In Sierra Leone, has denied the use of blockchain technology in elections

The government of Sierra Leone has categorically denied the information about the use of blockchain technology in the presidential election on 7 March. The national electoral Commission stated that for the preservation and processing of voting results used a private database developed for the conduct of the 2012 elections with the use of C++ and MS SQL. The head of the Commission Mohamed konteh (Mohamed Conteh) also said that blockchain technology is not implemented in any of the stages of the elections.

At the same time the representative of the Swiss company Agora in the comments of TechCrunch confirmed that the ballots are anonymously registered in the blockchain of the company, which will be available publicly. Thus, according to RFI, the official voting results and the data of the Agora in the two regions differ substantially, and the company participated in the elections as an observer. In cryptosuite activity of the company associated with her upcoming ICO.

We will remind that in day of elections in Agora announced negotiations with other countries that also want to use the voting technology developed by the company.


Tim Draper: in five years we pay exclusively in cryptocurrencies

Venture investor Tim Draper (Tim Draper) is still confident that bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies will become the primary means of payment within five years.

“Five years from now you will go and try to pay Fiat money for coffee at Starbucks and the Barista will laugh at you,” said Draper.

He said earlier that five years from now will laugh at attempts to use Fiat money. Draper is known as an early investor in technology companies, in particular, he invested in Skype, Tesla and Twitter.

In 2014 he bought at auction for nearly 32 thousand BTC seized by the US government from the creators of Silk Road. Then, for this quantity of bitcoins that Draper paid around $18 million, now the cost exceeds $300 million When asked if he was going to sell the cryptocurrency, Draper replied, “why should I sell the future for the past”.

He is not only confident in the brilliant future of the cryptocurrency, but also appreciates the opportunities blockchain technology, the underlying. Draper stated that digital currency “is not subject to the whims of any political or other power”, and thanks to her the world of international becomes global.

“All the different governments are going to be a virtual and compete for us, so they will have to provide good service at a low price. And that’s what governments had to do before,” he said.

Overall, concluded Draper, cryptocurrency is the most exciting since he was an early investor in the Internet.


FinaCom started to accept bitcoin and Ethereum in payment for services

Financial Commission (FinaCom), an independent organization dedicated to resolving problems between brokers and customers, announced that it started accepting bitcoin and Ethereum as payment for their services. This was announced by Finance Magnates.

Soon FinaCom intends to expand the list of cryptocurrencies, which are members of the Association will be able to operate, paying for the service controller.

Last month the Financial Commission has launched a new service — certification of the initial placement of coins (ICO). To the certification Committee (ICC) includes experts in the field of financial technologies, blockchain and cryptocurrency. The first approval with recommendations was issued by the Genesis Vision.

In the organization thought the next logical step connection of new payment methods, providing the opportunity to participate in the organization of companies from the economy of the blockchain.

“After launching our services the ICO-certification in the last quarter and certification of the Genesis Vision, it was logical to accept the cryptocurrency as a method of payment for the services we provide to companies. The ability to take and transfer cryptocurrency is an important first step for companies participating in the new economy of the blockchain. The financial Commission is pleased to support those who want to use their digital assets, including bitcoin and ether, as payment for our services”, — said the head of the financial Commission Peter Tatarnikov.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that in Dubai with bitcoin you can buy an apartment and pay their rent, in Japan — BTC accept payment for utility bills. In Switzerland for University studies can be paid with bitcoins. Still you can have a travel tour to Malta and even citizenship of the island nation of Vanuatu.


BitPay took the side of the Bitcoin ABC in the forthcoming the hard forks of Bitcoin Cash

Payment service BitPay and Coinbase after Binance announced support for Bitcoin ABC in the forthcoming the hard forks of Bitcoin Cash.

«System BitPay uses a basic implementation of Bitcoin Cash called Bitcoin ABC. [Developers] Bitcoin ABC has planned the change of the Bitcoin Protocol through hardwork Cash, which will be held on November 15,… BitPay has no plans to switch from ABC to another Bitcoin implementation Bitcoin Cash», – stated in the blog service.

BitPay also recommends the users not to conduct transactions in the period from about two hours before the hard forks and during it, as this may lead to loss or double expenditure.

The funds on
time hard forks will be stored in your wallet will be safe.

