years after this series we came to the conclusion to create a technological giant in a promising cryptocurrency sphere”, — said the head of the company Eric Sarcevic (Eric Larchevêque).

The company noted the rise in popularity of cryptocurrency users, however, and the need to better protect resources.

Also today, the startup Radar decentralized Relay-based project Øx, has announced integration with Ledger, which will allow the owners of this hardware crypto to transfer Ether or other tokens created by the standard ERC-20, directly to another wallet Ledger.

“Ledger gives the cryptocurrency security is much better than can (brag) my Bank. Now people keep their money there. Ledger allows me to control their money, instead of asking the Bank”, — commented on the news venture capitalist Tim Draper (Tim Draper).

Recall, founded in 2014 in Paris, the company claims to have sold over a million hardware wallets in 165 countries around the world. In series And in March 2017, the company has raised $8.3 million for construction of a new factory in China. And in October, the Ledger has announced a partnership with Intel on the integration of the blockchain operating system BOLOS in Software Guard Extensions (SGX). In addition, the company is engaged in the implementation of the decision Ledger Vault, which enables financial institutions to manage their scriptactive.


In the state Duma called for the creation of conditions for development of ICO

The head of the financial market Committee of the state Duma Anatoly Aksakov considers that in Russia it is necessary to create conditions for the development of the ICO. The MP said at a press conference following the St Petersburg international economic forum.

“We on the forum were discussing the location of the digital assets for investment in various projects small and medium-sized businesses. According to some statistics, the experts gave me in 60 times increased the volume of funds raised to Finance projects through the process of ICO. If it works, it is necessary to create the conditions, and quite possibly, we can also make good money. The more everyone says that a big part of participating in the ICO, is the Russian people,” — said Aksakov.

According to him, the amount of funding attracted to projects through the ICO in Russia is not exactly known.

“This issue is not settled, and no accurate statistics do not know” — said the head of the Duma Committee.

The bills designed to regulate Russia’s sphere of cryptocurrency and ICO, was introduced in the state Duma on March 20, the group of deputies headed by Aksakov. The draft laws “On digital of financial assets” and “About alternative ways of attracting investment (crowdfunding)” has already received government approval and gone through the first reading in the lower house of Parliament.

Earlier, Deputy Finance Minister Alexei Moiseev has called Russia the largest market for raising funds through ICO and encouraged to avoid rigid regulation in this sphere.


Uzbekistan will start to monitor the medications using the blockchain technology

The Russian company Industrial Alliance Blockchain implemented blockchain technology to the work of the Uzbek State center of examination and standardization of medicines, medical devices and medical equipment. It is expected that now every drug in the system will receive your electronic certificate with a guarantee of quality and authenticity.

“We started with the simplest – the introduction of the blockchain in a database of drugs… the Blockchain will make transparent all actions in the database, thereby increasing the level of confidence in the system of state quality control of pharmaceutical products.

Our next steps is to register on the platform the blockchain the full life cycle of the product,” said Bobir of Akimhanov, investment Director of technology local support Fund the development of the digital economy the “Digital trust”, which in early October signed with the Russian company, the Memorandum of cooperation in the field of blockchain technology.

Recall that in July, President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoev signed a law on measures for development of digital economy in the Republic, in which the introduction and development activities in the field of trafficking scriptaction, mining, the blockchain training of specialists, international cooperation in the blockchain industry and the legal framework for the industry related to key areas.

And in mid-October, the Russian Association IPChain and innovation Department of the municipality of Tashkent signed a Memorandum of understanding in the field of development of intellectual property infrastructure in the capital of Uzbekistan on the basis of the application of blockchain technology.


Weekly market analysis cryptocurrencies and ICO (20-26 November 2017)

Information on 26.11.2017 (results for the period from 01.07.2017)[i]


  • Dmitry Kornilov, doctor of economic Sciences, academician of RANS, senior analyst ICOBox
  • Dmitri Zaitsev, candidate of economic Sciences, head of international public relations and the Department of business analysts ICOBox
  • Nikolay Evdokimov, co-founder of ICOBox
  • Michael raitzin, co-founder of ICOBox
  • Anar Babayev, co-founder of ICOBox
  • Daria Generalova, co-founder of ICOBox

The study presents data on dynamics of changes on cryptocurrency market on the market of the ICO in the third and fourth quarter, but the main emphasis is on the analysis of the changes from the beginning of November 2017, including over the past week (20-26.11.2017).

