Company Blockchain can add support stablon

The world’s largest provider of bitcoin wallets Blockchain intends to conclude a partnership agreement with the Issuer stablon by the end of 2019, according to The Block with reference to the head of the company. However, what the project will be selected for cooperation, is still unknown.

Note that, probably talking about adding support stablon in a bitcoin wallet from Blockchain. According to CEO Peter Smith, most of the 32 million purses at the moment is in the active state. It is also worth noting that earlier the company has already invested in an unnamed development projects tablconv.

According to the edition, the most likely candidate is the Standard Paxos (PAX), which referred to Smith himself.

A Blockchain company was founded in 2011. During its existence, it managed to attract about $70 million from Richard Branson, Digital Currency Group (DCG) and Google Ventures.

Smith claims that the purpose of the Blockchain is not only a simplification of the investment in bitcoin, but also the improvement of financial services as such.

«We are obsessed with the concept tablconv. They provide an opportunity to provide each similar to a Bank dollar account. There is no Bank with 30 million accounts. While the financial sovereignty of the user is fully preserved», — said Smith.

Recall that in November last year, the Blockchain has announced airdrop half a billion Stellar coins.


The Bitcointalk forum has started to accept the cryptocurrency Grin

Forum administrator Theymos Bitcointalk nickname is reported that focused on increased privacy cryptocurrency Grin on the MimbleWimble will be accepted as payment. He praised the technology underpinning the new digital currency and said that she created in the true spirit Shirobokov.

Data BitcoinTalk

However Theymos doubt that many will use the Grin, however he still intended to rewrite the system of payments in the forum, adding support for Lightning-payments.

The administrator added that does not call to buy or not to buy Grin, but thinks that the asset price for some time will decline.

Note that the high grade received the Grin from the co-owner and Cobra. He stressed that plans to acquire a significant number of new coins.

Recall, the launch of a Grin took place on January 15.


Blockchain Beam was stopped for a while

At approximately 8:00 UTC, the developers focused on the privacy of cryptocurrency Beam on the basis of a Protocol MimbleWimble reported stop network on the block #25709.

Soon the problem was discovered and corrected. The developers have also made the appropriate changes to the repository on GitHub.

We will remind, earlier in Beam Wallet purse was found a critical vulnerability affecting desktop version, and a CLI implementation.


TRON continues to lose value

Cryptocurrency TRON for the last 3 days has lost much in price. On Friday, July 20, TRX is trading at $0,0363 and falling almost 4%, according to a leading analyst RoboForex Dmitry Gurkovsky.

If you consider the technical picture TRON on the daily timeframe, the first thing that should be noted is an actual “range life” tool. Major support is near $0,0230 and resistance at $0,1004.

In the medium term dynamics of TRON develops within the descending corridor, aiming for the basic level of support. While the Stochastic indicator is observed the formation of convergence indicating a possible upward correction.

A signal of the correction will overcome the current resistance line of the channel. The compensation potential can be measured using the Fibonacci grid. The main purpose of the correction can be levels 23,6% ($0,0476), 38,2% ($0,0577) and 50.0% ($0,0650) regarding the trend of decline.

Short term technical picture shows a pullback after testing the resistance line of the medium term channel, building channel growth. As the main scenario of future developments should consider the formation of growth momentum to around $0,0460. Confirming factor in this hypothesis is the location of the lines of the Stochastic indicator is in the “oversold” area. But to exclude the breakdown of the support line local channel growth is also impossible. In the case of such development of the situation, the quotes may fall to $0,0290.

Among the fundamental information that have appeared recently that are important for TRON news is adding new functionality in service of Ledger wallet Nano S. Now it can be used to store and perform operations with TRON and Zcoin. Before to work with these cryptocurrency users had to resort to other wallets.

Attention to TRON lately is really growing. On the one hand, it is preparatory work for the relocation of the system on its own blockchain platform. This will bring the tokens from the system ERC-20 without unpredictable consequences and losses, and without loss of reputation in the eyes of consumers.

As indicated by the results of a study of Google Trends, this year’s TRON attracts more and more users and along with Ripple leads the list of the most demanded and interesting for investors altcoins.

