On the website «bishkekglavarhitektury» secretly mined cryptocurrency

In the capital of Kyrgyzstan on the website of the municipal enterprise “Bishkekglavarchitecture” revealed the activity of the hidden miners, mining cryptocurrency. Failed to detect them using blocker AdGuard and NoCoin, and exploring ishodnogo code of the page. An hour after the dissemination of information about the discovery of the miners, the site was closed for technical reasons.

Recall that in Japan, an unemployed resident of the city of Amagasaki was sentenced to a year in prison suspended for 3 years for hidden mining comptability. In China, a group of hackers together with the company for computer equipment maintenance during the year produced $800 thousand in Siacoin in an Internet cafe in 30 cities of the country. And in Russia 40% of study participants Avast said that is not afraid of the hidden mining


Online service for auto repair CarFix goes to ICO

The Russian online service for auto repair CarFix coming out in November on ICO through the Estonian company OU VLBToken, reports “Kommersant”. The company’s goal is to raise $100 million to create and launch blockchain-based platform for auto insurance — VLB Token.

It is expected that by storing on the blockchain-platforme transparent vehicle history, including information about the repairs, insurance claims, the history of ownership, liens and fines, you can expect to lower the cost of insurance.

Founder CarFix Oscar Hartman believes that such a platform can be interesting for car owners, corporate fleets, service stations, manufacturers and distributors of spare parts, automakers, insurance companies, credit institutions and government agencies.

To conduct the ICO’s own project team and Qiwi Blockchain Technologies will go to about $1 million project became co-founder of Qiwi Sergey Solonin and CEO of the company “Sberbank Insurance” Hannes Chopra, and partners Solonin and development Director of Qiwi technology and project developer MasterChain Alexey Arkhipov.

“The insurance companies… will be able to optimize the process damages in insured cases through transparent relations with its garages and parts suppliers.

In addition, the blockchain will allow you to effectively manage the insurance risks through a more precise calculation of the insurance premium,” — said Hannes Chopra.

From a survey the publication conducted among representatives of the automotive industry, visible to the ambiguous evaluation of the project. For example, some experts believe that the transparency of the history of the car is provided with electric vehicles and service books, and the accuracy of the data — systems connected car and telematics.

Recall that in Moscow are prepared to transfer on the blockchain real estate register. The introduction of blockchain technology also took up the Post of Russia.


The largest investment firm of Brazil, will trade bitcoins

The largest Brazilian investment company XP Investimentos is about to enter into the cryptocurrency market and start brokerage bitcoin platform.

XP Investimentos, which manages more than $35 billion to about 500 million customers, has already registered the company XDEX INTERMEDIACAO LTDA with registered capital of $7.3 million.

On the new site trading bitcoins is little known, but local press says that the service will focus on the market.

“It is unknown what services will provide a new exchange. The source, who requested anonymity, said that the activities will be carried out on so-called OTC market. That is: focused on the movement of large amounts of capital and BTC,” — said the publication Portal do Bitcoin.

The investment firm has been consistently moving in the direction of the cryptocurrency space since last fall, when he registered the brand XP Bitcoin. Press on the arising issues in the company then explained that they study the cryptocurrency markets. A month later, hired XP Investimentos in Brazil known expert on bitcoin and economist Fernando Ulrich (Fernando Ulrich).

Recall that in January this year, the Commission on securities and exchange Commission of Brazil (CVM) has forbidden local mutual funds directly to buy cryptocurrency assets. Earlier, the head of the Brazilian Central Bank Goldfine Ilan (Ilan Goldfajn) critical about the cryptocurrency and likened bitcoin to a Ponzi scheme.


Study: 54% of kryptomere there are problems with the security of user accounts

Despite the fact that over the last 8 years was recorded 31 the hacking incident cryptocurrency exchanges with a total damage of $1.3 billion, many of them are still serious security holes noted in the new study, the rating agencies ICOrating.

The company’s specialists have analyzed the cyber security measures 100 cryptocurrency exchanges, daily trading volume exceeds $1 million Possible vulnerabilities were divided into 4 main sections:

  • console error;
  • security of user accounts;
  • the security Registrar and the domain.
  • the security of web protocols.

On the first point, the researchers noticed that the errors in the code are not critical, although in some cases can lead to data loss. However, 32% of cryptomonas the code contains errors which can cause some problems with functioning.

Security of user accounts on exchanges specialists ICOrating allocated four points, which got the following results:

  • 41% of the exchanges allows you to use passwords with a number symbol less than 8;
  • 37% of the exchanges are allowed to use passwords only letters and numbers.
  • 5% of the sites, you can create an account without confirming via email;
  • 3% exchanges missing two-factor authentication.

Only 46% got a rating company kryptomere meet all four parameters, said the authors of the report.

The researchers ‘ findings on the security problems of the domain of kryptomere was extremely disappointing. Only 2% use the lock registry, only 10% used DNSSEC prevents DNS spoofing. Overall, only 4% of the exchanges demonstrated the best practice in this area.

ICOrating ranked studied exchange on the typed points, the maximum number was 100. Topped the rating of Coinbase with 89 points, should be placed Kraken (80 points), Bitmex and GOPAX (78). Rounded out the list of platform OKCoin with 15 points.

It is not surprising that hacked in September at $59 million Japanese crypto currency exchange Zaif was in the rating of the security ICOrating 89 place with 29 points out of 100. Slightly higher — 78 place with 34 points, setting Bithumb, which the hackers in June kidnapped cryptocurrency at $31 million.


In China, the police seized 600 mining computers

In the North-East of China, the police arrested one miner and start an investigation against another five of the biggest theft elektroenergii in Tianjin and related interruptions of the local power. However, law enforcement authorities confiscated 600 pieces of mining equipment and 6 air conditioners increased power.

As found by the representatives of the local electricity supplier, a sharp jump in the power grid and a significant loss of energy in one of the electrical lines, which were observed recently was related to the fact that the miners of cryptocurrencies closed the counter in the junction box of one of the electrical consumers and thus tried mine cryptocurrency, saving up to several hundred yuan per month.

Recall that in early April the utility (PUD) Chelan County amerikanskogo Washington state disconnected from energosnabzhenie three mining sites: the apartment in Wenatchee, in the house in Malaga and the mini store in Silane — because “they used the power sufficient to create risk of fire to neighbours and damage to network equipment that is not designed for such loads”. The service has identified 28 illegal mining sites, 9 of them were closed in March.


The exchange Poloniex is holding funds of Russian users?

Many Russian users of the exchange Poloniex are unable to withdraw their funds. This was announced by the founder of blockchain startup Soundchain Artem Abaev.

Faced with the problem of withdrawal of funds, project staff analyzed the public space on the branches Reddit and other forums and came to the conclusion that their startup is not the only one who suffered. The problem is widespread.

1 Aug exchange Poloniex has changed the rules of using, adding two new paragraphs.

«You warrant that you are:

(a) are under control, as a citizen or resident of the country to which the U.S. imposed trade embargo;

(b) is defined as a «specially designated person» (Specially Designated National) or (c) are in the «list of excluded persons», compiled by the U.S. Department of Commerce», — stated in clause 1 of the updated Rules.

In this regard, a startup Soundchain initiated the closure of your account and a withdrawal. And received this response:

The startup team immediately responded and attached a screenshot of the impossibility of an independent output, so that the output confirmation in the mail do not work. After that support is no longer responding Soundchain.

«We are faced with the problem of withdrawal of all the funds our project on account of our chief financial officer from the exchange Poloniex. As a result, our operations may soon be frozen, because Poloniex exchange does not give us the withdraw for unknown reasons. The funds we collected during the pre-sale among his friends and was planning to spend on the launch of round 1 funding of our project, scaling teams and preparation for public presentation of the project. We rent the office, we need to pay rent, staff salaries. Our problems do not matter. Technical support of the exchange Poloniex is not responding to our requests.»

Now the startup team is preparing a website to inform the community about the problem and gathers information from other victims. Messages are accepted by email: reg@soundchain.org. To systematize the data requested to complete the questionnaire.

Soundchain admits that the issue affected a small number of the total number of users of the exchange.


Google introduces new rules to protect Chrome users from cryptogamica

Google announced the tightening of requirements for placement of extensions for the Chrome browser in the Chrome Web Store, and also intends to make adjustments to the rules for developers creating products requiring elevated privileges. It is expected that such measures will help to protect users from “improper operation” of extensions and malware, including hidden miners and tools used to hack your PC and steal your money.

