Circle offers its customers to invest in the cryptocurrency themed «collections»

American FINTECH company Circle presented to the user of the app Circle Invest on Android and iOS devices the ability to make contributions to scriptactive divided into four collections.

In the last month, customers could Circle in one click to invest in collection Buy the Market – that is, to buy all the cryptocurrencies that the application supports, weighted by their market capitalization. And today the company added three additional collections: payments (Bitcoin, Cash Bitcoin, Stellar and Litecoin), platforms and security.

Scriptactive in the new collections also weighted by their market capitalization. For the convenience of users in the application, added additional information educational kind about supported crypto-currencies.

Recall that less than two weeks ago, the Circle has added four new digital asset on the Circle platform Invest, bringing the total in the app to 11. The company then announced the launch of announced in may stablein USD//Coin (USDC), which was created in partnership with a consortium of CENTRE and with the support of more than 30 partners from kryptonyte.


Media: the Chinese authorities intend to prohibit cryptocurrency exchanges

In the Chinese media appeared information that the authorities intend again to prohibit local cryptocurrency exchange.

Comments on social media lead to the publication, Caixin, which suggests that the regulators intend to close the exchange in the framework of the ban on ICO, released earlier this week.

The market reacted instantly. According to Coinmarketcap, Bitcoin in recent days has lost about 8%. The Litecoin exchange rate fell by 16.7%.

The price of NEO, the Chinese equivalent of Ethereum, fell by 18%:

Users of social networks, particularly Twitter, are actively discussing the situation in China:

Recall that China has already banned the activities of cryptocurrency exchanges in January 2017. The ban lasted until may, when entered into force the new rules.


Korean exchange Bithumb will release its own token

The largest South Korean exchange Bithumb announced its plans to release its own token.

According to local publication TokenPost, tocancel will be held in Singapore, as in South Korea, the ICO is prohibited. The company will focus primarily on large investors.

When tokens are issued and what amount is planned to attract in the course of the ICO, the press service of the Bithumb said.

Recall that Bithumb is not the first cryptocurrency exchange, decided to create a token. In January, Chinese Playground Huobi has announced the launch of Huobi Token (HT), a total population of 500 million, are unable to only active users of the platform.

The financial services Commission in South Korea have banned the ICO in September 2017, citing the risks of financial fraud. In March of this year it became known that the local authorities are planning to legalize the ICO, however, the regulator maintains a skeptical attitude towards them.

Currently, some of the South Korean exchanges are considering opening branches abroad. So, earlier this week, Coinone, the third largest crypto currency exchange in the country, announced its plans to launch in June trading platform in Indonesia.


The short climb of bitcoin above $4000, coming out Vitalik Buterin and other events of the week

Fire swings of bitcoin, Vitalik revelation Buterin, important news from manufacturers of equipment for mining and loud statements about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology from well-known entrepreneurs. This is only a small part of what happened this week in kriptonyte.

The price of bitcoin

For most of the week the first cryptocurrency showed mainly (long-awaited for many traders) bullish trend, after failing on Saturday to break the resistance and reach a critical level above $4200. With bitcoin increased in price and other leading cryptocurrencies: Ethereum rose above $160, to $4.44 EOS and jumped to nearly $54 rose Litecoin.

All, however, changed in the second half of the day when the markets suddenly collapsed, demonstrating the expressive «fire» schedule. So, literally within a few minutes of bitcoin fell below $3800, thus returning almost to the indicators of the beginning of the week. Collectively, the cryptocurrency market lost during this period of about $11 billion, having fallen in capitalization below $130 billion.

CoinMarketCap top ten for this week has not changed, however, when compared with the figures for the previous Sunday, the market is still in the green zone. Also you can not go past the impressive growth of the EOS, which during this period have risen in price by 30%.

Also Sunday morning showed strong growth 9th capitalization cryptocurrency Tron (TRX). This contributed made Sunday project lead Justin San the announcement of the impending February 28, the hard forks and upgrade the Protocol to version 3.5.

The scandal that never was

This week will also be remembered largely artificial «scandal» that erupted around the community of bitcoin developers. In particular, the head of the mining pool BTC.Top Zzang Juer, said that the Bitcoin Core team intends to increase the issue of bitcoin and abandon halving. According to him, this proposal was allegedly discussed at a closed conference, Satoshi Roundtable, which invited leading representatives of the industry.

Some owners of the conference confirmed that the issue was discussed, but only as a hypothetical. At the same time Jouera accused of that so he is trying to promote Bitcoin Cash known advocate of which he is.

The discussion was also attended by chief engineer, Casa Jameson Lopp. He said that with the proposed solution no one agreed. Also to the statements of the BTC.Top responded one of the leading developers of Bitcoin Core Wladimir van der Laan:

«That is nonsense! Do not believe that it is necessary to explain it — no one in their right mind would propose to change the monetary model of bitcoin. If such a change ever to appear in a group that calls itself Bitcoin Core, I recommend the operators the nod to continue to work on previous versions», — said van der Laan.

