Anthony Pompliano about Buffett: I would not trust the advice of a man with a «clamshell»

Co-founder Morgan Creek Digital Anthony Pompliano in response to a recent statement by renowned investor Warren Buffett about the futility of cryptocurrencies noted that the last should not be trusted in such matters.

Pompliano said that Buffett’s fame as one of the best financiers in the world makes him an expert in technology.

«I wouldn’t take advice on technology from a man who uses a flip phone, and doesn’t use e —mail» — he said.

Ironic that Buffett have replaced all of your old phone to a smartphone.

Co-founder Morgan Creek said in an interview that bitcoin in the future may become a reserve currency and win the «competition» with banks.

He also said that not to have acquired the tokens TRX or XRP. Pompliano stressed that many investors are focusing directly XRP on the Ripple success of the company, but it is not the right strategy:

«The company Ripple is not the same that the token XRP. If Ripple is successful, this does not necessarily mean that XRP will also be successful.»

During the interview, Pompliano reiterated that transferred half of their savings in bitcoin.

Earlier, Pompliano predicted growth of bitcoin prices up to $100 000 after halving.


Ex-Microsoft programmer convicted of fraud for $10 million using bitcoin

District court in Seattle convicted a former tester Microsoft Vladimir Kasuka in the organization of the fraudulent scheme with the use of cryptocurrency. This was reported on the website of the Ministry of justice.

From August 2016 to June 2018 25-the summer citizen of Ukraine Volodymyr Kvashhuk worked in the Universal Store Team, responsible for activities in the field of electronic Commerce. In this command testers of the online platform could actually make free purchases using digital discount cards.

«Kvashhuk resold on the Internet, then to buy a house on the lake for $1.6 million and Tesla. At first Kvashhuk stole a small amount from your account. The total value of the stolen money was about $12 000. But when he has activated the email accounts of employees, amounts were in the millions of dollars», — is reported on the Agency’s website.

To confuse the trail and make it difficult to track the movement of funds, Kvashhuk used bitcoin-mixers.

«He used the mixing service bitcoin, trying to conceal the source of funds, ultimately coming to his Bank account, — stated in court documents. — He then filed fake tax returns, where it was stated that bitcoins were a gift from relatives»

Ex-Microsoft worker faces twenty years in prison.

ForkLog previously reported that the founder of the cryptocurrency Gemcoin pleaded guilty to fraud in the cryptocurrency $147 million


«Cryptocurrency trust» DasCoin goes on the exchange


On 28 April, the project DasCoin announced the launch of cryptocurrency trading DasCoin three public exchanges: EUBX, BTC Alpha and CoinFalcon. At the moment the exchange rate is about $0.15. «The launch of the public tender was a significant milestone in the history DasCoin, and the first listing on the stock exchanges testifies to the interest in our unique model of blockchain solutions,» said CEO and founder DasCoin Michael Mathias, promising to announce new partnerships as «extensions blockchain Alliance».

Up to this point DasCoin can be bought only on the domestic decentralized exchange DasExchange. Have access to only those members of the ecosystem DasCoin who bought a special «license for DasCoin».

The project has established samoreguliruemaya «community commissioners» (Community of Empowerment) — NetLeaders. Its members are responsible for the creation of a new Das coins, and coins are created on the principle different from mining bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies: the user can obtain a certain number of so-called «loops» (Cycles), by purchasing one of the licenses on the website NetLeaders. These cycles arise in «hammered queue» (Queue Minting) and converted to DasCoin. At the moment, already minted about 700 million coins and a limited cumulative emissions provides for the creation of 8.5 billion DasCoin.

On the official website NetLeaders are 6 types of licenses: by purchasing a license for 100€, the user receives 1100 cycles for 500€ — 5500 cycles for 2000€ — 24,000 cycles for 5000€ 65,000 cycles, over 12,500€ — 225,000 cycles and over 25,000€ — 325,000 cycles. Each license provides a specific number of bonus cycles and specifies the maximum number DasCoin that we can get for it: 163 coins for the cheapest license to 193,143 coins for the most expensive.