Apart from Coinbase, BitPay and Binance, team Bitcoin ABC that follows «visions
Satoshi» in relation to the client and the network, also supported the largest mining pool for
mining Bitcoin Cash – Coingecko. It is expected that if the market for the most part support this version then
individual miners will also take the side of Bitcoin ABC.

The company nChain which represents the other side of the fork, in turn, believe that they restore the original vision of bitcoin and ignore all evidence to the contrary.

We will remind that after the introduction of the updates OP_CHECKDATASIG, which was known in advance, should improve the script language of Bitcoin Cash. It is necessary to use data coming from external sources. After a hard forks of the blockchain will support atomic swaps.

Supporters of the upgrade believe that the new feature will allow Bitcoin to Cash to become more scalable. In addition, changes in Protocol will help make better use of smart contracts. Opponents, however, hard forks are sure that this is not necessary, but the changes themselves do not meet the “spirit of cryptocurrency”.

The company nChain presented their version Bitcoin Cash in which contradictions do not exist in August.


Greece will have to decide who to give winnick: Russia or USA

Today in Thessaloniki, Greece, the court shall make the decision on where to extradite the detainee on 25 July in Halkidiki, Alexander winnick, who is accused of fraud on a large scale with the help of “one of the largest websites in the world” — in the US or in Russia.

And the one and the other country has enough of the accusations towards the Russian. However, the suspect prefers to return home, but Russia pabout international law has a priority right to return of its citizens. The period of detention winnik expired on September 25, and today the court should inform the decision on extradition.

«Our position is that we do not agree with the documents that were provided by the American side. All these objections we will present in the course of the hearing. We believe that there is sufficient evidence for the issuance of the United States, and the extradition request should be addressed.

If the court decides the extradition, we will have the opportunity to appeal, which will review the Supreme court of Greece in Athens.

I do not see in any political agenda, but the United States is very interested in the fact that our client gave them,» — said the RT TV, the leading case Greek lawyer Alexandros Lacorte.

The criminal case against winnick was brought under part 3 St. 159 criminal code (fraud in large scale) of the investigative Department of OMVD Russia’s Ostankino district of Moscow. One of the companies accuses winnik in non-delivery of equipment under the signed and paid contract more than 600 thousand rubles. Winnick he was convicted in absentia and declared wanted, and a measure of the Ostankino district court of Moscow chose a two-month detention since his arrest in the country or after the issuance of the other state. Further, the state office of public Prosecutor of Russia has addressed to Greece with a request on extradition of a Russian citizen. And last week the court of Thessaloniki issued a decision to arrest winnik 40 days for consideration of the question of his extradition. In case of expulsion to his homeland he faces up to six years of imprisonment.

USA winnick accused in laundering of $4 billion According to us prosecutors, he organized electronic trading platform BTC-e for the illegal implementation of exchange operations with cryptocurrency and use it to launder income of various criminal organizations around the world, including those derived from drug trafficking. In addition, American law enforcement agencies have a number of other charges against winnick. According to estimates of various experts in the USA winnick faces up to 20-55 years in prison and a fine of $12 million.

Recall that the cryptocurrency exchange BTC-e has been closed by US authorities in July, and from September 15 moved to a new site and under a new name — WEX — again auction. The company said it operates legally and winnick does not belong.


Blockchain-the HTC Exodus will support Litecoin

The Creator of Litecoin Charlie Lee (Charlie Lee) announced support for LTC through Lightening Network in the new smartphone HTC Exodus to the team which he joined as a consultant. The manufacturer refuses to support bitcoin and is going to unveil a blockchain-smartphone to the public in Q3 of this year.

Recall that the Taiwanese company has announced plans to release a smartphone running the Android OS, which will support decentralized apps based on the blockchain (DApp), in may of this year. The development of blockchain-based smartphones are also interested in the Chinese company Huawei, while Sirin startup Labs intends to make cryptocanthon Finney at the facilities of Foxconn.


Joseph Lubin: technology Ripple is not the blockchain

Co-founder and head of the Ethereum blockchain company ConsenSys Joseph Lubin (Lubin Joseph) in an interview with Bloomberg about the state of the stock market and the development of Ethereum has made a number of critical attacks against two major projects in the industry.

To the question, what will this mean for Ethereum if “other protocols, which trade speed or decentralization for safety” will benefit in the medium to long term, Lubin said

“Ripple actually is not a blockchain technology, this kind of payment system, so I don’t consider it a competitor.”