He also added that in the digital world copying is the rule and property of the rarity of the exception. This, in his opinion, is the main trump card of bitcoin.

Acne Buterin revealed information about their cryptocurrency assets

According to co-founder of Ethereum, in addition to the broadcast he «hoglet» bitcoin, Cash Bitcoin, Dogecoin and zcash for. However, the total value of these assets is less than 10% of the cost stored them ether. Also in the portfolio Buterin is about the same cost tokens KNC, MKR, OMG, and Rep.

He also owns a «significant equity shares of» blockchain startup Clearmatics involved in the creation of «networks of decentralized clearing», which automatiseret financial derivatives. In addition, Buterin invested in Israeli start-Starkware who is working on blockchain solutions that focus on privacy and scalability.

Earlier it was reported that Vitalik Buterin there are 365 000 ETH, that «in better times» were worth $1 billion.

The company introduced Bitmain ASIC-chip new generation

The largest manufacturer mining equipment Bitmain presented BM1397 — 7 nm ASIC chip that focuses on the SHA256 algorithm.

BM1397 built on the basis of 7 nm FinFET processor from the Taiwanese TSMC, and as provided to the company, it uses 28.6% less energy than the previous version. The ratio between energy and computing power is of the order of 30 j/tirages.

Bitmain built development in ASIC devices S17 and T17, the release of which will take place in the near future.

Almost simultaneously, the Chinese company presented to the Hong Kong stock exchange (HKEx), where she plans to hold an IPO, updated information about its financial results. According to new data, in III quarter of last year amid the bear market Bitmain has lost about $500 million.

In addition to the disappointing income figures, from the report it became known that the cost of scriptaction stored Bitmain decreased from $800 million (as of June 30) to $700 million (the third quarter).

Note that one of the competitors Bitmain Ebang, the company plans to release this year, no fewer than 400,000 new devices.

Pantera Capital raised $125 million on opening capovolto venture Fund

21 Feb Pantera Capital announced that it has raised $125 million investment for opening a venture capital Fund focused on the scope of the blockchain and cryptocurrency. The closing of the funding round scheduled for March. The target amount of the project is $175 million and consequently the company already managed to collect most of the money.

The new Fund plans to support between 30 to 50 companies. Previously created two Fund Pantera Capital to date invested in a total of 44 projects. Among the priority investment areas of the company — custodian solution, stock exchanges, asset management, institutional tools and other infrastructure.

Ethereum’s lead developer left the project

Release Manager of the company Parity Technologies Africa Choedon announced his departure from the Ethereum community because of the scandal that erupted around his statements about the project Polkadot.

«I left a social network, I left Ethereum. I’m not left in the shade, I just left the community. I no longer coordinate hardforce, develop testnet, could not participate. I’ve never worked on a project Polkadot, I worked exclusively on Ethereum. I hated and loved», — he wrote in a tweet, which is then removed along with other recordings made in summer 2017.

Choedon stressed that he will remain part of the Parity, however, is considering new proposals from the fast-growing projects where there is no native token.

Earlier, the German developer said that the project actually offers Polkadot what Serenity (or Ethereum 2.0). Many community members accused him of conflict of interest, sabotage the development of Ethereum and even conspiracy.

The Saga continues around QuadrigaCX

As it became known this week, facing problems because of the supposed death of its founder Gerald Cotto canadian exchange QuadrigaCX gave the rest of the cryptocurrency auditing company Ernst & Young (EY). According to the EY report, 14 February the address of the auditor were sent to 960 52 BTC and ETH.

«The observer will store the digital currency in a cold wallet, waiting for further court decisions», — said the representatives of the auditor.

The document also says that before with purse QuadrigaCX to move entire amount to new addresses were sent a test transaction. For example, Ethereum address that in court documents is listed as «hot» wallet of the exchange, was first translated 0.01 ETH, and in two hours 960 ETH. In the same way was carried out bitcoin transactions.

Meanwhile, the head of Coinbase Brian Armstrong has announced the results of an independent investigation QuadrigaCX, which presumably no longer have access to the cryptocurrency to users ‘ funds of $137 million In particular, Coinbase was able to detect clusters that are more likely are a cold storage QuadrigaCX. The funds, according to analysts, was transferred to manual mode, and the output of balances was completed in early 2018.

However, Armstrong believes the probability of an exit Scam is quite low, and tend to the version that is associated with the events of almost two years ago. In June 2017 the bug in the smart contract QuadrigaCX turned to exchange multi-million dollar losses. Then began the translation of the user balances in cold storage.

