The altcoins market declined by 90% since the beginning of the year

The current bear market most painfully affected altonah, whose prices sank even stronger than in 2014-2015.

CoinDesk analysts note the fact that during the bear market of 2014-2015 altcoins declined by 85% relative to the maximum. Since the beginning of this year, the market shrank by more than 10 times — drawdown relative to historical maximum in the beginning of the year exceeded 90%.

Researcher company of new York Pension Partners Charlie Bilello in late November poll, the results of which were disappointing.

A third of respondents expressed confidence that within the next 12 months the price of bitcoin will fall below $1000. Another third sure that the first crypto currency will «walk» in the range of $2500-4200.

Charlie Bilello is also known for its Twitter-publications on the yield of some scriptaction:

Given that this tweet was published on 5 December, the rates of return is likely to have changed to the worse.

Bilello also notes that the price of bitcoin for almost a year have not reached a historic high.

During the last three months of last year, a new high was recorded on average every three days.

Recall, today, December 7th, the bitcoin price had a fresh minimum, and the rate dropped to Ethereum marks may 2017.


Cryptocurrency miners have become one of the driving forces of the bear market

As the newspaper notes 8btc, a new generation of miners is less «hoglet» mined coins, preferring hedging by opening short positions.

To survive the notorious «winter of the cryptocurrency», the miners increasingly have to become financial market experts and risk managers using the maximum functionality of trading platforms. Short positions are sometimes hurt by the miners, struggling to maintain profitability.

«All play on the slide. This is done out of self-preservation, but leads to a further reduction in the price of the cryptocurrency. Ceasing to open short positions, we will eventually be out. However, if everyone will continue to do so, it ends in failure. It is very risky», said the Chinese miner Jin Xin.

As noted by Blue, mines cryptocurrency it is partly on the cards. Miner began operations in October 2017. If you believe him, then for the first two months of Jin Xin earned more than in the last three years in other areas.

However, this year the situation has changed dramatically and the miner had to develop its own survival strategy in a bear market. For capacity building he bought on the cheap used GPU-farm for those who wished to withdraw from the game. Immediately after price fell below the breakeven point, Blue off the farm and sold the graphics card to fans of video games. Waiting for some prices to recover, he again bought the video card on the secondary market and sold them to miners.

ForkLog previously published an article on how miners can warm to survive «cryptozoa», not overpaying for communal.


Binance, OKEx, and Coinbase will support the upcoming hardwork Bitcoin Cash

Cryptocurrency exchange Binance stated that it will support the upcoming hardwork Bitcoin Cash, which is scheduled for November 15. This was reported in the company blog.

Binance will make all the BCH-balances 15 November at 16:40 UTC. On the same day, from 15:00, the exchange will suspend accepting deposits and withdrawals in Bitcoin Cash.

After the will
made Binance separately inform users about the terms of renewal
access to the deposits and withdrawals for Bitcoin Cash.

About support for the upcoming
hard forks also said Coinbase and OKEx.

Against the background of these news course BCH for the last three days increased by about 30%. Throughout the week, the cryptocurrency was trading at $420, and after the publication of statements Binance and OKEx its quotes jumped to $584,4 as of 4 November.

Then the rate slightly decreased and at the time of publication of news was $553,29.

Weekly statistics on Bitcoin Cash, source: CoinMarketCap

Recall that the previous hardwork of Bitcoin Cash held in may. In this update, the maximum block size was increased to 32 MB.


Illinois plans to register the newborn in the system based on the blockchain

The American state of Illinois launched a pilot project to digitize metric statements of newborns based on blockchain technology. The initiative is being developed in the framework of the policy for implementation of technology in the Prairie state and beyond providing birth certificates electronically.

It is assumed that the result of the project parents and the doctors present at the birth of children, will be able to register using the new tool name, date of birth, information about the sex of the child, his blood group and other data.

“This information should not be static or written on paper,” — said in comments to CoinDesk Jennifer O’rourke (Jennifer O’rourke), adviser to Illinois on blockchain technology.