He continued on about EOS, describing the project as “slightly decentralized approach when building a blockchain system.” Lubin pointed to the apparatus of decision-making in the network of EOS, who, according to him, consists of “twenty-one men who know each other know.”

“EOS is an interesting technology, but incredibly dangerous to treat her like a sibling,” said the CEO of ConsenSys.

It is noteworthy that the statement about Ripple Lubin was previously confirmed by the company representatives. In June, the main Ripple cryptographer David Schwartz (David Schwartz) and President of the company’s successful development of clients tricher Marcus (Marcus Treacher) in an interview with Reuters has admitted that the technology solution xCurrent not “is a distributed registry”. In addition, they added that banks are currently not willing to use the blockchain.

On the centralized nature of EOS, the main network which was launched in June, also drew attention, for example, the independent rating Agency Weiss Ratings.


Billionaire Howard marks: in bitcoin there is no entity

Billionaire investor Howard marks (Howard Marks) questioned the future of bitcoin in his comments to CNBC at the annual conference Institutional Investor Delivering Alpha in new York.

“It [bitcoin] is not an investment, it is trade. Ultimately, I think, be proven that he has no essence,” said Marx.

In his opinion, those who buy bitcoin only doing this because I think — someone will buy it from them at a higher price.

“Not because they can identify its internal strengths. Not because they are unable to determine a valid value. But only because they think it is growing,” — said the billionaire.

Howard marks is the co-founder of the investment company Oaktree Capital, which manages total assets of $121 billion (as of March). His personal fortune Forbes estimates at $2 billion.

“That’s what we called when I was a kid, “theory of the greater fool,” concluded Howard marks.

Recall that the “greater fool theory” suggests that you can make money by buying assets of any quality, because sooner or later they will be bought by someone hoping to quickly resell more expensive. Earlier, the “purest example” of this theory called bitcoin founder Microsoft bill gates (Bill Gates).


Nobel laureate Robert Schiller has called bitcoin «glamorous trends»

Nobel laureate in Economics and Yale University Professor Robert George. Schiller (Robert J. Shiller) believes that although bitcoin could be a bubble, it does not mean that it will burst and disappear forever. He told this in an interview with CNBC.

«Bitcoin interests me as a kind of bubble. This does not mean that it will disappear or explode. He could be with us for some time», – explained the scientist.

According to Shiller, Bitcoin is another example of the «fashion of human behavior». «It’s glamorous,» he added.

According to the Professor, he knows that many «smart people» have invested in cryptocurrencies-including his students. However, he noted that the interest in digital currencies goes beyond the merits of the idea itself. «It’s more a psychological process than what can be explained by the Department of computer science» – said the scientist.

According to Schiller, the cryptocurrency bubble is partially due to political reasons because the people who do not trust their governments, may be tempted to invest in these assets.

Recall that in January, Schiller compared the interest in bitcoin with the Tulip mania of the 17th century and stressed that now «bubbles everywhere», but what to do it with bitcoin, he doesn’t know.

A month earlier, in December, the scientist said that the value of bitcoin is «extremely doubtful».


CTO IBM Blockchain: CBDC can mitigate the risks that contributed to the financial crisis of 2008

Technical Director IBM Blockchain Stanley Yung (Stanley Yong) believes that digital currencies Central banks (CBDC) can mitigate the risks that contributed to the global financial crisis of 2008.

In an interview with CNBC Jung said CBDC is “the only way to provide you with the assurance that you have the necessary settlement for financial services, especially when you think about the types of risks that arose during the Lehman crisis in 2008.”

The bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers because of the subprime mortgage crisis in the United States 2006-2008, according to many, was the beginning of the global financial crisis of 2008-2009.

Stanley Yung is the chief specialist at IBM Blockchain for financial services and CBDC. He suggested that the stop part of the settlement system, which occurred during the financial crisis of 2008 was caused by a lack of confidence in the mechanisms of “delivery versus payment” available at the time.

Therefore, he believes that the Union banking solutions for digital payment mechanisms for the delivery of all types of commodities, derivatives and shares on the blockchain can help to get rid of those types of risks that we saw in 2008.

One of the main advantages of CDBC Jung called the reduction “fragmentation of the financial market” even in developed countries, where widespread non-cash digital payments.

Yesterday IMF chief Christine Lagarde (Christine Lagarde), speaking in Singapore, also spoke about the benefits of CDBC and urged Central banks to consider issuing digital currencies.