Elementus researchers, however, argue that there are no cold storages for Ethereum at QuadrigaCX have never been, and the exchange was derived in the order of 268 thousand ETH on the exchange platform ShapeShift.

Elon Musk first publicly appreciated the benefits of bitcoin

The head of Tesla and SpaceX Elon Musk during a podcast with the investment firm ARK Invest recognized the superiority of bitcoin over paper money.

«The structure of bitcoin impressive. They [cryptocurrency] bypass exchange controls. Paper money are in the past. Cryptocurrency is undoubtedly better suited to transmit values, than the piece of paper,» — said Musk.

At the same time, he noted the fact-intensive energy consumption mining industry, adding that at least at this stage, Tesla is not going to interact with cryptocurrencies.

Mark Zuckerberg sees the blockchain as a replacement solution Facebook Connect

Facebook CEO mark Zuckerberg does not exclude that the technology of the distributed registry may allow Internet users to access various services using a single account. In particular, the solution based on the blockchain could become a competitor to the single sign-on (SSO), which was previously the world’s largest social network.

«I have not yet thought about the exact mechanics, but I believe that the blockchain could be used for authentication in different services. To abandon Facebook Connect in favor of true decentralization», said Zuckerberg in conversation with a Professor from Harvard Jonathan Zittrain.

However, he stressed that in the case of the scandal Cambridge Analytica and data breach Facebook managed to block unscrupulous developers access to the personal data of users, and in the case when the latter will be able to manage their data, it would be impossible.

Zuckerberg added that society needs to answer the question, is it willing to take full responsibility for their data, as in the case of malicious acts will not be an intermediary, which can be held to account.

Samsung Galaxy S10 will be the repository for private crypto keys

The South Korean tech giant Samsung has introduced this week the smartphone Galaxy S10, S10e, and S10+. Thus in the model Galaxy S10 integrated storage for private crypto keys.

Rumours about cryptocurrency wallet in the new smartphones launched in December of last year, but the company refused as-or to comment on them.

The price of the device, but with some «bite»: the Galaxy S10, according to the release, in the U.S. market will be available from $899.99.

ForkLog on YouTube

In the new issue of «Cryptorium» Head of Research Forklog Consulting Dmytro Bondar explained what is the fundamental theory of money and what position it is considering bitcoin.

In addition, this week on our channel released another video about the Protocol Plasma, where that BUTTON Wallet, the developer of the Protocol Plasma in BANKEX Foundation Nikita Kozlov talks about the evolution of the Protocol in its different implementations.


Japanese crypto currency exchange has proposed to limit leverage in the trade

Industrial organization-regulation of cryptocurrency exchanges in Japan insists on the limitation of leverage in margin trading.

Association of exchanges of virtual currencies Japan (JVCEA) suggested that local trading venues to limit the borrowing limit cryptocurrency traders fourfold the amount of their Deposit, which is collateral for the trade (to set the limit 1:4).

JVCEA stated that the proposed plan is aimed at protecting domestic investors, as currently, the cryptocurrency market, an upper limit for borrowing for margin trading.

According to the Agency’s financial services authority (FSA) of Japan, in 2017, about 142 thousands of traders are engaged in trading cryptocurrency derivatives — a small number from 3.5 million the total number of capturadora of the country. But the volume of these operations amounted to $543 billion, or 80% of the total amount of cryptocurrency trading. 90% of the trade cryptocurrency derivatives accounted for margin traders.

JVCEA plans to submit their proposal to limit leverage in kriptoloji in the FSA for widespread adoption. The Association stressed that the introduction of rigid restrictions on margin trading could lead to the withdrawal of investors from cryptocurrency exchanges. It is therefore proposed these measures to take gradually and give the exchanges the ability to set limits on their own.

It is noteworthy that, for example, in the Forex market regulator set the limit of the leverage 1:25 — one of the lowest in the world, and in November last year the FSA began discussions on a possible reduction of limit to 1:10.

Recall that JVCEA which was formed by 16 licensed kryptomere Japan, began its work in March. The first priority of the organization has put a return to industry confidence, which was seriously damaged after a large-scale hacking of the exchange Coincheck at the beginning of the year.


CME Group named the exact date of trades bitcoin futures

CME Group will start trading futures on bitcoin on Monday, December 11, if there is no delay on the part of regulatory bodies is to information posted on the website of the company.

On when the exchange may start trading futures bitcoin, last week said chief Executive officer of CME Group Terry Duffy (Terry Duffy). Then he suggested that this will happen in the second week of December. Now his statement has received official confirmation.

“Waiting for all the relevant regulatory control periods, starting from Sunday 10 December 2017 up to the date of trading on Monday 11 December 2017, please be advised that the CME launch bitcoin futures”, — stated in the updated “cap” specifications.

