The Bulgarian authorities are unable to gain more than $3 billion in seized bitcoins

In may of this year law enforcement bodies of Bulgaria stopped activity of criminal group, seized more than 200 thousand bitcoins. At the current rate, they are estimated at more than $3 billion.

During the operation was arrested 23 citizens of Bulgaria. According to a press release from may 19, the police seized from the suspects 213 519 bitcoins. At the rate of $15 057 recorded at 13:20 in Kiev, they are now estimated at more than $3.2 billion

According to official data, the detainees created a virus that was used for hacking in the Bulgarian customs. This allowed them to avoid paying customs duties when importing goods into the country. Virus loaded on your PC bribed officials.

«Violators have chosen bitcoin as a method of storing money, as it is difficult to trace,» – the document says.

In total suspects avoided paying about 10 million leva, which is about $6 million.

At the moment it remains unclear that the Bulgarian authorities intend to do with the seized bitcoins. 28 November, they declined to comment, citing an ongoing investigation.

At the time of withdrawal bitcoin BTC rate is $2354 and their total amount was estimated at $500 million.


Scamera use verified Twitter accounts to deceive captainvalor

Fraudsters have invented a new method of cheating captainvalor: with confirmed Twitter accounts.

Last week it became known that scamera created Twitter accounts imitating verified account Tron Foundation and founder of project Sana Justin (Justin Sun).

BuzzFeed revealed that one of these accounts, @TronFoundationl, completely copied the content of the real account Tron Foundation (@Tronfoundation), including the pinned tweet, warning users about fake accounts. The result is nonsense: the fake account has urged investors to be careful with the fake accounts. Externally both accounts looked identical, differed only nicknames.

The Account @Tronfoundation
Fake account @TronFoundationl

In «fake accounts» Tron scammers published a link to a cryptocurrency wallet, promising to return from 4 to 10 ETH first 200 users who will donate 0,4-1 ETH to the specified address.

Currently, the account @TronFoundationl removed from Twitter, and another fake account, @tronfounedation blocked.

Although the rules of Twitter said about the loss of status as a verified account with the name change, several fraudsters managed to keep the blue label that is assigned to confirmed accounts.

«If the account changes the user name, it should lose the status of confirmed. Every case when this happens is a mistake», – said the representative of Twitter.

The fact of the use of verified accounts for fraudulent purposes has attracted the attention of the head of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, who provided the following comment: «Yes, we found it and are working to resolve the problem.»

Recall that in January, TRON entered the top 10 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization. He currently occupies 15th place in this ranking.


American Cinema International will shoot TV show about cryptocurrency

The American company American Cinema International is working on a new television show called Cryptos, which in accessible language tell the audience about the cryptocurrency industry. This was announced by the Director of the project, actor Kevin Connolly.

The plot is the story of a startup trying to launch cryptocurrency entertainment platform.

Co-producers of the film will be the founders of the Academy School of Blockchain Jason king and Eric Swords.

«I joined the project about six months ago after reading the script of the pilot episode and helped develop the storyline for the first season. Now the project is in the preparation stage», – said the king.

It is expected that the first season will be filmed 10 episodes, the shooting will start in may.

The producers hoped that the show will be of interest to major platforms such as Amazon Prime and Netflix.

We will remind, in April of 2018, the American Director Doug Carr began work on the series «Hardwork», which tells the story of a dystopian future, where everything is based on crypto and augmented reality. Funds for the production of serial movie collected only in the cryptocurrency.


John McAfee fled from US authorities over allegations of tax fraud

Known cryptomnesia, the founder of MGT Capital Investments and the candidate in US presidents John McAfee announced his escape from the country.

On Tuesday, January 22, McAfee has published a video in which he says that the officials of the court of Tennessee has charged him with «use of cryptocurrency for criminal purposes».

He added that his wife Janice and four other members of his presidential campaign 2020 is also facing «charges of acts of criminal nature».

«I haven’t paid taxes for eight years and did not hide it», — said McAfee.

Apparently, your staff organizes cryptomnesia right on the boat, which floats in international waters, presumably close to the coast of Venezuela.

