Blockchain platform tZERO will begin conducting ICO next month

A subsidiary of online retailer Overstock blockchain platform tZERO — officially announced an initial placement of coins (ICO), which will begin next month.

The corresponding statement at the conference, Money 20/20 in Las Vegas made CEO of Overstock Patrick Byrne (Patrick Byrne), head and tZERO. Start pre-sale on the model of a simple contract for future tokens (SAFT) is scheduled for November 15. It will last till 31 December 2017. This model of the ICO is fully consistent with the rules of the SEC and FINRA, previously it was used by the company Filecoin, which grossed more than $250 million investment.

The tokens will be traded on the alternative trading platform (ATS), developed by tZERO, in cooperation with the RenGen company and Bank of the Argon Group. These same partners are involved in work on the proposal SAFT.

“While many questioned the team tZERO worked hard to be the spearhead in creating and running robust, capable and institutionally scalable blockchain technology for crypto assets. Currently, these efforts are attracting interest from both the cryptocurrency community and the world’s largest institutional funds,” said Patrick Byrne.

Investments obtained by the ICO, will be used by the company for funding groups developers of technologies and regulatory requirements, and potentially create or purchase clearing firms.

Financial plans are the planned ICO Patrick Byrne in a statement did not name. But earlier he said that the company can attract through ICO from $200 to $500 million investment.

Recall that, in addition to the blockchain platform Filecoin, worth more than $200 million via the initial placement of the coins could fetch only startup Tezos. However, due to the outbreak in the company’s internal conflict the future of the project was under threat. Investors who fear for the invested funds, were forced to initiate a formal investigation.


Commission-free exchange Cobinhood added 13 new altcoins

International exchange for Commission-free trading digital currencies Cobinhood expanded the list of quoted instruments.

From January 12 on a platform 13 attached altcoins: TRON (TRX), Augur (REP), Basic Token Attention (BAT), EOS (EOS), Ethos (ETHOS), Game (GTC), GOLEM (GNT), NAGA COIN (NGC), Omisego (OMG), Santiment (SAN), SophiaTX (SPHTX), Network Status (SNT) and TenXPay (PAY).

At the initial stage all the instruments will be traded against bitcoin and ether, and then a list of cross-training will be expanded.

Initially, the shopping list included two of the most popular cryptocurrency – bitcoin (PTS) and ether (ETH), as well as its own token exchange of OWLS.

In late January, the exchange will also consider the decision about additional expansion of the list of tradable tokens.

In addition, the company announced that the trade statistics Cobinhood now available on the website CoinMarketCap and in the application Delta.

In 2018, the company plans to enter new markets and open offices around the world, including Russia.

Recall that the exchange Cobinhood was launched 18 December 2017, following the successful ICO, which started September 13.


The Vietnamese company is suspected of fraud with ICO for $660 million

The authorities of Ho Chi Minh appealed to the police with request to initiate investigation against the company Modern Tech, which is suspected of fraud when carrying out ICO. Local media reported the 32 cheating thousands of investors for a total amount of 15 trillion Dong ($660 million) on the sale of tokens and Ifan Pincoin. Figures not yet officially confirmed.

The reaction of the city authorities was followed by after Sunday defrauded investors held a mass rally in Ho Chi Minh city at the headquarters of the company Modern Tech is the authorized representative to conduct both ICO in Vietnam. The project was Ifan in Singapore, Pincoin in Dubai. However, in reality they are backed by the seven Vietnamese nationals, said local journalists.

Investors in the ICO promised to 48% profit per month of the amount invested and the total return for four months. It was also suggested an 8% award to each investor for acquiring a new schema of a classic network marketing.

The suspicions of investors arose when the company ceased to pay compensation in the Fiat, giving instead their own tokens. Despite the fact that the latter is said to have steadily increased in price, to withdraw any funds in Fiat money was impossible.

The alleged fraud, the ICO has responded to the country’s leadership. Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc (Nguyen Xuan Phuc) has instructed the Central Bank and the regulator for securities to tighten “management of activities related to bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies”. Reported by Business Insider.

“Investing in the currency trade and the collection of money through initial offers of coins to develop a very complex way,” reads a government statement.

The city police chief Hoshina Le Dong Phong (Le Dong Phong) emphasized that cryptocurrencies and their transactions are illegal in Vietnam. According to him, a formal investigation begins when the police get a statement from someone alleged victims of fraud.

Recall that according to the research company Satis Group LLC, 80% of the projects ICO with a market capitalization of at least $50 million are a Scam. Only 8% of the issued tokens reaches the exchange.


Google Play detected a phishing app Cardano ADA Wallet

The specialists of the international Eset company engaged in the development of antivirus software and solutions in the field of computer security, revealed the Google Play app store phishing Cardano ADA crypto Wallet.

After starting the app offers users to transfer funds in Cardano (ADA) in the new wallet, but can not generate the unique address and set up your. If the user has decided to follow the recommendations of the creators of the app, and enter your password, he was deprived of funds that were passed to the fraudsters.

In addition, crypto offered to exchange bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin’s Gold, Dogecoin and Ripple on Cardano (ADA) by making a Deposit indicated in the application address, although in fact the money went to criminals.

At this point, according to Eset, app removed from Google Play. To avoid becoming a victim of phishing, specialists suggest users to focus on the number of downloads, ratings and reviews of other users about applications.

Recall that in March, ESET warned about the emergence in malicious Google Play apps for cheating beginners mining services — Monero Miner who mined Monero for the developer on all devices that have been installed.


The Coinbase Wallet crypto will replace decentralized mobile browser Toshi

Representatives cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase announced that it was ceasing work on created more than a year ago in a decentralized mobile browser Toshi, and instead are characterized by simplicity and security crypto and browser Coinbase Wallet. In the new solution to ensure the security of private key technology is used for biometric authentication system and the Secure Enclave.

At Coinbase, we are confident that the future will be built on a decentralized Internet (the blockchain). Each person will be the crypto that will make dapps available to all and will serve as a gateway to the open financial system.

At the moment Coinbase Wallet supports Ethereum, and all tokens of the standard ERC-20, provides users with the ability to airdrop ICO-tokens, send payments without fees to buy, store and use the cryptocurrency collectibles, trading tokens on a decentralized cryptomeria. After a while Toshi app is automatically upgraded to the Coinbase Wallet, which in the future will also begin to support bitcoin transactions, Cash Bitcion and Litecoin.

Recall that a week ago, users of the desktop version of Opera browser is now available Opera crypto Crypto, recently released for Android devices.
And before the Swiss startup Pigzbe introduced the crypto for kids who will be able to collect from him the cryptocurrency Wollo (WLO), playing a financial game.


The cryptocurrency market to near 2-week low, trouble Ethereum Classic and other events of the week

In the traditional Sunday review ForkLog recalls the main events of the week in the bitcoin industry, during which happened a lot of interesting events, shared positive traders they are unlikely to be added.

The cryptocurrency market – minus $17 billion in a week

The first full week of 2019 was held for cryptocurrency market is not in a good way. During this period of time, the total capitalization of digital assets fell from $138 billion to $121 billion, thus returning to a two-week low.

As at 16:00 UTC Sunday bitcoin, which a week ago was trading at around $4100 for the last seven days lost in the price more than 7%, dropping to $3650.

At the same time, if we talk about the Top 20 CoinMarketCap, the cryptocurrency first suffered for the last week almost least of all better indicators was only Tron (-2,70%) and Binance Coin (-4,70%) and Stellar (-5,75%).

Where substantial losses were, for example, Ethereum (-19,50%), which dropped in price to $125, at the end of the week again lost the second place in the ranking of XRP. Similar negative results have demonstrated Bitcoin Cash, which for a week has fallen in price from S170 to $131.

Ethereum Classic under attack by 51%

One of the most notable events of the week was the news that the Ethereum network Classic was under attack by 51%. The developers that initially denied the claim, but later acknowledged the problem, suggesting that it was associated with the testing of new miners.

The whole situation was quite confusing, and a complete picture of what happened to this day, no. The alleged culprit of a sudden increased Hasrat network Chinese manufacturer of ASIC miners Linzhi his involvement was denied, and that behind all this was still not identified the hackers, indirectly confirms the fact that at the end of the week the alleged organizers of the attack returned to the exchange the part of the funds that it lost as a result of double spending.

Bitmain – the clouds are gathering

Despite the fact that a Chinese manufacturer of equipment for mining Bitmain already for some months refrained from any public statements, new rumors about the deplorable financial condition of the company appearing almost every week.

Was no exception and this reporting period. So, in the American press appeared a message that Bitmain has suspended mining cryptocurrency belong to her farm in Rockdale, Texas. Also in August, the company built an extremely ambitious plans for this enterprise, intending to invest $500 million and create more than 400 jobs.

The news about the halt of operations Bitmain in Texas almost coincided with reports that the company’s founders Bitmain Jihan Wu and Mikri Zhang had different views on the further vector of development in conditions of falling stock market and will leave their leadership positions.

Earlier also it was reported that controlled by Bitmain mining pools and Antpool in the second half of 2018 has lost about 28% of its market share.

New bid to launch a bitcoin ETF

Thursday, January 10, cryptocurrency Fund Bitwise filed with the Commission on securities and exchange Commission (SEC) a request to launch a bitcoin ETF. New shares of the index Fund, the company plans to list on the NYSE Arca.

Assume that the bitcoin ETF from Bitwise will be based on the index, which aggregates data from a large and trustworthy trading platforms. Bitwise also intends to delegate the storing of bitcoins, which will be the basis of the stock, a regulated custodian that is to convince the SEC of the reliability of the company.

Company applies to launch a bitcoin ETF for the second time. In the summer of 2018 Bitwise filed the appropriate documentation for the exchange traded Fund based on the index HOLD 10, based directly on the ten most liquid cryptocurrency.

Meanwhile it became known that the founders of the exchange Gemini brothers Winklevoss also do not intend to abandon plans to launch its own bitcoin ETF.

Samourai Wallet – not so anonymous?

On Tuesday, January 8, it became known that the functionality of the new version based on the increased privacy of the users of the bitcoin wallet Samourai Wallet was reduced to meet the requirements of Google. In particular, it has been removed stealth-mode protection switching SIM cards and remote implementation teams via SMS.

The developers have stated that it has issued a request for exclusive rights to retain these features, but Google rejected it.

«The Corporation is not interested in what the removal of these features will make users less protected and more vulnerable to attack. In this regard, the full application Samourai Wallet is what will be distributed through third-party sources,» they added.

I should add that stripped-down version is distributed only through Google Play – a full version with complete feature list can still be downloaded via GitHub.

Coincheck resumes a year after the burglary

January 11, the financial services Agency of Japan (FCA) confirmed the issuance of the exchange Coincheck license to resume. It happened a year after the exchange has been broken into, which was stolen more than half a billion dollars.

Earlier it was reported that the regulator came to the conclusion that the exchange has improved the protection and safety after in April of last year, it acquired the online broker Monex. In addition, Coincheck compensated for its users losses in the amount of 46 billion yen and changed the rules of listing coins on the platform.

The launch of cryptocurrency exchanges DX.Exchange

On Monday, 7 January, was previously announced the launch of cryptocurrency exchanges DX.Exchange, which is based on the infrastructure of the NASDAQ. At the initial stage it was planned auction of six leading scriptactive, but this line has been expanded and now includes BTC and ETH, which are claimed as the base currency, and USDT, LTC, BCH, DASH, XRP, Enigma (ENG), OmiseGo (OMG), Cardano (ADA), ShareToken (SHR) and Digibyte (DGB). Supported Fiat currencies include USD, EUR, GBP and JPY.

In addition, in early January DX.The Exchange announced that the exchange will be traded licenzirovanie shares of top companies from listing on the Nasdaq stock exchange. However, users will be able to purchase them both cryptocurrency and Fiat.

The launch of the new platform, however, was somewhat marred by a discovered vulnerability, opening access to the authentication tokens. DX.Exchange soon published a statement which said that the problem was quickly resolved and no catastrophic consequences occurred.

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The fall of bitcoin drags the shares of companies related to cryptocurrency

The fall of bitcoin prices entails a reduction in stock prices of companies related to cryptocurrency, writes Forbes.

On 28 December, the value of the shares Pareteum Corp. fell by 25% and Digital Power Corp. and LongFin Corp. – more than 6% after reports that the South Korean authorities can close some cryptocurrency exchanges. The price of bitcoin fell below $14 000.

Stock Inc., On Track Innovations Ltd. and Riot Blockchain Inc. 28 December, also traded at a lower level.

This month, the cryptocurrency market have undergone significant fluctuations. The price of bitcoin soared to a record high of $20 000 and then in a few days fell to $12 000. Earlier this week, Bitcoin rose to almost $17 000 and then again declined.

Such volatility is not new to bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. During the whole time of its existence, Bitcoin has experienced a lot of UPS and downs. Shares of companies related to cryptocurrency and bloccano, generally move in tandem with bitcoin.