The project aims to create a global ecosystem based on the principles of transparency, mutual trust and fairness: «DasCoin leads global business. We’re not trying to throw coin on the market. We spent a lot of time on the creation and development of the blockchain over the last two years. We work to create a comprehensive system of digital assets,» said a member of the Board of Directors Eberhart Wedekind. The centre ecosystem is token DasCoin. Alongside him, the ecosystem of the project the community NetLeaders, wallet, WebWallet, closed DasExchange exchange and payment system DasPay.

Project founder Michael Mathias, who previously held the position of strategic consultant at JPMorgan and marketing specialist at American Express, believes that one of the strengths of DasCoin is a well-structured corporate governance project. It should ensure that the cryptocurrency in line with the ideas of the company and was controlled by ecosystem Das. So, in the beginning of the year the project published on YouTube a video in which Board members talk about their professional experience and why they decided to join the project DasCoin. Anna Haigh — Chairman of the Board of Directors and founder of the investment Fund Heyka Capital Markets Group. Eberhart Wedekind worked in companies included in the Fortune 500, including as a specialist for sales and marketing at Volvo. Augustine Vinh was a member of the World Bank, in the 80s he held the position of Advisor in the White house and currently advises the Vietnamese government on cryptocurrencies. Soon-hock lim — investor, former Vice President and managing Director of Compaq, founder of PLAN-B ICAG.

Mathias believes that he managed to attract to the Board DasCoin professionals: «With such a wealth of experience, dedication and passion for our community and our commitment to universal prosperity, we are confident that the future of the blockchain in very good hands,» notes Mathias. The user is obliged to act as a system of checks and balances, and to ensure that all decisions are made for the benefit of the ecosystem, companies and communities.

George Sarcevic responsible for internal wallet WebWallet, and emphasizes the importance of self-regulation in the cryptocurrency sector in a period when in many countries there is «a regulatory battle.»

In announcing the IPO, which took place at London’s O2 Arena, one of the invited speakers was Annemieke Direks, representing BitShares Blockchain Foundation. She noted the technical side of the project, saying that DasCoin uses «necessary for the blockchain communities element» — Graphene technology developed by EOS founder Dan Larimer and used in the Steem and BitShares blockchains. DasCoin promises that the maximum time that a transaction confirmation will be 6 seconds, and the permeability of the blockchain will make more than 100,000 transactions per second.

«Crypto currency in itself is a revolutionary approach to the monetary system and managing it. We DasCoin studying existing cryptocurrencies, has developed its own unique blockchain that does not exist in itself — it is part of something much larger. We create a global Alliance of companies and technologies, and they, working together, create a balanced ecosystem that promotes trust, includes the functionality of smart contracts and involves every component of the ecosystem,» — said Mathias.


ICE makes Bakkt cryptocurrency counterpart NYSE


4 February us edition of the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reported that the operator of the new York stock exchange (NYSE), the Corporation is Intercontinental Exchange (ICE), offers major shareholders of eBay to sell your business. In response, the ICE in an official statement confirmed that talks with eBay in fact was, however, no agreement had been reached. However, cryptologist could not to note that buying eBay might be included in the plans for the development of ICE cryptocurrency trading platform institucionales Bakkt, which is owned by the operator of the NYSE. How close these assumptions are to the truth and what will happen in the foreseeable future Bakkt — versed DeCenter.

Why the owner Bakkt wanted to buy eBay

According to WSJ sources, the Corporation ICE was willing to pay more than $30 billion for its flagship service eBay: providing services in the field of buying and selling goods online. Thus, ICE has shown that they are willing to invest in buying more of the market shares of eBay, which at the time of publication of this article WJS was estimated at $27.3 billion.

Curious, what was your reaction to this news stock market: 4 Feb ICE first, investors reacted negatively, arranging the sale of shares of the Corporation. At the time of the falling value of the prices of securities ICE amounted to 7.5%, but at the end of trading session has fallen to 3%. At the same time, eBay shares, by contrast, grew by almost 10%. 5 February there was an explanation from ICE, which caused a sharp increase in the value of its shares (+34.5%) and reduced total capitalization of eBay 2%. However, when it became clear that the ICE is potentially ready to pay eBay good money, February 10 the demand of investors in the online retailer increased markedly, pushing the company’s capitalization to a level of $30.251 billion.

Buying ICE, but embeds Bakkt

According to the partner at the investment company Morgan Creek Capital Anthony Pompliano established corporate history is directly related to Bakkt:

The owner of the new York stock exchange is considering purchasing eBay, valuing the deal at more than $30 billion we are Talking about the same company that understood the importance of bitcoin, and for which platform was launched Bakkt. It would be great to see the NYSE, Bakkt and eBay, are United under one roof.

This is also reflected in the number of transactions as the ICE and Bakkt over the last year. Thus, on 14 January 2019 the project Bakkt announced its first acquisition. We are talking about the purchase of a number of «valuable assets» of the company Rosenthal Collins Group (RCG). It is worth noting that the company RCG for nearly 100 years, provides services in buying and selling futures. With urgent non-deliverable contracts on the bitcoin September 22 last year started trading cryptopleura Bakkt.

29 April 2019 became aware of another deal: about change of the owner of the company Digital Asset Custody Company (DACC), rendering services in storage of cryptocurrencies. Formally, the buyer is the founder Bakkt, ICE, but, obviously, this transaction was carried out in the interests of cryptoprocta ICE. According to the official statement, ICE has acquired DACC to provide Bakkt custodial service, thus obtaining permission to work from the new York Department of financial services (NYDFS), which ultimately were successful.

The scheme of «buying ICE, but Bakkt» it was effective in relation to another company: Bridge2 Solutions. This company helps brands gain loyal customers through loyalty programs in the fields of B2C and B2B. According to ICE, this acquisition will provide a stable client base future payment application Bakkt, work on the launch of which is actively underway. February 5, the head and founder of ICE Jeffrey Sprecher confirmed that the app will be launched in the first half of 2020.

EBay buying from the owner Bakkt is a logical step

From the point of view of the ratio P/E (price-to-yield securities), investors highly value the current strategy of development of ICE. This is evidenced by the high P/E ratio, located at 24. From eBay this figure is roughly 2 times smaller. And this despite the fact that the return on invested capital (ROIC) for the last 5 years from ICE (8.1%), on average, less than eBay (14.5%). This suggests that from the point of view of the financial market, shares of eBay regarding securities ICE underestimated. So the intention of ICE to absorb eBay looks timely.

For ICE eBay provides the ability to run a full-fledged cryptocurrency of the marketplace. In this ecosystem, thanks to RCG Bakkt will become a platform for the purchase and sale of bitcoins, Bridge2 Solutions will introduce a loyalty program and a system of bonus points, and DACC will provide high quality custody services for the holders of the cryptocurrency. Potentially it could even go to that online retailer in the future be able to conduct online transactions in crypto-currencies in those countries where this is permitted.

Meanwhile, eBay itself is interested in the crypto-industry: the company was one of the first participants of the Libra Association, an organization that promotes cryptoprocta Facebook Libra. But last year, eBay withdrew from the Libra Association.

ICE works on the future of cryptocurrency

It is worth noting the fact that ICE in the portfolio there are companies that can potentially be used in a future marketplace Bakkt. So, in 2016 was closed the transaction on purchase of a global financial information provider Interactive Data Corp (IDC) for $5.2 billion In the same year, ICE acquired two assets — Securities Evaluations (SPSE) and the Credit Market Analysis (CMA) — giant in the financial industry S&P. And in October of 2018 ICE bought the company MERSCORP Holdings, a leading electronic register of transactions in mortgage lending in the United States. Later in June 2019, ICE also acquired a technology company Simplifile, working in the real estate market.

There is no doubt that ICE will continue to build its cryptocurrency marketplace through the purchase of other companies. As analysts predict Deribit, top cryptocurrency trading platform within the next 2 years «will acquire» a financial services that will allow them to become full cryptobinary. It is possible that in the end, ICE will draw attention to the sphere of mining cryptocurrencies.

In any case, it is logical that if ICE owns the NYSE, the exchange No. 1 in the world in the volume of securities transactions, and Bakkt, according to the plan of the Corporation, shall become a leader in the field of purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies.

