Unknown miners are paid a Commission of $20,000 in the translation 8881 litecoin

May 23 unknown user carried out the transaction 8.881 LTC, however, has paid a Commission of 200.00360600 LTC (about $20 thousand at the time of writing). This was probably done by mistake.

So, fee per KB of data in the block amounted to 83.2 LTC. This triggered a temporary increase in commissions in the network to highs December 2017 — at around $0,70.

Note that the block was mined LTC mining pool.TOP, however, it is unknown whether he is to return funds to the sender.

For the first time, the sender’s address appeared on April 5 and since then has implemented more than 2,500 transactions totaling $211 million and it is Likely that this account could belong to any cryptocurrency business.

Recall that in late March F2Pool returned abnormally high Commission in 2100 ETH to the sender, which set it by mistake.


Mining pools have implemented the «attack 51%» of Bitcoin Cash

Large mining pools BTC.com and BTC.top has carried out the «attack 51%» to cancel the transaction, another miner who tried to access funds that did not belong to him, according to CoinDesk.

So, during the last hard forks, which took place on may 15, unknown attackers have used a vulnerability in the Bitcoin Protocol Cash provoked the branching circuit on the two alternative. This led to the fact that miners for some time mined empty blocks.

It turned out that in the time when Bitcoin Cash separated from bitcoin in 2017, was created a large number of coins that accidentally transferred to the address format anyone can spend. However, the developers have implemented a rule CLEANSTACK, in accordance with which all these coins have been locked. However, the last hardwork eliminated from the Protocol this rule and allow the unknown miner to assign coins.

BTC.com and BTC.top, controlling more than half Hasrat network, most likely, was aware that such a problem may occur or could even prepare themselves to take possession of the coins. Whatever it was, they quickly reorganized network.

We can assume that soon around this incident, there a lively discussion, because the miners had actually subjected the network to strict censorship, although their intentions at this time seem to be good.

We will remind, in April of last year, the network of Bitcoin Cash was discovered a vulnerability that allowed you to split the blockchain into two incompatible chains and completely block all transactions. This would lead to catastrophic consequences for the fourth by market capitalization crypto-currencies.


More than 44% of the total nodes in the network bitcoin client installed with the critical vulnerability

More than half of the full node in the core network of bitcoin is still not installed an update client Bitcoin Core, which has fixed a critical vulnerability that allowed to sabotage the work of 90% of the nodes for implementation of double-spending. This was in the beginning of the month, Cointelegraph reported citing developer Luke dash Jr.

However, today the situation has not changed. 44.3% of the GBR are vulnerable to the bug CVE-2018-1744, an additional 5.1% are working on with other weaknesses. Thus 10% of the nodes are completely installed legacy client.

Data luke.dashjr

It is noteworthy that in most open-source on bitcoin usually refers to the existence of 10 thousand full nodes, however, the study dash, Jr. have demonstrated that their actual number is nearing 100 thousand. However, when it comes to the so-called «listening nodes» open ports for communication with other nodes, their number is indeed much smaller.

So, the bitcoin blockchain initially makes it impossible to waste one unspent transaction output (UTXO) in two different transactions. However, I had to make several changes to the Protocol to maximally complicate the use one transaction for multiple spending UTXO, which would lead to an increase in aggregate emissions.

In version 0.14.0 client Bitcoin Core developers have discovered the possibility of DDoS attacks on nodes when trying to implement double-spending. In an effort to address the vulnerability, they unintentionally created the possibility of double spending UTXO in a transaction in version 0.15.0: nodes with previous versions of the client recognize such transfers are true.

The vulnerability was discovered in September 2018 and a team of Bitcoin Core has released an extraordinary update of the client, however, still a large part of the nodes uses a bug.

«All nodes must be updated» — said dash Jr.

In the case of «attack 51%» on the bitcoin network, the increase in the total emissions recognize the true, only nodes that have installed the vulnerable, he said. In this case a branching network into two chains, however, most likely, operators of the problematic units will soon want to return to the initial version of the system.

Commenting on the vulnerability CVE-2018-1744 in an exclusive interview ForkLog developer and entrepreneur Jimmy song said that the theoretical attack on the bitcoin network would cost billions of dollars, but its success in this case seems dubious.

Recall, the bug is CVE-2018-1744 was applied in practice in a network Pigeoncoin to issue additional 235 million coins.


Two mining pool Bitcoin Cash held attack 51% to eliminate the effects of previous attack

Two mining-pool attacked 51% of the blockchain the Bitcoin Cash in order to eliminate the consequences of the activities of his colleagues.