CME also posted additional information about what will be the reaction to substantial price fluctuations of bitcoin. Exchange installed special limits of price fluctuations in 7%, 13% and 20% above and below the previous settlement price. Trade beyond the 20 percent limit will be denied.

We will remind that the decision on the CME Group early trading of bitcoin futures were criticized by some brokers. The head of Themis Trading Joe Saluzzi (Joseph Saluzzi) called the emergence of the financial derivatives market of bitcoin “playing with fire”. And the President and founder of Interactive Brokers , Thomas Peterfi (Thomas Peterffy) stated that the disaster in the financial market can destabilize the real economy.


SAP launches blockchain’s initiative to monitor food supply

German software company SAP has announced the launch of blockchain-initiative “Farm to consumer” for the use of technology to track supply chains in agriculture.

Partners leading German manufacturer of software for the project will be the company’s Johnsonville, Naturipe Farms and Maple Leaf. Cube Torsten (Torsten Zube), who heads the work on the blockchain in SAP, commented on the initiative:

“This cross-collaboration of companies in complex value chains, in which the technology of the blockchain can eliminate numerous steps in the process and disagreements, as well as set automated trust.”

SAP intends to integrate the blockchain in the existing technology track Global Track and Trace. DLT-the decision will be valid in the system as “complementing the main processes that produces a single aggregated view of data for all stakeholders involved in the supply chain”.

Interaction across the traditional lines of the value chains will be replaced by joint data management, resources, processes, and practices, said Thorsten Cube.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that SAP has launched a joint initiative to explore the application of blockchain technology in various business processes.


Tron cryptocurrency grows in price on the background of the announcement of the upcoming hard forks

The ninth of the capitalization of cryptocurrency Tron (TRX) rose in recent days in the price of 7.40%, which contributed to done on Sunday the announcement of the impending February 28, the hard forks and upgrade the Protocol to version 3.5.

The corresponding entry posted on Twitter the project’s CEO Justin San.

According to him, the new version will include is designed for institutional users of new features of multimedia and account management, dynamic regulation of energy in accordance with the network performance in real time, a 50 percent improvement in performance and resource usage and increase security of the virtual machine and the event server for decentralized applications (Dapps).

Earlier this week, the ability to store cryptocurrency Tron has announced a provider of custody solutions company BitGo, and as added in a subsequent tweet Justin San, the main requirements of institutional clients and manage accounts and storage solution cryptocurrency.

«Recently we have received many inquiries from hedge funds, professional investors and financial institutions. With update 3.5 and partnership with BitGo, we are ready!» — posted by Justin San.

Note, however, that since the end of January, when the price of the TRX exceeded $0,03, and capitalization exceeded $2 billion, the average rate of coins has dropped significantly. At the time of publication TRX was trading at $0.0268, capitalization of $1,789 billion.

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Mining Ebang, the company will issue 400 million new devices

The third largest manufacturer of equipment for mining bitcoin Ebang, the company plans to release this year, no fewer than 400,000 new devices. This writes Cryptoglobe citing Chinese edition Yuhang.

According to him, in 2017 Ebang sold about 159 thousand units for mining cryptocurrency, and this figure increased to 309 thousand in the first half of 2018. For the six months Ebang received $304 million in profit, which is eight times more than in the same period of the previous year, and net revenue was $135 million

When filing a new application for the IPO in December, the Chinese company, however, noted that faced with a significant decline in revenue and gross profit in the third quarter compared to three preceding months.

However Ebang, apparently, has reason to look to the future with optimism. So, until the end of this year the company intends to produce at least 400 thousand new devices, that in two and a half times higher than sales in 2017 and, presumably, is about on par with 2018.

First plans Ebang at IPO became known in may 2018. Then it was reported that the company plans to raise $1 billion According to the latest data from the moment of registration of the first application, the company reduced this amount by more than half.


Brothers Winklevoss have become the world’s first bitcoin billionaires

The British newspaper Sunday Telegraph writes that twin brothers Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss (Tyler, Cameron Winklevoss) who have invested in bitcoin seized from his Harvard classmate and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg (Mark Zuckerberg) money for violation of their copyright on the idea of a social network, became the first bitcoin billionaire.

In 2013, the twins have invested in the cryptocurrency $11 million if the price of bitcoin, which they consider “an improved version of gold,” $120 per unit. In addition, they have created an online exchange and a venture capital Fund. Today, when bitcoin reached $11 645, their condition is estimated at 100 000 BTC.

Recall that Winklevoss accused Zuckerberg in stealing ideas about creating a social network: their offspring HarvardConnection was developed since 2002, and Zuckerberg launched Facebook in 2004. In 2008, in court, they came to a settlement agreement, in which Zuckerberg paid the brothers about $65 million More in 2015 Winklevoss said “invested in bitcoin for years”.

Other bitcoin-billionaire considered to be the founder of bitcoin, known under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto.