Manufacturer bitcoin banknotes Tangem raised $15 million from Japanese SBI Crypto Investment

Controlled Japanese Corporation SBI Holdings Inc SBI investment company Crypto Investment Ltd. invested $15 million in Singapore startup Tangem who manufacture bitcoin banknotes. The company said in an official announcement.

Note that the financing will allow the developers Tangem to find new areas of application of cryptocurrency and tablconv.

At the same time, the company is interested in ensuring the security of primary offerings of coins (ICO), placement licenzirovanie assets (TAO), as well as developing solutions for digital identification and anti-counterfeiting.

«We believe that support for Tangem will help to raise the demand for other blockchain services provided by SBI», — said the President and CEO of SBI Holdings Inc. Yoshitaka, Kitao.

We will remind, the first issue of «smart bills» with par value of 0.01 and 0.05 BTC was held in may 2018. The bills represent a hardware cold wallets with an integrated chip S3D350A from Samsung.

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KYC-data user leading kryptomere you can buy in the darknet?

A hacker under the alias ExploitDOT trying to sell user data of the leading bitcoin exchanges (Bittrex, Poloniex, Bitfinex and Binance), which are provided as a part of their KYC procedures. It is noteworthy that the pack of hundreds of identity cards is only $10, according to ССN.

As the newspaper notes, ExploitDOT puts its proposals on the darknet marketplace the Dread. Moreover, an independent researcher in the field of cybersecurity, who wished to remain anonymous, allegedly managed to get hold of authentic data of three users of the exchange Binance, pretending to be a buyer.

Add that ExploitDOT even offers wholesale: up to $1 per 1000 copies, if the buyer makes an order of 25 thousand.

Data CCN

Earlier cryptocurrency exchange Cryptopia suspended work, informing users about the «significant losses» due to gaps in system security.

Recall that in 2018 the volume of bitcoin transactions in the darknet exceeded $600 million.


Bitmain is among manufacturers of power EOS

The largest manufacturer of mining equipment, Bitmain is among the 21st validator units EOS – Chinese competitor to Ethereum.

The necessary number of votes to obtain this status was achieved on 3 July. Now Bitmain will be able to receive compensation for confirming transactions in the blockchain EOS.

A representative of Bitmain in the network will be mining a pool of EOS AntPool managed by AntPool is one of the biggest pools a subsidiary of the company.

In addition, there are two Bitmain Pula – and ViaBTC. Together, these three pool accounts for more than 50% BTC blocks mined in the last 7 days.

Because of this level of centralization Bitmain is now being actively discussed in the cryptocurrency community. In particular community members concerned about the possible loss of decentralization in the bitcoin blockchain.

At the moment EOS AntPool occupies the 10th place in the voting on the network EOS. In the first position among those who support the work of the blockchain, located cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex.

Recall that the core network EOS were activated and launched on 15 June, but the next day it was a global freezing of transactions.


Cryptocurrency as a payment system concern, think of BoA

Technical Director of Bank of America (BoA) said that cryptocurrencies are preventing the authorities to catch the “bad guys” because they are opaque payment system.

Participating in the transmission of CNBC “Squawk Box”, Cathy Bessant (Bessant Cathy) said

“As a payment system, I think they are cause for concern. Because the basic principle of the banking system — transparency between sender and receiver, a cryptocurrency designed to was nothing like that. In fact, it is designed to be opaque”.

She stressed that the way to catch the “bad guys — is financial transparency of money at the moment”. Cryptocurrency is the antithesis of this, said the representative of the Bank.

In February, BoA has decided to ban customers purchase of cryptocurrencies through credit cards Bank. A similar measure was also introduced J. P. Morgan Chase and Citigroup.

Bessant confirmed that the ban by the financial conglomerate shall remain in force:

“Just as we do not allow buying stock on our credit cards, we don’t allow to buy them or another crypto currency”.

Recall that in the annual report to the SEC, Bank of America called cryptocurrency is a threat to its business model. The Bank is a leader in the obtained patents in the field of blockchain technology underlying bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.


7 ways to earn cryptocurrency without trading and mining


The main ways of buying is to buy via crypto currency exchange and exchangers or mining. However, as the popularity of cryptocurrencies is growing and the number of ways to earn them. In this regard, we reviewed the guide for alternative methods of acquisition of digital currencies.

