In the US there is another platform for legal for trade tokens

Blockchain company Templum and the broker-dealer Liquid M Capital announced the launch of a platform for legal for trade tokens. It is reported by CoinDesk.

A new platform called Templum will allow investors to trade cryptographic tokens, classified as securities.

Platform users will not only get the opportunity to trade tokens in the secondary market, but will also be able to release a new token through the primary placing coins (ICO).

The site will be subject to the jurisdiction of the Commission on securities and stock exchanges of the USA and Service regulation of the financial services industry (FINRA).

The founder and head of Templum Christopher Pallotta (Pallotta Christopher):

«We know that regulation is coming. Therefore, we are trying to find a solution that allows you to work in the current ecosystem right now is not to let the extraordinary events that we have seen in recent months.»

According to CoinMarketCap, the total market capitalization of all tokens to date is about $8.6 billion.

Recall that last month the launch of the first of its kind platform for legal for trade tokens is declared the blockchain platform TZero owned by Overstock. Now her example was followed by Templum.


In the savings Bank do not see the risks from the introduction of blockchain technology

In the largest Russian Bank does not see risks from the use blockchain solutions to its operations, said the press service of the credit institution.

“We do not see risks in using blockchain technology with the proper and appropriate use of this technology with regard to legislation and safety requirements,” reads the statement of the press service of Sberbank.

On the eve of the international rating Agency Moody ‘ s Investors Service published a report that warned about the risks for banks associated with the introduction of blockchain technology. In particular, the Agency’s experts noted that this may reduce the income of banks from fees and commissions for payments.

The greatest risks, according to Moody’s, the introduction of blockchain solutions brings to the banks of Switzerland, Britain, Canada, Italy, Israel and Belgium.

Recall that Sberbank is one of the most active institutions in Russia dealing with development and implementation of solutions based on blockchain technology. Last fall, the Bank has joined as a full member to the blockchain-Ethereum Alliance Enterprise consortium.

Sberbank have implemented joint projects in the field of blockchain with the Federal Antimonopoly service, the property Fund of St. Petersburg international interbank system SWIFT and Alfa-Bank. At the beginning of this year Sberbank opened a blockchain-a laboratory for the study of the latest technologies in this field.


Swiss exchange SIX go to the blockchain-a platform for 10 years

The largest stock exchange Switzerland expects its traditional trading platform for decades will be replaced by a development alternative based on blockchain technology.

Although stocks and bonds traded on SIX Swiss Exchange and other stock exchanges, in most cases, fully electronic, the basic processing steps deals with them baziruetsya on paper protocols and mail, reminded Reuters.

“The current system can be completely replaced by a digital exchange in about 10 years”, — said the head of Department of securities and exchanges SIX Thomas Zeeb (Zeeb Thomas).

Trading platform SIX Digital Exchange (SDX) service must be running in mid-2019 and will initially work with the current. Exchange still needs clarification on certain legal aspects of the use of a new decision by the financial regulator of Switzerland — FINMA.

According to Seeba once these issues are cleared, SIX are likely to be offered, trading in securities on the new platform. The settlement of trades that usually takes a few days, the SDX will take seconds.

The representative of the SIX said that the decision to develop a digital trading platform was caused by competition with large cryptomenysis platforms, such as Coinbase or Binance.

“They are moving in our business and especially in banking. This is a serious danger,” said Thomas Zeeb.

Besides, he added, these competitors may completely bypass banks and stock exchanges.

Recall that in addition to the SIX development DLT-systems involved, for example, the Australian and the Singapore stock exchange.


The Director of the Central Bank of Portugal does not consider bitcoin a currency

Director of the Central Bank of Portugal hélder Rozalino (Hélder Rosalino) said it was important to explain to people what cryptocurrencies are not actually currencies. He said this in an interview with local newspaper ECO.

As stressed by the administrator of the Banco de Portugal (BdP), the currency needs to retain value and to provide the right loan. When the Central Bank issues currency, it creates an obligation on the balance that you want to redeem, reminded Rozalino.

“The currency that is classified as such, must have two fundamental characteristics. The first is to associate with him the idea of savings, then this currency should be entitled to a credit. When a Central Bank creates currency, it creates an obligation on the balance that must be paid. If one day everyone would have to give the money to their banks, then the Central Bank would have to pay and liability will be eliminated,” said the elder Rozalino.

