Actor Jamie Foxx is supported ICO cryptocurrency exchanges

Famous actor Jamie Foxx, winner of the award «Oscar», was another celebrity involved in the promotion of the ICO.

Yesterday, Fox issued a message on Twitter about the initial placement of tokens Cobinhood – cryptocurrency exchanges, with zero Commission.

According to information on the project website, krausel started on 13 September. At the moment Cobinhood attracted 18 615 ETH. At the current rate, about $5.3 million to the End of the ICO is scheduled for October 22.

Earlier, famous boxer Floyd Mayweather was supported by ICO’s two projects: Stox and Hubii.

According to the ICO Tracker on the website CoinDesk, today through ICO attracted a total of more than $2.2 billion.


Hidden miner Coinhive made it to Google’s DoubleClick and YouTube

Analysts specializing in cyber security company Trend Micro found the hidden mining of cryptocurrencies in Google DoubleClick. In their opinion, could hurt the users of this platform in Japan, France, Taiwan, Italy and Spain, and has been reported to Google.

24 January, we revealed an increase in the use of manner Coinhive by 285%. Increasing traffic to malicious domains began on January 18. Carefully examining it, we found out that the traffic coming from ads DoubleClick.

Further analysis of the compromised pages revealed the scripts for the two hidden miners and show ads from DoubleClick, which probably served as bait to attract more users.

The ads contained JavaScript code which generates random numbers from 1 to 101. When a variable exceeded 10, the included script coinhive.min.js using 80% of the CPU of the PC. In the other 10% of cases were connected miner mqoj_1.js also created based on Coinhive.

The problem with embedding the hidden miners in ads through DoubleClick and noticed YouTube users.

Trend Micro experts recommend the users to prevent covert mining on their equipment to block apps based on JavaScript and regularly checked and updated, particularly browsers.

We will remind, site owners in early January warned that they must be ready to proniknovenie miners of cryptocurrencies in advertising. In addition, the hidden miners can hide on WordPress sites and Android applications, as well as on the websites of online stores, in extensions of browsers and messengers.


Morgan Creek puts $1 million into cryptocurrency

In 2007, the head of Berkshire Hathaway and legendary investor Warren Buffett has put $1 million on that stock index, the S&P 500 will surpass the dynamics of the group of five hedge funds over 10 years. Now the venture firm Morgan Creek decided to put the same amount that crypto-currencies will outperform the S&P 500 over the same period.

«Time to put skin on the line, critics of the cryptocurrency. Who will agree to take a bet?», — asked the co-founder of the company Anthony Pompliano.

Thus, the dynamics of the cryptocurrency in the future wager will be to monitor the Digital Asset Index Fund.

Earlier, Pompliano said that the bear market crashes. «tourists», leaving only the true entrepreneurs, capable of creating sustainable value.

Recall that in November 2018 bitcoin has demonstrated the worst dynamics for the last seven years.


SEC uses the time limit for consideration of an application for a bitcoin ETF

The Commission on securities and exchange Commission (SEC) on Thursday issued a notice, in accordance with which to process an application for the creation of exchange traded Fund (ETF) designed by VanEck in conjunction with the BZX Exchange and the Cboe SolidX, can be used all the available time in accordance with the requirements of the law.

«The Commission considers it appropriate to allocate a longer period for approval or disapproval of proposed rule changes to allow sufficient time for consideration of proposals to change the rules,» she writes.

Application VanEck was issued on 20 June. On 7 August, the SEC announced that it would continue to consider her because she wasn’t ready to make a decision at that moment, and on 21 September urged the public to give comments about it.

«As of 6 December 2018, the Commission received more than 1,600 comments,» reports the controller.

The maximum allotted for the SEC in such cases, the period is 240 days.

«Accordingly, the Commission designates February 27, 2019, the date by which it must approve or not approve the proposed change of rules», – says the publication.

Previously, the SEC Commissioner Hester Pearce, occupying a loyal position in relation to the industry of cryptocurrencies, announced that a positive decision can be made tomorrow, maybe in 20 years. However, she called the fact of approval, «of course, is possible.»


BitPay raised a $40 million investment

The company BitPay, the largest payment system based on bitcoins, has raised $40 million in expanded funding round series B, despite the fact that he had planned to obtain $10 million less. Thus, the total investment in the project reached $70 million.

The leader of this round was venture company Aquiline Technology Growth. Startup investors are Menlo Ventures, Capital Nine, G Squared, Nimble Ventures, and Delta-v Capital, a family office of Kristofera of Clauss (Christopher Klauss) and co-founder of Tencent , Alvin Liu (Alvin Liu).

Raised funds in the company plan to guide the development of new markets, development of B2B payments and the extension of the team.

Recall the end of 2017, Bitpay announced that the company plans to 2018 —introduction of Cash support Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, as well as access to Asian markets.


Snowden considers zcash for the most interesting alternative to bitcoin

Edward Snowden (Edward Snowden) supported the zcash for cryptocurrency in the tweet chat, saying that bitcoin is inferior in matters of confidentiality and security, and “what is not private, it is unsafe.”

Former CIA and national security Agency, the United States also considers that this is the only altain created “professional and academic experts in cryptography”.

Recall that, according to «Kaspersky Lab», along with zcash for Monero is the most popular cryptocurrency for covert mining.


The Central Bank of Nigeria is studying the blockchain and cryptocurrency

The Central Bank of Nigeria intends in more detail to understand blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. Currently, the Department is conducting research on this topic and plans to publish the official report. This was stated by Deputy head of the Central Bank of Jimoh Musa (Musa Jimoh) at cryptocurrency conference, which took place in the country’s largest city – Lagos.

