Mining centre of Russian companies interested in Norway’s intelligence services

In August, near the Norwegian town of Alvdal will start the construction of the mining center of the Russian New Mining Company. At the site, which is now pulling power and optical lines, will be installed 8 containers with several thousand units of computer equipment for mining. The amount of investment is approximately one billion Norwegian kroner ($120 million).

This mining center will become not the first for Scandinavian countries — it attracts the business of low tariffs for electricity and cold climate. But the installation of computer facilities in Alvdal and that Russian has raised questions of the local residents and the concerns of the intelligence agencies of the country.

In early October in this region of Norway start of a major NATO exercises Trident Juncture in 2018, and many decided that the coincidence is not accidental — computing power can be used for spying.

The local company Nordanvind in charge of construction, confirmed that they have not had time to communicate with representatives of secret services of Norway.

“We believe that the arrival of the Russian is here — pure coincidence. What kind of equipment they brought in their containers — it is easy to learn. I don’t think it can be useful for something other than bitcoin mining,” — explained the representative of the company Arild levick (Arild Løvik).

The representative of the New Mining Company in Norway Johnny Andersen (Andersen Jonny) also does not see the placement of the mining center for cyber security of the country:

“As far as I know Russian owners, these guys are serious. They understand that their activities are closely interested in the Norwegian intelligence. So they are waiting for checks and not afraid of anything”.

However, according to the Director of the division of Internet and new media at the Norwegian Association of IT industry (IKT-Norge), Torgeir Waterhouse (Torgeir Waterhouse), the exact purpose of the computers may be known only to those who directly adjusts equipment.

Military intelligence and the police of Norway to comment on the situation refused.

Recall that in yet another international centre of mining — the canadian province of Quebec authorities were forced to impose a moratorium on accepting new applications for the placement of computing power.


New and promising crypto currency exchange on the market


With the rise in popularity of cryptocurrencies is growing and the number of trading platforms offering the exchange of digital assets. According to CoinMarketCap, today, the market represented a 210 kryptomere, but experts believe the real number may be twice. So, over the past month, only in Asia opened three sites for the selling and exchanging of cryptocurrencies. We have studied the work of new sites and considered the most promising crypto currency exchange this year.

New crypto currency exchange


The crypto currency exchange Coinbit was launched on 11 may by the South Korean video game developer Axia Soft Co. Ltd. In honor of the opening until the end of may, users of the exchange will be able to conduct transactions with zero Commission. Further, the Commission is 0.05% of the transaction amount.

At the initial stage in the listing Coinbit was added 50 cryptocurrencies including bitcoin, ether, ripple, bitcoin, cash, litecoin, NEO and Waves among many others. However, before the end of the year, the exchange’s management promises to make the listing of 50 cryptocurrencies.

Country: South Korea

Launch date: Jul 2018

The number of cryptocurrency: 50

Commission: 0% until the end of may, then — 0.05%



In Thailand recently opened the third largest cryptocurrency exchange, Jibex, launched with the support of the IT-company, J. I. B. Computer Group Co. Ltd. The Chairman of the Board Jibex Tatarczuk Coteret: «the Partnership with J. I. B. Computer Group will provide users with peace of mind and confidence in their investments. It is a good and fast service, attentive to the needs of their clients.»

At launch, the exchange has proposed five cryptocurrencies: bitcoin, ether, cache bitcoin, litecoin and ripple. Also users of the exchange have access to the built-in wallet that supports a cryptocurrency data. Until 26 June 2018 users can trade with zero Commission, after which it will amount to 0.24%.

Country: Thailand

Launch date: April 2018

The number of cryptocurrency: 5

Commission: 0% until June 26, then — 0.24%



Kenniex — first cryptocurrency exchange, launched in Vietnam, headquartered in Ho Chi Minh city. According to the official statement, the exchange also is «the first platform for trading electronic money in Vietnam, which has a trading office where investors can not only take advantage of the exchange, but also to effective recommendations for investment.»

Currently, the exchange offers four cryptocurrencies: bitcoin, ether, zcash for and dash, which can be converted to Vietnamese Dong and USD. Transaction charge is 0.4%.