So, in the Chrome Web Store is now forbidden to post extensions with hidden features or complicated code: the developers doubtful applications has 90 days to comply with the new requirements of Google. In addition, starting next year, the extension developers will have to use two-factor authentication, to reduce the risk of substitution of their products in the store.

However, starting with version Chrome 70, which is now in beta testing, users will be able to restrict the extensions to a list of sites and set access to them after confirming proper authorization. The “suited” to be verified by a more complex procedure.

Representatives of the company noted: for them it is very important that users can trust the extensions that are installed, and to be confident in their safety, reliability in the protection of personal data and efficiency.

“The range of possibilities of installed extensions and data access for users should always be transparent,” – said in Google.

Recall that Google introduced a ban on adding in the Chrome Web Store extensions designed for cryptocurrency mining, from 2 April this year. And in July, Google Play has updated the policy Center for developers, adding new categories of prohibited content. So the opportunity to get to the store lost application for mining cryptocurrency on the device, although the application, “regulating mining distantly,” remain available to users.


Why traditional banks hate bitcoin?

A number of regulators around the world banned the cryptocurrency or ICO. Why? Because this new world was so large, that it already cannot be ignored. And he began to accumulate real resources. Those steps look like the desire to own these resources, monitor their distribution, but the reluctance to understand the nature of new things and take risk. But it is impossible — to create something new, a new value, which was not yet, need to take risks. It’s the law. Or someone just wants to be safe just in case. Let’s be honest — is that so?

Almost all major banks refuse to take money after the conversion of crypto currency in my account. Let’s call a spade a spade — traditional banks hate bitcoin. But this hatred is not born of malice, and UN-understandable, fear of uncertainty and laziness. When the Bank receives the money after the conversion of cryptocurrency — they get to control compliance.

They sit «experienced» employees who simply do not understand what it is and where it came from. And then comes the silliest thing: if these employees will spend time to understand the issue, their is no «praise» (so they have no motivation), but if they go wrong — they would be fired. Don’t you think there’s something wrong?

Let’s be honest — traditional banks hate you.

Capitalization of bitcoin is around $70 billion, capitalize of the ether in the neighborhood of $30 billion, the total value of attracted funds in the framework of the ICO — more than $2 billion And you all (Yes, all of you) no one is waiting.

If you convert the cryptocurrency into Fiat and transfer to the Bank account of less than $50 thousand, most likely, everything will go smoothly and you will go to the market to say that there are no problems and everything works smoothly. If you are converting from $100 to $300 thousand — there is already a situation of 50: 50.

But if more than $500 thousand then just plucked the compliance of your Bank. KYC, AML, sources of income — it would be good that everyone’s been asking, if they worked more technologically advanced and if they really wanted to deal with.

But in your question nobody wants to understand — so keep your «freeze the account» and «notification of closing within 30 days.»
Is there any workarounds? Of course. On each page-two questions to answer 10-20 pages of meticulous and detailed answers — and to take the Bank down. But for that you have to handle large amounts — because you will have to spend considerably more on their own back-office (lawyers and accountants). To do this:

• Gather and neatly store all the pieces of paper, e-statements and screenshots of all transactions of mining, obtaining, buying and selling of cryptocurrency.
• Quickly throw asking questions with comprehensive explanations (with diagrams and conclusions), what is the blockchain, cryptocurrencies and ICO.
• Explain how you held yourself and how you spend for their contractors procedures KYC, AML, source of funds.
• Conduct a full review and conclusion by working with partner exchanges to work with.
• Hire a major auditing company (like Deloitte or E&Y), which for $30-50 thousand verify for you: what do you do for the business with whom you work, where you have cryptocurrency and you then spend Fiat money.
• Every time come up with different purposes payments from your Bank — because «receiving Bank» also there will be questions on the origin of the funds, and the regular similar transaction with the same justification will cause issues.

Or find some suspicious Bank in a third world country that won’t ask questions. But in reality, they are not going anywhere — every time you will be paying from this Bank out, they will be born.