«They want to silence me, but I will not let them. While I will continue my campaign in exile, being on the vessel», added McAfee.

Among other things, the candidate declared that for all the time he had «paid tens of millions in taxes, but in return not get any..». Also McAfee has high hopes for the cryptocurrency, suggesting a high degree of privacy. According to him, such means of payment allow to ignore the state.

«Scriptactive free man from the yoke of the currency controlled by the government», — he said.

We will note that among participants of kriptonyte McAfee is often associated with a very bold forecast the price of bitcoin.

Earlier he expressed the opinion that the first cryptocurrency will one day be the «gold standard».


In Ukraine, began work on the bill on cryptocurrency

The Committee of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on financial policy and banking activity began work on the draft law on cryptocurrencies. This was announced by the head of the Committee Serhiy Rybalka on his page in Facebook.

«We have no right to shut eyes to this problem for several reasons. Our IT capabilities allow Ukraine to become a leader in the development of new financial technologies, and we urgently need the development of a civilized financial market. Also we need financing to Ukraine in the new investment,» wrote Fishing.

He stressed that the cryptocurrency is a risky financial instrument:

«But today, cryptocurrency is a highly risky speculative financial instrument that has no real value besides speculative demand. Therefore, the experience of our bankopada and pyramid schemes behooves us all to protect the interests of the people can massively cheat».

According to Fishing, at the meeting of the Committee was attended by representatives of NBU, Ministry of Finance and other state bodies, representatives of the cryptocurrency market and experts.

Currently, the Committee collects opinions and suggestions, and is preparing to begin writing of the law.

We will remind, earlier this month, Deputy head of the National Bank of Ukraine Oleg Churiy said that the financial regulator has determined the status of bitcoin and cannot consider it a currency.


Polish C. Bank warns that the cryptocurrency is not money

National Bank of Poland launched a special website to alert users about the risks associated with cryptocurrencies. It’s called “Beware of cryptocurrency”.

“Virtual currency is not money,” warns the home page of the website.

The authors remind potential investors in cryptocurrency that they do not have any guarantees and can lose their money due to cyber attacks or outright fraud.

“Crypto-currencies, virtual currencies, digital currencies are not electronic money within the meaning of the law. This digital representation of the contract value among its users that is not issued or guaranteed by any Central Bank in the world (for example, the Polish zloty is issued by the National Bank of Poland),” — said on the website.

Recently, financial regulators in several countries have issued statements warning of the risks of investing in cryptocurrencies. Control over observance of norms of behavior in financial markets (FSA) of great Britain said: investing in bitcoin, be prepared to lose all your money. A similar opinion was expressed by the Monetary authority of Singapore (MAS). The Indian Finance Ministry believes that cryptocurrency similar to a pyramid scheme. And the head of the Danish Central Bank has compared the bitcoin bubble and urged to stay away from him.


Winnie Lingam: wait another bubble in bitcoin

Co-founder and CEO of Civic company, which develops solutions for identification based on blockchain technology, Winnie Lingam (Vinny Lingham) believes that the price of bitcoin will reach 100 thousand, and this will lead to a new cycle bubble in the stock market.

The blockchain is the Chain Reaction event in Johannesburg (South Africa) Lingam said that he believes in the long-term prospects of the cryptocurrency market, but sees the possibility of another bubble on it, which will result in the greed of investors.

“Do I think we will have another bubble? Probably because people just don’t learn. One bitcoin broke through $20 thousand, it will seek more than $100 thousand, and then we will begin a new cycle of blowing bubble”, predicted the head of the Civic.

He stressed that during the work in the field of blockchain watched three or four of these cycle and bear markets, which led to consolidation in bicone. The first cryptocurrency would be much healthier to grow more slowly and quietly, avoiding public attention and improving infrastructure, he added.

According to Lengema, the conversion of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as a speculative commodity hinders the development of blockchain technology, and in ten years this process is still at an early stage.