Country: Vietnam

Launch date: April 2018

The number of cryptocurrency: 4

Commission: 0.4%


Promising crypto currency exchange


The launch of cryptocurrency exchanges Bitmora scheduled for may 25 this year. This trading platform was developed with traders in order to provide cryptologist convenient platform to exchange digital assets without the high commissions. Moreover, the users of the platform will be able to participate directly in the development of the exchange through a system of voting to support those or other innovations. For more convenient work with the platform development team Bitmora to launch mobile app and desktop client, as well as round-the-clock customer support system.

At the initial stage, a percentage of the transaction will be 0.01% for makers and 0.03% for Takeru, however, then the exchange will allow the most active users to choose the size of the Commission. For transactions over $10,000 will be realized a fixed rate of $7.

Country: Malta/USA (head office)

Launch date: Jul 2018

The number of cryptocurrency: unknown

Commission: 0.01% and 0.03%



In June of this year runs DX.Exchange is the first cryptocurrency exchange, which is based on the infrastructure of the Nasdaq. Thanks to the support of the second largest stock exchange in the world, DX.The Exchange will have access to advanced trading technologies, such as engine matching applications, which use more than 70 traditional exchanges around the world.

The platform will allow you to store and make transactions with cryptocurrencies, to buy crypto-assets for Fiat and withdraw. At the time of launch on the stock exchange will be offered six cryptocurrencies, of which only four are known — bitcoin, bitcoin cache, ether and litecoin. Transaction fees will be 0%, but the use of the platform provides a monthly a subscription fee of EUR 10.

Country: Estonia

Launch date: June 2018

The number of cryptocurrency: 6

Commission: 0%

Website: — ecosystem of decentralized financial instruments, including the eponymous peer-to-peer trading platform. In a recent ICO, the project has collected more than $31 million from more than 15,000 participants.

Platform plans to support trading of a wide range of assets among which will be presented over 200 cryptocurrency and internal token TIO. Also the platform will allow traders to conduct transactions directly between themselves without having to pay high Commission. Moreover, for traders will be available built-in crypto-wallets, two-factor authentication, and the pool of liquidity. At the moment the exchange is under final beta testing.

Country: Switzerland

Launch date: April 2018 (beta testing)

The number of cryptocurrency: 200 (presumably)

Commission: 0%

Website: hybrid decentralized exchange platform of Fiat, cryptocurrency tokens that during the ICO campaigns and any other digital assets. In this regard, the crypto currency exchange will support not only the main cryptocurrencies, such as bitcoin, litecoin and ether, but more than 100 tokens of the standard ERC20.

Users dostpny services such as the trading pool, the social network for ICO, crypto-mining, management of investment portfolios, cold wallet storage means, the referral program, trading community and vote on the deployment of new digital assets.

Country: Netherlands

Launch date: second quarter of 2018

The number of cryptocurrency: more than 100

Commission: unknown



LIQUID trading platform will be launched cryptocurrency company QUOINE licensed in Japan. The aim of the project is to unite the registers of orders on exchanges around the world in one convenient platform, thereby ensuring higher liquidity of assets. To do this, users will have access to tools such as World Book and Prime Brokerage, which will collect information about orders and prices from other exchanges, and provide access to these orders through a single account. Traders will be able to easily convert Fiat to any of the various cryptocurrencies and Vice versa.

Country: Japan

Launch date: second quarter of 2018

The number of cryptocurrency: over 30 trading pairs

Commission: unknown



In may it became known about the plans of the South Korean blockchain company Glosfer to conclude a partnership agreement with the company Coinvil to run the eponymous crypto currency exchange in the Philippines. According to the published statement, Glosfer will be responsible for the creation of a platform, while Coinvil will provide its support and work. Both companies will jointly develop a security policy for users to have access to reliable and transparent trading platform. As noted by the Director-General Coinvil Park RA-Hun: «the Philippines will become the largest market of cryptocurrency trading, which will unite Europe and Asia».

Country: Philippines

Launch date: unknown

The number of cryptocurrency: unknown

Commission: unknown

Website: not available


In 2018, Genesis Capital has treated cryptocurrency loans for $1.1 billion

Focused on institutional investors, creditor Genesis Global Capital in 2018 cryptocurrency has processed loans worth $1.1 billion, says the report.

