The Swiss «daughter» of Gazprombank will start the service for the management of the crypto assets

The Swiss subsidiary of Gazprombank together with Avaloq and Metaco will start the service for the management of the cryptocurrency assets.

The new project will provide a solution for asset management clients, including cryptocurrency. For this startup Metaco will provide its own management tool called Silo.

As stated in the press release, the solution will enable Bank customers to make transactions with cryptocurrencies without the need of wallet and private keys. Also for your convenience, the service will display all the assets of the customers of both traditional and cryptocurrency.

The Swiss subsidiary of Gazprombank will offer the cryptocurrency the service in mid-2019.

Recall that the Gazprombank plans to start operations with cryptocurrency through the Swiss «daughter» became known in March.


80% of the owners of the tokens Huobi voted quarterly «burning» coins

Cryptocurrency exchange Huobi has announced the results of the vote regarding the fate of the redeemed token platform HT. 80% users voted for the «burning» of coins.

Informed every quarter Huobi used 20% of the proceeds for the redemption of HT on the open market with a view to their further distribution to the holders of the tokens. As stated in the blog exchanges, Huobi has decided to revise the business model due to numerous requests from users and provided an opportunity for the owners of HT to decide the fate of the coins.

Three days 5 010 user gave 72 079 205 votes (one vote was equal to one HT). A working model of the distribution of tokens preferred for 19.1% of the voting and 80,99% chose the «burning» of tokens.

Within five days after the end of voting team Huobi promised to publish an updated plan for redemption HT.

We will remind, in October, the company Limited Tether «burned» licenzirovanie 500 million U.S. dollars USDT.


CEO Abra: SEC will approve the bitcoin ETF in the coming year

Head of payment cryptostroma Abra bill Barged (Bill Barhydt) believes that the Commission on securities and stock exchanges of the USA will approve the launch of a bitcoin ETF during the year. He told about it on air of the program «Squawk Box Europe» CNBC.

«This will happen in the coming year. I would bet on it. This product is too much demand,» – said the expert.

According to Bergida, the SEC rejected it and postponed the last application because the applicants did not meet the «financial archetype» of the regulator is ready to work.

«I think the problem with SEC is that the applicants do not meet the usual Fee. I used to work at Goldman Sachs, but if you look at how I’m dressed now, you never will guess. So I can’t go like this to the SEC and claim that expect to run ETF,» said the head of the Abra.

This year the Commission on securities and stock exchanges of the USA has rejected the re-application for the opening of the bitcoin ETF of the Winklevoss brothers, has postponed the decision on the application VanEck and Solid X and later dismissed from 9 applications at a time.

Supporters of cryptocurrencies are confident that interest from institutional investors is a vital condition for the transformation of this industry in mainstreaming which will trust banks and consumers. However, the huge decline in prices observed in the last year, significantly reduced the optimism about the imminent arrival of institutional capital into the cryptocurrency market.

Despite the market downturn, large financial institutions continue to study the cryptocurrency. So, in July it became known that BlackRock has formed a working group on cryptocurrency and the blockchain.

According to Borgida, SEC approves applications from those applicants who, figuratively speaking, «look and smell» to the controller. In particular, if the application comes from a reputable financial organization, it is likely that it will be approved. And the chances of a positive outcome in this case will be much higher than if the application is filed startup or lesser-known company.

We will remind that the decision on the application VanEck-SolidX, the regulator will adopt on 30 September.


Came the second series of the web series «the Magic cryptography» from the creators of Litecoin and Monero

At the end of last week came the second series of the web series «the Magic cryptography», created by four like-minded people: the developer of Litecoin Charlie Lee (Charlie Lee), the Creator of Monero Ricardo’s Spanie (Riccardo Spagni), CEO of Pixelmatic Mo Samson (Samson Mow) and bitcoin enthusiast Whale Panda.

Hurry to see if you want to find out first hand why Charlie Lee sold all my litecoin why Proof-of-Work is too wasteful, and all about cryptocotylar and scaling blocks.