Information will be stored in a decentralized index secure distributed registry that guarantees the access to it only with the Express consent of the owner or his guardian. The system will also help to further confirm the identity of the person to the state bodies and companies, which will reduce the time and effort required in other registries and services.

On a tool’s working group, which includes representatives of start-up project on digital identity Evernym, World Wide Web Consortium and Sovrin Foundation.

The use of blockchain technology for identification is becoming a hot topic. Recall that in the European Union are exploring the possibility of applying the technology of distributed registry for digital identification of refugees.


The Czech gas company will start accepting payment in bitcoin

The Czech gas company Pražská plynárenská has announced plans to start from next month receive payment for their services in bitcoins. It is expected that this opportunity will be open to all 420 thousand customers gas supplier, and at the time of payment, the bitcoins are immediately converted into Czech Koruna.

In addition to supplying the Prague gas company engaged in the maintenance of electrical and heating appliances, telecommunications equipment, transportation, and is included in several IT projects. The head of the Pražská plynárenská Paul Janacek (Pavel Janeček) believes that the introduction of bitcoin payments will attract young customers.

Recall that in Prague is actively engaged in the implementation of cryptocurrencies in different spheres of life. Recently, cryptomite installed in the subway. In addition to the growing number of blockchain startups the city has the world’s only Bitcoin cafe and coworking PaperHub and the Institute of cryoenergy provide training in the basics of understanding of the cryptocurrency market.


Co-founder of Bitcoin Gold will visit the forum Blockchain Life 2018

European entrepreneur, engineer and innovator Martin Kovandjiev will share their unique experience with the participants of the international forum of the Blockchain Life 2018.

Martin known as co-founder of the cryptocurrency’s Bitcoin Gold, the founder Cryptoapps Ltd, Board member blockchain projects Credits and Depository Network, a leading developer of financial-technical project Phyre. In his speech he will talk about what are the risks contains the blockchain technology and will highlight key attack in this area.

To see a list of all the speakers and buy a ticket before the price hike on 15 September on the site of the forum.

The organisers are still accepting applications for participation in the independent industry awards the Blockchain Awards Life. Among the nominations:

  • “The best centralized exchange”
  • “The most promising ICO 2018”
  • “The best Russian blockchain project”
  • “The best cryptocurrency blogger” and 8 nominations.

A list of all the nominations and details are available on the link.

Applications for participation are accepted until September 28. Solemn rewarding of winners will take place on the main stage of the forum.

Recall that the international forum the Blockchain Life 2018 will take place on November 7-8 in St. Petersburg. The event will also be attended by representatives of the cryptocurrency exchanges Kraken, Huobi and OKEx.


IAB Tech Lab will develop standards for the use of the blockchain in advertising

Technical laboratory of the Interactive advertising Bureau (IAB Tech Lab) announced the creation of a working group on the blockchain. The purpose of the initiative was to explore possibilities of application of technology for solving relevant problems in the advertising industry and to develop standards for its use.

Richard Bush, co-chair of the IAB and technical Director based on the blockchain exchange mediacontacts NYIAX, said that «this is the first and primary body that sets the standards for the blockchain in the world media».

Bush and co-chair of the IAB Michael Palmer published a post in which he tried to understand what benefits can bring the use of the blockchain the advertising industry.

The advantages of technology, they noted the possibility to carry out anonymous transactions with low costs, resistance to change or delete data after it is saved and distributed nature of the blockchain, where every participant owns a complete and instantly updated copy of the entire chain.

«Amid the many initiatives that are working on adaptation of blockchain technology to solve various problems of the industry of digital advertising, it is important to create a basis for developing a common set of standards and protocols,» experts say.

According to Bush, the first priority of the group is to develop definitions, priorities and the allocation of the main directions of the use of the blockchain. Researchers are primarily interested in the potential of the technology in areas such as anti-spam, measurement and financial transactions.