Your people in Congress

Interestingly, Bakkt recently had a strong lobbyist in the U.S. Congress, Kelly Loffler, the wife of the head ICE Jeffrey Sprecher. She left the post of head Bakkt, going to work in the U.S. Senate represented in the legislature of the state of Georgia. Moreover, this position Leffler will also oversee the activities of the Commission on trade commodity futures (CFTC).

On the one hand, according to experts, Leffler would probably be to conduct a dialogue on easing regulation of the cryptocurrency business. This is evidenced by the fact that the SEC formally considering the proposal of the Commissioner of the Department Esther pierce on the introduction of three year moratorium for the regular inspections of projects in the crypto industry.

On the other hand, the stock market is becoming the fastest growing sector on the background of the stagnating rate of increase in world GDP. Over time, competition will only increase, and the presence of the former head Bakkt in the U.S. Congress will be used in the interests of the platform. All of this suggests that the global cryptocurrency sphere is the segment of the economy, which is still not all key places are occupied, but the «window of opportunity» will soon close. In the end, wins the one who will take the most quick and effective steps toward making blockchain technology, and implementation of crypto-currencies in the economy. USA in 2019 has been delayed in the development of this business, but the trading platform Bakkt able to give this country a leadership position.


Coinbase has submitted a plan of action of the company in terms of deterioration of the situation with coronavirus

American cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has prepared a plan for the protection of employees in case of deterioration of the situation with the spread of the coronavirus. It is published Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong.

If necessary, the company plans to implement the measures described in the plan in their offices. They are located in the United States, Japan, Ireland and the UK. At the moment all the offices, except the Japanese, are in a zone of zero risk. Japanese has the first level.

Coinbase has restricted business travel of employees in China, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, and South Korea. However, Armstrong is confident that the risk of infection with coronavirus for most employees is low.

The plan is divided into several stages with increasing numbers of infected in the immediate vicinity of the offices of Coinbase.

The first phase will come into force in the case of fixing more than 100 cases «of transmission of the virus from person to person.» In this phase, the company will strengthen the cleaning of offices and allow them to visit only the major stuff.

The second phase (over 1000 infected or quarantine authorities) involves the prohibition of food consumption in offices and hard limit visitors.

In the event of a third phase (more than 5000 infected) Coinbase disclaims all responsibility and completely transforms employees to work remotely.

Note that due to the outbreak of coronavirus, the people’s Bank of China postponed is scheduled for the first quarter of the study digital of the yuan.


Through the primary network Tron held 900 million transactions

In the core network token Tron was conducted more than 900 million transactions, according to the browser TRONSCAN. This tells about the rapid development of ecosystems Aldona, which in the future will continue to become more decentralized, according to the Twitter-account of the project. RBC Crypto.

«Congratulations to the TRON network with more than 900 million transactions! Now their number reached 900 338 818. Ecosystem TRON has developed rapidly and continues to make efforts to decentralize the network,» he wrote in TRONSCAN.

17 Jan TRON the founder of the Justin Foundation San announced the release of a decentralized stablon. The stability of its exchange rate will be secured by token-TRX and BTT.


In New Zealand want to release cryptocurrency from double taxation

Tax management New Zealand can refuse to apply to the cryptocurrency of the tax on goods and services.

GST Issues by ForkLog on Scribd

The document also indicates the rapid development of the cryptocurrency sector. At the same time, digital assets cannot accurately be called an investment product, making it difficult to apply the existing tax legislation.

At the moment, crypto-currencies and tokens in New Zealand fall under the category of «property» and are taxed at 15% when transfer of the assets. Later user also relieve the income tax. The IRS intends to waive the tax on goods and services in respect of the assets used as securities or currencies.

In this case in relation to digital assets will leave the tax on the income.

Comments regarding the initiatives the Agency will take until April 9.

We will remind, last year the IRS has recognized lawful the receipt of income in the cryptocurrency employees and published a guide to taxation.


New DAI: race priority liens began

DAI is the largest decentralized steilcoom. On MakerDAO accounts for more than 60% of the assets used in DeFi. The most important event in the history of this stabilini was the transition from monologue Dai (Single-Collateral Dai, SAI) to multicellular Dai (Multi-Collateral Dai, or DAI MCD), which occurred at the end of 2019, two years after the launch of MakerDAO.

The transition from SAI to DAI is that now DAI can be issued not only secured the broadcast wrapped, but secured other ERC20-tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. It is assumed that the diversification of the portfolio collateral will make DAI more reliable. Team Maker stresses that in the long term, with the approval of the holders of MKR (control tokens MakerDAO), licenzirovanie practically any asset that has an acceptable risk parameters can be added to the portfolio of collateral DAI.

These risk parameters has not yet been determined. For example, nobody discusses what risk parameters ETH or other token should be excluded from the portfolio of mortgages DAI. However, the first experience of selecting new collateral to DAI already is, he and the subject of this article.

The selection of new mortgages

Forum Maker offered more than a dozen new pledges for DAI, including Liquidity Uniswap Tokens and stabilini provided by Fiat. To the vote of the holders of MKR on the priority of the mortgage assets, which took place from 12th to 19th August, 2019, issued only 6+1 tokens: OmiseGO (OMG), Golem (GNT), Augur (REP), DigixDAO (DGD), Basic Token Attention (BAT), 0x (ZRX) and Ethereum (ETH).

The results of this voting are as follows:

Total votes Participation Unique voters Yes No
ETH 43 274,50 MKR 4,38% 50 43 274,50 MKR (100,00%) MKR 0 (0.00%)
REP 35 459,37 MKR 3,58% 45 32 697,36 MKR (92,21%) 2 762,00 MKR (7,79%)
BAT 22 565,34 MKR Of 2.28% 45 22 525,05 MKR (99,82%) 40,29 MKR (0,18%)
ZRX 23 201,59 MKR Of 2.35% 39 17 648,57 MKR (76,07%) 5 553,02 MKR (23,93%)
DGD 13 051,22 MKR Of 1.32% 46 5 468,73 MKR (41,90%) 7 582,49 MKR (58,10%)
OMG 12 342,14 MKR 1,25% 43 4 683,70 MKR (37,95%) 7 658,44 MKR (62,05%)
GNT 12 184,94 MKR Of 1.23% 38 2 040,43 MKR (16,75%) 10 144,50 MKR (83,25%)

Source: Vote.MakerDAO

On the eve of launching of MCD, 9 Nov 2019, Head of Backend Services from Foundation Maker Niklas Kunkel mentioned in the Telegram chat MakerDAO all of the contenders on this list, except for the GNT:

«Developed here: the BAT will be included at startup.ZRX, REP, OMG DGD and we are considering adding in the near future.»

Finally, in the post about the launch of the MCD dated November 18, 2019 was mentioned only two ERC20-token:

«The types of mortgages offered in MCD at the moment, it is ETH and BAT, digital advertising token Brave. Community Maker currently estimates that the additional token token al — REP market predictions of the Augur».

Despite the fact that the REP has received the most «for» votes from the holders of MKR, the first and only addition to the ETH became a BAT. In the above post, there is no explanation of this change of priority is contrary to the results of the vote, but the forum Maker in the section on liens one of the most discussed topics is the argument Micah Zoltu against Rep.

The problem of spirals of deleverage

Ari Class of Mundt [Ariah Klages-Mundt] and Andria mink [Andreea Minca] in their study of spirals of deleveraging, which is subject to a decentralized stabilini like DAI, found at such tablconv stable and unstable region. The unstable region in their model exist even when a stable price ETH as collateral.

DAI is secured by a portfolio of ETH, BAT and reps that won in the vote on the priority of liens, and more reliable than SAI? We chose to evaluate two criteria. First, price stability and BAT REP, how they react to the fall in the price of ETH and how they are volatile. Second, the liquidity of the BAT and the REP compared to the ETH, as they can withstand large liquidation.

The first criterion: correlation with ETH and volatility

The diversification of the portfolio of mortgages DAI to improve the stability of the system for the price of ETH is complicated by the fact that in 2019 ETH was the most correlated scriptaction. 2019 Annual Crypto-Correlations Review is from Binance Research suggests that scriptactive retain a high correlation with each other, the correlation may increase during adverse price movements.