Last week, the market followed closely the information about the meeting TRON CEO Mr. Sana’a with representatives of Twitter. The meeting was closed, but something still “leaked” to the network. So the parties could discuss the aspect of the Scam bots is probably been interested in Twitter, which in recent days and it is under attack bots Scam. It is possible that in the fight against the Scam bots Twitter will attract professionals and TRON. If TRON seriously intends to partner with one of the largest social networks, it will have a positive impact on the behaviour of his cryptocurrency.


Forecasts financial markets are private opinion of their authors. The current analysis is not a guide to trade. RoboForex is not responsible for the results that can occur when using trade recommendations submitted reviews.


EOS is trading in the sideways channel

On the morning of Friday, July 13, EOS attempts to restore after the previous wave of decrease, according to Dmitry Gurkovsky, senior analyst at RoboForex.

The major auction go for $7,1077 (+2.8 percent). Medium-term trading channel for the EOS remains to the downside, short-term sideways trend in the range of $6,7710-8,2712.

That’s a pretty wide channel, in which the EOS may remain for a long time. Daily chart trading demonstrates that the cryptocurrency remains a pronounced pressure. On the eve of the EOS related to the $6,5500, the lowest since April 11. Given that the volatility in bitcoin in the last days remains low, but may significantly expand, can you talk about the possibility of reducing in the direction of $5,9742. This scenario is relevant if external background and corporate news will be negative for EOS.

It is worth noting that investors are now buying back part of yesterday’s sales, which signals the unavailability of the deepening decline. Breakdown, intermediate support at $7,0000 will point to the activity of “bears”. Underneath is support at $6,7500-6,7700, the attack on which will give a signal for a strong fall.

Key support, so for the EOS, you’ll have $6,7500. Significant resistance is in the $of 8.0000-8,3400. The MACD on the daily chart remain in negative territory, is moving along the signal line and maintains a sell signal. Stochastic oscillator starts recovering and preparing to go steadily in the positive zone, forming a buy signal.

News regarding EOS, indicate the possibility of influence of the startup of the processes of decentralization of the network. Now owns 10% of the total token EOS, and the company intends to participate in the vote for the producers of blocks.

The market worried about the next moment: now no one except of the developers network, no more than 3% support. Just released EOS 1 billion, each token allowed to vote for 30 candidates in the developers. Owning 10% of the tokens can easily win the vote. Users talking about the possibility of unlimited influence of the on the network, and many do not like it. A full launch of the network of EOS was held just a month ago, and the emotions of the market is only just subsided.

Other information that emerged recently concerns the question of changing the Constitution itself EOS. The proposal was made by a couple of weeks ago, technical project Director Dan Larimer (Daniel Larimer). Answering the question of whether the community understands the proposal to delete the existing Constitution and replace it with a new one that would allow arbitrators to make decisions regarding the various controversies with the codes, Larimer responded positively. The market immediately responded to this and noted that EOS like starting over, though its history and so began recently.


Forecasts financial markets are private opinion of their authors. The current analysis is not a guide to trade. RoboForex is not responsible for the results that can occur when using trade recommendations submitted reviews.


China’s Central Bank published a translation of the notice by the ICO

The people’s Bank of China (PBoC) published the English translation of the notice concerning the ICO. It reaffirms the previously announced decision of the Central Bank in respect of issue of tokens.

The Bank calls the collection of funds for ICO illegal and containing signs of crimes such as: illegal sales of foreign currency, illegal issuance of securities, illegal collection of public funds, financial fraud and a Ponzi scheme. It is reported that the authorized representatives of the authorities will track the cryptocurrency market and all suspected criminal activity will be delivered to the judicial Department.

It is also prohibited the participation of organizations and individuals in ICO. All the organizations have already raised funds through the issuance of tokens required to return them to investors.

The notification of the Central Bank affects the exchange exchange. So, since publishing this warning is prohibited mediation and trade using cryptocurrencies. Exchange Fiat currency for real money is also prohibited.

PBoC prohibits all financial institutions and non-Bank payment systems to provide any services related to ICO. Under the ban are: account opening, registration, trade, clearing and settlement proposals of tokens.