The largest bitcoin meetup in South Korea publicly condemned SegWit2x

The largest bitcoin community in South Korea Seoul Bitcoin Meetup has issued a formal statement against the planned November SegWit2x hard forks. The group, which includes 1,600 members, explained his position in an open letter.

“We are confident that BTC inherited a network that will not only withstand this fork, but will continue to thrive as the dominant Bitcoin network. The purpose of this letter is simply to minimize the damage in November of this year. We urge you, the signatory NYA [new York agreement], to reconsider and withdraw your support”, — stated in the preamble of the letter.

It identifies four main problems, according to groups that are associated with scheduled for November 18 hardforum the Bitcoin network:

  • The way in which the agreement was concluded, contrary to the spirit of bitcoin.
  • Segwit2x carries a greater risk, but does not use most of the features provided by properly planned and executed fork.
  • The developers and supporters Segwit2x continued to move senselessly in a careless way, which combines the associated risks.
  • Protection playback is performed in an unacceptably irresponsible manner.

“We will advise our local community to avoid using the services of companies that support NYA, and to seek instead alternative,” — said the authors of the letter.

In conclusion, they called on all signatories to the agreement on SegWit2x to reconsider their position, welcomed those who has withdrawn his signature under the NYA, said:

“Remember, there is no shame in revising positions in light of new information and circumstances. Do the right thing.”

We will remind, earlier from the new York agreement was one of the largest mining pools F2Pool. And in October of the Latin American bitcoin exchange SurBTC formally withdrew its signature under the NYA.


Litecoin is #52BTC

Litecoin (LTC) is a fork of Bitcoin, which was created by Charles Lee, former Google employee and technical Director of the cryptocurrency exchanges Coinbase. Litecoin code available to everyone on GitHub.

The release of Litecoin was launched in October 2011, and for a while he was second in the capitalization of cryptocurrency, for which he received the name «digital silver». Now Litecoin is ranked fifth after Ethereum, Ripple and Bitcoin Cash. Its market capitalization is $2,966 million Litecoin Value today equal to 0.00961 BTC ($55) – with the beginning of the year it increased by 1,250%.

Just the Litecoin can exist 84,000,000 LTC, which is 4 times more than the maximum number of BTC. Litecoin, like Bitcoin, is extracted by mining. There are specialized Litecoin mining pools. But, unlike Bitcoin, Litecoin uses SHA256 instead of scrypt algorithm, performance of which depends on access to large amounts of memory.

If many now compare Bitcoin with gold as an ideal investment option. The fact Litecoin is well suited to the role of money – means of payment with the necessary functionality.

Time finding a block in the Litecoin average of 2.5 minutes versus 10 minutes for Bitcoin. In practice, this means significantly less time confirmation of payments and the possibility of a greater number of transactions.

In addition, the Litecoin network has made the activation of the Protocol Segregated Witness and implemented technology Lightning Networks (LN), which improved network throughput. And thanks to technology Atomic Swap, Litecoin can be exchanged directly for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Vertcoin and Decred – bloccanti, which also introduced the atomic swaps.

It should be noted that the situation with the two cryptocurrencies – Litecoin and Bitcoin demonstrates the belief that if you are in second place, you work twice. All of the above technology was initially implemented and tested in the Litecoin team which is constantly trying to improve our product. Litecoin is faster and more flexible than Bitcoin, allowing it faster to try new ideas and experiment.

The main and very serious competitor to Litecoin, I would say not Bitcoin, and zcash for, which is based on the Zerocash Protocol, designed to ensure the anonymity and confidentiality of transactions. Precisely because of its anonymity, the bitcoin has received the support of Edward Snowden, who directly called the cryptocurrency «the most interesting alternative to Bitcoin».


Litecoin if you can’t overtake Bitcoin in popularity. But as they grow the cryptocurrency industry, the greatest recognition I can achieve some crypto-currencies. And Litecoin, from a technical point of view, has all the chances to do it, becoming an ideal digital currency for retail transactions.


