Five years ago the launch of cryptocurrency Dash

In January 2014 the company launched one of the most famous forks of the bitcoin — centric for increased privacy in cryptocurrency Dash.

A distinctive feature of the Dash is not only anonymization of transactions, but use of mastered, sharing equally with the miners, the fee for servicing a network. Owner masternode must pay a Deposit of 1000 DASH, so he doesn’t have any motivation to act hostile towards the network.

Note that on January 14, was presented a new version of client Dash Core.

Earlier, the community celebrated the tenth anniversary of the date of generation of the Genesis block of bitcoin.


The head of the CBOE: the launch of the ETN will be attracted to the stock market institutional investors

The head, the Chairman of the Board of Directors and President of the Chicago Board options exchange (CBOE) ed Tilly (Ed Tilly) expressed the opinion that the emergence of exchange traded notes (ETN) on bitcoin can bring to the cryptocurrency industry institutional investors on wall Street.

«The growth of bitcoin in the stock markets is still hampered by a lack of trade product focused on large investors,» said Tilly.

He also stressed that the bitcoin futures grow, as there are no exchange-traded notes and other products related to the first cryptocurrency.

President CBOE said that institutional investors are important as futures, and exchange-traded notes on bitcoin. While exchange-traded notes more accessible to average investors, when compared with futures.

«For future development it is important that the exchange notes more attractive to retailers and their appearance could be the factor that will force companies to take this risk,» said Tilly.

In his view, regulators do not approve the exchange of the products associated with bitcoin, such as ETFs, because I can’t protect investors from manipulating the price of the asset on the market. If they have the ability to control over similar products, then regulators will approve.


Dash celebrates fifth anniversary

In January 2014 the company launched one of the most famous forks of the bitcoin — centric for increased privacy in cryptocurrency Dash.

A distinctive feature of the Dash is not only anonymization of transactions, but use of mastered, sharing equally with the miners, the fee for servicing a network. Owner masternode must pay a Deposit of 1000 DASH, so he doesn’t have any motivation to act hostile towards the network.

Note that on January 14, was presented a new version of client Dash Core.

Previously, the community celebrated the tenth anniversary of the date of generation of the Genesis block of bitcoin.


Analyst: Price Ethereum will continue to fall in the near future

Monday, January 21, Ethereum average price fell by 6% to $116. Yesterday, the cryptocurrency was trading at $124, then it began to fall. The Bitcoin exchange rate decreased by 4% over the past day, up to $3583, the price of XRP by 3%, to $0,31. Total market capitalization of digital money declined 4%, to $119 billion, RBC Crypto.

Soon Ethereum will continue to become cheaper, according to analyst NewsBTC Ayash Jindal. According to him, the price of the cryptocurrency fell below the support level of $118, now she could fall to $110 or $106. Aldon remains in bearish zone as long as the price can not hold above the main resistance at $121, the expert said. He added that the depreciation of the coins may slow down at the level of $113.


OKEx removes Bitcoin futures Gold

Cryptocurrency exchange OKEx on Monday announced the imminent delisting of all futures contracts on the Bitcoin Gold (BTG), including weekly, fortnightly and quarterly contracts. The reason of such decision, the exchange calls a «lack of liquidity» of a financial instrument.

All futures contracts for BTG will be calculated on January 25 at 11:00 GMT in accordance with the price fixed in the index of the BTG/USD to OKEx up until an hour ago.

In addition, on 30 January will delete all the data of bids for BTG-futures, therefore, the exchange recommends that customers who may require these data to download them in advance.

Bitcoin Gold is separated from the main bitcoin blockchain in November 2017. In may last year, the network of cryptocurrency was attacked by 51%, during which several exchanges have been abducted BTG 388 000 (about us $18 million). Currently, Bitcoin Gold is the 27th largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization of $195 million


EOS is trying to grow, but the news put pressure

Cryptocurrency EOS reduces the amplitude of the oscillations is closer to the end of the week. Thursday, June 21, EOS is trading with a slight increase in 10,4760 USD.

At the same time buy cryptocurrency EOS now don’t look too confident. One of the likely scenarios of development of events shows that the balance of power in the cryptocurrency will be bearish if it breaks through 9,0887. This, in turn, is able to take EOS into the side of 8.0000, according to a leading analyst RoboForex Dmitry Gurkovsky.

Another scenario, equally likely, does not exclude EOS consolidate above intermediate resistance of 10.5000 – 10,5500. Then the further rise of prices in the cryptocurrency will be dependent on the external component and overall market sentiment. The chances of a return EOS above 12,0000 there, but at the moment too profound influence on the behavior of cryptocurrency have internal news.

