Media: FINRA blocks of the application CryptoStream due to the lack of certainty from the SEC

The Agency on regulation of activities of financial institutions (FINRA) delays decision-making on obtaining cryptocurrency companies licenses broker-dealers. So, at the moment of approval of such applications for a long time waiting for about 40 companies, according to CoinDesk.

The reason for the delay in the process is unofficial moratorium regulators for approval of applications from organizations involved in cryptonote, experts say. Some believe that FINRA is waiting for clear guidance from the Commission on securities and exchange Commission (SEC) regarding the capacity in which cryptocurrencies will be considered in U.S. law.

Note, despite the fact that the SEC has issued various instructions on the legal status of scriptaction, clear regulations in relation to the industry of digital assets is still lacking.

However, other analysts point out that such a delay is not surprising, as cryptocurrencies are still a relatively new asset class. Apparently, this view is shared by the FINRA:

«Applications for membership from companies offering to do business in the field of digital assets present new challenges and we are in the process of their solution», — said the Agency’s Director of media relations ray Pellechia.

It is worth noting that some of the companies are awaiting approval from FINRA for over a year. If the process will continue to tighten, these firms may make the decision to change the jurisdiction more friendly to kriptonyte.

It is important to emphasize that FINRA is a non-profit private organization, which says broker-dealers and licenses individuals to represent these firms. Technically FINRA may approve only broker-dealers but not qualified custodians. The Agency itself is controlled by SEC.

We will remind, last year FINRA has requested that all broker-dealers a detailed report of the involvement in the cryptocurrency sphere.

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French developers have set a date for hard forks Tezos

Non-profit organization Tezos Commons Foundation released an official statement about a potential hard forks the network, which can be initiated by a French group of developers OCamlPro, a grantee of the company.

As evidence the organization has published the text of the email, presumably sent to the newly registered cryptocurrency Fund Starchain Capital.

According to the document, the user OCamlPro and Starchain Capital announced a collaboration to develop and conduct in September 2019 fork of the blockchain Tezos called Dune Protocol. The letter also refers to the involvement of Starchain Capital «investment to Finance a private project.»

Representatives Tezos reminded that fork their blockchain can hold anyone. The problem, according to them, is “dishonest behavior management OCamlPro”.

«We found that this text also contains a number of inaccurate, to put it mildly, statements that are designed to exaggerate the role of leadership OCamlPro. They do not create OCaml, Fabrice [Le Fessant, founder and scientific Director OCamlPro] was not a «teacher» co-founder Tezos Arthur Breitman and chief engineers Tezos who initially worked at OCamlPro, is now working in Nomadic Labs, not OCamlPro», — noted in Tezos.

However, evidence whether the email is original or fake, are not yet available.

OCamlPro were participants of the fellowship program, Tezos and worked on projects, Liquidity and TzScan. However, OCamlPro has refused to fully divulge the code of their products, which is one of the conditions for obtaining grants. Tezos Foundation has announced the termination of funding OCamlPro, in the case of non-compliance in the second quarter of this year.

Recall that in March the blockchain-project Tezos completed the first round of voting for proposals to update the Protocol. Won offer ‘Athens, A’, received 18 181 voice.


The state Duma will consider the law on digital of financial assets over the next two weeks

The draft law «On digital of financial assets» may be adopted by the state Duma in the second reading within the next two weeks, said Deputy Finance Minister Alexei Moiseev. About it reports TASS.

«We had at last week’s meeting… generally agreed, is now the final text, look its all There…all the decisions were made, now look at the text, and in two weeks, I hope, will come to the adoption in the second reading», — said Moiseev.

In addition, he reported that separately passed the bill regulating the ICO, called «About alternative ways of attracting investment (crowdfunding)».

«There will be two laws: the law on crowdfunding, including ICO and the law on digital of financial assets that will be in the form approximately as it is now prepared for the second reading», — said Moiseev.

He also said that the taxation of cryptocurrency activities at the meeting were not discussed. He Moiseev noted that this is «normal human activity, it should be regulated like everything else.»

We will remind, the second reading of the draft law «On digital of financial assets» to be held in April, but it had to be postponed because of the requirements of FATF.


Parity has released the first alternative client for zcash for

Leading developer of solutions for the Ethereum ecosystem the company Parity Technologies has introduced the first alternative client for cryptocurrency zcash for.

A new client called Zebra is designed to enhance network security zcash for. So, if the original client Zcashd for any reason will not cope with the work, the blockchain will support nodes at the Zebra.

In addition, using an alternative client developers will be able to identify bugs and correct defects in the consensus.

«The community wins, as now more developers working on key clients, and therefore take into account the interests of more people. Zcash for now boasts a more diversified community that can effectively tailor the experience of the second level, and for end users,» said HUNDRED and Parity Technologies Fredrick Harrison.