In his opinion, cryptocurrencies have a large destructive potential and carries certain associated risks. But the underlying technology it was evaluated rather positively:

“[Cryptocurrency] is a Convention, a computerized decision supported by very powerful technological base, fantastic network, Baccano. This makes it possible to pay without mediation allows using virtual currency to make peer-to-peer transactions without brokerage activities and outside the financial system”.

One of the main risks associated with cryptocurrencies, Rozalino called “speculative measure”. Because coin, like bitcoin is generated by mining, and their number is limited, there are surges of demand and speculation. The growth of demand leads to the second problem is the high volatility of cryptocurrency prices, he said.

Touched rozalino and legal risks associated with the anonymity of the counterparties and the legality of payments and the complexities of the legal exchange of virtual currencies for money taken by the regulators.

Central banks are still at the stage of researching and evaluating new reality, concluded the elder Rozalino.

We will remind, earlier that cryptocurrencies don’t have all the functions of money, drew the attention of the Chairman of the Board of Directors of UBS Group AG, Axel Weber (Axel Weber) and the Deputy head of the Bank of Canada of Canada Carolyn Wilkins (Carolyn Wilkins). The financial regulator of New Zealand classify cryptocurrencies as securities, the Central Bank of South Korea believes the goods.


DeCenter finally abandoned ICO, causing the indignation of the members of the community

Largest community of experts and investors in the blockchain-the economy DeCenter, since the beginning of the year preparing for the ICO, has finally abandoned plans for its implementation.

As reported in the official Telegram channel for your project, DeCenter, you will conduct what acne Buterin recently called DAICO. Where the community and investors decide where to allocate the collected capital.

«But here we go further – our model is called Perpetual Coin Offering, powered by DAO. This is when the capital is constantly going, DAO participants decide where to invest, and the market is voting, how it develops».

Community members expressed their outrage and distrust of the creators DeCenter, accusing them of failure to fulfill these promises and public deception. According to one of the active participants, information about the upcoming ICO and first convert a typed in community points of the broadcast were false, and was used by the creators to attract advertisers and enrich themselves.

The reason for the start of open conflict was the post published on the website DeCenter December 30, that the community refuses to ICO.

«First of all, because of the individual thought that we can dictate the terms. It is not, the community is not growing, if everyone pulls the blanket over himself.
Eventually, when we have interesting ideas to attract the expert community, and particularly the forecasters, we’ll return to the topic of your participation.
Don’t lose points, some they just come in handy».

Subsequently this post was named by the organizers stress test and provocation, however, outraged members of the community refuse to continue to believe and «patience», because in their opinion, the total obligations to the participants in the project are more than 10 thousand Ethereum.

«Yes, it was only in words, but it was the words of one of the leading industry experts, venture capitalist and fellow adviser to the President! (co-founder of and founder of the Fund Russian Ventures Eugene Gordeev – approx. ed.)»

How to develop our community is unclear. The organizers promise will soon put an explanatory post, which clearly explain its position and outline the perspectives of community members invested in its development time and labor.

Recall that DeCenter abandon its plans for the ICO became aware in October 2017. But then Evgeny Gordeev assured that all interested persons, who on the website DeCenter enough points not to worry – all promises to accrue tokens will be fulfilled.


Bitfinex has resumed registration of new users, but not all

On Friday, January 12, cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex has resumed registration of new users, but take advantage of this opportunity.

«A month ago we decided to temporarily close the registration of new accounts to ensure the appropriate level of trading, support and verification to our existing long term client base. Today we are pleased to announce the re-opening of Bitfinex for new accounts. However, please note the new requirements listed below,» reads the statement of the exchange.

Now to start bidding, users will need to make a Deposit in Fiat or bitcoin equivalent to at least $10 000. For already registered traders this requirement does not apply.

The company stressed that Bitfinex is focused on professional traders and not beginners.

«Bitfinex is a global source of liquidity with a focus on servicing professional traders and regional exchanges. Those traders who are just starting to trade cryptocurrency, we offer to start to try other more simple platforms, and return on Bitfinex later.»

Recall that Bitfinex has suspended the registration of new users in December. The company stressed that the move was caused by the incredible growth in demand for its services.


Korean province plans to become the center of the blockchain and allow ICO

The Governor of the island province of South Korea Jeju appealed to the Central authorities to make the region a special area for the development of blockchain and cryptocurrency.

During a meeting with representatives of the government Won Hee-Ryong (Won Hee-ryong) has proposed to establish a task force to discuss how the island can become the center of the blockchain industry of Korea.

