Adviser Board: What is ICO-marketing and how to promote tocancel


Market ICO marketing is changing is that we are not weekly: there are new ways of attracting investors, and some courts, on the contrary, cease to bring in the desired traffic. How to circumvent difficulties arising in the practical implementation of marketing strategy, tells in his column Mufassir Hossein — investor, marketer and ICO-adviser, one of the top world experts in marketing and PR ICO version ICObench.

ICO-marketing… Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? According to the analysis, recently organized at 30-40 ICO a day. How to survive and not get lost in the crowd? It’s a great question. That’s why I decided to start a column with the basic concepts ICO-marketing, as one of the most important components of the process ICO.

Why 90% of ICO do not achieve their collection targets and do not get the desired coverage? Think about it: 90% of projects fail, despite having the best technology and clear vision for the future of the product.

Of course, many startups fail to cope with the ICO due to the lack of budgets. Some like the budgets are, but it is not clear how to spend it: the result is a significant amount of merge activity that do not work and do not bring effect. I will try to keep you from these mistakes and help you to safely and effectively carry out marketing ICO.

Let’s start with the paid and free market opportunities. Imagine that you implement a marketing strategy without a penny and all for free. Where to start?

 Create project accounts in all social networks (Facebook, Steemit, Quora, Twitter, LinkedIn and so on) and start to generate good content.

 Run the bounty program and airdrop.

 Turn the bounty into different languages.

 Create a chat room in the Telegram for communication with the community from different countries (don’t forget China, Korea and other countries in South Asia).

 Add ICO to the listing sites and calendars, many of them provide a free publication.

 Try to create unique content and share it with members of the bounty for distribution.

 Share project news in the crypto groups on LinkedIn and Facebook (content and title must be unique, otherwise the post will not pass moderation).

 Try to negotiate with influential people from the industry to give a review to your project (this can be a review on YouTube or an article in a personal blog that can then be also spread).

Having completed all these steps, you will receive some coverage, which can already bring the first investment. Use them to implement pay activities stipulated in the marketing plan. Paid marketing plays a major role in the promotion of any ICO: it can either create around a project of unprecedented hype, or wrap everything so that you will join the ranks of losers.

Don’t forget that it is extremely important to reach out to private investors. What might attract them, depends on the list of important factors:

 The presence of the business plan and presentation (95% of the ICO do not have a clear business strategy and largely for this reason, they fail to raise the necessary funds);

 Road map for the implementation of the project;

 The structure of the token;

 Marketing analysis (and plans for the promotion of your ICO or blockchain startup);

 Simple and nice white paper (with financial, marketing, and prospective analysis);

 Onepager, representing all necessary information on one page.

 Good explainer videos that will attract investors;

 Analysis of ROI.

If you have all of the above is available, can apply in the venture capital and hedge funds. The same success criteria applicable to the promotion of pre-ICO.

My main advice for today: when starting to implement the ICO, make sure that you have collected all the documents, performed the necessary analysis and drawn up a clear plan of action.

In the next columns we will begin to delve into the specific processes that ICO-marketing. I will talk about interesting cases from practice, to share and lifehacks will help you to build a sound and working strategy.

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The representative of the «SKOLKOVO»: $300 million from the Russian ICO to hit «zero»

Russia has not received any financial gain from $300 million in the last two years have brought Russian start-UPS as a result of the initial placement of coins (ICO). About this at the meeting of the expert Council on the blockchain of the state Duma Committee said the Director of the center of financial technologies “SKOLKOVO” Foundation Pavel Novikov, reports RNS.

“At the moment, the $3.5 billion already raised through the ICO in the world. Russian teams have attracted about $300 million But in the Russia of the money came conventionally “zero”, — he said.

Novikov said that a large part of the funds raised via the ICO, comes to Switzerland. Developers prefer to register in this country because of the more favorable regulatory and tax environment, he explained.

SKOLKOVO has created a centre for the development of blockchain technology — a kind of experimental sandbox, said Novikov. According to him, a year ago in the Fund’s portfolio was not a single company that would deal with blockchain technology, or were planning to to ICO. This year such projects have 10 — five of the FINTECH sector, three from medical, one in telecommunications and the Internet of things, Novikov stressed.

“We support them and provide insurance. Sorry, we can’t recommend to stay in Russia, but I would like”, — stated the representative of the “SKOLKOVO”.