Note, responsibility for the further development and support of Zebra will carry zcash for Foundation.

Recall that Parity creates the first alternative client for zcash for, it became known in March.


Return Hodlonaut: against Craig Wright filed the lawsuit in Norway

Twitter user Hodlonaut activated your profile and informed subscribers that have filed a lawsuit against a senior researcher of the company nChain Craig Wright, and thanked the bitcoin community for support.

Note that in April of Wright, who calls himself Satoshi Nakamoto, has confirmed his intention to file a lawsuit on protection of honor and dignity against Hodlonaut. He also announced a reward of 5000 BSV for any information about this man.

Edition CoinGeek affiliated with Craig, published alleged photos Hodlonaut, which show the extensive tattoos. The author bill Beatty wrote that the user intends to visit Honeybadger Baltic conference in Riga in September this year and offered to look for him among the people «with their sleeves.»

One of the supporters of the Wright managed to identify Hodlonaut and he published his personal data in the public domain, including your home address. The bitcoin community responded immediately — people started to change user names on «Hodlonaut», and avatars – the image of a cat in a spacesuit, showing solidarity.

A self-proclaimed bitcoin Creator Craig Wright has gone to war with community

I should add that after this incident, BSV were subjected to delisting on a number of major exchanges and exchange platforms.

Recall that Wright could face criminal liability if he does not provide data on its bitcoin capital as at 31 December 2013 to the Federal court for the southern district of Florida.


The trader predicts the rise of bitcoin to $62 000 by the end of October

The strengthening of the position of bitcoin creates conditions for the emergence of more aggressive predictions about the future dynamics of the movement of the coins.

Back in January, one analyst, who asked to remain anonymous, successfully predicted the trajectory of bitcoin from April to July. He said that BTC will first cross the milestone of $5300, and by mid-summer to be traded at $9200 and he was right.

In addition, an analyst has predicted breakthrough cryptocurrency to $16 000 by October 2019 and announced a continuing positive trend throughout next year.

However, in social networks from traders sound and more aggressive statements about the prospects of the coin. One of the optimists trader under the name Galaxy posted on Twitter, which announced the breakthrough of bitcoin, to $62 000 by the end of October.

Forecast initially perceived as fiction, but if you read the post Analytics, it is possible in it and believe.

Galaxy said that in 2017, we observed a similar trend, which resulted in the rise of bitcoin in a period of 147 days 570%. If to take as a basis the schedule of rate of the asset two years ago and project it to the current situation, we can expect an increase in the prices of bitcoin to $62 000 by the end of October.

Many Twitter users consider more or less realistic forecast of the trader, however, doubt the possibility of such an aggressive push coins. But there are those who claim that such predictions or not based on anything and publish them to the network only aims to increase the number of subscribers.


Facebook introduced the white paper wallet and their own cryptocurrency

Stable global cryptocurrency Libra. It is said on the official website of the new payment network on the basis of «secure, scalable and reliable blockchain». The cost of Libra is tied to the reserve assets that maintain its stability, and network management performs the same Libra Association.

So, each unit of Libra will be provided a basket of currencies and other assets, which together will form the Libra Reserve. Refers to Bank deposits and government securities from most trusted banks, that will provide low volatility. However, the cost of the token will not be tied to any Fiat currency.

At the initial stage, the operators of the node-validator the members-founders of the Libra Association, but then supposedly there will be a transition to decentralization. It is the intention of are able to evaluate the representatives of the community.

Among the founding members of the Association are Mastercard, PayPal, Visa, Booking Holdings, eBay, Facebook, Uber, Spotify, Vodafone, Coinbase, Xapo, and others famous company. However, no one in the organization can’t own more than 1% of the vote (and this applies to Facebook).

Libra Association will also hold the location of the security tokens called Token Libra Investment that will allow to raise funds from accredited investors who earn dividends from reserves.

Who will join the Association needs to invest $10 million, however, this rule does not apply to other non-profit organizations. The estimated annual cost of managing Noda will be $280 thousand.

It is noteworthy that the very Libra Association will not collect personal data of users and transactions in the network will pseudoanonymity [will be public addresses, timestamps, and amount]. While custodial wallets may be required to attend KYC-procedures.

Also on the site Libra a hosted implementation of the Protocol open-source Libra Core on the basis of the framework HotStuff from VMware in accordance with the Apache 2.0 license. The test network will be launched in the coming weeks, and a full-scale launch of cryptocurrency scheduled for 2020. We would add that the Protocol provides limited functionality in the context of smart contracts.

The Libra Blockchain by on Scribd

Simultaneously, Facebook introduced a mobile wallet Calibra, which will allow you to send tokens Libra via Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.

Calibra is a division of Facebook and a separate legal entity registered with FinCEN as a provider of financial services. The company has a permit to conduct activities throughout the United States.