BAT REP, and have positive correlation with ETH more than 0.5.

Source: Coinmetrics

BAT REP and more volatile than ETH, although since the beginning of 2019, their volatility has declined substantially.

Source: Coinmetrics

Positive correlation with ETH and greater than ETH, the volatility, suggests that in our first BAT REP criterion and not make DAI more reliable than SAI. When ETH price drops, prices BAT REP and also fall but to a greater extent.

The second criterion: liquidity

To compare liquidity ETH, BAT REP and we have used historical data Coinpaprika about the depth of their market, measured as a ten percent section of the stock glass from the average price (10% section of the order book from the midpoint price). We are interested in the possibility of mass sales of collateral, so we do not look at the amount bid — and ask-orders and bid only on orders.

Liquidity ETH rose from the beginning of 2020 by 60%, from $104 million to $166 million.

Source: Coinpaprika

The liquidity of the BAT also increased from the beginning of 2020 and also by 60%, from $2 million to $3.2 million

Source: Coinpaprika

For each collateral asset Maker includes a debt ceiling (debt ceiling) the limit of emission of DAI secured this asset. To assess the balance of the portfolio of mortgages DAI you can use the ratio «liquidity/debt ceiling» (liquidity/debt ceiling).

For example, take the information on the liquidity and the debt ceiling for ETH and BAT for 09 February 2020:

Liquidity Debt ceiling Liquidity/Debt ceiling
ETH $167,844 M $125M Of 1.34
BAT $3,198 M $3M Of 1.07

Source: Coinpaprika, Daistats

Thus, despite the fact that in this day liquidity ETH exceeded the liquidity of the BAT 52.48 times, the coefficient of resistance to mass sales at ETH proved to be more than the BAT, only 1.25 times.

The liquidity of the BAT in the second half of 2019 ranged from $2M to $3 million, so his «liquidity/debt ceiling» were seldom less than 0.67 and more than 1. Liquidity ETH over the same period ranged from $90 million to $140 million, and its «liquidity/debt ceiling» — from 0.72 to 1.12.

Because the BAT is lower than ETH, the ratio of «liquidity/debt ceiling», according to our second criterion is the current version of DAI is also more reliable than SAI.

REP is not yet added to the portfolio of collateral DAI and the debt ceiling is not installed. We can assume that it will be less than the BAT, as REP less liquid.

Source Coinpaprika

Liquidity REP in the second half of 2019 was almost always six figures, but at the beginning of 2020, she began to grow and on February 9, 2020 amounted to $1.283 million, assuming that the ratio of «liquidity/debt ceiling» for all mortgages DAI should be about the same, but REP is still difficult to claim the debt ceiling more than $1 million.

In assessing the sustainability of liens DAI to mass sales it is necessary to consider the sensitivity of the liquidity of the collateral to drop their prices because the bonds are only sold when their price falls. On the charts of the price and liquidity of the ETN, and the BAT REP there is a positive correlation – the drop in prices accompanied by a drop in liquidity.

What’s next?

Join the race of priority liens. The primary evaluation criteria of stability of prices and liquidity is no reason to believe DAI, secured ETH, BAT and REP, more reliable than SAI. On the contrary.

If you don’t like those conclusions, then perhaps you do not like the fact that MKR as collateral of last resort for DAI not too different from a BAT REP in terms of correlation with ETH, volatility and liquidity. At the same for MKR, as collateral of last resort, the debt ceiling does not exist by definition.

DAI is positioned as a decentralized stablon. Stablon have decentralized the decentralized provision of alternative tokens open public blockchains and tokens of decentralized applications on these blockchains. The problem is that these tokens are characterized by a strong positive correlation, which could increase in periods of adverse price movements, as well as high volatility and low liquidity. This complicates the diversification of the portfolio of mortgages DAI and forced to think about ERC20 tokens secured by traditional assets under the control of the custodian. Think about how stabilio it is important to remain decentralized.