Rakuten will launch its cryptocurrency in Russia on the basis of messenger Viber

The parent company of the messenger Viber – Japanese Rakuten Inc. plans to launch its cryptocurrency in Russia. In 2019, Rakuten Coin will appear in the purse Viber and it can be used to make purchases.

According to Viber CEO , His Agawa (Djamel Agaoua), at the moment the specialists of Rakuten Inc. studying of the Russian legislation in the sphere of cryptocurrency. This will depend on the ability to exchange crypto currencies for rubles and withdrawal to Bank account. In addition, for a startup company will need to obtain a license from the Central Bank.

Rakuten plans to launch its own cryptocurrency Coin Rakuten on the existing loyalty program was announced in February of this year.

Rakuten — the world’s fourth largest e-Commerce business, second only to Alibaba, eBay and Amazon. Since 2005, the company began an active expansion outside Japan. In particular, it was acquired by the company in France, Germany, UK and Canada.

In addition Rakuten engaged in venture funding — the company has invested in Pinterest,, AHA Life and Daily Grommet. In 2014, Japanese e-Commerce giant for $900 million bought messenger Viber.


Analyst: bitcoin is set for another heavy fall

CEO of the site to private investors ADVFN and author of Forbes Clem chambers (Clem Chambers) expects a further fall of bitcoin prices this summer. He believes that this follows from the historical scheme of the first cryptocurrency, and the signal sent Althingi.

The price of bitcoin and all altcoins are largely linked, recalled chambers. So, if you have a strong signal from alcaino you always know what’s going on “behind the scenes” of bitcoin, he said.

The analyst drew attention to this signal as the amount of remuneration for miners altcoins. For example, a powerful Nvidia 1080Ti he explained that if a few weeks ago, it was producing $3.5 for altcoins, now only $1.5 and this is the worst value since last year.

“Bitcoin is on the verge of another hard fall, so I expect this summer to reduce prices to a level where it reaches a low point,” concluded chambers.

According to him, from a historical point of view, bitcoin is repeating one of its “many failures”, which could be observed in 2011, 2013 or 2014. He noted, charts BTC these years, you can just copy and paste for future forecasting.

Left — 2014 schedule, detergents — 2018. Just keep going…

“Of course, copy-paste is not destiny. But with the collapsed rewards for mining it looks bearish. But while the daily news headlines do not proclaim the death of bitcoin, the bottom has not been reached. And remember, this is not the end of bitcoin, it’s just beginning, so take a look at all the price axis of the previous chart and remember about infinity,” concluded Clem chambers.

Recall that the well-known analyst and trader at Weiss Tone (Tone Vays) at the beginning of the month said that the price of bitcoin will drop in July below $5000. While Tom Lee (Tom Lee) Fundstrat Global Advisors continues to insist on its forecast of a sharp growth of quotations of the BTC operation in mid-summer.


The number of short positions on bitcoin is extremely increased

Thursday, December 6, the number of short positions on bitcoin on the popular Hong Kong exchange Bitfinex has updated a six-week high, reaching 37 891, reports CoinDesk.

The last time the figure reached such high values on 15 October at around 36 996. Note that in the last three weeks the number of shorts increased by 95%.

At the same time, the number of short positions did not fall below 35 per thousand even if the price of bitcoin tried to get out of the zone of deep, strong, showing growth from $3,500 to a level near $4400.

At the moment, says analyst Omkar Godbole, the ratio of long and short positions indicates the overwhelming dominance of the bears.

In his opinion, given the situation, the price of bitcoin may soon test the level of $3474. However, Godbole added if the number of shorts will update the historical maximum (40 289), the sellers force can dwindle.

As of 16:50 UTC, bitcoin is trading around $3650, and a fall in the last day was a little more than 4%.

Bitstamp Data

We will remind, in November of 2018 bitcoin price has shown the worst dynamics for the last seven years.