The developers can create alternative wallets. This means that the Calibra is just the first such service.

LibraWhitePaper en-US by on Scribd


Ripple can invest $50 million in the MoneyGram system that uses the token XRP

California FINTECH-startup Ripple announced a strategic partnership with one of the world’s largest money transfer systems MoneyGram, under which it committed to invest up to $50 million through the purchase of shares. The focus of the new agreement is the product xRapid-based token XRP, which helps MoneyGram cheap to carry out cross-border payments.

So, in FINTECH-startups, said that the Commission in the Ripple network are negligible compared to other digital assets, where the figure can reach $30, and the transfer time is two or three seconds to 15 minutes, or even hours in other networks.

The MoneyGram system serves more than one million people in more than 200 countries. It must buy most of the foreign currencies in advance to carry the estimated obligations to customers.

Using the product xRapid, the system will be able to send funds in one currency and instantly calculate a recipient in another currency without the need of permanent pre-procurement. MoneyGram will be able to compare the financing terms with the design requirements, reducing costs and risks, and also improve your balance.

«Using xRapid we will be able to instantly convert US dollars into other currencies 24/7. It can radically change our business and simplify the management of global liquidity», — said CEO of MoneyGram Alex Holmes.

We will note, according to the Wall Street Journal, the Ripple will acquire the shares of a partner for $30 million at a price of $4,10. While MoneyGram will retain the right to sell startup shares at the same price by another $20 million if need be.

It is noteworthy that these figures are almost three times the market price of the asset (us$1.45) at the close of the stock market in the US June 17. However, during the closing period value of the asset increased by 153,79% to $3,68.

Data Google

In the community of the deal were skeptical, since the dynamics of the MoneyGram stock and debts of the company itself reaching, according to some, nearly $1 billion, saying that the very existence of this system in the commercial context is questionable.

Recall, MoneyGram and Ripple for the first time entered into a partnership in early 2018.


Platform for tokenization of real estate Fortem will hold the first in the European Union IEO on the stock exchange Coinsbit


Cryptocurrency exchange Coinsbit will hold the first primary in the European Union the exchange offer (IEO) blockchain platform Fortem, tokenizers the real estate market in Poland.

The project team is working for several years in the real estate market and manages a portfolio of size 155 million Polish zlotys (approximately $41 million).

«We have worked hard over the possibility of the launch of IEO over the past six months and happy to announce the first project on the site Coinsbit, who with our support will be able to bring your business to the international level», — comments the user Coinsbit.

Introducing innovative solutions for tokenization, Fortem intend to expand the range of potential customers and automate the interaction with investors through the use of token FCQ to work with the platform.

«Having significant experience in the real estate market, Fortem Capital decided to offer an innovative solution that will contribute to the increase in the number of investors, including retail, both from Poland and from abroad. This diversification of sources of capital makes the whole enterprise a more stable and improves the competitiveness of a token of the company (FCQ)», — informs the team Fortem.

The combination of technological solutions to not only expand our customer base by opening the market the Polish real estate for foreign investors, but also significantly reduce the Agency chain, which are forced to engage investors. Infrastructure Fortem will be focused not only on buyers, but also to the owners who plan to sell their property. The platform includes a basic Toolkit for the rapid assessment of the property, further management of existing assets, and profit from customer service.

Thus the final product will be presented in the form of infrastructure for registered investors and clients, which will be automated control lots, structured communication between business partners, accelerated the process of assessment of the proposed platform objects and implemented automatic reporting of operating profits from property management.

IEO Fortem will be held in single phase on 4th-7th July. During the IEO for sale 210 million tokens FCQ value of $0.2 each. The minimum amount of fees of $2 million, maximum — $42 million Distribution of tokens will occur within two weeks after the end of the IEO: will get a 10% team, 10% will be used for airdrop and bounty programs, the remaining 80% will be distributed through primary stock offers.

It is worth noting that earlier exchange Coinsbit added support for Fiat money through the affiliate processing, granting access to invest in IEO for traditional investors. Also, the exchange team announced the holding of four IEO during the summer of 2019, and in the third quarter of 2019 open service loans secured cryptocurrency.


Published white paper crypto-currencies from Facebook, and the official wallet

Stable global cryptocurrency Libra. It is said on the official website of the new payment network on the basis of «secure, scalable and reliable blockchain». The cost of Libra is tied to the reserve assets that maintain its stability, and network management performs the same Libra Association.

So, each unit of Libra will be backed by a basket of currencies and other assets, which together will form the Libra Reserve. At the initial stage, the operators of the node-validator the members-founders of the Libra Association, but then there will be a transition to decentralization.

Also on the site Libra a hosted implementation of the Protocol open-source Libra Core.

The Libra Blockchain by ForkLog on Scribd

Simultaneously, Facebook has introduced a wallet Calibra.

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