The events surrounding Telegram last night — #DeCenterDaily

Why Telegram is working in spite of the lock and any security rules you need to adhere to when using it.

Roskomnadzor ordered the operators and service providers to block the Telegram on the morning of 16 April, after 13 April, Tagansky court of Moscow ruled to ban the work of the messenger in Russia. After a brief blocking of the majority of Russian providers and operators of cellular communication Telegram bypassed the restrictions and continued to work without using proxy servers and VPN. To circumvent the command of the messenger succeeded, using a rather clever scheme. Telegram uses a push service called DC_Update. In normal conditions, it is necessary to increase the stability and acceleration of the messaging, and with it, the application can obtain the new server addresses Telegram that helped to bypass the lock. Probably, Roskomnadzor trying to calculate a pool of addresses to which the Telegram is drawn every 15 minutes and makes a new advance in the «black list», shipped to service providers and operators. If the 16th of April in the late evening was 1.873 million blocked IP, the cloud services provided by Amazon Web Services and Google.Cloud, by 15.00 on 17 April, the number of blocked addresses has grown to 17 million. Thus, this lock was the largest in the history of modern Russia. Therefore experience problems gamers, businessmen and passengers of flights. Russian users have lost access to a number of online stores, delivery services, messenger, Viber, Microsoft services. Roskomnadzor appealed to the App Store and Google Play with a demand to remove the application Telegram so that new users are unable to download it. And also the head of the RCN promised to develop a technical solution to calculate IP addresses pushey and lock them up. Why the lock is still unlikely, told Meduza.

Safety rules when using VPN

When using proxies and VPNs to bypass the restrictions may be a number of issues with regards to whether this is legal, and what penalties may follow. Proxy and VPN now is not banned in Russia. But their use can be a problem, because if the service helps to access the locked resource, and Roskomnadzor could be the claim to it, with the subsequent restriction of his activities. However, all limitations apply equally to relations between the state, operators and owners of the service, and to control access should they, and not the users themselves. People were not in danger, even if they found a way to use the messenger as it does not violate any laws. However, to tell about the bypass lock carefully, but formally to give a link to the anonymizer is not a violation.

Economists from the London Imperial College Business School published a study on the «equilibrium price» of bitcoin.

Two economists from the UK theorized pricing bitcoin and other decentralized digital assets. Created a formula for calculating the cost suitable for those cryptocurrencies that use the consensus algorithm Proof-of-work like bitcoin and Ethereum, the study said emiliano Pagnotta and Andrea Buracchi. The price of the cryptocurrency, according to them, depends on Hasrat network and the expected number of future users. The authors note that the decentralized financial network is unique in that «tokens simultaneously perform two functions». In addition to working as an asset, they stimulate the miners to support the network. Therefore, the relationship between consumers and product providers mutual, which creates certain problems with the establishment of equilibrium prices in the market.

Startup decentralized exchanges 0x raised $775,000 in the format of the SAFT and reported to the SEC.

According to the data submitted to the American Commission on securities and exchange Commission (SEC), the startup team 0x involved in the development of a Protocol for decentralized exchanges, just a few days managed to raise $775,000. Attracting investment was made under a simple agreement for future tokens (SAFT). According to the published application Form D, in the purchase token was attended by only 22 investor. The identity of the participants, as well as information on how these funds will be spent, were not disclosed. The OTC platform 0x aimed at providing opportunities for the exchange of tokens ERC20 between different networks. A test launch of the platform took place in may 2017, and since the startup has invested more than 12,000 people.


The organizers of the Indian crypto currency exchange Coinsecure, which recently lost 438 BTC, promised to pay compensation to the victims.

On Wednesday 18 April cryptocurrency Litecoin will become available for trading on one of the oldest in Korea exchanges Corbit. The ability to output LTC from the exchange will appear on the next day after you start trading.

Pornhub added the option to pay in bitcoin. Now users can pay for a premium subscription using tokens Verge.

Exchange Kraken ceased its activities in Japan due to increased operating costs, primarily by increasing regulation of crypto-industry.