In DigRate assessed the prospects of the blockchain-project United Traders

Rating Agency assessment of digital assets DigRate conducted an analysis of the blockchain-project United Traders and has assigned a A2 rating. According to experts, the concept and tools that offer developers needed for the further development of the cryptocurrency market, so the project seems to be potentially successful.

The project developers plan to establish a new trading ecosystem on the blockchain, using its long accumulated experience in the field of prop trading. It plans to introduce three products: an investment marketplace UT, cryptocurrency exchange Traders United Exchange (UTEX) and megalover. It is expected that this will help to solve several issues relevant to the industry: the presence of barriers in the valuation of venture investments, as well as distrust of experts, providing suggestions on investments.

January 2018 planned introduction of payment services, trading in tokens UTT compliant ERC20. First payment services on the platform, then the payment of commissions for trading, and after the launch of UTEX ⎼ and exchange Commission. The project is produced 100 million tokens.

The developers claim that they pay great attention to the legal part and want to provide the opportunity to participate in the bidding banks. DigRate experts believe that within the current legislative framework the participation of banks in cryptocurrency trading is not possible.

The project presents a clear development strategy and a financial plan. A large part of the ecosystems of the United Traders was already established and her work is up and running, so the road map is well detailed.

In the White Paper elaborated the question of the legal aspects and legal status of the token UTT. The developers have prescribed the rights of buyers and owners of the tokens, as well as the risks associated with the acquisition of UTT.

At the same time, experts note that the legal aspect of the project has significant flaws. At the start of the ICO project team has not provided public access to legal documents of the legal entity, as well as full package of legal documents (SAFT, terms and Conditions).

One of the strengths of United Traders is that project developers are already formed team, which has been operating since 2009. 64 experts from various fields: marketing, software development, Finance and sales. However, despite his professional achievements, one can argue that the team has considerable experience in the implementation of blockchain projects.

Finally, the developers claim that the project has attracted a number of large investment funds. Due to the nature of activities of the company United Traders, this is not doubt. However, information on this issue is not found, noted in DigRate.

The full version of the report DigRate can be found here.


The creators of RBC launch a Fund to invest in blockchain

Venture capital firm TMT Investments, founded by the creators of RBC German Kaplun and Artyom Inyutin, together with our American partners is launching a Fund that will invest in the blockchain.

From TMT Investments partner Fund, in addition to the creators of RBC also acts as a serial entrepreneur Igor Shoifot (Igor Shoifot), by the American blockchain-investors – Julian Zegelman (Julian Zegelman). In addition, discussions are ongoing about bringing in a team of stars blockchain-industry and technology from the United States and Asia.

The Fund will be formed as of the cryptocurrency, and Fiat, and the volume of investment will amount to $ 60 million. Of which $15 million is planned to collect digital currency through ICO which will be held in March 2018 and the remaining $45 million in Fiat currency. Technology partner of the initial placement of tokens will be the Russian blockchain-platform Waves.

In the official press release notes that TMT Crypto Fund will operate in accordance with the requirements of the European regulators and the us SEC. The attracted funds will be invested in blockchain projects in the United States, Eastern Europe and Asia.


Gram: cryptocurrency ecosystem Telegram

In the second round of the ICO closed the Telegram project was able to raise over $1.7 billion investment. At a given level of demand, the organizers may well abandon the public stage and to attract the necessary funds in a closed round of placement of tokens Gram. What services within the ecosystem will use Telegram Gram and how it will operate, the cryptocurrency’s most ambitious project in 2018.

About the ecosystem Telegram

According to the white paper, the idea of launching the project belongs to Nikolai and Pavel Durov, the purpose of which is to provide bulk to the holders of the cryptocurrency easy, scalable and fast platform to work with their assets. To do this, the project will be launched ecosystem Telegram that integrates with the messenger and consists of the blockchain, cryptocurrencies internal Gram, crypto-wallet and a list of available services.

