The researchers named the country with the largest scale of the hidden mining

Researchers from Microsoft found that the largest scale of the hidden mining originated in India. In this country the speed of the spread of the malware to cryptogamia more than 4.5 times higher than in other States.

In Asia, first place is held by Sri Lanka and India in this region rests on the second line, according to a study on cyber security.

Recall cryptogamia experts call a hidden mining cryptocurrency. The various ways hackers infect computers or other devices of the victim.

The virus begins to consume the processing power of the equipment to get the tokens. Moreover, the device owner doesn’t even know that it is already infected. It can, however, notice a drop in performance of the smartphone or computer.

The analysts of Microsoft have noted that compared with 2018 the scale of the hidden mining software in the world has declined by about 40%. If the increase in value of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies continues, again hackers intensify attacks on Internet users, so how to get tokens once again become profitable, predict the authors of the study.

Note that in Russia there are also cases where by means of viruses, hackers infect the computers or other devices for the use of their power for mining. The most common malware programme is for covert mining of cryptocurrency Monero.


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