In Ukraine, tested the NEM blockchain for elections

Head of the state voter register to the Central electoral Commission of Ukraine Oleksandr Stelmakh said on his page on Facebook about the experiment of his organization with the use of blockchain technology in elections.

In mid-July, Stelmach with a group of like-minded people and in partnership with the Foundation began with a “test vote” on the NEM blockchain using 28 nodes. For this wishing to participate in the experiment, it was necessary to set the crypto from the official website of NEM, and then vote in the test blockchain project using the test coins. Technology tried to use to save the data of protocols of election commissions about counting of votes on election commissions during elections of the President of Ukraine in 2014.

According to Stelmakh, the budget for the implementation of placing the data of the vote in the blockchain, NEM can be calculated on the basis of the cost of purchasing the gcd for the price 8765 XEM ($1227$) per unit for installation in each police station. While in “combat use” public blockchain, NEM, consisting of 589 gcd, for each of 29215 transaction, the system will automatically be removed from the initiator of the transaction Commission in the amount of about 0.3 XEM.

We will remind, in March of this year, the Chairman of the Central election Commission of the Russian Federation Ella Pamfilova said that the next presidential elections in Russia, which will take place in 2024, can get by with using blockchain technology. And in July in the Swiss city of Zug is the first stage of the trial the local elections, which was first carried out using blockchain technology.


The crypto currency exchange Coincheck in the 3rd quarter of increased losses

Japanese cryptocurrency exchange Coincheck has increased its losses in the second quarter of the fiscal year (third calendar quarter), said the owner of the platform — Monex Group is in the published financial results.

Hacked in January by $540 million crypto currency exchange was acquired by a major Japanese online brokerage Monex Group in April. Since then, the company’s financial statements appeared to — cryptocurrency assets.

In the third quarter under this section Monex Group recorded operating income of 315 million yen ($2.81 million), but net losses totaled 588 million yen, or $5.24 million the group’s Consolidated profit in all markets for the quarter amounted to 549 million yen, or $4.89 million

In the second quarter of the year the losses Monex Group from the activities of the crypto currency exchange was almost two times less ($2,31 million). But operating income after deducting expenses and cost of sales totalled $8, 39 million — almost three times higher than a quarter later.

All Monex Group, after the acquisition of Coincheck for $33,4 million, has suffered from its activity loss of about $7.5 million, According to CoinMarketCap, the average daily trading volume on the platform is around $6 million According to the report of Monex, Coincheck has 1.7 million users.

As noted in the document Monex Group, limit the income Coincheck has led to the suspension of trading after hacking, as well as the costs of improving management, internal control and audit.

We will remind that the head of Monex Group Oki Matsumoto (Oki Matsumoto) after the purchase Coincheck has stated that cryptocurrency can “fly” as well as financial derivatives 38 years ago. Thus, in his opinion, the crypto currency exchange should be regulated by stricter banking regulations.


The securities Commission Malaysia has warned of the risk of ICO

The securities Commission Malaysia (SC) has issued a warning to investors about the potential risks related to ICO.

The regulator drew attention to the fact that investors can be involved in fraud, laundering of funds obtained unlawfully and the financing of terrorism.

Companies that overlook the ICO, may be outside Malaysia, this complicates their identification and makes it impossible, if necessary, a refund in the Malaysian jurisdiction. Trade tokens in the secondary market can also cause lack of liquidity or volatility, and opacity of prices. And the structure of the ICO could limit the legal protection of investors.

Investors who intend to purchase tokens, it is recommended to use professional advice. In addition, it is important to examine the whitepaper, because it can be a disclaimer, that is, the release of the Issuer from certain duties and obligations to the user.

Recall that the head of the Commission on securities and exchange Commission (SEC), Jay Clayton (Jay Clayton) believes that regulators should pay more attention to the explanation to investors of the risks associated with cybercrime, and new technologies used by scammers.


The stress test revealed BitPico centralization of Bitcoin Cash

A group of bitcoin developers and miners BitPico said that the stress test in the network of Bitcoin Cash revealed evidence of centralization of nod Aldona.

According to BitPico, 98% of the available gcd «is located in one server rack».

Attaching a screenshot of the results obtained, the group urged representatives of the Bitcoin Cash to explain the centralization of nod.

BitPico turned their attention to Bitcoin Cash in the last month – once conducted a similar test in Lightning Network.

The group ran a stress test in June, saying that within six weeks, plans to collect five thousand «attacking node».

«It is unlikely in Bitcoin Cash understand how easy it is to bring down their network».

If the information that nodes of Bitcoin Cash is in one place, will be confirmed, it will become another link in the long chain of allegations of insufficient decentralization of the network BCH.

In December 2017, when bitcoin price reached a record $20 thousand, well-known cryptographer and a pioneer in the field of smart contracts Nick Szabo Bitcoin Cash called «centralized virtual» after it emerged that more than half of the network nodes were located on servers of Alibaba. For comparison, the figure of Bitcoin at that time was 2%.

We will remind that in September in the Bitcoin Cash will be held another stress test, in which the team that manages the site BCH Day Stress Test, plans to process millions of transactions in a single day.


The leaders of the bitcoin exchange Komid received prison terms for falsifying trading volumes

The two leaders of the South Korean crypto currency exchange Komid was sentenced to prison for falsifying trading volumes. Cointelegraph reported, citing a local source.

So, exchange CEO by the name of Choi received three years in prison. Another representative of Komid received two years imprisonment for fraud, embezzlement of funds and other misconduct.

According to Korean authorities, the exchange has fabricated 5 million transactions in order to artificially increase trading volumes. The company used a special bot that automatically generate large orders that attracted users. This scheme has brought the management of the exchange of $45 million.