It is noteworthy that the firm has more than doubled its total amount of loans in the last three months of 2018, having processed over $500 million a year the company closed active loans for $153 million

Note that 60% of the loan portfolio Genesis Global Capital amounted to bitcoin, 20% were for tokens, XRP, and another 20% for other digital assets.

Company representatives noted that a significant portion of loans were given to traders opening short positions on the cryptocurrency.

Recall, Genesis Global Trading, credit that is Genesis Global Capital, registered with the SEC and FINRA broker that is part of the business Empire Barry Silbert and his Digital Currency Group (DCG).


In Ethereum activated «bomb complexity», reducing emissions by 25%

Daily rewards for mining blocks in Ethereum has decreased from 20 000 to 15000 ETH after activating the bomb difficulty. Thus launched the soft version of «ice age» which will last until the activation of hard forks Constantinople, expected on February 27, writes Trustnodes.

After the upgrade the main Ethereum, the size of awards will be reduced from 3 ETH for the block to ETH 2, and the launch of another «bomb of complexity» will be postponed for a year.

Due to the increase in time of extraction of blocks, every two weeks the emission of coins will fall about 2000 ETH. If the activation Constantinople does not happen, the complexity can rise to the level where in Ethereum would be impossible to produce even one unit.

Now is the time for mining a single block in Ethereum, on average, about 18 seconds in the previous step, this required 15 seconds. The Commission remains at the level of procenta.

According to CoinMarketCap, the last day price Ethereum grew to $108.

Earlier in January, representatives of the mining pools stated that the implementation in Constantinople template EIP-1234, reducing the reward per block to 2 ETH, instantly putting pressure on the entire economy of mining.


Wikipedia will accept Bitcoin Cash

Online encyclopedia Wikipedia is accepting donations in bitcoin in 2014, switched to services of the crypto-processing service BitPay, which will allow it to work even with Bitcoin Cash.

«Our sponsors are demonstrating a growing interest in various cryptocurrencies, and therefore Bitcoin payments Cash was a natural decision, – said the Director of payments solutions, the Wikimedia Foundation PAC Foam. – We accept donations worldwide and aim to provide a wide variety of payment options.»

«Bitcoin and Bitcoin for Cash are one of the most cost-efficient payment options and allow you to transfer more money to charity and not to the payment of commissions», – said the commercial Director BitPay Sonny Singh.

According to Bitpay, the amount of the charitable payments made using the cryptocurrency has increased significantly in recent times. Especially active people make such transactions at the end of the year, in order to receive tax privileges. The company says it has processed several multi-million dollar transactions in favor of non-profit organizations and looks forward to maintaining the trend this year.

In August of last year, Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales stated that he excludes the possibility of ICO or release of cryptocurrency for their nonprofit organization.


His first interview to the German athletes at the head of the Supervisory Board RAKIB


Adviser to the President on issues of Internet development Herman Klimenko holds the position of Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Russian Association of cryptocurrency and the blockchain. We talked with him about RAKIB, scriptoral, the project «Third opinion» and why Russia legalized boomerangs.

Herman Sergeevich, at the end of August 2017, you announced the launch of the Russian Association of the blockchain and cryptocurrency (RAKIB). Can you tell us more, what is he doing now?

You can say that I have declared. That is, if you need me to shift the blame on the establishment, and place, but by and large the story has been brewing for a long time. For me, the Association is interesting because I expect similar associations for a legally sound documents. Because the slogans of our society — «Legalize bitcoin», «cryptocurrency Implement in the real economy» and «Legalize ICO» — have under itself no document of any basis in the legal framework of this issue.

Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed the government to prescribe regulation the ICO and mining until July 2018. I would like to know: RAKIB will participate in the creation of these legal documents?

I hope that not only RAKIB, but all market players are ready to participate in the discussions. For example, the law on telemedicine — a lump sum could get together 50 people to discuss a certain amount of simple questions. Accordingly, I expect that not only RAKIB, but many market players will be able to organize your discussion, where each of them will perform with his bright idea. So I think all will participate and I will make every effort to that end.

The government has also proposed to take into account the miners, and to enter them on the tax. Do you think tax on mining is appropriate?