Recall that the achievement of the price of bitcoin is $100 thousand per coin previously predicted Saxo Bank analyst Kay van-Petersen (Kay Van-Petersen), financial analyst Ronnie Moas (Ronnie Moas), head of ADVFN Clem chambers (Clem Chambers) and others. And Tim Draper (Tim Draper) continues to insist on the forecast for BTC 250 thousand by 2022. But there are those who consider the likely drop bitcoin to $100, for example, former IMF chief economist Kenneth Rogoff (Kenneth Rogoff) or analyst Forex platform Aforti Exchange Paciorkowski Marek (Marek Paciorkowski).


The Prosecutor’s office of Bulgaria carries out searches in companies associated with the pyramid OneCoin

The Prosecutor’s office of Bulgaria started cooperation with the security forces of Germany and representatives of Eurojust and Europol to neutralize large-scale fraudulent pyramid OneCoin.

According to the Agency, although OneCoin Ltd. registered in the UAE and operate through hundreds of subsidiaries, it is assumed that the center of the work of the international criminal organization is Sofia.

Over the past few days security forces visited the offices of the company Wan Network Services, and other related OneCoin, seized physical evidence, including servers, and questioned about 50 witnesses in the case.

Investigations on OneCoin, according to them, is also underway in England, Ireland, Italy, USA, Canada, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and other countries.

Recall that the OneCoin project in Germany actually banned in April 2017. Measures against OneCoin also took the government of Belize, India, Vietnam and other countries. In mid-August, the regulatory authority in the field of consumer protection, Italy has fined a group of companies that are engaged in the promotion of OneCoin €2.59 million later, the Commission on supervision of the financial sector of Luxembourg (CSSF) has issued a warning concerning the activities of financial schemes OneCoin.


FINRA has asked broker-dealers to report on cryptocurrency activities

The Agency on regulation of activities of financial institutions (FINRA) is a private American Corporation with the status of SRO asked all participating companies to submit a detailed report regarding the involvement in the cryptocurrency activity.

According to the statement of 6 July, FINRA wants to know whether the company sells digital currency, accepting it from customers, does cryptocurrency Fund participates in tokentalk, and also does consulting services in this area. The Agency is also interested in whether the members of the Association mining.

The organization noted that the requested information is designed to help assess the degree of participation of broker-dealers in cryptocurrency activities.

«We ask each firm to report until July 31, 2019 on the job or intention to start working with digital assets,» – said in a statement FINRA.

FINRA is a self-regulating organization created by the merger of the National Association of securities dealers and the U.S. regulatory Commission the new York stock exchange. The Agency responsible for the regulation of business interaction between broker-dealers and investors.

We will remind, in December, FINRA urged individual investors to remain cautious after some public companies have tried to play on the hype surrounding the blockchain and cryptocurrency.


Fly there after the Consensus?


From 14 to 16 may at the new York Hilton will be one of the largest crypto-events organized by the publication CoinDesk, the conference Consensus. And though this year hurt a number of publications CoinDesk acne Buterin urged the public to boycott this event, the organizers promise to break the attendance record of previous years.

Consensus on 2018 is expected not less than 7,000 guests, among whom more than 200 experts of crypto-industry (almost all of them announced as speakers), representatives of governments and regulatory agencies, crypto-enthusiasts, advisors, journalists and other involved. On the agenda for the regulation of cryptocurrencies, the effect of SEC on the industry, the blockchain-the government, the latest changes on the stock exchange and new decentralized solutions for the financial sector.

The level of credibility of Consensus can be compared to the G8, but in the crypto world. Almost every year this event had a positive impact on the rate of cryptocurrency that can be traced on the charts 2015, 2016 and 2017. Although last year not so revealing, it would be fairly safe to say that such strong growth of the bitcoin exchange rate is associated with only one conference, no matter how important it may be.

Notes this fact and co-founder of Fundstrat Global Advisors Tom Lee, who believes that Consensus 2018 will become «fuel for a new rally of bitcoin». Note, however, that although the rate of crypt do and certainly grew after the Consensus, it did not appear instantly, but with a failure before the breakthrough. Apparently, the public needed time to digest all the information received at the conference, before to push the market up.

Explode if bitcoin followed altcoins, to the heights from the middle of next week, predict not taken. Definitely we can say that Consensus can be announced of news that can move the market up, but will kill if they desire «bears» to give bitcoin to cross the ten thousand overseas — time will tell.