1. A General analysis of the market of cryptocurrencies and assets (per week, month, quarter). Market dynamics

1.1. A General analysis of the market of cryptocurrencies and assets (week, month)

Table. 1.1. Dynamics of capitalization of the stock market and the major currencies with 01.08.2017, 26.11.2017 G.

In the period from 1 to 26 November 2017 the total market capitalization of cryptocurrencies (Total Market Capitalization) increased by 100 billion USD, i.e. with 182,65 to 281,29 billion USD (as of 26 Nov 2017 00:00 UTC, see table. 1.1). Over the past week (20-26.11.2017) the market capitalization has increased by about 48 billion U.S. dollars. Moreover, an increase of 17.2 billion US dollars was only due Bitcoin market capitalization which grew from 129,6 to 146,79 billion U.S. dollars. The growth of capitalization altcoins for the week amounted to 30.5 billion U.S. dollars (from 104 to 134,5 billion US dollars). To increase the capitalization of altcoins affected mainly courses Ethereum, Bitcoin, Cash, Gold, Bitcoin, Ripple, Litecoin, Dash, Monero, Ethereum Classic, etc., so capitalization increased almost all the top ten cryptocurrencies, except IOTA and NEO.

For the period from 20 to 26 November courses Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin and Litecoin Cash increased by 13.17%, 34,13%, of 24.62% 27,95%, respectively.

Last week lasted the growth rate of Bitcoin, the cost of which during this period increased from $7 766 $8, 789, and at the end of the week exceeded $9 500. However, its market share declined from 55.5 per cent to 52.2%, and a greater role was played by Altcoins. In particular, significantly increased the capitalization of Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash, at 11 and 5 billion USD respectively (see table. 1.1).

Over the past week, the dominance structure in the top 7 of cryptocurrency by capitalization changed since Dash and Litecoin moved to the sixth and seventh positions, and the fifth place was taken Bitcoin Gold with a total capitalization of more than 6.1 billion U.S. dollars (see Fig. below).

Thus, the cryptocurrency has confidently entered the top five leaders in capitalization, and the past 24.10.2017, hardwork Bitcoin, which appeared in Bitcoin Gold, can be considered quite successful.

Quite unexpected for many has become the next Bitcoin hardwork conducted 23.11.2017, the team of anonymous developers. As a result, the stock market appeared the Bitcoin Diamond, which, according to its creators, has supported 28 exchanges and a few purses.

The hallmarks of the new cryptocurrencies are more nuanced privacy protection, in faster confirmation of transactions to reduce transaction fees and cost of participation. The maximum volume (Max Supply) release Bitcoin Diamond is 10 times more than the previous clones of Bitcoin, and is 210 000 000 BCD, and the maximum block size increased to 8MB (same as Bitcoin Gold).

However, a number of experts expressed doubts about the safety of the use of the presented web wallets. So, one of them said: «What is alarming in this project is on the website still has not posted the wallet for a full node, but only links to several web wallets». The Bitcoin Diamond 24.11.2017 city ranged from $61 to $103, and at the moment is $66-68 (26.11.2017).

The main causes of changes in the exchange rates of the leading cryptocurrency in a week are presented in table. 1.3.

Smith + Crown Index for the last week of November increased significantly – from 14 to 17 548 004.

To analyze the activity of trading on the crypto currency exchange is calculated the index of ZAK-n Crypto (see Glossary). Indices ZAK-ZAK and Crypto 3-6 Crypto is presented in table. 1.1, 1.2.and, 1.2.b. So, 12.11.2017, trading volume (Volume 24h) for the three dominant cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin and Cash), the first time exceeded 18 billion U.S. dollars per day, reached 18 942 million U.S. dollars (table. 1.2.a). The index value of the ZAK-3 Crypto amounted to a record 12%, which indicates a very high liquidity and dynamism of the market dominant cryptocurrency.

