The network posted a video conversion tools in the «digital yuan»

Common portal 8BTC video shows the alleged conversion of the yuan in its digital version, which will be used to develop the Chinese Central Bank payment system (DCEP).

According to the newspaper initially, the video appeared on the social network WeChat.

In the video you can see how the user carries out the transfer of 50 yuan from the account on the wallet DCEP, which presumably developed Agricultural Bank of China (Agricultural Bank of China).

Forklog previously announced that the Bank started testing the application interface for DCEP. In may, the staff of the institution, as well as their colleagues from the Bank of China, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China and China Construction Bank was supposed to pay half of the transport subsidies in the digital currency of the Central Bank (CBDC). 19 shops and restaurants, including establishments networks for McDonald’s and Starbucks made the list of the participants testing the use of digital yuan.

We will remind, managing people’s Bank of China And Gan urged not to speculate on the imminent launch of digital yuan. According to him, the regulator has not approved the schedules, and even does not exclude that this does not happen.

On such step the head of the monetary authorities was prompted by the publication in the media. In comments, respondents edition of the insider claimed that the Chinese government has speeded up development and is already close to launching its own digital currency.


In Poolin said the reasons for the growth of bitcoin Hasrat

Recovery Hasrat bitcoin in the last few days related to the growth of mining in Sichuan, where he began the rainy season, and the fact that farm come new flagship ASIC-miners. This opinion was expressed by Vice-President pool Poolin Alejandro De La Torre.

The computing power of the bitcoin network immediately after halving have fallen by 16% and continued to fall. According BitinfoCharts, low reached 84 EH/s, the current value of 107.4 EH/s.

Source: BitinfoCharts

According to Chinese media, the delivery time presented in March series S9 Antminer from Bitmain was marked from 11 to 20 may. Competing asik line Whatsminer M30 production MicroBT was delivered a month earlier. According to analysts, it is the flagship of the series, Whatsminer M30S ++ and Antminer S19 Pro, are now the most profitable for miners.

Alejandro De La Torre noted that Poolin almost regained Herat, after the fall, followed alvingham. This trend is followed by the majority of other pools, he added.

Hasrat Poolin. Source: Twitter

To further the growth of computing power of the bitcoin network the positive impact expected next week, the recalculation of difficulty of mining. The decline in the percentage could be one of the most significant in the history of the first crypto-currencies, said De La Torre.

As a result of previous adjustments to the difficulty fell by 6% to 15.13 MT, which allowed the miners to return to the network part of the equipment is disabled due to unprofitability. In early March, the index reached a historic high level 16,55 T. predicts a decrease of 6.3% during the next recalculation.

We will remind, on the recovery Hasrat bitcoin price cryptocurrency back to levels around $9500 per coin.


Guide for the novice capturadora

Halving the Bitcoin network has become one of the key events on the stock market, which has fuelled interest not only old players, but also caused the release of a new. This is evidenced by recent data about the growing demand for crypto-assets on top cryptomeria such as Bithumb Global. For those who are only acquainted with the stock market and want to try their hand at trading in a new asset class, tell you what tools offer the crypto currency exchange and how to use them in cryptotrading.

To start trading cryptocurrencies, you need to select:

  • The crypto — there are several types cryptocell: hot, cold, desktop, mobile and paper. They all provide different levels of security and convenience. The best option storage of cryptocurrency is to use two different wallets — hot and cold. So do most large companies working with digital assets.
  • The crypto currency exchange and trading platform, which will allow you to trade, buy and sell cryptocurrencies. Such platforms can be centralized (CEX), decentralized (DEX), or hybrid, combining the quality of CEX and DEX.
  • Criptoportico is a collection of crypto-assets that are collected for profit. It is best to form it in three stages: part of the currency of long-term storage (1 year and longer) part of a medium contribution (up to six months) and the Deposit for the trade for several days or weeks. Getting cryptotrading, it is advisable to diversify their investments in Deposit for trading, paying attention not only on the potential for particular coins, but also to those ways of earning offered by the stock market. Experts advise in the initial stages to select assets from the top-10 by market capitalization.


Order — a request by a trader to deal with cryptocurrency. Orders are divided into market — purchase (Buy) or sell (Sell) and pending requests for transaction at non-market price, waiting for when she will be at the desired level. For pending orders are:

  • Limit (Limit) — for sale/buy at a price above/below the current market price
  • Stop loss (Stop loss) orders to limit loss
  • Take profit (Take profit) order to limit profits

The market-maker and market-teyker (Market maker and taker) is the market participants that create and receive orders. A market maker creates a new request transaction, increases turnover and raises the liquidity of the crypto-asset, with the host market-teyker displays the asset turnover, lowering its liquidity. In this connection, some cryptomeria for makers and takerow introduced different fee.

Exchange depth or the order Book (Order Book) — table of limit orders, which displays the nearest buyers and sellers, where the red marked applications sellers, and green — buyers. The columns of the table show the number of cryptocurrencies and the cost at which they intend to sell or buy. At the junction of these tables is formed by the spread — the difference in price is supply and demand. The lower the spread, the liquid cryptocurrency. Analysis of stock glass is an indicator of the state of the market, because it allows you to anticipate changes before they happened.

Long and short positions (Long and Short) — the usual «mode» of trade. In the case of a long position buy cheaper and sell dearer. It is believed that the growth of assets in the market is a long process, so work in this direction is also called the long. The second option means a short position, that is shorting. On the market believe that the fall in the value of assets occurs quickly, i.e. within a short time. Therefore, this position is called «short».

Stock chart — shows change cryptocurrencies over time and is a key technical analysis tool. Graphs show the price changes by using lines, bars and candlesticks.

Bulls and bears — the market is so called buyers and sellers. There is an analogy here with the nature of animals: buyers always pushed the price up, creating a demand for something, and it turns out that the price if pushing horns. Therefore the bulls and optimists, they believe that the prices on their purchased stocks will grow, and someday they will sell the asset more expensive than buying. Bulls in the market the vast majority (estimated 80%), they hold long-term investments and the bullish trend indicates a stable growth stocks and the General welfare. In turn, the bears are the sellers, who have learned to benefit from the falling market: they are usually trying to sell cryptocurrency faster, often reducing the price of the asset. Concluding the sales contract, they fix its value, and then wait until the goods will fall in price, close the deal and put revenue in your pocket. The bears are interested in the continuous decline in prices and get their way, provoking the growth of the supply of open short positions and sell as long as price is not lowered to the desired level.

Technical analysis is a collection of tools of market forecasting prices based on the cost movement in the past. In technical analysis, the same tools can be used in various markets and shopping couples with minor adjustment of parameters. Technical tools are equally successfully used on any time frames — from minutes to years.

Fundamental analysis — this type of analysis is based on consideration of financial and production market indicators that can influence the price of the traded instrument. The mood of market players, current and gaining popularity trends, production indicators — all this information can give a broad idea about the potential of the object of investment. The main disadvantage of fundamental analysis is that the given information is not enough to predict the movement of prices in some local areas. You can define a potentially good company with excellent financial performance and which has real prospects, but to determine the time of entry into short-term profitable trade having a good ratio of risk to profit is impossible.

Pattern — behavioral pattern/trade setup/market pattern. Patterns are one of the most common methods of analyzing price movements. Each pattern is always based on some idea, very simple and straightforward. Trading patterns are many, but they all derive from the classical model of the breakdown or release from certain key price levels.

The basic tools of the trade digital currencies on the Global Bithumb

For example, a centralized crypto currency exchange Bithumb Global will examine the basic elements facing capturadora in the initial stages of trading. When choosing crypto currency exchange you first need to pay attention to availability:

  • Convenient ways of depositing and withdrawing funds
  • Support Fiat money
  • High number of trade pairs
  • Information about the current status of courses cryptocurrency
  • Graphs about the change in rates of cryptocurrencies
  •  Technical indicators
  •  Different levels of user verification
  •  The built-in crypto
  •  24/7 technical support

We have previously described the process of registering, depositing and buying process of cryptocurrencies on Bithumb Global. Now let’s take a closer look at the tools available in the marketplace.