«Choi for a long time has acted fraudulently in relation to the huge number of victims», — stated in court documents.

We will remind, in the autumn of last year, under pressure from the South Korean authorities closed the exchange Zeniex that launched the country’s first cryptocurrency Crypto ZXG Fund fund No 1.


Thomson Reuters creates new sentiment of the cryptocurrency market

The media Corporation Thomson Reuters, and the company Marketpsych Data will begin to track sentiment cryptocurrency investors with a new index. For this, they expect real-time monitor and assess information from more than 400 new sources and pages in social networks and to reduce the data obtained in the 3.0 Marketpsych index (TRMI), which currently works only with bitcoin. TRMI v3.0 will also cover the securities market with the fixed income and stock market indices for the 61 economic community and the Euro zone.

It is expected that the knowledge of the latest trends, rumors and emotional moods of the audience will help the traders to make correct decisions. For example, the hedging of risks can be associated with indicators of fear and greed of investors.

According to representatives of Thomson Reuters, today, the news and social media are driven by processes of investment and risk management as never before. And the more difficult becomes the financial market, the greater the necessary tools for its analysis. MarketPsych 3.0 is considered as “another layer of intelligence.”

Recall that a financial analyst and former chief strategist at JPMorgan Chase Tom Lee (Tom Lee) has developed a new “misery index” that allows investors to determine the potential of investment in bitcoin.

Thomson Reuters publishes daily information about prices for bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple and Bitcoin is Cash, and in December 2017 has added support for Bitcoin Cash on the platform, Eikon, Bloomberg Terminal competitor. Through the terminal Thomson Reuters Eikon you can also monitor the rates of bitcoin and Ethereum.


The next presidential elections in Russia may be on the blockchain

Chairman of the Central election Commission of the Russian Federation Ella Pamfilova said that the next presidential elections in Russia, which will take place in 2024, can get by with using blockchain technology.

«Maybe the next election we will be on the basis of the blockchain», – she told reporters.

We will remind, in October, Pamfilova said that the blockchain technology can be used to prevent fraud are already in the elections of 2018. In particular, when conducting early voting.

Meanwhile, the all-Russia centre of studying of public opinion (VTSIOM) used elements of blockchain technology in the conduct of exit polls (exit poll) for the elections held on 18 March.

And earlier this month Sierra Leone received the world’s first presidential elections on the blockchain. Technological partner is the Swiss company Agora.

Russian presidential elections were held on March 18. The final results must be determined before March 29.


Coinbase has not found evidence of insider trading Bitcoin Cash

American cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has completed independent internal investigation, having come to the conclusion that the employees of the company and was not engaged in insider trading of Bitcoin Cash. The trial began in December of last year from-for sharp growth of this cryptocurrency to the official announcement about the addition of the asset on Coinbase and GDAX and was conducted by two law firms.

Recall that in December 2017 entrepreneur and cryptoanalysis albert Renshaw discovered the possible evidence of insider trading Bitcoin Cash on the basis of information about the upcoming add on Coinbase cryptocurrency and GDAX.

The head of Coinbase Brian Armstrong (Brian Armstrong) in the same period stated that the employees of the exchange were forbidden to trade Bitcoin for Cash or disclose non-public information about the launch of a new product within a month, and has promised to review the situation and to dismiss the one who could afford to violate the policy of the crypto currency exchange. In March against the pad and its leaders had filed the appropriate action.


The Finance Ministry of South Korea: ban on the cryptocurrency trading will not be

The Finance Minister of South Korea Kim Dong-Yon (Kim Dong-yeon) confirmed that the government has no plans to ban the cryptocurrency trading and closing of the crypto currency exchange. Instead, it will focus on the regulation of these sites.

«We do not intend to prohibit or suppress the cryptocurrency [market],» said the official.

After several weeks of uncertainty and panic among Korean captainvalor, as well as expectations that the South Korean authorities will follow the Chinese script in the question of the regulation of cryptocurrencies, the Ministry of Finance finally dispelled these fears.

Recall that earlier this month the Ministry of justice of South Korea announced their plans for a complete ban on the cryptocurrency trade. A few days later Secretary of the administration of President Jeong-Ki Jung has assured that the government will not prohibit the cryptocurrency trading in the near future.

The idea of a total ban kriptoloji received almost no support from other ministries, including the Ministry of Finance. Not support it and the Commission on fair trade. The Minister , Kim sang-Jo (Kim Sang-Jo) stated that the adoption of such measures would be illegal.

Recall that at the present time in South Korea is under investigation on charges of illegal exchange of $600 million with the use of cryptocurrency.


One of the creators of the website got rid of their bitcoins

One of the creators of the website and founder of Swedish bitcoin exchange Safello , Emil Oldenburg (Oldenburg Emil) sold all his bitcoins because he believes that they are “as good as useless.”

In comments to Swedish website Breakit he expressed confidence that other people will come to this conclusion, considering the high transaction fees and slow the process of their confirmation in the “old” network of bitcoin. While supporters of the cryptocurrency it calls “fanatical Taliban of bitcoin” and sees prospects in the development of Bitcoin Cash.

I would say that investing in bitcoin now are the most risky of those that you can do. There are extremely high risks.

Oldenburg believes that many holders of bitcoin do not understand these risks because they purchased pricevalue, but never sold and not traded.

Once they understand how it works, they will begin to sell it.

Recall that the site there is in 2015. At the end of November the team released a new version of Google wallet for iOS, where the default is to create a Bitcoin wallet Cash, and further the first proposed to use a Bitcoin wallet Cash.