The Russian foreign Ministry commented on the possibility of using Russia El Petro

Director of the Latin American Department of the foreign Ministry Alexander Shchetinin believes that before talking about the possibility of using cryptocurrency Venezuelan El Petro Russia, should be examined closely.

The official noted that experts must estimate how “it fits into the realities that exist in our countries.”

“Let us first we will check how this mechanism will work. I know that now continue to be very active contacts between our financial agencies in Moscow and in Caracas, and I think it is very important in these circumstances to provide a reliable mechanism, in particular, financial cooperation, specific direction,” — said Shchetinin on a question of journalists on possibility of use El Petro.

Recall that, on 20 February, Venezuela announced the start of pre-sale El Petro — state cryptocurrency provided by oil. As stated by the President of the country Nicolas Maduro (Nicolas Maduro), only for the first day it raised $735 million, but experts have expressed doubts about the reality of this figure.

February 21 held a meeting of Minister of economy and Finance of Venezuela Simon Serpa (Serpa Simón) with the Russian Minister of Finance Anton Siluanov, one of those which became El Petro.

The head of Venezuela has already announced plans to release another state of cryptocurrency — Petro Oro, which will be podenzana not oil, and gold.


Venezuela decided to change the blockchain for the El Petro?

Yesterday, the network appeared information about the fact that Venezuela has decided to change the blockchain, which will be produced by the national Petro El bitcoin, Ethereum on NEM.

The reason for the spread of these messages was a quote from the speech of the President of the country Nicolas Maduro, posted on Twitter:

«We signed two basic agreements for the El Petro, which will be distributed on the most advanced platforms in the world, thanks to the companies Zeus and NEM».

Some time later, NEM is partly confirmed this information:

«The technology of the NEM is open to individuals and companies who want to use it. NEM Foundation refrains from political preferences. We affirm that the Venezuelan government intends to use the NEM blockchain».

However, from the message of the NEM it is not clear how the government of Venezuela intends to use its blockchain.

As to official documents, the white paper El Petro says that cryptocurrency will be a token of the standard ERC-20. In this buyer’s guide notes that during presale «token PTR will operate on the basis of the NEM blockchain». What is the reason for this discrepancy, and based on what the platform actually will be produced El Petro, at the moment is not known.

Recall that yesterday, February 20, started presales El Petro. Presale will last until March 19. The initial price of the token is equal to the price of a barrel of oil and at the moment is about $60 per unit. In the first day sales of the cryptocurrency it raised $735 million.

And on February 21 the President of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro (Nicolas Maduro) ordered several large companies in the country to conduct some transactions using the El Petro.


The volume of bitcoin transactions has increased by 63% over the past ten months

Currently, the average daily volume of bitcoin transactions at the same level as in October 2017, when gaining momentum bullish rally, aimed at the mark of $20 000.

Data: transactionfee

As noted by a frequenter of Twitter under the name @ArminVanBitcoin, over the past ten months the average daily volume onchain transactions grew by 63%.

However, the share of SegWit transactions remains at 40%, as well as, for example, six months ago:

But developing infrastructure solutions of the second — level Lightning Network (LN):

Data: 1ml

Currently, this network operates 5536 LN-nod that convey 544 bitcoin (about $2 million) 20 888 payment channels.

2018 was not so bad

According to Satoshi Capital Research, last year, the bitcoin network has processed bitcoin transactions totaling $3.2 trillion. It’s only 8.23% ($0.3 trillion) less than in 2017, which is considered to be extremely successful for captainvalor.

When it here like in 2017?

According to the cryptanalyst and the founder of the Scup Renato Shirakashi, the situation with the dynamics of BTC transactions similar to the one that was at the turn of 2014-2015, when the bear phase came to an end.

The market most likely has found the bottom, said the analyst. He also added that in the coming weeks you can expect some reduction in onchan activity, and within a few months of bitcoin a few times, «ride the rollercoaster», and then start the bullish rally.

ForkLog previously reported that the number of transactions in the bitcoin network reached an annual high.


The head of the CBOE: bitcoin cryptocurrency needs ETN

According to the head of the Chicago Board options exchange (CBOE), Edward Tilly, the growth of bitcoin will facilitate the exchange notes (ETN) on the basis of cryptocurrency. It is reported BitcoinExchangeGuide.