According to the head, the cause of the study was that the Central Bank is not able to stop «the wave created by blockchain technology and its derivatives».

Jimoh also noted that the nature of the technology gives the possibility of creating such forms of funds that are «outside of the constraints and confiscation».

Other participants of the conference called the generally positive development of the technology in the country. The event also discussed such topics as the use of the blockchain in cross-border payments and investment risks associated with emerging technology.

Dr. David Iiave (David Isiawe), President of the information security Society of Nigeria, also noted that the technology of the blockchain is a reality that the leaders of the country should be considered – whether they like it or not.


Partner AMD has lost 60% of its revenue because of lower demand from miners

One of the major partners AMD, the company TUL Corporation, said a decent decline in revenues from sales of AMD Radeon due to the downturn in the market of cryptocurrencies.

According to the latest report, TUL Corporation in June rescued about $13.2 million (NTD 405,589,000), while in March the company recorded revenue in the amount of $42 million (1,318,159,000 NTD).

In the second quarter of 2018 TUL has reduced revenue by 22.5% compared to the same period last year, but sequentially earnings drop 60%. It turns out that in March it made more money than the entire second quarter.

TUL is one of the key partners for AMD and GPUs in modern conditions bring about 95% of revenue. The financial position of TUL depends on the situation in the graphics market, the dynamics of the indicators which, in turn, depends on the state of the cryptocurrency market.

Recall that in March, AMD warned that a possible reduction in demand from the miners will have a material adverse effect on the business of the GPU. Increased contribution to the increase in demand from cryptocurrency miners, the American company is already recognized on the financial results of the third quarter.


The results of the day: a series of records

12 December was a day full of events — several major cryptocurrencies broke its own records, the largest stock exchange, operating with a Fiat currency not cope with the load, it is the second day of trading, futures on the CBOE bitcoin, the total market capitalization of the crypt crept close to 500 billion dollars.

Bitcoin (BTC) began the day with a breakdown of the important resistance level of $17000. However, far higher to go failed and all the day the exchange rate fluctuated in the corridor 16000-17500. If you focus on the prices of the futures contracts on the CBOE, we see that for the next few months we expect the growth rate to above $18500. Of course, there’s another launch — trading futures on the CME, which may give another boost. We can already see the results — contrary to some conspiracy theories, the course is not collapsed, but not skyrocketed.

It is also worth noting that a considerable influence on today’s sluggish behavior of bitcoin could have technical difficulties of a number of exchanges — so, Bitfinex announced DDOS and website CBOE periodically refused to work (although, of course, this does not apply to the trading system of the exchange). It is also congested and the network — number of transactions in mempool stably above 100 thousand.

Ethereum, a few weeks spent at $300-400, has demonstrated unprecedented growth — only now it has grown almost 30% and set a new record, reaching $637.62 according to Coinmarketcap. This is all the more significant because for several days live severely congested — the average number of transactions pending verification is more than 20 thousand. While Coinbase, for example, due to congestion of the network temporarily ceased operations with currency.

Of course, the champion of the day — Litecoin. Literally at the weekend, he struck a seemingly serious level of $100 and was fixed at a record $150, but just two days it took him to overcome the level of $300 and securely to settle above today’s all-time-high $341.42 according to Coinmarketcap. The founder of the currency even had to warn investors about caution, Recalling the case where a lump sum LTC has lost almost 90% of the cost. But even Coinbase, stopped trading and Litecoin, are not cooled demand — it is obvious that the reputation of younger brother of bitcoin affects traders.

Another record Tuesday — DASH. The rapid growth of the currency in early December led many to consider that the potential has been exhausted, particularly given the interest in bitcoin, however, today the currency has moved higher and reached a new record level of $948.65 according to Coinmarketcap. Considering that news of last week is already reflected in the course, we have to conclude that indirectly, in the rise of the currency can be “to blame” problems on other networks.

Less spectacular but no less solid looks the success of Monero. All the while keeping approximately the same level with bitcoin, the anonymous cryptocurrency has grown to the level of $300 and the capitalization of $4 695 067 921.

And to complete the review of records want to achieve Ripple — just a month after the currency jumped to a value of $0.356221. This is not an absolute record rate reached a higher level in June of this year, however, agree that the curve drawn by the course, more than impressive. Analysts attribute this increase in the flow of demand from IOTA, the founders of which today denied rumors of a possible partnership with Microsoft. The result is IOTA reversed with Ripple capitalization Ripple took so 5th place in the overall table, according to Coinmarketcap.

The market remains highly uncertain and extremely volatile, so the rest us can only dream of.


Hackers used a vulnerability Network Weathermap plug-in for mining Monero

The Japanese company-developer of software for cyber security, Trend Micro has discovered a hacker attack on servers running Linux for covert mining Monero.

According to Trend Micro, attackers used a vulnerability in Network Weathermap plugin for Cacti. This open-source visualization tool widely used by Internet service providers, Internet exchanges, telecommunications networks and companies from Fortune 500 to display network activity.

In the report of the Japanese companies noted that hacking is still ongoing. It is mainly affected users Network Weathermap from Japan, Taiwan, China, USA and India. As of March 21, two Monero-wallet hackers came cryptocurrency nearly $75 thousand.

As noted in its report, Trend Micro, hackers have used a vulnerability in Network Weathermap, correction that for five years there is a patch.

“It’s also a classic case of reuse vulnerabilities because it exploits a rather old-fashioned lack of security, whose patch is available for almost five years,” the report says Trend Micro.

Recall that, according to a study by Check Point Software in February 2018 42% of companies worldwide have become victims of covert mining. Last fall the report of the research company Recorded Future noted that a hidden mining becomes more popular the hackers of ransomware.