Despite a slight decline in 2017, share prices Riot Blockchain and the Digital Power increased by 627% and 450%, respectively.

We will remind that on the background of the interest in the cryptocurrency shares of online retailer Overstock, who in 2014 began to accept payment in bitcoins for goods in July 2017 has expanded the list of accepted cryptocurrencies, and in September announced the launch its own blockchain project, this year has also shown significant growth.

The shares of FINTECH companies LongFin rose more than 1000% after purchase blockchain startup.

While the shares of the company Square after the announcement of the beginning of the test the crypto functionality in the app Square Cash first rose and then fell 16% due to the risks associated with Bitcoin.


Universa Blockchain blockchain named the best startup of the year in Russia

The project Universa Blockchain is the winner in the nomination «the Blockchain startup of the year» by the national Russian award in the field of blachan technology and cryptocurrency Russian Crypto Awards 2017. This was reported by the press service of the company.

Universa Blockchain is a Protocol and a blockchain-based platform for building business applications focused on the solution of problems of real sector of economy. The project was launched in July 2017.

Less than six months, the founders of the project signed a number of cooperation agreements with Russian and international companies in the field of IT-technology, retail, urban mass aviation.

Today Universa provides the platform for John McAfee – McAfee Coin. The solution also used for System notifications about missing children that on the eve was presented in the Federation Council.

Among the tasks for the prize of Russian Crypto Awards – promotion of the blockchain-technologies in Russia and promote its implementation in the digital economy, the unification of the crypto community, increase of a rating of confidence in krypterade.

The founders of the prize were ROSENERGATOM, RAEC, ANO Prorabotav and ROCIT.


BitPay explained his controversial message about SegWit2x

Largest bitcoin payment processor BitPay has clarified its position on the plan SegWit2x, caused a great resonance in the community last week. In the user activation Protocol SegWit company recommended switching to the bitcoin client BTC1 (SegWit2x), which was not liked by the supporters of Bitcoin Core. In the heated debate came to calls for a boycott of BitPay, and all its services and the company was even removed from the portal

The company posted a new message titled «Perspective on Segwit2x BitPay», which commented on his recommendation.

«Last week, BitPay has published a recommendation concerning the risk of double spending for developers using SegWit-incompatible node of our platform Bitcore. We recommended that the developers reduce the risk of double-spending by setting SegWit-compatible boundary node. Since our instructions to the boundary of the bitcoin node used version BTC1, this naturally has upset some people who support a competing implementation of bitcoin called Bitcoin Core», — stated in the message BitPay.

The decision to hold hairforce SegWit2x and increase basic block size to 2 MB in November has been made, explain in the company, and therefore it is necessary to be ready. Starting to get a block size of 2 MB on the platform of Bitcoin Core, there is a risk to remain in the chain of minorities. For BitPay, the priority is the wide availability and mandatory presence in the chain of the majority, therefore, is preparing the launch of new software.

“The demand for high availability means that we must stay synchronized with hasraton circuit majority. Manufacture of power circuit of a minority of bitcoin may become incompatible, and this can happen without extraordinary measures. Such disruption of service is unacceptable to us and our users”, — stated in the message BitPay.

We will remind, in November 2017 on the block 494.784 will be hardwork Segwit2x, and then begin the extraction of blocks of size 2Mb.


The Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation supports the legalization of trade cryptocurrencies on the official stock exchanges

The Ministry of Finance supports the legalization of trade cryptocurrencies on the official exchanges. As RNS reported, citing a statement by the Deputy Minister of Finance Alexey Moiseyev, the corresponding rate will be specified in the draft law «On digital of financial assets».

«Following the discussion at the public Council made a number of observations that we are now finalizing. First that we did not handle the question connected with the circulation of existing cryptocurrencies, that is, in fact, the purchase and sale of bitcoins, roughly speaking. Don’t want to limit and regulate, but some kind of framework to put it. One cryptocurrency is, nothing will happen. Is that the sale will be somehow standardized. The General idea that I would need to buy-sell on formal exchanges, as it will be declared, legalized», — the Minister explained.

The list of such trading platforms is not yet defined. This is the subject of active discussion in the Department.

We will remind, at the end of August 2017, the Finance Ministry has proposed to allow auctions of crypto currency in Russia only on Masuria under control of Rosfinmonitoring and exclusively for qualified investors.

In November last year, Moiseev said that the Finance Ministry has no plans to ban cryptocurrency trading, but is not going to legalize.