Table. 1.2.. Daily calculation of the index ZAK-3 Crypto (con 02.11.2017, 26.11.2017)

Trading volumes 24 hour (24h Volume) for the six dominant cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Litecoin and Dash) at the end of last week was 8 903 million USD (tab. 1.2.b), i.e. 3.7% of their market capitalization. More indexes ZAK-ZAK and Crypto 3-6 Crypto considered in the table. 1.2.and 1.2.b.

Table. 1.2.b. Daily calculation of the index ZAK-6 Crypto (extension table 1.2.a)

In table. 1.3 presents the key events of the week (20-26.11.2017), influenced the course of the dominant cryptocurrency and the stock market in General, indicating the nature and extent of their influence.

Table. 1.3. Key events of the week that influenced the course of cryptocurrency 20-26 November 2017

High trading activity (Volume 24h) relative to market capitalization contributes to the volatility of the cryptocurrency market, which can lead to sharp changes in their prices.

In Fig. 1 shows the mutual movements of Bitcoin and Ethereum since the beginning of November (Fig. 1; table 1.4.a,b).

In Fig. 1 shows that in the period of imminent hard forks of Bitcoin, up to 08.11.2017 G. it has been rising after the announcement of the cancellation of this event was a sharp decline in the exchange rate of Bitcoin against the background of this abrupt change of course Ethereum, and then, after a few days that were required for stabilization (up to 15.11.2017 g), the growth of Bitcoin has resumed and has remained stable over the past two weeks. The launch of a Bitcoin Diamond in the new hard forks of Bitcoin (23.11.2017 g) also spurred the interest in Bitcoin, as many of its holders interested in a possible bonuses from the developers of a new cryptocurrency.

Since the beginning of November course Ethereum, in turn, grew from $305 to $466. Particularly intense growth in the past week. As noted above, the developers of Ethereum released code new version of the Protocol, Casper (21.11.2017 g), which had a positive impact on demand.

Below, the dynamics of changes in the pair Bitcoin and Bitcoin to Cash (see table. 1.4.a,b; Fig. 2).

Fig. 2 illustrates the struggle for the market between veteran and young stock market Bitcoin cryptocurrency Bitcoin Cash. On some days the growth of the Bitcoin to Cash was accompanied by a decrease in the rate Bitcoin and Vice versa. Especially obviously this tendency was observed in the period after the abolition of the updates (hard forks) of Bitcoin.

The following is an analysis of daily changes in exchange rates of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin is Cash for the current month (tab. 1.4.a,b,C).

Table. 1.4.. Daily dynamics of exchange rate, trading volume (Volume 24h) and capitalization of the Bitcoin (BTC) to US dollar (c 01.11.2017, 26.11.2017)

Table. 1.4.b. Daily dynamics of exchange rate, trading volume (Volume 24h) and capitalization of Ethereum (ETH) in relation to the U.S. dollar (c 01.11.2017, 26.11.2017)

Since the beginning of November the exchange rate of Bitcoin rose from $6 440,97 to $9 330,55, and the rate of Ethereum – $305,76 to $471,33 (table. 1.4.a,b). Thus the highest Bitcoin exchange rate ($9 522,90) and Ethereum ($485,20) was recorded 26.11.2017 and 25.11.2017, respectively. The greatest daily fluctuation (Range) Bitcoin exchange rate was $1 106 (12.11.2017 g), and of course Ethereum – $78,20 (24.11.2017). Courses Bitcoin and Ethereum from the beginning of 2017 rose 9.35 and 57,69 times, respectively (see table. 1.4.a,b).

Dynamics of prices of Bitcoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash in November 2017 is presented in Fig. 3, 4, 5.