And then you need to decide: do you want to be as inconspicuous as possible, not attracting attention, and constantly from everyone run to you no questions asked, or you legally earned their money and want to engage in the construction of new services and the new economy, and not to waste time and resources on all sorts of political and bureaucratic nonsense?

Why the existing crypto-wallets and crypto-card can’t solve this problem? As this half-hearted solution is to glue more and more patches on the arm, mortified. You depend on a partner Bank where you do it.

And if you achieve some large amounts within its cash flow (and in fact the business strategy of banks-partners agree to such additional risk, is to «drown» your transactions in the core business, to avoid being noticed, but at the risk of receiving additional income), it does not negate the risk that the Bank and his older brothers (regulators and correspondent banks) will not be asked suddenly to work with you.

Check the limits on spending on such cards is great that these cards actually are, but the limits on them allows you to buy painless just coffee and t-shirts. For larger purchases or to conduct a full-fledged business such limits will not work. They only work with retail clients. What’s a company to do? Freelancers or entrepreneurs?

To give life to the new economy, only giving her a degree of freedom — the opportunity to take a risk, to try, to make mistakes and not be punished. Fear of making mistakes destroys any innovation is a proven axiom.

I must admit that the old rules and regulation if we really want to grow something new and useful to society, do not work. And new still do not, they have to create. So the regulator should regulate with caution and not as a judge but as a mentor.

Realizing that rules are only formed — you can’t punish the players for what was done before their introduction. You can’t regulate too hard that have not yet appeared and has not formed — so you can only kill.

We would like that if the regulation is in conflict with the logic, progress and benefits to customers — such regulation must be changed. Rules are not the Bible, they invented with an eye on yesterday, not tomorrow. They are created to help achieve any goal, and if the purpose changes, then the rules must change.

«Generation bubble» is not against the rules and regulation — but just for the fact that with existing financial institutions (or resistance) to form a new one. Because the old rules are not suitable for the new economy.

Sign this petition to Change.org to show that we are not alone. Try to correct the situation, identifying questions that concern us, problems that we would like to solve, and the principles on which to find consensus and dialogue.


Morgan Stanley intends to offer customers trading swaps on bitcoin

Morgan Stanley plans to launch trading of complex derivatives tied to bitcoin, reports Bloomberg, citing its own sources.

Customers will be able to take a long or short position at a price the first cryptocurrency using the so-called total return swaps (price return swap), and the Bank will charge a Commission for each transaction. Directly Morgan Stanley bitcoin intends to trade, swaps are tied to the futures BTC, said a source.

He added that technically to launch bitcoin derivatives at Morgan Stanley all prepared. Trade can be started after confirmation of demand from institutional clients and the completion of the internal approval process.

Recall that back in January, Morgan Stanley followed by Goldman Sachs, TD Ameritrade and E*Trade began to provide services for the clearing South of the bitcoin CME Group and Cboe due to demand from clients. Later analysts said that bitcoin is repeating the dot-com bubble, only faster. However, in may they came to the conclusion that the use of cryptocurrency in the future will help Central Banks to lower interest rates.

In August, for the position of head of division on work with the markets of digital assets Morgan Stanley was appointed Andrew Saw (Andrew Peel) — former Vice President of Credit Suisse, which in 2013 considers himself an expert and advocate of CryptoRandom.


American Express is testing blockchain technology reward program customers

Financial services company American Express (AmEx) is testing blockchain-based application Hyperledger from the Linux Foundation that would reward deiatelei payment cards for the purchase of goods in the stores of its partners.

The first took part in the program online store, Boxed that charges a fee for the purchase of soap nuts, cereals and other small goods. In the near future a number of shopping sites participating in the program will be significantly increased.

New solution allows merchants to increase engagement with customers-AmEx cardholders, offering them tailored specifically for them, the goods and the “target products”, taking into account, for example, time offers, and other parameters. AmEx partners can choose the demand for which products they would like to increase that way, but they are not allowed to utilize tobacco and alcohol products, as well as firearms.

Recall that in October last year it became known that the division of AmEx, specializing in the travel market, has applied for a patent that describes a concept, whereby customers are offered personalized types of rewards (points, virtual currency) based on information such as payment history, etc. the Technology of the blockchain is mentioned in the application as one of the possible approaches to the storage and updating of information.