Key support for EOS is now the turn of 9,0800, significant resistance is located at 10,8500. The MACD on the daily chart remain in negative region and “slip” below, maintaining a sell signal. The Stochastic oscillator is in positive zone, moving along the signal line and at the moment does not give clear guidance.

Among important fundamental news today for EOS note lock company seven accounts due to suspicion of possession of stolen funds. The network is already talk about the fact that EOS has violated its own principle of non-interference and freedom of circulation of financial assets, putting into question the privacy of the client and its operations.

The company noticed the activity on several accounts that seemed suspicious, and froze them, considering that there can be stored the illegally derived funds. In practice, such decisions are usually made in the frames of the arbitral Tribunal, and the company undertakes only to perform them. In this case, the Central arbitration EOS forum (ECAF) refused to block the bill, citing a lack of jurisdiction in the matter. And then EOS did it on their own, gathering evidence.

Users have already made it clear that the Constitution EOS compromises the very concept of the safe treatment of funds in the cryptocurrency market, as the company, without resorting to arbitration, block the account on their own. Reasons to be discontent – decentralization has been and remains the key attraction, and if she is threatened, interest in the virtual currency will decrease.



Forecasts financial markets are private opinion of their authors. The current analysis is not a guide to trade. RoboForex is not responsible for the results that can occur when using trade recommendations submitted reviews.


EOS was restored, but for how long?

Cryptocurrency EOS has successfully recovered after a week of stress associated with the delay start main network. On the eve of the EOS recovered above the upper boundary of the short-term range of $11.35, but on Friday afternoon cryptocurrency back again and is trading at $with 10.87, according to a leading analyst RoboForex Dmitry Gurkovsky.

Internal corporate news seems to have only temporarily interrupted the long-term pressure in the EOS. However, the technical pattern of trading admits that in case of fixation above the intermediate resistance $11,00-11,25 virtual currency will be able to break above. At the same time, should carefully monitor the area supports at $10,00. In that case, if the market negativity will prevail, EOS will slip below and return in force long-term descending channel.

Key support for EOS is located at $11,25, important resistance is at $10.00. The MACD is falling in negative zone and confirms the sell signal. Stochastic oscillator started to recover, while in the positive zone, rises and signals.

From the point of view of fundamental component of meaningful news for now EOS one: the long-awaited launch of the official network. The launch was suspended twice because of problems with cybersecurity and nuances associated with the code. Active search of malfunctions and bottlenecks in the network was conducted a week. The night before, June 14, blockchain EOS began its work in full scale.

The news was positive for the cryptocurrency whose holders is a lack of growth in the launch of the main network was kept in a certain voltage. Still some concerns that the processes of decentralization of the network of EOS will be held as required, since a small number of users control a large part of the network. But, most likely, over time this moment is equalized.

However, EOS is all the important news. Others are dealing with the cryptocurrency indirectly. For example, yesterday’s surge of volatility in the cryptocurrency market were directly linked with messages from the SEC, the securities Commission of the United States. The Agency once again refused to recognize Bitcoin and Ethereum securities that automatically removes the possibility of any regulation in the near future. The cryptocurrency market is perceived this information as positive because the value of freedom from any regulation for holders of virtual currencies remains paramount.

Overall, another review SEC on the topic of crypto-currencies has led investors to increase the activity both in terms of open short positions and forming long positions.



Forecasts financial markets are private opinion of their authors. The current analysis is not a guide to trade. RoboForex is not responsible for the results that can occur when using trade recommendations submitted reviews.


Chinese blockchain startups go underground


With ICO Chinese blockchain startups have attracted at least $400 million in 2017. But in early September, the Committee on supervision of risks in the field of Internet Finance of China announced an immediate ban on raising funds through ICO. Moreover, the authorities ordered the operating companies to return investors funds, assuming that 90% of all companies — is a financial pyramid. But strict measures, as expected did not deter the scammers, and simply drove them underground along with standing designs.

«Loosening the screws»

Chinese cryptocurrency exchange BTCC and ViaBTC was closed on September 15 and in two weeks the giants such as OKCoin and Huobi refused to trading currency pairs bitcoin/yuan. Because of this, most of the exchange activities were transferred underground. Users started to send each other cryptocurrencies using private addresses that serve as safes. This exchange of cryptocurrency, the authorities of China today can not control.

In September, the experts said panic over the ban ICO and closing cryptocurrency exchanges are not worth it. Predicted by «loosening the screws» after the re-election of the head of the PRC XI Jinping, explaining that the Communist party does not want to spoil the reputation of scandals related to fraud. But the elections were held in mid-October, and the situation with the ICO remained the same. A new sector of the underground economy began to flourish. Investors are attracted through messengers, often the means of attracting investors resemble methods of a financial pyramid.