Earlier, the Russian Association of cryptocurrency and blockchain (RAKIB) estimated the losses of Russia only this year from a lack of legislation by the ICO in 18 billion rubles.

Recall that Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed to make amendments in the legislation governing the ICO to 1 July of the following year.


Poloniex announced the listing of the token project Cosmos

Cryptocurrency exchange Poloniex announced the listing of a private token of the Cosmos project, the launch of the first network which was held this Thursday.

«We are happy to take Cosmos to the family Poloniex and become the only exchange that allows members ICO Cosmos browse and get your tokens ATOM,» writes the exchange.

At the initial stage of launch, users have no possibility of transfer or exchange of the ATOM, but now those who bought tokens to ICO, can see them in their accounts. You need to enter the seed phrase from the appropriate wallet in the interface of the exchange. Poloniex notes that seed phrase is processed by the browser and are not stored by the company.

Poloniex promises to immediately open trades in pairs ATOM/BTC and ATOM/USDC, after the members of the Cosmos network will vote for the activation of translation tokens. It is expected that this will happen in a few weeks. Users who are interested in purchasing an ATOM, the exchange recommends that advance open and Fund a account.

Wednesday Poloniex announced the update of the engine, which led, in her words, to repeated increase in platform performance.


Revolut allowed users to buy bitcoins but there’s a catch

British FINTECH-startup Revolut with Russian roots opened to holders of standard accounts access to purchase bitcoin, Cash Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and XRP. However, users soon found that working with digital assets is limited.

As reported by the journal ForkLog one of the readers, no transactions except for the purchase, exchange cryptocurrency for Fiat and send to another user Revolut unavailable.

«You can not send a crypt on the other cryptomodule. Exchange to Fiat is done through the exchange of their companion and for this Revolut take 1.5%», — he wrote.

But the main concern of the reader is called to the fact that private keys to access your cryptocurrency is stored in a «wallet, belonging to the area».

Manager of public relations Revolut Kieran Wylie in the comment ForkLog confirmed that currently the platform does not support the transmission of cryptocurrency beyond it, such as external wallets. Did not refute the amount of the fee.

«Our course is based on data from cryptocurrency exchanges, with which we cooperate, plus a 1.5% margin to account for volatility,» he added.

Responding to a question of security Wiley, noted that the Revolut while not issuing a separate wallets.

«After the purchase, the cryptocurrency is securely stored in a «virtual» pool account, combining hot and cold wallets. It is a repository of private keys of the virtual currency. We have our own internal Ledger, which records your risk, which is reflected in cryptocurrency account in the app Revolut», — said the representative of the company.

The standard type of account Revolut provides the user with free access to platform services: current account in the UK and the international account number IBAN in Euro. In a month the client can no Commission to exchange up to £ 5,000 ($6640) and remove up to 200 pounds ($265). Now joined them, and work with digital assets.

Recall that in February representatives Revolut announced the recruitment of a team of hackers to hack their own system. Therefore, the company intends to identify the vulnerabilities of their IT systems.


Brock pierce: the best products in the field of cryptocurrencies are created in a bear market

A veteran of the bitcoin industry and former Chairman of the Bitcoin Foundation Brock pierce in an interview with Forbes magazine made some predictions for 2019, saying in particular that he expects the growth of decentralized applications (dApps), market growth STO and the industry of online games.


Decentralized applications based on platforms such as the EOS, Ethereum, Tron and Cardano has recently become more and more, and according to Brock pierce, in 2019, this market segment will show explosive growth.

«We see really great things that will be numerous applications with millions of users,» — said the businessman.

According to him, the fact that the market from the point of view of the prices has fallen, that only helps.

«When prices are high, is created not so much new… All suddenly become too rich and it demotivates people. The best that I have ever seen, created in a bear market,» says Pearce.

He also said there are three necessary conditions necessary to ensure that decentralized apps do found mass recognition.

«You need three things. They must be scalable, they should be cheap from the point of view of the commissions and easy to use. They should be fast. Nobody would use the Internet if it is slow, expensive and won’t scale. We are creating a new Internet, so you need to set new standards.»

According to Pierce, the blockchain projects of the third generation, which satisfy these requirements, today includes EOS, Tron and Cardano.


Also Brock pierce mentioned Security Token Offerings (STO), which are often considered a logical extension of the ICO model, offering a more secure environment for investment.

