The yield of cryptofauna Pantera Capital for 7 years has exceeded 15 000%

Well-known venture capital firm Pantera Capital has submitted the July report on the dynamics of administered funds. Pantera Bitcoin Fund outperformed bitcoin, showing a yield of 15 140% «clean» for seven years.

Pantera recently launched Digital Asset Fund positions in the DeFi-segment showed 86% year to date, ICO Fund — 43%.

Dynamics of the controlled Pantera Capital funds since the beginning of the year.

«Pantera Digital Asset Fund can access assets directly integrated with a growing ecosystem DeFi. The dynamics of this segment since the beginning of the year, ahead of the rate of bitcoin as a store of value», — stated in the report.

According to the service DeFi Pulse, the total amount of funds in the sector reached $3.9 billion Over the three weeks, the index has almost doubled.

The company believes that the growing popularity of the decentralized services of lending looks promising. However, they warn that DeFi-protocols require significant scalability, better infrastructure and more simple Fiat gateways. Only after solving these problems the introduction will be truly massive.

«The progress we are seeing in overcoming these barriers, and our expectations of the future make us optimistic about the future», — stated in the document.

The growth of the ICO Fund was based on obtaining a listing in the Foundation’s assets. Some positions also intersect with the space of decentralized Finance. In particular, the company holds the tokens of infrastructure projects aimed at improving functionality and usability DeFi-ecosystems.

The flagship Pantera Bitcoin Fund showed an increase of 43% since the beginning of the year. After payment of the fee for management at the rate of 0.75% of the first investors earned 15 140% for a seven-year period. The Fund does not charge a fee for the success.

Aimed at institucionales and high net worth individuals, the Fund allows you to withdraw funds any day. According to the report, despite this flexibility and the absence of premium to the amount of net assets, the majority of investors acts as hontarov. The average period of investment was 841 the day.

Recall that the amount of funds in cryptocurrency funds managed by Grayscale Investments reached $5.1 billion During the last 11 days, the inflow was $1 billion.


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