Tilly is confident that bitcoin will be higher degree of confidence on the part of retail investors, if in addition to the ETF on the basis of high-risk futures market will be presented and ETN. He also noted that the trading volume of bitcoin futures on the CBOE insignificant.

According to him, the ETN on the basis of bitcoin could become very popular in North America, as barriers to entry for trading them is much lower than, for example, a bitcoin ETF. The latter, however, is still not approved by the Commission on securities and exchange Commission (SEC).

In addition, the head of CBOE believes that kriptonyte needs to be regulated, which in particular could reduce the scale of the problem of market manipulation.

ForkLog previously reported intentions CBOE to launch futures on Ethereum.

Also recall that the CBOE VanEck and SolidX for a long time trying to convince the SEC that the market is ripe for the ETF on the basis of bitcoin.

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The ex-President of Goldman Sachs: bitcoin will be the cryptocurrency of the future

The former President of Goldman Sachs Gary Cohn (Gary Cohn) believes that someday the world will be a global cryptocurrency, but it won’t be bitcoin.

“I really think we will have a global cryptocurrency at some point the world will understand. And it is not based on the cost of production, cost of electricity or such things,” said Gary Cohn.

Like many critics of bitcoin, he has nothing against blockchain technology. In the broadcast of Squawk on the Street on CNBC, he said he did not believe in bitcoin and believe in blockchain technology. However, he believes that the digital currency of the future will be easier than BTC, although based on DLT technology:

“It will be more understandable cryptocurrency. It will probably be some sort of technology of the blockchain, but it will be much easier to understand how it was created, how it moves and how people can use it”.

We will remind that earlier the investment Bank, where Gary Con was President from 2006 to 2017 before leaving for work in the administration of President trump, has announced the launch of trading bitcoin futures.


The cyber-police of Ukraine opened a phishing scheme for the acquisition of 700 bitcoins

In the operation of Coinhoarder, which is jointly held by the Department of police of National police of Ukraine and Cisco, revealed a phishing scheme, which the fraudsters over the last four months of 2017 were able to illegally seize 700 bitcoins. In Kiev believe that the group of fraudsters started its activity in 2014 and although this year behaves less actively in the deception of users is much larger sums.

During the operation Coinhoarder it became clear that the attackers had registered numerous domains, reminiscent of the popular crypto address and placed through Google Adwords advertisements invited potential victims to take advantage of these fake services.

1. The user opens a fake website.

2. The attackers on the basis of Nginx + LuaJIT forwards the request to original (website) Using the module programming language Lua on a web server with Nginx there is a change in data headers and in some cases a ban.

3. As soon as the user logs in to a purse or creates a new one by downloading from the website JavaScript, Nginx on the fake web server a substitute for it their own.

Specified when initializing the purse sent to a special address, a POST request with data: sharedkey, password, secondPassword, isDoubleEncrypted, pbkdf2_iterations, accounts.

In the “accounts” contained xpub and xpriv keys for each wallet. If the data of the wallet is encrypted with double password, it decrypts and sends that information to your server… two-Factor authentication in this case will not help.

4. On the fake web server running a php backend that interacts with the wallet.

According to the Ministry, the work on tracing of several fraudulent groups continues.

In addition, the police emphasized that many believe created in Ukraine cryptocurrency projects “rasparennye” and oriented on fast receiving funds without providing investors with any guarantee. Security forces see three scenarios for their further development: a report about the hacking, the lack of growth of cryptocurrencies, the disappearance of the organizers of the project with all means. Therefore, the postal and telecommunications of Ukraine recommends to be careful to the idea of investing in such projects.

We will remind that earlier the head of the Department of cyber police of Ukraine Sergey Demediuk made for the early introduction of state regulation in the sphere of cryptocurrency as electronic means of payment. Otherwise, in his opinion, the best solution is to ban them.


Japanese regulator has certified industry Association of kryptomere

The financial services Agency (FSA) of Japan has officially endorsed created this year the Association of the cryptocurrency exchanges of the country as a self-regulatory body of the industry.

The Japanese Association of exchanges of virtual currencies (JVCEA) was established in the spring of this year, 16 operators licensed kryptomere of the country.

According to the regulator, JVCEA certified as “Association of business operators in cash”. This status will allow the organization to set the rules for participants and to take action to the violators.

According to Reuters, industry self-regulatory body has already prepared the first draft of the document. It provides that the exchange member will be required to keep a separate Bank deposits, to be able to pay compensation to users in case of break-in.