«Security tokens will be the beginning of a market worth many billions of dollars. We see the tokenization of Fiat money, debt markets, real estate, shares and art objects», — says pierce.

Noting that the ICO are unable to adequately protect market participants, he expressed the belief that in this respect, the STO will provide investors with a more quality experience.

The gaming industry

Another area which, in the opinion of the Pier, waiting for active growth, this industry blockchain-games.

«It will be a huge part of the whole process. Many of the early adopters of cryptocurrencies were gamers. That is why this area grew so Korea and China. It was the markets, where people played video games and bought and sold virtual currency for games like Second Life and World of Warcraft. It was the first wave, which gave impetus to the proliferation of cryptocurrencies, and therefore I think that games in all their forms – are one of the main drivers of the success of the entire ecosystem,» — said pierce.

Additionally, he noted, these applications of cryptocurrencies, as the instant messengers and p2p payments between individuals who do not have full access to banking services. According to Pierce, it is about two thirds of the world’s population, which creates huge opportunities for industry development.

We will remind, earlier this year, Pearce has proposed a plan to revive the exchange Mt. Gox. His statements, however, questioned the former head of the platform, mark Karpeles.


The regulator of Germany has warned about the «numerous risks» ICO

Federal financial Supervisory authority of Germany (BaFin) called the initial range of coins (ICO) “highly speculative investment” and warned investors about involving in it many risks.

The financial regulator urged investors to be careful about these risks and be prepared for a complete loss of money. A high level of public interest in the ICO also attracts fraudsters, said in a statement.

The obvious similarity of the terms «original proposal» and «initial public offering IPO» creates the false impression that the ICO is comparable to the share issue, said the administration. However, they do not correlate neither with legal, nor from a technical point of view.

According to BaFin, the main risks associated with participation in ICO, is of significant fluctuations in the price of tokens, the absence of a secondary market, the complexity of assessing the potential of the project for the technically untrained investor, insufficient or false information stated by the Issuer, the lack of protection of personal data.

“The ICO system vulnerability to fraud, money laundering and financing of terrorism increases the risk that investors will lose the invested amount. Especially because of the ability of the authorities to take the necessary action against the operators, other persons or entities involved in such illegal transactions,” — said in a statement.

Management has not announced any measures for the regulation of the ICO and promised to publish November 15, a new statement with more information.

“Before a consumer decides to participate in the ICO, it needs to ensure that fully understand the benefits and risks of a project or investment,” warned BaFin of investors.

Recall that in many countries, including USA, UK, Malaysia, Gibraltar, Russia and Dubai, the regulators issued similar statements. The authorities of China, South Korea and El Salvador banned the ICO.


Only 30% of owners use their cryptocurrency for payments

According to a recent survey, for 2018, only 30% of the owners of scriptaction sent them to third party accounts once a month and more often. Another 43% did so during the year several times, and 27% did not commit such a transaction, that is, 70% of owners of cryptocurrency rarely or never used the cryptocurrency for payments.

The survey, which was attended by 200 owners of scriptaction, was conducted by Foundation for Interwallet Operability (FIO) — a consortium of operators of cryptocurrency wallets, exchanges and payment systems. Respondents were asked questions about their transaction experience.

About half of the respondents purchased the cryptocurrency in the last two years, only about 26% owns digital assets over three years. 50% hold in wallets from one to five cryptocurrencies, 26% — up to 10 scriptaction, 13,6% — up to 20 coins.

One of the reasons why users do not use their cryptocurrency for payments, is that the majority continues to worry about the successful completion of the transaction. According to the survey by sending the funds, only 25% feel “very comfortable”, 58% describe the sensation as cautiously optimistic, 12% have some concern, and 5% nervous. It is not surprising that with the experience of cryptocurrency transactions are perceived safer among holding more than 3 years digital assets 40% do not feel any discomfort during the transaction, and the users up to 3 years, this figure drops to 21%.

Among the most frequent problems faced by users in the implementation of cryptocurrency transactions was unclear and called the high Commission, prolonged and indefinite terms of confirmation, as well as errors with the format of the addresses and purses/assets.

We will add that according to the survey, commissioned by the financial regulator in the UK, the majority of investors buying cryptocurrencies in anticipation of their price increase, not for use as means of payment.