As noted during the meeting the Governor, “the blockchain is an opportunity for Korea to take the initiative for the development of the global Internet platform.” To become a leader and not a consumer in this new industry, it is necessary as soon as possible to allow the blockchain and cryptocurrency companies, he added.

According to Vaughn, the blockchain startups should be able to hold ICO in Jeju, despite the ban, operating in the country. The Governor believes that this will prevent the outflow of capital from Korea because local projects are still carried out ICO, only in other jurisdictions.

“Entrepreneurs who introduce innovations should be allowed to raise funds using bitcoin,” said Vaughn.

Special Autonomous province of Jeju is a small island and Jeju island enjoys a high level of self-government for economic development and tourism in the region.

It is unknown whether the plan is implemented, which is a well-known politician in the country. But from the government side in the meeting with the Governor was attended by the Minister of Finance Kim Dong-Yeon (Kim Dong-yeon) and Deputy Prime Minister for economy.

Recall that the possible cancellation of the ban on the holding of ICO in Korea talking since the beginning of this year. In may, a group of parliamentarians started to promote the bill. Later, the Parliament officially recommended the government to lift the ban on the holding of ICO in the country.


South Korea has taken emergency measures to regulate cryptocurrency

Korean government held an urgent meeting on the issue of regulation of cryptocurrency and took the first steps. These include the establishment of oversight of kriptonite, a ban on trade cryptocurrency for foreigners and minors, and limit the activities of banks.

Now cryptocurrency exchanges, whose turnover exceeds 10 billion won, and attendance at 1 million users per day, next year will need to be certified in Information Security Management System (ISMS). Among the locations of this level are Bithumb, Coinone and Korbit.

Regulators have also introduced tougher standards for cybersecurity exchanges and penalties for the leak of user data. In a statement, officials said that the platform will not be able to conduct their activities until they provide adequate protection for investors.

The authorities also decided to ban banks and other financial institutions to invest in the cryptocurrency, own it, and to Finance the companies that do cryptobytes.

Foreigners who are not citizens of South Korea, including University students, will not be able to participate in trading cryptocurrency. The same applies to minors.

In addition, regulators have prohibited banks to open a virtual account for cryptocurrency exchanges.

Among other measures taken by the government, is tougher penalties for violations associated with cryptocurrencies, including fraud and conducting illegal operations.

In addition, the financial services Commission («FCC»), the financial Supervisory Service (FSS) and Korea exchange will monitor the trends of cryptocurrency trading.

With regard to taxation, a decision on it yet. In the near future the government will form a working group to examine this issue.


The Enigma project Catalyst finished ICO c $45 million investment

The Enigma project Catalyst was able to finish ICO and attract the planned volume of investments —$45 million

Before the closing of the sales of tokens ECAT representatives of the project had several times to remind potential investors about the need to remain calm and to wait for them to get a link for the transfer of funds.

The company was not going to exceed the previously established level of the hard cap. Therefore, the fact that the purchase token was zamayalsya only at the time of approval of the transaction, not the timestamp of sending money. At the end of the ICO sale of tokens ECAT had to slow down to reduce the possibility of return of investment.

Recall that tokens ECAT is to be used for remuneration for the creation of trading strategies and data sources on the platform for algorithmic trading, and investing in scriptactive. On pre-sale token the Enigma project Catalyst has attracted a total of $20 million investment, despite the fact that has undergone a phishing attack.


The head of the Central Bank of Canada compare trade bitcoins with gambling

The Governor of the Bank of Canada Stephen Poloz (Stephen Poloz) has compared bitcoin trading with gambling and added that he is looking for cooperation with global regulators developing rules for the treatment of cryptocurrencies.

The head of the canadian Central Bank cautioned investors from investing in cryptocurrency, and said that he is not ready to call them assets.

“They “crypto”, but they are not currencies. I’m not quite sure what it is. They are not assets… I guess they’re technically securities… there’s No actual value in something like bitcoin, so in fact it is not a tool that you can analyze. Essentially this is an extremely speculative or is just gambling”, — said the Governor.

Previously, he was of the opinion that cryptocurrencies can’t call it as a currency, and compared them to high-risk securities.

The head of the Danish Central Bank , Lars Rohde (Rohde Lars) has recently compared investing in bitcoin with gambling.

According to the head of the Central Bank of Canada, the collapse of the cryptocurrency market will have negative consequences for the economy in the broad sense. But the Central Bank will seek to regulate the cryptocurrency market, at least in order to protect consumers, he said.

Like many other critics, the Rail separates from cryptocurrency blockchain technology — “the true part of genius, to be applied in many areas of the economy.”