Rune Christensen saw the potential resolution of the dispute on pledge of the real world to save SAI under the name PurityDai. The idea that MakerDAO emits not one but two stablein: SAI provided only ETH and DAI, which are provided by a portfolio of mortgages, including traditional assets. He, in particular, notes:

«What’s really cool about this approach is that PurityDai will be a unique asset in the sense that it will be provided only ETH and the Deposit cannot be confiscated, but he will be protected against «black swans» that could happen with the price of ETH, because it will use the same MKR that Dai and other synthetic assets, and thus will benefit from a highly diversified protection against black swans, which give the real assets of the world.»

In the case monologues Dai liquidity MKR as the guarantee of last resort should be enough for «black swans» that could happen with the price of ETH. In the current version multilogue Dai liquidity MKR already should be enough for «black swans» not one, but two mortgages — ETH and BAT. Question how will change the liquidity of the MKR as the growth in supply of synthetic assets MakerDAO and adding new mortgages, remains open.

In the end, no matter what it is the community as a result of disputes about potential collateral for DAI, decisions about adding new collateral and the debt ceiling for them to accept pseudonymous MKR holders who are not required to publicly justify their choice.

Dmitriy Bondar


Analyst CoinDesk: Bitcoin confirmed bearish reversal

Bitcoin has reached a three-week low on Wednesday, rolling back much of the increase since the beginning of the year. Crypto currency touched a low of $9 095, which is not traded on 4 February. Thus it was eliminated about 38% increase from $6 850 to $10 500 that occurred during the six weeks ending February 13.

According to the analyst CoinDesk, rally may not resume in the near future. Bitcoin fell below $400 9 Tuesday, technically confirming the bearish reversal. In addition, sellers managed to push through 50 day moving average for the first time since January 3.

12-hour schedule

12-hour chart reveals the figure of «head and shoulders», confirming the trend change to bearish and vulnerable to fall to $8 300. To return of the bullish trend requires a rise above the lower high at $10 028.

Daily chart

The histogram MACD is used to identify the trend change and assess its strength, has reached the lowest level since November 26, the strongest confirming a bearish tone over the last three months.

The relative strength index also paints a bearish picture, staying below the 50 level. In addition, the course fell below the 50-day moving average and key support of $9 188. A slight rebound could Herald a further decline, says the analyst.

Hourly chart

On the hourly chart the MACD has painted a higher low, going against a lower low in price. This bullish divergence tells about the depletion of the sellers. It is not excluded corrective rise to $9 230 or $9 400.


The condition of the head Binance has doubled over the past year

Chinese Hurun research Institute this Wednesday unveiled a new edition of its ranking of the rich. It included six representatives of the industry of cryptocurrency, writes 8btc.

42-year-old CEO Binance Changban Zhao continued to build up their personal assets with the expansion of the company. His condition has reached $2.6 billion, doubling compared to last year. This allowed him to become the most wealthy figure in the crypto industry in the Hurun list.

Second place in the segment of Mikri Jean, co-founder of mining company Bitmain. As at 31 January 2020, his fortune was estimated at $1.6 billion For the year, Jean has lost 41% of the capital – last January it had $2.7 billion and was ranked first in the ranking of the richest crypto-entrepreneurs. The other co-founder of Bitmain – Jihan Wu then was the third, and this year could not even get on the list.

The founder of OKEx exchanges OKCoin and Xu Minsin owns a fortune of $1.4 billion, the founder of Huobi Li Ling – $1.1 billion, the founder of Coinbase Brian Armstrong – $1 billion in Addition to Mikri Jean, the list includes only one crypto-entrepreneur, who founded the not own bitcoin exchange. This Ripple co-founder Chris Larsen with $1.3 billion.

The rating Hurun called the Chinese version of the Forbes list. This year he’s hit 2 816 billionaires from 71 countries. For the third consecutive year leader Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, who owns the capital by $140 billion as CEO of Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy Bernard Arnault came in second place with $107 billion, bill gates and Warren Buffett is the third and fourth with $106 billion and $102 billion respectively.

799 billionaires in the list are of Chinese origin. The most wealthy of them is the founder of Alibaba Group Jack MA – $45 billion.