Blogs and social networks

There are several platforms where you can earn tokens for the publication and consumption of content. The first and biggest social network on the blockchain is Steemit, which also functions as a blog. Users Steemit divided into publishers and consumers. First get the tokens for content creation and a second time for its consumption and part in the form of likes, comments and votes. The platform has three types of tokens:

STEEM — liquid tokens that can be exchanged for bitcoin and aired on cryptomeria such as Bittrex, Poloniex and OpenLedger;

Steem Power — illiquid tokens which imply a long-term investment in the platform. This is analogous to a stock where the holder receives a share of the profits of the network in proportion to his contribution;

Steem backed dollars (SBD) — liquid token, STEEM, trading at cryptomeria for bitcoin and ether. It seeks to maintain a stable exchange rate of the token in the neighborhood of $1 for 1 SBD.

After publishing the new content within 24 hours users will receive remuneration, the amount of which depends on the comments and likes curators. Rewards come in all three tokens of the platform in ratio of 50% Steem Power, 25% STEEM and 25% of SDB. — analogue Steemit, the platform on the blockchain that pays remuneration for the creation and curation of content. On the platform you can use the following tokens:

Voice (GOLOS) is a liquid token is traded on the Bittrex cryptomeria, Livecoin, Liqui, Kuna;

The power of Voice (GP) — like Steem Power token is illiquid and involves a long-term investment in the platform;

Gold (GBG) is a liquid token that is traded on a crypto currency exchange and Liqui tied to the price of gold: 1 GBG is equivalent to 1 mg of gold.

For creating the content the author shall receive remuneration at a ratio of 50/50 in the power of the Vote and Gold. The curator only in the power of the Vote. There are two Windows of payments. The first 24-48 hours, the second 30 days. In the first window, the author shares with curators remuneration in the ratio of about 75/25. In the second window, the author gets all the credit. The author also has the option to receive remuneration 100% in SG (the default choice is 50/50).

Bounty campaign

If you are interested in cryptocurrency earnings, but do not have startup capital, you’ll like bounty campaigns, which are created during ICO various projects. Bounty is a reward program for assistance in promoting ICO, where participants receive tokens for project specific advertising and information. The types of bounty campaigns:

Advertising in social networks — posts, tweets, comments, likes;

The ICO is in the signature of forum posts on BitcoinTalk;

Translations of information about the ICO on the local languages — website, announcements, white paper;

Search bugs of the project;

Development of software add — ons, purses and mobile applications;

Writing and publishing articles in blogs and news resources;

Mailing lists;

Design — logo, landing page, brochures.

The amount of earnings depends on the success of the ICO project and your chosen bounty campaign, and the resulting tokens can be exchanged for other cryptocurrency or hold in the hope of a higher cost in the future.

Cryptocurrency faucets

Cryptocurrency faucet is a website that pays to all registered users for the access and execution of simple actions: view advertising, participation in the contest, performing actions in online games or enter symbols from the picture. Payments occur at certain time intervals (every 30 minutes or hour, for example) and can be as in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

However, you should know that paid very small sums, sometimes just a few Satoshi at a time. Therefore, actual earnings you need to become a user of several dozen taps and lead activity for several months.

The most popular cranes: Moon Bitcoin, Bitcoin Aliens, BTCclicks, BonusBitcoin, FieldofBitcoin, FrogFaucet and CrownFaucet.

Bitcoin apps

If you want to earn bitcoin, there are mobile applications that you can complete small tasks for a fee. However, they work on the same principle as the taps, so don’t expect big payouts and get ready to spend a lot of time.

Applications such as Coinbucks, Bitcoin Reward and Bituro will pay you for viewing ads, completing surveys, testing games and other applications and perform some easy tasks.

Cryptocurrency for contribution to science

Gridcoin (GRC) is a cryptocurrency which you can obtain for «computer contribution» to science. The GRC Protocol was developed in 2013 and immediately called cryptocurrency «for the good of mankind.» GRC is issued for the provision of unused capacity of the computer, and by combining the computing power helps to solve problems in medicine, biology, mathematics, climatology, astrophysics and other Sciences.