Around this story for a lot of different kinds of speculation. I don’t really understand on what legal basis will this happen and what status to have. Before introducing taxation on mining, you need to determine what it produces. That is the need to expand the terms, and not the fact that they will be able to do it quickly, because the debate between the lawyers is endless. I got there and tried to climb, I understood nothing and got out. Lawyers must first between themselves come to an agreement. Everything to do with cryptocurrencies, must begin with the phrase that we are able to do so in the state system penetrated black money. So the lawyers are arguing over, we read. I think it will be a difficult position.

Another quite controversial issue…

A lot of them.

…about cryptool. What do you think?

In exchange, there are several aspects of the paper ruble, the metal or the one that is on the account of your Bank card. And scriptural is just the fourth method of accounting rubles. It may be more convenient to use than PayPass. As you know, there are many proofs of the Pythagorean theorem, but why do we all, we do not ask. Probably criptural anywhere you and also useful.

Tell me, is there, in your opinion, any country which has chosen the right direction for regulation of cryptocurrency and blockchain?

Throughout the history of the cryptocurrencies have a huge impact referrals, «here they are». For example, in China «everything is banned», in the case of Japan, «but they have all allowed». When you begin to understand the history, it appears that not everyone was banned, and not all allowed. And Japan is not a country where cryptocurrency go, and China is not a country where for the cryptocurrency shot. As the history of cryptocurrency is an international story should be some kind of communication between players in the market. In Recibe set about trying to find the contacts of different cryptocurrency associations, to agree on cooperation. Now we have already agreed with Bahrain, India, Singapore and the UAE. And the main goal of the interaction that we had not fed the rumors and understand what’s really going on in different countries.

There is a good example, though not out of the realm of cryptocurrencies. For example, in Australia there are banned boomerangs, which kill three kangaroos. But once the Australian had been in Russia, I saw in the store the same boomerangs and thought that Russia legalized boomerangs. And Australia will begin to think that Russia is a progressive country, we now also need to legalize the boomerangs! But as the situation looks in reality: we have these boomerangs are no kangaroos do not kill, and they just hang over the television because somebody said that they bring happiness into the house. When we talk about cryptocurrency, we need to understand that we have very different economies, we have very different legislation and very different stories. Therefore, international collaboration is needed. Few experts, they need to unite and study the experience that exists.

Let’s talk about the project «Third opinion», which will come out on ICO. Can you tell a little about him?

The history of «Third opinion» is a story about what the modern neural networks deep learning can with a high degree of probability to identify in medical images certain types of pathologies.

It so happened that we have free data on the histories, and we have a cheap doctors and cheap programmers. With these resources we want to release a software product that would solve the most difficult task in the modern world — disease diagnosis.

The technical equipment is growing with great speed, soon every village will have CT scan and MRI (computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging. — DeCenter), but each village will not be exact of the doctor that a CT scan can see.

Another point that KT KT Chinese and Russian are exactly the same. Therefore, our task is to sell the world a product that would cost the people $5 per month, when now the average cost of CT and MRI is $300, he could analyze CT and MRI, to see all the medical evidence, and this really is not some transcendent history.

I really like the genius products, because there are always problems of unclear risks. And the story about release virtual analyzer all our medical images is quite comparable costly and potential customers — in fact, it is every citizen of the world. Because the only thing that is ready to pay is for their health. For food and health.

Specifically, this project will delight all. Is it true that the token «Third opinion» will be called BloodCoin?

BloodCoin is the inside story, to laugh, to be honest. Most likely he will be called DigitalHealthCoin.


Ethereum will be traded on the European exchange Bitstamp

European bitcoin exchange Bitstamp will launch a new currency pair for Ethereum. Trading pairs ETH/USD ETH/ETH and EUR/BTC kicks off on Thursday, August 17.

As part of the release Bitstamp has also revealed details about the new price structure, which unifies the Commission for the exchange of all trading pairs. So, the volume of exchange transactions up to $20 thousand per month there will be a fee of 0.25%.

To promote new markets Bitstamp will not charge a Commission on the exchange in these pairs until October 1 and then offer discounts from 25 to 75% by the end of the year.

Founded in 2011, the exchange platform Bitstamp is one of the oldest in the world. According to CoinMarketCap, it takes a leading place in the world by trading volume. While Bitstamp has made Ethereum in the list of one of the last.