On the main page Bithumb Global a selection of the top pairs trading, where the tickers of cryptocurrencies, their value, the change of course in recent days, the daily trading volume and the graph of the price movements of the asset.

Top trading pairs on Bithumb Global. Source.

If you choose a few from this list, then Bithumb Global automatically takes the user to the Basic Version of Spot Trade. Spot trade — the terms of the transaction currency in which payment for both parties is to be made immediately. Here the user can view the latest asset price, volume of transactions, data on transactions and minimum and maximum price for the last day.

The basic version of the Spot Trade on Bithumb Global. Source.

To choose another trading pair in the top menu when you hover over the button, but the easiest way to find the right pair through the search. While the Professional Version of Spot Trade opens to the user a broader set of tools, which will be discussed further.

Trading tools Professional Version Bithumb Global

For Professional Version users have access to price charts in the form of Candlesticksthat look like a series of vertical lines and the display of price changes, where the top dot shows the maximum reached by price and the lower minimum. If the closing price is below the open, the candlestick will be colored red or black, and if above then green or white. Knowing the direction of price movement (the color of the candle body), we can say exactly where the closing and opening.

The price chart in the form of Candles on Bithumb Global. Source.

Also in this version of Spot Trade, users have the price chart in the form of Glass, where the red marked applications sellers, and green — buyers. Analysis of stock glass is an indicator of the state of the market, because it allows you to anticipate changes before they happened. If, for example, it is possible to note a large accumulation of orders for sales at the upper price limit, as soon as the market reaches the limit, there will be a recession, triggered by a large number of sales.

The price chart in the form of Glass on Bithumb Global. Source.

From price charts there are also different timeframes from 1 minute up to 1 week, which allows a deeper analysis of the price movements of the selected asset.

Timeframe price charts on Bithumb Global. Source.

Also in this version Bithumb Global traders have access to different Indicators. In total, the crypto currency exchange provides about 80 different indicators that will help in the technical analysis of price movement of crypto-asset.

Analyze the main indicators available on Bithumb Global:

Volume (volume) — allows you to track the number of transactions made by traders for a certain period of time. Green and red bars are indicators of the volume of transactions: the red signal decreases, the green — about its growth. Analyzing the volume of transactions on the background of the price chart, you can confirm the strength of the trend or to identify his weakness and to predict reversal. If prices are rising and volume is increasing, we see the bullish trend. Growth in trading volume in the case of reduction of prices suggests a bearish trend.

Moving average (MA) — a popular tool, as the volume. Indicator function analyzes the average prices for a selected time interval that gives a relative indication of overall price trends. If the actual price of the cryptocurrency for a long time holding above the moving average, we can assume that it will continue to grow. Accordingly, a dip below the MA signal to lower the price of the asset. For more accurate predictions, it is desirable to use multiple moving averages based on different time intervals. In the event of a dispute the true is considered to be average based on a longer period of time. If the signal from multiple moving averages are the same, we can talk about a fairly accurate forecast.

MACD (Moving Average Convergence Divergence) — trained on one moving average, proceed to the complex analysis of this indicator. The MACD tool analyzes the convergence and divergence three moving averages and could signal the beginning of a new trend. MACD also works well on different time frames and is a fairly simple and popular indicator of technical analysis.

Zigzag (Zig Zag) — auxiliary indicator, analysing the highest and lowest points of the course of cryptocurrencies and to determine the correct entry point into the market. Plus indicator in that it eliminates the noise that can skew a forecast of trend. Small fluctuations are simply not taken into account: lines connect the highest and lowest points of the price chart directly. Zigzag shows global market movements, but it only captures those changes in the past, not giving forecasts on the behavior of prices in the future.

The relative strength index (RSI) — shows the greatest efficiency in the conditions of the side trend. With the active dynamics of the exchange rate RSI can give false data. Such technical indicators are called oscillators, and apply them with caution. Algorithms indicator to analyze price changes and allow the assessment of the overbought or oversold of the asset and, consequently, to predict the occurrence of a bullish or bearish trend.