All self-regulatory organizations should inform their members about the regulatory policy and warn of refraining from any operations with cryptocurrencies.

We will remind that the authorities of China banned individuals and organizations to raise funds through primary placement of coins (ICO).


St.-Petersburg city court cancelled the lock

After the Supreme court sent the case to block website a new appellate review in the St. Petersburg city court, the latter decided to cancel the lock. The court found that the information is not “prohibited consideration”.

Recall that the Vyborg district court of St.-Petersburg in July 2016 issued a decision to block because of the violation of the law “On the Central Bank of the Russian Federation”, “undermining the constitutional order and authority” Russia and the “foundations of the material prosperity of the citizens” of the country, as well as violations “of the rights and legitimate interests of an indefinite circle of persons who access illegal information.”

The essence of the claim was the fact that in Russia there is only one official currency, and the introduction of other currencies and the issue of monetary surrogates is prohibited. In the appeal in the St. Petersburg city court resource was denied, therefore, it is appealed to the Supreme court.


Bitmain bought the startup that created the Bitcoin crypto to Cash

Chinese mining giant Bitmain announced the acquisition of start-up Telescope, the team that created the Bitcoin crypto for Cash. The application is open-source and uses the BitPay solution and that allows users to sign and carry out instant transactions with bitcoin in browser Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

According to the head of Bitmain, the international communications with the press of Nishant Sharma (Nishant Sharma), the role of the Telescope in the ecosystem of Bitcoin Cash is to provide “a simple but valuable innovations”, and the technology embedded in the browsers cryptocell has a promising future and especially the interest of the company in projects with a Bitcoin Cash.

Recall that at the end of this summer Bitmain owned about 5.7% of the total amount of coins Bitcoin Cash, which was probably acquired at the expense of cash and bitcoins.


Exchange OKEx will produce delisting of futures on Bitcoin Gold at the end of the month

OKEx cryptocurrency exchange has decided to delist all futures contracts on the Bitcoin Gold (BTG) for «lack of liquidity».

It is expected that weekly, fortnightly and quarterly contracts for BTG will be calculated on January 25 at 11:00 GMT in accordance with the price fixed in the index of the BTG/USD to OKEx up until an hour ago.

All information about trades in BTG-futures-will be deleted on 30 January, in connection with the exchange recommends that users download this information in advance.

According to CoinMarketCap, the volume of trading BTG for the last day amounted to $3.6 million At the moment, Bitcoin Gold with a market capitalization of $194.1 million is to CMC 27 place.

Recall that in September 2018 exchange Bittrex was also removed from trading Bitcoin Gold after a disagreement over compensation for losses from the may attack 51%, during which several exchanges have been abducted BTG 388 000 (about $18 million at the time).


In St. Petersburg will host the Blockchain Guru Forum


17 March in the hotel «holiday Inn Moskovskye Vorota» in Saint-Petersburg will host the Blockchain Guru Forum, whose task is to gather the blockchain developers, experts cryptosphere, representatives of business and the state in regulating the digital economy.

Speakers of the forum:

  • Hope Harsh, a member of the Expert Council of the state Duma of the Russian Federation for digital economy and blockchain-technologies;
  • Anatoli Ille, the businessman, the expert in the field of blockchain technology, captainvalor;
  • Arkady Khokhlov, Oleg Gerasimov, the founder of the cryptocurrency Bank ESR Solutions;
  • Igor Sudets, Director of educational programs of the Blockchain Lawyers and I-government at Plekhanov Russian University of Economics;
  • Dmitry Plakhov, the Chairman of the Association «Community of the blockchain developers of Saint-Petersburg»;
  • Alik Arslanov and Artem Popov, the founder of the channel «$ 10 Buffett».

In addition, the event is scheduled exhibition Blockchain Guru and mentor area Blockchain Guru Forum in which guests will have the opportunity to personally interact with renowned experts in the field of blockchain technology and related fields.

Date: 17 Mar.
Place: Russia. Saint Petersburg, Moskovsky Prospekt 97A, the Congress hall «Moscow».

Learn more about the program and register on the official website of the event.