The events are directly related to the planned hard forks of Bitcoin Cash held on may 15. Pool BTC.com at some point controlled more than 50% of the computing resources of the network, has joined forces with BTC.top needs to rewrite the transaction history. After hard forks unknown miner tried to take advantage of the resulting vulnerability and seize assets that did not belong to him. As a result, the network of Bitcoin Cash is divided into two, and miners for a short time added to the blockchain empty blocks.

«Since the initial split in 2017 there were a considerable number of coins accidentally sent to the addresses, to expend the funds from which anyone could (due to compatibility of the signatures while the absence of SegWit Bitcoin Cash). It is also possible that they arose due to the re-play of bitcoin transactions in the Bitcoin network Cash», – says the author of the bitcoin podcast guy Swann.

After removing one of the code elements 15 may «tons of coins» become available for spending, primarily for miners, and want to take advantage of the attacker.

«When the unknown miner tried to assign the coins themselves, it is noticed BTC.top and BTC.com and immediately decided to reorganize the blockchain to remove it transactions, replacing them with his own, which was spent the same and many other coins, adds Swann. – Looks like several hours passed before anyone figured out what happened, because this information was not made public».

Swann also said that two pools communicate with each other and possibly with some third party (exchange or developers) to coordinate their actions during the attack.

«Thus, a miner in secret and without any obstacles has claimed responsibility for the deletion of two units, also contained other transactions. Some developers prefer to remain silent, but jtoomim (developer BCH) has called this action “justice” and “punishment” for “antisocial behavior”. That’s what they used to say, when warned of the danger of endless hard forks. At least a few people understand that this event kills any notion of BCH as decentralized, uncensored money,» he concludes.

Not all members of the community Bitcoin Cash approved the decision of the miners. So, the developer under the nickname Kiarahpromises writes:

«They coordinated the reorganization, to reverse an unknown transaction. This attack 51%. The worst attack of all. This is stated in the white paper. And how decentralized and uncensored money? Only when it’s convenient?»

Others consider the measures justified.

«This is a very unfortunate situation, but the whole method of proof of work. The miners in this case did decide to remove the blocks, but, from what I hear, the way they did because you thought the transactions in these blocks is invalid» – quoted by CoinDesk active supporter of the Bitcoin Cash Jonathan Silverblade.


Monero can switch to a new algorithm consensus

In the network centric for increased privacy in cryptocurrency Monero can be implemented in a new PoW algorithm consensus called RandomX from the developer of the decentralized Internet Arweave. It all depends on the results of the audit of a new Protocol, reports Cointelegraph.

At the moment, the Monero developers carry out hardforce every six months to avoid capture network ASIC miners, however, this approach community consider controversial.

So, Arweave and the Monero team is likely to spend up to $150 thousand for audit RandomX, which will be held within two months.

It is noteworthy that RandomX may require the miners to allocate up to 2 GB of RAM, which will significantly complicate a hidden mining.

Recall the last hardwork network Monero was held in March of this year.


The truck, b***s on Vlad will not go or How to make money on bitcoin in Russia

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Bitcoin continues its growth:

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The nervous, course you have to trace through all possible channels:

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Does it follow that when God scatters the maximum ASIC Bitcoin holders appear to SV?


The IEO market still anything can happen:

But experienced investors have no surprise:


Memes have come to an end, and the most important industry news)


LocalBitcoins is forbidden to buy bitcoins users from Iran

Popular p2p platform LocalBitcoins ceased to provide their services to Iranian users. The probable reason for this decision can be the U.S. sanctions, although the service has not stated this directly, reported CoinDesk.

It is noteworthy that within a few weeks the volume of trading in Iranian rials on LocalBitcoins has increased significantly, eventually reaching rates January 2018 (45,64 billion Iranian rials per week).

In response to a question from Twitter user platform declared unacceptable risks of working in the region.

Support LocalBitcoins confirmed that more do not provide services in Iran, but also did not give specific reasons.

Note that the platform was the best option for Iran’s cryptocurrency traders, as they not only worked with local banks, but also provide liquidity and security of transactions through escrow. Iranian bitcoin exchange can not be stable to ensure the execution of orders in excess of 2 BTC.

So, Iranians are forced to move to decentralized exchanges like Bisq. The latter is powered by the Tor network and recently added support for Farsi.