According to the data shown in Fig. 3, in changing the course of Bitcoin growing sine wave. Of course Ethereum can be noted about the three-day cycle of growth and decline, which goes into exponential growth (23-24.11.2017) and 25.11.2017 city to a new level of $450-460 (Fig. 4). The course of Bitcoin Cash is characterized by possible sharp jumps (12.11.2017). All this suggests that part of the market participants periodically changes their preferences (see table. 1.4.in). However, over the past two weeks, it became apparent a growing interest in most of the dominant cryptocurrency and the growth of the total capitalization of the stock market.

Table. 1.4.in. Daily dynamics of exchange rate, trading volume (Volume 24h) and capitalization of the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) in relation to the U.S. dollar (c 01.11.2017, 26.11.2017)

The General index of the change Bitcoin to Cash August 1, 2017, made up 4.57 (for the base calculation of the adopted rate of $380 at the end of the day 01.08.2017 g), i.e. for the period after hard forks of Bitcoin and new Bitcoin Cash its rate increased by 357%, while the growth rate occurred from the beginning of November. And, as mentioned above, Bitcoin Cash now ranks third in size of capitalization, equal to 26.4 billion U.S. dollars.

In table. 1.5 presents a list of events, information about which appeared last week and which can affect the certain cryptocurrency and the market in General.

Table. 1.5. Events that can affect the course of cryptocurrencies in the future

1.2. Market dynamics

Weekly dynamics of the market of cryptocurrencies and assets 02.07.2017, 26.11.2017. presented in the form of diagrams (Fig. 1.1-1.5)*.

Table. 1.6. Symbols and characteristics of the charts

In Fig. Figure 1.1 shows the weekly changes in the cryptocurrency market with 02.07.2017, 26.11.2017 During this period, market capitalization grew from 94 to 283 716 044 million U.S. dollars, and relative to the beginning of the year growth was 1 499%. Over the past week, the total market capitalization increased from 233 808 million U.S. dollars to 283 044 million US dollars (as of 26.11.2017).

Despite the substantial increase in the market capitalization of crypto-currencies for the third quarter of 2017 and for the year overall, the market is subject to sharp fluctuations. A significant reduction was observed at week 09-16.07.2017 (-28%) and in the first two weeks of September (03-10.09 and 11-17.09.2017), by 25 203 million U.S. dollars (-15,1%) and 20 817 million USD (-15%) respectively. The highest growth in the third quarter was 39% (16-23.07.2017).

Over the past week (20-26.11.2017) total market capitalization of crypto-currencies increased by 49 236 million dollars, or 21% (including average data per day). The increase was due to an increase in the market capitalization of Bitcoin by 17.2 billion US dollars, but also played a certain role and Altcoins, including Bitcoin Gold by increasing its market capitalization to 6.1 billion U.S. dollars.

The total number of types of cryptocurrencies and scriptactive on the stock exchange since July has increased from 881 to 1 249. Only for last week their number increased by 10, from 1 to 239 1 249. At the same time for the analyzed period, the average market capitalization of cryptocurrencies and scriptactive increased from 188,7 to 226,6 million dollars.

In the four weeks of October (01-29.10.2017) the cryptocurrency market has grown from 146 to 170 924 353 million U.S. dollars over the next two weeks (30.10-12.11.2017 g), he reached 200 964 million U.S. dollars. Total market capitalization for the first time exceeded 200 billion USD on 3 November, but only 20 days has exceeded 250 billion U.S. dollars (23.11.2017). Last week (20-26.11.2017) was characterized by a market growth of 21%, while growth was observed in all largest cryptocurrency in the top 10, except IOTA and NEO. The structure of the stock market has changed in favor Altcoins, Bitcoin share decreased to 52.2%.

Forecast for the achievement of a Bitcoin to $10 000 before the end of the calendar year becomes more likely. As a whole, the stock market has increased significantly. Its market capitalization has increased 16-fold, from 17.7 to 283 billion US dollars (26.11.2017).

2. General market analysis ICO (week, month)

2.1. Market overview, news for the week

  • Philippine Regulators Eye New Rules for Bitcoin Exchanges and ICOs
  • ICO Funding Spikes to $2.8 Billion 2017: Funderbeam
  • Bermuda has established a task force on cryptocurrency and the blockchain
  • The project is Confido vanished after the ICO, which grossed $375 thousand investment

2.2. Aggregated indicators of the dynamics and efficiency of the market the past (completed, ompleted) ICO

To assess the dynamics and efficiency of the market is successfully finished and/or released to the stock exchange ICO offers a set of tools (see table. 2.1).