Last month was hacked crypto currency exchange Zaif is one of 16 members of the Association. The total damage amounted to about $60 million, of which customers ‘ funds were approximately $40 million From Zaif you have any difficulty with the payment of compensation to victims — own capital is not enough.

The resulting solution was complete absorption of the crypto currency exchange company Fisco, which will give the site management private exchange virtual currency — Virtual Currency Fisco. The new owner will assume full payment of restitution.

Earlier also it was reported that JVCEA intends to establish for the participants a borrowing limit of cryptocurrency traders with trading on margin. The limit of leverage is expected to limit the ratio of Deposit 1:4.


USPS patent the decision about the use of blockchain technology in architecture, digital security

The U.S. postal service (USPS) intends to patent the solution, which describes methods and systems for architecture of digital security using blockchain technology. The corresponding application was filed in September 2017, as published on the website of the Bureau for registration of patents and trademarks of the United States.

The USPS hopes to help new technologies to regain the trust of clients who are concerned about the possibility of intervention of third parties in their conduct of the transaction.

A higher level of reliability of data protection is to be achieved through the use of new measures, e.g., blocking e-mail when an unauthorized invasion and use by customers of public and private keys and the implementation of a storage-identifying information in the distributed registry. In this way, customers USPS will be able to decide whether to save information in the blockchain and confirm transactions using a token.

Recall that USPS for several years considering the possibility of introducing blockchain technology into their work. In 2016 one of the leaders of the service in a specially prepared report said that the innovation will appear in USPS, when it will be better developed.

At the same time, in other countries postal services are already implementing this technology and begin to work with kripalani. So, the Post of Russia in October 2017 engaged in the integration of technology in operations associated with the conduct of monetary transactions. And earlier, in July of the same year, email service provider, Austrian Post has added the ability to purchase bitcoins, Ethereum, Litecoin and Dash to more than 1800 offices located throughout the country.


The collapse of bitcoin can derail the value of the shares of Nvidia and AMD

The value of the shares of chip makers Nvidia and AMD could collapse if the bitcoin market collapses. This is the opinion of the brokerage company TD Ameritrade, writes The Wall Street Journal.

The Bitcoin price fell significantly after the ban on ICO and the closure of cryptocurrency exchanges in China. However, today she is almost recovered and now stands at $4787 for one.

However, virtual currency is used mostly by speculators and not ordinary users, so the failure is still not eliminated.

Chief market strategist at Ameritrade John Kinahan predicted collateral damage from the collapse of the bitcoin. In his view, the collapse will affect not only investors, but also companies related to the mining of cryptocurrencies.

Nvidia and AMD produce graphics processors, which are widely used in mining bitcoins. With increasing prices of cryptocurrency sales of processors has also increased. In the second quarter of 2017, their share accounted for 6.7% of revenue for Nvidia.

«Anyone who acquires more than 5% of its revenue from the cryptocurrency begins to become significant and you can see how prices on their stock very quickly falls,» said Kinahan.

He also noted that the high volatility of bitcoins hampers its use in regulated transactions, which further involves him in a game of speculators.

According to Kinahan, from the fall of bitcoin can also hurt companies from the FINTECH industry. However, while many FINTECH startups and large banks are investing in blockchain technology, it does not depend on bitcoin, so the negative consequences are likely to be limited.

However, other experts believe that for the broader market bitcoin dangerous ETFs, for which there is currently high demand.

«You are going to impose on derivative derivative from unregulated asset? In my opinion, is a recipe for disaster,» said representative Themis Trading Joe Saluzzi.

Chief economist of the International monetary Fund Kenneth Rogoff also said that the price of Bitcoin eventually will collapse.


Cryptopleura tZERO from Overstock will begin work next week

In conversation with CoinDesk, the head of Overstock Patrick Byrne said that the launch of the platform for trading security-tokens tZERO will be held at the end of next week.

According to him, the company «is ready to press the button and start work today.» However, it was decided to provide a few extra days, to ensure that all users have time to register.

«However, at the end of next week we will launch a trading system, added Byrne. — This is important, four years we went to it»

TZERO will be headed by Stephen Hopkins, who was previously COO and General counsel in Medici.

The company is negotiating with about 60 different companies regarding the issue and add their security token to the platform tZERO. It is not excluded that the first will add your tokens to the new platform company Elio Motors producing a lightweight three-wheeled vehicles.

We will remind, recently tZERO unlock security tokens investors.

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