Underground investing

Measurable Data Token (MDT) is a decentralized platform for the exchange of data, will be used to identify and promote users who transmit their data to companies. The MDT team does not advertise his work and attract customers through advertising. Instead, they created a group on WeChat (the Chinese equivalent of WhatsApp), where this morning it was no more than 400 subscribers, and send participants an email in which I explain the details of the project for investment. However according to one of the investors, the company is moving slowly. After the ban ICO most people are just trying to sell their tokens and return the money, but enthusiasts too.

With MDT working platform for the exchange of tokens Mixin. It is made on the basis of EOS. The project Mixin has released 1 million coins XIN. Half of them will be reserved for command Mixin, 400 thousand XIN will be listed as a cryptocurrency pairs XIN/EOS on the stock exchange BigONE without limitation prices from 25 November to 25 December. Orders will be executed in accordance with price priority time. Bidding will end as soon as it reached the strap of 8 million EOS.

The remaining 100 thousand XIN will be sold to investors from the «white list» after 25 Dec for the lowest price on BigONE. In order to get to the white list you need to register on the platform and get the link with the invitation code, send link to others (friends or acquaintances), and if somebody registers with your invitation code you and your friend will receive a fixed share of the quota «white list». Further will also be invited to lend some stock to the original visitor, and so on to the seventh level.

Although the members of the group complain that this type of attract investors is very similar to a pyramid scheme, it has its participants. In this Mixin has not published any information about the development team and road map. They have no technical documentation.

As regulated by the ICO in developed countries?

The advanced economies went the other way and instead of the ban chose the regulation of the ICO. Among them are Canada, USA, Singapore, Switzerland and Japan.

Only in the first seven months of 2017 through ICO, the company attracted a record $1.366 billion, so the state of these countries try not to stifle innovative financing model and to protect investors. For example, in Canada and the United States tokens equated to the securities and ordered the company to comply with the existing rules and the stock market.

While others, such as Switzerland, are betting on new financial technologies, and create a city of cryptocurrency companies like Silicon valley.


The investor has lost $80 thousand, taking part in the ICO

The investor lost more than $80 thousand in Ethereum in order to take part in startup ICO AirSwap.

The company successfully conducted the preliminary stage of the initial placement of coins with a $20 million investment, with the common goal of ICO to $30 million Public sale of tokens AirSwap (AST) started on Tuesday. For 23 hours investors could make up to 3.3 ETH in exchange for their 3300 tokens to AST.

After AirSwap the start of the main event — “L(AST) Chance Sale” in the course of which the participants were asked to buy unlimited number of the remaining 11.9 million tokens. At this stage the investor has tried to send to the ICO 1700 ETH — more than $574 thousand at current exchange rates — for which was to receive 1.7 million AST. The transaction fee amounted to nearly 237 Ethereum — more than $80 for the course.

Here the investor has encountered a problem — for some unknown reason, Ethereum transaction was unsuccessful. Most often this happens because of exceeding the limit (“ran out of gas”). The sender does not lose the cryptocurrency, which was trying to send, but the Commission is not returned to him.

It is not clear what led to the failure of the transaction. Error “Bad instruction”, issued by Etherscan, indicates a logical error in the execution of the contract and may occur for a number of reasons. In the case of ICO, it could be an attempt to participate before or after (maximum limit).

The investor tried to trade in about 5 minutes before AirSwap announced that the sale of tokens ended. Perhaps the attempt to acquire the number of AST, moroe was not available at that time and caused it to fail.

It turned out that lose money by participating in the ICO, and without scams or hackers, as in the case Etherparty or CoinDash.


The financial services Agency of Japan warns about the risks ICO

The financial services Agency of Japan (FSA) issued addressed to business operators and the users of the warning ICO.

The Agency believes that the ICO have a high risk for private investors associated with the volatility of cryptocurrencies and the potential for their use in fraud.

For companies risks the FSA sees the ICO is that in their structure they may fall under the definition of legislation in the sphere of payment services, the financial instruments and exchange activities. Thus, companies involved in the ICO, should adequately assess their performance of the requirements of such laws and, accordingly, to register their services.

Some tokens fall under the understanding of digital currency in the law on payment services and companies that offer services their exchange on a permanent basis must be registered with the local financial Bureau. If ICO has the characteristics of investment and purchase tokens using a virtual currency, it must meet the provisions of the law on the financial instruments and exchanges.

FSA advises to study the risks and the content of the ICO prior to the acquisition of tokens and act at your own risk. It is recommended to very carefully assess the ICO, which offer users especially strongly.

We will remind, earlier your concerns about ICO and warnings to investors issued regulators in the U.S., Singapore, Hong Kong, Canada, Malaysia, UK and Dubai. While in China, individuals and organizations generally forbidden to raise funds through primary placement of coins.