Table. 2.1. Tools to assess the efficiency of the market is successfully finished and/or released to the stock exchange ICO

Table. 2.2. Aggregated indicators of the dynamics and efficiency of the market the past (completed Completed) ICO4

Data for the third week of November (13-19.11.2017) adjusted to reflect the appearance of more complete information on revised ICO. In the end, the total amount of attracted funds amounted to 140,7 million dollars. Last week (20-26.11.2017) the amounts of fees by the ICO has made 147,1 million dollars. This amount consists of the results of 14 completed the most successful ICO, the greatest amount of fees amounted to approximately 30.9 million United States dollars (ICO CyberMiles). The average value of funds raised for one project is 10.5 million dollars. More detailed data on 14 major ICO the last week are presented in table. 2.5.

2.3. Aggregated indicators to assess the market for existing and planned (Active, Planned) ICO

Table. 2.3. Aggregated indicators to assess the market for existing and planned (Active, Planned) ICO

The number of projects engaged in (Active) ICO is 26.11.2017 G. 287. At the moment there is information at least about 260 ICO scheduled after 26.11.2017 year, of which next week plans to hold more than 27 ICO.

2.4. Quantitative analysis of the market ICO

The amount of attracted funds and the number of ICO

Table. 2.4. The amount of attracted funds and the number of ICO

Table. 2.4 shows that the largest number of funds was drawn by the ICO in June 2017. In the same month, the average number of funds (Average funds collected) one ICO made up of 33.17 million dollars.

The data of the last week (20-26.11.2017) may be subject to adjustment as information on fees completed ICO will be revised.

2. Top ICO

Table. 2.5. Top 14 ICO on volume of attracted funds (20.11-26.11.2017)

In table. 2.5 presents the top-14 was successfully completed last week the ICO with the largest amounts of borrowed funds. The leader was a project in the field of e-Commerce and e-Commerce CyberMiles. On the basis of the blockchain CyberMiles creates a market for small business lending, providing reliable and secure transaction process between traders. CyberMiles cooperates in this project with a well known company 5miles, which has more than three years working in the field of marketing and trade in the United States.

3. Top ICO in separate categories

The ICO list of top categories based on the categories of ICO leaders weeks.

Table. 2.6. Top 10 ICO on volume of attracted funds in the category Commerce & Advertising

In table. 2.6 presents the top 10 ICO in the category of Commerce & Advertising. All these projects were implemented in 2017. More than half of them completed the ICO in November 2017, including last week – Bodhi and the Zap Store. In this regard, currently there is no data about the effectiveness of their go-to crypto currency exchange. The Wax project, completed ICO 15.11.2017, is a category leader by volume of attracted funds. This project was discussed in the previous report. In second place is project Basic Token Attention, which attracted 35 million US dollars, having 1 000 000 000 coins in 30 seconds and costs about $0,036 per token. Currently they are sold on the crypto currency exchange of approximately $0,18. Thus, the efficiency is 5x. The total market capitalization Basic token Attention Token on 26.11.2017 city is about 180 million U.S. dollars.

The ratings of ICO in the categories of Infrastructure and Trading & Investing has been presented in previous reports. The ratings of ICO in the categories of Payments and Finance are presented below.

Table. 2.7. Top 10 ICO on volume of attracted funds in the category Payments

The UTRUST project, completed last week (the second place in top-14 ICO on volume of attracted funds over 20-26.11.2017), in overall rating category ranked seventh. At the moment in the category of Payments in terms of «Efficiency» (Token Performance), all projects of the top 10 have values of from 0.28 to x 28,17 x. One of the most successful can be considered the process of going public ICO OmiseGo, because this project has a relationship to the Current Token Price of Token Sale Price is 28,17 x. When considering this indicator should take into account the timing of completion of ICO OmiseGo (05.07.2017 g), i.e. a growth of 28.17 times occurred in about 4.5 months, and the market capitalization OmiseGo currently exceeded 850 million US dollars.