Exchange Quoine found guilty in the cancellation of transactions for the sale of 1 ETH for 10 BTC

The international court of Singapore and the commercial Affairs recognized the bitcoin exchange Quoine is guilty in cancellation of the liquidity provider for the amount B2C2 3085 BTC. It is reported The Business Times.

According to the court, abolishing the transactions B2C2 «uncharacteristic» rate in April 2017, Quoine «violated the terms of the contract and failed to comply with its obligations.»

We will remind, then B2C2 created seven orders Ethereum 10 bitcoins per unit, which is 125 times higher than the exchange rate determined at that moment.

The funds were automatically deposited into an exchange account B2C2, and 308 ETH – charged. The next day Quoine rejected transactions and balances were put on the values to their conclusion.

«The purchase was only possible due to a system error in the Quoine, therefore, the seller suffered a loss from such transaction and canceled it,» — said the exchange then.

B2C2 through the court demanded to recover from Quoine 3085 BTC, because under the terms of the exchange agreement «had no right unilaterally to cancel the transaction after their conclusion».

However, the court, recognizing the exchange is guilty, did not agree with the amount of compensation, taking into account the «significantly increased» the rate of bitcoin of the filing of the claim. Its size will be determined during the next hearing.

Note that at the time of the transaction 3085 BTC was $3.7 million, at the current rate, this sum would amount to almost $12 million.

Representatives Quoine has not excluded that will appeal on this decision.


After several years of development Tendermint launched a cross-platform blockchain network Cosmos

Team Tendermint Inc. officially announced the launch of Cosmos Hub – the first of a series of the block chain Proof-of-Stake, which in the future will become part of the ecosystem Cosmos. Work on the project, which sought to ensure the compatibility of different blockchains – first Ethereum and bitcoin, was conducted over the last three years.

The production of blocks Cosmos Hub was launched on Wednesday, 13 March at 23:00 UTC, and as representatives of the project, since the process is in a stable mode.

Project launch also was broadcast online on Youtube.

Representatives Tendermint note that at the moment, users can’t exchange the tokens between blockchains or some other way to connect the Cosmos to the Hub to outside the block chain the validators have to vote for the activation of the Protocol Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC).

In comments to CoinDesk Director Tendermint by Zaki Manian noted that in February 2018, the set of development tools (SDK) is already used in the cryptocurrency industry, in particular, by the exchange Binance.

He also said that another important element that will help «at a fundamental level to remove obstacles to innovation» is the underlying Cosmos Hub mechanism consensus Tendermint Core.

«Of all of these structural elements can be assembled completely open financial system, which will be able to scale and will include separate specialized blackany to solve different problems,» said Zaki Manian.

The transaction with private token ATOM Cosmos network users is not yet available. These tokens will serve as collateral for validators, and currently they are used as a mechanism of choice of membership in Cosmos Network.

As soon as the system itself and a set of validators will be deemed stable enough, the token holders can vote for the start date of the transfers to the ATOM. Also after this we will conduct another vote regarding the connection to the Cosmos Hub of new blockchains and run swaps between RA cryptocurrency and are not interchangeable tokens.

Security Cosmos Hub currently provides about 70 validators. Also at this stage, all rewards are paid in ATOM, but in the future this may be used for other cryptocurrencies, in particular bitcoin or Ethereum.

We will remind, last year the Cosmos project has joined the initiative of the Ethereum Community Fund, which established a special Fund designed to accelerate the development of the blockchain infrastructure and decentralized applications.


SAFT-tocancel KodakCoin scheduled for may 21

Company WENN Digital, organizer ICO KodakCoin, has appointed start SAFT-licensee on may 21 to raise $50 million investment. The placement of a token (simple agreement for future tokens) suggests that to participate in it can only accredited investors. She’s chosen to completely eliminate the possibility of accusations of financial regulators: in the sale of unregistered securities.

Investors will offer SAFT-agreement at a price of $1 per contract on the platform Cointopia under the control of the companies Pickwick Capital Partners Capital and Exemplar.

According to the head of WENN Jana Denecke (Denecke Jan), the organizers have the task to hold tocancel “securely and transparently, demonstrating best practices that will give users confidence in kriptonyte”.

We will remind, recently there appeared the information that the scammers decided to take advantage of the prolonged January pause in the organization of the ICO project and tried to sell the tokens on its own resources. And in February, the investment Fund Kerrisdale Capital released a report which stated that blockchain project Kodak is a “Scam” for the “promotion of shares of the company close to bankruptcy”.