Tether, the company printed another $540 million in USDT

Tether, the company has published three games tablconv USDT for a total amount of up to $540 million this is according to the Whale Alert service.

The issue continued for the last three days. The team included a printing press after bitcoin began to rise in price and broke through the psychological mark of $11 000.

300 million USDT team has released network Tron. Another two batches tablconv 120 USDT million each were issued on the basis of Ethereum.

According to General Director of the Tether Paolo Ardoino, the inclusion of the printing press caused by the necessity to replenish the reserves of the company amid the rising cost of BTC.

Issued coins will help to satisfy investor demand if it will soon grow. However, the use of USDT for $540 melon team plans in the next period, wrote Arduino on Twitter.

At the moment the offer tablconv exceed 10 billion it is believed that the inclusion of the printing press Tether is a positive signal for the bitcoin.

One of the supporters of this view Charles Edwards in January stated that the issue USDT creates conditions for more active penetration of investors in cryptosphere. Using this asset as they come on the market and start buying BTC.


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