Table. 2.8. Top 10 ICO on volume of attracted funds in the category Finance

In table. 2.8 presents the top 10 ICO in the category of Finance. More than half of the projects carry out the sale of tokens on cryptomeria. The capitalization of the category leader (project KyberNetwork) is 169,3 million dollars.

For the last period (20th-26th.11.2017) ICO has successfully completed 14 projects, each of which attracted more than 100 thousand U.S. dollars, the total amount of attracted funds amounted to no less than 147,1 million dollars. Leader of the week was the project CyberMiles (30.9 million U.S. dollars). The volume of funds for a number of ICO has not reached the level of 100 thousand USD (for individual project details to be confirmed). Next week is planned to hold at least 27 ICO.


Key concepts Definition
Initial coin offering, ICO (initial coin offer, initial placement of coins) Form of collective support for innovative technological projects, a variety of sales and attract new supporters through the primary offer coins for future holders in the form of a blockchain-based cryptocurrency (tokens) and scriptaction.
Market capitalization (Rwalking down market capitalization ) The value of the object calculated based on the current market (stock) prices. It is a financial measure used to evaluate total cost of market-based instruments, actors and markets. [Source: https://ru.wikipedia.org].
Cryptocurrency market capitalization as Total market value traded in the cryptocurrency market.
Total cryptocurrency market capitalization as Market capitalization of crypto-currencies and assets, i.e. the total market value of traded cryptocurrencies and assets.
Token reward The effectiveness of token (current token price of / the price of a token at the time of the ICO), i.e. the reward of one dollar invested in the token.
Dominance Market share, i.e. the ratio of the capitalization of cryptocurrencies (the token) to total market capitalization. Expressed as a percentage.
Token sale price

Current token price

The price of a token at the time of the ICO.

The current price of a token.

Not Mineable


The coin is not manitsa (from the English. mining). Refers to a crypto currency (tokens) which have no function hashing or not produced in the mining process.
Premined Remaininga coin. Refers to a crypto currency (tokens) which are produced in the mining process, but a certain amount of coins (tokens) was created and distributed to defined users when the project starts.
The rate of market increase (in % to the beginning of the year) The growth rate of market (% YTD), i.e. how much % of the market capitalization increased relative to the beginning of the year.
The growth rate of the market (in % to the beginning of the year) The market growth rate (% YTD), i.e. how many times has changed the market capitalization relative to the beginning of the year.
Increase in market capitalization (in million USD compared to previous period) The increase rynochnoi capitalization of cryptocurrencies and assets (in millions of U.S. dollars the previous period), i.e., how many million dollars of change in the market capitalization for the period.
The rate of market increase (in % compared to previous period) The growth rate of the market (in % to previous period), i.e. how much % the market capitalization has increased over the period.
The market growth rate (in % compared to previous period) The market growth rate (in % to previous period), i.e. how many times the increased market capitalization relative to previous period.
Number of cryptocurrencies and digital assets The number of crypto-currencies and assets. At the time of formation of the Glossary of the market turned more than 1070 species of crypto-currencies and assets.
Average market capitalization as The average market capitalization, i.e. the ratio of market capitalization of all cryptocurrencies and assets to their number.
Token return Indicator of the effectiveness of funds spent on the purchase of tokens, or the ratio of the current price of the token and the sale price of the token, i.e. the efficiency of investment of one dollar in tokens at the stage of sale of tokens, with their subsequent sale on the crypto currency exchange for US dollars.
ETH reward – current dollar value of $1 spent on buying tokens during the token sale An alternative indicator of the effectiveness of funds spent on the purchase of tokens in the period of the ICO, or the ratio of the current rate of ETH to his course at the beginning of the sale of token-ICO, ie if one dollar were not invested in the ICO and at ETH in his course at the beginning of the sale of tokens, and then sold at the current rate of ETH.
BTC reward– current dollar value of $1 spent on buying tokens during the token sale Similar to the previous: an Alternative indicator of the effectiveness of funds spent on the purchase of tokens in the period of the ICO, if one dollar was invested in BTC at the exchange rate at the beginning of ICO, and then sold at the current rate BTC.
Token/ETH reward The ratio of economic benefits/losses of the market participant in connection with the purchase of tokens at the stage of the ICO to the possible investment in ETH. If the value is > 1, then the market participant has achieved greater effectiveness of investments spent on tokens than if he invested in bitcoin ETH.
Token/BTC reward The ratio of economic benefits/losses of the market participant in connection with the purchase of tokens at the stage of the ICO to the possibility of investing in BTC. If the value is > 1, then the market participant has achieved greater effectiveness of investments spent on tokens than if it invested in cryptocurrency BTC.
ZAK-n Crypto index The index is calculated as a percentage and represents the ratio of the volume of trades (deals) at cryptocurrency exchange per day (24h Volume) at the n dominant cryptocurrency to the sum of their market capitalization.