The Protocol is designed so that participants receive remuneration for performing computational tasks in BOINC (Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing). Gridcoin rewards can consist of two parts: the proof of share ownership and proof research. Proof of ownership interest represents the generation of a new token GRC based on the current wallet balance and interest rate of 1.5% per annum. Proof of study gives a GRC to those who participate in BOINC projects. The number of distributed GRC depends on the number of other users who participate in the program BOINC.

Cryptocurrency for online shopping

Platform Dealbit gives users bitcoins and esters for online purchases at retail stores such as Alibaba, Walmart, Bestbuy, Newegg and Jet. Buyers returned to the cryptocurrency up to 20% of a purchase amount within one to two days. According to the official website, Dealbit working in the same countries as their partners.

Cryptocurrency for the love of excitement

Gamblers suitable platforms such as BitCasino and Etheroll working on the same principle as any traditional casino, however, put at stake not money, and cryptocurrencies. Platform Etheroll based on the Ethereum blockchain, and offers to play dice, to gamble live. In addition Etheroll and BitCasino, there are a large number of blockchain platforms that allow to play different online gambling games and to bet not only bitcoin and ether, but also other popular crypto currencies.


Robinhood officially launched cryptocurrency trading

Company Robinhood officially launched cryptocurrency trading through its mobile application in five U.S. States. If the success of the undertaking will meet the expectations, the company plans to expand the geography of services.

Residents of California, Massachusetts, Missouri, Montana and new Hampshire can now buy and sell Bitcoin and Ethereum using the new Crypto platform Robinhood. In addition, the user can access market information even at 14 aldonas: Bitcoin, Cash, Litecoin, XRP, Ethereum Classic, zcash for, Monero, Bitcoin, Gold, and Dogecoin.

Robinhood for the first time announced the opening of trade cryptocurrency without a fee to users of the five States at the end of January, for the first four days after the new service has signed up more than a million people.

“Over the last few weeks we were amazed at the enthusiasm for Robinhood Crypto and are happy to make a significant contribution to the cryptocurrency community. Together, we reached 4 million members and over $100 billion in transaction volume in our brokerage platform, which resulted in savings of more than $1 billion of commissions on stock trading. With the launch of the Robinhood Crypto we continue our mission to create a financial system for everyone, not just for the wealthy,” — said in a statement.

In addition, the company promises to soon launch a media platform Robinhood Feed, where investors will be able to discuss cryptocurrency news and market events in real time. Now the channel is only available to a limited number of users.


Global regulator for securities warned about the risks associated with the ICO

The initial offering of coins (ICO) are highly speculative and involve the issues of investor protection, said a global regulatory body of securities IOSCO.

The international organization brings together regulators from 115 countries and territories, representing 95% of the world market of securities. The management Board of IOSCO, led by the General Director of the Commission on securities and futures of Hong Kong (SFCA) Ashley elder (Ashley Alder), comprised of representatives from 34 of the regulatory agencies. Most of them, including US regulators, the UK, Germany, the Netherlands and Sweden, also previously have issued warnings to investors about the risks associated with participation in ICO. Two countries-participants of Council — China and South Korea — the way to attract investments on its territory was banned.

“There are clear risks associated with these proposals. ICO is a very speculative investment in which investors put all their invested capital at risk”, — reads the statement of the IOSCO.

Global regulator securities also recalled instances of apparent fraud in the conduct of the ICO and once again urged investors to be very careful in the decisions about investing money in such projects.

Recall that the popularity of investment attraction through the initial range of coins has sharply risen in the past year. By October 2017, these projects raised more than $3 billion of funds. For all of 2016, this figure was less than $100 million But in December, analysts started talking about the decline of interest in the ICO.


Bjork is ready to sell the album Utopia for the cryptocurrency

The Icelandic avant-garde singer björk (Björk) ready to sell his ninth album, Utopia, which will be released on November 24, bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash and Audiocoin.

And for pre-ordering the album through the official website of the singer or record company One Little Indian, the user will be credited to the electronic purse, the outdoor partnership blockchain company Blockpool, the reward is 100 tokens AudioCoin (ADC).