CCI (Commodity Channel Index) — CCI or commodity channel index, as the relative strength index (RSI) helps to assess the overbought or oversold of the asset. This schedule with values ranging from negative 100 to plus 100 is displayed under the current schedule and can be used on any time frames. The CCI indicator is above a hundred means that the asset is overbought, and that’s coming price reduction, in contrast, the CCI index below minus one hundred indicates the oversold of the asset and the likely growth rates. This tool also belongs to the oscillators and used during the sideways trend when there is no clear idea how the price will behave soon.

ADC and DI is the index of the average direction and direction of movement signals of a trend change. Looks on the chart as three lines: red bears, green for bulls, blue (on different platforms can be other colors) — the strength of the trend. This indicator is fairly reliable in the four-hour and daily frames. If the line of force of the trend is in the range of 10-20 points, this suggests that the trend is gaining strength, if the figure reaches 60-80 points, expect correction of the trend. Green and red lines show who sets the market mood is bullish or bearish. If the green line crosses the red, the trend is bullish, and Vice versa.

The lights on the Bithumb Global. Source.

Another available in the Professional Version Bithumb Global useful tool — Trend Line. It allows you to demonstrate in what direction the price of an asset. Dow theory, which is based on all technical analysis, suggests that no matter how the price behaved, she will always be in a particular trend. If the price behaves relatively smoothly and remains in the same range, not showing neither growth nor fall, this trend is called lateral, or flat-trend.

For a rising (bullish) trend is characterized by the emergence of a number of ascending highs, with each new peak should be higher than the previous one. Accordingly, the bearish downtrend demonstrates the point of failure (price minimum), each of which will be below the previous one.

A trend line can be constructed by two points of maximum or minimum, while mandatory third confirming. The more points form the trend line, the more confident and more stable the trend. Construction points should not be too close to each other in a time frame, otherwise the trend is not quite correct. Please note that the uptrend line is under construction under the schedule, and descending on him. It should take into account the angle of the trend line — its permanence means stability trends. Changing the angle of the trend line is called the acceleration or deceleration of price movement. The greater the angle, the trend rapidly.

Passing through the lows line is called a support line. As soon as the price reaches it, she finds there is support from the market and, starting again seeks the top. The line connecting price highs is called a resistance line. This is the level above which the value of the asset to rise. If the price breaks the support line or resistance — is a clear signal to the violation of the trend and a change in tactics by trading.

Trend line on Bithumb Global. Source.

In conclusion

The above is the basic trading tools available to traders the Professional Version of crypto currency exchange Bithumb Global. They will help you to understand how to analyze key metrics of the assets of the stock market, to be able to build a most advanced trading strategy.


Over three years of underground mining «rosseti» has lost more than 450 million rubles

From 2017, the energy of the Group «Russian grids» because of the underground mining has suffered damage on more than 450 million RUB Over this period there were 35 cases of theft of electricity «black miners» in 20 regions of Russia. According to RBC Crypto, reported by the company itself.

In «Russian grids» noted that the growth rates of cryptocurrencies in 2017 has provoked the beginning of the «mining fever» — a large-scale production of digital assets. On all identified cases of theft are reported to law enforcement authorities for the adoption of procedural decisions.

«It is 2017 we fix attempts by unscrupulous businessmen to reduce their costs and increase profit by stealing electricity for the purpose of mining cryptocurrencies…the main costs for the mining of cryptocurrencies, in addition to the equipment, is energy costs», — explained in the company.


Opinion: the Chinese do for the growth of bitcoin all

The manufacturers of the devices for mining bitcoin there are no problems with demand in China continue to buy ASIC miners, so the price of the equipment remains high. About this live ForkLog said the co-founder of the supplier of the equipment sniper Farid Bugulov.

Bugulov noted that Chinese manufacturers are always repelled by the demand. The fact that the price of ASIC miners is not dropped, and some new models have even increased said sales inside the country, he said.

«The demand is there, accordingly, the price tag will not drop».

While Bugulov stressed that «the price tag space, and payback supertanga».

«If you have access to cheap electricity to 2 RUB/kW, the figures for payback is very good — about 2-3 months. In China the flood and a cost of electricity approximately 2.5-2.7 RUB/kW or $0,03. Many are now actively purchasing the equipment, as evidenced by the increase Hasrat and the emergence of new pools,» — said the guest of the ether.

Produce cryptocurrency on cheap electricity in China will be around until October, while the country will not end floods, said Bugulov, and hence the equipment cost is unlikely to decrease.

The constancy of rates can also talk about faith in the growth of the leading cryptocurrency, says the co-founder of Crazy Mining.

However, according to Bugulova, the situation will not make the traders miners because mining cryptocurrency allows to predict the situation:

«Mining is more comfortable, quieter and safer than trading. Given that the market is so young and highly volatile, I believe that technical analysis, predictions, Fibonacci simply don’t work. If we are talking about mining, it’s all much easier and more stable. Of course, there is market volatility, but the return of equipment already defined».

In Crazy Mining also pay attention to devices with other algorithms, in particular «newly announced» device Z15 algorithm Equihash.

The main thing — to avoid the «emotional approach to the purchase» and choose the right moment to enter the market when demand is low, said Bugulov.

The fact that 52% Hasrat bitcoin is controlled by two companies from China, in his opinion, is not a threat to the centralization of mining:

«I think they believe in growth and will do anything for it because it bring them money. A lot of money».

Recall that the cryptanalyst CryptoKea recently said about the early surrender of the bitcoin miners.

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JPMorgan will pay $2.5 million for an inflated fee for bitcoin investors

The largest U.S. Bank JPMorgan Chase will pay $2.5 million to settle the class action. Claims related to the additional fees and increased interest that the institution charged with transactions associated with cryptocurrencies. It is reported by the Finance Magnates.

Filed two years ago, the lawsuit, the Bank accused of levying unexpected payments from customers. Problems arose after JPMorgan banned the purchase of cryptocurrencies through credit cards and began to consider such transactions as a cash advance.

Support the Bank rejected attempts by clients suddenly faced with higher fees and interest, to challenge additional write-offs.

At JPMorgan recommended that they be used to Fund cryptocurrency debit card transactions.

Recall that in early may it became known that the Bank discourages its customers from investing in cryptocurrency. While JPMorgan has started to serve the bitcoin exchange.


Privacy Ethereum is seriously inferior to Bitcoin

Developer Ferenc Beres in the published work showed that Ethereum transactions easier to de-anonymize than the transaction of bitcoin because of their specificity, however, much depends on the chosen algorithm of work with the mixers.

The study focused on several features of Ethereum, which simplify the tracking of users in the blockchain compared to competitors.

So, Beres and his colleagues noted that the system is based on the accounts in Ethereum, in contrast to the model of the unspent bitcoin transaction output (UTXO), makes it less private because of the practice of re-use of the purse:

«The system on the basis of accounts increases the likelihood of reuse of addresses on the Protocol level. From the point of view of privacy it makes Ethereum and other currencies on the same basis less competitive compared to the UTXO-cryptocurrencies, such as bitcoin,» reads the study.

One of the features of Ethereum supports the identification service names Ethereum Name Service (ENS), which connects addresses to readable domain «.eth». Beres found 890 domains such public profiles on Twitter.

The researchers believe that it is enough to discover potentially incriminating activity. One in ten of these wallets in the sample used gaming platforms, and each twentieth have made payment for services resources for adults.

The researchers also believe that «to disclose» a user by means of binding the signature to the time zone, user specified values of gas and direct transfers between wallets. Estimated Beresh, thus amenable to deanonimizatsii to 17% of transactions.

The researchers found that most of the related users do not keep their money in the contract for more than a few days, which could enhance privacy. Many often use the same purses for getting multiple payments of 0.1 ETH, which makes it easy to compare them with the incoming transactions to the wallet.

Identification of users is not impeded and special Ethereum-mixers, such as Tornado Cash. The researchers found that 7.5% of users withdrew funds on the same address from which the Deposit was made, which made the mix quite useless.