In the calculation of the index ZAK-3 Crypto , there are three dominant cryptocurrency, which was selected as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple, as at the beginning of 2017, the market capitalization was the highest.

In the calculation of the index ZAK-5 Crypto takes into account the trading volume and market capitalization of the five cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash. The index on the five currencies with the highest market capitalization at this moment (September 2017) is calculated from August 2017, as it is in August 2017 on a crypto currency exchange appeared cryptocurrency Bitcoin Cash resulting from the separation of bitcoin.


[i] disclaimers and limitation of liability

Despite the fact that the information contained in this document is regarded as authentic, ICOBox makes no representations and gives no warranties, Express or implied, regarding its completeness or accuracy. The information presented in this document may include certain statements, estimates and projections. Such statements, estimates and projections reflect assumptions concerning anticipated ICOBox trends that can be realized or not. ICOBox refrains from making any representations as to the accuracy of such statements, estimates or projections, and actual results may differ materially from those discussed in such statements, estimates or projections.

The expected financial results may be affected by changes in economic and political conditions and other future events that cannot be forecast. ICOBox makes no representations or warranties regarding the feasibility of forecasts or data, information and assumptions contained in the document. Approval and evaluation, constitute our opinion, formed on the date of this report, and are subject to change without prior notice. This document has been prepared for information purposes only and does not constitute an offer to sell securities of cryptocurrencies or tokens, and also does not contain any recommendations or advice on investment in any particular company or assets.

ICOBox is not liable for any statements, Express or implied, contained in this document or excluded from it. ICOBox is a provider of SaaS solutions for companies that want to sell their product through the sale of tokens (ICO). ICOBox cooperates or seeks to do business with companies mentioned in its research reports, and acquires or wishes to acquire their assets.


Ethereum has registered more than 100 thousand new wallets after the abolition of SegWit2x

More than 100 thousand new purses within a fairly short time it was on the Ethereum platform. High interest in the cryptocurrency, most likely caused by the recent news about the cancellation SegWitg2x.

According to Etherscan, last Thursday it was 105 935 new users. For the first time in the entire history of Ethereum, the number of registrations per day is calculated six-digit number:

The number of registrations on the following day, on Friday 10 November was 95911, which is also very impressive. Today on the platform created by Vitalik Baleriny, was 11 001 952 wallet.

Cancel Segwit2x provoked great turmoil in the cryptocurrency market. Recall that its purpose was to increase the block size to 2 MB and the improvement of the scalability of the bitcoin network. Hardwork did not take place due to the lack of consensus in the bitcoin community. This caused large fluctuations in the rate of the main crypto – currencies- for a short time bitcoin has reached a historic high of $7776, and then went down and today was fixed at $6529.

Experts predict a looming correction of bitcoin. Apparently, the rollback can be deep – about 30% from the current level. This has a positive impact on altonah. For example, the price of Bitcoin Cash Saturday first topped the level of $1000 per coin, and then reached a record level of $2477,65. Also there has been growth in Monero, Dash and zcash for, however, is not as rapid.