Also the tokens will be awarded for the assistance in promotion of the album — for the distribution of references to musical creativity Bjork or purchase on social networks. It is assumed that then the tokens can be converted to other cryptocurrencies.

Blockpool believes that using the blockchain technology the artists will be able to obtain revenues in a fair amount and at the same time when its fans get access to music.

Recall that two years ago a British singer, songwriter and producer Imogen Hip (Imogen Heap) and blockchain startup Ujo Music released the song Tiny Human using a smart contract. Audio recordings can be bought for Еther. However, the names of such level of popularity, like Bjork, experience with accepting payments in bitcoin had not yet.

According to Blockpool, Utopia can become the gateway to tryptomer for those who will use cryptocurrency for the first time.


How effective trading bots for cryptotrading


The explosive growth of the cryptocurrency market, marked in 2017, has led to the rapid development of commercial crypto-platforms. So, if a few years ago traders were available a couple dozens of sites today monitoring service monitors the activities of Coinmarketcap 209 kryptomere, while experts believe that their number is nearing 500. Together with the trading platforms on the stock market there are new financial instruments, among which are very popular trading bots – programs for passive trading digital currencies. We examined the types of bots available to the traders, their key advantages and disadvantages, and how effective they are.

How to work bots?

Bots exist in the form of software that, in most cases, works directly with cryptomeria via the software interface (API). Aim bot – automatically execute trades with assets. for this bots carry out a detailed analysis of market information and, based on this data, make decisions on conclusion of transactions. Depending on the strategy chosen, set parameters and goals, a trader can choose one of four types of bots:

 Trading bots analyze information obtained from cripture, and make decisions about buying and selling cryptocurrencies on the basis of chosen by the trader parameters. This type of bots can be independently configured to operate with multiple settings, or use pre-defined strategies that have been developed by analysts.

 Arbitration bots monitor changes in prices of cryptocurrencies on different exchanges and automatically make trades to profit from difference in price.

 Custom botsor order botsare used for transactions with pre-defined settings that are entered manually or selected automatically.

 Scripted bots are in the form of the base software through which the trader can customize the bot. Used by experienced traders are aware of the details of trading in the stock market.

The risks associated with trading bots

Providing access to the money, any trader faces the potential risk, even if we are talking about software, not about third-party entity. According to experts, working with bots, traders can experience problems associated with the defective software, instant collapse of quotations of cryptocurrency and fraud.

 Defective softwareis not available today, bots was launched by a team of professional developers and experienced capturadora. Moreover, the bot in the code which was a mistake, may be not just ineffective but also cause significant financial losses, especially in combination with poorly chosen strategy. So for trading you should choose only verified bots with a reliable reputation and a wide variety of tools.

 Instant collapse of cryptocurrency: cryptocurrency is extremely volatile asset, is not immune from landslides. So, in June 2017 the exchange GDAX as the result of a major transaction the price of the air has dropped from $319 to 10 cents. As a result, the traders who did not put stop-loss limits in a matter of seconds suffered huge losses. In this regard, some traders believe that bots can work only in standard situations and experienced trader accurately predict the market situation.

 Fraud: on the unregulated market of crypto-currencies fraud cases occur often enough, and bots are no exception. In December 2017, the market was active Scam bot Hexabo, which blocked the funds of a user, suspending the output of cryptocurrency, and then stopped working, presumably, sending all funds to the platform developers. Also, according to one trader, you should avoid popular free bots, because with them it is possible to download malicious software whose purpose is to access private keys of wallets or use the trader’s nod for mining.

How effective bots?

However, the use of bots has several key advantages for traders. First and foremost, bots give you the opportunity to constantly interact with the stock market without having to constantly monitor the state of the market. Moreover, a properly chosen boat not only helps save time but also protects from the constant stress associated with cryptocurrency trading. Also inexperienced traders can follow the trading bots to perform inherent in their work settings and strategies.