Recall that LocalBitcoins is under the jurisdiction of Finland and must comply with AML legislation of this country. In early spring the ground has made changes to the verification process that assumes four levels of accounts that differ in the available volume of transactions in BTC.


The parent company of bitcoin exchange Cobinhood declared bankruptcy

Cobbingham Digital Finance Co. Ltd., the parent company of cryptocurrency exchanges Cobinhood, declared bankruptcy and liquidation. About it writes portal Cryptoslate.

For the liquidation of the company appointed interim Manager. The final results of the bankruptcy proceedings will determine the fate of Cobinhood. Indirectly, it can affect the associated with the stock exchange the company Dexon Foundation.

It is noteworthy that in April 2019 Dexon Foundation raised $3.5 million on the sale of its token DXN. The token was thawed and sale of the investors of the ICO has not received access to the acquired coins. After declaring bankruptcy DXN price sank by more than 85%. Later there was a rebound of course, but the token was never able to recover.

The cost of native token Cobinhood (COB), in turn, fell by 50%.

Meanwhile, cryptologist described the actions of the courts as fraud.

«Classical exit Scam from the exchange Cobinhood. Having received $ 3 million last month (!!!), they unlock all the tokens and put them on the market (!!!) and announced that the appointed liquidator. Remember these people,» wrote a Twitter user under the nickname SandorReport.

Founder Dexon Wei-Ning Huang in the official Telegram-the channel company announced that Cobinhood is in the process of restructuring, however, this should not affect the operation of the site. He also said that the company is not involved in the dump token DXN.

«We used separate nodes belonging to the Fund, to reduce operating costs. We are not planning to get rid of DXN belonging to the Fund», — he stressed.

Thus statements about the bankruptcy of Juan commented.

Earlier exchange Cobinhood reported on the reduction of staff «with the aim of improving efficiency.»

At the time of writing the exchange website is fully operational. Daily volume of trading amounted to $1.3 million.

We will remind, in April the bankruptcy procedure is launched the canadian bitcoin exchange QuadrigaCX.


What is the value of a trading plan for capturadora?

Before opening market positions cryptocurrency trader it is important to answer a number of questions. Of the responses to them formed a trading plan which must have every trader. It should be written on paper (or print in Word). It can protect the trader from the conclusion of the unfounded, unprofitable transactions.

Strict adherence to the trading plan will be the basis for competent trading. Rejection of it will lead to wasted lost of time on the monitor, excessive emotioneering, random actions and in 99% of cases the drain of the Deposit.

It is a clear trading plan for each transaction will be the «Holy Grail» hunted traders all over the world. Many of them have heard about a trading plan, which supposedly should follow, but only a few realize that it represents actually.

During the development of the work plan for the deal trader answers a series of questions. This allows to transfer the information from schedules and news, on the reflex level. In the implementation of the trade situation memory in certain moments takes and retrieves the desired fragment, and so generates a feeling of the market. For memorizing typical market situations takes time.

At first, the results may not be visible, so traders ignore this way of trading and turning to entry points and a number of special techniques. Progress will appear after 1-2 years of daily practice, and first results can be expected through at least 5-6 months. Few who are willing to wait for success for so long, although a lot of money in trading you can earn that experience. Let’s consider the stages of work on the TG.

The idea

The idea primary. It should be confirmed or not. For a trader the tooltip should show the current situation on the market. You don’t need to come up with «ceiling» and «sucked from the finger» only for analysts.

Question: why I langau, Shorty or go flat?

The answer should not be here «And suddenly get…». This is a gross mistake that can only lead to a drain. It is important to remember that the position out of the market is also acceptable. Perhaps even more acceptable than the position in the market, and certainly more acceptable than «trade blind».

Entry point

Before the opening of the transaction you need to test your idea to see what it can confirm.

Question: When to enter the market?

Many cryptocurrency traders try to predict where the market will go. This is a gross error that makes not analyze, and to choose between two opposites, which leads to a drain of the Deposit.

Experienced trader do not need to know the direction where the market will go, it is enough to conduct every transaction on their own trading plan.

Each idea has some conditions for implementation. If the major operator is not present and the report reflects data show an uncertain pattern, the market has entered a position of the range, it’s absolutely unimportant to buy or sell, you need to open a position in the direction that will show the market itself.

Risk/stop loss

After opening the transaction, it is important to determine the level of risk that arises when testing trading ideas. You need to determine the position at which to open the opposite transaction. This is the point of stop loss.

Question: How much are you willing to pay for your idea? How much is it?

It is desirable that between the stop and the opening price of the transaction was as many different obstacles — levels of support and resistance.