We will remind that today the price of Ethereum exceeded $300 and reached a maximum value in the last month — $307.


Domain on sale for 200 BTC

One of the most desirable domains in the Internet, for auction at a starting price of 200 BTC (about $2,76 million at the current exchange rate of bitcoin). The current domain owner is a company XBT Holding SA.

For cryptomery this domain is welcome because XBT is the acronym that many of the institutional trading platform will use Bitcoin.

The reason for the sale was the company XBT charges of involvement in the data theft of the US Democratic party.

In January 2017, Buzzfeed published an article based on information provided by the research team Fusion GPS. It contained a number of allegations that XBT with a subsidiary company of Webzilla was involved in theft from the Democratic party, including interviewing Donald trump. In particular, the report indicated the former CEO of XBT Aleksei Gubarev, who allegedly acted on the orders of FSB of Russia. XBT contested the allegations in court. The trial is still going on.

«This domain has a much greater value to those involved in the cryptocurrency business. In addition, the name of the company XBT suffered greatly due to false claims in the dossier, and we are considering rebranding as a result of reputational damage», – quotes the words of Gubarev Bloomberg.

While the losses XBT can make a profit cryptocurrency, the company bought their domain.

To participate in the auction, you need to make a Deposit of $10 000 or 0.5 BTC.


Race classes of assets: will the cryptocurrency leader in 2019?


While some people are trying to consider the future of cryptocurrencies in the kittens on the blockchain, and others dream of contactless payment of all bitcoins, Travis Kling, the former head of Point72 Asset Management (hedge Fund, which controls assets worth $12.4 billion), offers his vision on the theme of saving the world economy using cryptocurrency. And these assumptions are not groundless.

Economic tsunami

The first wave of the global economic crisis began to emerge in the U.S. in 2008. Experts believe that the reason for this was overheating the credit and equity markets, high oil prices and commodities, as well as the effects of the mortgage crisis in the country. As a result of such economic roller coaster real estate prices dropped to record levels and lost 20% of its value, causing the wallets of the owners «lost» nearly $5 trillion.

A little later, the wave and the European economy. Iceland was on the verge of bankruptcy. Three largest banks of the country collapsed, and the government was forced to nationalize them. At the same time, the UK government has recapitalized the Royal Bank of Scotland, and then a few banks.

Then, the crisis has affected all regions of the world, and almost every one of them fell into recession. Many companies were in bankruptcy, began reducing staff, launched a wave of layoffs and bankruptcies of large enterprises.

To somehow neutralize the flood crisis in the global market, States have to go to extreme measures, and sometimes even to create an artificial inflation in the market. One of these methods — quantitative easing.

Quantitative easing

Quantitative Easing (QE) is one of the ways of regulation of the economy within the state. U.S. officials have used QE in 2009 — just at the time when Satoshi Nakamoto introduced the world to bitcoin.

Quantitative easing is a monetary policy of the Central Bank, which buys bonds from the public, to reduce their financial attractiveness and reduce the flow of investment. To put it simply, the Bank prints money to stimulate the private sector of the economy. In this case, activates the movement of Finance in the market and there is a slight inflation, which at low values affects economic growth positively.

But this method also has negative sides. In the periodic issue of money, the inflation rate will to some extent overlap economic growth. But all too often the issue provokes the emergence of financial bubbles and the depreciation of the local currency. And while some are trying to pour out of a sieve, others think in perspective and are ready to share fresh trends and ideas in the management of a fragile pre-crisis economy. Or rather, thoughts about how cryptocurrency will help States to stabilize the market and keep the global crisis on a short leash.

High volatility in a hand

Travis Kling, the former head of Point72 Asset Management, and today the head of cryptocurrency Fund Ikigai, has a point of view on the question of fight against economic problems in the world.

At the end of 2018 Travis shared his thoughts about the future of the economy after quantitative easing in his Twitter:

Cryptocurrency has never met a bearish tone in the market of assets for all time of its existence. Bitcoin was born right in the beginning of the largest economic experiment — global quantitative easing, the completion of which was not so «soothing». So there is every chance that the crypt will be the best asset class on the market in 2019.