Beres and his colleagues believe that similar analysis is applicable with obtaining similar findings to UTXO-currencies, although it would be harder to do.»In practice, the cryptocurrency community has developed high expectations about the ability of the mixers to enhance privacy,» say the researchers.


The price of the token Maker jumped 35% after the announcement of listing on Coinbase

The American stock exchange Coinbase this Friday announced the re-listing of the token Maker (MKR).

Starting from June 8, Coinbase Pro users will be able to make deposits in MKR. Trading on the stock exchange will open in stages on the following day, provided the formation of sufficient liquidity. Customers will be available two pairs: the bitcoin and the USD.

The token Maker is used for making administrative decisions of the holders in a decentralized Autonomous organization MakerDAO, best known for producing algorithmic stablon DAI.

Originally MKR was presented at Coinbase in April 2019 for a limited number of jurisdictions, however, have been subjected to delisting due to the lack of demand.

«Due to the limited liquidity of the order book did not meet our metric of a healthy market and was not admitted to the stage of the auction, then there are no trades were carried out,» explains the company.

Amid today’s announcements course MKR grew by 35%. He currently is the 26th largest asset in the market with a capitalization of $462 million.


Craig Wright has lost in the court of a new suit to Roger Faith

Australian entrepreneur and self-styled bitcoin Creator Craig Wright has lost a lawsuit against the founder of the portal Roger Faith. Attempt to appeal against the decision also failed, evidenced by published judicial decision.

Wright filed a new lawsuit against the Faith, may 2, when he arrived in London to participate in mitape Bitcoin Cash. The plaintiff claimed that the Faiths have discredited his honor when he called him a fraud. Ver, like a number of other community members, said that Wright has nothing to do with the creation of bitcoin.

In July 2019, a British court rejected the claim of Wright on the basis of the fact that Ver lives in Japan, and ruled that the plaintiff of £60 000 on account of litigation costs. Subsequently, Wright made another attempt to sue the Faith under better circumstances.

Having considered the claim on the merits, the judge reiterated that Wright chose the wrong jurisdiction for litigation with Ver:

«In my opinion, England and Wales are «clearly the most appropriate» jurisdiction for this case».

The judge noted, the comments Faith has received much more widespread in the US than in the UK. He also found that Wright did not provide sufficient evidence that most of his colleagues in the business is in the UK.

In addition, he noted that the decision does not affect the question of the identity of the Creator of bitcoin:

«It should be noted: in this proceeding did not address the question whether Dr. Wright Satoshi Nakamoto, since he was not subject to appeal.»

Just Wright has filed five similar lawsuits against members of the cryptocurrency community, also doubting the credibility of his words about the creation of bitcoin. He has already withdrawn cases against the CEO of Blockstream’s Adam back and Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin, and the claim to community member under the nickname Hodlonuat was withdrawn from consideration by the court and subsequently moved to Norway. From prosecution living in London author crypto-podcast Peter McCormack Wright, according to his own statement, not going to give up.

«I’m glad, but not surprised,» commented Ver the decision of the court.


The volume of trading bitcoin options traded on the Chicago Mercantile exchange broke the historical record

The volume of trading bitcoin options the Chicago Mercantile exchange (CME) reached a new high on Thursday.

According to the analytical platform Skew, may 28, the value exceeded $60 million In the preceding days of the market bitcoin options CME showed relatively low activity volumes do not exceed $10 million

At the same time open interest or volume of options trading has risen to a new high above $250 million.

Growth is observed on the eve of the expiration of a record number of contracts for futures and options on the last Friday of the month, ie today. One such contract is 5 BTC. According to the Skew, the calculation shall be about 2 000 may option contracts totaling $94 million at the current rate.

Trading bitcoin options CME opened at the beginning of the year. They are based on futures quoted on the stock exchange from the end of 2017.

The volume of active positions on bitcoin futures currently stands at $427 million Max for this indicator was achieved on may 19 at $532 million.

In anticipation of the end of the billing period the rate of bitcoin has risen by a few percent and at the time of publication is $9 400.