However, the success depends on the trader of the bot and the operating parameters of his algorithm. So, a trader and founder of the portal Fynestuff Upamanyu Acharya shared his experience with the bot open source at the exchange Binance. Trading a pair of NANO/BTC less than a day, the trader is faced with the following problems:

The bot performed a buy order during large-scale dumps due to the fact that the algorithm recognized it as an attractive price for the transaction, not speculation;

The level of profitability of all orders were 0.6% or lower, since more active bots are filling the orders faster;

For each executed order, the trader paid a Commission – 0.1% of the transaction amount (or 0.05% in Binance Coin);

Bot often did not have time to cancel the order for the purchase of crypto-currencies, a trader would sell at a higher price in the future. As a result, the trader has two choices – to suffer loss or disadvantage to keep the cryptocurrency.

Also to get a substantial income from the use of bots, the trader must have sufficient amount of funds. For example, using an arbitration bot to trade with bitcoin a trader needs to have a Deposit in bitcoins on multiple exchanges. As noted by the developer of the bitcoin and Viacoin and well known trader Romano, his income in 0.26 BTC ($2400) 9 a secured bitcoin, which works daily bot Hass.

But Romano cautions newcomers from the bot, stressing that Hass is only for experienced traders.

Popular bots for trading cryptocurrencies

A brief overview of the most popular bots available to the traders on the stock market.

3Commas popular pay-bot for automated cryptotrading that works with exchanges such as Bittrex, Bitfinex, Binance, Bitstamp, KuCoin, Poloniex, GDAX, Cryptopia, Huobi and YOBIT. It offers a wide selection of diversified portfolios that users can choose for investment or for use as an analytical tool to track the state of the market. Provides simultaneous use of applications stop loss and take profit. Has four levels of subscription – the «basic» for $30, «the Trader» for $50, «Professional» for $100, as well as «Individual» in agreement.

Cryptohopper — cloud a paid bot that will work even if the trader’s computer is offline or turned off. Experienced traders can customize the bot, while beginners can use the available «autopilot». Bot is also able to analyze and review the effectiveness of the trading system’s signals, performed on historical (backtest), the algorithm of management stop loss order, and may trade on several exchanges. Has three monthly subscription for 19$, 49$ and 99$. With more detailed analysis of the platform can be found here.

Cryptotrader is one of the most popular cloud kriptopolis for trading. Supports many cryptocurrencies and exchanges. Must be fully configured by the user. Offers features backtesting and strategic market that allows users to trade strategies. Has five levels of monthly subscriptions: 0.0018 BTC BTC 0.0025, 0.0045 BTC, and 0.0214 0.0086 BTC BTC.

Haasbot is a platform for automated trading, is intended primarily for experienced bitcoin traders. Uses the strategy developed on the basis of technical analysis. This bot is paid and has three levels of annual subscription: the license is a «Newbie» in 0.073 BTC, «Simple» in 0.127 BTC and «Extended» license, which is 0.208 BTC. Depending on the purchased license, the user can configure several interconnected bots that will be able to perform several different functions.

Gekko — bot free open source, available for download on GitHub. Quite simple to use, has detailed step by step instructions that will be useful to inexperienced traders. Has user friendly interface can perform a backtest strategies and visualize the results of trade. Moreover, the software the bot runs on most operating systems.

Zenbot is another bot with open source code for bitcoin traders. Bot users can download the code and make modification to his work, and his algorithm is available for major operating systems. And, unlike Gekko, Zenbot can execute high frequency trades and to apply arbitrage opportunities. However, cryptosuite note that bot a long time was not updated and therefore not have the opportunity to work with new exchanges.


Appeared the tracker-oriented bitcoin products

The release of Bitcoin tracker Only for tracking products targeted exclusively for the first cryptocurrency. Among them, hardware development, software, purses, podcasts, and educational resources.

Note that in the section «People» posted Twitter page those who supported the initiative.

Among the wallets was Wallet Wasabi, Samourai Wallet, Electrum and Green Address and others.

Also, the lists included projects Dojo (developer full gcd) and OpenDime. It is likely their commitment to the movement Bitcoin Only can confirm the project Bitseed.

We will remind, at the conference of the Baltic Honeybadger 2018 in Riga founder BHBnetwork Giacomo Zucco and cofounder Czech startup SatoshiLabs Alena Corvids introduced the organization, The B Foundation, the purpose of which is to raise Finance for the development of the bitcoin ecosystem and Lightning Network.