Below, in the comments he explained that this is not an exact prediction, but only one of variants of development of cryptocurrencies in the economy. But such assumptions are not groundless. Capitalization of cryptocurrency begins to grow again and has already reached $130 billion. Given that the stock market has been enjoying a «local» crisis is not an indicator of true liquidity and ability assets to a rapid return to former levels? And if the asset is able to recover so quickly, why not make it a new module for the modern economy?

Cryptocurrency is a totally new and unknown for the real economy tool. As a real asset, it is not yet defined in its niche, but all the prerequisites for this are. State regulation of the economic condition in the country long ranges in terms of variety of strategies and resources. Therefore, the initial task of the regulators is to find new ways of influencing the market and the economy there, where no one has gone before.

What was wrong with QE in 2018

Travis Kling raised the issue of quantitative easing with an ulterior motive. The WSJ published the graph of a negative rate of return on assets since 1905. Record the proportion of negative return falls on the year 2018. It turns out that softening U.S. policy was not so soothing. The expected fall in the market is uncontrollable, and instead to diversify profit 2017, the largest sector of the economy pulled him into a rabbit hole, small and medium businesses.

Schedule of assets of 2018 showed a record negative yield in history since 1905. Source.

Kling commented on the situation, saying that in terms of the bear market of cryptocurrencies will jump back from the support line faster than other asset classes because of higher volatility: «I wouldn’t be surprised if the crypt is off the market much faster than traditional assets.»

Despite the utopian attitude, a landmark in many respects. Because the traditional levers of influence on the economy begin to weaken and require a fresh look. Assets that are able to take the hit and endure many problems of a modern economy — a potentially cryptocurrency assets.

The problem of quantitative easing and a rekindling of the crisis in the U.S. becomes the first distress signal the world economy. Especially important now to draw all the forces to put out the economic fire that is in the States. If you do not do this as fast as possible, the US will hardly keep cracking at the seams of the bag with empty bills and public debt will be the second tsunami wave in the economy, and then around the world. How would the economy of this country took the path of financial bubbles. But while everyone is moving to it.

What others think

Chanpen Zhao calls 2018 «correction» and quite optimistic about the future of the cryptocurrency industry. He and his team continue to believe in the crypto industry and I believe that the real value of cryptocurrencies is not supported on cost, and examples of using this technology in my life. It is also one of the cases when the cryptocurrency can become a rescue capsule for many things in the future.

The Winklevoss brothers have launched a controversial advertising their exchange, Gemini in the form of a slogan «Bitcoin needs regulation». Cameron believes that stabilini can become a «dollar on the blockchain», and it virtually erases the boundaries of the transaction’s reserve currency, 60% of which is located outside the United States. And generally, bitcoin can replace gold. One of their features is a three-thousand year head start.

«Many global trends are forming, some of them obvious, others badly managed, and it is difficult to assess», — Dmitry Medvedev praised the state of the cryptocurrency today. Low cost of bitcoin — is a consequence of high volatility, however, is not a reason to put on industry cross.

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The Bank of Russia is concerned about «the viagra effect» on the cryptocurrency market

The Bank of Russia is concerned about «the viagra effect» on the cryptocurrency market, which, in the opinion of the regulator, turned the new technology into a platform for a financial pyramid. This was during the Gaidar forum said the first Deputy Chairman of the CBR Sergey Shvetsov:

«Viagra was invented by accident in the search for a formula for the heart muscle. The result was something else. We are concerned that were created for the global market, something that can be used as a means of payment, but created an elegant platform for a Ponzi scheme. Was looking for one, get another one».

He also noted that now cryptocurrencies are considered by customers more as an investment, not as a means of payment. Regulators think about it, but definitely will not be doing anything that would contribute to the growth of these pyramids.

Consumer properties of crypto-currencies may be lost as a result of their falling under the tax regulation and the legislation on protection against the laundering of the proceeds. In this case, according to Shvetsova, cryptocurrency «leave the arena because of their consumer properties will cease to interest buyers.»

We will remind, the Central Bank had previously stated that see bitcoin as signs of a financial pyramid. But Sergei Shvetsov in October 2017 at the forum «Russian market of derivative financial instruments» called cryptocurrency «the instrument with a mixed economic nature that do not have a legal definition and does not allow to protect investors.»