For the last step of a trading plan transaction it is important to find out the next level of volume, the level of support and the conditions for closing the position.

Question: What is the potential of this movement? If the idea is confirmed whether to enter the market with this risk?

The question strikes or no market for this particular level of wrong. To close a position must be the real cause, the condition that will demonstrate the market. To withdraw from the deal «just so», for no reason, because «it’s hard to sit», because it’s scary, it seems that the transaction volume is large, the market has gone too high, it is a capital mistake.

Trading plan for the cryptocurrency market

Preparation of trading plan to work on the cryptocurrency market when the similarity with the traditional market as a whole has a number of differences in detail.

«An important commercial formation, the specific conditions for entering a position and understanding at what point of time you need to go. It is better not to open new positions after lunch it will be either about figure or position is not to work out. All this, including the timing, should be fixed,» — says the analyst of cryptococcal MINE mark Sorokin.

Know trading formation

The importance here is gaining knowledge of the trading formations. Most often it is nedopetye of tips and nizino, or the formation of a double bottom, breaking daily lows (highs). It is important to capture in the form of drawings. In case, if long-term accumulation, we should expect the exit from the outset and the price is fixed and you can join the movement.

Choose benchmarks by objectives

When opening a position, a trader places a rough guideline of market movement:

  • The previous accumulation, which formed the previous move up or down;
  • Price fixing at the exit from the outset, this is an important point for the start of the trade to which the market often and where returns can be the entry point;
  • Output in long flat.

In the latter case, preference is given to laterals with a duration of three days. It is sufficient, with which to work in the future. While price is not out of range, it is impossible to tell definitely where the market will go.

Evaluate opportunities

If trade opening is not a priority, and need to sell, lot can be split, for example, 1/10 of the average standard, or to close part of the position, if possible. Even if the market is a plus, but we can expect the correction, is fixed 50% position. Therefore, the lot is moved to breakeven.

Keep track of time

Cryptocurrency on the market the priority is given to the morning hours in UTC. Convenient and afternoon period at the beginning of the American trading session.

Properly mark with stop orders

You need to properly assess trade risks for each specific transaction. In the traditional market, this figure does not exceed 1% for cryptocurrency — 3-5%. If the risks above, the transaction should be abandoned.

Understand market psychology

In cryptotrading there are many moments of mental preparation. Many circumstances that affect the decision of the trader on the deal.

«Whenever you have the conditions on the input, there are doubts, to open or not,» — said the expert.

Write down important

Important points worth to fix, so they were always before my eyes, and constantly reread. It is possible to write in notebooks, smartphones for these purposes less convenient.


The state Duma of the Russian Federation have prepared proposals for regulation of cryptocurrency in accordance with the recommendations of FATF

The Russian State Duma has prepared proposals for the regulation of cryptocurrencies, drawn up according to requirements of Group of development of financial measures of struggle against money-laundering (FATF). On Friday, may 24, announced the head of the Duma Committee on financial market Anatoly Aksakov, reports TASS.

«Recent meeting of the FATF, which has offered to settle the issue with cryptocurrencies, so we slowed down a little bit [c bill] and has now prepared proposals», — said Aksakov.

Earlier this week, the official said that the adoption of the law on digital of financial assets «podvisli» in connection with the requirements of the FATF Commission on regulation of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

«The mission of the FATF demanded that we settle the issues related to bitcoin and so on. We waved and wanted this question to get around because there was a certain position of the Central Bank. But now we are either in the law «On digital of financial assets», either as a separate bill to prescribe a rule which will determine the requirements for these CryptoStream», — he explained then.

Led by Aksakov, the Committee recommended the bill for adoption in the second reading in March, however, during the drafting of the document excluded from it was the concept of digital money and cryptocurrencies.

The document is intended to introduce the definition of digital of financial assets, which include cryptocurrency and token, and legally secured the new contract concluded in electronic form, smart contract, obligations on which are executed with the use of digital financial technology.

Recall, an intergovernmental organization FATF, the main activity of which declared the fight against money laundering, announced plans to create a set of binding rules for the cryptocurrency industry in June last year.

The key point of the recommendations of the organization was a proposal to require «providers of virtual assets», which include cryptocurrency exchanges, wallets and other infrastructure platform «to collect and store the necessary and accurate information about the senders and recipients of scriptaction». According to FATF, the authorities should be able at any moment to obtain this data.

About how the world’s governments decide the question of the regulation of cryptocurrencies, read in the material ForkLog.