The basis of the ecosystem is a multi-blockchain Telegram Open Network (TON), the architecture of which provides PoS (Proof-of-Stake) of the consensus algorithm, as well as mastercan and related blockchain networks. This approach avoids problems of scalability: blackany TON can automatically split up and come together to ease the load on the entire network. The lack of long queues of transactions into the block will contribute to the low fees. Moreover, any block of the blockchain may be an independent network, and a clever routing system ensure instant information exchange between all blockchains TON. This decision will allow the network to handle up to a million transactions per second.

In addition, the ecosystem Telegram users will have such services as:

 TON DNS — domain name system;

 TON Storage — decentralized file storage

 TON Services is a platform for third-party services, which provides an intuitive interface for decentralized applications and smart contracts.

 TON Payments — micropayments platform and a network of micropayment channels.

About cryptocurrency Gram

Internal cryptocurrency ecosystem Telegram was the token Gram. The overall weight is 5 Gram of billions of tokens. Platform users can use tokens Gram for payment or use any physical or digital assets provided by individual sellers in the ecosystem Telegram. Also Gram tokens can be used for:

Fees for the work TON gcd (validators) upon confirmation of the transactions and smart contracts.

In the form of steaks validators network TON, which will approve the transaction and create new units;

Transfer debt validators in exchange for a share of the Commission;

The right to vote to support, or, conversely, to speak out against the innovations in the Protocol of the network;

Payment services provided by the application platform (THANK Services).

Payment data storage (TON of Storage);

Payment domain name registration (DNS TON) and hosting TON (TON WWW);

Pay for the anonymity and shelter IP addresses (TON Proxy);

Payment for bypass the censorship of local Internet service providers (TON Proxy).

For the startup ecosystem Telegram in mid-February, project organizers held their first indoor round of licensee Gram, who brought the project $850 million. The investors were offered a «simple agreement for future tokens» (SAFT), in which the tokens themselves will be presented only after the launch of the blockchain TON, scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2018. Each agreement will be converted into tokens Gram in 1:1 ratio.

After starting TON the annual rate of inflation, provided the fundamental network parameters TON, will be 2%. This inflation will be secured by payments that make all members of the community in the form of a payment validators that support the performance of the network TON.

For developers provides 4% (200 million Gram) of all issued tokens with the period of use restrictions in 4 years. 52% of all tokens will freeze within TON Reserve to avoid speculative trading, and to maintain a certain level of flexibility in the early stages of the startup ecosystem. The remaining 44% of the tokens (2.2 billion Gram) will go on sale, and their price will be formed according to the following formula:

pn: = 0.1 × (1 + 10 − 9)n USD

Assuming that the first token was sold at a price of $0.1, each additional token will cost one billion more than the previous one. As a result, extra tokens listed from TON Reserve, there will always be more expensive than those that were already bought by the participants tocancel events. This structure makes it easy to determine the fair value of the trade tokens.

To work with the token to the platform users will be given a «light wallet» that will allow you to store cryptocurrency without having to download the whole blockchain TON. These wallets will be integrated into the ecosystem Telegram, which will allow holders to Gram to work with all applications and services. Also will include desktop and mobile versions of the lightweight wallet.

Why Gram may waive the public round

Given the popularity of the project and have already raised funds, many experts believe that the project may waive holding a public round of investment.

So, in the February report of the Commission on securities and exchange Commission (SEC), the organizers of licensee indicated that the project drew $850 million from 81 major investor. According to different sources, the minimum amount for participation in the presales were $10 million, and even before the fundraiser, the order book was full. In the second round, the report of which came in SEC on March 29, attracted another $850 million from 94 investors, after which the total investment in the project amounted to $1.7 billion.

The General partner of Morgan Creek Capital Blockchain Anthony Pompliano said:

«The goal of each event to raise funds to obtain sufficient funds to run the project or company. Obviously, Telegram this purpose has already achieved, it makes no sense to hold public round.»